UK: Students accuse bus driver of banning them from bus because of their Islamic dress — until video showed they were just being abusive

Yet another claim of victim status that turned out to be just the opposite. The fake hate crimes are, of course, a tactic for which the motivation is clear, and this incident is closely akin to those. “Claim of ‘Islamic veil bus ban’ thrown out,” by Ross Lydall in the Evening Standard, July 28 (thanks to Block Ness):

A bus driver accused by two students of banning them because of their Islamic dress has been cleared after CCTV showed he had actually barred them for their abusive behaviour.

An investigation by Metroline – which operates the No7 bus – found the driver, who could have faced the sack over the allegation, was justified in not allowing the women on his vehicle.

The 22-year-olds, Yasmin and Atoofa, from Slough, told the BBC that they had been refused access to the bus at Russell Square because of their dress. Yasmin was wearing a hijab and her face was uncovered while Atoofa was wearing a niqab, which covers the face.

But the Standard has learned that the students, who asked for their full names not to be revealed, were denied entry “due to abusive behaviour towards bus driver and other passengers”.

On-board CCTV of the incident, on Monday last week, showed the women banging on the front doors and attempting to board the bus when it had come to the end of its run. They then get on through the rear doors and begin arguing with the driver. They get off and wait for the bus to start its journey back to Paddington – but another exchange follows, and the driver refuses to set off unless they disembark.

Metroline said: “We have now reviewed the CCTV and interviewed the bus driver. The circumstances of this incident are not as represented by the bus passengers.”

What a shock!

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    Expect this “playing the Islam card” tactic to be far more pervasive, and effective, than “playing the race card” ever was. And that would be quite an accomplishment.

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    So, it’s about what they were wearing, eh? OK, we should all visit the nearest store that prints T-shirts. Ask for a T-shirt with the following:-

    I =intolerance
    S =supremacists
    L =liars
    A =anti-democratic
    M =misogynists

    For a few bucks, you can annoy more than a billion people by telling the truth.

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    You people here on this site say this happens all the time. This is so common. And yet, if this were so terribly common, why is this newsworthy?

    dog-bites-man isn’t new. man-bites-dog is. This is only news because it is unusual.

    I know, you’ll queue up some news stories for me in the comments about other Muslims that lied. I suppose because some Muslims lied and got in the newspaper for it, all Muslims everywhere at all times are nothing but liars.

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    Yusuf — your Allah is self-proclaimed in Mohammad’s Quran to be the best deceiver — we expect Muslims to lie —
    the nasty young woman in Sydney who alleged the police officer that pulled her over assaulted her is now being charged with perjury for writing out a statutory declaration that was filled with lies. She didn’t know the whole incident was being videoed. The young cop was perfectly polite to her. And Isn’t ‘taqiyya’ one of Islam’s favourite dodges?

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    I have a large e-file that is stuffed FULL of stories about Muslims being caught telling great big fat lies. Muslims lie, Muslims lie, Muslims lie.

    The only Muslim I ever knew personally was the most accomplished, barefaced, brazen liar that I have ever met in the whole of my life.

    A friend of mine, a retired lawyer, told me of his experience with a Muslim client. The Muslim lied, lied, lied; to such an extent that my friend in sheer self-defence resorted to making sure that *anything* to do with the case was authenticated by somebody other than the Muslim.

    These two lying females in the UK are not the first Muslims to have been caught crying ‘Islamophobe!’ and ‘hate crime!’. Here’s one example, from the jihadwatch archives:

    In the comments thread to that article, one of our number related the following account from his own experience:

    alaskan1000 | October 4, 2004 6:45 PM

    “This same thing happened in Anchorage, Alaska after 9/11. A muslim owned a printing company and destroyed all of his equipment and spray painted anti-muslim comments around his office.

    “The community started sending him money to help him out, only to find out he was the one behind it.

    “He was finally prosecuted on tax and bank fraud. Seems that he had one set of tax returns for IRS and one set for the banks he was getting loans for.

    “A majority of muslims that I do business with laugh and admit to fraud on a regular basis and say it is ok in their religion, because we are infidels.

    “A primary occurance [sic: occurrence] is insurance fraud of personal injury. Just intentionally step infront of a moving car. Oh, they laugh…they get put into the hospital, all expenses paid, and then settle with the insurance company for $100,000-200,000.00. They laugh and say only in America can you do that, they say in their countries they can’t get insurance because of their societies dishonesty.

    “There are a whole group of Iranians that move up and down the west coast kiting checks to the tune of over $500,000.00 a month and sending it back east. You don’t see anything about that in the media. But the FBI and most financial fraud units are very aware of it. They are called the “Iranian gypsies”.” END.

    If I re-posted here in this thread all the stories I have collected – the news stories, and the ‘reports from the grassroots’ made by the various commenters from various countries – it would keep us all busy for quite some time.

