EDL stands up against fascists in Britain


I wrote this about the English Defence League here:

Since everyone who stands up for human rights and freedom against Islamic supremacism and violence is branded a racist nowadays, it’s useful to look at the evidence. Here is a group that is so racist that it has featured a Sikh speaker, has a youth group that bears the slogan, “Black, White and Brown Unite,” and says: “We welcome members from all over the political spectrum, and with varying views on foreign policy, united against Islamic extremism and its influence on British life. Everyone from those whose ancestral roots are in pre-Roman Britain to immigrants just arrived yesterday will be welcomed into the EDL with open arms as long as they are willing to stand up with us for English values and against Islamist hate.”…

But there is more. As the photos above from its pro-Geert Wilders demonstration yesterday show, the EDL is standing up for human rights, for the freedom of speech, for Western civilization, for Israel, and for the defense against the global jihad and the Islamization of Britain. There is no credible evidence that this group is racist or fascist in the slightest degree. And it is standing as a virtually unarmed David against a Goliath of the British establishment, government, media, and police muscle. They are being vilified and smeared as well as brutalized and railroaded. Yes, it has come to this, and it has come to this quickly, and all free people who are in the U.S. and elsewhere should take careful note, because it is happening quickly here as well.

The EDL deserves the support of all free people.

Photos above from Pamela, who also has published this eyewitness account:

Brilliant photos, mine are not so good, but I have 2 photos of someone holding up a pink triangle. This was the symbol the nazis forced gay men to use to denote they were homosexual. Now used as a symbol of pride! So EDL has proved it is all encompassing. If my avatar is clicked here, the photos will be available on that blog.

I joined EDL last month after researching their website and videos. I was impressed by the young people of all faiths and colours. They were also holding a banner which said they support Israel. That is what clinched it for me.

I joined and was welcomed. I went on the discussion sites and left some messages. I said I was Jewish and I also contacted the leaders. Having seen videos of the deranged islamonazis on the rampage on marches, I admit I was fearful – specially as the police did not act against them as they shouted anti-semitic abuse.

I was going alone and wanted to get joined up with similar people. No doubt they were to busy but I received no reply.

I went anyway and arrived at Tate Britain. There were about 50 EDL members completely corralled by police at the front. There were more police than demonstrators. The EDL members stood there quietly and good humouredly for about 2 hours.Facing them on the steps of the museum, were a crowd of belligerent young people as well as at least 20 photographers: it resembled a colisseum.

I went inside the museum to get a drink and saw a young man sitting there looking a bit disconsolate. I smiled and sat next to him asked why there were so many police. He said there are ALWAYS so many.

I did not say I had come to the demo. Actually I was scared. I did not know how they would receive me.

So I walked slowly along the route they were to travel, just a short distance up to Parliament Square. I wanted to see if there was a counter demo. The Prime Minister was giving evidence across the square. There were police on horseback and police dogs.

As I approached Parliament I could see a small group of the counter-demo. There were about 30 people most as EDL said, unwashed students, on the Parliament side, about 4 groups of youthful commies and old hippies with teeth missing, trying to climb onto the barricades. Actually the police were good, as far as I could see. They engaged with the scum before EDL came in sight, stopping them getting near them.

As your report said, the ONLY ones to get arrested were the mini-fascists, screaming abuse. EDL were completely surrounded by police but also their own people. They were dignified and calm.

As soon as EDL came into sight, the fascists started screaming “Nazis go home”. I immediately went to the nearest policewoman and said that I am making a complaint; that they were allowing the other demo to shout racist language, that the EDL are against islamic racism. She said they are filming them all and will press charges later. I have written a letter to the Chief Constable about this. This is crucial.

The police squeezed the fascists into a small area, behind their vans, so that they couldnt even see the EDL demo.

I know there were at least 300 EDL because they took more than 10 minutes to pass, quite slowly.

I took my camera out and began to take photos, of people who were shouting abuse at EDL, as well as EDL banners. I was thrilled when I saw someone waving the pink triangle. But the police would not let me join the march at this stage. One guy on the march was angry at me and I told him I was on his side. I was surrounded by the fascists. They were mainly white and only a couple of muslims, the girl shouting at police next to the traffic light and someone dressed as an “imam”.

The EDL were “siphoned” off to one side on some grass. The little fascists then kicked off and I think that was when they were arrested. I could not see through the dense police presence. As for Geert Wilders, he had already made his inspirational speech by then. I hope he was aware of the EDL and their banners with his face on.

There is much more at Atlas Shrugs. Read it all.

UK: Muslim community leader invited suspected jihad terrorist to teach at his new mosque
Stop the Islamisation of Europe now a political party
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    Horray! Can anyone provide me with official contact details for EDL? I do believe I’d like so send them some money. Not sure what their official website is.

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    Bravo English Defense League!

    The irony is so pathetic. They let them in, and now they’ve got to get them out. Before the Demographic Jihad wins.

    Somewhere up above Enoch Powell is saying, “I told you so.”

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    Who would ever have believed that raising the cross of St. George on a London street would be seen as an act of protest against the British establishment?

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    Hi Matt, there are three parts to the EDL website, the front page, the forum and the media site. I’ll link you to the first two. The first is http://www.englishdefenceleague.org/ and you can make a donation from that page. And the forum where you can read and discuss what the EDL is about and what it is up to. To be honest the front page is still being worked on, so for the moment, use the front page to send a donation if you still want to, but go to the forum to see what we’re about and ask questions. We welcome international visitors/members and are happy to respond to questions. http://s1.zetaboards.com/EDL_The_Forum/index/ Our next demo is on 20th March in Bolton, going from London to Bolton is probably a bit like going from New York to Detroit.

