Recipient of Omid Safi’s defamatory email has her Facebook account suddenly disabled

Yesterday I posted here about how lowlife UNC professor Omid Safi falsely claimed that I threatened to kill him and family. I also wrote this email to UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp, cc’ing Safi’s department head Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp, Safi’s wali and fellow UNC professor Carl Ernst, and Safi himself:

Dr. Thorp:

Professor Omid Safi has falsely claimed that I threatened to kill him and his family.

Details here:

I do not know how far and wide he has spread this claim, or what damage he has thereby done to my reputation.

I request that you reprimand Professor Safi immediately, and dismiss him from his faculty position at the University of North Carolina.

As a UNC alumnus I am ashamed for the university, and hope that you will not allow this trafficker in libel and defamation to continue to spread his lies from his position there.

Robert Spencer

I got no answer from any of the addressees. Or at least no direct answer. I just received word from the person to whom Safi sent his libelous message that her Facebook account has been suddenly disabled, without explanation. It was on Facebook that Safi sent her his message.

I question the timing. Don’t you?

American university education is in a sorry state, but Omid Safi’s behavior here is a particularly egregious example. If you think it is outrageous that a liar and smear artist like Omid Safi holds a professorship at a major university, please write, courteously and respectfully, to UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp: Write also to UNC Department of Religious Studies chair Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp:

Ask that Safi be reprimanded and/or fired, for the sake of the integrity of the University of North Carolina and American academia in general.

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    “. . .American university education is in a sorry state. . .”

    You ain’t kidn’, and it only gets worse when Islam influenced academia overlaps national security . . .via mypetjawa:

    Insider: Ohio Homeland Security multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari sued his sexual harassment victim

    Continuing our examination into the Ohio Department of Homeland Security, our correspondent inside the department adds new details concerning its multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari. Last week we reported that Alomari had been fired from his faculty position from Columbus State Community College for violating the school’s sexual harassment policy. Namely, he had been sleeping with his students while they were taking his classes. This would be none of our business if it weren’t for the fact that Ohio Homeland Security director William Vedra continues to cite Alomari’s academic career to defend them both against their critics.

    Now our correspondent adds an important new detail to Alomari’s “multicultural affairs” efforts:

    One important sidebar to Omar’s firing by Columbus State is that several years later he ended up suing his sexual harassment victim for defamation and emotional distress. This was after he lost his case against Columbus State before the state civil rights commission when he claimed he had been discriminated against for his religious and ethnic background. In the lawsuit Omar claimed that in reporting his illicit activities to the higher-ups, his victim had defamed him. He lost that case too, but it financially ruined his victim. She not only lost her marriage but had to spend a significant sum to defend herself against Omar’s baseless charges.

    I wish I could say that Omar’s sexual harassment stopped there. Here in the office he treats the women that work here with contempt and regularly making sexually suggestive remarks. When two women complained about his behavior, it was quickly hushed up and the women were moved to another department with better paying jobs. Omar defended himself by saying that it was a misunderstanding over “Middle Eastern customs.” A CAIR attorney immediately got involved on his behalf. Next he will demand that we dress in burqas to accommodate his religious beliefs.

    No one knows why Bill Vedra decided to cover-up for Omar. He was hired by the previous administration and that was as good of an opportunity to get rid of him. I’m not the only one in our office outraged that our “multicultural affairs” director (or community engagement, whatever they are calling it today) is a serial sexual harasser.

    Based on information provided to us by our correspondent, we contacted the Franklin County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas who confirmed the details of the case (99 CVC 01 00421). Omar Alomari’s victim spent nearly two years defending herself against his baseless law suit (she eventually won a summary judgment). He claimed tortious interference with a contract/business relation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and defamation. He lost on all counts.

    Our correspondent makes a fair point: is this the best they can do for a “multicultural affairs” director? The women’s rights groups in Ohio should be in an uproar that he not only has his position at Ohio Homeland Security, but he continues to teach at several colleges and universities (Ohio State, Otterbein, Franklin) in the area after having been fired previously for sexual harassment. His bogus lawsuit and civil rights case demonstrates he believed it his right to sleep with his infidel students without consequence.

