United Arab Emirates adopts Third Reich policies against Jews

Expect CAIR’s Honest Ibe Hooper to be on the first plane to Dubai, ready to scold Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan al-Tamim for equating Muslims with Nazis. Isn’t that right, Ibe?

“United Arab Emirates to Follow Third Reich Policies against Jews,” from Pravda, March 4 (thanks to Pamela):

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates made an unusual decision. Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan al-Tamim said on March 1 that anyone who looks or sounds like a citizen of Israel will be blocked from entering the country, even if a suspected individual produces a passport of a different state.

“It is easy for us to identify [Israelis], through their face or when they speak any other language. We used to respect them when they would come holding European passports; we regarded them as Europeans and never treated them badly. But from now on, anyone we suspect to have a dual citizenship, they will be treated with great suspicion,” the police chief said.

The decision is directly linked with the assassination of a high-ranking official of Palestine’s Hamas movement in one of Dubai hotels on February 20. UAE officials believe that Mahmud al-Mabhuh, one of the founders of the military wing of Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, was killed by Israel’s Mossad. The secret agents most likely used passports of other countries to commit the crime.

It is not quite clear, though, how Arab officials are going to identify Israelis. They would obviously have no difficulty in identifying Orthodox bearded hasids for their side-locks, hats and glasses. It looks like a joke though: “Wearing a hat and a pair of glasses makes you a Jew.”

Such people would never think of traveling to Emirates. Will Emirates liken itself to the Third Reich and use rulers and protractors to measure the shape of the nose, earlaps and the skull structure? If it does, the UAE will lose all of its friends in the West….

Oh, probably not.

University of California, Berkeley: Muslim "activist" thug assaults Jewish girl in pro-Israel group
Jordanian newspaper: "How Can (the Jews), Being Unclean, Claim Possession of His Mosque, to Defile It with Their Stench and Their Filthy Deeds?!"
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  1. says

    Dubai is merely Rodeo Drive on stilts, and there is no reason for anyone to bother with it, with its pretensions, with its disgusting opulence, its sickening vulgarity, its emptiness, its hordes of slave laborers who built the damn place. Dubai is not a place that any intelligent Westerner, or anyone with a modicum of good taste, would wish to live in. Ask the Westerners who, simply because there was, for a while, good money, had to endure this place. Who now, in the Western world, would want to buy real estate, much less live in, empty, vacuous, rich Dubai? No semblance of culture save possibly whatever tiny succursale of some Western institution can be temporarily rented (it’s a big deal in the Gulf — rent Western culture, or at least little bits of it, and see if anything rubs off). It’s merely gold souk after gold souk, Versace and Hermes and Louis Vuitton and so on, but devoid, even, of the organic connection to the place and people that sometimes makes such thingamajigs and gewgaws appealing.

    Dubai is the place where settling of scores is a sport and a pastime. A rich Egyptian makes sure his Lebanese former girlfriend does not continue to live once she has spurned him. Russian agents make sure that Chechen agents don’t leave Dubai alive, and possibly vice-versa. It’s a place where the Iranian mullahs have invested heavily, stashing their un-earned wealth close, but safely out of Iran — and no doubt some of the bigshots in the Pasdaran have done the same. When Mahboubh was killed, it was not as if he had been done in while on a retreat at a Trappist monastery. For god’s sake, Dubai is crawling with that sort of intrigue, and the indignation of the Dubai authorities utterly absurd. Should one not be indignant about such a person being allowed, under his own name apparently, into Dubai, where he was up to no good with Iranian arms suppliers?

    Abu Dhabi is now the sugar daddy for self-despoiled Dubai. And it is Abu Dhabi that, unlike Dubai, worries much more about Iranian intentions. When the Islamic Republic of Iran lays claim to Greater and Lesser Tunb, and Musa islands, it also lays claim to the territorial waters around them, and any oil under those waters — and it is the U.A.E. that, having its own claim, is the Arab party most immediately effected, though all the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council are worried about Iranian power. Abu Dhabi is the constituent emirate in the U.A.E., that has to worry immedidately about the Islamic Republic of Iran. Should those in Abu Dhabi regard the closeness of some in Dubai to the Iranians, the willingness, by those who rule Dubai (and who now must rely on handouts, given begrudgingly, by Abu Dhabi) to allow those making arms deals with Iran to use Dubai, as of no concern, no worry? Do you think the al-Nahyan, the hereditary dynasty that runs (and owns much of) Abu Dhabi, approves of such an Arab as Hamas’ Mahboubh, who apparently was in up to his neck in arms deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran?

