CNN’s Mideast editor writes on Twitter: “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah … one of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot”

Her own words, in a tribute to the cleric who green-lighted Hizballah’s suicide attacks, including the 1983 barracks bombing that killed 241 Americans. “One of Hizballah’s giants,” indeed. “CNN reporter on terrorist: ‘I respect him a lot’,” by Aaron Klein for World Net Daily, July 5:

TEL AVIV – CNN’s senior Middle East affairs editor yesterday professed her “respect” for an anti-American Islamic extremist who was an ideological guide to the Hezbollah terror group and who was accused of masterminding a 1983 attack on U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 Americans.

“Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah … one of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot,” wrote CNN senior editor for Middle East affairs Octavia Nasr on her personal Twitter page.

241 dead Americans and their families would disagree.

Fadlallah, Lebanon’s top Shiite Muslim cleric who was once regarded as the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, has a long history of supporting terrorism against the U.S. and Israel. He was accused, for example, of masterminding the 1983 U.S. Marine barracks bombing. Although he had strenuously denied any connection to the attack, he continued to publicly support anti-American and anti-Israeli attacks.

He also supported the seizure and hostage-taking at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and has been known to praise Palestinian suicide bombings.

He has said of America, “In its policy that aspires to impose hegemony on the world is an evil with no good in it.”

News media reports claim that in recent years Fadlallah drifted away from radical Islamist politics and has espoused policies of moderation.

However, media watchdog points out that he praised the Palestinian shooting massacre of eight Israeli students at a Jerusalem yeshiva on March 6, 2008, and has praised Iran’s efforts to build long-range missiles as the “pride of the Islamic world” in 2008.

Just last week, Reuters reported that when asked what he needed by a nurse at the Lebanese hospital in which he was being treated, Fadlallah replied: “For the Zionist entity to cease to exist.”

Fadlallah also has engaged in Holocaust denial.

In a March 2008 interview with Al-Manar TV Fadlullah stated, “Zionism has inflated the number of victims in this holocaust beyond imagination. They say there were six million Jews – not six million, not three million, or anything like that. … But the world accepted this [figure], and it does not allow anyone to discuss this.”

Fadlallah survived several assassination attempts, including a 1985 car bombing near his south Beirut home that killed 80 people. During Israel’s 2006 war in Lebanon, Fadlallah’s residence was bombed and reduced to rubble by Israeli warplanes. Fadlallah was not at home.

Nasr, meanwhile, has a history of controversial remarks on terrorism, WND has learned.

In 2006, while serving as CNN’s senior editor for Arab affairs, Nasr stated in an online CNN interview that “terrorism for one person is a freedom fight for another.”

“So, you know, if you think about it, ‘terrorism’ is a subjective term depending on which side you are on,” Nasr continued.

Nasr previously worked for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, a brainchild of Lebanon’s former President Bashir Gemayel. At the time of the LBC’s founding in 1985, the pro-Western Gemayel was leader of the Lebanese Army.

Hizballah whines about free speech after CNN fires Hizballah groupie Mideast editor Octavia Nasr
"Don't be fooled" by tributes to "moderate" Hizballah cleric
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    If she is not promptly separated from CNN (don’t worry, she’ll be picked up by Al Jazeera or possibly Al Manar), then viewers, and advertisers should promptly separate themselves from CNN, and let the network know just why.

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    one man’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist, says the ‘reporter’…. indeed.

    He permitted the torture murders of Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem, Col. Rich Higgins, and CIA attache William Buckley.  Fadlallah’s the one who gave the “go” for the bombing of the Jewish Community Center and Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the 1990s.  And he’s behind a number of murderous, anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic actions taken by Hezbollah, including the group’s participation in several Al-Qaeda bombings and terrorist attacks against Americans.

    Maybe she thought that, “Is it Fadlallah’s praise for the massacre of eight Israeli students at Mercaz Ha-Rav Yeshiva in Jerusalem on March 6, 2008?” that made him such a ‘freedom fighter’ He praised the massacre of eight Israeli students at Mercaz Ha-Rav Yeshiva in Jerusalem on March 6. In his sermon during Friday prayers, Fadlallah declared: “the heroic operation in Jerusalem proved that the mujahedeen in Palestine are able to hit the Zionists hard.” His remarks were carried by Hizbullah’s television network, al-Manar, on March 8.

    In Fadlallah’s announcement, there is no mention that a religious institution was targeted.
    That it was boys, children studying, who were targeted.
    This then, is her ‘freedom fighter’.
    When they blow up each other’s mosques, it is ignored, as ‘militancy’ rather than muslim homicidism, and serial at that.

