“Are Israeli leaders funding terrorism against America, as the Saudi King, before whom Obama bowed, does?”

Calling Obama on his double standard. “Barack Hussein Obama vs Israel,” from Sultan Knish, March 14 (thanks to all who sent this in):

The manifold organs of the ObamaMedia are abuzz with outrage over what they are calling Israel’s “insult” to the United States. But what was the nature of this awful and outrageous insult? Did Israeli officials pull off V.P. Biden’s rug to show off his bald head underneath. Did they ask him why the suit of his pants is so shiny. Did they make him sit at the kiddie table?

More to the point did Israeli TV air calls for a Jihad against America, as Palestinian Arab TV did? Did Israel name a square after the murderer of an American photographer, as the Palestinian Authority did? Did an Israeli Anchorman do a skit in blackface during Obama’s visit, as a Turkish anchorman did during Obama’s visit to Turkey? Are Israeli religious institutions issuing Fatwahs against America, as Al Azhar University, which Obama visited and spoke at, has done? Are Israeli leaders funding terrorism against America, as the Saudi King, before whom Obama bowed, does?

No, none of those incidents were described as insults. Nothing that Muslim countries did to mock, humiliate and murder Americans were even noticed at all. None of them produced furious condemnations from the White House or two hours of Hillary Clinton screeching on the phone at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So what did Israel do that was so awful, so horrible and terrible? It built houses. Yes, civilian houses. Not army bases or nuclear missiles or walls. Houses.

Israel approved a construction project to build housing for its own people, in its own capitol city, Jerusalem. Some of the housing will be built in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood, situated around the grave of Shimon the Righteous, a Jewish religious figure famed for rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. A neighborhood where Jews have lived for over a century. As well as Ramat Shlomo, a thriving neighborhood with thousands of Jewish families living in it.

The Obama Administration’s objections to Jews living in Jerusalem are purely racial and religious. If Israel were approving a construction project to build housing for Arab Muslim citizens of Israel, Biden, Hillary and their media troupe wouldn’t be screeching about it to the high heavens. It is only because Jews are to live there, that they have a problem with it. Their objections therefore are purely based on race and religion– and completely racist….

Read it all.

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Dhimmitude at the State Department: Official apologizes for remarks about Libya's declaration of jihad against Switzerland
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    A wonderful article, about an Administration that is even worse, if such is possible, than was the Bush Administration, when it comes to truly grasping the meaning, and menace, of Islam. But at least the Bush Administration, with its messianic sentimentalism about bringing “freedom” to “ordinary moms and dads” in the Middle East, did not try to blame Israel for its failures to truly grasp the meaning and menace of Islam, and to go off on squandering ventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, while the real theatre of war in the without-end Jihad against all non-Muslms, is now Western Europe. Thank god that Geert Wilders and the Freedom Party have declared that they believe the Western attempt in Afghanistan is misguided and a waste. The re-making of Muslim lands, or rather the expensive attempt to re-making, is based on a forlorn hope that Islam itself, and those who believe in it — and not merely “violent extremists” which is merely a comforting idea, the name we give to those Muslims who choose to further the goals of Jihad through their direct participation in terrorism, while those Muslims who use other, far more effective instruments that do not include violence, are mistakenly described as “moderates.”

    The mendaciousness, the cruelty, the stupidity, the deliberate ignoring of what the Mandate for Palestine was all about, the incredible refusal to study either that Mandate, or the history of the Middle East, or the history of the many non-Muslim or non-Arab peoples in the Middle East and treat the area as if belonged, for some reason, to Arab Muslims, the betrayal or indifference to what is happening to the Copts in Egypt, to the position of the now-threatened Maronites in Lebanon, to the Assyrians and Chaldeans being frightened out of Iraq, the indiffeence to the non-Arab Kurds and Berbers, and of course the cruelty of the Obama Adminstration in its deliberate manufacturing of an “incident” (the announcing of apartments being built in part of Jerusalem, a city which the Israelis are not going to give up, and an intelligent American administration would be moving heaven and earth trying to convince all Israelis not to give up one dunam more, but to hold on to all of those parts of Judea and Samaria that were carefully renamed “the West Bank” (what kind of idiotic topynm is “the West Bank” that it deserves to be used, even believed in?) by the Jordanians, because that is the only way that Israel will retain the deterrent power that, alone, keeps the peace, such as it is, between the permanently besieged Israelis, and their permanent besiegers, those conducting the Lesser Jihad (the sum of all Lesser Jihads around the world is the world-wide Jihad) against the Infidel nation-state of Israel.