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    YYK, you really are a piece of work. Your smarmy dissimulation and your deliberate deflection of the issue read like a gurgle. You show not an ounce of sympathy for the driver of a bus operating merely yards away from where the bus massacre of 7.7.05 took place.

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    all Muslims everywhere at all times are nothing but liars….

    Yusef. Your nabi is still waiting for clarification about your statistics on peaceful murder free Indonesia. So did that include the 1 million or so ethnic Chinese Indonesians who were murdered in the 60s or the more recent massacres in East Timor.

    Yusef. We see thru all your smokescreens. I(nabi ZK (pbum)’m serious dude. You are transparent. Each and every time you come in here with lies or stupidity the regulars will call you out. So why bother?

    Try a little honesty for a change and stop parroting the stupid BS mohametan talking points that we have all heard 1000 times and refuted 1000 times.

    nabi ZK (pbum)

    ….crickets?….chirp chirp chirp…

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    I agree wholeheartedly with just about all posts, except for Yusef who may need some more education in democracy and the English way of life.
    “We have now reviewed the CCTV and interviewed the bus driver. The circumstances of this incident are not as represented by the bus passengers.” Wow, wow, amazzziiinnng! The bus company gets a nice basic 101 introduction to Taqqiya, which is sanctioned and encouraged in the cowran. That disgusting, degenerate, psychotic, mentally deranged, paedophile, so-called profit said that lying was very good. So, muzzies lie, muzzies lie again, and muzzies lie again and again – all the time lying with a smarmy, sly smile on their faces, and sticking their hand (hopefully not the left) into your back pocket to relieve you of your savings. Good for the bus driver – he deserves a medal – the George Cross? And the two muzzie sluts should be sent to jail for lying. Period. And then their families should be taken to Court and fined for aiding and abetting.

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    It would seem that in today’s society that surveillance by camera is an absolute necessity in public service jobs. Without this kind of irrefutable witness, an employee could find himself having to defend himself against these kinds of liars and could thereby find himself out of a job. In this case, without the camera who would the authorities have believed? Just for laughs, let’s take a guess!

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    Jusef UK

    Awwww..just because they weren’t trying to murder someone for once and were just being your standard obnoxious Muslims a la their depraved”perfect man” warlord, there is not need to pretend to be upset.

    There is an easy way to obviate the need for articles like thus: Muslims just need to behave like decent human beings towards all others.

    But you cannot can you? Your warlord orders otherwise.

    You are in the deep end here son. No moronic left wingers to guzzle your dark age polemics and believe you.Most of us have studied the trash you call the Koran.

    Tell me? Do you think Muslims apostasy is punishable by death? Do you place your humanity before the words of your”perfect” man?

    I cannot wait for your answers…of course you wont tell the truth, we all know that

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    I guess if Mr YK can mentally and emotionally attest to the doctrine that Mr Mohammed (may he realize that the Lord loves him), one of the most vile males to have ever lived on this planet, is the universe’s exemplary man then what’s a little exaggeration about muslim antics on the buses.

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    YusefYK sez:

    “You people here on this site say this happens all the time. This is so common. And yet, if this were so terribly common, why is this newsworthy?”

    Islam is so determined to force its designs for world domination upon everyone…it is important to show the truth of what to expect when Islam takes over…..

    Muslims really hate it when Infidels know the truth about Islam….

    And YusefYK continues to provide excellant examples of the kindness of Islam…

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    Why are these Barbarians in England?

    “It would seem that in today’s society that surveillance by camera is an absolute necessity in public service jobs.” – posted above

    Oh yes. And why? Due to Muslims’ false accusations against non-Muslims.

    The most “holier-than-thou” are usually the most sanctimonious – hypocritically pious and devout. Here’s a little hint, Muzlims – actions speak louder than words.

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    Yusef YK,
    you are correct that it is nothing new for muslims to cry discrimination. You would also be correct in that it is nothing new for dhimmwits to capitulate to the childish tantrums of muslims.

    What makes it newsworthy is that the Infidels are beginning to fight back and we are winning.

    The winds are shifting, YK. You either don’t seem to have noticed it or you are simply unwilling to believe it. It doesn’t matter which it is because it won’t change the outcome.

    The Infidels are waking up, and we are waking up in large numbers. More and more of us are waking up every day. We are polishing our shields, washing our white tunics emblazoned with the large red crosses (or symbols of other religions/beliefs), evicting the spiders from our helmets, grinding the rust off our swords and honing their edges to razor sharpness. This time it is not taking us more than 4 centuries and the loss of half of the free world to mount a response.

