UK: Ministry of Defence apologizes to Muslims for mosque-like structures on firing range


Of course the Ministry of Defence was right to apologize. After all, who ever heard of a mosque being used for violent purposes? Yet more dhimmitude in the UK: “MoD apologise over Catterick Garrison firing range ‘mosques,'” from The Northern Echo, April 8 (thanks to Twostellas):

The Ministry of Defence apologised today after a Muslim group complained that structures used on an Army firing range resembled mosques.

Bradford Council for Mosques said the structures at Bellerby firing range at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire should be taken down immediately.

The Army said it was vital soldiers trained in an environment which replicated where they were deployed.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said the structures were ”generic Eastern buildings” and were not used as target practice.

The spokesman added: ”We apologise for any offence that we may have caused. It was never our intention for these generic structures to look like or replicate mosques, only to provide a setting similar to operational environments in which our personnel could train.

”We are seeking a meeting with representatives from the Muslim community to hear their concerns in order to discuss the way forward.”

Mohammed Saleem Khan, chief executive of the Bradford Council for Mosques, said the shape and colour of the structures – a green dome – symbolised an Islamic place of worship.

”It is so obvious. Even a non-Muslim recognised the significance. The first person who raised the issue with us was a non-Muslim,” he said.

”We are trying to achieve unity and cohesion and encourage British Muslims to participate in the Army and we accommodate visits from the Army.

”It is clearly very offensive. We feel there should be an apology and they should be removed straight away. If it was a mistake it should be removed straight away.”

This BBC report, meanwhile, features some noteworthy remarks from Ishtiaq Ahmed on how this mosque on the firing range will give people the crazy impression that mosques could be centers of violent activity:

“Army builds ‘mosques’ on North Yorkshire firing range,” from the BBC, April 8 (thanks to all who sent this in):

[…] Ishtiaq Ahmed of the BCM said that they were undoubtedly meant to resemble mosques.

“The shape of the structures, the colour of the dome – the green dome – symbolises an Islamic place of worship,” he said.

“Anyone looking at it will think about mosques and Muslims and think about them negatively.”

He accused the Army of reinforcing negative perceptions of Muslims.

“What angers me very much is that we are conditioning the young British to say that mosques are a place where you are going to find danger and a place to target,” Mr Ahmed said.

“That is really disturbing.”

Yes, I am indeed really disturbed by this. Here’s why: recently we have seen mosques used to preach hatred; to spread exhortations to terrorist activity; to house a bomb factory; to store weapons; to disseminate messages from bin Laden; to demand (in the U.S.) that non-Muslims conform to Islamic dietary restrictions; to fire on American troops; to fire upon Indian troops; to train jihadists; and much more.

If anyone is actually giving the impression that, in Ishtiaq Ahmed’s words, “mosques are a place where you are going to find danger,” it is the people in those mosques themselves.

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    As Spencer points out, mosques have been used as arsenals and military command centers from the beginning. Can that be said for churches and synagogues, or the temples of Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists for that matter?

    *** Ishaq 300 ***

    Do the Lamestream Media in England not know this? Why is it they don’t take 15 or 20 minutes to inform themselves of the facts of the matter? Not useless facts, but salient facts.

    *** 8:39 ***

    And why is there no satire of such awful media outlets as the BBC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FoxNews, the New York Times and hundreds others? Isn’t that a rich target zone for comedic enterprise? Guess our writers and comedians are either 1) unaware of Islam’s tenets and history, or 2) too frightened to risk their careers and even maybe their lives on such a show.

  2. says

    Absolutely… The last thing you want is for your practice range to be realistic.

    Now. Card board cut outs of men wearing turbans, and the firing range will be complete.

    This just in…

    In America today, solders realized that military firing ranges are being set up with cut outs of Christians holding Bibles. When Christian solders asked the military to take them down, the military responded with a formal letter telling them to “Get stuffed.”

    This is Mobamad reporting for GFYS news…

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    “What angers me very much is that we are conditioning the young British to say that mosques are a place where you are going to find danger…” Mr Ahmed said.

    Yes…the British must not be allowed to *say* such things”never mind that they are clearly true.

