British PM Cameron digs himself in deeper, calls Gaza a “prison camp”


From the looks of these and other pictures that have come out of Gaza lately, this looks like a prison camp that people might start trying to break into, rather than out of. More dhimmitude from the wretched Cameron in Turkey: “Cameron calls Gaza ‘prison camp,'” from AFP, July 27 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday urged Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip, slamming the current state of the Palestinian enclave as a “prison camp.”

“Let me be clear that the situation in Gaza has to change… Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp,” he said in a speech to a business association during a visit to Turkey.

Speaking later after talks with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Cameron defended his harsh description, saying that “even though some progress has been made we’re still in a situation where it’s very difficult to get in, it’s very difficult to get out…

“We’ve long supported lifting the blockade of Gaza,” he said.

Cameron however acknowledged Israel’s security concerns, pointing to rocket attacks from Gaza, run by the radical Palestinian group Hamas, on Israel.

“We both share the view that direct talks (between Israel and the Palestinians) is the right answer,” he said, referring to Erdogan….

And Erdogan no doubt smiled knowingly.

UK: Prison governor apologizes to Muslim inmates after serving non-halal meat
UK: Police open fire, arrest EDL members over non-existent bomb plot against mosque
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    Well, I was one who welcomed the election of the British Conservative leader and thought it would usher in a period of sanity in British security and immigration policy. I stand humbly corrected.

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    Yes, Cameron goes the full mile for Obama’s pro-Turkey, anti-Israel political line.

    The UK’s Conservative-Liberal Coalition government is following the same political line as its Labour predecessors -e.g. Blair, Brown and D. Miliband.

    It is becoming ‘politically incorrect’ to even put the strong arguments against the entry of 80 million Turks into the E.U., even though most people in the EU, but not sections of the political elite, oppose Turkey’s entry.

    “Turkey in Europe: A Bridge Too Far”

    (by Paul Weston)

    And Robin Shepherd has this critique of Cameron on Israel:

    “New UK Premier David Cameron employs extreme rhetoric against Israel”

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    It’s shop, shop, shop. Must be so tiring. I’ll bet some of the Gazans forget to yell “Death to the Jews!” in the general direction of Israel.

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    And how about Egypt’s blockade of Gaza? When will there be a “freedom convoy” attempting to break through Egypt’s wall at the border, bringing food and supplies to “starving” Gaza?

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    Thank heavens for the Internet. Just 20 years ago, someone like Cameron could have spouted this kind of nonsense and there would be little or no way of checking what he/she said.
    But don’t the politicians realize that Joe Bloggs can see photos and videos of the high life in Gaza and know immediately that our rulers are either complete idiots, or lying.
    It can only be one of these two options.

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    Such a statement should come as no surprise. David Cameron is young and shallow. His view of the world is that of the BBC. He does not know very much about the legal, moral, and historic claims of Israel to the land, or some of the land, that it won — took possession of — by force of arms in the Six-day War, but to which it had legal title through the League of Nations’ Mandate for Palestine, and the Treaty of San Remo. I doubt if Cameron is aware of the invention, either, of the “Palestinian people,” because they were invented shortly after the Six-Day War ended, and he was still in short pants and lisping at the time. He doesn’t strike me as someone who has bothered to read much, or find out, about the history — cadastral and demographic — of those vilayets (and one Sanjak) of the Ottoman Empire that later were assigned to Mandatory Palestine. I doubt if he has even heard of, much less read, the memoirs of Colonel Meinertzhagen. I doubt if he knows who Captain Orde Wingate was. I doubt if he understands what happened in Cairo, when the British — not yet even formally appointed as the Mandatory authority — unilaterally proceeded to lop off all of Eastern Palestine, some 78% of the terriotry originally contemplated for Mandatory Palestine, and created out of it the Emirate of Transjordan. I doubt that Cameron even knows how the llth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannia defines “Palestine.”

    All he knows is that the BBC, and perhaps the Foreign Office, too, keeps employing– quite innacurately, I’m afraid – that Homeric epithet “occupied” to various parts of the territory clearly assigned to Mandatory Palestine, for the sole purpose of its becoming the Jewish National Home.

    Look, the word “occupied” is used in the case of a military occupier, who has no other legitimate claim. It can be used in the case of Occupied France, Occupied Europe — that is, occupied by the vicious conqueror, the Nazis. Or it can be used in the case of the victorious and benign Allies, as in such uses as Occupied Japan, or Occupied Germany.

    But in the case of those places that Israel now possesses — having given up (for nothing in exchange but broken promises) all of the Sinai (with $16 billion — 1978 dollars — in infrastructure) and all of Gaza (with its headaches and its self-primitivized into hate-and-hysteria population, about which nothing can any longer be done by anyone) — that is, part of Jerusalem including the Old City (which under Jordanian rule had all 37 of its synagogues dynamited, and the quarter razed, and even the Jewish tombstones on the Mount of Olives uprooted and used to line the floors of Jordanian army latrines) and the “West Bank” (as the Jordanians named parts of Judea and Samaria when they took them over, without any legal claim, in the 1948049 war)– Israel, unlike the Nazis (bad) in Occupied France, or the Americans, British and French (good) in Occupied Germany, the word “Occupied” here has no place, no relevance. Yet it is used by the malevolent, who know exactly what they are doing to blacken the name of Israel and undercut its claim before world opinnion, and used by the careless and ignorant because….well, because the careless and the ignorant never pay attention to the larger significance of what they are doing.

    Which is Cameron? I’m not sure. His twin, Mr. Clegg, is certainly among the malevolent. His hostility to Israel, his complete want of understanding or sympathy, is deep and of long standing. He has called for a total ban on arms sales to Israel – while Great Britain keeps selling tens of billions of dollars worth of arms to the smylers with the knyf under their clokes, in Saudi, in the Emriates, in Kuwait, dappertutto.

    Cameron and Clegg are both awful, but the election offered a selection from among the awful: Menu A, Menu B, Menu C. Amusingly, whenever they are photographed together they dresse so unsettlingly in the same kind of suit, tailored in exactly the same fashion (so that even if they both bought bespoke, and ordered expensive fabrics, their suits look cheesy and cheesily identical), and when you add the same shirts, and the same ties, and the same Stepford-Husbands expressions of utter blankness or blandness, well — you get the creeps.

    And here is Cameron, seconding the Arab-Muslim narrative, and even congratulating himself on being “unafraid” (imagine that, unafraid to bravely take the side of the oppressed Arabs, when everyone knows that at the U.N., and on the BBC, it is the Mighty Empire of Israel that rules the roost, that calls the shots).

    He doesn’t connect the dots. He doesn’t have the mental pencil to connect those dots, the ones that go from the Jihad against Israel to the revival of Islam in Turkey, to the war made on Christians and Hindus and Buddhists in Bangladesh, or Christians and Hindus in Pakistan and Malaysia, or Christians in Indonesia. or Buddhists in Thailand, or Christians in Nigeria, Togo, the Sudan, all by Muslims, to the streets of Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Strasburg, Antwerp, Brussels, everywhere in Western Europe.

    He can’t be gotten rid of, nor can the even more disastrous Clegg. But perhaps they can somehow be neutralized, or weakened, so that the damage they do to the security of the non-Muslims of Western Europe can be minimized. For clearly neither one knows, or wishes to find out, about Islam. Clegg certainly doesn’t because if he did, he would have to see the war on Israel as what it is — a Jihad without end — and have to give up his malevolent attitude, and like the pat-buchanans of this word, that he does not wish to do.

    And Cameron? Oh, I don’t think he any longer knows how to take in new information, knows how to study and assimilate material, knows how to think. His life is one of hectic vacancy at the top. For almost all, nowadays, especially those who never had Churchill’s luxury of the “wilderness years” and Churchill’s travels and study of history and knowledge of men and events and above all his self-assurance — so he didn’t have to pay heed, ever, to the fashions or Idols of the Age — well, how many people in power, or in the game of politics, can allow themselves that kind of freedom, including mental freedom, that is a luxury so few can now afford.

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    a bit off topic but why do these women buy clothes that no one will ever get to see on them?

    Miriam his comments illustrate that his leanings are such that he makes things easier still for the Jihadists by not supporting Israel and supporting Israels enemy’s. Palestinians are not just going be happy that they took over Israel they want to take over the whole world via jihad.

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    Faye Sullivan:

    In such countries and territories, women can pretty much wear what they wish among friends and family in private homes. You’ll find modern women’s clothing stores right in the heart of Tehran, though I think they’re under increasing scrutiny lately.

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    David Cameron should at least have the courtesy to change his first name from David to Mohammed or some such if he’s going to swallow the dhimmi role so completely.

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    Maybe those photographs are from the prison canteen.

    Anyway, Cameron, like many Englishmen and women, have mastered the difficult physical event of simultaneously bending over and going down on their knees in front of Muslims.

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    I don’t think Cameron should have been a surprise. His sentiments, both on Israel (muted during the month before the election which, apparently, was enough to soothe those who wanted to be soothed) and on Islam or on Muslims in Great Britain, have been clear for some time.

    One who was not fooled by Cameron and wrote about him correctlyu four years ago — I have no idea what her position before the recentelection was, when the choices were all so awful — was Melanie Phillips. You can find her comment on Cameron and some Muslim group in Great Britain here:

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    A prison is a place you’re not allowed to leave.

    I’m sure the Isrealis would be more than happy to see the backs of the Palestinians, as they all leave for Jordan.

    The Isrealis really should see that they get there, too. Then, when the Jordanians put the Palestinians all in internment camps, we’ll see what’s what then.

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    Dalaran, Jordan invited them to settle there once and they tried to overthrow the govt. and were summarily thrown back out. Doubt they would let them back in even to put in camps.

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    The Palestinians of Gaza have ‘made the desert bloom’ with stolen aid, phony charity, drug and gun running, extortion and terror. Glitz and moral filth.

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    All you need to know about Cameron:

    What I learnt from my stay with a Muslim family
    Integration has to be about more than immigrant communities, ‘their’ responsibilities & ‘their’ duties. It has to be about ‘us’ too – the quality of life that we offer, our society & our values.
    Here the picture is bleak: family breakdown, drugs, crime & incivility are part of the normal experience of modern Britain. Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear – values which we should all hold dear. Asian families & communities are incredibly strong & cohesive, & have a sense of civic responsibility which puts the rest of us to shame. Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.

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    johnquincychurchill sez:

    “I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”

    I see you’ve been spending a lot of time at the mosque lately…..

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    Dalaran, I’m on your side ok? I hate the bastards. Go to the Bare Naked Islam sight she has a lot of material posted about how hated the Palestinians are by their own people. My point is that they are such scum even their own people (muslims) don’t want them. Yes Jordan kicked the bastards out for trying to overthrow the govt.

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    At what point do the citizens of the UK, upon listening to PM Cameron once again make pronouncements like a Rodger Rabbit Maroon, call for his resignation? I’d be looking to wed an American and make a hasty retreat. Americans are not that daffy just yet. Or am I being too kind?

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    “Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday urged Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip, slamming the current state of the Palestinian enclave as a ‘prison camp’.”

    Cameron deserves ‘Dhimmi of the Year’ for that ridiculous remark …

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    They have to fix Turkey before they hit Iran.
    Ramadan starts in two weeks. My guess is, crude prices will pop, then some last minute pre-war talk, and then Iran gets taken apart.

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    I think folks have misinterpreted johnquincychurchill’s post “All you need to know about Cameron” as if I recall correctly the remaining words in his post (after that first line) are from the mouth of young Mr Cameron – and jqc’s few words are along the lines of “all I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11″.

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    This man is on a roll, but he’s about to crash into a bottomless pit! What in the world is wrong with the leaders of the West besides being self-hating, relativist, politically correct traitors? Why did Cameron feel the need to visit Turkey so soon; what’s so great about Turkey? All Western leaders rush off to muslim hellholes to trash their own countries, apologise for their existence, and deliver billions in aid—for what? Why is the West indebted to the islamic netherworld? We are taking in millions of their excess populations because they will not curb their obscene breeding habits. We shouldn’t have to support their stagnated, retrograde hellholes as well.

    The next summit held by Western leaders should be for the purpose of a crash course on islamic history, islamic cultures, and the doctrine of islam. It should last at least five days for them to absorb the finer points of what we are up against and to demonstrate how they are facilitating the collapse of Western Civilization. Our lives and our futures depend on courageous, informed, educated leaders and we don’t have any who are capable of dealing with islam and muslims. For Europe, this is the most crucial issue of the moment and there is no time to waste. America is not far behind.

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    Cameron: “I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”
    I’d say that such sentiments hardly qualify as “thinking”. If they’re the most profound mental workings that the British PM can come up with, then God help the British!
    Yet he graduated from Eton, and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, gaining a first class honours degree. Which only shows that these institutions are not what they’re cracked up to be.
    I find it revealing that, in the “Inspector Lewis” series, the Oxford faculty are generally portrayed as various types of scoundrels and phonies, if not actual criminals.

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    I can’t believe how many of you missed that johnqincychurchill simply forgot to use quotation marks!

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    Seriously thinking of leaving the UK after cameron’s sucking up to the Turks. the last thing we need in Britian is more muslims covered in rags, the horrors of halal meat involving ritualistic animal slaughter, the cutting of female genitalia, more mosques,islamic schools and sharia law and generally invading my country. Am truly despairing and utterly disgusted with this new government and somewhat afraid. Cameron’s ignorance regarding the horrors of islam is scary indeed. What to do? Muslims here and those on the way must be laughing.

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    I just want to thank our Christian friends who support Israel and the Jewish people in this difficult time.

    We are all in this together with a common enemy whose goal is to destroy our Judeo-Christian society and enslave us to their cult of submission ( Arabic word Islam means submission).

    I find it utterly fantastic that many liberal Christians and Jews actually defend the Muslims when they are attacking us.

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    As drawn to our attention by ‘johnquincychurchill’ above:

    now-PM David Cameron, writing in ‘The Guardian’ on May 17 2007 – with mind-boggling foolishness, having happily gobbled up the pita and chicken and baklava with lashings of taqiyya (all washed down with a tall glass of non-alcoholic halal Kool-Aid) whilst enjoying the hospitality of an oh-so-luvverly Muslim family, husband’s name Abdullah [i.e. Slave of Allah] and wife’s name Shahida [i.e. Female Martyr] in Britain in 2007 –

    QUOTE “What I learnt from my stay with a Muslim family: Last week, Tory leader David Cameron spent two days in Birmingham with the Rehmans”

    “Integration has to be about more than immigrant communities, ‘their’ responsibilities & ‘their’ duties. It has to be about ‘us’ too – the quality of life that we offer, our society & our values. 

    “Here the picture is bleak: family breakdown, drugs, crime & incivility are part of the normal experience of modern Britain.
    “Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear – values which we should all hold dear.
    “Asian families & communities are incredibly strong & cohesive, & have a sense of civic responsibility which puts the rest of us to shame.
    “Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.” etc…UNQUOTE.

    Now, for a bracing alternative, the redoubtable and fiery Irish maverick politician, writer and scholar, Conor Cruise O’Brien, who kept all his Celtic wits about him (whereas Mr Cameron’s Scots ancestors in the paternal line must be absolutely wincing at his stupidity), also on the subject of the Muslim Family and Muslim Society:

    Conor Cruise O’Brien, in an article entitled ‘The Sick Man of the World’ [the ‘sick man’ being…Islam/ the Ummah], published in The Times, London, 11 May 1989 –

    “Muslim society looks profoundly repulsive…It looks profoundly repulsive because it *is* repulsive…A westerner who claims to admire Muslim society, whilst still adhering to Western values, is either a hypocrite or an ignoramus or a bit of both.

    “At the heart of the matter is the Muslim family, an abominable institution”.

    And Mr Cameron could, perhaps, invite to dinner at 10 Downing Street the British-born author Hannah Shah, ex-Muslim now-Christian. She called her shocking autobiography ‘The Imam’s Daughter’, a review of which – and major excerpts from which – may be read here:

    Hannah’s devout imam father regularly beat his wife; and when 6 year old Hannah tried to remonstrate with her dad about that, her dad then ‘punished’ *her* by regular beatings **and incestuous rape** from that time onward until, as a teenager, ‘Hannah’ finally managed to escape.

    I offer also, as ammunition for British posters who may wish to light a fire under their PM, the following interesting tidbit of information, as reported by Australian journalist Geraldine Brook in her book on women in Islam, ‘Nine Parts of Desire’, 1994:

    “In a British study of family violence completed [in the early 1990s] not long after [Muslim woman] Afaf’s death [at the hands of her Muslim husband], the researchers found that **women married to men of Muslim background were eight times more likely to be killed by their spouses than any other women in Britain** {my emphasis – dda}”.

    Brooks doesn’t footnote that study, but British readers here may like to try tracking it down.

    And here is something more, from Phyllis Chesler, The Death of Feminism, 7th chapter, Islamic Gender Apartheid in the West:

    “Muslim girls and women have been murdered by their fathers in Europe for ‘being caught with make-up in [their] purse, wearing revealing attire – in other words, anything except a black serge curtain and a black pillowcase, refusing to marry the husband the family has chosen **and … for going out with an indigenous British boy or a Lebanese Christian boy** {my emphasis – dda}.’

    “**The suicide rate of Asian [i.e. Pakistan/Indian/Bangla Desh] women in Britain is four times higher than that among the local population and other immigrant groups** {my emphasis – dda. And I’ll bet it’s higher among the *Muslim* South Asian women, than among the Hindus and Sikhs and South Asian Christians}.

    “When there are no other options, suicide is often perceived as the only escape. {Sic: but I wonder how many alleged ‘suicides’ of ‘Asian’ [i.e. Muslim] girls in the UK, are actually disguised ‘honor’ murders?? – dda}.

    “According to Scotland Yard homicide squad commander Andy Baker: ‘Those who come to police are, without question, the tip of the iceberg.’

    “Recently, a psychologist has persuaded the police to listen carefully to any young young Muslim girl or woman who gets up the nerve to walk into a police station, not to inform the families, and not to try to mediate.”

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    One cannot leave out those who help the Jihad now can we???, Especially the high minded in high places thinking of pie in the sky.

    If Cameron stopped by once and a while,he might learn something. Even about his own Country.

    Garage sale politics.

  30. says

    The Lesser Jihad against the Infidel nation-state of Israel — deliberately and succesfully represented by agents of Arab Islam as something else (a struggle for the “legitimate rights” of a recently-invented “tiny people” — the “Palestinians”)– is the first of the major Jihads in the post-war world. It began when, world-wide, the Arabs and Muslims were still weak. It started before the OPEC trillions arrived, and before millions of Muslims were allowed into the Infidel lands of Western Europe, and before Western advances in technology, then appropriated by the Muslims to disseminate the message of Islam (from Khomeini’s tapes registered in his French exile at Neauphle-le-Chateau, to the Al Qaeda videotapes of beheadings of Infidels used as a recruiting tool, to the antisemitic Der-Stuermer like children’s shows on the television channel of the “Palestinian” Authority (that is, the Slow Jihadists of Fatah). Its only other early rival was the Muslim Jihad against Kashmir, and that one did not start up promptly at Partition, but really took off much later.

    The war of the Arabs (and those Muslims who follow the Arabs in their anti-Israel malevolence — some exceptions include the Kazakhs many of whom received good Russian educations and are Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only Muslims, Iranians of the old school, who understood that the Shah, however imperfectly, was trying to do his own version of kemalism, by giving non-Muslims legal equality — but the Shah, alas, was too stupid and vainglorious and corrupt to succeed, and insufficiently ruthless when put to the military test by Khomeini) is of course a Jihad.

    So news about Western sell-outs of Israel, a victim of a Jihad, and one which, if it succeeds, will inexorably result in a swelling of Muslim triumphalism (if we can triumph over Israel, we can triumph elsewhere too) with immediate and dangerous consequences for other non-Muslims, not least in Great Britain and the rest of Western Europe is obviously relevant — of the greatest relevance — to this website.

    If Cameron, or Obama in Cairo, or any other Western or non-Western leader (Manmohan Singh, for example) makes remarks on the subject of Islam or the claims and demands and rights of its adherents, and about the claims and rights of the victims of Jihad, then of course it will be discussed here.

  31. says


    Cameron is mindlessly or malevolently spouting the media-driven lie that Gaza is the “fault” of the Israelis.

    Gaza, my friend, is exactly what many parts of Europe are beginning to look like.

    You must agree, that Europeans will soon get a taste of the Jihad hell that Israel has been enduring since its inception?

    But Europe is waking up that islam isn’t here to be equal with other religions, but being the tyranical cult that it is, wishes only to dominate.

  32. says

    Wow, Hugh.
    Your writing and your level of knowledge is tremendous.
    Re: David Cameron.
    No matter who is elected, the world gets a new dhimmi.

  33. says

    Hugh should get a “Writer of the Year” award for his line concerning David Cameron:

    “He doesn’t have the mental pencil to connect the dots….”

  34. says

    Hugh, it’s always a pleasure to read your narratives. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    That goes for everyone really. Jihad Watch has some awesome commentators.

  35. says

    I’m not sure precisely of what you mean, but I take it you see my point about the relevance of Cameron’s two remarks. His palpable want of sympathy for Israel, as expressed not only in his outrageous remark about Gaza but in his previous preening over his own statement (so bold, so courageous!) is linked to his expression of sympathy for Turkey, and his determination to “fight for” the admission of Turkey — and that would be a bad idea in any case, but is intolerable when made today, in Istanbul, where Erdogan and his party are busy arresting on trumped-up charges all the most powerful opponents of his systematic undoing of Kemalism. Does he not realize that such a remark merely helps Erdogan, allows him to present himself as winning powerful friends in the West even while he proceeds to turn the whole country of Turkey Mecca-wards? And does he, Cameron, not realize that there is a good chance that the secularists, now goaded and persecuted beyond what is tolerable, may be joined by others, including Alevis who can already forfeel the threat coming from the “real” — i.e., Sunni- Musilms who have been emboldened by the new atmosphere that Erdogan and his henchmen have created, and may join the secularists in voting Erdogan out.

    Does Cameron understand any of that? Does he understand that he is undercutting the efforts of those — Sarkozy and Merkel and others, not only of those now standing on the wilder shores with Wilders — who know what’s what, and know that Turkey, with or without Erdogan, cannot, must not be allowed into the E.U.

    Yes, we can feel sorry for the real Turkish secularists — the ones who do not, for example, think there is much to be said for Islam and who do not require the replacement theology, with the cult of “the Turk” and the Perfect Man, Muhammad, replaced by Ataturk — but not sorry enough to do what they would like, which is to admit Turkey to the E.U. so that the problem of Turkish Islam can be one shared by everyone in the E.U. No, dear Turkish secularists, no can do.