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    I LOVE this!! It’s about time the true citizens take a stand against the government’s, and others, systematic dismantling of their society.

    Reminds me of the TEA parties here across the pond, average citizens taking a stand against the destruction of the country by the islamocommie in chief and his minions.

    Congrats to the folks of the EDL!!!

    Never submit!

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    Just so you know about the British guys in court today, because they called the protesting Muslims scum. The Muslims were protesting at a coming home parade for British soldiers. Scroll don’t this newspaper link to see who they were annoyed at. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1160958/HE-coward-mocking-victims-friendly-Families-dead-soldiers-react-fury-Muslim-hate-preacher.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1242335/Muslims-called-British-soldiers-rapists-cowards-scum-exercising-freedom-speech-court-hears.html

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    Robert, thanks for re-posting the EDL’s slogan “White, Black and Brown Unite” again, since such info might eventually help unravel the mainstream media’s PC MC house of cards for its shameless defense of the islamization of Britain. I suppose the more Brits see this, the more support the EDL will gain…

    I had the luck in recent times to talk to a friend of my wife’s who’s been living in the UK for the last decade, and she told us that the British public in general is completely fed up with the surrender stance of their politicians, that they would never have allowed things to go the way they’ve been going if their voices had been heeded. And, just as JW reader Richard the Lionheart once said, she told me that basically everyone won’t simply sit idly much longer if the Porkistanization of Britain isn’t stopped or reversed. And this is truly great news.

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    This was linked by dumbledore’sarmy on the earlier thread but just in case you come to this thread first I was also there and have a report of events around Westminster :-


    extra photos here :-

    and three short video clips here:-


    Plus I also recommend the EDL website as linked above. They are good blokes.

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    This is amazing to see. People young and old, people of all strips joining this party on an anti islamic platform. It’s great to see young people whether in India or the UK take a stand against further islamization and destruction of their traditions and culture. Perhaps many of these people realize that once muslims become majority and institute sharia laws, they will not have the freedoms they have now.Imagine not being able to drink alcahol, or go out dancing or to a music concert, women can’t wear mini skirts, men can’t shave beards, and so on. Because something will offend the muslims and or islam.

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    Within the past few weeks it has emerged that the Islamisation of Britain was a DELIBERATE policy by the Marxist Labour government to import a tame electorate after their old core voters were judged to have become unreliable.

    There are now so many Labour-voting Muslims in Britain that it is quite likely that Labour will be returned to power to continue their nation-wrecking policies: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/02/labour-have-deliberately-destroyed.html

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    Thanks to Pamela for standing up to be counted as a Jewish person. It’s a disgrace that the Jewish community in the UK have no courage to do the correct and honourable thing – to stand with organisations like the EDL and SIOE against the danger which threatens our way of life. Instead, we have the British Board of Deputies (Dhimmis), and our own security organisation, the Community Security Trust telling us that we should not support “far right” organisations like the EDL because they are the same as the BNP. In the meantime they do absolutely nothing at all to make the Islamofascists aware that we as British people nd as Jews will fight them all the way. The communal organisations should be shown up for the cowards they are, and with all respect for Jihad Watch – on BRITISH blogs, and shown up by British Jews who don’t want to just sit there and wait for the mobs to come after us.

    It’s all very well for right minded people to say what they believe on blogs like this, and all kudos to them and Jihad Watch – but when will the time come to tell our follyticians and useless communal organisations that, as British citizens,and as Jews we want this cancer in our midst to be eradicated? It will be too late when we have been led down a cul-de-sac by these people who say they speak for all of us.

    The time’s come now for British people to vote with their feet, and kick this government into touch. We also have to send a strong unequivocal message to whoever gets elected that the British people will not stand for being made to feel like second-class citizens in their own country. We need to speak out for an end to multiculturalism, and start being proud of our nationality, our country, and our heritage.

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    I am a supporter of the EDL here in England. I have been to four demos. You can see my various accounts of the EDL in my website below.

    This is a response to an article by Martin Smith of Unite Against Fascism, who violently oppose the EDL. Martin Smith is the National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party.


    Martin Smith, “The BNP and the EDL’, Socialist Review, March 2010,

    i) What’s wrong with football fans, Mr Smith?
    ii) Martin Smith’s Account of the Stoke Demo
    iii) The Far Left Loves the Far Right Really
    iv) Racism?
    v) Martin “Runs With Muslims’ Smith the Street Fighter
    vi) Gramsci and Mr Smith
    vii) Revolution?

    What’s wrong with football fans, Mr Smith?

    Citizen Smith doesn’t seem to like football supporters. They are too British for him. Too patriotic. Worst of all, they haven’t read Trotsky or even Lenin. Bastards! Martin Smith seems to find it hard to make a distinction between “football hooligans’ and “football fans’. Does Citizen Smith know that one out of every two British males is a football fan? Fancy being against so many people. Then again, this is Citizen Smith and the UAF/SWP we are talking about. If you’re not brown, or a student, or a Muslim, then they don’t have much time for you. The vast majority of British people just aren’t Marxist or Islamist enough for Citizen Smith. All we can do is laugh when Smith says, conspiratorially, that so-and-so “had already begun to build alliances with football supporters’. Shock horror! What next, alliances with, uh, working class white people? Never!

