Is this America? Christian activists arrested in Dearborn just for showing up at Arab Festival

What happened at last year’s Arab Festival

I received this note from David Wood of Answering Muslims:

Muslims threatened to kill Nabeel and me if we showed up again at Arab Fest in Dearborn, so we went there yesterday. They didn’t kill us. Instead, police arrested us and we got to spend a night in jail (along with two others who were video recording us). Interesting city. I feel a documentary coming on. Title: “Welcome to Dearborn.”

Is it now illegal to preach Christianity in Dearborn, Michigan? Have Sharia rules been imposed there?

David added in a later note:

Yes, we’re banned from handing out literature, but we didn’t do that. We followed the rules, and still got thrown in jail. They flat out lied about us. We can prove they lied with the video footage (just like last year), but the police took our cameras and won’t let us have the footage. There’s major oppression of anyone who criticizes Islam.

I will provide more details as I get them.

UPDATE: Here is the account of Nabeel Qureshi:

Yes, you heard it here first, folks. David and I, along with Negeen and Paul Rezkalla, were arrested and spent last night in jail. It is a long story which we will elaborate in full detail when we can, and we will post footage when the police give us back our cameras.

But to take the edge off your curiosity, here are some basics: Paul, David, Negeen, and I went to the festival to see and comment on the situation. Thankfully, we recorded every second of our activity at the festival. At one point, we came across a festival volunteer who seemed to take issue with us simply being at the festival. We could tell he had a problem with us, and so we asked “What are we doing wrong?” He said “Put the camera and microphone down, and I’ll tell you.” (By the way, there was more to this conversation, but when you see the footage, I think you’ll see I’m being fair in my summary.) So I obliged, handing the microphone to David and asking him to not record the man. I then approached him and said “No camera, no mic, tell me what we’re doing wrong”, he said “Get away from me!” (or something to that effect). Again, I obliged, and walked away.

About 20 minutes later, to shouts and cheers of “Allahu Akbar!” we were all being led away from the festival in handcuffs. From the brief description we were given by the police of why we were being arrested, it sounds like the festival volunteer said we surrounded him and didn’t give him an opportunity to leave, thereby “breaching the peace.” This is as blatantly false as an accusation can get.

Last year, security lied about us and we got kicked out of the festival. We had it all on tape, so we were able to vindicate ourselves. This year, a volunteer lied about us, and we got thrown into jail. But when we get our footage back, we’ll be able to vindicate ourselves again.

Here’s what gets me though: people are getting very offended by the simple fact that we’re taking cameras with us wherever we go. But if it weren’t for the cameras, no one would know the truth of what is happening in Dearborn!

And what is happening in Dearborn? Don’t get me wrong, I met a ton of awesome people at the festival today. But it seems like every time we come to this city, we encounter people who would lie at the drop of a hat to advance their own agendas, regardless of whether they will be proven false! I have been many places throughout this country, but never have I seen such a predilection for deception. What is it about this specific city that makes people act this way?

I am worried about Dearborn, my friends, and I’m worried about our nation. Let us be in prayer. More details to come as our journey unfolds.

Bail has been posted for all four that were arrested. A hearing is set for Monday morning. At this point, it is still unconfirmed as to exactly why the four were arrested.

UPDATE from Answering Muslims — David Wood being handcuffed:


And a statement from an eyewitness:

I, Richard Valencia from Dallas, TX, was a witness to the events that took place at about 9:15pm-9:25pm on June 18, 2010 in Dearborn, MI at the Arab Festival. Here it is as i saw it:

I saw Nabeel Qureshi in the midst of a crowd of about twenty teenagers and young adult Muslims. David Wood and Paul were video taping Nabeel and the young Muslims dialog. Police officers, about four, were present acting as a shield protecting Nabeel from a crowd closing in tighter. The entire dialog seemed very peaceful and productive. i did not hear the police officers tell Nabeel or David to stop. The conversation with Nabeel began to wind down. I was able to speak with Nabeel a little to encourage him. At this point the crowd began to break up and the police also walked away. Another young adult Muslim began conversing with Nabeel and the crowd began to come back together. Finally, the police officers returned, about five or six of them, and surrounded David, Nabeel, and Paul. I thought they were going to protect Nabeel and the other brothers, but without warning, the police, rather gently but still forcibly, began taking hold of the camcorders. They arrested all three of the men and escorted them away at the sound of applause by some of the surrounding Muslims.

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  1. says

    I hope the documentary makers make sure to include film of the pro-Hisballah pep rally held at Dearborn High during the 34 day war, which Israel was forced to make a defensive invasion of southern Lebanon after it could no longer sustain unprovoked Jihad war terror missile attacks against settlements in northern Israel.

    *** 92:8 ***

    Sharia is juuuuust beginning to poke its hairy nose out from beneath the camoflauge here in the United States.

  2. says

    Ddearbornstan is coming near you in very near future. the battle of USA is lost!!!

    Yesterday in the ABC news was this peice about meaga-mosque to be built in Tennessee and the local residents are opposing it. Bravo to these Americans!!!

    For a 250 Muslim families a mega mosque complex is being built. Why ?? Where is the money coming from, I am sure the 250 or so families can’t support this multi-million dollar project. Hence the money has to come from middle east, primarily from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Emirates etc. Why don’t the feds investigate this and put a stop to Islamization of America!!! The foolish ABC anchor was wondering – is this America where the freedom of religion can be denied to Muslims. As usual – the MSM is clueless!!!

  3. says

    On a funnier note:

    French national player Nicolas Anelka has been sent home from South Africa. Apparently coach Domenech criticized him at half-time against Mexico concerning general poor performance and not obeying the tactical guidelines. Wot? WOT?? How dares the kuffar criticize a player of such astronomical importance as Anelka???

    Whose reply was short and immediate: “f..k you, dirty son of a w…e”. And he was substituted right away, and now is sent home to ponder upon the value of humility.

    Yeah, I know: my comment is neither here nor there. But it´s a fine story.

  4. says

    All of this is very much to the good. Exposing evil is an essential first step.

    You will note how quick Muslim thugs want the cameras turned off. They too know the power of visual imagery because it captures the Truth. They would prefer to operate in the dark where lies can be spun. “Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”

    Lets just see how this will sit with Americans when they see first-hand this special-treatment-to-Muslims-only.

  5. says

    Oh MY G-D! That made me soooooooo mad.
    That was scary
    I will never be able to go anywhere next to Muslims without fearing for my safety.
    And those Burqa babes are scary.
    too scared now.
    Will reblog this on my web site.
    My palms are too sweaty.
    I just want to cry.

  6. says

    In November of 2009 I met some of the people involved with this ministry and involved with the filming of last year’s assault. I strongly urged them to press charges. They said that they were trying to decide whether or not to do so. It did not sound like at that time the police were unwilling but as though there were “strategic” considerations being taken into account as to whether pressing charges would be the best thing for Christian mission work in the Dearborn area. I said to every person I could meet at that time connected, even indirectly, with the issue that they should certainly press charges. Obviously, they did not do so. Perhaps it would have made no difference to what happened this year. It’s difficult to tell. It’s particularly disturbing that the police took the cameras this year.

  7. says

    something is wrong definitey five security or so called security frauds had been assaulting a camera man accompaying David who tries to make a dialogue with some of the participants .
    clearly , the what we call Q&A dialogue does not ring a bell with these people. secondly, any festival should be open to everybody and what we saw here is a fringe or a raw model of the behaviours of these muslim communities anyone who wants to debate or ask specific questions about islam is ultimately subject to assault, vendalism, and probaly life threat!!! i can imagine what might happen if David had brought them or even advertise in public robert spencer’s book islam unveiled.
    one thing should be done at least, this video should be seen by the Police or FBI .

    secondly, attacking physically a camera woman and all the crew is uncivilised and clearly prove the state of minds of these security thugs
    so who are really the hatemongers ?

    my suggestion is unless the perpetrators applolagize suing them is the ultimate choice

    so the buttom line is whyle the mosques are allowed to be built and muslim celebrations are allowed to be held in western countries because the valye of practisng free religion is within their contistutions, anyone preaching christianity in for example Morocco is subject to expulsion :

    no what if suddenly US had suddenly decided to expell muslim workers like in Morocco yes all the CAIR/ Muslim organisations and probaly CNN and the whole world will accuse America of racism right? so can CAIR or the muslims who are enjoying freedom of speech and religion In the US sympathise or at least make a statement of say what are their opinions regarding the christians situation In Morocco? did they ever condemn such an act?

    Can Cair explain to us why the muslims in america had the right to expell americans out of the festival? is it a festival open to every human being ?

    can i imagine in my wildest dream to see muslims are not allowed to attend woodstock festival? or any festival?
    what would happen?

    why the double standars why make the muslims think they must enjoy a special status?

    shame on you CAIR!!

    i love the american culture and proud of it ! i love Americans i love the american idol i love rock n roll , hip hop and heavy metal( DIO R.I.P) i enjoy the amercan freedom of speech and the list won’t stop until the end of time!!!

    i am gald to say robert spencer and Pamela Geller and all the Americans without exception and from all religions are my true idols!!!!

    God bless America who saved Europe and the world from Nazism and Communism and America will remains America i believe it because it is fact!!!

  8. says

    Disturbing. Looks like Sharia law is spreading from Ohio northwards to Michigan…

    This is not just about what is the best thing for Christian mission work in the area – it is about upholding the rule of law, certifying the truth in court, and preventing the US from being a Sharia state… so if you have the evidence, press the charges!

  9. says

    Green Infidel, I couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t get out of my head the fact that last year, the Christians could have pressed charges against the Muslims based on _true_ reports and _clear_ video footage of _actual_ assault, and they chose not to do so. So this year, the Muslims got the Christians arrested and their cameras taken on the basis of _false_ reports made on the spot. It never, never pays to show weakness. Last year–assault the Christians in a mob, nothing happens to you. This year, falsely accuse the Christians of “disturbing the peace” just for showing up and get _them_ arrested. So spreads sharia and the end of the rule of law.

    They should have pressed charges last year immediately, with no ifs, ands, or buts. They made the wrong decision.

    Now, maybe the same thing would have happened this year anyway, and maybe not.

    By the way, what they need are multiple camera men, some farther away, filming on zoom in a non-obvious way. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about all the footage getting somehow “accidentally” destroyed.

  10. says

    To think there were only 100,000 Muslims in the USA in 1970. It will only get worse as the clash of culture between the Kufar and Orthodox Muslims gets worse. Why does our government keep bringing them in as refugees, it is insane! These multiculturalist are fools and traitors in my opinion.

  11. says

    … the battle of USA is lost!!!

    While I’m guessing you meant that as hyperbole, Jaladhi, the very fact that such a statement carries some credibility indicates how far down the slippery slope we’ve gone.

    *** 92:8 ***

    Yes, the camel’s nose is in the tent. The rest of the camel is about to follow.

    ebonystone, per our now incarcerated 101st Airborne Jihad terror warrior Sgt. Hasan Karim Akbar (born Mark Fidel Kools), wouldn’t that be a grenade to follow?

    *** 92:8 ***

    Fidel?! What the hell kinda middle name is that? Sounds like old mom was already on her way even before she married a Moslem Male and converted to the Islam.

  12. says

    I am no longer pissed off at Muslims… Why would I? After all, they are Allah Mo-Bots doing what they have been programmed to do since the tit.. What I despise are the dhemmi collaborators and enablers. I wish a revolution and a civil war takes place while there is still a decent percentage of patriots alive to save the U.S. before it is too late though I think it is not in the cards. Too bad.

  13. says

    Shocking – and frightening
    Just like in Europe – we’re the villians in our own country – we’re called racists and the muzzle-ims never get criticised

  14. says

    I wonder if those great lawyers who took Robert’s case pro bono a while back would see a good basis for a lawsuit against the Dearborn police and festival security. What was the name of the law firm? David Yerushalmi & Assocs.?

