1. Hate speech legislation is a tool of both Islam and the political correct dhimmi to silenece those who seek to expose the evil of Islam. The Qur’an is full of hate speach, but which dhimmi government would take action against it ?

    In the United Kingdom two documentaries, ‘Undercover Mosque’ and ‘Undercover Mosque; The Return’ showed Muslims in their mosques indulging in extreme hate speech. However, no action was taken against them under the U.K’s Racial and Hate speech Laws.

    Politicians fearful of sparking violence and further terror bombings are happy to take legal action against non-Muslims but Islam is free to say whatever it wants.

    Question…. When his trial finishes, Will Geert Wilders be hung, decapitated, crucified or stoned to death ? And of course after his demise we know he will suffer the fires of Hell and have his skin repeatedly burnt from his body while drinking water like molten brass.
    Stuart Parsons

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