    I love Smith’s little excursion into Marxist “class analysis’. Smith thinks that the media portrays EDL as “working class yobs’. He thinks that the media is wrong. Apparently, “many [EDL] come from “petty bourgeois” professions – the classic base of fascism’. Well, I never! I didn’t know that I was “petty bourgeois’ and the EDL members I have talked to are petty bourgeois. Doesn’t it show what a sad little train spotter Smith really is when he resurrects terms like “petty bourgeois’ from the dustbin of Communist and Trotskyist history. Anyone who uses these quaint little pseudo-technical terms must be a complete arse. These words are dead today. In any case, the SWP/UAF Alliance is full of middle class people. Alex Callinicos, of the Central Committee (yes, Central Committee) and a few others, are upper middle class. Actually, Callinicos is from an aristocratic background. But they are not “bourgeois’! Why is that? Because they are Marxists. A Marxist may be middle class, but he can’t be bourgeois. In fact no Marxist can be bourgeois, no matter how rich he is. How neat. And how tidy.

    Yes, I too talk about class. Specifically the middle class and professional/student basis of the UAF/SWP Alliance. That is not because I’m against the middle class. I’m not. What I am against is middle class people who pretend they are not middle class. Or middle class people who speak out against what they call “the middle class’. As well as those Marxists middle-class SWP-ers who class right-wing middle class people as “bourgeois’ or “petty bourgeois’. It’s not the middle class I’m against. It’s middle class far-leftist hypocrites.

    You see the EDL can’t win. If it were full of working class members it would be accused of being full of “yobs’. Now Smith is saying it is full of, or run by, the “petty bourgeois’. In any case, this petty-bourgeois fixation is simply a result of Smith and co. reading too many books about the rise of fascism in Nazi Germany and Italy in the 1920s and 30s. He is trying very hard indeed to fit the EDL and its actions into his own potted history of fascism – the things he has read about again and again in the vast and boring corpus of Marxist history and theory. But the cap doesn’t fit, Smith. This is Britain in the year 2010. It’s not Germany or Italy in the 1920s or 30s. The situations are completely different. The British have always despised Nazis and Trots equally. Extremism doesn’t sit that well in England, unlike in Europe. That’s why far right and Trot groups still do better on the Continent. That’s why the British hate the SWP and the far right.

    In any case, what point is Smith actually making by stressing the “petty bourgeois’ fan base of the EDL? Is it really the simple point that historically the petty bourgeois were the backbone of the Nazi Party? Is that what he is getting at? Eddie Hitler was also an artist and a vegetarian. Perhaps some sociologist should do a study of the EDL and see how many artists or vegetarians there are.

    Martin Smith become even more pathetic than, well, Martin Smith when, in hushed tones, he tells us that the “leading figures behind the Luton protest [were] a self-employed carpenter and another runs his own internet company’. Really! Now I’m definitely not going to vote for the EDL. I mean, carpenters – they’re all Nazis, especially Jesus! What the EDL should be full of, instead, are lecturers from the London School of Economics or from the Embrace Diversity Department at Staines University. Oh, and one STIOE member is an ‘American student’! Which bit of that description don’t you like, Citizen Smith? It can’t be the “student’ part (the SWP is entirely made up of students, except for its ex-student leaders). So it must be the “American’ part.

    Smith’s Account of the Stoke Demo

    Citizen Smith is not very keen on either facts or the truth. Not if the facts and the truth get in the way of a good story or, more importantly, in the way of the Revolution or the leftist radicalisation of young British Muslims. He claims that the EDL, after the Stoke demo of 23rd January, “directed their anger on the Asian community, smashing up shops and attacking Asian people’. Everything is right about that account except for the facts. Firstly, within half an hour of the demo ending the city centre streets were more or less clear of EDL demonstrators. Secondly, which “Asian community’ is he talking about? There is no Asian community near the city centre of Stoke so how could EDL members “smash’ their shops? Finally, not a single riot van was overturned, unless it was overturned only in Smith’s head. I also doubt that a single Asian was “attacked’. I saw very few Asians in the city centre that day. I saw lots of black people. Some of them joined the EDL demo, I’m sorry to say, Mr Smith. And why not? The EDL has more in common with the average black person that the middle-class Trots who run the SWP/UAF Alliance.

    What exactly does Smith mean by “anti-Muslim riot’ when there were no Muslims there to riot against? Or does this just sound good on paper? Perhaps it will give a few middle-class Trot/SWP students a sense of excitement and their first taste of a scrap.

    The Far Left Loves the Far Right Really

    If Smith uses the words “racist’, “thugs’, “Nazis’ enough times, he thinks he will be able to persuade all and sundry that the EDL really is full of racists, thugs and Nazis. Repeat a lie enough times and many people will believe it. I think some Nazi once said that. And Smith is himself a red fascist; so he should know… Oh, I forget. Socialist Worker recently argued that it was a big mistake to conflate the far right with the far left. Well, the SWP would say that, wouldn’t it? After all, it is far left. Not only that, but it justifies and defines itself almost exclusively by its opposition to the far right. What a nice little club the far right and far left belong to. They love each other really. They certainly need each other.


