1. “belies the mainstream media and Islamic supremacist liars who are reporting that the crowd numbered only a thousand, or even in the hundreds.”

    It also belies the propoganda of Pamela Gellar saying she expected over 10,000 people As one good New Yorker said it, you can always find in my city 5,000 with a bit of work but be sure half of them were just watching.

    I do not support the building of this mosque, but just as much, I do not support the logical reasons for not having it being hijacked by anther radical evil.

    Donny vdH

  2. Robert, I enjoyed your speech that Atlas has posted. In addition to being highly knowledgeable on the subject of Islam, you’re able to deliver it in a great ‘preacher’s roll’! Come to think of it, you are evangelizing the West, opening eyes to the danger of Islam. Great job to all who participated in the rally.

  3. Donny

    You’re a liar.

    Pamela Geller never said she expected 10,000 people.

    We were expecting 500 to 1000.

    You are already exposed for what you are, but this just confirms it.

    Robert Spencer

  4. Were there any politicians of note at the rally? Were they invited? If they weren’t invited, why not? If they were invited but demurred, what are their names and what were the excuses they offered for not being there? Will their excuses be made public?

  5. Mr. Spencer:

    I realize that my postings are out of order of presentation. I should have first thanked you and Pamela Geller for organizing this demonstration in the first place.

    It is jarringly disturbing that this project was even considered in the first place let alone that it has advanced so quickly with the cooperation of New York City’s bureaucracy in the second place. This is a national matter, a matter that concerns all Americans. It is most certainly not a matter of Moslems simply exercising their freedom of expression. Thanks for all the work you’ve done in the past and now for this. You inspire so many of us to stand up and speak out.

  6. Bravo Robert,pamela and to all participants!
    Thanks for your courage.This is not a matter of freedom of worship.
    It is as a matter of great implications for all Western ideals of tolerance and freedom.The New York city bureaucracy and those non-Muslims responsible for this mega-mosque project are just accomplices in this eternal affront and insult to America and all the victims of 9/11 committed by all-Muslim team of this extremely intolerant,violent religion known as Islam.
    All over the world among Muslims,this project and its approval will be viewed as a signal that America is slowly yielding to ever-deceptive and skillful means of jihadi-efforts done by its dutiful soldiers of Allah under different guises and in different modes.

  7. You can see how we were really packed in there — and there are probably several hundred more outside of camera range including in front of the Burger King across the street and back into the park. (We were really squished in that pen. That’s me lower right corner in the red shirt.)

  8. Dear Robert, you were great as usual. I deeply regret that I couldn’t make it, must have been a great warm feeling of solidarity. Keep going and take care!

  9. I live in Maryland and could not take time off to make the trip, but I made sure that my two senators and congressman knew about the event by writing them and sending them a copy of the poster in hope that at least some of their staffers may be curious enough to look into it for themselves; After all, a mosque at ground zero ought to raise any American’s curiousity. I’m hoping I planted at least a few seeds.

  10. All morning today, WNYC, a public radio station that has actually aired stories on Nadal, and more recently, the failed Times Square bombing, without ever mentioned the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘terrorist’, reported that ‘a few hundred’ people protested the ‘proposed Islamic center’ in lower Manhattan.
    This grossly underreported figure was accompanied by audio of a Russian man who had lost his son on 9/11, who had great difficulty making himself understood because of his heavy accent.
    With the careful choice of numbers, words, and audio, along with a little bit of snarky, snide inflection on the part of the announcer, it is not too difficult to give your audience an entirely false impression of what the event was really like.
    The ‘mainstream media’ has become expert at this deception.

  11. One can try to estimate the numbers at the moment of the video.

    As the camera pans from right to left and left to right, one can count that there are 14 metal gates lined up from one end of the pen to the other end. Those 14 gates form the side of the whole pen closest to the video camera.

    The crowd leans against 10 of those 14 gates, while 4 of them, the 4 gates farthest to the left, are in the speakers’ area and are more or less unoccupied.

    The shape of the crowd narrows toward the front of the demo, where the speakers are.

