UK Ambassador to Lebanon on dead Jew-hating jihad terrorist cleric: “The world needs more men like him”

GuyFadlallah.jpgGuy with Fadlallah: "Every woman adores a fascist"

CNN’s former Mideast Editor Octavia Nasr is not alone in loving this dead jihad terrorist. “Britain pulls Hezbollah blog post by its ambassador to Lebanon,” from CNN, July 9 (thanks to Mr. Slugworth):

London, England (CNN) — Britain’s foreign office yanked Friday a blog posted by its ambassador to Lebanon that mourned the death of an “admired” Shiite cleric once considered Hezbollah’s spiritual leader.

Frances Guy wrote that she left the presence of Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, who died Sunday, feeling a better person.

“Lebanon is a lesser place the day after, but his absence will be felt well beyond Lebanon’s shores,” she said. “The world needs more men like him, willing to reach out across faiths.” […]

In a statement Friday, Britain’s foreign office said the ambassador “expressed a personal view” on Fadlallah and did not reflect an official government position. The blog, it said, was taken down.

“While we welcomed his progressive views on women’s rights and interfaith dialogue, we also had profound disagreements — especially over his statements advocating attacks on Israel,” the statement said….

Just after Abbas calls on Arab states to war against Israel, Obama calls him and expresses "strong support" for his "commitment to peace"
Christians to protest in Mecca against "anti-Christian laws" -- no, wait...
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    From the article – “Frances Guy wrote that she left the presence of Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, who died Sunday, feeling a better person.”

    Probably because he didn’t kill her on the spot for being “uncovered meat”.

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    “…Britain’s foreign office yanked Friday a blog posted by its ambassador to Lebanon that mourned the death of an “admired” Shiite cleric once considered Hezbollah’s spiritual leader”.

    Oh…. so they ‘yanked’ the post, so that way, it …. never happened.
    As opposed to ‘yanking’ the ambassador which would be a wee bit much for the brits who
    crawl towards appeasement properly dressed, of course.

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    Yanking, wanking, banking on our collective inattention — but they weren’t quite fast enough. And now it’s out. And there it is.

  4. says

    Waiting for the “clarification” from Frances Guy…or will she just stonewall?

    Mzzz Guy should suffer the same fate as Octavia Nasr, lest we reach that God-forsaken point in time when such sentiments are accepted as conventional wisdom.

  5. says

    Blimey, Mates!

    I pity the poor Englishmen (and women) that have to put up with such nonsense! it’s too bad that Madame Frances is not unique in her obsequious pandering to Islam, but she is but a bit player in the U.K.’s surrender to Eurabization!

    Were that there were men and women of the caliber of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher in authority in Great Britain today…

    Toodle oo!

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    What would J. B. Kelly, P. J. Vatikiotis, Elie Kedourie, and the reoubtable sometime advisor to the Foreign Office, in a different time, Ann K. S. Lambton, have made of this? You know the answer to that.

  7. says

    Sylvia Plath, Robert? What’s next? Where will it all end? Will you agree to draw the line at Adrienne Rich? Thank you.

  8. says

    I, too, would feel a better person after leaving the presence of Fadlallah……..after I got a chance to breathe clean air and wash the filth of his evil islamist ideas off of me!

    Do they even make a soap that strong nowadays or would I have to make my own?

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    It may interest everyone here at this blog that Fadlallah had worked for women’s rights in the Islamic world, and that’s why these women are praising him posthumously. Here is an example taken from Wikipedia:

    >>>Fadlallah also issued a fatwa on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women that supports the right of a woman to defend herself against any act of violence whether social or physical. The fatwa reaffirms the rights of women, both at their workplace and at home, and states that Islam forbids men from exercising any form of violence against women and forbids men from depriving women of their legal rights. In his words “physical violence in which women are beaten, proves that these men are weak, for only the weak are in need of unjust violence”.[34] He also issued fatwas (religious edicts) forbidding female circumcision and honour killings.[29]>>>

    While I don’t adhere to Fadlallah’s philosophy as a whole, I personally welcome his condemnation of honor killings and female genital mutilation.