    We want peace, but we prepare for war. The choice is yours. Historically, Islam could not withstand or defeat the shock-type style of warfare we learned from the Greek hoplite infantry that we practice and relish. You cannot withstand it or defeat it now, either. You only have to look at the result of battles in Iraq & Afghanistan. The muslim fighter is a coward who attacks the weak or defenseless and then runs away and hides. You are utterly without loyalty to anyone other than yourself, and will cut your own brother’s throat if you think it will bring you profit. Your entire social system breeds mistrust, not only of outsiders, but also of your most intimate personal relationships. Unlike us, you are nothing more than a house of cards. You are psychologically and physically incapable of withstanding the bare-knuckled, eye-gouging, ball-kicking, throat-stomping fighting style of the Western warriors who willingly and loyally stand shoulder-to-shoulder with each other through the fight. We fight that way because it works and BECAUSE WE LIKE TO FIGHT THAT WAY! IT’S FUN!

    You admire and worship cowards…..we execute them. There are no weak warriors in our ranks. You will never defeat us.

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    I am increasingly of the mind that we really SHOULD be doing the things the Islamic people are accusing us of…and more. If they’re going to complain, by all means let’s give them something to complain about!

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    What is the bus company doing to the little liars now? Are they contacting the police to charge the muzzies with mischief, of course not. The West is now waking up and taking note of what these lying idiots are up to. Every day more and more of their BS.
    I just cant see even one reason for letting them into our countries, not one. They contribute absolutley nothing. I have contacted my MP and urge everyone to do the same. Stop the flow of these dirty buggers into our beautiful FREE countries.
    The places they come from are despicable human rights disasters. Do yourself a favor and watch thethirdjihad and other documentaries like this. Sites like this and others are giving us valuable information to share with everyone that will listen. Keep up the good work Robert!!

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    From the jihadwatch archives, the first-hand testimony of a non-Muslim, employee in a business, who encountered a lying Muslimah *just like* these two – and in the days before widespread CCTV, he was just lucky his employer believed him.

    You will find it in situ in the comments to *this* article (just click and scroll down)

Years ago I used to work in Minneapolis in the security department for a large bank. It was my job to photograph people for their company IDs.

    “I’d never met a muslim before that job and soon one showed up for a company ID complete with a head scarf (hijab?).

    “Anyway, our policy was that people couldn’t wear anything on their head when taking their ID picture.

    “Not realizing the significance of the scarf, I asked her to remove it.

    “She didn’t want to, but eventually took it off herself .

    “**Later, my boss asked me about it because she complained that I had forcibly grabbed it and “ripped” it off her head.** {my emphasis – dda}

    Never trusted Muslims since.

    And yes, she did get a picture with her scarf and we had to delete the old one.

    – Posted by: redshirt at August 15, 2006 6:41 PM

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    Rereading Daniel Pipes ‘In The Path Of God’, these type confrontations are seen as ‘battles’ to be won over the non believer. We, as the ‘enemy’ must realize this and act accordingly and courteously. This is altogether difficult, especially in a country like Britain where the non muslim is guilty, both for being a non muslim and second for not acting according to muslim superiority codes.

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    Yusuf, all else aside, are you ashamed of the followers of your own religion are claiming to be discriminated on the basis of their religion when in fact that is not the case?

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    “We’d like to live in peace here. But if people don’t trust you, I don’t care what you say, you will always be suspect.”

    Yes, you will, you and your “house of prayer.”

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    Yusuf, all else aside, are you ashamed of the followers of your own religion are claiming to be discriminated on the basis of their religion when in fact that is not the case?

    Of course Yusuf isn’t ashamed, he is proud of his fellow muslimas striking a blow (however glancing) against the infidel. Lying is a useful tool welcomed and encouraged by allah to promote islam’s dominance. In the muslim universe lying is allah’s cause is a highly moral act.

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    Expect this “playing the Islam card” tactic to be far more pervasive, and effective, than “playing the race card” ever was. And that would be quite an accomplishment.

    1) The “playing the Islam card” tactic has been underway already, for years.

    2) The “playing the Islam card” tactic is directly dependent upon the “playing the race card” because PC MC perceives Muslims as an ethnic group — or as a wonderfully diverse tapestry/mosaic/rainbow of ethnic peoples.

    3) Since PC MC is dominant throughout the West, affecting the hearts and minds of millions of Westerners, the “Islam card” will unfortunately be played for more years to come — and probably only several terror attacks far worse than 911 in various places at different times throughout the West will be able to jar loose this paradigm and return the West to its former senses.

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    “Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, let him speak good or else keep silent…” – Al-Bukhari (6018) and Muslim (47)

    In other words, do not publicly speak ill of Islam.

    Kinda reminds me of the French saying: “There is no enemy on the Left.”

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    JJ, you said, “I just cant see even one reason for letting them into our countries, not one.”

    I believe they need to be stopped from immigrating into Western democracies. We have no way of sorting the Islamic supremacists from those who reject Sharia. Until that happens, it is only sensible to stop Muslim immigration.

    The first step would be to gain widespread support for the idea. These petitions for different Western democracies are one way to begin: