Reports of confession wrong: Jihad Jane pleads not guilty

She has been in custody since October, this says. Why are we only hearing about all this now?

An update on this story. “U.S. ‘Jihad Jane’ Pleads Not Guilty to Terrorism,” from Reuters, March 18:

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – A Pennsylvania woman who called herself “Jihad Jane” pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges of providing material support to terrorists and conspiring to kill in a foreign country.

Colleen LaRose appeared in federal court in Philadelphia accused of plotting with others over the Internet to kill a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Mohammed in a way that was offensive to Muslims, and of wanting to become a martyr to Islam.

LaRose, 46, from Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, has been in custody since October. A grand jury indictment against her, unsealed on March 9, says that she recruited men online to wage “violent jihad” or holy war, in South Asia and Europe.

She told co-conspirators that her appearance as a blonde-haired white woman would allow her to “blend in with many people” and avoid being detected as an Islamic terrorist, the indictment says.

Yeah, sure. As if anybody were giving Arab or Pakistani men extra scrutiny.

U.S. Muslim admits scouting targets for Mumbai jihad attacks
"Jihad Jane" confesses to role in plot to murder Swedish Motoonist
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    Didn’t that Buffalo-based, mahoundian-TV-station owning, Porkistan-born wife beheader also plead not guilty to charges of chopping off his wife’s head?

    Unless we’re talking apostates (who will mercilessly be condemned and threatened by their former fellow members of the Umma), mahoundians always see themselves as “innocent” and “not guilty”, don’t they?

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    I says this in the original story:

    “LaRose is likely to follow routine legal procedure today during her arraignment and plead not guilty. Such a plea would not preclude a negotiated plea agreement; it would simply mark the start of formal court proceedings against LaRose.”

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    She has been in custody since October, this says. Why are we only hearing about all this now?

    I think Ms. Napolitano was too busy hunting down disgruntled vets of the Iraq and Afghan wars to report Jane’s bust.

    *** 92:8 ***

    But you must admit that there were no planes or trains blown up by vets during this our Director of Homeland Security’s tenure, so good work there.

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    Colleen LaRose appeared in federal court in Philadelphia…

    Now that’s a damned shame. Evidence is that she committed her crime as a Jihad war terrorist, in other words as an enemy combatant.

    *** 33:21 ***

    Therefore she should be tried in a military tribunal.

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    Colleen LaRose appeared in federal court in Philadelphia accused of plotting with others over the Internet to kill a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Mohammed in a way that was offensive to Muslims

    I doubt many Westerners reading this will even blink”but they should. By saying that Lars Vilks “depicted the Prophet Mohammed in a way that was offensive to Muslims” Reuters basically implies that all Muslims have a right to feel aggrieved, but that Ms. LaRose just ‘went a bit too far’.

    This is b*llsh*t. Lars Vilks is not Muslim, and it is in no way incumbent upon him”or on *any* Infidel”to follow Islamic norms.

    It’s a smaller point, but there is no need to refer to Mohammed as the “Prophet” Mohammed, either”he can be referred to either with “prophet” uncapitalized, or”preferably, when space allows”as “the *Muslim* Prophet Mohammed”.

    He’s not our “prophet”, in any case. This also serves”intentionally or not”to enforce Muslim norms. This is also true with the uncritical reference to places like Karbala and Qom as “Holy” cities.

    Not to me they ain’t. Bet they aren’t to you, either.

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    This is b*llsh*t. Lars Vilks is not Muslim, and it is in no way incumbent upon him”or on *any* Infidel”to follow Islamic norms.

    Sorry, Graven, but that’s not how this works. They have an epithet for failing to maintain fidelity with their belief system (Infidel), and have god-commands and laws that make such behavior a capital crime.

    *** 8:7 ***

    Your run-of-the-mill poor hard working Moslem Man never knows when he may be called upon (activated) to act as executioner for such crimes. Mohammed and his gang did yeoman’s work in this regard back in the day, as I’m sure you know.

    *** 33:21 ***

    The whole of Islam is bullsheet, but it’s a scam, a great scam, with a proven track record of success and a bright future.

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    LaRose is an enemmy agent and should be tried as such.
    What do they normally do with enemy spies and saboteurs?

    And gravenimage…He’s not our “prophet”, in any case.
    He wasn’t a prophet anyhow.
    Doesn’t a prophet have to predict something of the future?
    As far as I am concerned Mo nver predicted any future events that came true…unless by saying “I am going to kill those Jews” and he did it, that counts as prophesying.