    So much for Jihadwatch’s supposed concern for the oppression of Muslim women. Your hypocrisy is stunning.

  10. says

    From above…The fatwa reaffirms the rights of women, both at their workplace and at home, and states that Islam forbids men from exercising any form of violence against women and forbids men from depriving women of their legal rights.

    Wickidpedia is not a good source of reliable information…

    This fatwa does not negate Quran 4:34…As far as womens rights, are you aware of the ‘rights’ of women in Islam?

    His fatwa is useless because no one is listening….Words are cheap…

  11. says

    We had an election a few weeks ago. During the hustings, people, now at boiling point asked the same question, time after time.

    It was immigration and what is proposed at limiting it.

    We’ve been pummeled by Labour who have almost made it a crime to even raise the question.

    Well Brown got his cummupance and many are of a view that that moment was the tipping point.

    He was asked by an elderly woman in Rochdale, a northern town overwhelmed by Pakistani immigrants who are doing what they always do, what he intended to do about it.

    Brushing her off he returned to his car, forgetting to switch the lapel mic off. His muttered tirade about a bigot was caught on air and broadcast nationally.

    The woman, an ex public service employee and old school
    Labour from a time when their client vote was the working class was then interviewed only minutes after his debacle.

    He, realising the grotesque faux pas, ordered the car to be reversed and attempted clumsy placation.

    Too late. The deed was done, exposing not only Labours anti white racism but also what a fraud the fat bastard was.

    They are now out of office. And still in denial, basically going crazy. Good!

    The Tories have realised this is hot ticket stuff and not one moment too soon. They know full well that the mood is not good and the last thing they need at this point is a flash, leading to riots.

    Our nose ring is gone. Lead by it by accusation of racism we stayed dormant until we could stand it no longer.

    I’ve got a feeling this woman will be seeking work elsewhere pretty soon.

    Meanwhile in the US you’ve got let’s get a Muslim on the Moon, Hussein. Not for long i would imagine.

    And another meanwhile, watch Europe. Its shifting rightwards and change is gonna come.

    All is not lost, my friends. It just seems so at times.

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    Being part of the righteous crowd is strangely attractive. Also take a look at German film footage of the 30s: we see the German Frau or Mädel almost bursting with passion in the presence of the Big Cheese.
    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely and is very overwhelming when presented with the ringing sound of absolute conviction.

    Add those things together and it becomes clear that women of brittle ethics cannot resist a man so obviously MALE as an islamist leader, even when – or maybe because – he is belittling women.

  13. says

    Hereti, Fadlallah LIED. Far from ‘forbidding violence towards women” Islam via the Quran sanctions the beating of women. (Q4:34) Hereti, you really need to learn more about Islam and its foundational teachings before taking issue with jihadwatch posters who’ve made it their business to know what they’re talking about. Muslims are advised to lie to unbelievers to protect ‘the pearl of Islam’. You need to know this.

  14. says

    Judging from the response I’ve got from my comment, it appears to have struck a nerve.

    The very idea of a Muslim male championing women’s rights even to the little bit that Fadlallah did is clearly terrifying to all of you, because it forces you to see that same Muslim male as a human being instead of the cartoon stereotypes that you’re so fond of.

    If you see the Wikipedia article as an untrustworthy source, then consider this Israeli source instead:,7340,L-3433157,00.html

    Like I said, I don’t adhere to Mr. Fadlallah beliefs, but I do support his fatwa against honor-killings, and this act is clearly a step in the right direction.

  15. says

    This is to this dumbass Hereti who has no life but to sit online and try to get hi depressed anger out on Muslims. Let me tell you something, I’m a muslim woman and I LOVE IT!!! ok?!! Hope you got that! We have all the rights we ask for. The type of rights you are talking about are the ones we don’t want. For example, we don’t want to live in sin for the rest of our lives, we don’t want to have sex with any stranger, we don’t want to be fucked 700… times before we get married, which are only some of the few disgusting things women of your race and religion too. Also, Fadllalah is a not like your dumbass rulers who only wants war. Besides stop being nosy, who said Muslim women need your help fighting for them rights?!! Go find a better job, maybe like bombing other countries?? Something you dumb jews do often. Oh and yes, Hitler was a great guy, maybe one of the few that knew exactly how jews should be treated. lol hahah you can’t do shit about that now, Can you? lol I hope Najati and Bashar Al Assad combine one day and just woop you off the planet, just like Hitler. GoodBye!