  15. says

    Support our Jewish brethren support our Hindu brethren, support our Buddhist brethren, support our agnostic brethren, support our atheist brethren, but ESPECIALLY support our Christian brethren–particularly our Arab Christian brethren-they are a most invaluable spearhead against the existential threat and peril known as ISLAM aka SUBMISSION-NEVER SUBMIT-NEVER!

  16. says

    Piff and twaddle! Stuff and nonsense! I don’t believe a word of it!

    You see, just yesterday I was assured directly by Ameer “Steve” Mustpaha Elturk (the imam out of Troy, MI who decried proposed “racial” profiling in 2007 after the “Flying Imam” incident) that the dhimma is protection for all non-Moslems: Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, etc. etc. Encouraged –with my little nose all a-wiggle– but still wary, I asked him to tell me about the Pact of Umar, in which Christians were forbidden to build new churches or repair old churches. He told me that he had never heard of such a thing, but that it might be something they practice in Turkey. Imagine my relief when he said this and smiled so sweetly at me. He said that Christians are favored people in Islam. Moslems are even allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women and no other group is afforded this privilege. Well! I could just imagine how many Christian and Jewish women would feel pretty special after hearing such a thing.

    Oh, but I almost forgot: He did say that the only action of faith forbidden to dhmmis is proselytizing…But he said it with such a sweet smile, I just can’t believe that he seriously meant it, when push comes to shove.

    Hey! Quit nudging me will ya!

  17. says

    “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Michigan anymore.”

    Disturbing in so many ways. If you’re an American and you can watch this without getting thoroughly pissed-off–check for a pulse! So disturbing. So anger-inducing…

  18. says

    About 20 minutes later, to shouts and cheers of “Allahu Akbar!” we were all being led away from the festival in handcuffs.

    I am worried about Dearborn, my friends, and I’m worried about our nation.

    My God, so am I.

    Were the police at all concerned at the triumphant ries of “Allahu Akbar!” from the Muslim mob while they were *arresting the non-violent Christians*? Who knows?

    How many places have we heard about this by now”where the police confine, deny permits to, or arrest non-violent Infidels, sometimes even when they are the ones being threatened by Muslims? San Francisco, Berlin, Lyon, London, and now Dearborn. I’m sure it’s happened in other places, as well.

    There seems to a tacit agreement in many police departments that it is simply easier and less hazardous to themselves to go after the inoffensive Kaffirs “provoking” the violent or potentially violent members of “the Religion of Peace”.

    That this presents a precise inversion of justice and the maintenance of the peace does not seem to be a consideration.

  19. says

    Yep, our rights and freedom of speech are being taken away. Kind of reminds me in the 1980s when abortion clinics in Canada were picketed by pro-life groups. The outcome? Many got arrested and spent jail time, all were finger-printed and received criminal records. That’s the price of freedom of speech. In Canada, it is now illegal to speak out against homosexuality and soon it will be islam. America is following Canada’s footsteps.

  20. says

    Wow this is scary that one would be arrested for being non Muslim and attending an Arab festival in the US. A very dangerous precedent set here by the authorities.

  21. says

    I would think dearborn is right at the top or at least in the top 3 to capture the coveted “First” ‘NO Go Zone’ award. way to go dearborn, the rest of America is cheering for you.

  22. says

    oh my God, my uncle and aunt must be rolling in their Dearborn Graves! What l would suggest is next time David Wood or anyone else who does this, is to have another person(s) follow them with an undercover camera which could film the whole episode of the muslim lies and with the police doing their dirty work. We need to be smarter and more cunning when doing this type of work. l am glad they are doing something like this, but they need to expect the unexpected and be on the offensive. Use undercover cameras!!!

  23. says

    The Acts 17 article comments feature three “Christians” whith generic names tht stand out like a sore thumb amongst al the others who use handles. Laura, Elaine and Nathan all parrot the same party-line attack…Real Christians or moles? you tell me.

  24. says

    Here’s another thought. Arrange for your videographers to get press credentials. Next time the police might be a little more reticent if the camera operators have “PRESS” tags around their necks.

  25. says

    I’m sorry Americans, but it looks as if your country is further down the path of dhimmitude than Western Europe and is much closer to surrender. I would find it hard to believe this thing could happen even in Britain, but it is obviously happening in Michiganistan. Perhaps before long it looks like the USA will be renamed the United States of Americaistan.

  26. says

    On what grounds were they arrested???
    Again, our police let the Mohammedans win.
    Or was the police one of them?

  27. says

    Um I went this year and it’s a lie to try and say that it’s now illegal to preach Christianity. There were two booths for Christians with translations of the Bible and other stuff. They have booths so that something like this doesn’t happen. I don’t know why Christians feel like they need to dominate the festival, there were no Muslims handing out flyers or anything outside of the booths when I went. But of course Christians deserve a special place right?

  28. says

    Now, does this mean that for the sake of some self-determined victims of alienation have more of a right to peace and quiet over law and order (meaning peaceful assembly, BUT, also, and SIGNIFICANTLY the freedom to observe public assembly).?
    Charges were what; inciting a riot by being on the same street? Try that line in Teheran. Trespassing upon Dar es ‘Dawa’?
    Face up to it, some of fellow citizens are so ignorant of our heritage that they’re afraid of ‘ourselves’.
    I didn’t read in this that the arrested ‘violators’ they were throwing condoms at imams or spreading pork-rinds on the street.

  29. says

    Try to set aside your apparent anti-Christian bias for a second as it’s irrelevant to the issue at hand. The outcome would have been no different had David Wood and his group been secular.

    Your comment …”They have booths so that something like this doesn’t happen” indicates you are missing the point.
    Wood and his team were not there to preach Christianity, or “dominate” the festival.

    Instead of complaining about why you think Christians feel like they “deserve a special place” you should be complaining about why any American’s basic Constitutional rights could have been so easily violated. Or doesn’t that touble you?

    Watch the video clip…several times if necessary..until the real issue becomes clear to you. If you need help getting it, let me know.

  30. says

    isalm is very hostile and more and more Americans are learning of this reality. Thanks to David Wood and his friends who are helping to expose the true face of islam as it spreads its hold in US soil and culture. Much respect also for any Arab who courageously steps forward and is active in combating and opposing the stupefying doctrine which has enslaved the minds of so many for 1400 years.

  31. says

    Yes, the Thomas More Law Center, I’m sure, will be gaining real wide-spread national recognition in the near future. I just added my name to its e-mail subscription list. I think that legal defense and law centers such as the Thomas More Law Center will be important elements in our battle against the implementation of sharia law in the U. S.. If I lived closer, I would donate some of my time as a paralegal.

  32. says

    I think they should contact the American Center for Law & Justice ( and sue everyone involved in a highly public way (if possible considering the media dhimmitude). Every time the rights of Christians are violated in the name of Islam, we should sue and establish precedents (binding legal positions) for the future.

  33. says

    To Chris Burnett:

    Why is it that the Left in this country utterly despises Christianity but is so accepting of Islam? Could it be that the philosophy and tactics of Islamists are in synch with those of Leftists? What do I mean? Philosophy: America is the Great Satan, responsible for all the evil on the planet. Tactics: Isolate and attack the enemies of Communism with ad hominen attacks and propaganda (a la Saul Alinsky and Vladimir Lenin). Yes, I think I have answered my own question. No need to respond Moron!

  34. says

    It is simple case of appeasement and it is lso a very dangerous game. Politicians are there to get their votes but at what cost? National security? We have to decide what comes first.

  35. says

    I sent this link to Michigan Governor Granholm using an ‘Opinion Form” on her website which does not allow for attachments. [“*Due to virus concerns and for your own protection, we are unable to accept electronic attachments.”] I saw no email address (though you can sign up for automated email from her). The form also had only a Michigan address line, prohibiting entering a city and state outside of Michigan. So I just entered Dearborn.

    I frequently encounter exclusionary practices on many politicians websites — where they make it difficult for out-of-state folks to forward input. Many require address and zip code info which an out-of-state person necessarily can’t provide.

    My next step is a phone call to say “we’re watching you, and what happpens in Michigan affects us all. And BTW, about your website. . .”

  36. says

    Correction. One can change the “MI” on the Michigan Governor’s website ‘Opinion Form.’ My bad. More phone calls to her office and to their two U.S. Senators couldn’t hurt.

    Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
    PHONE: (517) 373-3400

  37. says


    269 Russell Office Building
    U.S. Senate
    Washington, DC 20510-2202

    Phone (202) 224-6221
    Fax (202) 224-1388
    TTY (202) 224-2816
    8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    Washington, DC Office
    133 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    Phone: (202) 224-4822

  38. says

    To Len regarding; “Why is it that the Left in this country utterly despises Christianity but is so accepting of Islam?”
    Because they have been led to believe in their arrogance. Without burning much sweat the have gained a privileged place.
    Thus the fall into the trap of nihilism; “Hell” they think, “If my squishy credentials and cushy fat ass has to be kissed by a country that had to sweat to send their kids for higher education (higher than what?), what is there to all this loyalty and tradition?”
    Here’s what we must face first, however affronted by this enemy. While this nihilism was developing, we were, all along, right here.
    That being said:
    With all the knowledge available in libraries, forum settings and reasons to celebrate our heritage; even spiked to make it taste better, many of us went to the font of knowledge and only rinsed.
    So, “Why is it that the Left in this country utterly despises…” this country?
    It’s foreign to them. Frankly, wherever they find themselves in real-time it’s alien ground.

  39. says

    There are several Christian law organizations which will take the case to court. Not only should the Muslims be sued, but the Dearborn police for dereliction of duty, false arrest, and anything else the Ch. lawyers can come up with. This is not the time to “turn the other cheek”. If these people are not fought at every turn, American non-Muslims will wake up one morning and find themselves totally at the mercy of Shariah law, their Constitution totally usurped (Obama and the Democrats are hard at work on that), and America lost. The only thing that will retard the over-riding of American law is a fierce counter-attack in the courts. And hurry, before Obama appoints more federal judges who will side with him, regardless of the merits of the case. Remember, one of Obama’s primary and most important advisors is a Muslim. The Christians are settin a harmful prededent if they let this go.

  40. says

    There are several Christian law organizations which will take the case to court. Not only should the Muslims be sued, but the Dearborn police for dereliction of duty, false arrest, and anything else the Ch. lawyers can come up with. This is not the time to “turn the other cheek”. If these people are not fought at every turn, American non-Muslims will wake up one morning and find themselves totally at the mercy of Shariah law, their Constitution totally usurped (Obama and the Democrats are hard at work on that), and America lost. The only thing that will retard the over-riding of American law is a fierce counter-attack in the courts. And hurry, before Obama appoints more federal judges who will side with him, regardless of the merits of the case. Remember, one of Obama’s primary and most important advisors is a Muslim. The Christians are settin a harmful prededent if they let this go.

  41. says

    Muslims freely do “dawa” and are protected in doing so here but Christians are arrested for doing the same. Truly we are lost as a nation if this case is lost in court.

  42. says

    “Sharia is juuuuust beginning to poke its hairy nose out from beneath the camoflauge here in the United States.”

    Yes, the camel’s nose is in the tent. The rest of the camel is about to follow.

  43. says

    Amen, Paul. The Thomas More Law Center is just a hop and skip away from Dearborn. They are becoming experts at fighting sharia.

  44. says

    Our American Jewish brethren are not supporting us and they are very much undermining us at every turn. As long as they remain far in the bosom of the left and avid supporters, financiers and agitators for all the policies that make the U.S. weak and vulnerable in the name of their leftist creed, they will remain a big part of the problem. As long as they see the conservative Whites of the U.S. as a menace to their leftist utopia, all they will be to us are a stumbling block in the way of our salvation.

    India on the other hand should me aided in her struggle against the Jihad.

  45. says

    Len Powder,

    It’s not just the Left. The majority of those on the Right and the Centrists also bend over backwards to accomodate and “respect” Muslims and Islam.