    Here’s more on Ishtiaq Ahmed and the Bradford Council of Mosques”please note: the focus of this story is how Bradford, if hit with an act of Jihad terror like like the Madrid bombings, would *prevent any backlash against Muslims*. There is no concern over the Jihad terror attack in and of itself:

    “Building a Community: Bradford’s Story:

    How Yorkshire city learnt from Madrid bombings

    Two Bradford community leaders told how their city had learnt lessons from the Madrid train bombings of 2004…The Madrid bombings led Bradford to strengthen its links between the city’s Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

    Bradford has one of the highest proportions of Muslims in any UK city. [about 16%”GI] It has experienced street riots but it is also a pioneer in strengthening interfaith relations.

    …The statesman-like intervention of the Mayor of Madrid, to prevent a backlash against local Moroccans, made Bradford’s community leaders question their own community structures. “We asked ourselves, did we have a similar level of political leadership?’

    Please note what they are asking here”not “how can we prevent a Jihad terror attack”?, but “how can we assure Muslims will be a protected class in the wake of a Jihad terror attack”?


    “The discussions involved young Muslim professionals and proved particularly timely: they took place just one year before the 7/7 bombings in London. Bradford was in a position to immediately allay local fears.”

    So”the horrific Jihad attacks of 7/7, which caused the deaths of fifty-six Britons, was not a problem”but a phantom backlash against Bradford Muslims was.

    Anyone reading this article will note the references to the Bradford riots. Three months before 9/11, Muslim “youth” rampaged through the streets of Bradford, burning buildings and attacking police. They attacked the ancient Upper Globe Pub and it has not been able to reopen since.

    In 2006 Dhimmi Channel 4 produced a TV fictional drama based loosely on the riots from the perspective of an “Asian” family. It is rife with the Muslim sense of victimization.

    Apparently when they were filming, the “Asian youths” they had gathered for the riot scenes actually *started attacking each other*.

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    Those replicas don’t have minarets, and yet apparently they are recognizable as mosques. Can I assume this means that there will be no further calls for a right to build minarets in the UK, as they’re not required?

  5. says

    UK is doomed. Soon they’ll be apologizing to muslims for walking on their feet instead of crawling on their knees on the muslim-owned streets.

    Their sycophantic groveling attitude pisses me off, I’m sure muslims despise them as well for how easily they bend over and take it from anyone who merely growls at them. What masochists, so eager to be enslaved by any savage or bully they come across.

    Such spineless worms don’t deserve their freedom-I’m referring only to the appeasers in Britain, not those patriots whose voices are censored, and are enraged as I am by the cowards speaking on their behalf and who want to eject Islam as well as their dhimmi bootlickers.

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    “It is so obvious. Even a non-Muslim recognised the significance. The first person who raised the issue with us was a non-Muslim.” he said.

    Actually, what this means is that the non-Muslim who “recognised the significance” is a dhimmi tool. A large number of mosques in the Bradford area (like the monstrosity in the middle of Keighley, Bradford MC) do indeed have green domed roofs, which obviously made the non-Muslim twit think the building in the firing rage was a mosque, however back in the real world, Middle Eastern mosques can truly only be identified by their minarets – some have green domes, but most don’t, they all however do have minarets.

    Oh, and why are those with green domes green, usually because they were originally made of copper (poor man’s gold) like the Dome of the Rock, which goes green when it corrodes. Of course the modern ones, like the afore mentioned Keighley mosque, are made of cheap green plastic, because the thieves that steal the lead of church rooves would just as quickly steal the copper of a mosque roof.

    Oh, and lastly, the art of firing artillary means you have to be able to miss some things as well as hit others. Missing takes as much practice as hitting :-) Obviously the BCM doesn’t want British gunners to be able to miss mosques.


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    Ishtiaq Ahmed of the BCM said:
    “The shape of the structures, the colour of the dome – the green dome – symbolises an Islamic place of worship…
    “Anyone looking at it will think about mosques and Muslims and think about them negatively.”

    Bah! I was thinking negatively about mosques and Moslems long before I ever saw these firing-range cardboard cut-outs.

  8. says

    “Anyone looking at it will think about mosques and Muslims and think about them negatively.”

    I have negative thoughts every time I think about how evil prophet muhammad (perdition be upon him) was. I have negative thoughts when I hear or read about the muslims that have committed acts of terrorism in the name of allah (satan be upon him) and whom follow after their evil prophet. Hey not all muslims are terrorists, but the majority of terrorists ARE muslims. Mosques aside, the aforementioned muslims generate negative thoughts in me ….

  9. says

    There’s nothing to apologize for. The IDF has trained for urban combat in such mock villages for years. I wouldn’t be surprised if US troops have taken advantage of the opportunity to train there either.

    Don’t even bother telling Israelis this “offends” you. They know from direct experience that mosques are used not just to store weapons, but to plan and conduct operations, all seen during Cast Lead. And Muslims seem to have no problem attacking their opponents’ mosques.

  10. says

    The usual and tiresome “let’s think of a reason to play victim” ploy.

    Having a roof of one or more domes is a characteristic historic architectural form of dry countries across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. It lets you make a roof without getting hold of long wooden beams which is very difficult in those countries. A dome is not used exclusively for mosques and is not exclusively islamic. Many churches have a domed roof and were built before the advent of Islam. Did you expect Islamic architecture to be original?

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    Now I’m really pissed. My favorite building in DC is the green-domed Library of Congress. While those trigger-happy Brits are handing out apologies, one to us highly offended bibliophiles would not be amiss.

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    I Apologise as an ex British soldier for the dhimmi attitude of the MOD.
    Simply another example of worshipping at the feet of this anti Christ spirit.
    More to follow i am sure,both of our countries are in a real mess in this regard.

  13. says

    ?Bradford Council for Mosques.?
    ‘ave a word mate. I thought the ‘council tax’ that we pay dutifully through the nose was for garbage collection not dissemination. I’d like to know who was playing ‘I spy’ on Catterick’s firing-range. Maybe a buddy of Nidal Hassan.

  14. says

    ha ha ha ha

    they are not mosques – there are no minarets….

    also there are no representations of the moon goddess either which mosques have.

    (maybe they are swiss mosques!)

    They look more like Byzantium churches if you think about it.

    somebody ought to complain to MOD about the buildings that look like churches… for no way does a mosque look like that

    Furthermore, where are the male only and female only entrances? After all to be a mosque it must practice segregation too.

  15. says

    Bradford Council for Mosques said the structures at Bellerby firing range at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire should be taken down immediately.

    Why, and how, did the Bradford Council for Mosques obtain such information about the firing range?

  16. says

    He accused the Army of reinforcing negative perceptions of Muslims.

    Will muslims ever overcome the horrors of “negative perceptions”? Of course they won’t, because they invite them with their filthy religion, their arrogance, their predatory, supremacist ethos, and their utter barbarity.

    Why doesn’t the army and the entire British government just surrender to the muslim savages and be done with it? The pathetic, repetitive apologies are nauseating and overdone. Why do they pander to these retrograde neatherthals like slaves to their cruel masters? It is beyond belief! This “backlash” crap reminds me of the story about the boy who cried “wolf”. The muslims and their dhimmi useful idiots have run their offensive tactics in the ground to protect murderous muslims from the righteous vengeance of their victims, a reverse psychology strategy that any idiot can see right through. The backlash will eventually happen; it’s inevitable and long overdue.

    Innocent people wouldn’t be incessantly concerned about negative perceptions and backlash. They expect backlash because they know they deserve it. Mosques are the epicenters of muslim sedition, treachery and jihad. They are safe houses for terrorists, armories for weapons, and venues to disseminate hate and radicalism. But muslims have to convince the public that they are innocent, peaceful, loyal British citizens until they’re strong enough to start making the big moves and serious demands.

  17. says

    I am a Muslim myself and to be honest I take no offence to the buildings. however to please the “deeply offended Muslims” I do think that they made the right choice in removing the domes. In reply to Susanp comment I can see how uneducated you are on the subject of Islam and the people who follow it.

  18. says

    More intellectual dhimmitude- why doesn’t soembody tell the self anointed “Muslim community” leaders to effectively grow up/or go soak their heads?