  16. says

    Although we at times meet Muslims in the West who are agreeable and we personally like them, unfortunately Fatima is the archetypal true face and voice of Islam which we have seen and heard often. Adoring violence against infidels, promoting genocide, full of hate and mocking. Recently someone asked — is this a religion?

    Ironically, we have the means to totally destroy Islam and Muslims. Mecca and Medina could be removed in an hour (we can leave the oil fields functioning). All the capitals of the Muslim world could be laid waste in less than a day. The Islamic world can and could be totally brought to its knees, if we were kind and did not destroy them outright. That would be genocide. Something the West, out of humanity, does not condone, even to an enemy as heartless as the Islamic one.

    Muslims, en masse, are like a wild beast. We do not want to kill wantonly, but what to do with this beast? Tranquilize it? It will wake up. Beat it? It jumps back up, hobbled and limping, but still attacking. Be nice to it? Hah!

    It needs to feel itself utterly defeated — that is the only thing that will stop this madness. Stop sending American boys and girls to Muslim countries for house-to-house niceties which cost American lives.

    Wherever there are Muslim terrorists, bomb them. Bomb their camps. Enough is enough. If the Tehran regime does not fall
    on its own soon, bomb their nuke sites. If they terrorize us in response bomb Tehran until they surrender. This will take the starch out of a lot of Muslim shorts.

    Enough with the dithering. All this hesitation and second-guessing will ultimately cost more American and Muslim lives. Let’s get on with it. We will have to anyway down the line. Let’s do it sooner rather than later.

    All will benefit.

  17. says

    Oh and Fatima, can I thank you for your clear and succinct explanation what it means to be a muslimah.
    Your erudite dissertation, from a muslim point of view, of Jews, Hitler, “Western women’, other religions and the West in general seems to confirm the somewhat negative perception I have developed over the last few years regarding islam.
    Well done.

  18. says

    BTW, I nearly forgot to mention that it’s not like Islamic societies are paragons of virtue and are free from the same ills that plague Western societies. Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan all have severe problems with large numbers of their population being addicted to heroin. That’s all before you get to the issue of prostitution which is rife among young women in Iran, not to mention the practice of ‘Muttah’-all too widespread from Pakistan across the Middle East.

  19. says

    what do you all think of Robert Baer’s take on this guy?

    From Time,

    “Lebanon’s most senior Shi’a cleric died on the Fourth of July. His name, Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, will mean nothing to most Americans, just as they won’t see any connection between it and Independence Day. But the fact is, Fadlallah has been a central figure in modern Middle Eastern history, as he has been to U.S. involvement in that part of the world. He was a founder of Da’wa, the Islamic group to which Iraq’s current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki belongs. In the 1980s, Fadlallah was at the top of the Reagan Administration’s enemy list. The White House mistakenly believed he was the spiritual leader of Hizballah, the Lebanese militant group the U.S. was at war with at the time.

    On March 8, 1985, a car bomb exploded in Beirut’s southern suburbs, killing more than 80. The target was Fadlallah, and he was saved only by an unplanned stop near his house. Although the CIA was commonly believed to be behind the assassination attempt, a group of Christian Lebanese army officers in fact were. They acted on the same mistaken belief that Fadlallah was the spiritual leader of Hizballah. [Editor’s Note: Indeed, even TIME called Fadlallah the voice of Hizballah in a 1989 interview.] If he were gone, the Christian Lebanese army officers calculated, Hizballah would die as a movement. They also thought they were doing the Americans a favor, believing that Fadlallah was responsible for the truck bombing of the Marine barracks at Beirut International Airport on Oct. 23, 1983, that killed 241 American servicemen.
    (See TIME’s 1989 interview with Fadlallah.)

    The problem is, there never has been a shred of evidence that Fadlallah was responsible for the Marine bombing, other than his preaching against foreign occupation. But in that sense, he was no different from Lebanon’s other Muslim clerics who also did not want foreign troops in the country. Fadlallah was with near certainty not involved in Hizballah’s terrorist attacks in Lebanon. In fact, he complained privately about the Iranians ” through their proxy, the Islamic Jihad Organization ” taking hostages in his country, believing it was un-Islamic.

    But where we really got Fadlallah wrong was when we started to call him the spiritual leader of Hizballah. That honor belonged exclusively to Ayatullah Khomeini ” and now to his successor, Ayatullah Khamenei, in Tehran. Just as important, the Iranians always looked at Fadlallah as an obstacle to Hizballah’s dominance of Lebanese Shi’a. There even was a time when some Iranian intelligence officers considered getting rid of Fadlallah.

    Every time I met Fadlallah, he brought up the 1985 attempt on his life. Nothing I could say would convince him that the CIA hadn’t been behind it. But I had a sense the attempt was old history. Why, otherwise, would Fadlallah agree to meet an ex–CIA officer? Fadlallah wouldn’t have understood the expression, but he had moved on. Leaving those meetings, I thought that rather than me, it should be our ambassador in Beirut meeting Fadlallah. But he wasn’t allowed to, because Fadlallah was on a terrorism watch list.
    (See pictures of health care in Tehran.)

    Don’t get me wrong. Fadlallah was not a friend of the U.S. He preached jihad against the West and created a climate for the attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut. But at the end of the day, he was an independent Arab voice, a Shi’a Muslim courageous enough to stand up against Iran. In that sense, we should regret his passing.”,8599,2001716,00.html#ixzz0tLpfXrBD

  20. says


    Muttah is only a Shia thing, so it is only as widespread across the Middle East within Minority Shia’ communites…so I would disagree as far as it’s widespreadness, Iran, Yeah, Shia’ Sections of Iraq, yeah. Shia areas of Lebanon, yeah, but outside of that, where Shia’s are a tiny minority no so much.

    Sunni’s believe it was banned, according to Bukhari:Volume 5, Book 59, Number 527

  21. says

    lol, I rather admire Hereti´s strange reasoning when met with a string of rather hurt answers: “Judging from the response I’ve got from my comment, it appears to have struck a nerve.”

    And Fatima forgot to mention that 70% of Westerners are gay and that Western women marry dogs and donkeys.

    Fadlallah was pro-Iranian Revolution and would have welcomed the same in Lebanon. The resulting chaos – not to mention what would happen to the Christians, the Druze and the Sunni – is anybody´s guess, although Hezbollah show it in a smaller way. Really it ought to be nothing special for a responsible religious leader to speak out against honour killings, unfortunately the wonder is he did at all and in any case he´s dead now.

  22. says

    Eleanor, you’ve got Fatima’s three-digit number bang-on the button. Why, some weeks ago I was observing a pair of hijabed ‘mothers’ with their customary strollers-and-gaggle-of-kindergarden-offspring. The oldest boy was playing with something red, about the size of a grapefruit which jagged my eye when I noticed two protuberences on the object. As I drew closer my suspicions were confirmed…the boy was cradling a plastic head of Lucifer. Enough said.

  23. says

    For what it’s worth I think Fatimah’s a cardboard cutout, put on this blog to stir things up. A mass of contradictions, all hot air -. He/she(?) is obviously quite content to be a Muslim/ah, and is quite content for the likes of Fadlallah to dictate to her/him(?) how she/he should live her/his life, while feeling free to take advantage of what the West has to offer by biting the hand that feeds her/him.

    Not very good at blogging, though. Got well and truly hoisted by the petard. Well said Spiritof1683.