    Definition: Rabbinic scholar Maimonides, suggested that “prophecy is, in truth and reality, an emanation sent forth by the Divine Being through the medium of the Active Intellect, in the first instance to man’s rational faculty, and then to his imaginative faculty.”[4] This closely relates to the definition by Al-Fârâbî who developed the theory of prophecy in Islam.[5]

    The Catholic Encyclopedia defines prophecy as “understood in its strict sense, it means the foreknowledge of future events, though it may sometimes apply to past events of which there is no memory, and to present hidden things which cannot be known by the natural light of reason.”[6] From a skeptical point of view, there is a Latin maxim: prophecy written after the fact vaticinium ex eventu [7].

    By the Islamic/Rabbinic definition of prophesy, I am a prophet. Anyone is a prophet if they receive divine inspiration. Many times in my past I had lucid dreams of events and ideas of universal proportions, often during a few draughts at the local pub. Shakespeare and Bacon, it was said, received much of their inspriation in the same manner. Many times, as well, my drinking friends, thought I was “losing it” so I put a stop to my divine inspiration and cut back on the number of draughts. Too bad…I may have started a successful cult. LOL

    PS. I attribute much of this inspiration to ergot, the fungus found on grains.

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    She’ll probably pleade insanity and try to claim that raging testosterone hormones were the cause of it all. “That she was going through the change in life”.

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    Ha, ha, the menopause defense is a good one! (The only problem is she’s expressing her temporary insanity to the wrong side. Maybe that’s our answer—-get all of the menopausal women we can find in the West and let them loose on mozoids (sarc).)

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    It irks me to see a door-stopper referred to as the “holy” quran as well. Mein Qurampf or the glory-ass quran would suffice. If one uses that for target practice, then it’d be just bull’s eye.

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    Excellent point about Mo. All our history and social studies text books now refer to Mo as the “Prophet Muhammad”.

    Not-so-creeping dhimmitude.

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    Whenever, Cornelius, I teach that period in history related to Mohammed (as I just did two weeks ago in one of my courses as I was moving from the late ancient world into its successor states), I make a studious point of it to say that Muslims claim (yes, that’s right, “claim”) Mohammed is the last and greatest of the prophets. It’s just about such time that I also tell my class what Muslims believe Jesus will do to Christians in end times, i.e., throw them into Hell for deifying him. That always gets a few eyebrows raised to say the least, as does something like death for apostasy for Mohammedans. I convey this with no passion and in a matter of fact kind of way. Then I move on to the next topic at hand, for instance, what was going on in the seventh and eighth centuries in Irish monasteries or in Anglo-Saxon England with its heptarchy of kingdoms.

    Hey, we all have to do our bit, eh? And there are sundry ways in which we can. You have done that with that fine musical tribute to Oriana Fallaci and just by posting here with regularity, as gravenimage and so many others have. Little by little, step by step and in so many diverse ways large numbers of us infidels must make the truth known. I like to think it all is having a collective effect. As you know quite well by now, I’m a short-term pessimist and a long-term optimist. My study of history has made me such. Hope you and yours are well.

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    Somehow, the soccer moms and redneck gals of the USA need to be lined up, fired up, armed and pointed in the right direction…against the Jihad.

    Imagine something like this song being hurled not at the ‘Harper Valley PTA’ but at the ultimate target: the woman-hating life-hating freedom-hating sharia-pushers who like to condemn the supposedly immoral west for the ‘uncovered meat’ of its women, all the while they abuse their slave-maids and ‘marry’ and rape little girls.

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    Black humour aside: I recall that when the Laskar Jihad were attacking, burning, pillaging and murdering in the Christian villages of Eastern Indonesia in the 1990s, there were accounts of forced ‘conversions’ that involved genital mutilation: Christian men *and women* were held down and ‘circumcised’ by the Muslims. One must assume that in the case of the women they suffered the ‘cutting out the clitoris’ recommended by Shafi’i law which – Nonie Darwish informs us – is the form of Islamic law prevalent not only in Egypt but now also in Indonesia.

    Pamela Geller also ran a story about a nun in Iraq who has been documenting the many, many cases of Iraqi Christian girls who are kidnapped, tortured, raped *and often genitally mutilated* by gangs of Muslim men. (Some of these girls actually survive, and are ransomed and released, and this nun as well as documenting their sufferings, has been trying to heal the psychological and physical trauma of the survivors). I don’t *know* whether, rather than simply involving random cutting and slicing, the genital mutilations involved the specifically Shafi’ite cutting out of the clitoris that is prescribed by the Reliance of the Traveller; but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.