    Smith mentions the “terrifying rise in anti-Muslim racism since 9/11′. Apart from the fact that there has been no “terrifying’ rise in anti-Muslim attacks, what about the real rise in anti-Semitic attacks in Britain and Europe? You won’t hear much about that from Smith and his friends because many of them are anti-Semites. Oh, no, they are “anti-Zionists’. Their monomania and neurotic obsession with Israel has nothing whatsoever to do with the one thousand five hundred years of European anti-Semitism. It is a complete coincidence that Trots go to bed at night thinking about Israeli “crimes’ and the sad, sad Palestinians. They don’t worry that much about the plight of the southern Sudanese black Christians or animists, or the Kurds. No. It the behaviour of the Jews in Israel that really gets to them. After all, Israel is the “front line of America’.

    Anyway. “Anti-Muslim racism’? What does that mean? That’s like, “anti-Tory homophobia’. It doesn’t even make sense. After all, people like Smith himself keep on telling us that Muslims don’t constitute a single race. That doesn’t matter to a Trot. As long as the phrase “ant-Muslim racism’ helps him recruit a few young naïve Muslims and a few naïve middle class students. He doesn’t really care how he recruits them. If lies, distortions, alliances with reactionaries (Muslims), etc. work, they he’ll do it. He will do anything to further the Revolution and increase militancy amongst young Muslims and non-Muslim students. Anything.

    Martin “Runs With Muslims’ Smith the Street Fighter

    Smith cleverly tells us about the “electoral and a street fighting wing’ of fascist organisations. Does that include red fascist organisations like the SWP and UAF? They certainly have a “street fighting wing’ and a nice wing (the good cops) which dupes members of the leading parties into joining the UAF.

    The SWP can’t be electoral because it is against parliamentary democracy. However, that didn’t stop Smith from accusing the BNP of not believing in democracy and the vote. But that’s for far- right reasons, which are bad, not far-left reasons, which are good. Indeed Martin Smith himself is a street fighter. He is called “Martin “runs with Muslims” Smith’. There are photos of him running with Muslims, attacking two Birmingham shoppers, teasing a police dog, and haranguing a Birmingham shop keeper. He was also arrested for street fighting outside the BBC. In addition, he was reported to West Midland Police for attacking shoppers in Birmingham. So Smith is in favour of far-left street fighting, but against far-right street fighting. This is something everyone knows already.

    Gramsci and Mr Smith

    Smith mentions his hero, the “socialist’ Antonia Gramsci. Gramsci’s main thesis was simple. He knew that the revolution would not happen, at least not in the immediate future. So what to do? Gramsci suggested taking over, infiltrating and being entryists in important institutions, from the universities and colleges, to the media and even the church and police. The tactic was, basically, to take over these institutions and groups and make them ideologically communist or Trotskyist in nature. It has worked in the UK. The far left has “won the culture war, but lost the economic war’. But instead of out-and-out Trotskyism, which the British would never swallow, what we have instead is the Politically Correct Cultural Revolution. This is a nicer form of far leftism.

    Martin Smith is the National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party. He has heeded Gramsci’s words and he and the SWP have formed UAF. Smith also runs the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) show. He is certainly doing his bit for Gramsci and the Revolution. Martin “runs with Muslims’ Smith has even created his own version of Mussolini’s squadre d’azione. You can see him in action in a few photos and videos. I think his boot boys are called “Red and Green Action’. The “red’ stands for “red fascism’ (Trotskyism) and the “green’ stand for “Islamofascism’. I bet Smith’s red “sword’ is nine inches long when folded in half!


    Smith indulges in some classic Trotskyite scare-mongering. In one breath he tells us that “the BNP gained 17 percent’ of the vote in Barking in 2005. That’s only 17% in one constituency. From this meagre evidence he then tells us in the next breath that “the Nazis are making serious breakthroughs at the ballot box’. Apart from 17% not really being a “breakthrough’, this vote involved a lot of protest votes from the electorate. And why is that? Because people like Smith and the middle class professionals who run the UAF/SWP Alliance, and the universities and much of the media, gave up on the white working class years ago. Smith and his mates now “run with Muslims’. They embrace other kinds of diversity – any kind of diversity, as long as it is not the white working class. For example, Martin writes that EDL members “talked about the fear of losing their jobs or businesses’. He doesn’t show any compassion for their plight or even an analysis of why things are the way they are. The only thing that he concludes from this is that such people become attracted to “typical… fascist/ultra right wing nationalist movements’. This just shows us why some people are doing precisely that, Mr Smith. Because you don’t give a shit about anyone except middle class students and Muslims. That is, anyone who will be fodder for the Trot Revolution, which the working class refuse to be. And that’s why the SWP gave up on the working class. It just wasn’t into the Revolution. Never mind. Let’s try the Muslims and Islamists instead.

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    Finally some Action!! – as an expat Brit living in Australia (where so many Brits are “fleeing” to to get away from the self destructive dhimmitude of successive British governments = this is wonderful news. The British people have had a gutful of weak politicians and are sickened by the filth of the Death Cult expanding across British cities and towns. The Obscene Mosque’s need to be razed to the ground.
    We need to start deporting Muslims by the 10’s of thousands, and scum like Choudary should be put on trial for treason and summarily executed – as let’s face it, Treason is a crime that warrants the Death Penalty.

    And to Darcy, my sentiments exactly – the Great visionary, Enoch Powell – never a racist, but always a Patriotic Englishman, may he Rest In Peace!!

    Enough is enough. Time for a revolution!! There is ONE TRUE GOD – and He is the God of we Judeo-Christians, but especially of His Chosen and His Land for His People!!