    And yes… I did write to CNN, and got the perfunctory reply but I hope that reporter gets her traveling papers to Al Jazeera where she belongs. But more importantly, this story that obfuscates muslim theologian homicidal ennablers as ‘freedom fighters’ should be opened to the light of day and not left to die.

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    This is just one reporter who let the “cat out of the bag”. How many other reporters share the same views but hide it.

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    One of Hizballah’s giants, I respect him a lot”.

    The mental capacity of CNN’s senior Middle East affairs editor is limited to a deduction along those lines: Religious leaders are doing the work of God. All religions are equal. Therefore any religious leader should be respected and mourned when passed away.

    It reminds me of what the Western press wrote when Stalin died in 1953.

    The National Guardian wrote:

    “Joseph Stalin was a great man; few other men of the 20th century approach his stature. He was simple, calm and courageous. He seldom lost his poise; pondered his problems slowly, made his decisions clearly and firmly; never yielded to ostentation nor coyly refrained from holding his rightful place with dignity. He was the son of a serf but stood calmly before the great without hesitation or nerves. But also – and this was the highest proof of his greatness – he knew the common man, felt his problems, followed his fate.”

    The New York Times wrote:

    “Stalin Rose From Czarist Oppression to Transform Russia Into Mighty Socialist State

    Joseph Stalin became the most important figure in the political direction of one-third of the people of the world. He was one of a group of hard revolutionaries that established the first important Marxist state and, as its dictator, he carried forward its socialization and industrialization with vigor and ruthlessness.

    … He could exercise great charm when he wanted to. President Harry Truman once said in an unguarded moment:

    “I like old Joe. Joe is a decent fellow, but he is a prisoner of the Politburo.”

    – Yah, and Fadlallah was a prisoner of Islam, but also a charming and decent fellow who should be respected a lot. 😉

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    “So, you know, if you think about it, ‘terrorism’ is a subjective term depending on which side you are on,”

    It’s amazing to me how these people can’t pick a side. It should be a no brainer.

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    Do not overlook Barbara Plett, the BBC Middle East correspondent who could not contain herself and wept uncontrollably at the death of Yassir Arafat, a planner, promoter, paymaster, and profiteer of terrorism who made that particular instrument of Jihad the easy and popular thing ifor Muslims all over the world.

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    That is funny, because I was really happy when I heard that news. Just goes to show you how out of touch with regular people these idiots are.

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    Octavia Nasr. That obese, shameless lying weasel that, among other things, has:

    – on the verge of tears, urged mahoundians in Switzerland to fight the “islamophobia of the Swiss ban on minarets” by “getting the word out on how peaceful mahoundianism is.”

    – said that SHARIA, of all things, isn’t that “barbaric”, “medieval” thing the West believe it to be, but rather something “flexible”, “fluid” and “very adaptable to modern times.”

    – and, the worst, that Mein Qurampf can be interpreted in several different ways, not just as real muslims do.

    Yup… That’s Octavia Nasr right there for you. I’ve seen her say all that on Stan Grant’s Prism, the most shameless mahoundian propaganda program on al-CNN, where she spews most of this nonsense.

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    But at least Fadlallah was honest about Islam:

    Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, the spiritual mentor of Hizbullah, was asked by an English-language periodical in 1992 whether he thought fundamentalist or Islamist was more appropriate.

    Like Ghannushi and Turabi, Fadlallah rejected fundamentalist because of its “violent” associations. But like Madani, he also found Islamist unacceptable. It was a term “used by outsiders to denote a strand of activity which they think justifies their misconception of Islam as something rigid and immobile, a mere tribal affiliation.”

    And his conclusion was identical to Madani’s: “Having thought a good deal about this matter, I am satisfied to use the word ‘Muslim,’ which includes all the activities carried on within the scope and fold of Islam.”

    At least Fadlallah identified the problem correctly. The problem is not fundamentalist Islam and not Islamism, it is quite simply ISLAM!

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    I quite simply cannot believe that a CNN editor thinks it acceptable to mourn a man like Fadlallah. Even if it´s perhaps and maybe possible to discover others worse than him he was Hezbollah and a hater of infidels, case closed. Let´s hope CNN top brass show some sense. If they dare.

    Like so often before we see loyalty tied to religion, anti-zionism and sectarianism.

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    CNN is barely watchable anymore. The only good I’ve seen on it lately is that Larry King is retiring. Hallelulah!

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    “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah … one of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot,” wrote CNN senior editor for Middle East affairs Octavia Nasr on her personal Twitter page.

    This is a case where you hope for abject naivete and ignorance, because the alternative is even worse. But Octavia Nasr grew up in Lebanon”a place that has been ruined by Islam and Hizb’allah, and is sympathetic to their vicious vision.

    I’m not sure whether Nasr is Muslim or “Islamo-Christian””she was educated in Christian schools in Lebanon as a child. But the Christian schools were always so much better than Muslim schools (I wonder why?) that many Muslims also attended them. Certainly, “Octavia” does not sound like a Muslim name, but that is in no way definitive”ultimately, it may make little difference’she is a constant Muslim apologist.

    Here are some other ugly pieces from Nasr”this, a lauding of the tyrannical Saudi King Abdullah, who overturned a sentence calling for Saudi female journalist Rosanna Yami to receive 60 lashes for covering a news story for a Lebanese TV show about sexual topics.

    The station’s Saudi offices were closed and one of the Saudi citizens featured on the show was sentenced to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes.

    You might assume that Octavia Nasr”a *journalist*”might be upset by this flagrant targeting of freedom of speech and the media”even of a fellow female reporter. You would be wrong.

    Instead, the piece turns into a paean for the repulsive Saudi “king”:

    “King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has been called ‘The King of Hearts’ by many of his countrymen and women. This is a reflection of what many Saudis believe are his compassionate attempts to reform his ultra-conservative kingdom and bring it up-to-date with the rest of the world.”

    What a great guy! One may wonder “why it is that King Abdullah does not use his power more frequently and forcefully to bring faster reform to his country”, as the intrepid Nasr asks. Here’s her vapid answer, complete with original cutesy exclamation point:

    “One important factor to keep in mind is that in an ultra-conservative society such as Saudi Arabia, with many fundamentalist, even radical constituents, the options are very limited even if you are The King!”

    “Lashes or Pardon? That is the Question”

    Here’s her tone-deaf coverage of the South Park “Muhammed” episode storm of death threats:

    “‘South Park’ Mohammed issue sparks debate among Muslims”

    “What the young [Muslim] man (he prefers to remain anonymous) found disgusting was the depiction of Islam’s revered Prophet Mohammed as a bear mascot in “South Park’s” 200th episode. The depiction was the show authors’ sarcastic attempt to highlight media’s uneasy dealing with the father of Islam as not to offend Muslims who consider any depiction of their prophet as blasphemous.

    Since his followers insist on him not being shown in any form, producers have always struggled with ways to include Mohammed in story lines without showing him. The most famous of those depictions is the classic Hollywood movie “The Message’ by Mustafa al-Akkad about the life of Prophet Mohammed. Being Muslim himself, al-Akkad directed his entire film with extreme sensitivity building the character of the prophet around the wind or the light so it’s a presence that is felt or experienced but not seen.”

    Describing “The Message” as a “classic Hollywood movie” is laughable in itself. The fact that Matt Stone and Trey Parker”and Comedy Central”garnered *death threats* does not seem a concern to Nasr”but the oh-so-tender sensibilities of touchy Muslims certainly are:

    “Comedy Central confirmed they added additional bleeps to the show than what was in the original cut. Whether the decision was an attempt to appeal to Muslims or to keep angry sentiment at bay, nobody knows, but tackling the issue of Mohammed in any way, beeps and censor marks included, still sparks concern among Muslims.”

    She refers to the murderous reaction to the Danish MoToons as a “tragedy””rather than condemning it. Worse than this, though, is when you realize the only actions deemed “tragic” is when the violence spilled over to non-Infidel targets. In other words, attacking the Danish Embassy seems”what?”a legitimate expression of the ‘hurt feelings’ of Muslims:

    “El-Houri said he was quickly reminded of tragedies that ensued from other infamous depictions of Prophet Mohammed. In particular he recalls the Muslim outrage in 2005 following publications of Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. He said he witnessed in Beirut, Lebanon, crowds take to the streets and burn the building housing the Danish embassy.

    “I remember seeing people crashing and burning police cars and ambulances that had nothing to do with Denmark or their cause.”

    She then goes on to mischaracterize Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s positions, implying that she wants to “use the tools of free speech” to improve the image of Islam. You have to read on to understand that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is actually scathing in her condemnation of just this sort of reaction by Muslims to any sort of criticism.

    Ultimately, she doesn’t care about the threats to free speech in the West’something you might assume she has a stake in, if only out of self-interest”but is concerned only with how it affects the image of Muslims.

    Perhaps she will now be concerned over her own lauding of a vicious Hizb’allah terrorist”but if she is, I’m sure it will be just because it might “make Muslims look bad”.

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    What a stupid &*%^&%* “rhymes with witch”!

    So she calls some a-hole who murdered hundreds of Americans in a terrorist attack, “a giant?” What next, will she compare Willie Horton to MLK?

    So is she some kind of America-hating Muslim or something?

    This woman’s an idiot! Does she have an e-mail or something? I want to give her a piece of my mind!

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    It is tempting for Western TV, radio and newspapers to make use of more or less local born and bred expertise. Also those who have now settled in a Western country or are of a family settled here but have the language and know-how to be experts in their countries of origin.

    Danish TV 2 have one such who is Danish born and much used in news from Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. I was struck though a while ago when a Taliban (or Al Qaeda) warlord was killed by a US air strike or drone missile. According to this TV journalist´s answer to a question from the news desk in Denmark “he was murdered” because “the USA were afraid of him”. There was such an unusual but obvious slant in this unprepared answer it made me sit up.

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    According to Wikipedia, “Currently she [Nasr] serves as the Senior Editor for Arab affairs across all of CNN’s platforms… She also provides guidance off air and is involved in CNN’s coverage of Arab and Middle Eastern affairs.” Her bio contains the usual gushing praise and list of awards and honors used to pad resumes. Even the current flap is mentioned in the Wikipedia story, so obviously someone is busy updating the page.

    I have often seen Octavia Nasr on CNN International during my travels, and it is always distressing to see how she manages to put a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli spin on her stories from the Middle East involving them. One suspects that all the major news outlets have their own in-house versions of Octavia Nasr. Now that her journalistic bias has been exposed, it is time for CNN to let her (and her internal allies) go, and to make sure that her replacement isn’t just a clone who will continue along the same lines. The other news channels should scrutinize their staffs to determine whether they, too, have been similarly compromised and take appropriate action where necessary.

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    Even the BBC had to — at least temporarily — re-assign Barbara Plett in order to get her out of the Middle East, where she was just too egregious an example of their constant, relentless, non-stop anti-Israel bias, instinct in every story that comes out, including the new series — did you know that Gaza was not getting enough attention — on “Life In Gaza” (to which BBC reporters will be “returning” at intervals). It’s apparently not enough that about half of all the funds the U.N. allocates for refugees around the world goes to the “Palestinian” Arabs (while those in Darfur, or the Congo, or anywhere else in the world, all have to share what remains). No, it’s also the attention lavished on the “Palestinian” Arabs that is such a triumph for the anti-Israel and, bien entendu, pro-Islamic, hirelings and fellow travellers and willing collaborators all over the world.

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    An evil jihad gang boss/ warlord and thug has died. Good riddance. Sometimes the fact that human beings are mortal can only be seen as a blessing; it limits the amount of damage that any given individual can personally bring about.

    Unfortunately, this creature died of old age, rather than being properly executed.

    But: even though he ordered acts of jihad, and incited jihad, do any of us know whether he carried out any human sacrifices with his own hands?

    I seem to recall that unless a Mohammedan is killed while actively engaged in Jihad on the battlefield, no matter what else he’s done or gotten others to do, he still can’t be 100 % certain – if he finishes his career by dying peacefully in bed, of old age – that his capricious and merciless war-god will give him those 72 houris in ‘paradise’.

    Maybe he died in fear.

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    Since the March 2008 jihadist mass-murder of young Torah students at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva has been mentioned, it might be good to revisit some contemporary accounts of that event.

    First, here is the summary that appeared on IMRA, the day after it happened:

    ‘Friday, March 7, 2008

    6.3.08 Terrorist Shooting at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem (with names)

    6.3.08 Terrorist Shooting at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem
Israel Government Press Office Friday, 07 March, 2008


    ‘Terror in yeshiva library

    ‘A Palestinian terrorist [sic: Arab Muslim jihadist – dda] infiltrated the Mercaz Harav rabbinical seminary
( ) on Thursday evening and opened fire 
on a crowded library and study hall, killing eight people and wounding 11

    ‘ The yeshiva, located in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood near the
 entrance to Jerusalem, is home to several hundred students, most aged 18-30.

    ‘The ‘Galilee Freedom Brigades’ – an Israeli-Arab group – has claimed 
responsibility for the attack.