    First I’ll estimate that along the side of each of the ten gates where there are demonstrators, one finds an average of about 4.5 demonstrators. You can sort of count them, though the video is not very clear.

    10 gates x 4.5 people per gate = 45 people from one end of the demo to the other end where the speakers area begins.

    Then, assuming that the crowd was approximately square (admittedly a big assumption), one gets 45 x 45 = 2025 demonstrators.

    A further consideration might increase that number: it seems that leaning on the gates causes people to spread out a bit: unless I’m mistaken, the crowd is denser as soon as one looks at people not leaning on the gates.

    Thus the real multipliers might not be 45 x 45, but, say 50 x 50 = 2500 demonstrators.

    Then we must add to that the front of the crowd near the speakers and their staff, in the area of the front four gates. Also we must add some other people who were crowding up across a street that was visible at the beginning of the video.

    Thus if we calculate all of those at the narrowing front of the demo plus all of those on the street at the back of the demo as an additional 300 people, we get a total of about 2800.

    So media reports of 1000 certainly seem to be low-ball reports.

    If anyone can find errors in my guesstimates here, or make them more precise, please do. I counted 14 gates as the camera pans from right to left and left to right, but the overall count of people depends also on something I could not count, namely the depth of the demo as one looks toward the horizon. Was the demo space as deep as it was long (14 gates long)? Was it deeper still? Or less deep? It looks about square, or perhaps less deep than long. In my guesstimate of the crowd count, I’ve assumed the crowd was the equivalent of ten gates deep. But if the demo was, for example, ten people (two gates) deeper than I’ve assumed, that added depth would increase by about 500 my guess at the total crowd count.

    Another consideration is how much turnover there was during the course of the demo, i.e., people leaving and people arriving. For example if 3000 people come and stay an average of an hour, and another 3000 mingle in later as the first 3000 mingle out, the size of the crowd the whole time might stay constant at 3000, yet the total number of people coming and going to the event would be 6000.

    How many hours did this demo last? Perhaps there was not much turnover, but it might be one factor in a calculation.

  12. Building this mosque is a victory over the American people. This will not only prove that we Americans are week but it will also prove that terrorism works. My grandfather, my great uncles, my father, and my brother didn’t serve and fight for for this country to have freedom mocked in such a hurtful way. My close friend didn’t die in Iraq to have these people build a mosque near ground zero. His death means nothing if this is the kind of freedom he and my family fought for. There should be 100000 people protesting this atrocity. This blatant insult to our freedom. To the American people. We are allowing them to build a place of worship where their core beleifs are to destroy democrocy and to apose freedom. How could this happen. How can people sit by and watch??? We are losing more of our beatiful country, our home, our families to these savages. These animals. It isn’t right. It isn’t just. I wish anyone that supports this mosque gets a real taste of Islam’s love. The same “love” that the “humanitarians” gave the israli soldiers on the flotilla. Islam is nothing but a cult of hate. America needs to get with it and get their only friend israel to stand up to these thugs, these murderers, these people of destruction and make a stand against Islam and its hateful, racist, and destructive ways.

  13. Muhammadian muslim are good at
    telling lies about others but
    are bad telling the truth about

    I remmember reading a book in the
    year 2001.. Title “WHY MUSLIMS DESTROY
    HINDU TEMPLES ?” by Anwar Shaikh..

    To All American we must not let the
    muslim build anymore mosque in the
    United States of America…

    If all American give way to this one..
    the next site will be at the Statue Of

    They are near to the the White House…..
    waiting for the time only…..

  14. Workers of New York Unite!!……union and non-union………refuse to work on this disgusting mosque (in Arabic mosque is ‘masjid’ meaning, “place of battle”) near Ground Zero. Out of respect for your city, the victims of 9/11, your troops and Vets and your country. No workers, no mosque……………….(readers: please pass this on and post on any and all websites. We can stop this insult)

  15. From now on I intend to use terms such as ‘Ground Zero Conquest Site’, or simply the ‘Conquest Site’ or ‘Islamic Conquest Shrine’ when discussing this proposed project and NEVER ‘mosque’ in future blogs and comments. To clarify my opposition, I need to refer to this insult by its true purpose. Thus the argument is not whether a ‘religious’ site should or should not be built at this location but the argument will focus on true intentions.

  16. I’m in that video, somewhere. THANK YOU, Pamela and Robert, for organizing this.

    I met people who’d come from Chicago for this rally. Whoever commented that this isn’t simply an NYC issue is spot on.

    It is sickening to see this happening near Ground Zero, but truthfully, every additional Islamic center or mosque I see go up makes my blood run cold.

  17. CBS News was there. They were not AWOL, they just don’t want to televise the truth. I have a picture of their cameraman and his press credentials. Similarly, I have a picure of a cameraman wearing a Reuters necklace attached to his press credentials. Didn’t get a great shot of his credentials. Each of these guys was annoying. I think they were trying to provoke sharp reactions by putting the cameras right in your face for an extended period of time hoping that you’d say something or maybe push them away. I just remained expressionless throughout and then photographed them when they were done. At the very last two seconds of this video when the camera pans to the far right of the crowd you will see a cameraman in blue standing in front of the second pen with a camera right in the face of someone in the front row of the pen. That would be me that had to suffer this tool. I gave him no satisfaction and took his picture when he was finished bothering me. He didn’t seem to happy with that.

  18. With your kind of attitude, it is no wonder Netherlands has been virtually taken over by muslims. You probably already have a long beard and your wife walks 10 meters behind you in a niqab. The only real hero from your country is Geert and I hope his party captures power in Holland.

  19. Donny, you say: “I do not support the building of this mosque, but just as much I do not support the logical reasons for not having it being hijacked by another radical evil.”

    Logically, this amounts to saying “… I support the logical reasons for having the mosque being hijacked by another radical evil.”
    So, tell us, what other evil beside islam are you promoting here, Nazism, or Communism? And what do “logical reasons” mean to someone who is unable to logically express his ideas?

  20. “Stop the Mosque-Raid”

    Great sign, Bosch …


    This mosque near Grouns Zero will be an abomination! ..err, I mean an Obamination (sorry).

  21. “With your kind of attitude, it is no wonder Netherlands has been virtually taken over by muslims.”

    Is that really true?

    So, when will the Barbarians be destroying the Anne Frank House, just as the Barbarians destroyed the Bamyan Buddhas?

  22. “(We were really squished in that pen. That’s me lower right corner in the red shirt.)”

    I see you lilredbird! Good on you as a part of the protest!

  23. Thanks for straightening out this fool Donny. As we have seen when their half truths and lies go unchallenged, they are picked up by the Muslim world and like parrots repeated endlessly. Eventually they become etched in stone. As facts,…….. Sort of like the Koran.

  24. @glenkille

    “masjid” means place of worship.

    root s-g-d (same as in Hebrew) — to worship

    that the worship is of allah-cadabra (the deceiver) — is the problem.

  25. Yes, Kim, it is true that Netherlands has been virtually taken over by the muslims and their useful idiot dhimmis. Why do you think Geert Wilders is all riled up? Rotterdam is run by muslims. Large parts of Rotterdam and some parts of Amsterdam resemble the hell holes of sharia land where non-muslims cannot go. Native Dutch women are called whores by these scum because they are not walking around covered in black tents. I have been to the Netherlands and seen this myself. Geert Wilders lives under 24 hour security. Can you imagine that? In his own country? It is sickening to see how dhimmi politicians are ready to play dead when facing muslims.

  26. My bad, I can’t identify the guy in blue as being with Reuters from my other photos of the press on hand. So, I’ll just have to chalk him up as another annoying camerman from and unidentified organization. My point in raising all this is that the media really has it in for us and they do have tricks so when you are at these events, be aware and watch what you say and do. They will take the most unflattering comments or reactions to spin their web of deception. Look at that CNN article that quotes Pamela out of context and has the incendiary remarks of some other person. No comment from CNN though on all the rest of the speakers, including those that have suffered under Islamic law and oppression.

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