Jihadis crossing into U.S. from Mexico

I’ve heard direct accounts of this several times over the years from people who live along the border in Arizona and Texas.

Marisol posted about this on Saturday here. The Right Scoop just kindly sent me the video to which she linked — it is now embeddable, so here it is.

Hosam Smadi, failed Dallas jihadi, reaches plea deal
Pakistanis detained for role in Times Square jihad bomb plot accuse interrogators of "siding with the infidels"
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    The US can guard the border between North and South Korea, with troops, minefields, and razor wire.

    But the US southern border is like a piece of Swiss cheese.

    Obama, like Bush and Clinton, is derelict in his duty to protect the United States from foreign invasion, and should be impeached.

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    ….and no comment from Janet…but hey, she probably just found out about it and needed time to insert foot in mouth (as per usual).
    People need to WAKE UP!!

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    Our wise and fearless commander of homeland security has always tried to enlighten us with the knowledge that it’s those domestic terrorists who are the real threat. What better way to make her point than to leave the border open? No one can argue with the fact that once they come here and take up residence they are domestic terrorists.

    I think some apologies are in order.

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    The plan is to erase the border all together, the upper one as well…We will be one big happy family even if it kills us…

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    1. Demand major Border security from the Federal Government.

    2.Encourage laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 throughout the states and demand that the Feds fund it.

    3.Clearly Identify the enemy as what it is in no uncertain terms.

    4.Promote candidates who understanding Islam and its determinations through jihad.

    5. Fight against this leftwing regime and its socialist/Marxist agenda.

    6. Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights from being destroyed by the Obama regime.

    7. Restore fiscal sanity to our nation.

    8 Protecting private industry from take overs and control that the Obama regime is working to impose.

    9. Stop the massive growth of the giant Government Bureaucracy whose wages, and benefits are going up while the private sectors is dropping.

    10. Repeal Obamacare since Rasmussen is now reporting that over 63 Pct. of Americans are against it.


    Throw all the bums out whether they’re Democrats or RINO Republicans., MIDDLE AMERICA HAS HAD ENOUGH!!

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    FOX just announced Hussein is sending 1,200 Nat’l Guard troops to the border.

    Maybe while he was surfing the web he came across some polls?

    I’m still very wary of his intentions…

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    Democrats don’t care about border security period and many are open borders advocates. This is why you don’t see them hammering companies who employ illegals or demanding better border security.

    And it won’t change even if the Mall of America gets blown up by some Hizbollah operative who sneaked across our borders. Heck fat Janet would probably get a medal if that happened.

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    This is part of islamists’ grand plan to not only cause terrorism in other societies but also to overwhelm infidel nations by demographic invasion, first by sneaking in and then reproducing like rabbits to produce more muslims. We see this everyday at our borders with porkistan and bangladesh. The islamic scum needs to be kept out by any and all means.

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    Off topic:

    Miss USA is not the only role model for Muslim women
    From the Prophet’s first wife to a Lebanese diva, here’s my top 10 most inspirational women in the Muslim world of all time…..


    1. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (555–619): First wife of the Prophet Muhammad and the world’s first convert to Islam.

    2. Aisha bint Abu Bakr (died 678): A controversial figure, particularly in the west, because of the young age at which she appears to have been betrothed to the elderly prophet. Less well known is that she was a central figure in spreading Islam after his death and even led an army to battle…..

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    Zulu — “spreading Islam” sounds like a most *not-good-thing* and much like a plague of death wish/mental illness.


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    Oh — good. Most of the posters here at Jihad Watch consider “spreading Islam” to be somewhere between evil and criminally mentally ill…


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    Heidi2027 – I only spread factual information about Islam. Much to the dismay of my Muslim friends I might add.

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    I think there could be much hope for peace in this world, and a much saner spiritual life for your Muslim friends if they would just revert to their earlier prophet: Zoroaster.

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    2. Aisha bint Abu Bakr (died 678): she was a central figure in spreading Islam after his death and even led an army to

    Yeah but she lost and Ali put her on an early version of house arrest…She may have been histories first woman put on house arrest…Another first for Islam…

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    I worked for INS at the southwest border and I caught an Iraqi coming across way back in 1996! He claimed he first landed in Central America and then made his way up through Mexico to the US border learning Spanish on the way over a period of about 6 months. (We had to communicate in Spanish since he didn’t know English and I didn’t know Arabic.) He also claimed that he was a soldier in the Iraqi army and deserted during the first gulf war and fled the country and was trying to gain asylum in the US. He was taken into custody and I never heard anything after that. This is nothing new and one can only speculate how many suicide-murderers have crossed into the US over the last 20 years.

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    K_K — I include myself in the group that considers “spreading Islam” as a *not-good-thing*. Islam should be contained — not spread. Are you new by any chance?

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    Real American must stand up by the millions and just say No to evil.
    If this government will not act we the people must act.

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    For anyone who believes that the globalist, internationalist traitors in the Obama adminstration and beyond, including the annointed one, are not champions of the New World Order, global government, open borders crowd, why did Obama make this statement last week while entertaining the president of Mexico:

    “America is not defined by its borders.”

    What, pray tell, defines America in the mind of this Manchurian Candidate, anti-Christ imposter who was elected president by my fellow Americans, most of whom assumed that his promise of ‘change’ meant change for the better, not a fast track to socialism/communism with obsequious pandering to arrogant, hostile muslim immigrants thrown in for good measure? America is the only sovereign country in the world that refuses to protect its borders and keep illegal aliens out, and AMericans are the only people who are condemned, demonized, called racists and bigots for demanding that our immigration laws be upheld and our sovereignty defended.

    The ‘North American Union’ project is not dead and the elitist tycoons have not abandoned their monumental and cherished endeavor. It is very much alive, with the goal of merging Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. into one big borderless union similar to the E.U., with its own currency, parliament, and behemoth bureaucracy. Its foundations are being laid as we speak and it will happen, perhaps not in our lifetimes, but eventually. I see nothing that can stop it except mass revolt by the people of all three nations, and I just can’t envision militant Canadians. The Mexicans would love it and who knows what Americans will do. It will be accomplished in stages, accompanied by the usual lies, obfuscations, and deceit so the peasants don’t revolt in fury and with a complicit media providing cover, what could go wrong? When the perfect storm comes along, it will be foisted on the people and proclaimed their only salvation from whatever profound and chaotic ’emergency’ they create to consummate their ambitious venture. Several states amended their constitutions in anticipation of this outrageous plot, and that is proof enough for me that it exists.

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    For years now I have been telling apathetic Americans about this and finally it’s getting some TV coverage. My Obama supporting friends have been laughing me off as “Extreme”. We will die of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

    One more time;

    Under Islam your son dies for god.
    Under Christianity God’s Son dies fo you.

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    That’s why the Arizona immigration bill is so wonderful, and a substantial amount of U. S. states are now following suit. The immigration laws can really work in our favor. That’s assuming the ICE doesn’t go PC like its doing with other illegals. And yes, this total disregard for U. S. sovereignty along with bankrupting America so that the Dollar is worth naught is all part of Northern Union New World Order. Prez Bamster thinks this is going to be a walk in the park for him, but he has another guess coming. The “Bilderberg Group” expose book that was just published is very timely.

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    Something badly needed: a few community radio stations to broadcast, day and night, lively dramatic readings of the Spanish translation of the ‘PIG to Islam and the Crusades’ and the Spanish translation of Mr Spencer’s Qur’an blog.

    A nice Spanish translation of ‘The Truth About Muhammad’, and Mr Spencer’s first book ‘Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics’ which is specifically aimed at a Catholic audience, and Spanish translations of Mark Durie’s excellent little handbook ‘Revelation?’ setting out the differences between Islam and Christianity, wouldn’t go astray either. And has Serge Trifkovic’s “The Sword of the Prophet” been translated into Spanish? If it hasn’t, it ought to be, pronto. Then broadcast it.

    Has ‘Fitna’ been dubbed into Spanish yet? If it hasn’t, it ought to be.

    So should ‘Submission’.

    So should ‘Islam: What the West Needs to Know’. Dubbed, not subtitled; that way you reach even the illiterates.

    Flood the Spanish-speaking community, both within the USA (whether legally or illegally) and in parts south-away, with the scary facts about Jihad, Sharia and dhimmitude; and emphasise that these horrors were endured first hand by the Spaniards among their long-ago ancestors.

    Hey, get a team of Spanish speakers together, and resurrect (modernising, if possible) some of Cervantes’ anti-Islam plays. Yes, he wrote anti-Islam plays. Dig them out of the bowels of the university libraries, pull them off the pages of the dry-as-dust scholarly editions, perform them, record the performances, and post on youtube.

    Both the Hispanic and Portuguese/ Brazilian communities in the New World need to wake up and remember how their Portuguese and the Spanish ancestors back in the Old World had to struggle and fight for weary centuries to remove the invading, oppressing, mass-murdering, church-bell-silencing Mohammedans from Iberia.

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    “The plan is to erase the border all together, the upper one as well…”
    My moonbat brother has been saying this for years. From what I’ve seen lately, I may have to reconsider the “moonbat” label for him, at least on this issue.


    Notice how “one-note” all the key players (Hussein, Napolitano, Morton, Holder. Calderon) are in their opposition to border enforcement.

    Seems to me that open borders really is the plan, and the “team” is all together in lockstep.

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    “Obama, like Bush and Clinton, is derelict in his duty to protect the United States from foreign invasion, and should be impeached.”

    I completely agree, Paul. Obama and his Socialist-Agenda-4-Change needs to go, ASAP!

    Obama has surrounded himself with so many radicals; one in particular, socialist radical, Saul Alinski, author of “Rules For Radicals”. I’ve been researching the Obama/Alinski connection, and its been an eye-opening study. Alinski has 12 rules for radicals in his book that O has been following to a T. Scary!

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    Eleanor – not that long ago, I read an article that said having the National Guard on the border was pointless, as they were not allowed to arrest invaders.

    If I remember correctly, the most they could do was ” observe “, and notify the Border Patrol.

    This looks to me like a PR stunt.

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    “….and no comment from Janet…but hey, she probably just found out about it and needed time to insert foot in mouth (as per usual).”

    Oh, you mean Janet Incompetano? Right, I understand.

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    “This looks to me like a PR stunt.”
    Agreed. I think we already have a good sense of what the real game plan is.

    Can anyone say “placebo effect?”

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    Heidi2027 – I wasn’t spreading Islam. If you look at the list of the “top 10 most inspirational women in the Muslim world” you will find it to be very uninspiring. Three are from the dark ages and one is from the 13th century. The others include a novelist, an entertainer and a lawyer.

    I posted this link in jest.

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    “Now I know how Islam is the fastest growing religion in USA”.

    Really? I thought it was Wicca…

    “We can, to some extent condone the Latinos or Mexicans crossing the border ,as they do this only to fill their stomach”.

    Is that right…? Why is it then that after they eat, they don’t go home? Don’t they have diners in Mexico?

    I wouldn’t mind if they crossed the border to eat at the Col’s chicken place, if they were just hungry and not criminal…but they need to realize, they can’t live at KFC or McDonnalds…if they pitch a tent in the lobby, they have become illegals…

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    duh_swami, in my less lucid moments (LOL) I have had the thought that if the Muslims want to take over by demographics, then maybe we should annex Mexico. Or, counter by granting amnesty and citizenship to all (pre-screened) comers.

    Margaritha mentioned they’re (mostly) all serious Christians, and that’s the key.

    Now, having said that, I must note that I am strongly against the current situation of illegal immigration, and I am very much for legal immigration.

    I’d even let the Mexican’s have a really sweet deal: We’ll take ten Mexicans from them in exchange for every one Muslim they take from us!

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    Hey duh_swami, I noticed you have a micro blog on TypePad. Question, can we all have mirco blogs on there if we want one? I ask because I write silly stuff about Islam all the time and I’d love to have an outlet for some of it. Problem is, I don’t know much about how it all works…I tried publishing something but up top was some weird question, and since my piece had nothing to do with that question, I got scared and deleted it!

    If not you, then maybe someone can answer? Thanks!

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    Look around you and google violence, death, Islam, terror and do that with any other identifiable group and compare the results.

    Read, learn and then speak lest your dancing shoe foot find its way into your mouth again, Ms. Appeaser.

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    I agree, Susanp …but I think we may see the new world order much sooner than most of us realize. According to ex Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, Obama is being groomed to head up this new world order:


    This interview was done over a year ago. Note what Kissinger states at 2:45 on the video, claiming that Obama’s task is to develop a new world order! Perhaps once he has served his term as president? There is, of course, a lot of information on the internet concerning Obama and the new world order, but I find Kissinger’s own words very compelling proof that the NWO could happen much sooner than expected.