    Dubai will ultimately come a cropper for the foolish way it has behaved in this matter, crowing about the investigative and forensic skills of whatever Westerners are in the employ of the government of Abu Dhabi. It will come a cropper because, like Qatar, it is not true enough to the Arabs, and is doing too much with the Iranians, and that is being noticed, and will not be forgotten. Those Arabs who have allowed themselves to further Iranian interests and the spread of Iranian influence will in the end be punished by fellow Arabs — perhaps only economically, but that will be quite enough.

    Dubai will come a cropper because now it has publicized itself far too insistently as a place of intrigue — not of the Orson-Wellesish-Third-Man-postwar-Vienna sort but, rather, a grim cameras-watching-you-at-every-step sort. Dubai has just killed its last golden goose, tourism, and all that it will have left are the fees it gets from international airlines that find Dubai a convenient place for stopovers, in getting to and from far more important places. Dubai will relapse into what, perhaps, it was always meant to be — a vast landing strip, with a shopping mall at the airport, and a gold souk beyond.

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    The adherents of Nazislam will probably do the same things that the Nazis did in Germany, and revive the Nazi race “theory” “and use rulers and protactors to measure the shape of the nose, earlaps and the skull structure”. Science has always been a Mohammedan domain. There are only so few Muslim Nobel prize winner because the Nobel prize committee is so terribly islamophobe…

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    So it is Pravda.ru that carries the headline “United Arab Emirates to Follow Third Reich Policies against Jews.” Would The New York Times or The Washington Post dare to do so? No. But then, I suppose, some will try to dismiss “Pravda” not merely as post-Soviet but in this case as a “far-right-wing” publication, just the way that Geert Wilders is said to be “far-right” or “a far-right populist.”

    Amazing. Izumitel’no.

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    Because our President is mysteriously incapable of adequately recognizing the real war islam is waging against us and our closest allies, because he openly purports to be sympathetic to the core doctrines which actually declare this war against us and are the cause of the murder of so many including our own citizens, we ALL must in every way take action as individual citizens to resist islam and it’s adherents.
    We must elect people capable and courageous enough to speak the truth and who with all might and strength direct this struggle.Given islams wide breach,rapid built up of nuclear armaments, demographic invasion, technological theft, terrorist support, petrodollar controll and government influence and infiltration (CAIR, Obama)there is some area every American citizen can help in..
    Wake up people, the beast we face is just hatching.

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    “Dubai will come a cropper because now it has publicized itself far too insistently as a place of intrigue — not of the Orson-Wellesish-Third-Man-postwar-Vienna sort but, rather, a grim cameras-watching-you-at-every-step sort.”

    Absolutely true. As well, I think it unlikely that all the cameras are in the hallways.

    Anyone visiting Dubai needs to assume that their personal privacy is completely intruded upon, in the shower as well as in the hallway.

    Nevertheless, I saw someone mention somewhere online(no link) that Hamas had accused Jordan and Egypt of involvement or perhaps of even carrying out the hit on Mahbouh. Is there any substantiation of that (either of the accusation being made or of the accusation itself) available?

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    So, it is acceptable for a Muslim nation to undertake “profiling” of suspected “infidels”. But, the merest hint of even considering profiling of Muslims in Infidel nations on exactly the same basis has already resulted in cries of “Islamophobia” from Muslim apologists.

    Muslim hypocrisy par excellence. Allah knows best.

    Now, which politician is going to challenge the UAE on this one?

  7. says

    United Arab Emirates, a moderate isalmic country? Our ally?
    Why so miffed, if they really cared about their palestinian brothers why not make room for them, why not build hospitals for them, why not build housing for them.
    This is a case of finding an excuse to hurt those people whom from the time of their delusional false and evil prophet mohad-ham, they have scapegoated and have been continuously brainwashed to hate.

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    ” If it does, the UAE will lose all of its friends in the West….

    Oh, probably not.”

    As long as we are dependent on their oil we, as a society, will be compelled to tolerate this type of obscenity.

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    “It is easy for us to identify [Israelis], through their face or when they speak any other language.”

    This really does sound Nazi-like.

    (I remember the time the jihadis opened fire on a busload of people they identified as Israelis. Only trouble was they were Greek tourists in Egypt.)

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    Too bad they are fixated on Ashkenazi jews. Shouldn’t they extend their surveillance to Sephardim? The results would boggle the mind. It would take an Inspector Clouseau to sort the mess out.

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    “Will Emirates liken itself to the Third Reich and use rulers and protractors to measure the shape of the nose, earlaps and the skull structure?”

    I’m reminded of a scene in the movie “The Fixer”, based on Bernard Malamud’s novel (itself based on the Melvin Beilis case). The Russian police officer proudly points to the chart of “Jewish noses”, telling the Jewish accused “There’s yours.” The prisoner looks closely at the chart, points to another variant, “And there’s yours.” I was in a showing in a Jerusalem movie house in 1971. The audience, not surprisingly, erupted in laughter.

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    What a joke of a policy. “Everybody knows” how “sneaky” the Jews are. They will just “Sneak” in when need be. Wrap a towel around their head and play stupid. No problem.

    Judge the stupidity of the “Chief” by all the stupid statements he makes.

    This guy makes Gomer Pyle and his Golllly seem like Einstein.

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    “the Melvin Beilis case” — from a poster above

    You have conflated Mendel Beilis, the accused in a ritual murder case (circa 1910) in Russia, in the dying days of the Czarist regime, the gross injustice attracting the attention of all the best people in Russia, including Kerensky, Professor Pavel Miliukov, and the jurist V. D. Nabokov, who ere sturdily on the right, i.e., Beilis’ side, and Melvin Belli, “the King of Torts,” a flashy member of the California Bar with many celebrity clients, fl. 1960-1975.

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    As long as we are dependent on their oil we, as a society, will be compelled to tolerate this type of obscenity.
    We would not be that dependent if we drilled in our own country where we know there is oil. If we announced an aggressive oil exploration program in he U.S. tomorrow, the oil futures would decline immediately. This is the best way to help us and hurt them. We have the Communists drilling right in our backyard (Gulf of Mexico).

    Oh, I forgot. El Presidente is nationalizing 10 million acres from NM to MT, conveniently taking shale reserves out of the picture. Pity. For us, that is.

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    As the very good blog Israel Matzav pointed out, the actual statement was even more overtly racist in Arabic than it has been translated by Western newspapers. The police chief said Jews, not “Israelis.”

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    So because Dubai is terrible for banning Israeli tourists, that must mean that Palestinian refugees are allowed to visit Israel to see their ancestral homes right?

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    Re. the Poor Palestinian Refugees [tm], referred to by a poster above, in the course of attempting to establish a specious moral equivalence between the ‘No Jews Allowed In Here’ policies of many countries in the Arab Muslim world, and Israel’s perfectly reasonable refusal to permit an influx of murderous Muslim fifth columnists:

    A history lesson from the redoubtable John Roy Carlson, reporter, circa 1951.


    From chapter 12 ‘with the Arabs in Jerusalem’ of Carlson’s “From Cairo to Damascus” (1951).

    Carlson was personally in the thick of things during the 1948 war; mostly undercover on the Arab Muslim side, posing as a pro-Muslim and pro-Nazi American.

    From the text proper, p.p 234-235 of the 1951 edition:

    ‘Some fifty thousand Arabs had fled Jaffa’.


”This flight-psychosis, which prevailed among the Arabs and ultimately resulted in the frantic exodus of many Moslems and Christians, is a difficult phenomenon to explain.

    “It was a mass hysteria induced by poor morale

    ‘*and by fear of revenge and retributiion for the Arab massacres and lootings from 1920 on* {NOTA BENE – my emphasis added – dda}.

    “Arab leaders – particularly in the Mufti’s Higher Committee – urged residents to clear the fighting areas,

    “promising them that Palestine would be cleared of Jews within thirty days after the Mandate ended.

    “After the Jews had been pushed into the sea, Arab leaders said, Palestinians could return to their homes and at the same time share in Jewish booty. {Got that, everyone? – do you still feel sorry for these poor dear Palestinians, so sweet and innocent, who salivated at the prospect of stealing the goods of mass-murdered Jews? – dda}

    ‘*They implied that those who refused to leave were pro-Zionist; such people were threatened with retribution.* {my emphasis added – dda}

    “In contrast, I [Carlson] know of instances where the Jews begged the Arabs, particularly the Christian elements, to remain, guaranteeing their safety and full respect for property.

    “These Christians, however, joined the fleeing Moslems

    ‘, *fearing the promised retribution following the promised Arab victory* {my emphasisadded – dda}.

    “As an instance, the Armenians, who had always got along well with Arab and Jew alike, joined the panicky Moslems,

    *horror-stricken by the memory of the Turkish massacres* {my emphasis added – dda}.

    “Wealthy merchants, physicians, bankers, politicians and other leaders were the first to leave.

    ‘Later came the poorer elements until, by the time the Mandate expired, those remaining were largely only the ill and the aged, *the looters* {my emphasis – dda}, and the innocents.

    “The exodus figure of 750 000 or more Arabs is sheer propaganda, a fictional number that cannot be supported by the facts.

    “The populace in the country from Jerusalem north to Jericho was not disturbed by the fighting, nor were the Arabs and Christians resident in the congested areas within the quadrangle formed by Ramallah, Tulkarm, Jenin, and Nablus – Palestinian territory now annexed by Jordan.

    “It must also be pointed out that many of the Moslem so-called refugees were homeless, nomadic wanderers in the first place.

    “*Poor, nonrefugee Arabs, such as those in Gaza {NOTA BENE – dda}, have claimed refugee status in order to qualify for American aid* {my emphasis added – dda}.”

    For another bracing dose of truth – rather like a good dose of salts – see the equally redoubtable Martha Gellhorn’s classic article, “The Arabs of Palestine”, as published in the Atlantic Monthly, 1961. That is, written and published *before* the 1967 war, and while Egypt was in full control of Gaza – running it like a prison; Gellhorn compares Egyptian-ruled Gaza to a giant prison, and also to a *lunatic asylum* (she had good reason for the latter comparison) – and while Jordan was in full control of the Old City of Jerusalem (including its ancient Jewish quarter) and Judea and Samaria, from which territory Jordan had expelled ALL Jews and in which it permitted NO Jew to so much as set foot.


  18. says

    Jew-hating Islam. From the ahadith:

    Book 019, Number 4366:

    “It has been narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah say: I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.”

    Oh, and Christian-hating, too.

    Hey “Messenger of allah”: Piss be upon you.

  19. says

    The Nazi methods of identifying Jews alluded to above were, I believe, to identify Semites. And since the ayrabs are just as Semitic as the Jews, they may not have much luck there! I’m not sure the Nazis had much success with this, anyway.
    A serious study of the differences between races would be fascinating, but is impossible in the current political climate. Hungarians are good at mathematics, and make good programmers; Russians excel at chess; black Americans win all the Olympic sprinting medals… Why? This generation will never know.

    Thanks for the link, Dumbledoresarmy. Interesting stuff.

  20. says

    Al-Tamim should be disassociated from the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) or any other such group to which he undoubtedly belongs for cosmetic reasons. Trust me, the Dubai police knew who al-Mabhuh was – in fact they undoubtedly knew he was coming to Dubai before he got there – and are upset he was offed with surgical precision by the Mossad right under their very noses. Dubai is a small place. There’s just no way one of the co-founders of HAMAS could come to your country and you, as the Chief of Police of Dubai, who has the ear of your country’s intelligence apparatus (which also undoubtedly knew about this monster’s travel plans), could not know about it. Shame on Dubai for harboring this thug (al-Mabhuh). Think about it, folks. Mossad made monkeys out of the Dubai-provided security for al-Mabhuh, or lack thereof – and the chief and his employer are upset. I’ll bet what the Chief’s covering up is that Mossad has penetrated the Dubai police/security operation. Maybe the chief will autograph a copy of Meim Kampf for us. Jewish travelers to Dubai beware.

  21. says

    “Because our President is mysteriously incapable of adequately recognizing the real war islam is waging against us and our closest allies”

    Hussein is a Muslim. That’s why.

  22. says

    and that reminds me a scene from the movie Europa Europa. This movie is based on the life of Salomon Perel, a jew. Salomon as a teen joins the hitler youth and is measured in a class on recognizing a jew from an arayan. All his head features are carefully measured. He gets a pass as a fine example of an arayan.

    you tube video

    In fact his german girlfriend loves him because he resembles adolf hitler to her.

    I guess our arab friend will use these tools to find the jews. unfortuntly since many arabs and many ppl around the world have similiar features they will be making jews out of almost everyone who goes to their country.

  23. says

    “El Presidente is nationalizing 10 million acres from NM to MT, conveniently taking shale reserves out of the picture. Pity. For us, that is.”

    Actually, he’s not nationalizing these lands. They’re already federal property, administered by the Bureau of Public Lands. What he’s proposing is to transfer them from an “open” status, where mineral claims could be filed, to a more protected status where drilling and mining would be be prohibited. As you say, it takes reserves out of the picture.
    This is on top of a law he signed almost a year ago, establishing 2 million acres of Wilderness Areas, mainly in the Western states. Again, this was not any federal seizure of land, but the transfer of existing federal properties from a less-protected to a more-protected status; in this case to the most-protected of all — Wilderness — meaning they’re virtually untouchable for any but certain recreational uses. In addition this law set up a new category of protected public lands — the National Landscape Conservation System: 26 million acres to be protected from “environmental damage”.
    In the last few decades, hundreds of millions of acres have been designated as Wilderness Areas or National Parks or Monuments; all in addition to the existing hundreds of millions of acres of state and national parks and forests. And yet, this is still NOT ENOUGH for the “environmentalists”: every Western state has some sort of “Wilderness Alliance” or “Wilderness Council” lobbying for more wilderness, to the tune of several million acres per state.
    The aim of these idiots seems to be to shut down all energy sources in the U.S. and make us completely dependent on imported energy. And dependent on unfriendly sources to boot, since they’re just as active in Canada, trying to shut down its energy sources. Just last year a major natural gas pipeline from Alaska to central Canada got its final approval to begin construction, after more than TWENTY YEARS of hearings and court cases.
    As they say, those whom the gods would destroy they first drive insane.