    ‘On Thursday evening, the yeshiva students – mostly teenagers – had returned
 from prayers at the Western Wall. They were about to begin a party 
celebrating the beginning of the month of Adar – a month of joy marked by 
the Purim holiday. Many of the students had gathered in the yeshiva library
 before the party when the terrorist opened fire.

    ‘Celebrations in Gaza

    ‘**Gaza’s streets filled with joyous crowds of thousands on Thursday evening
 following the terror attack** {my emphasis – dda} at a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary in which
 eight people were killed.

    ‘**In mosques in Gaza City and northern Gaza, many 
residents went to perform the prayers of thanksgiving. Armed men fired in 
the air in celebration and others passed out sweets to passersby** {my emphasis – dda}.

    ‘Hamas issued a statement saying the group “blesses the (Jerusalem)
 operation. It will not be the last.”


    ‘Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni: “The murderous rampage against students
 marking a religious event exemplifies all too well the heinous extremism of
 the fundamentalist foundations Palestinian terrorism is built upon. Israel
 will never allow terrorism to achieve its goals. Despicable attacks such as
 this must strengthen the free world’s understanding of the terrorist threat,
in the face of which we must stand resolute and without compromise. Israel
 expects the nations of the world to support it in its battle against the 
murderers of students, women and children.”

    ‘US Secy of State Condoleezza Rice: “The United States condemns tonight’s act
of terror and depravity. This barbarous act has no place among civilized 
peoples and shocks the conscience of all peace-loving nations. There is no
 cause that could ever justify this action.”

    ‘UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a condemnation of the “savage 
attack” and decried the “deliberate killing and injuring of civilians.” The
 Secretary-General said he was deeply concerned at the potential for
 continued acts of violence and terrorism to undermine the political process.

    ‘The victims:

    Segev Pniel Avihail, 15, of Neve Daniel
    Neria Cohen, 15, of Jerusalem
    Yonatan Yitzhak Eldar, 16, of Shilo
    Yonadav Haim Hirshfeld, 19, of Kohav Hashahar
    Yohai Lifshitz, 18, of Jerusalem
    Doron Tronoh Maharata, 26, of Ashdod
    Avraham David Moses, 16, of Efrat
    Ro’i Rot, 18, of Elkana”.


    It should be noted that Doron Tronoh Maharata of Ashdod was a Falasha, an Ethiopian Jew, who had moved heaven and earth to be able to achieve his dream of studying at the yeshiva; and that he was his elderly parents’ **only son**.

    The names of those eight young men are written in my prayer book, and their families have been remembered in my prayers, more than once.

    Now, from the jihadwatch archives, the news as it broke here: two reports, the first from CNN and the second from Jerusalem Post.

    More: Hamas celebrated.

    Hamas claims reponsibility:

    Be sure to scroll down and re-read the discussions. There are some good postings (though also some sickeningly creepy, and unintentionally revealing, postings by Mohammedan dementors) and extra information provided, giving a pretty complete coverage of the event and its significance in the context of the Global Jihad, and the Jihad Against the Jews.

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    Octavia Nasr must be one of the Muslim Brotherhood “plants” that was discussed in “the Muslim Brotherhood Project” document found in the Swiss Intelligence authorities “raid of a luxurious villa in Campione, Switzerland on November 7, 2001″.

    Islamists in our newsrooms, our classrooms, our university campuses, our halls of justice, our banks and other financial institutions, and the highest offices of the government.
    It is already a reality with Obama in power and his nominations of Muslim secretives in positions of authority.
    Now Obama wants Muslims in Outer Space.


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    I NEVER watch CNN and very seldom BBC World (also apologists for Muslims). This Octavia person sound like a true nightmare. Her surname surely gives the game away though. No? She is despicable.

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    The abomination of the US & European media. The abomination. It is long past time that we launch vigorous Resistance against the Quisling traitors to Western civilization entrenched in the media, academia, the State Dept., the CIA and in our US military, at the highest levels. As far as Resistance to the Global Jihad is concerned, the heroic Dutch people in Europe (Eurabia !!!) are suddenly far ahead of us. The Italians, the Danes, the Czechs and even the Bulgarians, not to mention the Serbs so horribly wronged by the Western democracies, are ahead of us, too. We desperately need a new Center Party modeled after hero Geert Wilders’ glorious Freedom Party, with American heroes Rudy Giuliani and Paul Sperry in charge.

    Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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    Thank you, Steffen,

    I very seldom watch the TV, so the name doesn’t ring the bell. I will ask about her people better informed than I.



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    Perhaps it was radio, I cannot remember: stereo and TV both are behind my back. In my mind all news are voices from behind, source unknown.