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    Bravo Darcy and One Way-Jesus. Enoch Powell would have been too much of a gentleman to say ‘I told you so’, but I will take the liberty of saying it on his behalf! While we are at it (i.e. sending all the Muslims back), we should also investigate these filthy, leftie ‘students’, round them all up and send them to a dusty village in Yemen where they could live contentendly for the rest of their miserable lives along their Islamic role models. Good riddance to bad apples. EDL are wonderful, honest and respectful, which is more than can be said for the Socialist Workers Party scum. Everybody should join and become a members whether they can donate or not.

    The fight has just begun!

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    This kind of protest needs to grow and ocurr on a sustained basis. However, I suspect that the typical, bedrock Brit, like the typical, bedrock American probably is more concerned about making a living and finding one when he’s out of work. Hence, he isn’t readily available for demonstrations.

    Paul Murphy, the Martin Smith you describe sounds like too many people we have over here in America, too. But, if you press these Leftists about why their wonderful Marxist system didn’t “unleash unhear-of productive forces” in the countries where it took power, they’ll tell you that their system couldn’t work in “backwards” Russia and China, and that the “white middle class” skedaddled with all of Cuba’s wealth (although I don’t see how the clothes on people’s backs and in luggage constitutes the whole wealth of a country that once ranked third or fourth in standard of living for the whole Western Hemisphere). In short, Marxism’s failings are the fault of the Mulatto people of Cuba, “primitive” Asiatics, and the poor, Slavic “Uentermensch”. And see how they grow closed-mouthed when you point out that the Marxists made poor countries out of Bohemia (onetime industrial area of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) and the lands between the Baltic and Thuringerwald, which were inhabited by Protestant Germans! And, wasn’t Marx himself the guy who told us that the Asian peoples are “historyless”? If these common Far Left attitudes aren’t racist, I don’t know what is. That point has to be hammered away at Marxists, and they need to be taunted about their own racism at every turn.

    On the other hand, there may be a silver lining in the rise of radical Islam in the Atlantic world. This is the sort of thing that is probably necessary to unmask to the wider public how the societies that support these sub rosa Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyite/Gramscian political establishments have been betrayed. Maybe the Far Left will indeed get the revolution it has so long desired–only its result will be the Leftists themselves being thrown out.

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    Harry’s Place is arguably the best blog on Islamism in the UK. Yet some while back it tried to taint the EDL by characterising its “Sikh poster boy” Amit Singh, as an anti-Muslim bigot (see here: http://www.hurryupharry.org/2010/01/21/meet-the-english-defence-league's-asian-poster-boy/). The question mark was raised above alleged anti-Muslim jokes he had posted on his Facebook page. Then a commenter, Stanislaw, smashed the accusation to bits (original post in quotes):


    “So I was shocked when I added him on Facebook – his profile was littered with racist jokes and offensive rants he had posted against Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad”

    So he hates the “prophet’ Mohammed. So what? Please explain to me what there is to respect about a mass murderer paedophile. Go on then.

    “It would be unfair to automatically take someone’s Facebook comments as gospel, but the frequency and sheer vitriol of the statements, and the approving comments left by other EDL supporters, seem to give the lie to Amit’s and the EDL’s claims not to be prejudiced against ordinary Muslims.”

    With reference to the above quote, you are evidently treating criticism of the paedophile mass-murder Mohammed as equivalent to hatred of Muslims themselves. Again, I ask you, what is there is to respect about a mass murderer paedophile? Will you be starting a religion in the name of Fred West?

    People object to Islam for perfectly respectable, indeed admirable and sane reasons, e.g. they don’t worship warlords or paedophiles. You and others whining “racism!’ have had your yearsin the liimelight but it will not cut it any more. Why exactly do you think Sikhs, Hindus and other Asians and non-Asians have an antipathy for Islam? Why do you think so many people of so many colours, nationalities and religions have an antipathy for Islam? It is because they are tired of being asked to respect and make special accomodations for a backwards and cruel religion which throws its weight around more than any religion in the world, which encourages its followers more than any other religion in the world to express an antipathy for non-adherents, and which has an abnormally large minority of followers who are aggressive, reactionary patriarchal scum.

    If you are expecting people who hld this view of Islam to apologise or feel ashamed for having such views, then I am afraid you are facing a future of diminishing returns, you useful idiot. It is no surprise that the EDL are primarily antipathetic to Islam – so is almost every non-Muslim minority in the UK, and for good reason. I condemn unreservedly the persecution of law-biding Muslims. I am, however, past giving a shit about “offence’ to Muslims in view of (a) how elastic the term “offence’ seems to have been made in recent years and by Muslims alone, and (b) in view of the damage that a still unsilenced, and in some cases government-funded minority of Muslims have done to social cohesion in this country in recent years.

    Frankly I’m fucking angry about the grief, hatred, threats and special demands that this reactionary and alien religion has brought to my country in the past couple of decades. I suspect there are forty or fifty million people like me. What do you think about that, useful idiot Secunder Kermani?

    I liked that!

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    On U-Tude there is than video that say there are childern raper comeing from christian rule Australia to rape childern in Balie Indonesia so you Aussie have no right to say anything bad about Islam.

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    Great to see Brits finally taking it to the streets in a dignified way. It’s taken a long time for them to wake up to the fact that their country is being usurped by Islamists with the aid of the liberal elite. Now the media will go full force to try to discredit them.

