Former director of Missouri-based Islamic charity pleads guilty: charity was part of network funneling money to jihadists

Yet another Islamic charity turns out to be an engine of the jihad. Note also the involvement of the dhimmi former Congressman. “Former director of Islamic charity pleads guilty,” by Mark Morris for McClatchy Newspapers, June 25 (thanks to Dr. A):

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The former director of a Missouri Islamic charity admitted in federal court Friday that he sent more than $1 million to Iraq in violation of U.S. sanctions.

Mubarak Hamed, 53, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy and a tax violation for misusing the charity’s tax exempt status and lying to the Internal Revenue Service.

Hamed served as executive director of the now-defunct Islamic American Relief Agency-USA from 1991 until October 2004, when federal agents raided the charity’s Columbia, Mo., offices and carted off truckloads of documents and computers.

The same day, the U.S. Treasury Department froze the charity’s assets and said it was part of a global network of similarly named charities that supported terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida, the Taliban and Hamas.

U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips said in a written statement that the guilty plea represented a landmark moment in the nine-year criminal probe of the charity.

”Hamed compromised national security by secretly funneling more than a million dollars to Iraq,” she said….

In pleading guilty, Hamed also admitted to a long string of facts in his plea agreement, many of which he and others had spent years denying. After contending that his charity was an entirely independent organization, he acknowledged Friday that it was part of an international organization headquartered in Khartoum, Sudan, that also used the initials IARA.

The African charity, according to federal officials, had frequent contact with the worst players in international terrorism.

Hamed also acknowledged that in 2001 he instructed an IARA spokesman to lie during a television interview, saying that a man who had purchased the satellite phone that al-Qaida used in the East Africa embassy bombings never had been employed by the Missouri charity.

In his plea agreement, Hamed acknowledged that he had personally hired the man to work in Columbia.

After a prosecutor read the factual recitation, U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey asked Hamed if the facts were true. Hamed hesitated for a moment and noted that he had not actually drafted the statement.

”I accept them,” Hamed said.

”Well, they’re either true or not true,” Laughrey pressed.

”They’re true,” he replied softly.

Hamed is the third defendant to plead guilty in the case. In December, charity fundraiser Ahmad Mustafa pleaded guilty to arranging for the transfer of money from the U.S. to family members in his native Iraq.

Al Mohamed Begegni, a board member and the charity’s treasurer, pleaded guilty in April to conspiring to violate Iraq sanctions.

Two remaining defendants are scheduled to begin what is expected to be a lengthy trial on July 6: Abdel Azim El-Siddig, the charity’s vice president for international operations, and former U.S. congressman Mark Deli Siljander.

Siljander is accused of taking $75,000 from IARA to help the charity have its name removed from a U.S. Senate Finance Committee list of organizations that allegedly supported terrorism. Prosecutors contend that money had been stolen from a U.S. Agency for International Development grant that IARA was supposed to have used for relief projects in Mali, Africa.

Siljander has said the money from IARA was to have helped support his work on his book, ”Deadly Misunderstanding: A Congressman’s Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide.”

In his plea agreement, however, Hamed said that contention was ”utterly false.”

”Hamed never discussed with Siljander the writing of a book, and would not have spent $75,000 of IARA’s funds for such a purpose,” according to the statement.

Siljander served as a Republican member of Congress from 1981 to 1987 and later opened a Washington public relations firm. Lance Sandage, a lawyer representing Siljander, declined to comment on Hamed’s plea agreement….

"Alas, a few months shy of the 9th anniversary of 9/11, it remains easier to pass undetected into the United States than to get into a rock concert without a ticket"
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  1. says

    What does it take for this sort of thing to be treated as treason? And sentences to be measured out accordingly? Probably intelligence gathering and spying can be added to it.

    Soldiers are killed because of this. It´s time the seriousness of aiding the enemy in wartime is realized. Or perhaps muslims should be treated differently for some strange reason? Does the demand for preferential treatment stretch this far?

    Cases like this make me remember the Viet Cong officer executed by Police Chief Brig. Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan in front of a camera, probably the most famous photo of the entire war.

    But ….he was an enemy soldier caught behind the front, in civilian dress and on a mission. Of course he was shot. Perhaps the matter of a court-martial was overlooked though.
    And we have the SS-troops caught in Allied uniforms during the Ardennes offensive: they were executed, as were German spies in USA and England.

  2. says

    “Giving aid and comfort” to the enemy has always been considered treason in this country and many others. I am waiting for the DOJ to acknowledge this simple fact by charging these abettors of combat death with treason.

    Treason is a capital offense, but if the courts do not want to levy this maximum penalty, it would be quite alright to sentence the convicteds to the maximum incarceration for each offense and to specify that all sentences run consecutively with absolutely no chance of parole before the end of sentence. Fines should also be levied in the maximum amounts and the violator imprisoned until payment in full in cash.

    For the most part these offenses receive long consideration before actual enactment, therefore there is no reason to consider them to be the result of faulty judgement or the result of hasty impulsive action. As such, maximum sentences should have a discernable deterrent effect.

  3. says

    Siljander’s backstory goes quite some ways in Michigan. He was at the forefront of a fight for the soul of the GOP in the early 80’s after Bill Milliken’s as Governor reign left them in shambles.

    Siljander was the tip of the spear for the “Religious Right”, and John Engler ran the “professional” wing. I was too young to figure the better side. Engler won and became Governor himself, much to the party’s good fortune.

    And, it should be said, Engler was a quite devout Roman Catholic himself.

  4. says

    The author of the Calgary Herald article states that “Saying repugnant things is — and must be — allowed in Canada.” Gee, that would certainly come as a surprise to Mark Steyn, Ann Coulter and many others who have been confronted by Canada’s official thought police. This is an example of the self-delusion practiced even by those who believe they are trying to stop the Leftward drift of the West. Even though the author has apparently awakened to the threat to the West that Islam poses, they cannot bring themselves to recognise the intolerance of the Left itself.

  5. says

    Under Sharia law (Codified Islam), all Muslims are called to support jihad, either violently, financially, or passively. Likewise, Muslim charities can only support Muslims and Islam (i.e., jihad).

  6. says

    Tanstaafl wrote:

    “Islamic charity” – another oxymoron?

    Tanstaafl, the first dozen or so times I read about an “Islamic charity” funneling money to Jihad terrorists, I assumed”probably like most Americans”that this was just a particularly nasty form of money laundering.

    Now, I believe it goes a lot deeper than that. “Zakat””usually translated as “charity”, is only occasionally what we think of as charity–helping disaster victims, opening clinics, running orphanages, and such.

    The main purpose of “Zakat” *is to spread Islam*, which is far more likely to be accomplished by enabling Da’wa, running Madrassas, and actually *funding Jihad terrorists*.

    So”funneling money to Jihadists is not a perversion of Muslim charity”it is, in a very real sense”the *purpose* of Muslim charity.

    Here’s more on former U.S. congressman Mark Deli Siljander:

    “Former Michigan Congressman Mark Deli Siljander Indicted on 42 Federal Counts”

    Please note, this is not just the common tawdry case of some Western politician up on corruption charges”no, he was sending money to an Afghan warlord with links to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

    Here’s a line from Siljander’s ridiculous book, “Deadly Misunderstanding: A Congressman’s Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide”, which was partially funded by Jihadists:

    “Islam and Christianity were not simply overlapping ideas. They were not merely compatible. In the most central sense, they were one continuum. Muhammad had named his movement of total submission to God by identifying it with the core message of Jesus and his followers.”

    Well, as long as you have no concerns that their messages were diametrically opposed, this is true.

    More idiocy from Siljander’s opus:

    “Nothing in either Judaism or Christianity contraindicates acknowledging Muhammad as a prophet or ‘messenger of God'”

    No wonder he was caught sending money to Jihad terrorists!

  7. says

    Just another “misunderstanding” of Islam. In Islam, “peace” means surrender, “defensive” war means attack the kuffar whenever you can, “charity” means …………. money for jihad.

    As long as we continue to pretend that Islam is a religion, we will continue to fight with our heads in a sack.