    Black to Ms Guy. Typical, I’d say, of the useful idiots in the Foreign Service in the UK. That’s why the place is inundated with Islamists – hell, they even gave Moqbul Ali an OBE after his antics:


    This likely lad has a lot of time for Qaradawi and his views. He’s even got some wackier than wacky ones of his own. All part of the Master Plan of Islamisation taking root in Europe and the UK, while useless liberalist/multiculturalist “lovies” are busy rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic…..

    Nobody knows more than us Brits that unless we stand up for ourselves we’ll circle the drain and disappear down the plug hole. Not all of us are wimps and dhimmi material.

  24. says

    Fatima – congratulations on being satisfied with your life, full of hatred as it is.

    To the rest of you Jwatchers- Islam is a religion of human locusts, as once more revealed by Fatima here. The only reason that they have not been bombed, killed or otherwise battled is because the EUropeans love Arab oil, the gangbanger power of Muslim violence, their Jew hatred
    and their self-righteous selfprotection of their Italian suits – wouldn’t want to get them dirty in protecting themselves or their countrymen.

    Unfortunately, the wishywashy approach to Muslims -borne of the Eurabia compact and of the wish to be a ‘civilised’ person ie leave the hard decisions and actions to generations down the line – will eventually mean that eradicating their influence on Europe and elsewhere will actually entail bombing them plus mass deportations.

    If it were done now, then quiet and civilised deportations could occur.

    It would only need ONE standard – deport or eliminate any Muslims who want Sharia in whatever country they inhabit, and any Muslims who supports terrorists, Hizbuttahrir etc who want Sharia.this could go for their enablers too, who are committing treason, but that’s another issue.

    Muslim atheists and Muslims who just want to live in the west as it is without changing the law or hating on non-Muslims are most welcome.

    And any who facilitated this mass immigration of Muslims to overpower their own countries should be sued, fined, fired and expelled from their countries.

    Just a thought.

  25. says

    This “Fatimah” is a sock puppet. Really, if you have to post as fake Muslims on this site, then you’re not making a case. Do you really think I’m that stupid?

    Let me go back to the original point here. The fact is Fadlallah condemned genital mutilation and honor killings. I know this doesn’t fit into your worldview, but you’re just going to have to deal with it.

  26. says


    You make a good argument. My response:

    You’re obviously saying that Islam is the equivalent of the Nazis and the KKK. But there’s just one problem with that. The Nazis, as they were in 1943, no longer exist. And while the KKK exists, they are quite marginal.

    Islam, however, is a one billion strong, flourishing faith. If they were as evil as the Nazis and the KKK, they would have died out a long time ago, or would have only survived as a marginal sect with only a few adherents.

    However, if they become as evil as the Nazis, then most likely they will die out. Keep in mind, though, that the constant references to evil acts committed by Muslims at this website is not proof positive of the evilness of Islam. Just this past week or so, there was an honor-killing of a Hindu woman in India, killed because she married a lower-caste man. Does this honor-killing prove that Hinduism is evil?

  27. says

    The very idea that Fadlallah is a champion of equality for women – for god’s sake, how could he be? — is absurd. In the Muslim context, he may wish for less violence and cruelty toward Muslim women when it comes time to punishing them, and to say that they should retain “their legal rights” doesn’t mean much, to a Westerner, given what under Muslim law those “legal rights” consist of. There is no hypocrisy here.

  28. says

    As Hugh has said, islam gives muslim women very few “rights” and those few that are given are grossly unequal. The “rights” given to Infidel women are even worse.

    If Fadlallah issued a fatwa against violence toward women, he was in direct violation of the quran, which specifically tells men to beat their wives when they are disobedient. It also gives muslim men the “authority” to rape women and then punish them for being raped. Therefore his words were empty of all substance, worth nothing more than their value to mislead non-muslims. Taqiyaa.

    Besides, Fadlallah clearly SUPPORTED violence against Infidel civilians (non-combatants), which would naturally include large numbers of women in any civilized society. The only caveat he put upon it was that the victims had to be in a country that was considered to be at war with a muslim country.

    Wikipedia is your source????? What a jackass you are! Come back to us when you have done some REAL research.

    LMAO at Wikepedia, the notoriously inaccurate, user-edited, pro-muslim “resource” that is responsible for the murder of more innocent electrons than anything else on the internet! If I was a school teacher, I’d give a failing grade to any report turned in by a kid who used Wikipedia as a resource!

  29. says

    Hereti wrote:

    It may interest everyone here at this blog that Fadlallah had worked for women’s rights in the Islamic world…

    Ah, yes. He also issued a Fatwa deeming that it was allowable for women to wear nail polish while at prayer. What a campaigner for women’s rights!

    “Every woman adores a fascist”

    Sylvia Plath was a better poet than judge of character”I assure you, “the boot in the face” has absolutely no appeal for me, or for most sane women in the West”Frances Guy and Octavia Nasr and like idiots notwithstanding.

  30. says

    Hereti – I laughed so hard when I read your post I nearly choked on my Doritos! What a jokester you are! “Women’s rights” in Islam. Tee hee! I’m sorry, I’m too busy laughing to continue! Women’s rights in Islam. What a thigh slapper! Chuckle!

  31. says

    Hereti, it is not hypocrisy at all what you see here. It is doubt. Doubt and disbelief.
    He supported the islamic revolution in Iran, he would very much like to introduce a similar in Lebanon. Such views simply do not mesh with liberal ideas concerning muslim women. If he had liberal views on women – and they were not only intended to secure a powerbase – I certainly would welcome them.

    But all this makes me remember Geraldine Brooks´ “Nine Parts of Desire – The Hidden World of Islamic Women” in the beginning of which there are some descriptions of ayatollah Khomeini:

    According to Zahra (his strict islamist daughter) “Khomeini had been quite the sensitive, New Age man getting up in the night when his children were infants to take turns giving them their bottles and never asking his wife to do anything for him ..etc”.

    To this description we must add however that he was a hater, a hater of unbelief. He may very well have changed nappies but considering his other deeply unpleasant and more important traits I couldn´t care less.

  32. says

    “So much for Jihad Watch’s supposed concern for the oppression of Muslim women. Your hypocrisy is stunning.”

    lol. Muslim, your stupidity is stunning. Imagine believing in an Arabian pagan moon idol as God. Mohammedan, your brain has been fried by evil Islam.

  33. says

    When a Muslim cleric issues a fatwa explicitly against Qur’an 4:34 — then, and only then, will I even begin to entertain the dim possibility of moseying over in the general direction of the ballpark of even considering whether he might be our ally in human rights.

  34. says

    “For example, we don’t want to live in sin for the rest of our lives, we don’t want to have sex with any stranger, we don’t want to be fucked 700… times before we get married, which are only some of the few disgusting things women of your race and religion too.”
    Holy cripes, if you’re for real lady, you’re not even human. Why don’t you read the Islamic sources on your “prophet?” 700 would be about the right number of slave and other women he “had” spreading his message of “peace and love.”

    I spit on you “Fatima” you vile, evil witch.

  35. says

    Dear Fatima, assuming your comment wasn’t satire, let’s break this down rant by rant;

    “Let me tell you something, I’m a muslim woman and I LOVE IT!!! ok?!! Hope you got that! We have all the rights we ask for. The type of rights you are talking about are the ones we don’t want.”

    Actually, based upon Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 301, you have half the rights of Muslim men;

    “Once Allah’s Apostle [Muhammed] went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o ‘Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer. Then he passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle ?” He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?” He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?” They replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?” The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.”

    The above is a hadith whose authenticity is unquestioned. Muslims are required to accept it and be guided by it. This partial legal status is expressed through Sharia law in matters of divorce, polygamy, and other issues. However, if you’re happy being worth half as much as Muslim men under Sharia law, good for you and good luck should you ever need an issue resolved in Sharia court.

    You’ll need it.

    Now, for the next rant;

    “For example, we don’t want to live in sin for the rest of our lives,”

    Based upon the verse quoted, it’s interesting to know that most Muslimahs including yourself will apparently end up in hell anyway. The context makes it plain that “Allah’s Apostle” is referring to Muslim women.