    The viciousness, the deep indiffeence, to the fate of Israel, the treating of this country as a vassal that must snap to it when His Master’s Voice is heard, is unlike anything we have ever seen before. It is worse than James Baker, than Jimmy Carter, cruelly viciious toward Israel as both were. And it is worse because, in the year 2010, by now some in Washington should have figured out what the ideology of Islam is all about, should have looked all around the world, not least in Western Europe, and recognized what is happening, and if they ever had misunderstood what Israel faces, if they had ever accepted that invented “Palestnian people,” if they had ever ignored the vast asymmetries in land area, and population, and wealth, and power, between the 22 members of the Arab League and tiny Israel that can hardly be discerned on a world map, if they have no idea why control of the Judean heights and valleys, and the aquifers, are necessary, if they really are willing to ignore what is written, what is spoken, what is all over the Arab and especially “Palestinian” press, radio and television, and in the textbooks too, preaching Der-Stuermer like hate, if they can do all this, because they simply are incapable of figuring out all the things they might be doing, other than these fabulously expensive vain efforts at raising up Muslims and changing their societies (if you truely wish Muslims well, you would wish them to abandon Islam, and that can only be done in the absence of Infidel efforts to make their countries prosperous, stable, unified, can only be done when enough people come to a conclusion much like that of Ataturk after World War I, come to the conclusion that is that the political, economic, and social failures of Muslim polities and peoples are a direct result of Islam itself, and pari passu with the strenght, or fanaticism, of the faith felt and displayed).

    The cruelty and viciousness displayed by those who think Israel “insulted” Biden, or Clinton, or Obama, or America — the United States of America is not insulted, and is not the same thing as this philo-Islamic, at-it’s-wits-end Adminsetration, that will do little to stop Iran, and everything it can, however, to prevent Israel from doing what, if one understands the entire legal, moral, and historic claim (and for this one has to read, one has tor read, for example, the books by the jurist Julius Stone, and that by lawyer Howard Greif), it certainly has a perfect right to do.

    I used to allow myself to believe that, since I knew the charges that Obama was a Muslim were crazy, that I could make a case that he was intelligent enough to distance hismelf, Henry-Fifth-like, from his pre-existent Rashid-Khalidi-and-Jeremiah-Wright past, and that worldview that identifies the Arabs, with all of their wealth and power, as the third-world victims of first-world Israel. I thought he knew better, or would find out. I thought Hillary Clinton, supposedly a wonkette, would actually have carefully studied not only Islam, but the Mandaate for Palestine, and the legal claims (see Stone, see Greif), and why Israel’s claim to the “West Bank” existed before Israel took possession, in June 1967, through force of arms, of that sliver now, in current conditions, indispensable to its survival, but apparently she can’t spare the time to read, and read. And in the hectic vacancy of Official Duties, no one can learn anything. They would have had to learn it all before, had to have been churchills in the wilderness, studying history, studying men and events. But none of them are up to it. And that is why Israel is in peril. And that is why Western Europe is in peril — but in Western Europe, as opposed to Israel, they may be in a position to distance themselves from Baby Huey, America, so lacking in finesse and cunning, so unintelligent in its policies, and led by people who, feeble in dealing with Iran, incapable of even understanding how Europeans are now feeling about the aggressive and hostile Muslim presence that is completely unlike any of the many other, but non-Muslim, immigrant presences, simply choose to scapegoat, so cruelly, Israel. This should not, for one minute, be forgotten.

    They don’t have any idea what to do about Islam, but they know exactly what they are going to do about Israel. Complete and utter failure.

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    Good news

    At the Knesset this afternoon, Bibi told Obama to leave us alone. In a speech welcoming Brazil’s president, (by the way what is he doing here? He’s buddy, buddy with Ahmadinejad), Bibi said that Israel will continue to build in all of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods. He also said that we would resume building in Judea and Samaria in six months. So we’ll see. At a minimum, he didn’t give in. Let’s hope he keeps this up.

    Keep it coming Bibi. Please keep it coming.


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    Well, Israelis’ objections to Palestinians’ existence could be described as ‘racist and based on religious chauvinism’.Since when are Jews a ‘race’–whatever a ‘race’ is,Jews are no more a race than Moslems. The ethical problem is the expansion of the Israeli state at the expense of its neighbors.How can anyone(justifiably) accept the idea that criticism of Islam as an ideology is not ‘racist’ on the one hand, then claim that condemnation of the inhumane policies of the Israeli state is motivated by racism and religious bias on the other? Double standards indeed.
    My enemy’s enemy is not always my friend,Israel is fighting its own war for its own purposes.

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    Bravo to Daniel Greenfield, and to Hugh.

    I was in Israel many years ago, in 1970. At that time, Israel was a poor country with nearly no luxury items available in the shops, although food was plentiful. Its economy was hamstrung by its need for a huge defense budget, and the people, while friendly, seemed always nervous, always high-strung, always frenetic, as if they expected to be attacked at any time. The white, terraced apartment buildings of Tel Aviv, so attractive on postcards and tourist posters, proved in reality to be weatherworn and seedy. But in contrast to all of this, I distinctly remember large-scale housing projects for the Arabs, all built by Israel. High rise apartments for the Arabs were springing up, providing Arabs with modern apartments – indoor plumbing, electricity, and sanitation were now a reality for Arabs who, until then, had been living in primitive hovels, often sharing space with their sheep and goats in the same abode. Israel, which did not have enough money to take care of its many Jewish citizens who lived in poverty, still, out of humanitarian concerns, made the decision to give largesse to its Arab/Muslim population, despite the hostility, often overt, of this population toward the Jews. While it has been nearly forty years since my visit to Israel, this memory remains salient. Nowhere, however, do I recall seeing any mention of the fact that the Israelis have embarked upon, and completed, ambitious housing projects for the Arabs/Muslims in their midst.
    Now can anyone cite an example where Muslim governments sponsored and funded public housing projects for Jews, or other dhimmi populations?

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    For over a thousand years, Arab Muslims have expanded at the expense of Jews, Assyrians, Chaldeans and those of the other peoples and religions of the Middle East.

    Despite Israel repeatedly ceding territory to the Arab Muslim majority that has taken over the region, their belligerence continues.

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    I’d like to take some small credit for Daniel Greenfield writing, correctly, “Palestinians,” though the suggestion of calling into question their separate identity (circa late 1960s, after the Six-Day War, is when those always previously referred to as “Arabs” suddenly metamorphosed into the “Palestinian people”). But perhaps both Daniel Greenfield, and I, should give credit where credit is due.

    For example, credit surely must go to Zuhair Mohsen, the Arab leader of one of the “Palestinian” terrorist groups (there are so many), that known as As-Saiqa:

    n a March 1977 interview with James Dorsey, published in the Dutch newspaper Trouw, Zuhair Mohsen famously said:

    “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct Palestinian people to oppose Zionism.

    “For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”

    I’m sure that Daniel Greenfield will be as willing as I to yield to Zuhair Mohsen, who was among the first, but hardly the only Arab (it was Yassir Arafat who relevantly said; “Palestine does not interest us. We are interested in the area from the Atlantic to the Gulf.”) to point out what is, or should be, the obvious. But of course if you have not bothered to read any of the interventions by Arab diplomats at the U.N. — and I have so bothered — you would not know, would you, that never, not once, between 1948 and the Six-Day War, was there any mention of a “Palestinian people.” Just look, if you care too, at the discussion immediately around the time of the Six-Day War. Look at what Gamal Abdel Nasser said. Look at that the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq all said. For some reason that phrase “Palestinian people” is missing. And we all know why — because until the Arab defeat in June 1967, the Arabs thought they would be able to deal with Israel militarily. Afterwards, they realized that at this point it was possible, and they would have to, slowly, carefully, construct a propaganda campaign to re-present the war (the correct word is “Jihad” but we, in the innocent West, were unfamiliar with that word then — and so too were the Israelis) against Israel as not the “Jihad” without end that it was and is and will be, but merely as a little dispute over the placement of borders, merely an attempt by the tiny (not vast, not the vast Arab people, with 22 countries and more than a thousand times the land area of Israel) “Palestinian people” for their own, even smaller country (who could deny them? who would be so cruel?)

