Obama backs Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero

As expected. He says it is all about religious freedom. Actually, it isn’t about religious freedom at all. It’s about whether a triumphal mosque should be built at Ground Zero. Obama, like Bloomberg, is acting as if the Ground Zero mega-mosque is the only mosque in the U.S. “Obama throws support behind controversial Islamic center,” by Dan Gilgoff for CNN, August 14:

Washington (CNN) — President Obama threw his support behind a controversial proposal to build an Islamic center and mosque near New York’s ground zero, saying Friday that “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.”

“That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances,” Obama said at a White House Iftar dinner celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The president’s remarks drew praise from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who announced his support for the Islamic center last week.

Bloomberg compared Obama’s speech to a letter President George Washington wrote in support of a Jewish congregation in Newport, Rhode Island. “President Obama’s words tonight evoked President Washington’s own august reminder that ‘all possess alike liberty,’ ” Bloomberg said in a statement.

“I applaud President Obama’s clarion defense of the freedom of religion tonight,” he said.

To learn more about the “ground zero” mosque, see CNN’s Belief Blog

Critics of the proposed Islamic center quickly denounced Obama’s remarks. “President Obama is wrong,” said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). “It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero. Unfortunately, the President caved into political correctness.”

“While the Muslim community has the right to build the mosque, they are abusing that right by needlessly offending so many people who have suffered so much,” King said in a statement. “The right and moral thing for President Obama to have done was to urge Muslim leaders to respect the families of those who died and move their mosque away from Ground Zero.”

Obama, who said he was speaking both as a citizen and as president, invoked the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, which critics of the Islamic center cite as the main reason for preventing its construction.

“We must all recognize and respect the sensitivities surrounding the development of lower Manhattan,” Obama said, according to his prepared remarks. “The 9/11 attacks were a deeply traumatic event for our country.”

“The pain and suffering experienced by those who lost loved ones is unimaginable,” he continued. “So I understand the emotions that this issue engenders. Ground zero is, indeed, hallowed ground.”…

Obama's support for Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero draws fire
Tonight at White House Ramadan dinner, Obama set to betray Americans who are standing against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero
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    To use an expression much loved by those who think the intolerant absolutism of Islam a wonderful thing and who are in need of a word signifying everything and nothing: Obama´s speech was “vibrant”.

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    These are politically suicidal comments.

    Obama obviously doesn’t see it, but he’s kicking away the chair from under his feet and soon he’ll be hanging in mid-air from a noose he has fashioned himself.

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    “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” — Nobama

    THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE! …and Obama knows it. This is about very basic respect and honor for those that lost their lives to islamic terrorists at Ground Zero on 9/11.

    “That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances,” Obama said …

    I am always in favor of following all laws and ordinances, but there is MUCH more to factor in and consider regarding this building project: such as the impact this mosque will have on the community at large, etc. So far it is having a very negative impact, not only on the local community, but across America, and even the world.

    And not all muslims are terrorists, but 100% of those responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11 WERE muslim; so the placement of any mosque/community center so close to hallowed ground is just plain WRONG, now and evermore. My God, how hard is that to understand, folks?

    Hey those of you that don’t think that a mosque 60 steps from Ground Zero is such a big deal, well — you need to have your head examined …

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    I live in England and when i heard this on the early morning news,to be quite frank i had to fight back the tears.Surely the fight will continue?You have i think, the first Muslim president.New Yorkers i wish you well…..fight on,fight on…please!

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    This is the defining moment of the Obama presidency, this is his Munich ‘Peace in Our Time’ Agreement.

    Lights Out. It’s over.

    The white flag is flying, we have surrendered. The West, not just America, has surrendered.

    This is the beginning of the end for Western civilization, and unlike during the dark dark days of World War 2, I do not see any light at the end of this tunnel, not from where I am sitting.

    I hope I am wrong, but too few of us are outraged, way way too few of us even know what a dhimmi is. Republicans are the Democrat-lites – they are as much a part of the problem as the Democrat Party. Reality TV, American Idols, the world cup, the superbowl – this is what people care about – stupid is as stupid does. New York, along with London, Stockholm, Paris, Madrid and Oslo, one of the dhimmi capitals of the West, is getting what it deserves. Bloomberg is the mayor they voted for, Obama is the president they voted for. You make your choices, you pay the consequences. This is what New York deserves, it deserves to have its face rubbed in it.

    We are living in a lunatic asylum, and the inmates are in charge.

    Lights out.

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    Muslims – especially the one in the White House – have made America the laughing stock of the world. Soon Japanese will demand to build a Shinto-temple in Pearl Harbor.

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    “We must all recognize and respect the sensitivities surrounding the development of lower Manhattan”

    UNLESS! of course,
    it does anything to diminish the speed with which,
    ..a proven duplicitous agended imam,(on his state funded er “field” trip at present)
    …his still fully undisclosed financial enablers,
    … and my presidential hand,(now glaringly apparent)can move aside genuine opposition to..

    an insulting, backstabbing, grief ignoring, monument to the callous murderers ideology, being erected…
    one so near, that islamic call to prayer, can stab the hearts of the grieving, 5 times a day, so that possibly..
    just possibly they may “be subdued, and feel themselves subdued”,(hmmm.. heard that somewhere before) on a daily basis.

    folks, he may have “forgotten” that part, but the way he silver tongued over the genuine sensitivities, to push the mosque agenda forward, at the time of ramadan, should leave NO-ONE, under any illusion.

    from my deepest recesses of my heart to americans everywhere
    be strong, think with clarity, be righteous
    and finally, god bless the united states of america.

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    Besides having the satanic ideology of Islam exposed, there are hundreds of things that Muslims find offensive:

    Animals–dogs and pigs are the worst. Having a pet shop, walking your pets, maybe a pork restaurant, for starters.

    Flags–primarily the U.S. and Israeli flag. Everyday could be Memorial Day / July 4th.

    Western Music–songs by Barry Manilow, Carpenters, Air Supply come to mind.

    Western Food–Burger King, Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme, Pizza Hut. Maybe they could play the Western music.

    Typical commercial bldgs.–pool halls, movie theaters, coffee shops. Downloading movies (Terminator, Spiderman, etc.) while at a Starbuck’s. Maybe have a Draw Muhammad Day once a week.

    Christians, Jews, Women–Difficult to find in the U.S.?

    I still don’t see the mosque being built with the continuous and growing opposition.

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    Imam hussein obama is the best teacher of civics we have seen since b j clinton! Watching him violate our constitutional rights and freedoms provides lessons in American history and civics not taught in politically correct schools.

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    I’m aghast.
    Just couldn’t believe it.
    Obama has just blown his presidency,
    he’s signalled to moslems that he just can’t say no to them,
    and he’s shown a complete lack of respect for the vast majority in the society he’s ‘leading’.
    He’s also dashed all the hopes and possibilities harbored by the center left, the black community, gays, and so many other parts of the community that worked hard, and donated their hard earned dollars, to elect him.

    We also must work hard to ensure that the flipping mosque isn’t built, and that does not mean that i dislike moslems or that they can’t build their mosque elsewhere.
    Just, not ‘in the shadow’ of the twin towers.

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    If the Cordoba mosque is built it will always be a symbol that once Americans put into power a duplicitous government who were blindly supported by a long line of naive useful idiots and corrupt politicians whose hidden agenda was to bring down the strongest nation on earth and hand it over to a supremacist death cult. How do you explain that to your children?

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    Though you are not incorrect in observing that we are headed into heavy seas, this world and all within belongs to its creator, and you would be well advised at this point in time to grab your nuts, crack open a bible, say a little prayer and steele your mettle.

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    Instead of building a mosque why don’t Manhattan’s Muslims send the money to Pakistan to help the victims of the recent floods there?

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    I used to think that barak hussein was a traitor, but I now understand that such is not the case; to be a traitor, one must have rejected a cause in which he had once believed. It’s now as plain as the nose on Yasar Arafat’s face that the great black hope has been on the dark side since day one, the archetypical manchurian candidate. He’s not a traitor; he’s simply an enemy agent who has fulfilled the dream harbored by every one of his yoke-fellows. Please, my American friends, never let this obscene desecration of Ground Zero come to pass; this is indeed a defining moment for your great nation.
    We here in Canada are anxious to assist in any way we might; is there a fund to which off-shore supporters might contribute for legal costs, publicity etc.?

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    Bloomberg compared Obama’s speech to a letter President George Washington wrote in support of a Jewish congregation in Newport, Rhode Island. “President Obama’s words tonight evoked President Washington’s own august reminder that ‘all possess alike liberty,’ ” Bloomberg said in a statement.

    That comparison is obscene.
    Firstly, this is a Judeo-Christian society, so it’s part of our culture, when Jews build synagogues and congregation centres.
    Secondly, I can’t remember any Jews killing non-Jews in the name of Judaism.

    This is pure cultural relativism, we’re all the same, all of us believe in the same God and that sort of crap. I believe in G*d and not in a petty moon deity.

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    Well, we already knew the traitor would support his brothers…Hiding treason behind religious freedom is only good for so long…He is showing his true colors, Islamic green…Obama may have surrendered the US, but I have not surrendered and I’m not going to…This puke cannot surrender for me, I won’t allow it…Whatever happened to ‘separation of church and state’? I will die in the streets before I accept Islam in any fashion what so ever…And if I ever get the opportunity to shake Rasool Obama’s hand I will do so …vigorously…very vigorously…Same goes for the puke Bloomberg…

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    What a surprise………

    The Jihadist in a Box (White House) Jumps out with his Sword of Allah once again!

    When will the West WAKE UP and understand that Obama’s Singular Goal is the Islamization of the Western World, Sharia for ALL, and the Genocide of Jews and Christians!!

    He cannot wait to fire up the Oven’s himself!

    Sorry (I don’t think so) Muslims of the World! G-d Despises your Satanic Cult and unless you turn from “Allah” and find G-d, (yeah!! – the God of we Jews and Christians) you are ALL Doomed to an Eternity in Hell!!

    For Obama this is assured!! He is doomed and I cannot / will not pray for his salvation! He is the personification of the Anti-Christ, yet to be revealed. Obama is his predecessor!

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    What the mosque really means beyond the symbolism is that ground zero will forever be crawling with Muslims…and any hope that it might someday become a rallying point against Jihad will disappear on that basis. Their mere presence in such large numbers will be intimidating…meant to keep everyone in line.

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    What duh_swami said.

    Obama has chosen to stand with the enemies of this country. He is not naive or ignorant of the aims of Jihad. The Islamization of America is part of his bring-down-the-West obsession and his ethnic revenge fantasies. He must be hamstrung this November by removal of the Congress from Democrat control, and he himself removed from an office he never deserved to occupy by 2012 at the latest.

    Sanjay, what we have here is a pandemic of idiocy and refusal to face the fact that not only the West but every civilized nation on earth is under threat from Islam. We’re with you on this.

    Special to Mayor Bloomberg: In 1776 George Washington was headquarted in the general neighborhood where WTC stood (a bit to the south and east actually) with thousands of real American patriots risking everything to win our independence. He would have had little, if any, patience with any “Musselman” jihadist who appeared in lower Manhattan spouting threats to conquer the world for Islam, Mohammed and Allah. Nor should you, but then, Washtington was a patriot who could not be bought off.

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    This may be the turning point of when the huge silent majority of Americans will vote against Barrack Hussain Obama! sort of the nail in the coffin. The liberal elites dont get it, and Barry is a total far left elite!

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    I can imagine how those Americans who care about their democracy and freedoms it brings must be feeling at this moment. To say it’s a blow doesn’t cut it.

    It’s totally frightening to watch, and to realise that so many decent Americans who voted for him were duped and exploited. You voted for change, but not like this. Today, it’s you Americans, tomorrow the UK and Europe.

    To Robert and others who will not back down – you have the support and good wishes of many many people in the UK.

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    As depressing and deploring this “decision” by Obama is, I think, will lead to mobilizing of Americans to finally deal with Islam for what it is.

    9/11 attack led to shock and fear; the proposed Ground Zero mosque has enraged people. Widespread rage and emotions are among the fundamental requirements for building a mass movement.

    The empire will strike back, with a different Winston Churchill at helm.

    With his take on the mosque, Obama is politically done.

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    I’ll start with: I don’t favor giving permission to build his mosque. Second, I do not believe the decision to build this mosque had anything to do with respect.

    Third – and here I’m moving into more controversial ground – I think that Obama had to say what he said. I don’t know if he believes in what he said. But I do think he had to say it – the only politically acceptable move for him.

    Does he secretly wish others will stop the building of the mosque? Or does he actually believe what he says.

    I see some nutty stuff happening in the West, stuff to do with current Western values. For more, come to http://ElsasSecrets.com

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    Hussein Obama, America’s first (and hopefully last) Muslim POTUS:

    “We Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” –

    Its up to us to stop the usurper in his tracks!

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    We all knew this was coming, that Obama would at some time come down on the side of the GZ Mosque, and the Iftar dinner was the logical venue for it. It was yet another confirmation, if such was needed, of this man’s twisted and insulting views of the country he is supposedly representing.

    The question is, what to do now? At the very least, for those who can, plan to VOTE in November. The Mid-term elections are now only 2-1/2 months away. Every House seat and one-third of the Senate seats are up for re-election. Get involved in your local community to help turn out the vote to yank Obama’s Congressional support from beneath his feet. Candidates worthy of support are any who have gone on record as having a clue about Islam and the issues that are discussed on this forum. My own focus will be on young military veterans with an activist bent who will not shy away from breaking up established power centers in Congress and replacing them with new coalitions of legislators who share a sense of urgency about the dangers posed by political Islam – and are willing to take steps to halt it.

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    Now… the battle begins, for real. People must now point to the utter lies and dissimulations of the phony Rauf and his phony wife daisy khan. They must point to the legalisms within Islam that now make the building and the center part of the muslim ‘Waqf’ when it is built; something that can never be torn down or given to infidels. They must point out that there are no legal rights for jews, christians, let alone hindhu’s, buddhists or any others to be their religion nor have overt buildings in muslem lands, without fear of not only intimidation but destruction and death- to be ruled over by the self declared ‘superior’ Islam, and to be forced to pay ‘jizya’ and be humiliated.
    Now it’s time to berate and humiliate Obama for his phony made up history as Hugh Fitzgerald and Robert Spencer have detailed. It is time to show the reality of the only scientific advancements to the world by Islam were their ‘help’ in forcing us to make new defensive systems at airports, and other places to protect ourselves from homicidal mass murderers- self declared muslims.
    It is time to show the reality of the world of Islam, it’s tyrannizing, it’s enslaving. It’s time to show how little the oil rich nations gave to other muslim lands- let alone how they are legally by Sharia in no way giving aide to non-muslim lands and peoples as they haven’t all these decades of oil blood money pouring into their coffers. It is time……

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    Im Élysée-Palast zum Beispiel könnten unterumständen private Gruppensex-Parties ab und an stattfinden, vielleicht auch mal ein Gattenmord, aber sicher keine Iftar-Zermonien, oberpriesterlich angeführt vom nominellen Staatoberhaupt auch noch, das darin sogar einen entscheidenden strategischen Auftrag seiner Außenpolitik sieht.

    So ist das halt in laizistischen Verfassungsstaaten, die nicht nur dem Namen nach, sondern tatsächlich, die volle Religionsfreiheit gewähren, also zu aller erst das Recht, von aller Religion, und mehr noch gerade von dem, was nur unter dem Label Religion älteste Despotenherrschaft beansprucht, wirklich frei zu sein.

    Und wenn das Weiße Haus, also Obama, sowas wie ein Iftar-Heiligtum betreiben mag aus seinem reinen Politik-Herzchen, und angeblich irgendwie staatsnotwendig muss aus den Höchsten seiner Außenpolitik-Gefühlen, warum gibt es dann keinen Iftar-Kontroll-Senats-Ausschuß, kein konstitionelles Religions-Departement,kein präsidiales Fatwen-Amt, das dem Repräsentatenhaus etwa rechenschaftspflichtig wäre?

    Nun, die Antwort liegt auf der Hand, damit es all dies gibt, aber eben ohne jede Art von demokratisch legitimierender Kontrolle.

    Religionsfreiheit, nur dem Namen nach,ist eben wie Religion nur dem Namen nach, weil nicht aus Prinzip frei von ihr: Sie treibt den Belzebub mit allen Möchte-gern-Teufeln um, sie treibt es schlimmer als jeder private Gruppensex auf Staatsebene: das ist der Blow-job im Oval Office, wo ein Obama letztlich die Monica Lewinski ist, und die ganze Verfassung durchgefickt wird, aufdass der “verkommene Westen von innen erobert” werde, nach IKhwan-Scharia-Fiqh-Planvorgaben also in die Hundchenstellung gebracht werde.

    Dafür ist doch eine Mega-Mosque on Ground-Zero die einzig richtige , rein gestisch-symbolische, wie man noch meint, Innenpolitik wiederum.

    Dass Obama tatsächlich übers Wasser gehen kann, gibts da noch Zweifler? Yes he can! Wo ein Wille schon ist, ist leider auch ein Weg!

    Pamel Ffm Germany

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    Here’s something to support…

    We have the Criminal Complaint and it is ready to go. Arnie Rosner along with American Grand Jury will deliver to Robert S. Mueller, Director of the FBI, a written COMPLAINT charging Obama and his shadow government with fraud upon the people, corruption, treason and theft, in addition to personal identity fraud by Obama himself.


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    25 of today’s 28 civil wars involve Muslims. IMO civil war is Islam’s mode of conquest, and has been since Mohamed lived. It’s based upon Allah’s commands to commit violence against unbelievers, among which (and there are many) is Wipe Out the Unbelievers (Quran 8:7). Muslims today explain such commands only apply in the context of defending Islam.

    The battle plan looks like this:

    -Self-segregate and multiply — and multiply — and multiply
    -Self-alienate by dress and hostile behavior of the male youth which purpose is to make the natives feel like outsiders
    -Provoke hostility by agitating for Sharia law (exclusive halal-food KFC’s, halal food in schools, ban Three Little Piggie story books in school, no pictures of Mohamed, etc.)
    -Harass native women and children
    -Commit crimes against unbelievers
    -When natives resist call them racists and claim victim status
    -Defend Islam
    -Extremists riot against cartoons, burka bans, Israel, America and all issues which promote Sharia law — always claim self-defense
    -Non-extremists smile and ask for understanding as to why extremists riot, and explain that ISLAM MEANS PEACE!
    -World Islam rushes in to defend Islam: 9/11’s happen
    -Eventually native non-muslim extremists fight back
    -Civil war ensues

    We flee, convert, submit to dhimmi status, or die. Muslims claim the native lands, a recent example of which:

    8/09 Bosnia muslim leader Mustafa Ceric declared Christian Serbian muslim-majority territory boarding Montenegro as muslim homelands. The same muslims we saved from ethnic cleansing by bombing Christian Serbs in the 90’s are now claiming more Serbian land. It took the Muslim 500 years of civil war, but he won.

    As this run-up to full-scale civil war plays out, non-extremist Muslims play their part:
    -They do nothing but form committees to talk, talk and talk about generic terrorism
    -All Muslim extremism is portrayed as aberrant and foreign to Islam, which is why, they claim, they NEVER march or sign petitions against al Qaeda. Over cartoons of Mohamed, halal food in schools, Israel, America, burka bans, the Iraq War and hundreds of other issues these same non-extremist Muslims will march and sign petitions in the millions, but NEVER against al Qaeda.
    -And every two minutes they give us a smiley-face with, ISLAM MEANS PEACE!

    Ask any Muslim this question: Do you support banning Sharia law in the US and Europe?

    You will not get a straight YES answer. Isn’t that really all we need to know about Islam?

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    Every morning I awake and thank God Barack Obama is our president. Imagine if we had elected John McCain or some other well-meaning, middle-of-the-road Republican or even a Democrat who still believes in American Exceptionalism. While recognizing the inherent danger of a toxic political system masquerading as a religion expanding its reach and influence under the cover of the First Amendment and financed by Saudi petrodollars, he or she would undoubtedly seek to calm national fears and maintain domestic tranquility with repeated reference to the mantra of the “religion of peace” while taking care not to facilitate the unbridled growth of that system. In the mean time, the cancer in our midst would grow — almost unnoticed and certainly untreated.

    But with President Obama, we have a leader unlike any this nation has seen before; a man who actively seeks to undermine and ultimately destroy the foundations upon which this nation was built. A man who can hardly contain his enthusiasm for any project — economic, social, or diplomatic — that will contribute to the realization of that mission in the shortest possible time. A man who we can thank for raising our awareness and propensity to fight — shoulder to shoulder — that threat to our freedom and national interest. Without him, we would be anesthetized and easily led to slaughter.

    Yes, every morning I thank God for Barack Obama.

  31. says

    Barack is a born Moslem. Born in Kenya, raised in Jakarta, and then in Honolulu. It doesn’t get any lower than that. What he says is of no account. That he is our President is a matter of great shame. Think of this as America’s dalliance with Communism, or Islam, or somesuch scum, whatever you wanna call it, but whatever he is it is low and it is scummy. He smells like tuna fish gone bad.

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    Actually no suprise, the suprise would have been if Obama would have opposed the mega-mosque, that would have been a the unimaginable shocker.

  33. says

    Was it not 9/11, an attack root in Islam targeted against innocent American people to send a supremacist message, that lead to the Afghanistan war.

    A war that is sold as a war against terrorism without wanting the question to be answered wherein this terrorism is rooted. Fighting a war based on the lie that this can be solved without confronting the true problem: the supremacist, violent teachings of Islam.

    While America soldiers are dying, to Commander in Chief has deserted and is courting the enemy. Yes, we are commanded we must allow jihadist Muslims in the military so that they can shoot us in the back, and yes we must accept centres of Islam hatred to be built, quite literally, on the dust and the blood of innocent victims of Islam.

  34. says

    President Obama should have kept out of such a sensitive matter.

    It is NOTHING to do with not allowing Muslims freedom of religion. I am sure there are MANY mosques in the USA. I wonder how many the Saudis allow in their country. So it ill behoves these people who want to build this monstrosity, to lecture the West on freedom of religion.

    It was Islamists could murdered all those people on 9/11, in the name of their religion. How utterly insensitive of these Muslims to be pushing this Mega Mosque project so hard near the very spot where the innocent victims were murdered by Muslims!!!

    If they were so insensitive before they planned this arrogant venture that they did not think of people feelings, they know NOW how many people who lost loved ones, are upset and insensed at the callousness of this plan to build a super mosque.

    Why are they pushing so hard when they know they are upsetting so many people? They appear to be uncaring about the feelings of many people. This is what is really making me angry. They KNOW the pain they are causing but STILL push on.

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    Is Obama President of America or someone furthering the interests of Saudi Arabia?

    He does not care about riding roughshod over Infidels feelings. He is such a presumptuous phoney.

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    Barrack Hussain Osama is a traitor and a vile piece of filth. When you get the chance kick this quisling out.

    “We, the German Führer and Chancellor, and the British Prime Minister, have had a further meeting today and are agreed in recognizing that the question of Anglo-German relations is of the first importance for two countries and for Europe.

    “We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.

    “We are resolved that the method of consultation shall be the method adopted to deal with any other questions that may concern our two countries, and we are determined to continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference, and thus to contribute to assure the peace of Europe.”

    Chamberlain read this statement to a cheering crowd in front of 10 Downing St. and said;

    “My good friends this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace in our time.”

    Excerpted from “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

  37. says

    Freedom of religion for Islam is a bogus argument to begin with…Islam is not even a religion…It is a hostile, hegemonic political system with it’s own leaders, a tax system, political operatives, it’s own law system (Sharia) and it’s own army, jihadists…It only hides behind the title ‘Religion’…The PC’ers are blind to this, so they lay down and let Islam march in and take over…How foolish…

  38. says

    Rick Scott, Bill McCollum’s opponent for
    Fla. governor came out with the following statement today. I have been a grudging supporter of Bill McCollum, mainly because of Scott’s worrisome business practices. McCollum had better come out with a similar statement, otherwise I would find it difficult, if not impossible to vote for McCollum on the 24th of August. Silence is not an option.

    “All Americans of course believe in absolute freedom of religion. But this is outrageous. President Obama would rather stand with the ACLU and the liberal establishment than with the 9/11 victims and their families. It is shameful and the act of a cowardly politician, not that of the leader of the United States of America.

    “Building a victory monument to Mohammed Atta and the other 18 terrorists and their despicable act on 9/11 is unthinkable to me. If the same thing had happened in Florida, I would do anything and everything in my power to prevent the project from moving forward.

    “It may not be politically correct to say that, but it is the truth and someone has to speak it.”

  39. says

    I’m with you…I can’t get to NY to lay down in front of the bulldozer, but if it comes to my neck of the woods, I got plans…

  40. says

    So what did anyone expect of Obama? I was angered but not surprised. He’s already told the Egyptian Foreign Minister that he’s a Muslim. I think they ought to return the “compliment” and name the future prayer area after him!!! What I really love is that he suddenly remembers that he’s sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution. What a laugh!!!

    Perhaps now that it’s been revealed that he had a step-sister in Indonesia (thanks to her inconvenient death), someone in this miserable government will get busy and find the evidence to remove this Usurper-in-Chief from office and try his nasty “posterior” for treason.

  41. says

    All liars and hypocrites support each other as is the case with Obama, Bloomberg and Muslims!!! This was totally expected!!!

    Are americans still asleep or are waking up what have they done in electing big zero!!!

  42. says


  43. says

    Surely the fair-minded BHO has already made a public statement in favour of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church getting its land and permission to rebuild as desired?

  44. says

    The Bama “So I understand the emotions that this issue engenders. Ground zero is, indeed, hallowed ground.”…

    yes but too bad it’s only hallowed ground for the americans who majority were christians. The bama could care less about christian sensitivities. he care only for muslim sensitivities.

  45. says

    I’m reminded that when the President’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had the question of the mega mosque put to him a few of week ago, Gibbs replied; That President Obama considered it a local matter and chose not to comment on it.

    My guess is that it was only a local matter for the convenience of President Obama. Shouldn’t the Professor Gates issue with the police been considered a local matter? Sure–anyone want to buy a bridge?

    Maybe Obama was already looking forward to demonstrating his allegiance to Islam at the up coming Ramadan dinner at the time.

    Once again this president is in your face when it comes to the will of the American People as he has done time and time again from Obamacare,the stimulus money,cap and trade,tax money for big unions over the private sector, Arizona trying desperately to protect its borders with SB 1070 and then suing the state on top of it and now the mega Mosque that will over look ground zero.

    For me it was a for gone conclusion that he would support this Mosque near ground zero. I believe whether Obama is a Muslim or not he has continuously taught-ed the totally false images that America is not a Christian Country to Muslims and that Muslims have contributed to the development of America—Totally fabricated lies at America’s expense!!!

  46. says

    As I absorb this sad news I wonder if Obama really hates America outright or is he just still filled with leftist ideology from college days. If it is the latter there may be still hope.
    I wasted many years as a leftist but came to common sense about age 50. I, however was raised by two good Republican parents.

  47. says

    I posted about this on my blog and here is one response:
    John Stapleton says:

    August 14, 2010 at 12:08 am (Edit)

    Every conservative ” and especially every birther who has called for a military coup in America should be PUT TO DEATH. I hate every one of you and I will dedicate my life to destroying you. I PRAY FOR CIVIL BECAUSE I WISH TO LEGALLY BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEADS OFF.

    the IP pulled was:



  48. says

    Timing is everything and with the November mid-term elections just a few weeks away, the heat is on:

    From the New York Governors Race:


    NY Governor candidate calls upon Congress to declare district a War Memorial

    (BUFFALO, NY) – After President Barack Obama announced his support for the Ground Zero Mosque at a Ramadan celebration tonight, Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, a Republican candidate for Governor of New York, called upon the United States Congress to declare the World Trade Center district of New York City a War Memorial. The federal government designation would help stop the construction of a Victory Mosque at the site where radical Islamists declared war on America and killed thousands of innocent civilians.

    “Now we know exactly what President Obama thinks of the families left behind by the murderous attack on America not ten years ago,” Paladino said. “The Ground Zero Mosque is an insult to all Americans and a slap in the face to the surviving families of those murdered in cold blood on September 11th and all the American and allied men and women killed and maimed in the ensuing wars.”

    “The Ground Zero Mosque is not about freedom of religion, as President Obama claims. It’s about the murderous ideology behind the attacks on our country and the fanatics our troops are fighting every day in the Middle East,” Paladino said. “New York’s Congressional delegation must move immediately to sponsor and pass a law that declares the entire World Trade Center district a War Memorial where one group of Americans may not move to insult another class of citizens.”

    Paladino and other supporters of a War Memorial district in lower Manhattan propose including the entire area where the dust cloud containing human remains spread from the World Trade Center site. The developers of the Ground Zero Mosque are not moderate Muslims, but backers of the violent Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood sects. The developers blame America for the attacks on September 11th and subscribe to the bloodthirsty tenets of Sharia Law.

    Carl Paladino, a successful Western New York real estate developer and attorney, is a Republican candidate for Governor of New York. He and Tom Ognibene, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, petitioned their way into the Republican Primary in July and canvassed to create a Tea Party-inspired line called the Taxpayers Party.

    For more information on where Carl Paladino stands on the issues, please visit

    Paladino for the People.

  49. says

    For a good examination of the way Obama falsely presented Islam in his 2009 Cairo speech, take a look at “Islam and Barack Hussein Obama: A Handbook on Islam” at Amazon.com. You will also find out why the natural death of the allegedly corrupt leader of a small African country received more attention from Obama than did the shooting of the two Army privates in Little Rock Arkansas by a Muslim convert!

  50. says

    Disappointing but not surprising. Obama remains on schedule to do more damage to America than any other single person in all of American history. He’s that awful.

  51. says

    I, however was raised by two good Republican parents.

    Prez Barack was raised by a Communist mother.

    *** 4:15 ***

    His father, a black man, was of course MIA through the whole process. Praise Allah.

  52. says

    There is no guarantee of religious freedom…If that was the case, Islam would institute sharia with it’s brutal system of punishment…These punishments would run head on into kufr law…So there is no way to give Islam complete religious freedom in the first place…

  53. says

    “George Bush Sr and Jr come back! All is forgiven”
    — from a posting above

    The President’s Remarks At The Iftar Dinner

    Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release


    The East Room
    7:01 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Please be seated. Thank you. Welcome to the White House. This is the fifth year in a row that it’s been my honor to host an Iftaar in the State Dining Room.

    Our distinguished guests represent the millions of Muslims that we’re proud to call Americans, and many Islamic nations are represented here that America is proud to call friend. We welcome the representatives from many countries with large Muslim populations. I want to thank you all for coming to celebrate an honored tradition of the Muslim faith, and wish you a, “Ramadan Mubarak.”

    I want to thank those in my administration who have joined us. I want to thank the Imam for joining us today, and thank you for leading us in prayer after these short remarks. I want to thank all the ambassadors from the Organization of the Islamic Conference. I welcome other members of the Diplomatic Corps. And I want to thank the Muslim — American Muslim leaders who are with us today. Thanks for taking time out to celebrate this important dinner.

    Ramadan is the holiest time of the Muslim year. According to Islamic teaching, this month commemorates the revelation of God’s word to the Prophet Muhammad in the form of the Koran. For more than a billion Muslims, Ramadan is a time of heartfelt prayer and togetherness. It is a time of fasting and personal sacrifice. It’s a time to give thanks for God’s blessings through works of charity.

    One Muslim leader said: “It’s a national and Islamic obligation to assist one’s neighbors when they are in need.” The American people saw that spirit as we recovered from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The world sees that spirit, that compassion of Islam, through the countless acts of kindness following the recent earthquake in southeast — in South Asia.

    America is fortunate to count such good-hearted men and women among our fellow citizens. We have great respect for the commitment that all Muslims make to faith, family, and education. And Americans of many backgrounds seek to learn more about the rich tradition of Islam. To promote greater understanding between our cultures, I have encouraged American families to travel abroad, to visit with Muslim families. And I have encouraged American families to host exchange students from the Muslim world. I have asked young Americans to study the language and customs of the broader Middle East. And for the first time in our nation’s history, we have added a Koran to the White House Library. (Applause.)

    All of us gathered tonight share a conviction that America must remain a welcoming and tolerant land, in which our people are free to practice any faith they choose. We reject every form of ethnic and religious discrimination. As I said in my second Inaugural Address, we cannot carry the message of freedom and the baggage of bigotry at the same time.

    We also share a common hope for the future — that our children and grandchildren will grow up in a safer and more peaceful world. Delivering on that promise to future generations requires action from our generation. We must stand confidently in the cause of freedom — including the freedom of people everywhere to practice their faith in peace. We must also firmly oppose all who commit evil in God’s name. I am grateful to the Muslim nations that have joined our coalition in the war on terror — including many nations that have been victims of terror themselves.

    As we work together to defeat the terrorists, we must be very clear about the enemies we face. The killers who take the lives of innocent men, women, and children are followers of a violent ideology very different from the religion of Islam. These extremists distort the idea of jihad into a call for terrorist murder against anyone who does not share their radical vision, including Muslims from other traditions, who they regard as heretics.

    Their strategy will fail. Many Muslim scholars have already publicly condemned terrorism, often citing chapter 5, verse 32 of the Koran, which states that killing an innocent human being is like killing all of humanity, and saving the life of one person is like saving all of humanity. I appreciate those of you here who have joined these scholars in rejecting violent extremists. And I believe the time has come for all responsible Islamic leaders to denounce an ideology that exploits Islam for political ends, and defiles your noble faith.

    I have great confidence in the future of this nation, and in the future of the Muslim world. I have been inspired by the courage of people in Afghanistan and Iraq, where Muslims are celebrating Ramadan in two of the world’s newest democracies. I believe that people of every religious and ethnic background have the right and the desire to be free. And I believe that the spread of freedom and justice and tolerance in the broader Middle East will lead to the peace that we all seek.

    As we celebrate this special Iftaar, we renew the ties of friendship that bind all those who trace their faith back to God’s call on Abraham. We recognize the many hopeful works we have achieved together. We look forward to learning more from each other in the years ahead.

    I’m so grateful that you joined us today. I wish you a blessed Ramadan, and may God bless you all. (Applause.)

    Source: U.S. Department of State


    These remarks were delivered by President George W. Bush on October 17, 2005

  54. says

    I respectfully disagree with Rep. Peter King.
    BHO did not “cave” on the side of “political correctness.” Obama has NEVER been on the side of any correct and righteous cause.
    For him, it is this: Power, Domination, Submission just like any other tyrant that has held a position of power.
    Indeed, everything that has vomited out of BHO’s mouth since beginning his bid for the presidency has been lies.
    On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, when BHO took the oath of office, the flag of islam was, indeed raised over the Whitehouse.
    On that very day, a National Day of Mourning should have been declared.
    Since then, BHO, and his rabidly fanatical band of thugs, have been working tirelessly to bring to its knees the greatest and freest nation the world has ever known.
    As well, this affront to decency better known as the “islamic center”, holds a double significance for the conquering sword of islam. It will be erected before the Twin Towers is even begun.
    Shame on the head of Barak Hussein Obama and, Shame, shame, shame on New York’s worm of a mayor, Michael Bloomberg. There will be a “Day of Reckoning” for you both.

  55. says

    As long as American law treats Islam as a normal religion and terrorist attacks as unrelated to the core teachings of Islam, I don’t find this statement of a US president very surprising. Rather it reminds me of Bush’s visit to the New York muslims in the aftermath of 9/11 by which he reassured them that they of course have nothing to do with terrorism and are not a target of the “war on terror”. The on which these presidential acts have been based is as untrue as it is convenient, and so far there seem to have been no serious effort to change anything about them at the judicial or legislative level.

  56. says

    Dubya if nothing else is a dumass. Yale. Harvard. Enough said.

    *** 33:21 ***

    Why is the White House celebrating Iftar, to celebrate the outcome of the Battle of the Ditch? Opportunity lost.

  57. says

    Did Hussein Obama end his Ramadan speech with “Allah bless America”?

    I wonder what this speech will do to his ratings?

    Islamo-ignorance not an excuse. Not a religion.

  58. says

    I wonder if Obama believes, or has been led to believe, that Feisal Abdul Rauf shares his belief in Freedom of Conscience. Asked to sign a letter against the killing of apostates in Islam — that is, asked to show support for Freedom of Conscience — Feisal Abdul Rauf refused to do so. What does Barack Obama make of that? Anything? Nothing?

    And has anyone on Barack Obama’s staff, who at least could have supplied that busy busy man with a three-page bullet-riddled Executive Summary of Talking Points, actually read what Feisal Abdul Rauf has written — or even better, compared the Arabic title and text with the title and text in English? If they did not do so, before their boss made his pious pronouncements in favor of the Victory Mosque (which, because of this very brouhaha, will become a symbol, like the Dome of the Rock and the Mosque of Omar placed by an early Umayyad caliph on the Temple Mount, or like the mosque that was made of the Hagia Sophia, turned from the largest Christian church in the entire world — until St. Peter’s was built — in Constaninople, the largest, most populous, richest, and most important city in Christendom for a thousand years, or like the mosque built 20 years ago a mile from the Vatican, or the mosque allowed to be built a few years ago in Grenada, at the opening ceremonies of which, as with the one near the Vatican, there was a triumphalist air of planting the victory flag in the heart of a Europe that was succumbing to Islam step by inexorable step. This is apparently something of which Obama knows nothing. But his staff are supposed to inform themselves, and then to give him lucid tutorials in the subject. Where is Axelrod? Where are all the rest?

  59. says

    I hope the vote in November is devasting to Obama and everything he stands for. His ideas are not new, only his lies are new. We have buried Communist-socialist totalarian ideas in the past and now they have sprung back to life right here in the USA like some sort of zombi and need to be reburied once again.

    All of his efforts are directed at creating a totalarian government here in the USA. There is no other explanation. Islam is one tool that can help make this happen.

  60. says

    I actually *wish* I could be shocked over this”to say that I have come to *expect* betrayal from my own president is extraordinarily painful, but it is true.

    NYC Mayor Bloomberg falsely conflates George Washington’s famous quote in support of religious freedom here.

    I notice he *does not* cite the experience of the young nation’s next two presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, in England on diplomatic mission before their presidencies, as they heard Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja indicate why Muslims had the undying right to plunder, enslave, and murder Infidels such as Americans:

    He had answered that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    After spending millions in for safe passage that was seldom held to in the Mediterranean over the next fifteen years, Jefferson finally declaring that America was going to spend “millions for defense but not one cent for tribute”.

    Obama is still offering tribute, and he is offering tribute on our own shores. For anyone to quote the founders in his name is grotesque.

  61. says

    “Bloomberg compared Obama’s speech to a letter President George Washington wrote in support of a Jewish congregation in Newport, Rhode Island. “President Obama’s words tonight evoked President Washington’s own august reminder that ‘all possess alike liberty,’ ” Bloomberg said in a statement.”
    What a STUPID ANALOGY! The Jews had not blown up two of the the most prominent and important buildings in the city! I am sure if they had that George Washington would not have given his approval. The evil dishonesty of Obama and Bloomberg and the fact that they ally themselves with evil makes me sick. The faster they can be voted out of office, the better off America will be.

  62. says

    The law that I would like to see Congress pass would contain the essence that Islam is not a religion: it’s a supremacist ideology that uses the trappings of religion (just as the Nazis used “Got mit uns”) to promote its supremacist political agenda, which is antithetical to the American Constitution. With such a law enacted, then existing laws could be used to shutter and sell all mosques in America and to stop the flow of Saudi petrol dollars, which are being used in an attempt to destroy us. Those before us did similar against Nazism and Communism; now it’s our turn, against Islam.

  63. says

    Exactly how many muslims live/work in lower Manhattan that they feel the need for such a huge islamic centre? There already are other mosques in the area.

    “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.”
    No one is trying to stop them from practising their religion in america. What people don’t want is a mosque in this particular spot.
    Why is that so difficult to understand?
    When someone mentioned opening a gay bar, the immediate muslim response was: our sensitivities are not being respected.
    How about muslims respecting the sensitivities of normal, ordinary americans and go build the mosque somewhere else?

    By the way, why can’t the muslims pray in their own houses the way Christians and Hindus and others do in saudi arabia?

  64. says

    We need a president who can stand up to these thugs! For some reason the song “Stout-Hearted Men” comes to mind. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v55F8ocQ–I)
    Here are the lyrics. I love it!

    You who have dreams
    If you act, they’ll come true
    To turn your dreams to a fact
    It’s up to you
    If you have the soul and the spirit
    Never fear it, you’ll see it through
    Hearts can inspire
    Other hearts with their fire
    For the strong obey
    When a strong man shows them the way

    Give me some men who are stout-hearted men
    Who will fight for the right they adore
    Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men
    And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more-

    Shoulder to shoulder, and bolder and bolder
    They grow as they go to the fore
    Then there’s nothing in the world
    Can halt or mar a plan
    When stout-hearted men
    Can stick together – man – to man…

    Give me some men who are stout-hearted men
    Who will fight for the right they adore
    Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men
    And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more-ore

    Shoulder to shoulder, and bolder and bolder
    They grow as they go to the fore
    Then there’s nothing in the world
    Can halt or mar a plan
    When stout-hearted men
    Can stick together – man – to man…
    (Give me some men who are stout-hearted men)


  65. says

    A defining moment in the Cold War:

    JFK: “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

    A defining moment in the new millenium:

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama: “Ich bin ein muslim!”

    It was about that middle-name thing all along, wasn’t it?

  66. says

    the arabic part of Obama’s speech “Ramadan Kareem” translation ~ May allah make (your) ramadan period generous.
    Hoowah! shout out

  67. says


    Its not America’s death ! We are made of sterner steel than that. It is a clarion call for all Americans to get a copy of his traitorous cowardly comments and post them
    to our facebook pages, blogs, emails and every other method available to expose this poor excuse for an American to his countrymen. Write to your congressmen of your displeasure. Above all stop political correctness whenever anyone uses it in your presence. Its the resort of crybabies. Join
    tea parties and be at every demonstration against the mosque that occurs at ground zero or in your neighborhoods.
    I’m 70 years of age. If at my age I can and have done all of the above with limited strength and energy, so by God can all of you. You have video and and computer skills that I can only envy. If I was a musician I’d write a song about it. Those of us forged in the fires of Vietnam
    have no intention of sitting with our thumbs up our backsides and our legs hanging down amnd I don’t think for a minute that anyone on Jihad Watch will do so either.
    Get these alinsky clones out of our government. We are now and have always been a can do people. Use alinsky’s
    precepts against them. Isolate them and remember that they have used our schools to turn out woefully educated
    Americans ignorant of their histories. They are at
    bottom, physical and spiritual cowards except when in a mob.
    God help America, as he so often has before.

  68. says

    President Barack Obama supports the “Victory Mosque at ground zero while 65% or more of America says NO tho this construction. Since the President is a Muslim ( http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28 ) then it is evident that he does not care about any of the Americans killed on 9/11 but only about the feelings of Islamists who want to build this grand “Victory Mosque”.

    Attached are videos #1 & #2 & #3 of what our President supports and what kind of “Change” he wants to bring to America. Change that is NOT in the best interests of America and our laws.




  69. says

    America is than republic form of Government where the majority cannot take away minority right. Since muslim are than minority they rights must be protected from Islamoprobic bigot like most of you folk. The Mosque will be built.

  70. says

    This is no surprise. Obama has shown a disturbing affinity for the Muslim community from early on and has since shown no inclination to dispel that notion. This is either enthusiastic support by a closet Muslim or, as in the case of Bloomberg, et. al., the blind submission of another clueless dhimmi.

    Both of these gentlemen have also made it very clear that they care nothing about the people they represent. The unspoken admonition is, “shut up, keep your stupid opinions to yourselves and let us, with our infinitely superior intellect, run the country.”

    In the mean time they and all those wallowing in the quick sand of appeasement see no problem with the aggressive determination of the promoters of this monstrosity to force it down the throats of the multitudes already loudly and defiantly proclaiming their opposition; all in the guise of promoting commiseration with the victims of 9/11, some of whom were also Muslims don’t you know.

    The prevalent western acceptance of the myth that Islam is just like any other major religion represents a largely ignored existential threat. This myopic attitude allows Islamic support groups around the world to subversively influence public opinion and policy by hiding their true intentions behind the facade.

    Unfortunately many are uncomfortable and adamantly refuse to challenge the prevailing view. How else can this widespread resistance to acknowledging the mountains of contradictory evidence be explained? It doesn’t help when the Commander in Chief erases all references to Islamic terrorism from the public record; troublesome but understandable if the Commander in Chiefs true religious affiliation is surreptitiously concealed. Taqiyya perhaps?

  71. says

    Obama said “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” I guess that means we can do away with airport security checks. After all, a Muslim that wants to hijack or bomb a plane is only practicing their religion as they see fit. How insensitive are we to not allow them to do that!?

    Some will say that he also said “..in accordance with local laws and ordinances.” Well what happened to honor, and respect and decency?

  72. says

    “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.”
    Did Ambassador Adel A.M. Al Jubeir of Saudi Arabia and Ambassador Husain Haqqani of Pakistan keep a straight face when Obama said that?

  73. says


    osamabama ORCHESTRATED his timing well to announce his approval of the CORDOBA VICTORY MOSQUE. (Yes, I know they changed the name from Cordoba to Park Place – WHATEVER! The same tactics the Dhimmicrats use when a Bill or Issue gets too hot to handle – change the name!)

    He announced it on a Friday night, after the administration sponsored Feisal Abdul Rauf’s trip to Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, which is described as part of a program to send Muslims abroad to educate other countries about the role of religion in the United States.

    So he sent the imam away from America, and then made his announcement.


  74. says

    Here’s the fatal flaw with muslims and islam. THEY ARE NOT TOLERANT. They are on a mission from (their) god to rule the World. The koran tells them to convert or kill. islam It is NOT possible for them to peacefully co-exist with Western Culture. Islam is not just a Religion, it’s a Culture and also a Structured Law (sharia). They must GO! It’s US OR THEM. Don’t be fooled, the koran tells them to lie to the infidel’s face to achieve their ends.