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    A very uplifting article, Hoepfully, the EDL will bring out the best of the British and put an end to the slow suicide put on their country by the Islamists and the Labour traitors.

  20. says

    English Defense league is widely seen in liberal Britten, even among those who are not comfortable with Islamification, as a far right wing fringe group of racists. Those who will not save themselves, will never be saved!

  21. says

    Hello everybody i am a proud member of the English Defence League. Proud because our patriotism encompasses ANY likeminded individual who shares in British values and culture, who understands and respects the right to freedom of speech and expression.
    We stood in solidarity with Geert Wilders on the 5th of March as we faced intimidatory and subversive tactics used by our government and their street army the Unite Against Fascism group who are mainly made up of Communists, Anarchists (Antifa), Socialist Workers Party Members, and generally uneducated and unwashed hippy type students who are utterly brainwashed by Trotsky/Marxist propaganda and ideals, these types are the future of Britain????

    Not if we can help it! These far left loony tunes are so far removed from reality it beggars belief. Did they not see what happened the last time Geert Wilders was to show his film Fitna in our country? Here is a reminder…..


    How can any rightminded individual defend these type of Muslims? The very Muslims that the EDL protest against!

    To answer some points Kelso and Carroll are two guys who shouted abuse at an Islamist, here you will find a short film we took before the lads went into the magistrates to answer charges made against them…..


    This was the morning of the 5th of March, prior to the London demo.

    I will just post some videos that were broadcast live over the internet, some of my favorites in fact…..

    A lovely Jewish woman i met at the demo….


    Are we Nazis?….


    EDL lads responding to silly taunts from the Communist flag waving loony left brigade, calling them for exactly what they are…..


    I can be easily found on the EDL forum or alternatively you can e-mail me at pr@edlmedia.com

    Freedom isnt free and the EDL will fight for it all the way!

    Thanks everyone for your support, Great Britain needs all the help it can get believe me.

  22. says

    Hello everybody i am a proud member of the English Defence League. Proud because our patriotism encompasses ANY likeminded individual who shares in British values and culture, who understands and respects the right to freedom of speech and expression.
    We stood in solidarity with Geert Wilders on the 5th of March as we faced intimidatory and subversive tactics used by our government and their street army the Unite Against Fascism group who are mainly made up of Communists, Anarchists (Antifa), Socialist Workers Party Members, and generally uneducated and unwashed hippy type students who are utterly brainwashed by Trotsky/Marxist propaganda and ideals, these types are the future of Britain????

    Not if we can help it! These far left loony tunes are so far removed from reality it beggars belief. Did they not see what happened the last time Geert Wilders was to show his film Fitna in our country? Here is a reminder…..


    How can any rightminded individual defend these type of Muslims? The very Muslims that the EDL protest against!

    To answer some points Kelso and Carroll are two guys who shouted abuse at an Islamist, here you will find a short film we took before the lads went into the magistrates to answer charges made against them…..


    This was the morning of the 5th of March, prior to the London demo.

    I will just post some videos that were broadcast live over the internet, some of my favorites in fact…..

    A lovely Jewish woman i met at the demo….


    Are we Nazis?….


    EDL lads responding to silly taunts from the Communist flag waving loony left brigade, calling them for exactly what they are…..


    I can be easily found on the EDL forum or alternatively you can e-mail me at pr@edlmedia.com

    Freedom isnt free and the EDL will fight for it all the way!

    Thanks everyone for your support, Great Britain needs all the help it can get believe me.

  23. says

    Verse by G K Chesterton, from ‘The Flying Inn’ (a novel,as I noted above, of the Islamification of England, and of how it was resisted, and defeated…)

    “Who Goes Home?”

    “In the city set upon slime and loam
    they cry in their parliament ‘Who Goes Home?’
    And there comes no answer in arch or dome
    for none in the city of graves goes home.
    Yet these shall perish and understand,
    for God has pity on this great land.

    “Men that are men again; who goes home?
    Tocsin and trumpeter! Who goes home?
    for there’s blood on the field and blood on the foam
    and blood on the body when Man goes home.
    And a voice valedictory – ‘Who is for Victory?
    Who is for Liberty? Who goes home?”

  24. says

    Chesterton, again:

    “O God of earth and altar,
    Bow down and hear our cry,
    Our earthly rulers falter,
    Our people drift and die;
    The walls of gold entomb us,
    The swords of scorn divide,
    Take not thy thunder from us,
    But take away our *pride. {Note well: Chesterton understood, deeply, and always affirmed, simple delight in what is good, love of hearth and home and homeland; the ‘Pride’ he refers to in this line, is something else entirely – the hard arrogance and desire to dominate and refusal to admit to wrongdoing, which is the chief of the Seven Deadly Sins}.

    From all that terror teaches,
    From lies of tongue and pen,
    From all the easy speeches
    That comfort cruel men,
    From sale and profanation
    Of honour and the sword,
    From sleep and from damnation,
    Deliver us, good Lord.

    Tie in a living tether
    The prince and priest and thrall,
    Bind all our lives together,
    Smite us and save us all;
    In ire and exultation
    Aflame with faith, and free,
    Lift up a living nation,
    A single sword to thee. “

  25. says

    from mirror.co.uk:

    Two guilty of abusing protestors By Emily Nash 6/03/2010


    Two men who abused Muslims at a soldiers’ homecoming parade were yesterday found guilty of public order offences.

    Bryan Kelso, 27, and Kevin Carroll, 40, were given conditional discharges at Luton magistrates’ court for the offences at the parade for the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment in the town in March 2009.

    There were angry scenes after a group of Muslim activists waved placards with slogans that included “Butchers of Basra” and “baby killers”.

    The court heard earlier that the pair, from Luton, were part of a crowd who told the protesters, to “f*** off” and also sang a song with the line “bin Laden’s mother is a whore”.

    Speaking after the sentence, Superintendent Mark Turner, said: “It seems last year a small minority came to the town to cause disorder.”

  26. says

    Thanks, ebonysone. Isn’t it strange how when Leftists shout obscenities, call people the sons of whores, and the like, it’s “intense free speech”; when anyone else does it, it’s abuse?

  27. says

    The problem for the BNP is the openly in stated intention of the left to flood it with members of minorities and vote it out of existence. That several of its members have “minority” or mixed-race partners and children is not reported in the British press and thanks to infiltration by “investigative journalists” members of minorities who quietly support it e.g. Sikhs are “outed” and get the full treatment.

    If you have a business the full treatment means being picketed by “anti-fascists” from the government subsidised UAF and Searchlight organisations. If you’re an ordinary workingman they can usually find a way of getting you fired.

    A bus driver who was a BNP councilor was fired because his membership constituted a “Health and Safety risk” to his passengers. His employer claimed that because his bus was likely to be attacked by anti-fascists passengers might be injured. This decision was upheld in court. When I posted his case on a website a black guy posted “Rubbish – prove it!” I sent him the link and to his credit he posted back something on the lines of “Bloody hell! If they get up a petition to get his job back I’ll sign it!”

    The recent move by the Government’s so-called Equality and Human Rights Commission to force the BNP it to change its membership policy was greeted by liberal cries of “At last! Why has it taken so long?” It did not occur to them that legal proceedings now could not be better timed drain its funds in the run-up to the general election.

    Ironically the EDL is a problem for both the BNP and the liberal establishment. That it welcomes members of all races and religions who want to defend British and western values make nonsense of the “racist/fascist” card. While the BNP is worried that it deflects support for the anti-Muslim movement away from itself which is why its members are banned from joining it.

    BTW There has still been no reporting of the EDL demonstration on any BBC national news bulletin but I cannot speak for other networks.

  28. says

    Thanks for your reply. Good information you provided. Still, I would argue that the BNP put an albatross around its neck by not allowing, say, a black Brit who is a conservative and despises Islam, from joining it simply because he is black. As for the leftist possibiility of flooding the BNP with minorities who would vote it out of existence, couldn’t the same be said of the EDL, where leftists could join only to eliminate the EDL once they had large enough numbers? Have to take that risk and monitor membership carefully, which would include stripping people of membership if they joined under false pretenses. I might add that it is precisely BNP membership qualifications which is primarily responsible for keeping someone like Robert Spencer from endorsing it.

  29. says

    Bravo English Defense League! Fight back against Fascist/Nazi Islam.

    Muslims are the racists. Also, the bigots and the haters.

    Get the Muslim racists, bigots, haters OUT of civilized England. Go back to your Crapistans, Barbarians. Stop contaminating our country. Get Out!

  30. says

    On the face of it your point about the BNP is valid and there are reports that black British people are getting just as fed up with Muslims as everyone else. The problem is that BNP has enough trouble with white left-wing infiltrators without adding to them. The Searchlight organisation and the BBC managed to get one of their people into place as a BNP regional organiser in the North of England. This was the man who recorded Nick Griffin telling a private meeting that some time in the next few months bombs would be let off in Britain by British-born Muslims. You’ll recall that this led to him being tried for incitement to racial hatred – the fact that by the time he got to Court 7/7 had happened did not prevent the authorities from trying to jail him. Even the Judge thought the case was a waste of time but it did not stop them trying twice.

    Interestingly in the whole 18 months at the heart of the Northern BNP this brave reporter (the BBC’s description of him) did not manage find anything else that would stand up in court. True one BNP member was filmed saying he would like to machine-gun a mosque but the brave reporter pretty much talked him into it.

    Another reporter from the left-wing Guardian joined the BNP’s head Office and got access to their membership lists which they then put out on the internet. As a result anyone who could get fired got fired including one long-serving police constable and a few professional careers were ruined. If you Google “Libertarian Alliance” an outfit that thinks a government should consist of a telephone call centre in the capital city and then look up BNP on their site you’ll get some idea of the pressure the establishment is applying. One of their writers doubts if he would have the courage to continue writing and blogging under the kind of pressure being applied to the BNP.

    As to the EDL, it is a spontaneous one-issue lobby group that does not seek election and does not appear to have an organisation which can be infiltrated. Members keep in touch over the net and make their own way to the location of any demonstration. This is unlike the BNP which works as a regular political party and therefore needs a management structure.

    There is no doubt that the E D L has got the authorities worried. The BBC began by describing them as “far right” then moved to “right wing” and then got as far as saying “the EDL who say they’re not racists”. Now they seem to have settled for minimal and if possible negative reporting of their activities – if they report them at all.

    When they tried to support the Scottish Defence League in Edinburgh last month their people were prevented from leaving Edinburgh railway station. As they usually meet in bars the Searchlight organisation in Scotland wrote to all bar owners in the city centre suggesting that if they allowed the SDL/EDL meet on their premises they might have trouble renewing their liquor licences. In other words they would be put out of business and this was not an idle threat. Meanwhile unknown to the EDL, their leaders’ homes were being raided by armed police who took away various computers and records. So it’s probable that the government knows more about the organisation of the EDL than most its members.

    Given the way they were treated in Edinburgh that they were allowed to march in London – even with a heavy police presence – is surprising but London is a lot more difficult to control than Edinburgh.

  31. says

    Thanks again for all the information. Well, it seems the BNP has its hands full with multiculturalist, PC types who still turn a blind eye to Islamic supremacist designs. What a bunch of idiots (the establishment, not the BNP). Do you reckon a corner has been turned and we’ve already seen the high water mark of the establishment’s influence, or is the worst from those unwittingly (perhaps some wittingly) aiding what Islam would like to do to Britain still to come? Just how fed up is the bulk of the British populace with Muslims, both radicals and so-called moderates? Do most Brits comprehend that the ultimate culprit is Islam itself and not the canard that the collective villain are those who have hijacked a peaceful and tolerant religion?

  32. says

    Mike, I am an indian and would love to me a member of EDL, if I lived in UK. EDL is an inclusive organization as opposed to the exclusive BNP. All nations and ppl have every right to defend their values and traditions from invaders who would like to usrup them. Specially values which are 180 at odds with the native’s. I hope your party beats these traitorous labour and conservative parties. Wish you guys all the luck.

  33. says

    Well done mate. (I’m Aussie – of Irish, Scots, English, Danish and German ancestry; so am very pleased to see you and the Scottish Defence League blokes working together…honestly, every free non-Muslim country seems to need a DL at the moment…).

    I read all about the hassles in Edinburgh. Dear God that was scarey, that something like that could happen at all.

    If they’re snaffling you up at train stations, or catching you in the pubs, looks to me like some long-range planning is in order.

    If you’re likely to be travelling to help out the folks of the WDL or the SDL in future (or if they’re planning to travel to support *you*) have a think about how to avoid having to use train stations; and also think about what other kinds of places, besides pubs, might serve as rendezvous points. Try to think of the sorts of places that are the *last* kind of place your opponents would expect you all to meet in. I can’t be more specific than that, since here “the walls have ears”.

    Ever read G K Chesterton’s “The Flying Inn”? It’s short, sharp, moves fast and is full of rollicking drinking songs – it was written in 1914 and it’s about…an imagined future Stealth Islamification of England, brought about by Islamophile traitors, in particular one evil ‘Lord Ivywood’. Yeah. Right. Looks like Chesterton was a prophet. Kind of eerie.

    Dunno whether anyone’s ever had a go at making a movie of it, but done right, say a barebones treatment, by handheld camera in bleak black and white, and with the setting and some of the characters and other details updated and modified to apply to modern UK, it would make a cracking good film for circulation among the Resistance. It contains a song with the line – “the rolling English drunkard made the rolling English road”.

    Hope you’ve got some suitable cultural celebrations planned for St George’s Day.

    (The Welsh have already had St David’s Day, so that’s an opportunity missed; but St Andrew’s Day isn’t till 30 November, so the Scots have plenty of time to plan something good).

  34. says

    Certainly resentment at the grass roots level is being more openly expressed than ever before but people still have to be very careful what they say and to whom they say it. It seems incredible but as in Maoist China they will not speak freely in front of their own children for fear the child will repeat what they hear in school and be sent on a racial awareness course. This is not paranoia. A teacher who innocently said, “Bless you” when a muslim girl sneezed was reported by the girl and only avoided such a course because she was within a weeks of retirement. One would have thought that as the girl was newly arrived from Pakistan it would have been more appropriate to send her on the racial awareness course.

    I would say the majority of people are sick to death of muslims of every type and their wonderful religion of peace but the power and reach of the establishment is incredible. Most journalists are 100% PC and they would get kicked out of the all-powerful National Union of Journalists if they were not. But in any case reporting anything that is “likely to incite racial hatred” is illegal. That it is true is no defence.

    It is difficult to forecast the future as the only source of real information is the internet and that is not entirely reliable. Control of the MSM is so complete that people as little as four miles from a major incident can be completely unaware of the extent of the trouble and the cause is always “white racists”.

    However the BNP recently claimed the army was buying a lot on serious riot control equipment and forming special units of men who had been asked if they were prepared to fire on British people. I cannot say what degree of credibility this has but I also spoke to a thoroughly PC guy who has been working in Bangladeshi areas for 20+ years. I said the situation with muslims was very bad and how soon did he think it was going to blow up? He answered in the most matter-of-fact way “About two years”.

  35. says

    Most amazing about Britain these days is the dearth of real freedom of speech. Here we have a country which pioneered the rebirth of free speech (e.g., the 1689 English Bill of Rights) after it had been extinguished with the passing of ancient Greece, and yet today people in Britain are afraid to speak their minds, even sometimes to their own children. Frankly, I see the idiocy of modern Leftism in this. Conservatism and old-fashion liberalism a la Attlee had nothing to do with this nonsense, though many modern conservatives have gone meekly along with this rot even while warning against it. Anyone who detests what Islam has in store for Britain and all the West, if it gets its way, must also detest the modern liberal mindset which is set on a course of national suicide in one country after another. Islam plus Leftism equals extinction of Western Civilization as we know it if nothing is done to reverse this sordid path to destruction.

    Sounds from what you wrote that things are coming to a head very quickly like. They need to. Again, thanks for your comments.