Saudi Arabia beheads, crucifies convicted criminals

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.” — Qur’an 5:33

Generally when Islamic supremacists carry out a crucifixion, they do so on the already-dead body of an executed person.

Sharia Alert from the Kingdom of Misunderstanders of Islam: “Saudi Arabia Beheads and Nails Murderer’s Body to Cross,” from NewsCore, June 21 (thanks to Sr. Soph):

Saudi Arabia executed two murderers including a Yemeni whose body was nailed to a cross after he was convicted of killing a fellow countryman and his daughter, the interior ministry said on Monday.

Shaaban al-Nasheri was beheaded for shooting dead Dhayeh al-Manbahi after barging into his family home in the southwestern town of Jazan, the ministry said in a statement cited by the official SPA agency.

Nasheri was also found guilty of raping and killing Manbahi’s daughter before shooting and wounding her sister.

Following his execution, the murderer’s body was nailed to a cross in Jazan.

In the second case, Saudi national Mohammed al-Zahrani was decapitated in El-Baha, in the southwest, for shooting dead compatriot Said al-Zahrani over a land dispute.

The beheadings bring to 15 the number of executions reported in the ultra-conservative Gulf monarchy this year, according to an AFP count. In 2009, there were 67 reported executions in the kingdom, compared with 102 in 2008.

Memo to NewsCore: conservatives, even “ultra-conservatives,” do not generally behead anyone.

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic law. In extreme cases, the convict is executed and his body crucified in public.

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  1. says

    Memo to NewsCore: conservatives, even “ultra-conservatives,” do not generally behead anyone.

    Memo to Robert: they do in Saudi Arabia.

    Your definition of ‘conservative’ is parochial. Or do you think that the dictionary is part of a left-liberal conspiracy, too?

  2. says

    Somewhere in this story is the makings of a game entitled ‘Medieval Europe or modern Saudi Arabia’ whereby participants try to guess whether a topic is applicable to ‘Medieval Europe’ or ‘Modern Saudi Arabia’.

    What I find interesting and horrifying is that despite being gifted in spades with a valuable commodity-oil-that generates vast sums of wealth, that a people choose to remain wedded to the values of the middle ages.

  3. says

    Is the rafool o bama standing with the Muslims on this one too? If he is than he should modify our capital punishment also along this line. Behead or shoot and than crucify all murderers, and rapists. In addition lets have more sowdie type punishments, shoot on sight any illegal aliens, cut off the hands of thieves. Death sentence for gays, this is just a start haven’t gotten to the parts about uncovered women, un accompanied women, stray dogs and so on. why go Islam partly we should go Islam all the way right obama?

  4. says

    Saudi Arabia Beheads and Nails Murderer’s Body to Cross.

    Does this mean that Prez Barack Hussein Obama will rescind the deep bow he made to King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Saud?

    *** 33:21 ***

    Rape. Moslem Men are always with the rape. Was he emulating Moahmmed as he forcibly jackhammered this poor girl?

    *** 33:51 ***

    You may have whomever you desire; there is no blame

    If there is no blame then there is no shame. Shameless.

    *** 8:7 ***

    In making their sentencing decision, King Abdullah’s prosecutors must’ve been thinking it would’ve been better for the man to have committed a mass murder of Infidels, like those Saudis and Egyptians did on 9/11, an act made possible by the underwriting they received from the same King’s princes.

    Now that was honorable and useful.

  5. says

    Considering how offensive this is to all Christians – the blatant and deliberate desecration of the main symbol of their religion – I expect news of Christians rioting all over the world to follow in short order.

    Followed by abject apologies from the barbarian Sowdies.

    Oh, and compensation, of course. 500 dollars each to all Christians in the civilized West should just about do it…

  6. says

    Now hey, the Jihadwatch is beginning to get stinked by Leftists.

    Look at the comments.

    One guy was found guilty of
    1. Shooting dead a family father in his own home before his own two girls.
    2. Raping the elder one of the girls.
    3. Killing her.
    4. Shooting her younger sister with obvious intent to kill.

    How much does someone deserve to get for each one of these crimes ? Life in prison ?