  75. says

    My prediction:

    This Mosque will not be built.

    The totalitarians have overreached themselves on this occasion as they often do in pursuit of their beliefs.

    I think the force of public opinion will stop it.

  76. says

    It wasn’t surprising to hear such endorsement coming from the lips of the man who declared America ‘ no longer a Christian nation ‘. Those words should have been warning enough. He doesn’t just reserve his pro-islamic opinions and endorsements on the US side of the Atlantic either, having been quite vociferous in his backing for what would be a nightmare EU with Turkey as a member. It’s not just insensitive to propose a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero – it is obscene, as is the sickly ‘ tribute ‘ excuse I heard. Americans, petition in your millions, do anything you can, but stop this disgraceful proposed symbol of conquest over freedoms that Obama has no true respect for.

  77. says

    As a proud descendant of someone who in 1620 sought a new life in America – free from religious persecution – I find what I have read here to be absolutely appalling.

    You so-called patriots spewing hate and ridicule hide behind your blasphemous anonymity to villify other people. I am an American Christian, among whose antecedents were zealots who similarly blasphemed the name of Christ as they slaughtered the native people and took their land. Yes, in God’s Name!

    And some of those zealots kept their black brothers and sisters in the exploiting subjugation of brutal and killing slavery even as they mouthed their pious prayers thanking God for their whiteness of his image and claiming their place in heaven as Christ’s followers.

    So where are the many hallowed grounds marking where Christians spilled so much innocent blood? So many public and private buildings sit where the blood was spilt and the bones burried. Did you ever care or seek to atone? Can Christians ever pay for the Crusades and the slaughter, rape and pillaging that we and our antecedents did in Christ’s name?

    But as we puff ourselves up with our righteous bravado, we denigrate others. We are ALL THE SAME in the continuum of time. The pendulum swings and in the fullness of time, God will judge all humankind. Let us try to live according to God’s commandments and consider how un/worthy we are instead of trying to usurp God’s judgement prerogative and jeopardize our souls.

  78. says

    “Instead of building a mosque why don’t Manhattan’s Muslims send the money to Pakistan to help the victims of the recent floods there?”
    Not needed.
    Infidel tax money will take care of that.

  79. says

    Mr. Spencer wrote: “Obama, like Bloomberg, is acting as if the Ground Zero mega-mosque is the only mosque in the U.S….”

    I’m inclined to agree with suprkufrB on this one. Bloomberg is a Jewish traitor. Obama is a ‘good’ Muslim.

  80. says

    Atlantic cousins ??

    This is true of Europe as far as I know and it is certainly true of my country – India – all free people appear to be sleepwalking into electing dhimmis as their leaders.

    Sometimes, when I see those you call atlantic cousins, and Europeans and Australians acting this way, I find it a little soothing. Because it tells me that we are not the only ones engaged in self-imposed dhimmitude.


  81. says

    Good to see someone refusing to start reading the epitaph of the free world. I find myself saying similar things to my pessimistic Indian brethren so often !


  82. says

    “THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE! …and Obama knows it. This is about very basic respect and honor for those that lost their lives to islamic terrorists at Ground Zero on 9/11.”

    I totally agree with you, Champ. Obama has no respect for 70% of the American public. He is solidly aligned with that radical 30% of our population that either hates America or is an enemy of the 70%. It is really hard for anyone to believe that any POTUS could ever be so radical as Obama. His sympathies are with Muslims and that is that. He might as well be a Muslim if he is not one already.

    What else could we expect from someone who was raised by Communists and socialists, groomed by the Chicago political mob, and worked as a socialist community organizer with the brethren of Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakan in the Chicago southside.

  83. says

    I’m not implying anything…I’m talking straight forward…
    Direct action…It’s called ‘taking back your country’…But since you have no personal stake in that…Butt out…

  84. says

    From above… I think that Obama had to say what he said.

    No he didn’t…My mother once told me.’If you don’t have anything good to say…don’t say anything at all’.

    By ‘choosing’ to tell articulate fine sounding lies, he has exposed himself for the low life manipulator he really is…

  85. says

    yussuff! one of the people that are posting at this site has already made what appears to be a fairly accurate description of your iq.
    which part of swami’s comment you did not understand? ‘pitchforks’? you need explanation? do you REALLY not know what it will be used for?

  86. says

    Bosch, that is very good. Why not have a draw Obama cartoon site / day on facebook. I’m sure it would go viral.

  87. says

    “I am WAY beyond angry – I am ENRAGED!”

    Oh, I couldn’t sleep last night. I didn’t know what to do with my anger. I watched a movie until about 2 AM and then finally said OK well I have to try and sleep.

    So I wake up this morning and I’m still so pissed off. Hussein’s “Defending a mosque” is the first story on NBC News, and they can’t even invite anyone with the viewpoint of opposing it. They have idiot Libtard Joe Scarborough who keeps echoing Hussein about “the Constitution.”

    I’m not only supremely angry I’m also in shock that this abomination, the 9/11 Jihad Victory Mosk, could actually be happening.

  88. says

    All this agitation and noise over a single building. Fear of sharia taking over your country.

    As much as I like to needle you guys, I’m starting to get concerned for your health. Relax OK? You have nothing to worry about.

    With strong defenders of freedom like you to sit on the internet and type screeds about pitchforks into this little text box, your country is safe.

    Relax. Just keep doing what you’re doing now and everything will be fine.

  89. says

    Boortz is doing fine but then he caves. When going gets tough, Boortz slips. I’ve listened to him on and off over the years. Did you listen to the whole thing? He apologized for the world of Islam (that is, the “peace-loving majority” who Boortz “understands do not sympathize with these bloodthirsty murderers”) approximately 5 minutes 20 seconds into the audio. How does Boortz know the majority does not sympathize……?

  90. says

    Relax. Just keep doing what you’re doing now and everything will be fine.

    Yusef YK, while I prefer not to use vulgarity, in this case: Take your condescending head and shove it deeply up your hairy hole.

    You think this is funny, do you? Here’s something to ponder. Should the west go down who’s going to prevent the Chinese and/or the Russians from stomping your pisshole countries, cult and peoples into the dirt? Neither one have the tolerance, the restraint or the respect for life the west has. They have slaughtered tens of millions of their own and would happily wipe out entire populations of belligerent muslims if it served their interests. Don’t think so? Then you have nothing to worry about I suppose. Every thing will be just fine.

  91. says

    “Should the west go down who’s going to prevent the Chinese and/or the Russians from stomping your pisshole countries, cult and peoples into the dirt?”


  92. says

    No, you “simmer down,” al-Jon, Mohammedan.

    People, I didn’t click on the Muslim’s link above, I’d advise you not to as it probably has bugs.

    You and your Barbarians’ will get your comeuppance for your effrontery, al-Jon. This is just the beginning of West v Islam, and we will win.

  93. says

    It’s a Burlington Coat Factory folks. Simmer down.

    The factory is in Manhattan and Manhattan is in the USA – the land of the free. No place for temples of your pig-prophet muhammad.

  94. says

    The response of Winston Churchill was one of the driest that has ever been passed down to us from the world of politics:

    Chamberlain “was given a choice between war and dishonour. He chose dishonour and he will have war.”

    I wish people would just ignore YusefYK. He just needles, irritates and gloats in the mistaken hope it makes him seem superior or even clever. His arguments are nowhere – insofar they are arguments at all and not mere baseless claims and assertions based on superstition – and his enjoyment is no more than the primitive man’s ignorant boasting when presented with the modern world of reason and liberties.

  95. says

    Bugs…and not the bunny either…I encountered this last week when I got curious about ‘Spencerwatch’…It has bugs that jump and one of them attacked my typepad account…It took several hours to track the problem and fix it…

    Besides we already know that Jon is not a credible character…

  96. says

    Yes, I recall your mentioning that. What a drag. Glad you cleared things up.

