EDL forms Jewish Division

A development much to be applauded. Meanwhile, Pamela Geller has more coverage of yesterday’s events in Dudley, here, here and here.

“EDL Jewish Division Issues First Press Release,” from the EDL, June 29 (thanks to Yuval):

We, the English Defence League Jewish Division, support the British Armed Forces, the IDF and the British people.

We are English, we love England, and we are committed to combat racism, fascism, anti-semitism, the biased media, and uninformed politicians.

We are here to fight for all people – Jews in England in particular – against attacks by pro-Islamic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel media propaganda and lies, relating to Jews, Jewish culture and beliefs, and against blood-libels propagated by the left, Nazis and Muslims.

We are committed to waking up the sleeping Jewish press, e.g: The Jewish Chronicle, to the threat of Muslim attacks on Judaism, Zionism and to Muslim attempts to delegitimise Jews, the Jewish state of Israel and to force, by stealth and overt means, sharia law on England.

Our EDL units have gays, transgender, Black, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and ex-Muslims (apostates) members. We are professionals of ALL classes!

We are the only organisation in the UK that demonstrates against Muslim violence and discrimination against women, such as forced marriages, underage marriage, female genital mutilation and honour killings. Not one so-called feminist has spoken out against these terrible things, preferring to collude with male Muslims and respect these appalling acts as “culture”!

Our Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/EnglishDefenceLeagueJewishDivision?ref=ts -by invitation only.

We are also connected to the wonderful English Defence Youth, who have their own website which, we contribute to.

Our fight is worldwide: against Muslim hegemony, polygamy, misogyny, sharia law, the building of any more mosques in the UK, racist attacks on non-Muslims (or kuffar as they call us!), homophobic attacks, Islamic no-go areas for British people, Muslim-only services paid for by the tax-payer, laws just for Muslims.

We repudiate preferential treatment for Islamic hate-speakers, terrorists and groups/organizations like IFE, Muslims against Crusaders, who, apart from being sponsored by terrorist organizations, proselytise against our armed forces and against the freedoms that the generations of English people have fought for!

This struggle is everyone’s struggle, and remaining silent is no longer an option.

No Surrender!

English Defence League Jewish Division

Morrigan Emmaleth

Cassandra Victoria

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    This is a GREAT step forward in combatting the libel that the EDL is in any way “pro-fascist” or “anti-Semitic.”

    Good for them.

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    I stumbled on their site a few weeks back. Your enemy is my enemy. The red cross in their logo is suggestingly Christan is nature. I’m sure is represents something entirely different. I’m totally in the dark when it comes to English crest symbolism.

    American has plenty of so-called defense leagues. Maybe not entirely dedicated to defending the honor of our warrior class against the insults of Islam. The Tea Party doesn’t fit that bill.

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    The true account of what happened in Dudley is revealed at Atlas Shrugs and not reported in any mainstream British newspaper or TV news. This horrific account of how a handful of EDL members were deliberately lead into confrontation with 300 screaming Muslim yobs by the police who then stood back and refused to intervene even when hand to hand skirmishes were taking place in front of them. The EDL protesters were only saved from certain injury or death by EDL reinforcements, and although outnumbered, charged the Muslim mob who turned and ran.

    The British police either have to protect protesters from the mad Islamic hordes or allow us to be armed as in the US. They cannot have it both ways.

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    George Galloway has just had the rug deftly whipped from under his feet with that move by the EDL. Now, how about another ‘division': Apostates from Islam. Might become quite sizeable in a little while.

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    Back me in calling on Robert, Hugh, Marisol and other JW folks to invite American heroes Rudy Giuliani and Paul Sperry to their 9/11 rally as guest speakers. Let us bring those 2 great men together so they can launch a new Center Party modeled after EDL and hero Geert Wilders’ glorious Dutch Freedom Party that will attract the sensible middle of the American people.
    As for the “Tea Party” … there’s no there there. An odd collection of people associate themselves with it, including some OK conservatives, but also many opportunists, cons and kooks. What is their ideology? There’s none, only hodge-podge. No sense of direction, no vision, only BS sloganeering and demagogery. This is a pool of murky and polluted water where maggots such as Rand and Ron Paul, and the bizarre LaRouche cultists thrive.
    We want a stream of fresh, clear water like EDL and Geerts’ freedom Party. Let us create the Center Party this come September 11.

    Ruslan Tokhchukov, Currently Not Enraged But Energized.

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    Believe it or not, within Israel itself there are sometimes cases when the State and the Police force which represents the state, have been as reluctant as the British state and police, to apply the full force of the law against the sullen, resentful, ever-riotous and ever-cheating Muslim Mob; there are areas in the north and in the Negev where Israel – just like Britain – is gravely in danger of ‘losing ground’ to typical Mohammedan tactics of ‘war of attrition’, ‘crime jihad’.

    In response, the New Israeli Guardsmen have been created.

    I would advise the EDL (via their Jewish Division) to get in touch with them – Caroline provides the needful info – and compare notes.


    This episode should ring bells with the EDL.


    English-born Israelis who care what happens to philojudaic friends in Britain might consider supporting the EDL; whilst EDL members who would like to see Israel successfully resist the Jihad, could consider support for the Guardsmen, even if it’s only a small donation once a year and a friendly word of encouragement: