Jerusalem: Christian holy site threatened by Muslim construction

More Islamic supremacist indifference to the cherished sites of the “most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6). “Garden Tomb Threatened by Muslim Construction,” by Chris Mitchell for CBN News, September 4 (thanks to Miss Kelly):

JERUSALEM – More than a quarter of a million Christians visit Jerusalem’s Garden Tomb every year. The holy site is believed by many to be the place where Jesus rose from the dead.

But now, the sacred ground is in danger of being damaged by a Muslim construction project. Garden Tomb Director Richard Meryon showed CBN News the 15-foot wall being built above the tomb.

“In the last few weeks the cemetery above has built this wooden construction into which they are now ready to pour hundreds of tons of concrete on top of our wall,” he explained.

Jerusalem’s Islamic waqf is building the wall to enlarge a Muslim cemetery. However, Meryon fears the construction could bring a catastrophe.

“Just beneath (the wall) we have three or four areas where Christians are worshipping every day. So we have the potential here in heavy rain or in snow, or even in one of those earth tremors that Jerusalem is famous for — you only need one of those events to happen and this new wall could collapse,” he said. “It could kill 200 visitors, pilgrims, and tourists in the garden worshipping.”

The new wall also violates three local building codes and does not have a city permit. The structure is supposed to be built three feet away from any existing structure and permission is required.

“They have never sought my permission,” Meryon said. “We have been in active discussion and I am now negotiating with them. I cannot allow them to build this wall until they prove to me beyond all reasonable doubt that this wall is going to be safe.”…

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    During Jordanian Arab occupation of the Old City, all 37– or was it 38? — of the synagogues were dynamited or otherwise destroyed. And Jewish tombstone, many centuries old, were ripped up from the Mount of Olives cemetery and used to line the floors of Jordanian Army latrines. But then the Arabs felt they still needed the West; the OPEC trillions had not yet started to flood in, and the Muslim millions had not settled deep within the countries of the West, behind what Muslims are taught to regard as enemy lines. So they still had to worry about Christian sensibilites, not least because the Arab Legion was trained, equipped, and led, by the British. It was bad enough that the British archaeologist Katherine Kenyon was unceremoniously booted out of Jordan because she kept finding too many Christian churches in her searches, and that alarmed and offended Muslims. But had Christian sites been damaged in Jerusalem, Great Britain might, in those days, have been offended, and even Glubb Pasha and Alec Kirkbride might have not been quite so infatuated with the local Arabs, including that “plucky little king,” as he formulaically later came to be known by all those, such as the unmissed New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis, who kept seeing him, King Hussein, as a veritable Prince of Peace, along with that other wrongly-idealized figure, Saint Sadat.

    Now, with those OPEC trillions, and those Muslim millions in Western Europe (becoming tens of millions if Europeans do not reverse course, and take appropriate defensive measures, and soon), the Muslim Arabs are no longer worried about the sensibilities of what they regard as the Christian West. They have seen how easy it is to get their way, to threaten, to attack, to bully, to bluff, and how readily so many are to punish those who, like Geert Wilders or Thilo Sarrazin, dare to tell certain home truths about Islam and Muslims and the impossibility of their truly integrating into any Infidel nation-state.

    So they are ready to proceed. And what will the Israeli government do about this? And Western governments, presumably led by cultivated people who care about the past, and the monuments and sacred places?

    The Americans could have swooped in, and protected the Bamiyan Buddhas. They watched, in slow motion, over many weeks, as the Taliban threatened, as the Talibran prepared, as the Taliban received Pakistani and Saudi engineering assistance for a work of cruel destruction. And the Americans, who could have won points with Buddhists in China, Japan, South Korea, for protecting Buddhist sites from Muslim aggression, did nothing. Why? Because apparently they were more concerned with “offending” Muslims. Or perhaps it was just the usual blend of what I have frequently called the Esdrujula Explanation: Timidity, Rigidity, Stupidity, Cupidity (in this case, fear that offending the rich Arabs might lead to a little less “recycling of oil money” to particular members of the Saudi lobby that in Washington has for so many decades been so powerful).

    So what will be done? Will the Obama administration utter a syllable of protest? Will European countries? How about the Pope? The World Council of Churches? The Archbishop of Canterbury? And what about the government of Israel itself?

    Anyone? No one?

    Anything? Nothing?

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    I believe the number of synagogues destroyed during the Jordanian army was 58.

    Given how the Arabs normally treated their enemies, it was seen at the time as a positive or fortunate occurrence that the Jordanian army allowed Jewish noncombatants to leave the the Old City of Jerusalem before the Arab dynamited the Jewish Quarter and Arab thieves picked at every last trace of the Jewish presence that they could take.

    This is just a guess, but I assume that the British officers in the Arab Legion could not be seen as responsible for the wholesale slaughter of a Jewish civilian population that had surrendered. On the other hand, they feared that the always flammable Arab rage could turn in the wrong direction if not allowed the outlet of destroying the Jewish property.

    Regardless, one thing I have read is that the Arabs insisted that they take many Jewish noncombatants as prisoners of war, lest they be humiliated that such a small number of poorly armed and surrounded Jewish fighters, cut off from the rest of the Jewish forces, were able to hang on for so long before ultimately surrendering.

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    First sentence of previous post should have read, “I believe the number of synagogues destroyed during the Jordanian occupation (of Jerusalem) was 58.

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    They will pray, they will slay you, they will be all over you and eventually cover you up, they will punish you and bury you, and do so in ways you cannot imagine.

    *** 68:44 ***

    Whatever happened to those mosques in Arabia that the Saudis cloaked in construction screens and were gonna dismantle? Did they get the job done, are those buildings down yet?

    As is to be expected, the Moslems will punish and bury themselves too, but in ways they have well imagined.

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    Hugh, I also understand that Muslim “improvements” on the Al Aksa mosque involving putting bulldozers and other heavy equipment on Mount Moriah have cause an ominous bulge in the retaining wall beneath the mosque. Israeli engineers have already expressed alarm over this. I’m sure that should this turn into a general collapse of the south end of the ancient Temple platform, it will be the cause of large-scale calls for jihad across the Islamic world.

    This is all of a piece with recent Muslim Arab attempts to write everyone else out of the history of ‘Eretz Yisrael–and numerous other places where Islam prevailed. It is as bad as if white Americans dogmatized that Mesa Verde and the Mississippi Valley mounds had been built by a pre-Columbian European migration!

    But, years ago, when I was in seminary, I heard a Jordanian archaeologist (with a clearly Muslim name) speaking of discoveries east of the Jordan, and he openly spoke of “Byzantine” and “Israelite” sites. There was a certain honesty back then, regardless of where scholars’ political sympathies might lie.

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    When Jesus Christ returns the muslims will burn like dry wheat into nothing but ashes blown away by the whirlwind for all their evil deeds to mankind.

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    JERUSALEM – More than a quarter of a million Christians visit Jerusalem’s Garden Tomb every year. The holy site is believed by many to be the place where Jesus rose from the dead…

    “Just beneath (the wall) we have three or four areas where Christians are worshipping every day. So we have the potential here in heavy rain or in snow, or even in one of those earth tremors that Jerusalem is famous for — you only need one of those events to happen and this new wall could collapse,” he said. “It could kill 200 visitors, pilgrims, and tourists in the garden worshipping.”

    Muslims have always striven to Islamize or outright destroy non-Muslim sites. and what could be a better target than the place where Christians hold Christ rose from the dead?

    Muslims not only deny that Christ rose from the dead, but even that he was crucified in the first place (they claim that “Isa” compelled one of his poor followers to die nameless in his place, while he fled like a coward).

    So, damaging or destroying this place would be quite a coup for Islam. Any dead Christians, history buffs, or sight-seers would just be icing on the cake.

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    A collapse, mudslide, avalanche, you name it, would be most welcome by the waqf (and muslim world). What better way to bury the past and re-write history right under the noses of non-muslims at very holy places to Jews and Christians? Think of the coup if the temple mount were to cascade onto the Garden Tomb and the Western Wall. Why, if it happened during a tremor it would be seen as the hand of allah, 2 birds with one stone against those vile people of the book.

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    When an Israeli sneezes within 5,000 feet of the Temple Mount the Waqf sounds the alarm throughout the Muslim world that the Jews are trying to destroy al-aqsa. Meanwhile they continue to destroy any Jewish historical artifact they come across and are pleased to cause destruction of Christian and Jewish holy sites. They don’t believe in the Golden Rule. Hypersensitivity when it comes to Islam. Callous destruction when it comes to others. There is not even any pretense — and the smokescreen media helps them along every step of the way.

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    “I have emailed the CBN news article to one of the many interfaith addict bishops here in the UK to see what his opinion is”

    interfaith addict bishops?

    You should have also sent him a gospel tract too. Who knows even people like him can fall under conviction, repent, and get saved. Odds are it won’t happen, but then again with God all things are possible.