  19. says

    a big boo hoo for the offended MUSLIMS- the same who are not offeneded by demolished synagogues, toppled Buddhas or razed and burned churches- often with the worshippers still in them! PBUH ——A POX BE UPON HIM and the cult of death lovers

  20. says

    Just the other day a rumour was doing the rounds, within Muslim circles, that the British army was shooting at replica mosques during its practice sessions. Or at least this is what was reported to a Muslim group in Bradford. The group swiftly complained that “the features on Bellerby firing range at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire’ looked like mosques and should be dismantled immediately.

    How the hell did this snippet of misinformation travel all the way down to the Islamic Republic of Bradford?

    In any case, this should give the Islamists of Bradford and beyond more fuel for the jihad. That is, Muslims simply can’t survive without the latest “offence’ or “insult’ against Islam. It’s called victimhood. It is ever-present and ubiquitous. It is what unites most Muslims (along with anti-Semitism). More than that, defence against insult or offence is the best form of attack for many Muslims. When Muslims are insulted or offended, very soon after there are riots, killings and bombings. Not only that, governments tend to bend over backwards, legally and in other ways, to guarantee to their Muslim voters that such things will never happen again. Think here about the widespread bits of legislation which were brought into being after the Bradford Muslim riots. And the Muslim Council of Britain was formed by the Government and Islamists largely in response to the Satanic Verses riots and other overreactions to “insult and “offence’.

    Are these offended or insulted Muslims psychotic or something? No? Then why are they so easily offended and insulted? Why are they always so angry? It is because Islam is an eggshell? An eggshell religion needs to be protected in every which way. Protected by jihad or by government legislation against “hate speech’.

    Islam has lasted for so long because of these overreactions to all and every criticism – or “offence’ or “insult’. Criticism of Islam was never allowed within the Islamic world. That’s why it survived. Death for “apostasy’ also helped it survive and spread. Even train spotting would survive and prosper if all criticism – or “insults’ – were declared illegal. Train spotting would also survive if becoming an ex-train spotter resulted in one’s head being chopped off.

    And why shouldn’t the army replicate mosques? These are the places in which many Taliban hide. They also sometimes use mosques as bases for military action and bombings. In fact the Taliban does the same as Hamas. In Hamas’s case, it too hides in – and fires from – mosques, as well as from schools and other civilian areas. And judging by what the Turkish PM said recently, it is no surprise that mosques are used for such things. Indeed we already know that many, many mosques encourage jihad. The PM of Turkey recently said that “mosques are our weapons’. Perhaps he meant this literally as well as metaphorically.

    In any case, if the British army wants to replicate the reality of Afghanistan it should also have women walking around with horribly disfigured faces – the victims of acid attacks for not wearing the burka or for looking at “non-Islamic books’ (most Afghan women can’t read). Actually, such scares will usually be covered by the burka.

    The reality is that Muslims do far worse than replicate churches. Forget about replica mosques, Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq blow mosques up. They blow Sunni mosques up if they are Shia. And they blow Shia mosques up if they are Sunni. So let’s get things in perspective here. Let’s us hear just one example of British Muslim anger at Muslim-on-Muslim mosque bombings or Taliban acid throwing instead. But of course we won’t. Muslim-on-infidel violence is OK. Even Muslim-on-Muslim violence is OK. However, infidel-on-Muslim violence is most certainly not OK. Isn’t Islamic logic painfully simple?

  21. says

    susanp DOES know what she’s on about. Mosques ARE repositories of hatred. It is from mosques that the ninfidel-hating sermons are preached. It is the imams who call for our murder. It is in the mosques where weapons are stored. And it is the Muslim community who allow terrorist cells to operate and who won’t grass on those who plan the mass murder of infidels. We had 7/7 here and the Muslim community said NOTHING beforehand, and they surely knew that atrocity would take place and knew when and who would carry it out. But they remained silent. And silence is complicity. That atrocity took place because we have Muslims here in Britain. And had there been no Muslims here, there would have been no 7/7 here. The Koran calls for our murder. And we in the West avoided the fate of the Indian Hindus only because we were ready to use the sword, crossbow, musket and cannon to prevent that sort of genocide happening here. And as you’re a Muslim, off you go to Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and STAY THERE.