    For one thing, life in prison is a nonsense. Nobody today even tries to remember what is prison supposed to be. It’s supposed to be PENITENTIARY you morons. Do you even know what a PENITENTIARY is supposed to be ?
    A place where a criminal sits quiet for so many years and does nothing but think of his mistake.
    After so many years of thinking, he is supposed to understand his mistake and be let free to try again to live like a normal citizen.
    Penitentiary is not meant to be a punishment, is not meant to be an example, it is only supposed to change a criminal so he may have a chance to behave.
    Penitentiary is not meant to harm bodies, so that when the criminal has done his time, he can be a valid citizen, otherwise rendering him useless physically would be a nonsense.
    So. Does any one of you leftards camping here think with your heads even a little bit ?

    Do you really think a guy like that can be “redeemed” by just sitting in jail and thinking about his crimes ? Do you want him back on the streets again ?! Does any of you have any daughters ?

    So what’s wrong in terminating this bastard right here and now ? What would you like, the State (whatever State) to keep him for Halal food, gym and color TV for life ?!

    I say, chopping his head off may be spectacular, but it’s not painful. Not like the deaths, rape and injury of his victims.

    They even crucified him AFTER his beheading !! How does that pay for the victim’s suffering ? Not at all of course. But how does that at least match the crime ? Not in the least either.

    So you leftards, your continuous citations and erudite comments, lack the brute truth: they should crucify him ALIVE and have the mobs throw stones at him.

    This is not about Jesus saying “he who is without sin, throw the first stone” in a case which we we call a misdemeanour.

    There is nothing left to do with this guy except serve him with what he deserves. We don’t care of his repentance. He is beyond redeeming and beyond sorry.

    So everybody gets it there is fair punishment, for each of the crimes, one after the other. The Law cannot revive the victims. But we expect the Law to pay in full for all those that did these dastardly crimes for which there is no forgiveness and no hope for “redeeming”.

    When any hope of redeeming of a criminal is lost, all is left is exemplary punishment. A criminal may be expected to have his remorse, and change his mind. And change as a person. Would you consider a person, a guy who did the above 4 crimes in a breath ? There is nothing that can be done with such an individual, other than make him suffer 10 times what his victims suffered. You get that you morons ?

    Do you get that ? What are you, robot commentators ? Are you hired here ? Are you sleeping ? THINK damn it. You dominate this commenting scene, and you are getting dumber by the day. You are repelling new people. THINK for God’s sake. The TypePad stuff doesn’t help either. The commenting system is foul. Jihadwatch is sinking although the staff is working their elbows out to tell us about the Muslim threat.

  7. says

    This from of “judicial” punishment should more accurately be called “mohadicial” or “jihadicial” since it reflects perfectly the koran which executes vengeance as a response to a crime instead of the Judeo-Christian execution of measured justice which subtracts barbarity form it’s established judicial enactments.

  8. says

    Graven Image, you don’t think either. There is no limit to cruelty of punishment. There is only the discrepancy of punishment or no punishment versus crime or no crime. You don’t know what you’re fighting for: punishment versus crime. I am doubting you understand Islam and I am doubting you understand punishment. And I doubt you understand doing time in jail. Why don’t you read my previous comments and sort them out.

  9. says

    Well, one can say that it’s Medieval, but one can’t say that it’s not just in this particular case.
    Law is easy to find,
    Justice – hard to achieve
    (c) Grip, Inc. Rusty Nail
    Gus Chambers RIP

  10. says

    People like Caucasian should experience first-hand a judicial error which sentences them or someone they love to death by mistake, and a crucial piece of evidence in their favor are found at the last moment.

    That experience ought to teach them a good lesson, though I hope they will actually realize the truth by simply imagining the situation, without having to go through it.

    There is no perfect way of establishing the truth with 100% certainty in the real world. So it might be a good idea to err on the side of caution and give out punishments that have some degree of reversibility. Of course, I’m not suggesting that something like this is applicable in all circumstances. Like in a war, when innocent lives are in imminent danger and you don’t have time to blink, let alone consider such subtleties.

  11. says

    “Rape, murder, … armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic law.”

    I wonder if the Western judges and law professors who are so anxious to adopt parts of Sharia for Moslems in their countries would accept applying this part of Sharia to their Moslems. There are about as many Moslems in Western Europe as there are in Saudi Arabia, so seventy to a hundred executions per year could be expected.

  12. says

    Whew! Foe a minute there I thought that the Saudis had crucified them before they were decapitated. Now that would be inhumane.

  13. says

    Where are the Western MSMs on this story………

    That’s what I thought.

    Don’t tell me leftis wankers don’t control the media…and for you fascist Islamist misunderstaanders, it ain’t the zionist propaganda machine, or else your religious (see cult) buttocks would have been the subject of many films showing what you really are…

    Hey, wait a minute, I’ve got an idea…

  14. says

    If I remember correctly, in Alice and Wonderland people had their heads chopped off for “painting the roses red”. Is Saudi Arabia a wonderland? Do they have any red roses?

  15. says

    “Caucasian”, here are some other Shari’ah sentences you might enjoy:

    “Girl gets a year in jail, 100 lashes for ‘adultery'” [this woman was a victim of gang rape]

    This one’s even better:

    “19-Year Old Saudi Rape Victim Ordered to Undergo 200 Lashes”,2933,311848,00.html

    How about amputations, including “cross amputation”? These punishments are often meted out for petty theft.

    Remember, Saudi Arabia doesn’t just carry the death penalty for murders, but also for apostasy and “sorcery”. A Lebanese astrologer was sentenced to death in the “Land of the Two Holy Places” for the silly schtick he performs on his Lebanese TV show. It was only because of international pressure that his death sentence was commuted.

    Another capital crime in Saudi Arabia is apostasy. The Afghan parliament has called for the death penalty for apostates”certainly, they tried to carry out such a sentence in 2006 against apostate Abdul Rahman, before he was able to flee to Europe.

    Then, since you consider getting it ridiculous that anyone should be upset over post-mortem crucifixions, how about this boy slave who was crucified by his Sudanese Muslim master? That might be more to your taste.

  16. says

    “There is nothing that can be done with such an individual, other than make him suffer 10 times what his victims suffered. You get that you morons?”

    Looks like the US morons here on JW are soft on crime. This getting soft on crime actually started because some moronic ideas against cruel and unusual punishment became part of the US Constitution with the ratification of the Eighth Amendment in 1791. From then on the softness on crime exploded.

    In 1879 the Supreme Court did concede that torture and punitive “atrocities”, such as burning at the stake, crucifixion, or breaking on the wheel, would be cruel and unusual.

    In the late-19th century, the the state of Utah introduced decapitation as an optional method of execution. However, no prisoner elected this method. The bastards chosed to be hanged or killed by firing squad. Optional methods of execution that´s wacko. If they do the crime they should suffer the maximum and most painful penalty you can think of that fits the crime. And from conviction to execution they should be whipped every day and kept in a dark hole in chains.

    I think burning at the stake, crucifixion, or breaking on the wheel should be reintroduced together with mandatory beheadings. Also let us not forget our Christian-Jewish heritage of unlimited revenge and suffering and reintroduce stoning. But only using small stones. Otherwise the bastards get off too easily.

    That will teach the bastards a lesson. 😉

  17. says

    Thanks but no thanks we don’t want sharia laws. We don’t want the inhuman Islamic laws of Muhammad. We have seen how these laws are used to punish innocents. To punish people who aren’t good Muslims or not muslims at all. To punish women for not acting in accordance to sharia.
    That does not mean we are against capital punishment. Many of us are. But we want punishment according to the western ideals which are derived from the Judeo Christian laws. We believe that all suspects be considered innocent until proven guilty and then punished accordingly

  18. says

    This is not really about the Sharia Law. This case is about punishment and Justice in any law.
    To give you more ammunition against myself, you could use “Deathwork” by James McLendon, which gives an insight of Execution in Florida in the 1970’s. It basically says two things: that the mere prospect of Legal Death may be a horrendous torture in itself, and that murderers can feel a lot of pain or none at all under the same pressure. It makes you wonder if the Legal System is accurate enough to give each individual whatever he deserves. It tends to treat people as equals when in fact we are no equals. If you want to know why, you should read the book. It’s a reporter’s book. All is fact and no answers are given. The complexity and the intensity of the situations described there can not be entered here for absolute lack of space.

  19. says

    Graven Image, you don’t think either. There is no limit to cruelty of punishment. There is only the discrepancy of punishment or no punishment versus crime or no crime. You don’t know what you’re fighting for

    I know *exactly* what I’m fighting for”and it doesn’t include the horror of Shari’ah law.

  20. says

    You seem to be compairing apples and oranges. If you mean just punishment for crimes. Then I would agree with capital punishment with some reservations. I am not even getting into the aspects and various kinds of capital punishments.I don’t want to debate capital punishemnt or abortion or why johhny can’t read unless it ties in with Islam. Those matters are best left to the countless political or religious blogs and sites. We are only concerned with matters relating to the islam and threats of islam. Look again at this site It’s called ” JIHAD WATCH”. Is that clear enough for you?