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    If they can’t be bothered to care about one of the most holy Christian sites in the world, why would they care about the sentiments of the New Yorkers having to look at that monstrosity at Ground Zero.

    It doesn’t even matter if they never build it; they will have caused all the pain they hoped to, even if they have to work their da’wa magic somewhere else.

    The pain of the subjugated reigns to the Muslim mind.

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    The Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, both abominations on the Temple Mount should be destroyed. Razed from the site. Muslims in Jerusalem and Israel are a Fifth Column, as they are in the West, should be forcibly moved to Jordan.

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    Sort of agree with you Hugh about the Israeli government, but then they should have done something about the waqf years ago. But that’s as far as I go, insofar i think all the Christians of the world should get off their backsides and defend their own places of worship.

    Israel has far too much on its plate -ALL THE TIME – and already spends a lot of valuable time protecting everyone within its border but the Jews, who can’t even pray on the site of the Western Wall for heaven’s sake! (the upper layer, not the lower).
    And even the lower levels are often threated by Palestinian Muslims throwing stones at worshippers – God forbid Jews should be comfortable in their own land.

    There are plenty of foreign news agencies, Christian agencies, Christians representing Palestinians etc in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel, including a whole bunch of monasteries and church gruops. Let them join the fight, stop praying, help defend Israel and protect their churches and then they’ll have something to pray in!

    I mean seriously – this Meryon guy has pointed out a wooden construction, not yet full of cement. Has he not got some strong young Christians to tear the wall down, or burn it or something? or stand in front of it? Or blow the cement dust away? There are enough Christian groups happy to condemn Israel for everything – are they committed to protecting their church?

    Can he even organise a protest or sit-in, apart from talking to the news? If he won’t do something, what does he expect others to do?

    Totally agree with you about the Pope, but that Church is probably not Catholic …

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    Bury a pig at the Garden Tomb. Considering Muslims aversion to pork that should take care of that. Put some pigs in the building in New York.
    I now Jews do not eat pork but under the circumstances they can be some where else on the day.

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    Where oh where is the useful goy? Is there anyone who could hire one, purchase a piglet or two or three? Sacrifice one over the mosque on the Temple Mount, the other on top of the building where they want to put the Ground Zero mosque, and sprinkle the blood of the third where ever necessary in Jerusalem. A helicopter would be useful as well. That should remove a few of the worse offenders, and the good and useful righteous could enjoy a bar-b-que.

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    Just as Muhammad conquered the Kaba in Mecca and turned it into a Muslim holy site, so jihadists conquer sites and build their mosques.

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    I think it is the rejection of the principle of reciprocity, the arrogant sense of entitlement – ‘one rule for us, another rule for everyone else’, a perceived entitlement to *hurt* others and cause them pain, with impunity – that revolts me most about Islam.

    G K Chesterton, in his 1915 essay ‘The Barbarism of Berlin’,

    memorably analyses and criticises the supremacist mindset that, already present in Germany, would one day turn into Nazism.

    Chesterton zeroes in on two things: the refusal to keep agreements and the rejection of reciprocity (see section 2, ‘the war on the word’ and section 3, ‘the refusal of reciprocity’)

    “No; the danger of the Pruss is that he is prepared to fight for old errors as if they were new truths. He has somehow heard of certain shallow simplifications, and imagines that we have never heard of them.

    “And, as I have said, his limited, but very sincere lunacy concentrates chiefly in a desire to destroy two ideas, the twin root ideas of rational society.

    “The first is the idea of record and promise: the second is the idea of reciprocity.”

    The pamphlet is worth reading – for everything Chesterton identified as most abominable about the Prussian mindset is also (to the nth degree) characteristic of Islam (even though Chesterton himself, ironically enough, does not seem to have realized that, despite alluding to Islam and the Turks, in the course of the essay).

    Here’s the money quote, from section three, ‘the refusal of reciprocity’ –

    “But it is the point about the Prussian that with him nothing is mutual.

    “The definition of the true savage does not concern itself even with how much more he hurts strangers or captives than do the other tribes of men.

    The definition of the true savage is that he laughs when he hurts you; and howls when you hurt him.” END QUOTE

    Let’s rewrite that, with a trifling alteration:

    “But it is the point about the Muslim that with him nothing is mutual.

    “The definition of the true savage does not concern itself even with how much more he hurts strangers or captives than do the other tribes of men.

    “The definition of the true savage is that he laughs when he hurts you, and howls when you hurt him”.

    That’s Islam, to a T.