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    If you have not done so, again I would request that you make a police report on this libelous accusation by Omid Safi and have the officer place the email into evidence.

    I understand that your privacy in undisclosedville may be your main concern. But you should consult the police on that security issue as well.

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    If you think it is outrageous that a liar and smear artist … holds a professorship at a major university…

    What? You saying Ralph Peters landed a gig as a professor somewhere?

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    From the original email presented by Robert, where Omid Safi is quoted:

    “dear Parvaneh khanoom,
    ba arz-e salam.
    I have not looked at Spencer’s latest piece of trash, but I have to caution you against taking what he says seriously. He is a hateful man, who has personally threatened me and my family with death. These are not people who are interested in serious scholarly debate.”

    This looks like Omid Safi is advising a student. If this is a currently-enrolled student of Safi’s, then Safi’s inclusion of a serious false allegation against an author (Robert Spencer), in Safi’s role as a professor, would be a major breach of ethics, an example of professional misconduct. (This is besides the legal issues that arise due to the false allegation, wherein Safi accuses Robert of having committed a serious criminal act). If the recipient of the message is not a student, there are still professional ethics issues regarding Safi’s use of his role as a professor in addressing a member of the broader community, and including a serious defamatory statement in the context of advising on an issue presumably within Safi’s area of academic expertise.

    Also alarming is Safi’s blatant dismissal of Robert’s “latest” work as “trash”–a work which Safi admits he hasn’t even “looked at,” much less read. Safi also seems oblivious to the irony of his (a) comments about “serious scholarly debate” while he (b) falsely defames and engages in ad hominem against an author whose “latest” work he dismisses, out of hand, without even having read.

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    From the UNC’s Code/Policy Manual


    (1) A faculty member who is the beneficiary of institutional guarantees of tenure shall enjoy protection against unjust and arbitrary application of disciplinary penalties. During the period of such guarantees the faculty member may be discharged from employment, suspended, or demoted in rank for reasons of:
    (a) incompetence, including significant, sustained unsatisfactory performance after the faculty member has been given an opportunity to remedy such performance and fails to do so within a reasonable time;
    (b) neglect of duty, including sustained failure to meet assigned classes or to perform other significant faculty professional obligations; or
    (c) misconduct of such a nature as to indicate that the individual is unfit to continue as a member of the faculty, including violations of professional ethics, mistreatment of students or other employees, research misconduct, financial fraud, criminal, or other illegal, inappropriate or unethical conduct. To justify serious disciplinary action, such misconduct should be either (i) sufficiently related to a faculty member’s academic responsibilities as to disqualify the individual from effective performance of university duties, or (ii) sufficiently serious as to adversely reflect on the individual’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness to be a faculty member.”

    End of excerpt. [bolding added]

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    Well certainly no one who sexually harasses others should be allowed to keep their job, or allowed to work in other jobs that would afford them the opportunity to repeat their crimes, and this applies to Omid Safi, as well as anyone else!

    I’m just wondering though why an email dated for Nov. 11, 2008 was only recently forwarded to Dr. Spencer?

    I must ask what the forwarder hoped to accomplish and what his/her motivation was in forwarding it 1-1/2 years AFTER he/she acquired it? And how did he/she acquire an email meant for someone else? Perhaps he/she has an ax to grind against Omid Safi?

    Does Dr Spencer have anything other then the email that even implies Omid Safi accused him of threatening his life? An email he acquired rrom a 4th party 1-1/2 years AFTER Omid Safi allegedly wrote and sent it?

    Something here just doesn’t sound right. I think it’s the 1-1/2 year time lapse.

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    Just curious about the hostility towards Ralph Peters.. I read his articles in the NY Post, and I haven’t seen anything other than pretty clear thinking on wars, and foreign affairs.

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    Yes, that is an interesting side point about the delay. However, it is irrelevant to the central issue of whether or not the email is genuinely Omid Safi accusing Spencer of making the threat. More relevant, if the email is genuine, is Omid Safi’s motivation in making the accusation.