    “we don’t want to have sex with any stranger, we don’t want to be fucked 700… times before we get married, which are only some of the few disgusting things women of your race and religion too. ”

    Actually, most free women even those living in the West don’t have sex with any stranger, and even if they are f*cked 700 times it’s usually with a long term boyfriend in a long term committed relationship-more often than not with marriage as the end goal.

    Needless to state, but might is not right, neither is believing in a nasty, bitter, uptight, malevolent, life-denying God who wants to shackle and repress the basic joys of human life-sex, beer, bacon, music, figurative art, having a dog as a pet, etc.

    I’m not sure what God you pray to but I believe God is love – i.e. respect for all, forgiveness of others, care of the weak and the oppressed. Where does your Islam preach this?

    I won’t deny that people living in Western societies make mistakes with regards to drug use, alcohol, sex, et al. but then again that’s the point of a free society. In any free society, individuals have the opportunity to make the right and wrong choices and usually make the right choices more often than they make the wrong choices.

    That’s how one creates a virtuous society-when it’s done because individuals WANT to make the right choices out of free choice, rather than Islamic societies where they’re forced to make the Islamic choice because that’s the only choice they have.

    God bless you and I owe you a beer!!!

  36. says

    Well, fatima, you’ve really let the cat out of the bag here. And I’ll tell you that as you hate us infidels so much, you can get your fat lazy ass out of the West and go back to the Muslim savage land of our choice. You don’t want Western rights so off you go back to where you belong. A West with balls would give you and your ilk their marching orders pronto. And it is time we stopped giving aid to Muslim savages like yourself. you’re not worth a single penny of it. You’re just a bunch of ungrateful, feckless, debauched savages who celebrate atrocities like 9/11, and we are free in the West only because we waged total war against invading Muslim savages whenever they showed up, and because from the 1500s onwards we were largely on the winning side, explains why we don’t live under Muslim domination and evil Sharia law, at least for now.

  37. says

    “Something you dumb jews do often. Oh and yes, Hitler was a great guy, maybe one of the few that knew exactly how jews should be treated. lol hahah you can’t do shit about that now, Can you? lol I hope Najati and Bashar Al Assad combine one day and just woop you off the planet, just like Hitler. GoodBye!”

    Your evil Nazi-loving rant tells us all we need to know about you, Fatima. Enjoy yourself roasting in Hell, where Muhammed saw you Muslim women hanging and burning.

    You pitiful human – and I use that term loosely. West – stand up and save yourself from evil Muslim humans like Fatty here.

  38. says

    Much apologies, in my haste I omitted the Sunni counterpart to Shia ‘Muttah’, which is ‘Misyah’. Similar crappy practice, similar crappy results. Both of which are practiced throughout the Middle East by Shia and Sunni and beyond to places where I saw it being practiced in places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

  39. says

    Yeah, it is hard to call, but Robert Baer does have actual working knowledge of the region from when he was a spook, and does not wince at exposing people for what they are. From an interview sidebar “Robert Baer was a CIA case officer in the Directorate of Operations from 1976 to 1997, where he served in Middle Eastern countries, including Iraq and Lebanon.” He was also the one that furthered the theory of the Iranians being behind the Khobar Tower bombings as wel.

    Just like with all things in history, there are two sides to the coin.

  40. says

    P.S.: Then, of course, after 4:34, there will be so many other verses that hypothetical cleric will have to oppose through formal fatwas.

    Anyway, back to grim reality.

  41. says

    “The fact is Fadlallah condemned genital mutilation and honor killings. ”

    Breaking news for Hereti:

    27 February, 1943: Top S.S. Commander condemns the use of gas for mass-murdering Jews and other classes of people (but remains silent on rounding up millions of same people and starving them to death and/or using their bodies for medical experiments; and remains silent on the need to employ Blitzkrieg to conquer neighboring countries; and continues to urge support for Der Fuhrer).


    18 March, 1875: Top K.K.K. Grand Dragon condemns the use of trees to hang blacks who have been lynched (but remains silent on the need to continue to terrorize blacks through the use of brush-fires, arson, packs of wild dogs, pitchforks, shotguns; etc.).