    No one points out that in Iraq there are Kurds and Arabs, in Algeria and Morocco there are Berbers and Arabs, in Egypt there are Copts (admittedly Arabic-speaking) and Arabs, in the Sudan there are black Africans and those who consider themselves Arabs. But when it comes to Israel, all of a sudden it’s a question not of Jews and Arabs, but of Jews and “Palestinians.”

    Don’t thank us. Thank Zuhair Mohsen. And thank Osama Bin Laden and a cast of many thousands of Muslims around the world who, ever since 9/11/2001, by their words and by their deeds, have educated vast numbers of Infidels, or at least forced vast numbers of Infidels, to learn for themselves about the texts, tenets, attitudes, and atmospherics, of Islam. And thus it is that now it all makes sense, now they understand why those Arabs so carefully metamorphosed into the “Palestinian” people.

    And once you learn this, it’s impossible to un-learn it.

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    Let’s just call them Palestinian Arabs then. This will distinguish them from Palestinian Jews who have populated the area for centuries. Mac, you are a moronic tool of evil. The outcome will not be good for the Jew haters. I, nabi ZK (pbum), have spoken.

    nabi ZK (pbum)

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    And may I add that it might be useful if the Vatican could take a moment off from whining about its priests being caught buggering defenseless little boys YET AGAIN and suggest to Ratzinger that he stop playing CYA long enough to say something in defense of Israel, for once. Not that it would do much good at this point, but it would be nice to know that the subject actually crossed his mind once in a while.

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    By all means. Palestinian Arabs. Jordanian Arabs. Lebanese Arabs (and the Maronites, who were there before the Arabs arrived with Islam, should not be called “Arabs” even if they have had imposed Arabic names and are, as a Maronite friend carefully tells me, not “Arabic speakers” but rather, “users of Arabic”), Iraqi Arabs (same remarks about the Assyrians and Chaldeans as applied to the Maronites), Egyptian Arabs (same as to the Copts), Moroccan Arabs (does not include the Berbers), Algerian Arabs (ditto), Kuwaiti Arabs, Arabs, unsurprisingly, of Saudi Arabia, that is Saudi Arabs, and of the United Arab Emirates, whom rather than call Emirati Arabis, why don’t we just call them “Arabs”?

    Perfect. Thrillingly clarifying. And clarity, god knows, is what everyone needs more of. Why, just the other day I met an “expert” on Syria who had no idea what the Alawites were. Just like Bush, who was surpised to learn about “Sunnis” and “Shi’a” in Iraq, not before, but after, the invasion.

    Really, this kind of dopiness just has to stop.

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    A poster above whom I had earlier overlooked refers to “[t]he ethical problem is the expansion of the Israeli state at the expense of its neighbors.”

    What is he talking about? Of the vast territories left when the Ottoman Empire collapsed, four peoples were promised a state of their own: the Kurds, the Jews, the Armenians, the Arabs. We all know what happened. The Armenians did not, by the Treaty of Sieyes, get anything in their historic lands in Turkey, and had to settle for the rump, and what’s still worse, Soviet, state of Armenia S.S.R. Now that state is free, and deserves much sympathy and support (I’d like to put in a word, by the way, for the apricot and other jams made in Armenia — buy them whenever you can find them, and support Armenia and Georgia, under Sakashvili, too, for both have to survive in a Muslim neighborhood, and it’s very difficult). The Kurds never got their state, and if the American government had any sense it would support such a state (no, don’t worry, I’m not hoping to make money off some contract for Kurdish oil, like Peter Galbraith and some others I could name, that’s not why I’m supporting this), for various reasons, including the spectacle of a non-Arab people managing to throw off the Arab yoke would be heartening for others, such as the Berbers, and the spectacle of the Arabs trying to suppress the Kurds would make the point that I keep trying to emphasize: that 80% of the world’s Muslims are non-Arabs, and they have to be helped to figure out all the ways in which Islam is, and always has been, a vehicle for Arab supremacism.

    The Jews were promised a state. The inspirational speech was the Balfour Declaration, but the important document was the Treaty of San Remo, and then the godfather of all this was the League of Nations, with its Mandates Commission (Professor William Rappard was its head). It was well understood that given the rich mix of peoples all over the Middle East, no state would be without others in it. A Kurdish state would have many Arabs. A Jewish state would have many Arabs. Many of the Arab states, of course, hae naturally contained non-Arab minorities, such as the Berbers in Algeria and Morocco, or even non-Muslim minorities, such as the Copts in Egypt, the Assyrians and Chaldeans in Iraq, the Maronitres in Lebanon(who were close to a majority in the last century, and certainly held power, for Lebanon, informally, was the Middle Eastern state that some in Europe always thought would be a refuge for Middle Eastern Christians — but the Muslims have been steadily gaining ground and taking over, through demographic conquest, and a change in the atmosphere that causes many Christians to despair, and to leave (as they once left the Ottoman Empire, and came to America, Canada, Australia, Brazil — Lebanese Christians who used Arabic but were not Arabs).

    Now this poster would like you to forget about all that. And he would like you to forget that the “West Bank” was part of the territory assigned to the Mandate for Palestine which was created for the sole purpose of promoting the Jewish National Home. He would like you to forget as well that in 1921, in Cairo, the British, who had agreed to become the Mandatary (I’m being hyper-correct now, with that little “a” instead of the “o” you may be expecting), that is to hold the Mandate and to fulfill its purposes, which included encouraging “close Jewish settlement on the land,” closed off to Jewish immigration and to “close Jewish settlement” all of Eastern Palestine (east, that is, of the Jordan), which was then then incorporated into a new politial entity, the Emirate of Transjordan, its eastern border pushed still further east by mistake (see Gertrude Bell on how someone’s pen and ruler slipped, and the straight line being drawn just moved east), a place created only to give a consolation prize to the Hashemite Prince Abdullah, because the British had given his younger brother Feisal the throne in Iraq, and Abdullah wanted some kingdom he could call his own, and he was threatening to move on the French in Syria, and that would cause all kinds of headaches for the British. So they paid off Abdullah, paid him in the coin of territory meant for the Jewish National Home. In fact, if we consider Jordan to be “Eastern Palestine” then 78% of the original territory assigned to the Mandate for Palestine was on the eastern side of the Jordan, constituted “Eastern Palestine” for, as the Encyclopedia Britannia (the great 11th edition, notes, “Palestine” is on both sides of the river Jordan, and extends eastward far out — unspecified how far –into the desert.

    So the poster above thinks that Israel has been “expanding” because, when Nasser forced U Thant to remove the U.N. peacekeepers from the Sinai, and then blockaded the Straits of Tiran in an attempt to economically strangle Israel’s trade with Asia, and then mobilized hundreds of thousands of troops, and addressed hysterical Cairene crowds (oh, you can see it all on tape) telling them of how they would soon be in Tel Aviv, soon be wreaking their revenge on the Israelis, that when Israel managed to strike first, and then to win what has entered history as the Six-Day War, it was somehow “expanding” at the expense of its neighbors. Of course, he overlooks the fact that Israel gave back to Egypt, in exchange for a series of what turned out to be worthless undertakings, mostly about Egypt promising to end its hostile attitude and to encourage “friendly” relations (oh, those naive, those endlessly trusting, those terminally foolish Israelis who forgot the Treaty of Al-Hudaibiyya), the entire Sinai, though by all the rules of post-bellum territorial adjustments, there was no legal or moral need to do so, and that just a few years ago Israel pulled entirely out of Gaza, only to see it turned into a Hamastan whose real business of living was inflicting death, or destruction, or hopefully both, on the Israseli civilians who might be reached by rockets fired into Israel as often as the Arabs could manage.

    So now that poster above claims that because Israel won back, by force of arms, territory to which it had always a legal and moral title, but had lost in the 1948 war to the Jordanians (and Jordan had no claim based on the Mandate, had no right to the territory it seized, had a claim based only on military possession, was indeed an occupier, and the “West Bank” juridically was and remains “Arab-occupied Israeli land.”

    Israel, with the “West Bank,” constitutes less than one-one-thousandth the land area of the members of the Arab League.

    Some expansion. Some neighbors.

  11. says

    Well, Israelis’ objections to Palestinians’ existence could be described as ‘racist and based on religious chauvinism’.

    Hasn’t anyone invented a word to replace “racist” yet? It is the most over-used, misapplied, banal word in the English lexicon. It has become the left’s weapon of choice, a sharp little dagger to cut out the tongues of those who dare to violate the holy dictates of political correctness, or those foolish enough to openly disagree with liberal dogma.

    Everyone who dislikes the policies of our Marxist president is a racist. Everyone who dislikes or criticizes islam is a racist. Everyone who supports Israel is a racist. Jews are racists. Whites are racists. Maybe Jeff Foxworthy could come up with a new routine using “racist” instead of “redneck”, since many consider them analogous anyway.

    And Mac, you’ve got it backwards. The Arab muslims known as the Palestinians object to the existence of Israel and the Jews. That, in a nutshell, is the reason for this perpetual conflict. The Arab muslims will never accept the existence of the Jewish state. How many times must they clearly elucidate their intention to drive the Jews into the sea before you admit that the aggressors are the muslims? The religious “chauvinists” are clearly the muslims. Muslims consider non-muslims second class citizens, dhimmis. Arabs are not second class citizens in Israel. What’s your problem, Mac? Are you blind?

  12. says

    Apparently the poster above has never heard of the Mandates system set up by the League of Nations, has no idea how the Arab Kingdom of Jordan (formerly Transjordan, and before that the Emirate of Transjordan) came into existence, how modern Iraq was formed, how the Ottoman vilayets that made up Lebanon and Syria became, instead, Lebanon and Syria, has no idea that it was the Allies, the British and French, but mainly the British (with help, especially in Damascus, from the Australians) in driving out the Turks.

    Nor does he appear to grasp that the Middle East has many many different peoples, and that in the winner-take-all mentality of the Arabs, it is they who by right should have everything. They have not the slightest interest, not only in allowing the Jews to continue to live in a state of their own, but in granting autonomy to Maronites, Assyrians, Chaldeans, or Copts, though the Maronites were in Lebanon before the Arabs and Islam arrived, the Assyrians and Chaldeans were in present-day Iraq before the Arabs and Islam arrived, though the Copts were in Egypt before the Arabs and Islam arrived. He has no time for any of that. Nor would he care to pay attention to the Berbers in North Africa, or the Kurds in a Kurdistan that is now mainly in northern iraq. As for the Yazidis — 450 of whom were murdered in a single attack by Arab Muslim terrorists, and the Mandeans, tormented and mostly driven out of Iraq by the Muslim Arabs, and the even smaller peoples, whom scarcely anyone has heard of — all this doesn’t matter to him. He’s interested not in justice for the small peoples of the Middle East, none of whom are treated with decency in any of the Arab-dominated nations. He has only one concern: to denounce Israel, with the usual malevolent nonsense all educated people have come to expect.

  13. says

    I receive Gary Bauer’s “End Of Day Report” online, so I wanted to post a segment he’d written from today’s report:

    “Obama’s Attack On Israel:

    “I have talked to foreign policy experts in Washington, D.C. and Israel today and they are using adjectives like “bizarre,” “inexplicable,” “counterproductive,” and “outrageous” to describe President Obama’s diplomatic jihad against Israel. I can’t print the adjectives that I would use.”

    “When Iran accelerates its nuclear weapons program, Obama, Biden and Hillary show infinite patience. They extend the hand of “friendship” over and over, even when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s response is to slap us in the face. But when Israel goes forward with authorizing new housing units for its own citizens in its own capital, suddenly the Obama Administration declares diplomatic war.”

    “Cancel your newspaper if it refers to these housing units as a “settlement.” The neighborhood, Ramat Shlomo, was established in 1995 and is entirely within the city of Jerusalem. As of a few years ago it had 18,000 residents, mostly Orthodox Jews. The idea that this neighborhood is somehow an impediment to “peace” talks is laughable.”

    “The crisis is being manufactured by the Obama White House. After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized for any unintended embarrassment to Vice President Biden, who was in Israel when the building announcement was made, the small diplomatic “bump” was effectively over.”

    “But within twenty-four hours, the president ignited the Israeli bashing. White House Press Secretary Gibbs took a shot, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanded the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. come to her offices for a verbal reprimand. She also called Netanyahu at 1:30 in the morning to berate him. Next, Obama sent his hatchet man David Axelrod on the Sunday talk show circuit to kick Israel again.”

    “The Administration finally showed it can find some testosterone in implementing U.S. foreign policy; but, alas, it continues to be aggressively hostile to America’s friends while bowing to America’s enemies. The next time Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust took place or tells a mob of Shiite jihadists that the day will come soon when there will be no America and no Israel, I guarantee you there will be barely a whimper of protest from Obama and his crew.”

    “On September 11, 2001, while we were still counting our dead, the Palestinian streets were filled with people celebrating America’s pain. Meanwhile, Israeli Jews wept with us and lowered their flag while the Israeli government declared a day of mourning with us. Israel had already suffered its own 9/11 in a protracted Palestinian terrorist campaign that targeted Israeli women and children. Our two countries are joined at the heart.”

    “We share the same values and are hated for the same reasons by the same Islamofascist enemy. The Obama Administration’s full throttle attacks on our friends weakens them, shames us and encourages our enemy.”

  14. says

    Mac likes to pretend that the Wicked Nasty Jooz are vile predators and oppressors of the Pooor Palestinian Muslims.

    And we never see him in any of the threads discussing the monstrous atrocities committed by the REAL predators…MUSLIMS, of whatever ethnicity.

    Here’s an utterly typical example of Muslim predation.


    Part of that report:

    “Fifty-five years *after she was abducted from her family’s home in Baghdad by her Muslim neighbor and forced to renounce her Judaism* {my emphasis – dda}, Hannah Menashe managed to flee Iraq and find her way to one of Israel’s European embassies.

    “Her long, exhausting journey is finally coming to an end these days, as she will soon be reunited with he family in Israel, who thought her murdered all these years.

    “Hannah’s fascinating story begins in the 1950s, when her Baghdad-native family – parents and seven siblings – decided to immigrate to Israel.

    “Hannah, *already married to a Jewish Iraqi* {nota bene – dda, was also planning to make aliyah, when fate struck:

    “A Muslim neighbor, who was aware of the family’s plans to immigrate, kidnapped the striking Hannah to keep her by his side. {One must remember that according to sharia, if a Muslim seizes, enslaves and rapes *a non-Muslim woman whose non-Muslim husband IS STILL ALIVE, that Muslim who rapes a MARRIED WOMAN, that is, a Muslim WHO RAPES ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE, is not considered to be committing adultery. AAAH, the superior morality of Islam! – dda}.

    “Her siblings only have a vague recollection of that horrible day. They went looking for Hannah, they say, but the earth had swallowed her.”

    ‘…It turns out Hannah had been forced to become a Muslim and had raised her neighbor’s children for 50 years. No one in the Baghdad neighborhood knew about her secret or her Jewish roots, *and she was afraid her husband {tr: slave-master – dda} would kill her if she tried to contact her siblings* {my emphasis – dda}.

    ‘When her husband {I would have written ‘husband’, or rather, ‘slave-master’ – dda} died a year ago, the now 76-year-old Hannah escaped Baghdad under the guise of being a war refugee. She was able to reach Europe through an Arab country and decided to locate an Israeli embassy.”

    I could name any number of horribly similar stories, in which the kidnapped, raped and enslaved women were Coptic minor girls, or Assyrian Christian girls, or Hindu and Christian minor girls seized, raped, and ‘married’ and ‘converted’ to Islam by Muslim thugs in Pakistan.

    THAT’S predatory behaviour.

  15. says

    Don’t expect any help from Rasool Obama, or his kufr robots…

    Allah gave Mahoundians all the land, trespassers are squatting on it…It is convenient, to inflame passions, that the squatters are Jews, but it would be the same for any kufr…It is not possible for Mahoundians to be in close proximity with Jews or any other kufr without eventual friction…often leading to conflict.
    Quran 98:6 tells us what Allah thinks of kufr…’The worst of creatures’ good only for hell fire…Why would the average pious Mahoundian have a different opinion? Why should they let the sons of apes and pigs, who are the worst of creatures, live next to or among them?…How long would you put up with the ‘worst of creatures’ living next door, before you either moved or hurt someone?…Hurt Jihad against kufr is a preferred option used by ‘Palestinians’ and other jihadists around the world…Once Israel, and the Saturday people are destroyed, and the lesser jihad won, the next most likely targets are the Sunday people…Monday is next…Tuesday will be wretched…

  16. says

    Hugh nails it again. The whole perverse nature of it all enrages me every time I think of how the western liberal progressives sell out justice and truth for the Jewish people for the corrupt oil money of Saudi Arabia.

    Despite being called a terrorist organization by the FBI, I support the Jewish Defense League and any other organization determined to defend the Jewish people no matter what.

    Ever day 15 million Jews wake up in a world where 100 times as many Muslims wake up, go to a mosque, an hear how the end of days will not come until they fight and slaughter the Jews, the Muslim is the best of peoples and it is their religious obligation to oppress all other peoples under Islam. It makes me sick.

    America is corrupt. She no longer stands for justice and freedom. If she did, this topic wouldn’t even be up for debate.

  17. says

    Hugh, please consider writing both Clinton and Obama. He supposedly “reads every letter” that he receives, and who better than you to educate them both on the subject of Israel.

  18. says

    YES. It is a great article – and your response is its perfect companion.

    I can think of at least four people in high places, in *Australia*, to whom I intend to send copies of both, with a brief and trenchant covering letter.

  19. says

    To Daniel Greenfield,

    Very reassuring,next time I see Palestinians written as “Palestinians” I’ll assume it’s a typo or representative of a small minority of prejudiced individuals.
    Israel expanded (and still expands) at Palestinian expense,QED to my argument, I’d say.

  20. says

    So,”The Jews were promised a state”,on whose moral authority and with what conceivable justification,apart from passing the buck by the UN? Such hubris(a modern,squalid,cynical version of the Treaty of Tordesillas) were the inhabitants of the area consulted, did they vote in a free and fair referendum?
    You wrote,”Israel with the ‘West Bank”,constitutes less than one-one-thousandth the land area of the members of the Arab League.” This is irrelevant. Implicit in your argument is that the Arab populations in the area should be aggregated and any rights to individual nation states should be ignored,this notion is morally indefensible.
    I’m not disputing the accuracy of your historical ‘background’,however it’s immaterial,human rights are universal and not just assigned to people like us.Did the US use the barbarous historical record of the Japanese in WW2 as a justification for abrogation of their rights to land and liberty?

  21. says

    After your straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks and rather quaint Olympian references to me in the third person, what do we have? You either missed the point or find it difficult to refute,no matter.The reason I mentioned the treaty of Tordesillas is because, it, like the decisions of UN and League of nations represents an arrogant indifference to the rights of people already living in the area which was so cavalierly assigned to strangers.So my comment that your potted history is immaterial still stands.Your sentiments, as stated, are anti-Arab rather than anti-Islamic,now the Arabs are a people and Islam is an ideology,hmmm. You also ignored my reference to Japan’s treatment post WW2.

    Israel will be flogged with a feather by the US government,then it will continue in its predatory ways as it has done for the past 60 years,there’s really nothing to be concerned about.

  22. says

    Very useful and well-reasoned comment frome someone who bristles at what he sees as ad hominem attacks against himself.

    Pot, meet Kettle…

  23. says

    Yes Mac, we know you’re an infidel-hating pinhead who cheered to the rafters atrocities like 9/11, Bali, Beslan etc. You do it because you’re an evil Muslim parasite, who resides amongst us, sponges off us, yet at the same time wants to see us crushed under the Islamic jackboot. The West would be far better off if shit like yourself was semnt back to Iran where you belong.