    Just learn from your horrible encounter with Erdogan and his men, and if you return to power, this time do not make the mistake of being insufficiently ruthless (the army), and at the same time, insufficiently cunning (by relying only on the army, rather than on extending Kemalism into the minds of far more Turks than now accept it — by taking the ideological battle right into the minds of men). The secularist class should not be 25% of the population, but least 50%. It’s doable. And perhaps within a few years the Iranians will have thrown off the their own Islamic rulers and warlords and madmen and profiteers, and nowhere has Islam suffered such a diminishment in the minds of men as in Iran. And that was because the Infidels were not involved, and could not be blamed.

  36. says

    “David Cameron should at least have the courtesy to change his first name from David to Mohammed or some such if he’s going to swallow the dhimmi role so completely.”

    Agree. So, how did a mental deficient take over as PM?

  37. says

    Ah, not to worry poetcomic1, things will be so much better as the shariafication of Gaza marches on. How couldn’t they be, when everyone marches in lock goose step with the example of the most perfect man?

  38. says

    I am an Englishwoman. I and millions of my fellow English be they male or female have absolutely no intention of bowing down before islam.
    As for Cameron there is much I could say. Instead my MP will be getting a scorching email tomorrow about what he has said of late! He is spouting the obama line so perfectly I am starting to wonder if obama got him down in the basement and swopped him for some android.
    It is all repellant and Dave is in big trouble.

  39. says

    You ignore the issues of Cameron supporting Turkey’s Erdogan, and the consequent Islamisation of the EU; you ignore Cameron’s support for Hamas’s Gaza, and his opposition to Israel.

    You only support ‘Muslims’ and ‘Asians’, and you only criticise non-Muslim British people.

    There’s an obvious conclusion as to what and who you are.

  40. says

    By “asian” do you by chance mean “muslim”? It’s just that there are so many UK stories of “asain” troubles one gets confused about who, exactly, they are talking about.

    That aside I think you look with rose colored longing upon your happy asain family and ignore the salient fact that they are happiest living in your decadent country, not one of the myriad of hell holes their beautiful societies have produced. That’s odd, is it not?

    Oh, and another small inconsistency in your narrative. Nobody that I’m aware of is asking muslim communities to consume drugs, up their divorce rate and generally be rude to their neighbors. I think most would be happy to leave them alone and ask only that they remain loyal law abiding citizens. The problem, however, is that the muslim community agitates for their (often illegal) laws, customs and mode of governance be adopted by the host society at large.

  41. says

    No, it’s the Asians that need to realize Britian is as it is, and if they don’t like it, they can go back to Asia and enjoy their “moral life” all they please – in their own “morally superior” third-world countries.

    Wouldn’t they be happier amongst people who think, act and look like themselves?

  42. says

    “that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around”

    lol, Muslim.

  43. says

    “Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear – values which we should all hold dear.”

    This will not do as an explanation to me. We should not envisage some utopian societies, which don’t exist anywhere. But only compare existing societies.

    I assume that you mean Muslims when you talk about Asians for now. And these people should compare the countries they came from and other Islamic countries and Britain and other Democratic countries.

    If British society does not inspire them to integrate, WHY were they or their ancestors inspired to move there and inspired to leave Islamic countries? A trend that definitely is not seen in the other direction.

    Even if these immigrants do have worthwhile values that we all should strive for, still they would have to strive for the best of both worlds. And appreciate more the countries they reside in than the countries they left and don;t for a moment consider to remigrate too. They should realise they voted with their feet, both in migrating and staying, preferring countries.

    And they could well be massively blind and ungrateful for the merits and benefits of the countries they live in and also the massive drawbacks, dark sides of their own Islamic way of life and mode of governance, and laws, which they left behind in the countries they originally came from.

    Let them look to the soft power of the Western Democratic countries, soft power being attraction of people from all around the world, including so many brides and bridegrooms willing to marry a citizen of democratic countries at least in part for the sake of moving there.

    Islamic countries do have very little soft power, I daresay.

  44. says

    Oh, wow, lots of freedom there in Islam isn’t there, Fairfuzan? Oh, boy, imma gonna buy me a $180 cocktail gown, and only WEAR IT AROUND THE HOUSE!


    Go fly off a cliff, clown.

  45. says

    Oh, you mean the Jordanians might actually SHOOT their Muslim brothers if they tried to settle in their Muslim country? Colour me shocked.

    /sarc off

    Frankly, I don’t give a flying flip where Muslims go. Off-planet would be nice. Perhaps the moon.

    I wouldn’t give them suits, though.

  46. says

    fairfuzfan said” Jihad Watch: So are we to believe that the Warsaw Ghetto was a place to break into, as well, since the ghetto’s Jewish Symphony Orchestra held openly publicized classical concerts? Can’t be too bad if you have classical music, right?”

    You are comparing apples and oranges my friend. Gaza was Egyptian property that Egypt lost in 67. The most you can say is that the Egyptians are preventing the Gaza’s from traveling to Egypt. But you know when they are permitted to cross the Gaza prison into Egypt the Gaza’s are surprised by the poverty and the poor welfare of these Egyptians. If Gaza was a prison they would love to move to Egypt but none wants to. They love Gaza. Where else can they live high on the hog while the world is rushing to them all manner of aid and money and upkeep. In Gaza they can be fat and happy as these pictures show.
    The Warsaw ghetto was created by the Nazi to box in the Jews of Poland. They crowded in so many Jews into that hellhole, that people were dying in the streets. There are many pictures of this hellhole that you can look up. Certainly not a place for merrymaking. There was hardly enough to eat and no other services. So when the Jews were called to be taken to the newly created Jewish villages to the east most Jews willingly complied. The Jews were loaded into boxcars and shipped straight to the Death camp treblinka where they were all gassed to death. There was a small Jewish underground that fought the Nazis from there but that is another story. The Jewish villages were a fantasy for not only Jews but for many Germans who were wondering where all their Jews were being sent to.

    Now compare Warsaw ghetto to Gaza, where would you have wanted live?

  47. says

    What a cheap shot to totally convolute the story of the Warsaw Jewish Symphony Orchestra! It has been many years since I was in high school but I will never forget the day I learned about this orchestra in History class. The Nazis forced the Jewish musicians to assemble for performances and forced residents of the ghetto to attend the ‘concerts’, all part of an elaborate charade staged for the benefit of visiting Red Cross officials to ‘prove’ how well the Jews were being treated. Some of the musicians were so weak from hunger and illness that they could hardly walk, but they complied because they wanted to live.

    You are a lying muslim propagandist and your pathetic attempts to assuage the horrendous treatment of the Jews in Warsaw and elsewhere won’t work here. Go to hell!

  48. says

    Susanp to fairuzfan:

    “You are a lying muslim propagandist and your pathetic attempts to assuage the horrendous treatment of the Jews in Warsaw and elsewhere won’t work here. Go to hell!”

    Brava. Don’t worry, he will be joining his bud Mo down in the fiery furnace.

  49. says


      This will not do as an explanation to me. …

      I assume that you mean Muslims when you talk about Asians for now.

    See my post just above yours where I pointed out people had misread jcq who was quoting from What I learnt from my stay with a Muslim family subtitled Last week, Tory leader David Cameron spent two days in Birmingham with the Rehmans at

    jcq was pointing out that this attitude from Cameron was nothing new, Cameron had written that piece in 2007 and jcq was stating that in it was all one need to know about Cameron.

  50. says

    Yes. I just realized this and I’m a bit embarrassed. It was, however, not very clear that it was a quote and not a personal narrative. That said my remarks (and others) simply apply to Cameron directly (assuming that is indeed an actual accurate quote). Apologies for any misunderstanding.

  51. says

    Yeah, I apologise too for any misunderstandings, I am very sorry.

    I suppose it is my comment to people who say things Cameron said, back in 2007.

  52. says

    Haha, Def-f-lam, I always suspected they were faked. You are sooo intelligent. I mean look you can clearly see that they are pigs dressed as humans. Pig in a black sack, fat pigs in a toy story. Any fool can see that those aren’t arab people.