    People – NEVER click on “Spencerwatch.” Oh, that goes for “Loonwatch,” too.

  97. says

    i must admit, i never quite thought of it this way,but i think you are correct in what you said.this is like the fable of the two frogs. with mccain – it would have been a slow imperceptible death (remember how he stepped in to defend obama when this lady came to him and said ‘he is a muslim’…he took the microphone from her and brushed her off.) while now, with the abomination temporarily staying at the wh, it is definitely like the other frog that jumped off from the scalding water….
    many others have commented that hussein’s ramadan speech should definitly be the defining moment in american history where THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have admitted the collossal mistake that they made in 2008 (not through fault of theirs, but due to the goodness of the american people and the deceiving speeches of the traitor) and the gloves came off!

  98. says

    I got some promising results from a short search based on the info you provided. It traces to the Sequim or Port Angeles area in extreme northwest Washington (state) USA. I think this guy would be pretty easy for LEOs to locate and “have a word of prayer with him”. They might want to find him, too. Most LEOs are very conservative, and based on his post, he would be targeting them, too.

    BEGIN QUOTED POST by Txlady706.wordpress.com:
    I posted about this on my blog and here is one response:
    John Stapleton says:

    August 14, 2010 at 12:08 am (Edit)

    “Every conservative ” and especially every birther who has called for a military coup in America should be PUT TO DEATH. I hate every one of you and I will dedicate my life to destroying you. I PRAY FOR CIVIL BECAUSE I WISH TO LEGALLY BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEADS OFF.”

    the IP pulled was:




  99. says

    I’m seriously considering taking my pitchfork to my polling place to help keep order and make sure that voters are not intimidated by anyone with clubs…I will dress in bib overalls, a red checkered shirt, a straw hat and rubber boots…I will explain to the officer that this is not a weapon but a farm tool, and I just came from pitching hay…
    and I may have to pitch a little more…

  100. says

    Pitchforks to stir the tar prior to tarring and feathering????

    Sir, you must not be planning on using very much tar, LOL!

    The morbidly funny thing about tarring and feathering them would be that our burn centers would probably wind up using pig skin grafts to cover the burns.

  101. says

    Hugh wrote: “These remarks were delivered by President George W. Bush on October 17, 2005″


    I have said it before and it bears repeating, George W. Bush and his supporters — I am speaking of those who did not “wake up;” those who supported Mr. Bush until the very end of his second term and thereafter, even as he lied repeatedly about Islam — are in large part responsible for the rise of Barack Hussein Obama and his Congressional supporters.

  102. says

    “What does Barack Obama make of that? Anything? Nothing? ”

    I’m sure we will never know, since nobody in the lamestream media has the desire, or is knowledgeable enough to ask him the question. And even if someone did, my guess is he wouldn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

  103. says

    The Communists have pummeled the MAN out of MEN.
    Most of the men are too scared to shout against ANYTHING politically incorrect. They have been beaten down by the schools and society that requires them to “get in touch with the FEEEEEEEEEEEEELINGS”
    I wish that men would STOP getting in touch with their feelings. Nurturing is woman’s territory. Let me be a woman. Let woman be Women and MEN will be allowed to be MEN. If you want ONE, then the other must concede the opposite role. Women are scared to let go to men these days, because they don’t TRUST that the men will be STRONG enough to STAY MEN.
    This has been in the works since about the end of WWII. Ayan Rand had it right. But they didn’t foresee back then that the DEMOCRATS would become Communists and the Republicans would be threatened by them. The republicans were supposed to turn in to the COMMUNISTS. The Democrats were warned and that ALTERED HISTORY.

  104. says

    Muslims aren’t Americans: similar to Nazis and Communists, they’re agents of a foreign government (Islam) that seeks to overthrow our Constitution.

  105. says

    “America is than republic form of Government where the majority cannot take away minority right. Since muslim are than minority they rights must be protected from Islamoprobic bigot like most of you folk. The Mosque will be built.”

    What a lie. This is NOT as issue about “minority rights”, as you allege; since there are many mosques that already exist in New York, and beyond. But this is about respect & honor for the men and women that lost their lives to islamic terrorists, and to those that also GAVE their lives in saving others during the 9/11 tragedy. Ground Zero is a War Memorial, and no mosque ought to be built anywhere NEAR this location. Remember: 100% of the terrorists on 9/11 were MUSLIM, so muslims were certainly in the majority on that day, right? Now, the majority whom are against this building project being so close to Ground Zero will rule in the end …

    Your comment serves to demonstrate just how heartless & soulless someone can be — but then again, I think that you truly enjoy pursuing that dark & evil void.


    I don’t care what Obama says concerning this particular mosque, because he does not speak for the majority of Americans, or anyone with a conscience whom are against this heinous building project …

  106. says

    “The Mosque will be built.”

    No, Doi, the ‘tasteless’ insensitive ‘triumphalist’ 911 Ground Zero mosque will not be built.

    The political wind is now turned against it. Even mainstream politicians are voicing their disapproval. Obama stepped into deep doo-doo on this one. If those insensitive, triumphalist Muslims don’t withdraw this highly offensive mosque from the proposed location, it will be stopped on some legal technicality. The Constitution’s First Amendment works our way here. Minority rights are not abrogated, but neither is the will of the people abrogated in ‘submission’ to tasteless, insensitive Islamic triumphalism. The people will out, watch and see.

    So, no, the Ground Zero mosque will not be built.

  107. says

    Thanks, Spot On :) …yeah Nobama never had us fooled, right? Like you and I, and so many others, we were paying very close attention to the glaring ‘red flags’ about Nobama — the ones mentioned in your above comment. And I did my darndest to dissuade certain family members from voting for this so-called “American”, as I’m sure you did as well — and as countless others tried to do, too. I guess the only good news that might come out of Nobama siding with the Cordoba Hellhouse is that this will be the last straw for those that were on the fence that DID decide to vote for Nobama. This will undoubtedly come back to bite this man in the b-hind come the next election. Hey, every dog has its day, and his day is coming …

    Nobama 2012!

  108. says

    Hi, Duh_Swami …

    Hey thanks for providing the “American Grand Jury” link. And for those that missed your comment earlier and the link, I am providing it again to give others a chance to sign the letter of complaint as well:


    “Arnie Rosner along with American Grand Jury will deliver to Robert S. Mueller, Director of the FBI, a written COMPLAINT charging Obama and his shadow government with fraud upon the people, corruption, treason and theft, in addition to personal identity fraud by Obama himself.”



    Everyone …please sign the letter, too!

  109. says

    I pray that you’re right, but remember, it’s defeat isn’t going to occur out of thin air; you, and I, and all of us who believe in freedom and democracy are going to have to get out there to put the bums in the seats and the feet on the pavement.

  110. says


    oh it’s ‘hallowed ground’ from the Muslim POV, too, alright, but for quite different reasons: namely, that it’s where the abominable ‘shahid’ murder-‘martyrs’ slew and were slain in the cause of ‘allah’.

    Rick Scott of Florida, quoted above by Wildjew, has seen the ugly truth: “Building a victory monument to Mohammed Atta and the other 18 terrorists and their despicable act on 9/11 is unthinkable to me.”

    My husband, when I was explaining about the campaign, suggested the following slogan for the protesters – “No Mosque for Murderers”. One could simplify even further, to “Stop the Murder Mosque”.

    Because that’s what it will be, for millions and millions of Muslims – a mosque for murderers, a mosque celebrating ritual murder, a shrine or victory monument for the accursed Mohammed Atta and company, whose ‘martyrdom’ for ‘allah’ involved offing themselves in the process of mass-murdering thousands of non-Muslims in the heart of NYC – NYC that is in the 21st century what Byzantium and Persia and Sind were in the 6th and 7th and 8th centuries…*the* biggest and best non-Muslim target, the glittering prize, a pirate’s dream of plunder, big and rich and beautiful.