Rally of Remembrance today: Yes to freedom, no to Ground Zero mosque

Our rally today is for those who were murdered nine years ago today — murdered in the name of a religion and a book whose followers now plan to place a victory mosque at the site of the murders.

And make no mistake, it will be seen as a victory mosque in the Islamic world. There are thousands of historical precedents — victory mosques all over Muslim countries, built on the cherished sites of conquered peoples. But there are no mosques of reconciliation built on the site of earlier jihad attacks in order to reach out in friendship to those who were attacked. None.

Yet we are to believe that this mosque, and this mosque alone, will be understood as the latter by the great majority of Muslims worldwide.

And that is not the only thing that strains credulity. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is an open proponent of Sharia and restrictions on the freedom of speech; he refused to denounce Hamas; and he has been highly disingenuous about his funding and about whether his mega-structure would contain a mosque at all. Yet we are to believe he is an warm-hearted moderate with nothing but good intentions.

We have had enough of being lied to. And we have had enough also of our dead being disrespected, and of the prospect of a monument to their deaths being built where they were killed. We have had enough of the media smearing everyone who opposes this mosque as hateful — running interference for a hateful ideology that would deny equality of rights to women and non-Muslims, and eradicate the freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

Again: William Jennings Bryan said it in 1896 in a vastly different context, but every word applies today:

We do not come as aggressors. Our war is not a war of conquest; we are fighting in the defence of our homes, our families, and posterity. We have petitioned, and our petitions have been scorned; we have entreated, and our entreaties have been disregarded; we have begged, and they have mocked when our calamity came. We beg no longer; we entreat no more; we petition no more. We defy them!

We beg no more. We entreat no more. We petition no more. We defy them. We are not the aggressors. We are not haters. We are not racists. We are not bigots. We are not neofascists. Those who claim otherwise are knowingly or unknowingly abetting a monstrous evil.

We defy them. Peacefully, lawfully, and with unshakable resolvem, we defy them. And we stand for freedom today.

Join us at 3PM today at Park Place and West Broadway, right by Ground Zero.

The confirmed list of speakers includes 9/11 family members; former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton (video message); the Dutch Parliamentarian and freedom fighter Geert Wilders; journalist Andrew Breitbart (video message); war hero and North Carolina Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano; nationally syndicated conservative radio host Mike Gallagher; Nelly Braginskaya, 911 family member; Muslim Iranian activist Sahand Khoshbaten; Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla; Lisa Vincent, widow of author and journalist Steven Vincent, who was killed in Iraq; Narain Kataria, President of the Indian-American Intellectuals Forum; Sudanese ex-slave and human rights activist Simon Deng; Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, which has filed suit to stop the Ground Zero mega-mosque; Dan Weber, founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens; James Lafferty, VAST; Professor Richard Connerney of Pace University (Pace lost 4 students and 43 alumni); Darla Dawald, National Director of ResistNet.com; Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch; and Pamela Hall, NY Leader, SIOA.

The rally will begin with a brief memorial service for the victims of the 9/11 attacks, featuring prayers offered by a rabbi, a minister and a priest for the families of the victims and for the nation.

Playing Taps is Tom Butterfield. He is a descendant of General Daniel Butterfield, who wrote “Taps” during the Civil War.

The acclaimed vocalist Sarah Lee Michaels will sing the National Anthem.

Please bring flags and remember the solemn nature of the day. And be on your guard: the media, the Left and the Islamic supremacists will be doing all they can to try to discredit our cause by seizing on some incident or inflammatory sign and making it the focal point. Don’t be a pawn in their game. Remember why we are there, and what we are defending, and show the world which side really stands for decency, justice, and human dignity.

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  1. says

    Oppose Mosque Blight, in New York and everywhere else.

    “Unlike churches, mosques are not places of spirituality, peace and sanctuary. They are quasi-military citadels and centres of subversion, intimidation and aggression:

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister and ex-mayor of Istanbul, says that ‘the mosques are our barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the domes our helmets, and the believers our soldiers.’

    Commenting on the Oxford Mosque’s demands to broadcast the amplified pre-recorded wailing, Dhimmiwatch says:

    “The noisy call to prayer is an act of dominance and aggression. The louder it is, the better. Mosques were always supposed to be built in high ground, or in the most imposing spot, towering over churches and synagogues, in the lands first conquered by Islam. Those aggressive skyward thrusting minarets were symbols of power, of dominance. And the same thing continued wherever Islam went.

  2. says

    Almighty God bless and keep you, Robert Spencer, Pamela Gellar, Marisol Seibold, Hugh Fitzgerald, and all of you associates. May He grant success to all your just endeavors. Mazel tov!

  3. says

    Best of luck for the rally. Keep raising awareness of the jihadist threat in our midst and don’t be intimidated by any dhimmis or terrorist-supporting Muslims today. Go for it!!!

  4. says

    Bad news from Sweden today:

    A young municipal representative, David, of the party Sweden Democrats in Malmö was yesterday night kiddnapped by two arabic speaking youths. They forced him to let them in to his apartment.Where they tortured him, beat him and abused him for twenty minutes. They also cut out an swastiska in his forehead with a knife. Before they left they also stole his computer and money.

    All this because David is a strong guy that dares to criticise islam.

    David was also knife-attacked by masked persons in March this year. And he is always using a protectionwest and protectionspray when he moves around in Malmö. Yesterday he just left his apartment to get rid of some garbage, and the attackers was waiting outside his house.

    After the attack in March, David kept on with his hard work for Sweden Democrats. After yesterdays attack, he doesn´t know if he can do it any more. David is now hiding in a secret location.


    Good news fron Sweden today: Lars Vilks made a new muhammed-dog:


    All the best from Ramallhmoo


  5. says

    Good stuff Robert, I hope the rally is a great success. I’ve been watching CNN and all you hear is “We are not at war with Islam” repeated again and again.

    If this “cultural center” mosque actually is built-I hope not, of course- would the highly amplified adhan-call to prayer- disrupt future ground zero commemorations?
    Would the imam, in the future, aware that 911 commemorations are taking place, turn down the volume on the amplifier, or would he turn it up?

    I bet he would turn it up.

  6. says


    From page 590 of The Reliance of the Traveller/Umdat Al-Salik:

    The indemnity [compensation for damages] for the death or injury of a woman is one-half the indemnity paid for a man.

    The indemnity for a Jew or a Christian is one-third the indemnity paid for a Muslim.

    The indemnity for a Zoroastrian [the Persian pre-Islamic religion, to which some Iranians still adhere] is one-fifteenth of that of a Muslim.

    From the back cover of Reliance of the Traveller:

    “There is no doubt that this translation is a valuable and important work, whether as a textbook for teaching Islamic jurisprudence to English speakers, or as a legal reference for use by scholars, educated laymen, and students in this language.” – Dr. Taha Jabir al-Alwani, president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought

    The back cover also says the book

    …is the first translation of a standard Islamic legal reference in a European language to be certified by Al-Azhar, the Muslim world’s oldest institution of higher learning. It presents an explanative interpretation of Umdat al-Salik, a classic Sunni manual of Sacred law…

    According to Encylopedia Brittanica, Al-Azhar University is the “chief center of Islamic and Arabic learning in the world…”

  7. says

    Dear Robert:

    I encourage you to also put some effort into expediting the re-construction of the Twin Towers. The Empire State Building was built in 14 months. The Twin Towers stand unfinished 9 years after their destruction. It is better for all to build rather than destroy.

    While I oppose the construction of the Islamic Community Center (ICC) at Ground Zero, I acknowledge the right of people to build religious community centers where they wish. That includes Muslims. Since they can’t build these things without money (and in this case, lots of it), a more appropriate legal and economic challenge should be directed toward the source of their money: Saudi-dominated OPEC. In the mean time, the developers can “Go ahead! Make my day!” and TRY to build that ICC. I wonder if they know what they’re really in for if/when they set forth to construct the thing.

    Last point and most important. As one who believes it’s an “intellectual short putt” to defend the right of people to build religious community centers regardless of religion, I DEMAND the same right for Jews building homes in Jerusalem. The greatest endeavor of the Jewish people in modern times is the re-birth of the modern state of Israel. I don’t care to be distracted too much by someone else’s construction project in America. It is far more important to me to DEMAND the right of a Jew to build a home in Jerusalem. So Robert, as you go forward with your opposition to “the mosque” and you run into those who oppose you on the grounds of the 1st Amendment and the high American moral value of building stuff where you want without regard to religion, please ask them if they think that applies to Jews building homes in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, you probably won’t like most of the answers. At least you’ll know where you stand.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

  8. says

    Hear! Hear!

    I have come to NYC from Arizona and I will be there. I will never forget what was done to my country that day and I will never forget those who did it — and seek to do worse.

  9. says


    From Sahih Muslim, one of the canonical hadith collections:
    Book 008, Number 3371:

    Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): 0 Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mentioning al-‘azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid-conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger [Muhammad] (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

    Notice that Muhammad did not say, “do not rape your captive women.” He merely says it does not matter if his soldiers withdraw before ejaculation, because souls destined by Allah to be born will be born regardless.

    From Sahih Bukhari, the most canonical hadith collection:
    Volume 5, Book 59, Number 459:

    Narrated Ibn Muhairiz:
    I entered the Mosque and saw Abu Said Al-Khudri and sat beside him and asked him about Al-Azl (i.e. coitus interruptus). Abu Said said, “We went out with Allah’s Apostle for the Ghazwa [battle at which Muhammad was present] of Banu Al-Mustaliq and we received captives from among the Arab captives and we desired women and celibacy became hard on us and we loved to do coitus interruptus. So when we intended to do coitus interruptus, we said, ‘How can we do coitus interruptus before asking Allah’s Apostle [Muhammad] who is present among us?” We asked (him) about it and he said, ‘It is better for you not to do so, for if any soul (till the Day of Resurrection) is predestined to exist, it will exist.”

    Again notice that, in answer to his soldiers’ queries Muhammad doesn’t say “You must not force your captives to have intercourse with you.” He says only that coitus interruptus, withdrawing prior to ejaculation, is pointless, because souls predestined to exist will exist regardless.

    Again in Sahih Bukhari:
    Volume 7, Book 62, Number 137:

    Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
    We got female captives in the war booty and we used to do coitus interruptus with them. So we asked Allah’s Apostle [Muhammad] about it and he said, “Do you really do that?” repeating the question thrice, “There is no soul that is destined to exist but will come into existence, till the Day of Resurrection.”

    Thus Muhammad does not forbid his men to rape their captives, but merely says that it’s better not to do coitus interruptus. His men should keep going till coitus is complete.

    In the Qur’an “Allah” says at least 25 times that Muhammad is to be obeyed. That is one reason why the vast majority of Muslim scholars accept the Bukhari hadiths and a few other hadith collections as authoritative for Muslims: canonical hadiths show what Muhammad did and said, permitted and forbade.

  10. says


    Check out these pie charts from the international human rights organization Freedom House. Scroll down to the regional pie charts. The pie chart for the Middle East/North Africa — which happens to be the core Islamic region — shows the most unfree area in the world. However, one country included in the Middle East/North Africa pie chart is listed as “free.” Can you guess which one that is? (Hint: It’s not Islamic.)

  11. says

    What should never be forgotten is that but for Islam 9/11 would not have happened. If those 19 Arab monsters who perpetrated 9/11 had been raised anything but Muslim, September 11, 2001 would have been just another ordinary day in the life of the world. Islam is the “but for” cause of 9/11. I thought that back then nine years ago, I think that today and I will always think this.

  12. says

    I’ll be blunt. If Terry Jones backs off, then there is a very good chance that I am going to convert to Islam, take up the most fundamentalist sect I can find and follow the rules of war to the very letter of Islamic law. If the west is going to feebly submit to Islam, then I have no choice but to convert, if for no other reason than to demonstrate my total dismay at our deep cowardice.

  13. says

    In Sahih Bukhari, the most canonical of hadith collections, Muhammad said, Volume 1, Book 8, Number 387

    “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’ And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah.”

    In other words, Muhammad says that if you are non-Muslim, your right to life will not be sacred to Muslims, nor your right to property.

  14. says


    Here, from Sunan Abu-Dawud, a hadith collection considered canonical by mainstream Muslim scholars, is a hadith that shows Muhammad supporting the murder of a woman by her husband, merely because she used to speak to her husband insultingly about Muhammad:

    Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 38, Number 4348:

    Narrated Abdullah Ibn Abbas:

    A blind man had a slave-mother [a slave who bore children for him] who used to abuse the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and disparage him. He [the blindman] forbade her but she did not stop. He rebuked her but she did not give up her habit. One night she began to slander the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and abuse him. So he [the blindman] took a dagger, placed it on her belly, pressed it, and killed her. A child who came between her legs was smeared with the blood that was there. When the morning came, the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) was informed about it.

    He assembled the people and said: I adjure by Allah the man who has done this action and I adjure him by my right to him that he should stand up. Jumping over the necks of the people and trembling the man stood up.

    He sat before the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and said: Apostle of Allah! I am her master; she used to abuse you and disparage you. I forbade her, but she did not stop, and I rebuked her, but she did not abandon her habit. I have two sons like pearls from her, and she was my companion. Last night she began to abuse and disparage you. So I took a dagger, put it on her belly and pressed it till I killed her.

    Thereupon the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Oh be witness, no retaliation is payable for her blood.

    There are other examples in the core Islamic texts of Muhammad having those who insult Islam killed.

  15. says


    Bernard Lewis, the highly respected historian of the Middle East, writes on page 72 of his book The Political Language of Islam, that

    …the overwhelming majority of classical theologians, jurists, and traditionalists [Muslim specialists in the Qur’an, hadith, and Sunna] … understood the obligation of jihad in a military sense.

    Lewis also writes, on page 31 of his book The Crisis of Islam, that

    For most of the fourteen centuries of recorded Muslim history, jihad was most commonly interpreted to mean armed struggle for the defense or advancement of Muslim power.



    In one of the two most canonical hadith collections, Sahih Muslim:

    Book 4, Number 1062:

    Abu Huraira reported that the Messenger of Allah [Muhammad] (may peace be upon him) said: I have been given superiority over the other prophets in six respects: I have been given words which are concise but comprehensive in meaning; I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies): spoils have been made lawful to me: the earth has been made for me clean and a place of worship; I have been sent to all mankind and the line of prophets is closed with me.


    In Sahih Bukhari, the most canonical hadith collection,
    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    Allah’s Apostle [Muhammad] said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).


    Qur’an Chapter 8, Verse 12:

    When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.


    Qur’an Chapter 9, Verse 123:

    O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).



    …kill those who disbelieve in God.

  16. says

    On this important day

    On this important day, September 11th, 2010, we are pivotal in our Human Events, as to which way our future world will go. Are we heading for a final surrender to those whose political forces would conquer us into an empty humanity of ‘submission’, surrendered to a totalitarian ideology devoid of conscience and the right to personal responsibility, debased into a grey world without excellence, creativity, or human joy?
    Or will this day mark the beginning when heroes are born, and the future is made bright with a shining light of personal liberty, to raise humanity to a new level of global achievements of what is most beautiful in all human beings, the sanctity of all humanity? Are we cowardly submissive, bloodless slaves of a deceitful ideology that steals from us our soul, our will? Or are we courageous men and women who have the will to live free?

    This date of 9/11 is the threshold on which we stand, either moving submissively backwards into a faceless humanity devoid of its shining spirit; or we move forward into a new era of free will and personal initiative to bring out the very best in us, each of us, made bright with the courage to live Free. Regress, and it will crush us, our human spirit debased down to an anonymous grey mass, robbed of its intelligence. Progress, and it will liberate us into the best we can be, where every human being is sanctified with a God-given spirit made manifest, with the courage to face the future as individuals free without fear. Which way will history be made today? Which way will we choose? Will we choose Freedom? Submission? This is the big test of history. Generations yet unborn far into the future await our collective choice today. Civilization awaits.

    On this important day humanity must choose with a global voice raised for all to hear: “Yes to Freedom!”

    God’s speed to all who attend in protest of Ground Zero mosque today. God Bless you. God Bless America!

  17. says

    Other thoughts that went through my mind as I watched those flames shooting a thousand feet into the air was that it was the eve of 9-11. I kept seeing those planes strike the twin towers in my mind’s eye. I’m infuriated every time I see pictures or video of that cowardly act. It wasn’t wayward Swedes or Italians who did this… it was Muslims.
    While we’re planning Mr Obama’s early retirement we’d better plan on battling the foe amongst us, for that’s where this thing will eventually end up. All of the Islamist sleepers that have been pouring over our borders all these years are a butcher’s bill that is yet to be paid.
    Make sure you are registered to vote and then go out and register family and friends, and encourage them to show up and vote! It’s the most important job you will ever have.

    Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

  18. says


    I’ve noticed you seem to have studied Islamic texts in detail and have amassed good references for them. Do you have a blog? If not, I would recommend you create a blog dedicated to the results of your study, perhaps organized by topic.

  19. says

    Robert, Pamela and all others who are there at today’s rally: Thank you for being there.
    There are lots of us outside and within the US who would have loved to be there to fight for freedom but cannot be physically present.
    But i assure you, all of us are there in spirit, supporting you with our prayers.
    Take care and God bless.

  20. says

    September 2nd. 1939.

    During a memorial service in Whitehall, Mr. Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister, made clear that England. is at war with Hitler — not Nazism.

    “They may seek to spark conflict between different countries, but as Englishmen, we are not

    –and never will be — at war with Nazism,” he said. “It was not a Nazism that attacked Poland on September 1st.;
    it was Hitler and his henchmen — a sorry band of men which perverts the Nazi faith.”

    “Just as we condemn intolerance and extremism abroad, so will we stay true to our traditions at home as a diverse and tolerant nation,” Mr. Chamberlain said.

    (On September 3rd. 1939, England declared war on Germany.)

    Sorry, my mistake, those paraphrased words were uttered not by Mr. (‘Peace in our time’) Chamberlain, but Mr. (‘Surrender to my Islam’) Hussain Obama

    September 11th. 2010.

    During a memorial service at the Pentagon, Obama made clear that the U.S. is at war with terrorists — not Islam.

    “They may seek to spark conflict between different faiths, but as Americans, we are not –and never will be — at war with Islam,” he said. “It was not a religion that attacked us that September day; it was Al Qaeda — a sorry band of men which perverts religion.”

    “Just as we condemn intolerance and extremism abroad, so will we stay true to our traditions at home as a diverse and tolerant nation,” he said.

    From JihadWatch:

    Cleric in Iranian holy city of Qom: “Democracy, freedom, and human rights have no place” in Islam
    He said it. And Khomeini would add: no fun. “No place for democracy and human rights in Islam, says Qom theologian,” from AsiaNews, September 8:

    The penalties for “waging war against Allah” and “striving after corruption in the land” are, per Qur’an 5:33: “execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land.”

    Perhaps Obama is afraid of having some of his ‘bits and pieces’, removed by a blunt knife, or sharp sword – compliments of his brothers, or Saudi masters! Hoping by appeasement that he will be eaten last.

    He seems afraid of almost everything else, except selling America down the river and bankrupting her, as soon as is humanly possible.

    During the mid-fourteenth century, Europe was in the deadly grip of the Black Plaque. Today the Green Plague of Islam will transform Europe into EurAbia.

    Islam, mainly through shariah, is a disease, just like the black death of Europe, but now slowly enveloping America, as well, with most of the population totally unaware of their approaching doom.

    An impending disaster lies ahead.

    Unfortunately the U.S. military cannot help us, for it is always preparing for the wrong type of war.

    Look for the poisonous toadstool shape of a mosque appearing soon in YOUR neighborhood.

    This Islamic disease can eventually be cured, and forever purged from this country and Europe, by good and honest men at the helm of America and the west.

    Real men, of the like of such as Sir Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, George Washington, General Patton and ‘Black Jack’ Pershing, who will be willing and able to shed the cancer of ‘political correctness’ and once again, call a spade a spade.

    Yes, I include Maggie Thatcher, because she was a ‘real man’ and sent the Argentinians packing from our Falkland Islands. Obama would have just handed them over; bowed low and offered a few million dollars, as a gift, from the long-suffering American people’s taxes.

  21. says

    “And make no mistake, it will be seen as a victory mosque in the Islamic world. There are thousands of historical precedents — victory mosques all over Muslim countries, built on the cherished sites of conquered peoples. But there are no mosques of reconciliation built on the site of earlier jihad attacks in order to reach out in friendship to those who were attacked. None.”

    Right, Robert! …which leads me to wonder, how much of a difference will it make if this mosque is moved to another location – perhaps a few more blocks away? Won’t it still be seen as a “victory mosque” regardless of where it’s built in New York? I don’t think that this mosque should be built at ALL, especially since it will only be seen as a victory mosque no matter where it’s erected; plus, New York already has over 100 mosques for muslims to utilize. I say “NO WAY” to this mosque! It just can’t happen. Period.

  22. says

    May the Lord of All Life grant safety and journey mercies to all the worthy participants at this solemn demonstration this day.

    i pray that a few doubters will be changed in mind about the mosque being built upon hallowed ground.

    i also pray that some choice words of condemnation be said about the undesirability of the SHARIA COMPLIANCE INDEX project of Imam Rauf. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Organization of Islamic Communities have no good interest in this nation;Rauf’s project should neither be kept under wraps nor ignored.

  23. says

    We remember those that lost their lives on this Day of Rememberance; and although I cannot attend the rally, I do have our American flag on display at home, and this evening I will burn my favorite candle in honor of those that lost their lives. And I will also pray that others may seek the Lord on this solemn day …

  24. says

    Recalling another 9/11 attack ” The Battle of Vienna, 1683

    On Sept. 11 and 12, 1683, Christian armies under the command of the King of Poland ended the Turks’ two-month campaign to take the city. Never again would Muslims come so close to imposing Islam on Europe, at least until the 21st century. As writer Hilaire Bellow once said, it is “a date that ought to be among the most famous in history ” September 11, 1683.”


  25. says

    We defy them. Peacefully, lawfully, and with unshakable resolve, we defy them. And we stand for freedom today.

    Hear! Hear! It is just a few moments before 3pm (noon here on the West coast), and I imagine the crowd gathered there, waiting for opening prayers and Taps to be played.

    I am with you in spirit”Godspeed, all.

  26. says

    We do not come as aggressors. Our war is not a war of conquest; we are fighting in the defence of our homes, our families, and posterity.
    — War veteran and loyal American William Jennings Bryan

    Yeah, this is a key distinction. Back in the 1960s the terrorists from the SDS Weather Underground advanced the theory that America was in Viet Nam as imperialist aggresors looking to steal that country’s abundant tin reserves and rice output, a fantastic and laughable proposition on its face.

    More recently, the Granola Heads argued that we were in Iraq to steal the oil there. We all saw how that hallucination of imperialism played out.

    *** 8:39 ***

    Today the argument is that Moslems are victims, and that Judeo-Christians, especially in the form of white males, are the aggressors. Haters, racists, bigots, xenophobes, Islamophobes, you name it.

    But that doesn’t jibe with the Moslem urge to fight and kill relentlessly:

    And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah.

    Well, if you accept the ridiculous premise that Moslems are victims, then you have little choice but to name those who are perpetrating the putative discrimination. That’s what our news entertainers are doing on the Bill Gates Network, ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS and CBS, and in the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Boston Globe, pretty much all the newspapers.

    *** 87:10 ***

    I’m an Islamaphobe, and darned proud of it. I fear another attack, I fear the denigration of our civilization, I fear the fatwa issued under the nose of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Saud to go ahead an nuke a Western city, and I’m askerrt of the fact that Dubya held hands with the King during a romantic walk in the garden and Prez Barack Hussein bowed deeply, all after one of his priests issued that infamous religious ruling.

    I’m afraid of that kinda stuff, so I’m an Islamophobe.

    He who fears will mind.

    I don’t mind, at least in the sense that I don’t obey Moslems. But Mayor loomberg does. Bill O’Reilly does. Barack Hussein does. Katy Couric does. Lotsa people in our ruling elite do what the Moslems demand. We’ll soon see if that much reviled preacher down in Gainesville is willing to obey Moslem dictates too.

  27. says


    Devout Muslim woman kills two female co-workers in gun rampage at food factory

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1310749/Kraft-factory-shooting-Two-workers-shot-dead-injured.html#ixzz0zFZDccog

    A devout Muslim woman killed two people and seriously wounded a third in a gun rampage at the U.S. food factory where she worked today.

    In the latest workplace shooting to hit the U.S., Yvonne Hiller, who was described as ‘spiritual’ by a co-worker, walked back into the Kraft Foods factory in Philadelphia and attacked colleagues, police said.

  28. says

    I am devestated. Out here in Northern California there are virtually NO observances of 911 today. Those that are being held are completely inadequate; stair climbing exhibitions, silent vilgils.

    At this rate 911 will be forgotten in 10 years.

    Not by me, though. I am fighting mad.

    911 was an act of war, and I am not going to forget that.

  29. says

    Nine years after 9/11, many people in the West remain in the dark or confused about the ideological motivations of the terrorists who attacked us on that morning. Unfortunately much of the media still tends to trade in superficial and misleading clichés about how Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists. Yet the statistics show that most Muslims worldwide share the goals of al-Qaeda insofar as they want a “strict application of sharia” in every Muslim country, and they even support the nostalgic goal of reestablishing the unifying Caliphate to govern that sharia law over all Muslim countries and thus over the non-Muslim minorities within those countries. According to these same surveys, an average of only about 5-7% of Muslims strongly disagree with the goal to enforce this strict sharia. [See PEW and World Public Opinion Surveys]. And as the “cartoon crisis” showed, the majority of Muslims demand that non-Muslims not be allowed to criticize Islam or depict Muhammad. Polls bear this out: Most Muslims in the West believe that those who criticize Islam must be criminally prosecuted and punished. In other words, even the majority of Muslims who live in the West want harsh and restrictive aspects of sharia, such as Islam’s blasphemy laws, to be forcefully imposed upon non-Muslims living in non-Muslim lands. Meanwhile, these same Muslims demand the right to criticize non-Muslim beliefs.

    And in a major hypocrisy, pious Muslims believe it was okay for their leader Muhammad to burn and destroy the objects and symbols of worship of the people of other religions (e.g., when Muhammad conquered Mecca), yet pious Muslims claim to be outraged at a Florida pastor’s recent proposal to do the same to mere copies of the Quran. The pastor in question was characterized as crazy, a hate-monger, etc. Well, then, what about Muhammad?

    The polls on Muslims’ opinions on support for terrorism, and specifically of the 9/11 attacks, are also disturbing. The most prominent fact that stands out to me is that a large share of Muslims deny that Muslims had anything to do with 9/11; i.e., that they claim they “don’t know”, or that the attacks were part of a conspiracy by the American government and/or Israel. Many Muslims refused to answer the question. A significant minority of Muslims believes that, yes, Muslims did carry out the 9/11 attacks and that the attacks were at least somewhat justified. Only a minority of Muslims fit the combined criteria of (a) acknowledging that the attackers were Muslims, and (b) agreeing that the attacks were unjustified.

    An extensive exposition of the Islamic doctrinal basis of terrorism has been carried out by Abul Kasem, the pen name of an ex-Muslim who writes at Faithfreedom, Islam-Watch, and Mukto-mona. It is freely-available online and is a valuable resource. Kasem describes 100 examples of acts of terror carried out under Muhammad’s orders, from the first failed attempt to raid a caravan (see “Terror One: The Raid on Quraysh Caravan at al-Is, or the Expedition of Sif al-Bahr by Hamzah ibn al-Muttalib – March, 623CE”) to one of the last campaigns of terror to force the acceptance of Islam (see “Terror One Hundred:
    Destruction of Idol at Dhul Khalasa in Yemen and Forced Conversion of Various Tribes by Jarir ibn Abd Allah – April, 632CE”). See http://www.islam-watch.org/AbulKasem/
    The Root of Terrorism a la Islamic style, Chapter 1
    by Abul Kasem
    20 Nov, 2005

    While most Muslims show no indication of having a problem with the fact that non-Muslims are not allowed into Mecca, and that churches and other religious houses of worship are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, and are there and elsewhere subject to various official restrictions (and deadly vigilante attacks on worshipers), at the same time most Muslims in the West cry bigotry whenever anyone raises so much as an objection to the desirability of building mosques anywhere and everywhere that the powerful and wealthy, well-connected Islamic authorities in the West see fit. What is consistent in all of this is an adherence to Islamic supremacism, in a hard, open, and unapologetic form in Islamic countries, and in a somewhat more subtle, apologetic, if not disguised, form in the West.

    If there is anything that has emerged as a common theme in most of my conversations and arguments with numerous Muslims over the past several years it is a lack of forthrightness on their part. There are few exceptions to this. They don’t answer my questions, at least, not directly, and, if indirectly, never quite admitting what the Islamic texts say or what the polls show that Muslims believe. In fact, we’ve seen some “moderate” Muslims flatly deny the existence of some embarrassing aspects of the Islamic texts (e.g., Aisha’s age, support for terrorism, the legislation of jihad, punishments for blasphemy and apostasy, endorsement of slavery as an institution and policies designed to acquire new slaves, permission for Muslim men to rape non-Muslim female captives and slaves, killing of homosexuals, the harsh repression and subjugation of the dhimmis, and so on), and accuse Islam critics who merely point out what the Islamic texts say as being “liars,” “bigots,” etc.

    On the theme of pathological denial and deception by some Islam apologists, I recently came across this example on a website that is devoted to fabricating allegations and personal attacks against Robert Spencer:

    Justin says:
    September 9, 2010 at 3:21 pm
    “Where in the Quran is hate speech? There is not a single verse in the Quran that you can quote in its proper context to prove that.
    “If they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah. Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing.” (Surat al-Anfal 8:61)
    Rather, Wilders is just playing populist politics with people’s fears and ignorance of Islam.
    You make a lot of outrageous and ignorant claims about Islamic scripture, Jihad Bob, but you can never seem to back it up. Like Spencer, all you can do is deceitfully cut-and-paste without any context.”

    [My bolding added]. This shows the kind of deception we are dealing with. (In this case, it is a bold deception, to say the least). If you haven’t read the Quran, you might be taken in by this or at least be unsure. If you are a non-Muslim of sound mind who has read the Quran, you will instantly recognize the bold deception.

    A bit more context for 8:61:

    Ishaq, p. 326. “Then He [Allah, in Qur’an 8:61] said: “And if they incline to peace incline thou to it,’ i.e., if they ask you for peace on the basis of Islam then make peace on that basis, “and rely on God,’ verily God will suffice thee, “He is the Hearer, the Knower’.” [Brackets and bolding added. Source: The Life of Muhammad, by Ibn Ishaq, p. 326, Guillaume’s translation]

    In other words, the non-Muslim parties have to agree to some Islamic legal terms and conditions, such as no criticizing Islam or Muhammad, no marriage between non-Muslim men and Muslim women, etc.

    Examples of hate:

    35:39. “He it is Who made you rulers in the land; therefore whoever disbelieves, his unbelief is against himself; and their unbelief does not increase the disbelievers with their Lord in anything except hatred; and their unbelief does not increase the disbelievers in anything except loss.”

    60:4 “Indeed, there is for you a good example in Ibrahim and those with him when they said to their people: Surely we are clear of you and of what you serve besides Allah; we declare ourselves to be clear of you, and enmity and hatred have appeared between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone — but not in what Ibrahim said to his father: I would certainly ask forgiveness for you, and I do not control for you aught from Allah — Our Lord! on Thee do we rely, and to Thee do we turn, and to Thee is the eventual coming:”

    These are just two from hundreds of examples in the Quran, showing hatred. An entire doctrine involving hatred, called love and hate for Allah’s sake, was developed based on verses such as 60:4.
    The context, provided mostly in the Hadith and Sira (not in the Quran itself), does not negate or mitigate this, but simply provides more graphic detail. One general policy that has been inspired by such verses is that Muslims should hate and must struggle against are those who criticize Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran in public. These latter non-Muslims are considered to be fighting against Islam and Muslims and therefore have no protection under Islam.

    Nine years after 9/11, very few non-Muslims have yet read the Quran, the important parts of the Hadith, and the Sira, all of which describe or allude to the jihad terrorist attacks carried out by Muhammad and his men against all those who refused to convert to his newly contrived religion. Calling Islam a religion requires a bit of explanation. While Islam certainly contains religious beliefs and thus is a religion from an anthropological standpoint, a more accurate term for Islam is “deen,” meaning a system of allegiance and obedience. In the Quran, Iblis (Satan) is first called a disbeliever not because he denies that Allah exists (he does not deny that Allah exists); rather, he disobeys what Allah tells him to do. In Islam, as a system of allegiance and obedience, there are regulations for all aspects of living, not just for specific acts of worship.

    Islam is a project, an on-going project. The goal of Islam is for Muslims to convert as many people as possible to Islam, to keep Muslims within the deen, and to bring non-Muslims who refuse to convert to Islam under the tight control of Islamic law, generally either as dhimmis or slaves. All adult Muslims of sound mind are required to struggle (make jihad) for the cause of Allah, Muhammad, and Islam in whatever ways they can manage, violent or non-violent, direct or indirect, internally (psychologically) or externally (in society). Non-Muslims are to be regarded on good or neutral terms if they are inclined toward Islam or seem defensive of it, but Muslims must engage in jihad, including non-violent jihad, against those who resist and criticize Islam publicly. Those who criticize Islam may also be attacked violently by Muslims, and according to Muhammad’s precedent-setting decisions, there is no penalty for killing a non-Muslim who intentionally criticizes Islam and Muhammad in public. Closely related to the blasphemy laws are Islam’s apostasy laws, which forbid a Muslim from converting out of the faith and announcing this to others in public. Thus to preserve the continuation of the Islam project and to preserve the security of the souls of Muslims and save those of non-Muslims, public expressions about Islam, the Quran, Muhammad, and even about the Islamic leaders, jurists, and scholars, must be tightly regulated and restricted. Indeed, criticizing any Muslim is tightly restricted, unless, of course, it is intended as a corrective to un-Islamic behavior or expressions, for example.

  30. says

    If the Rally of Remembrance and protest against the proposed triumphalist Ground Zero mosque is among the greatest events this 9/11, this must be one of the worst:

    “Louisville Church To Host Quran Reading”

    Rev. Todd Eklof of the Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church says the event is being held to promote freedom of religion and equality…

    Thirty-six people will read from the Quran from 9:11 a.m. to 9:11 p.m. at the church.


    What a foolish dhimmi this Kentucky “reverend” is!

    The few commentators seem rather flabbergasted. I left a post asking if Sura 9:5 was going to be read, as it seems most salient.

    “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them; besiege them, seize them, lay in wait for them with every kind of ambush….”

  31. says

    The following letter to Imam Obama, posted on Congress.org, says it all. A degree of proof that Muslims do not assimilate when they come to our country.

    The mosque issue

    President Barack Obama

    September 11, 2010

    Dear Mr. President, Last night on TV you made the statement that no one would object to a church being built at Ground Zero. Well that is pretty much correct. A mosque being built at Ground Zero is another HIT from the muslims on the American People and the ones that lost their lives and the loved ones left behind. Christians did not take down the World Trade Center or fly a plane into the Pentagon or hijack flight 93. It was done by muslims. I do not understand why this should even be a issue it is un thinkable that a mosque should be there. The muslims could built a mosque anywhere, but they chose there so they can proclaim a victory to the American People. Sir, these People HATE the American People. They are in America and if they want a mosque then maybe they should go home. Why are they here? It’s not to be an American and live the way we do. It’s to destroy and take America down.

    It seems our government doesn’t investigate these people very well when they come into our country because if they had I don’t think 911 would have occured and the Fort Hood, Texas incident would not have occured either, my God he was in our military! These muslins are planted in our country and our government is not checking up on them.

    The morning of 911 a muslin man receiving chemo treatment at Methodist Hospital in Houston was watching the event when the second plane hit the tower. He and his wife stood up clapped and yelled with joy! How do you think that made us feel. I will have to tell you that had I been his nurse I would have stopped his treatment and told him to get out! These people are not what they seem. The muslins are not here because they don’t want to be an American. They want to take America down and it’s time our government does something about it.

  32. says


    Kinana b. al-Rabi’, who had the custody of the treasure of the B. al-Nadir, was brought to the apostle who asked him about it. He denied that he knew where it was. A Jew came (Tabari says “was brought”) to the apostle and said that he had seen Kinana going round a certain ruin every morning early. When the apostle [Muhammad] said to Kinana, ‘Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?’ he said Yes. The apostle gave orders that the ruin was to be excavated and some of the treasure was found. When he asked him about the rest he refused to produce it, so the apostle [Muhammad] gave orders to al-Zubayr b. al-‘Awwam, ‘Torture him until you extract what he has,’ so he kindled a fire with flint and steel on his chest until he was nearly dead. Then the apostle delivered him to Muhammad b. Maslama and he struck off his head in revenge for his brother Mahmud. [– page 515 (763-764 in the Arabic)]

    The apostle took captives…among whom was Safiya d. Huyayy b. Akhtab who had been the wife of Kinana b. al-Rabi’ b. Abu’l-Huqayq, and two cousins of hers. The apostle chose Safiya for himself. [– page 511 (758 in the Arabic)]

    When the apostle married Safiya in Khaybar or on the way, she having been beautified and combed, and got in a fit state for the apostle by Umm Sulaym d. Milhan mother of Anas b. Malik, the apostle passed the night with her in a tent of his. Abu Ayyub, Khalid b. Zayd brother of B. al-Najjar passed the night girt with his sword, guarding the apostle and going round the tent until in the morning the apostle saw him and asked him what he meant by his action. He replied, “I was afraid for you with this woman for you have killed her father, her husband, and her people, and till recently she was in unbelief, so I was afraid for you on her account.’ They allege that the apostle said “O God, preserve Abu Ayyub as he spent the night preserving me.’
    [– page 516-517 (766 in the Arabic)]


    Bukhari – Volume 1, Book 8, Number 367

    Narrated “Abdul “Aziz:

    Anas said, “When Allah’s Apostle invaded Khaibar, we offered the Fajr prayer there yearly in the morning) when it was still dark. The Prophet rode and Abu Talha rode too and I was riding behind Abu Talha. The Prophet passed through the lane of Khaibar quickly and my knee was touching the thigh of the Prophet . He uncovered his thigh and I saw the whiteness of the thigh of the Prophet. When he entered the town, he said, “Allahu Akbar! Khaibar is ruined. Whenever we approach near a (hostile) nation (to fight) then evil will be the morning of those who have been warned.’ He repeated this thrice. The people came out for their jobs and some of them said, “Muhammad (has come).’ (Some of our companions added, “With his army.”) We conquered Khaibar, took the captives, and the booty was collected. Dihya came and said, “O Allah’s Prophet! Give me a slave girl from the captives.’ The Prophet said, “Go and take any slave girl.’ He took Safiya bint Huyai. A man came to the Prophet and said, “O Allah’s Apostles! You gave Safiya bint Huyai to Dihya and she is the chief mistress of the tribes of Quraiza and An-Nadir and she befits none but you.’ So the Prophet said, “Bring him along with her.’ So Dihya came with her and when the Prophet saw her, he said to Dihya, “Take any slave girl other than her from the captives.’ Anas added: The Prophet then manumitted her and married her.”

    Thabit asked Anas, “O Abu Hamza! What did the Prophet pay her (as Mahr)?” He said, “Her self was her Mahr for he manumitted her and then married her.” Anas added, “While on the way, Um Sulaim dressed her for marriage (ceremony) and at night she sent her as a bride to the Prophet . So the Prophet was a bridegroom and he said, “Whoever has anything (food) should bring it.’ He spread out a leather sheet (for the food) and some brought dates and others cooking butter. (I think he (Anas) mentioned As-SawTq). So they prepared a dish of Hais (a kind of meal). And that was Walrma (the marriage banquet) of Allah’s Apostle .”

  33. says

    Take a look at the Weazel Zipper site now for this day.

    The site is bringing in video and some information on what has been happening at ground zero on this day.

    There is a video of a man burning the Qu’ran at Ground Zero, and one who tore pages out of the Qu’ran on the steps of the US Capital.

    Once again those of us who oppose the Mosque at ground Zero are completely opposed to the action of desecrating the Qu’ran in anyway, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller among many other notables have made that clear on several occasions.


  34. says

    My PET PEEVE. Commentators, newsmen, 9/11 speech-makers nation wide.

    What happened on 9/11 was NOT A TRAGEDY. It was premeditated MASS MURDER. A hurricane or earthquake is a tragedy. This was NOT an ‘act of nature’.

  35. says

    “Islam has a way of entering your very home without you even noticing its presence…”

    I am reminded of my half-serious observation of how men’s fashion has changed over the past couple of decades, with the long, below-the-knee shorts becoming the norm, for example. I would be interested to see a study of whether or not this fashion statement could have emanated from basketball, specifically from such individuals as Kareem Abdul Jabbar after his conversion to Islam, which mandates that men’s shorts be below the knee.

    We do know that sports heroes have a marked effect on certain aspects of culture, including clothing.

    So, in protest, I’d like to see guys wearing those nice short-shorts again. How about Speedo bathing suits too, please?

    Thank you.

  36. says

    CBS News: 9/11 More Political, Contentious 9 Years Later

    This 9/11 is more political and contentious than the eight before it, with grieving family members on opposite sides of the mosque battle.

    What CBS fails to mention, and no other reporters either, is that this 9/11 was more “political, contentious” because Islamists declared their victory-mosque at Ground Zero against 70% of Americans who object to its location, with their triumphant attitude that the public be damned. Any wonder this issue 9 years after the horrible attack on the World Trade Center where 3000 died is now (surprise!) suddenly ‘contentious’? What do they teach in journalism school if they can’t see and state this obvious point? What do they use for textbook, the Dick and Jane reader? This overt omission is embarrassing, an insult to all intelligent readers. Well, no wonder this is “contentious”!! Tell the Islamists to back off from their ‘triumphant’ 9/11 Ground Zero mosque, and all this ‘political, contentious’ stuff would disappear.

    Or else, these journalists ALL get their news from the same Central Source Politburo, one that already bows to the ENEMY… Then if so… then we are doomed.

  37. says

    gravenimage | September 11, 2010 2:41 PM | Reply

    My goodness! Growing up in church as a child I remember when guest speakers asked to speak to the congregation they were checked out thoroughly to be sure that the content of the speech would comport with the beliefs of the church.

    No way would there have been readings from anything other than the King James version of the Bible!

    I had no idea things had changed this much.

  38. says

    The media reports seem v. biased. The MSM line appears to be “America is split down the middle” – whereas 70% don’t want the Mosque. They are not giving any crowd estimates so the impression is that the demos were of equal size…perhaps they were, but I’m suspecting not.

    Anyone got any details?

  39. says

    A little trivia – Lyrics from ‘TAPS':

    “Fading light dims the sight,
    And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.
    From afar drawing nigh — Falls the night.

    “Day is done, gone the sun,
    From the lake, from the hills, from the sky.
    All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

    “Then good night, peaceful night,
    Till the light of the dawn shineth bright,
    God is near, do not fear — Friend, good night.”

  40. says

    I see estimates of a few hundred people in support of the 9-11 rally. Nine years later and all we can do is a few hundred people? This tells me that if we do not now have a few million at Ground Zero today to rage against dhimmitude that the time is lost. We will not have a mass movement from this effort. It means we must turn to other avenues to destroy dhimmitude and jihad. The mass is lost, I think.

  41. says

    Well a few hundred must be seen as a little disappointing if true. I was hoping there might be a few thousand. Perhaps calls into question the wisdom of choosing the memorial day, but I’d like to hear Robert’s estimate since I don’t trust the media on this one!

  42. says

    There were easily over 10,000 people at the rally this afternoon. Compared to the one in June it was huge. The MSM is simply outright lying at this point.

  43. says

    Stasic –

    Thanks for the info…that’s encouraging. NY’s pretty built up there isn’t it, so unless you get an aerial view it’s probably difficult to judge how big the crowd is.

    If it was 10,000 I’d say that was a v. good turnout, given all the negative Dhimmi propaganda pumped out by the MSM and the general ignorance of what’s in the Holy scriptures of Islam.

  44. says

    Pam’s site posted 40,000 protesters and the picture looks like the crowd is huge.

    A post I saw from Weazel Zippers said the pro side was bigger than the anti-mosque side. There’s a lot of lying going on and some sites are picking up the misinformation without checking it first.

    Check out Atlas,Geert’s speech is there and here it is on Youtube


    I love this man.

  45. says

    PJG, Son of Walker, a lot of us who were not at Ground Zero physically were there in spirit. And you two are forgetting something very important about American political organization.

    The Left is not ashamed to be the organizer of the idlers on the front stoop and other riffraff. Its view of this world’s goods is that they’re loot for picking up; not the products of lots of people’s labor. When it sees a bunch of idle teens sitting around in a garbage-filled street, it gives them placards and marches them past city hall–and would rather be damned than give the kids shovels and brooms to clean up their street. if a slum mother’s kid is gnawed by rats, the Left will leave the child in the rat-infested apartment in the care of Welfare Mom’s crack-addled kid sister, put a sign in the mother’s hands, and parade her by city hall. It will go to hell before it gives the slum mother the savvy to buy a box of D-Con (environmentally unsound!), or arrange to let her keep a cat. In short, while getting everyone excited about “participating in history-changing events”, it still leaves the dishes unwashed, the lice breeding, and tramples to death the people and organizations that might give their clients’ jobs.

    In short, the Left’s day-to-day work is stirring up trouble, and it is very, very good at it. But, as I discovered once with a Mujaheddin-e-Khalq, you can get them to wet their pants and skedaddle when you confront them with the facts of life.

    The right has always depended on people who are working for their livings and raising families. It depends on people who are ashamed to ask, much less demand, a handout from others who work hard for their few coppers. It depends on people who have responsibilities and a stake in society. Generally, they have an aversion to mob scenes and things like burning books (hence Kepha’s unwillingness to endorse the proposed Qu’ran-burning).

    But we are people who notice things, often know the score better than the activists think, and when we can do things, we do them. And when it’s time to vote, the times come when we THROW DA BUMS OUT!

    Not too long ago, a Socialist Workers Party troll came on this site and said there’d be no hope for us against Islamic militanchy unless we all became Trotskyites. But where was the SWP this 9/11? Calling SIOA and JW a bunch of “racists”.

    And, never forget, we still have an army of sleeping giants: the maturation process. The young who are led by the nose by those who make emotional appeals to “equal rights” and the like do get older, and the responsibilities of holding down a job and raising a family are great eye-openers to many.

    God bless all who marched today to stop the monument to triumphalist bigotry.

  46. says

    I just read Geert Wilder’s speech on Atlas Shrugs, and have this to say:

    Dank U, Mynheer Wilders.

    Still, I disagree with your calls to ban the Qu’ran, even though I, as a Christian, see it as packed with error, and understand its role in bringing about the tragedy which we commemorate today.

    Let’s be free peoples in that we are able to read the bad books and refute them. Leave book-banning bigotry to the Islamic street and the Communist splinter parties–you know, the people who blame the failures of the Marxist-Leninist system on the unfortunate Slavig Uentermenschen, Primitive Chinese Asiatics, and Cuban Mulattoes who had the misfortune to have it imposed on them by armed middle-class innaleckshuls.

  47. says

    My American friends, tell Deena Burnett the spirit of her husband lives on in us and will never die as long as we draw breath. Put your arms around that woman and around all of those who lost their loved ones. They are always in our prayers and they will never be forgotten, for as long as I and my family draw breath.

    May the Lord comfort her and bring you all peace on this day of remembrance. We cannot know your grief but we can all share in our common hope for our future.

    Our prayers and best wishes and heartfelt love are with you today. We love you all, all of you here. My family and I, we send our love to you all.

  48. says

    Found this in the Jerusalem Post today .

    The Ground Zero mosque – what US could learn from Israel
    09/03/2010 16:53

    Life in our region has taught us that the first necessary step to defending yourself is acknowledging that someone is out to destroy you.
    Talkbacks (18)
    In its basic form, the Ground Zero mosque debate boils down to a conflict between two competing values – American freedom of religion versus the sensitivities of the families of the victims of 9/11.

    The freedom-of-religion argument suggests that if Jews sought to build a synagogue at Ground Zero (or anywhere else, for that matter), they would be within their rights. That’s the American way. The opposing view suggests that while not every Catholic was guilty in the Holocaust, and not every Muslim perpetrated the crimes of 9/11, sensitivities still matter. Pope John Paul II had the decency to force the Carmelite nuns out of Auschwitz, and Muslim leaders, too, ought to relocate their project.

    Similarly, the mutual accusations are parallel: If you are opposed to the mosque, you are an Islamophobic racist. And if you’re in favor of it, you’re simply insensitive to the pain of those who lost loved ones in the attack.

    But we Israelis have learned from our experience that matters are more complicated. One need not be racist or Islamophobic to be concerned about the mosque. For life in our region has taught us that the first necessary step to defending yourself is acknowledging that someone else is out to destroy you.

    In the suburban, well-educated, politically and Jewishly liberal America in which I grew up, we didn’t use the label “enemy.” “Enemy” was a dirty word, because it implied the immutability of conflict. Yes, there were people who fought us, but only because we hadn’t yet arrived at a fair resolution of our conflict. We needed to understand them, so we could then resolve the conflicts that divided us.

    I still recall being jarred, when we made aliya, by the matter-of-factness with which Israelis use the word “enemy.” But it wasn’t a judgment or an accusation. It was simply a fact: There are people out to destroy our state, who seek to kill us and our children. And as the intifada later amply demonstrated, they did not yearn for our understanding or our friendship. They wanted our demise.

    YEARS AGO, we took our then teenage daughter to an evening sponsored by the army, at which religious parents could ask questions about what the army would be like for their daughters. Some of the parents were downright hostile, clearly opposed to the prospect of their daughters joining the IDF. At one point, an obviously angry father stood up, turned to the base commander and asked (or more accurately hissed), “Do you make the girls work on Shabbat?”

    The room was perfectly silent, for everyone knew the answer. No one moved. Even the base rabbi said nothing. He stood at the podium, leaned into the mike and, lost in thought, played with his beard.

    Suddenly, one of the three soldiers who’d been brought to address the parents, a young woman with her uniform shirt buttoned up to her chin, her sleeves extending to her wrists and her armyissued skirt down to her ankles, looked the father right in the eye, and without being called on, said to him, “Of course we work on Shabbat.” And then, after a second’s pause, she added, “Gam ha’oyev oved beshabbat” – the enemy also works on Shabbat.

    It was a game changer. “What?” she essentially asked. “You think we do this for fun? There are people out there trying to destroy us. Either we’re as serious about this conflict as they are, or they’re going to win.”

    I hadn’t thought of that young woman in years, but ever since the Cordoba Initiative controversy erupted, I’ve remembered her repeatedly. For Israelis do have something to teach Americans, and it’s very similar to what she said to that father. It goes something like this: It’s fine to say that “America is not at war with Islam,” to point out that most Muslims are not terrorists and that many American Muslims are moderates. That’s true, as far as it goes.

    But it only goes so far. Because America is at war and its enemies are Muslims. Politically correct hairsplitting runs the risk of Americans blinding themselves to that simple but critical fact. It makes no difference what percentage of the world’s Muslims wants to destroy America. There are enough of them that US air travel is now abominably unpleasant and, more importantly, enough of them that more strikes on America appear inevitable.

    The US got lucky on Christmas Day when the bomber headed to Detroit failed to detonate his explosives, and was lucky again in Times Square in May, but less fortunate at Fort Hood. Yet those may be but the beginning. We could, heaven forbid, come to see 9/11 as child’s play.

    THE UNITED States’ future is under attack, but Americans resist admitting it. President Barack Obama has sent 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, but he has also said that he intends to pull them out by July. Can we imagine FDR declaring war on Germany, but then adding that the war had to be over in a year, or in two? It would have been laughable. And America would have lost. The US has to decide – is it committed to destroying those who wish it ill, or is it willing to be destroyed by them? Those, sadly, are its only two alternatives.

    When my parents were teenagers, they watched as evil took hold of Europe. But then they saw America turn itself into an unprecedented, enormous military machine. For America’s leaders understood that if the Nazis won, the world as we knew it would be over; we could either destroy Nazism, or have no reason to go on.

    But when my children were teenagers, a different evil took root across their eastern horizon. This time, though, the world has feigned impotence. Iran is at the nuclear threshold. Iraq was at best a “non-failure.” The battle against the Taliban and al-Qaida may take years, or decades, and may require many lives sacrificed if we are to win. But America has grown war-weary. Obama is already planning to bring the troops home; the word “terrorist” is increasingly off-limits in the US because it is considered “politically loaded.”

    Americans simply want the conflict to be over.

    Its tendency to gentility is part of what has made America great. But an unwillingness to call an “enemy” an enemy could lead to America’s demise. For Islam’s radical leaders tell us clearly what they seek: a world united under Islam, with America’s sacred freedoms eradicated as a new “morality” replaces them. What is much less clear is whether Americans are willing to fight – to die and to kill – to protect those freedoms.

    Whether or not the Ground Zero mosque ultimately gets built may not matter nearly as much as whether or not Americans are willing to gird themselves for the battles that sadly lie ahead. We Israelis understand the fatigue that comes with war. We, like Americans, would much prefer a world in which we did not have mortal enemies. We, like Americans, would much prefer that our children went to college at 18, and not to years of military service. But we’ve learned that anything short of absolute clear-sightedness and honesty – coupled with extraordinary sacrifice – could destroy us.

    The same is true for America. The truly important question that the “Islamophobia” accusation raises is not what will transpire with a proposed building, but what will happen with a worldview. It still remains to be seen if America will do what it must if it is to guarantee the survival of the very values it is now debating. America can remain the “land of the free,” but only if it is also the “home of the brave.”

    The writer is senior vice president of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem. He is the author of Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War that May Never End, which recently received a 2009 National Jewish Book Award. He blogs at http://danielgordis.org.

  49. says

    Thank you. I’m glad I found your site. I’m remembering today all those lost on 9-11. And, I hope the rally went well and you let people know all about the retarded culture that is Islam.

    I second the ideas of the person from Johannesburg, South Africa. You, sir, probably deal with a worse entitlement culture and a number of welfare queens on a daily basis. And, so to you, I praise you for having the courage to press on and more importantly tell people to take on Islam all over the world. It should not leave the countries it is already in and come to America. And, it should be kept out of Europe too.

    “Islam has a way of entering your very home without you even noticing its presence”

    Sharia will creep if we don’t watch it. It will get into our financing. They will organize their jihadist groups in a way that infects our financial system. More and more will get into our military and then we will see more Ft. Hoods. They will then have businesses and they will challenge the free market system to organize it to their liking. And they will get into our neighborhoods and especially schools and ask that it be part of what children learn and if children don’t learn it they will threaten violence and backlashes like that of what we have seen recently in response to Terry Jones’ plan to burn the Qurans (which he didn’t do so they should all calm down but won’t because violence is part of their cult religion).

    God is good, I know. And, I pray I will never touch, taste, or feel Islam. But, with this president, I do not know. It’s people like Robert that give me reason to push on, reason to stand firm and make sure we never forget the truth of those who wish America dead.

  50. says

    Hey, Kepha, me too: Wo yao yingyu…(um)…zai Zhongguo…(um)…jiao…ni kebukeyi bangzhu wo…wow, my Chinese hen bu hao. We could swap emails maybe. Ni zhu zai Zhongguo haishi Xianggang?

    I can never forget in 2001 at university on 9/11 a Chinese woman saying to me with great glee how happy she was because the Chinese “hate Americans”. I hoped she was not right. What is your impression?

  51. says


    Personally i wouldnt burn a koran for three reasons..

    First why would i even want to touch such an evil book?

    Second I dont want to waste my money on such a fraudulent piece of trash as the Koran is..

    Third: I love our soldiers and i KNOW the Muslims will absolutly KILL anyone they can if their fraudulent book is even dropped on the floor by accident..

    So i personally wont do it..
    But i have to say this about the liberal democrats on the left..

    Their hypocirisy is complete..

    When they burn a US flag they shout for JOY..
    When they burn a bible the democrats almost have an orgasim..

    When the democrats and the leftists put a crucifix in a jar of urine they call it ART..

    But when it hurts their friends the islamic terrorists well then the leftists get all bent out of shape calling it a hate crime and then calling the cops on you..

    If its a real crime directed towards christians or jews
    The democrats think its just fine and rejoice..

    If its a real crime directed towards christianity or Israel the democrats dance for joy..

    If you or I decide NOT to submitt to the evil religion of pieces called Islam..

    Well then the leftists cry out in horror and demand prosecution..

    Well i got news for ya you democrat commies..

    We arent going to obey..
    We arent going to bow down to the evil islamic state..
    We wont believe or follow your false messiah obama..

  52. says

    I just got home about 20 minutes ago and this protest rally eclipsed even the great one in June! Waiting to hear what the head count was, but it stretched back 4 blocks and a couple side streets. Great, great speakers — Wilders was just extraordinary! A bit of excitement with a partial koran barbie that only fried a few pages but might be enough to get us our honorary group fatwa.

    Wonderful day — the MSM will do everything they can to skewer it, so watch for the real coverages on the blogs. Robert, can’t say enough thanks to you and Pam and everyone. We owned the place.


  53. says

    The coverage has been heart-breaking. All the networks reporting 2000 pro-mosque demonstrators against 1500 ant-mosque demonstrators. The actual photos and footage tell a very different story, but once again, the MSM narrative won’t be upended by facts.

  54. says

    Michael Moore dislikes having ANY restrictions on where Mosques ean be built.

    YET Michael Moore wants us to imitate Cuba, a country which doesn’t allow its citizens to build a mosque ANYWHERE.

    Hmmm….. doesn’t compute.

  55. says

    From Canada: A little late night ‘food for thought’
    concerning Rauf and the Victory Mosque.

    The MSM and the political leadership and elites along with the “left twit’ PC MC Dhimmis apparently are not in the least bit concerned with the threat of the totalitarian ideology amongst us. Aka Islam.
    What threat? What me worry? (The Alfred E. Neumann modus operandi)

    Their condescending flippant attitude is one of sarcastic insulting impertinence. Their snotty nosed pseudo-intellectual, imagined superiority over all of us. Just for opposing the Ground Zero Supremacist Victory Mosque we are all “conspiracy theorists’ “wacko’s’ “red-necks’ “islamophobics’ “neo-nazis’ “racists’ “fascists’ and a whole assortment of other derogatory adjectives. So from logical inference it must be the case that 70% of the American people, who are just like us in our thinking about this Victory mosque, are all of those aforementioned despicable labels.

    Who in the hell do they think they are!!! What utter gall! What unbridled effrontery! The atrocious, audacity of these Dhimmis. The masters of ad hominem argumentation, and at the same time displaying a pitiable, dangerous and delusional ignorance of the most basic evidence. They never discuss the issue with any respect or seriousness. “You are a hate filled bigot and racist. Case closed.”

    Their pathetic lack of knowledge of history! Do any of them know where Cordoba is? Do any of them know the special significance of Cordoba? Are they stupid enough to not see the insidious naming of the Victory Mosque as the “Cordoba House”?

    (No dummy Dhimmi! Its main historical importance is not that it is where Ricardo Montalban’s favorite leather came from.) It was the site of another Victory mosque from a long time ago. Along with other similar Victory Mosques in history e.g. the Dome of the Rock, St. Sophia, 1000’s of Hindu Temples destroyed and reborn as Mosques etc. (too many to mention) Can anybody so pathetically deficient in the most basic knowledge of history from that period? It is beyond comprehension that we live in the “West’ and our “educated’ academics and elites are so perilously lacking in the most basic knowledge of history! Or perhaps they are maliciously choosing to ignore it?

    Are they not in the least bit concerned about a totalitarian ideology that simple observation of any country in the world where it becomes the majority,that these facts exist among other things:
    Very weak if any human rights, no freedom of speech, no freedom of expression, no free press, no religious freedom, no political pluralism, no religious freedom of others faiths but Islam, barbarian legal punishments (amputations, stoning to death etc.) bizarre legal jurisprudence (women have only half the testimony value as a man, women discriminated inheritance and evidence rules etc.) generally low standards of economic well being (the oil states perhaps the exception only because of geological accident) low levels of literacy, low life expectancy, very frequent public acts of violence and terrorism (bombings assassination etc.) (no need to go on)

    The evidence from untold number of places on this planet including many countries in Europe where the evidence is so glaringly obvious that they do not integrate in or respect the freedoms of their host nations and its peoples. Constantly making demands, constantly playing the victim card. Are these Dhimmis so completely blind? Do they deny the evidence of all of these things? Are all these things taking place all over the world just figments of someone’s imagination?
    It is insanity!! Mental illness of the highest order. The DENIAL of reality is clinically labeled “schizophrenia’ They must all be schizophrenic!! OR do they subconsciously want the destruction of our way of life? Our freedoms? Our civilization?

    We have Imanpuke Rauf insinuating on national television that if the Victory Mosque is not built where they DEMAND it to be built, there will be violence by “radicals’ He states, “you have to do this “correctly’, “very carefully’, or the radicals could jeopardize your “national security’.
    Does one have to be an Einstein to know that this is pure extortion and for that reason alone the Victory Mosque should not be built? Do they not have the mental capability to know when they are being extorted? Are they so chicken and spineless that they will not stand up to the extorters, whatever the cost? Are there not any principles worth defending anymore, by anyone? Does not, doing what is right have any meaning anymore?
    Not succumbing to evil? Not defying evil?
    No! We just totally submit to whatever the bully demands!
    It is enough to make you sick when you see all these spineless Dhimmis on all the major networks (and even Fox) appeasing this.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY does this not tell everyone something so obvious about this religion? Indeed, Rauf concedes that his religion is so infused with radicals (who could and will do all sorts of nasty things to the U.S national security) and yet we need to have members of this religion right here in the West amongst us to show “tolerance’.

    Does Rauf say that he will point out what it is about this religion that creates radicals and devote himself to explaining to all those radicals why they are “misunderstanding’ their religion? Does anyone question the fact (by his own admission) that if this religion is so psychotically dangerous that some individuals who read some verses of their “holy book’ may be perfectly mild mannered and peaceful, but some other individuals who (we cant know apriori beforehand) may read exactly the same verses of their “holy book’ and become ‘radicalized’ and commit vile acts of murder and extreme violence?
    What is it about this “holy book’ and/or these particular verses of their “holy book’ that are so unpredictable in their response generated when members of their religion read them? Why does not Rauf identify them! Show the offending verses from the “holy book’ that may unpredictably lead to ‘radicalism’ and violence and argue and lobby for their removal. But of course, if they are in the “holy book’ they cannot be removed because it is a “perfect’ book.

    We can never be safe anywhere, anytime. We have no empirically verifiable means of knowing why some react violently to this “holy book’ and/or particular verses but some do not. It is totally random! That there is in essence no inductive, empirical, (or one could say scientific way to know this).
    For if were possible to know, then it would have to be the case that they would have to concede that these verses should be removed. (If they are serious and truthful about rejecting ‘radicalism’ which we all know they are not).
    But of course they will not agree to this!

    Show us why and where in this “holy book’ these verses sometimes create radicalism and sometimes do not.

    If NOT then Rauf and his ilk are admitting that their religion and its “holy book’ can randomly and without warning lead to extreme violence thus proving it inherently perilous.
    If YES, then if Rauf and his ilk are sincere, then REMOVE THOSE VERSES!!!!
    How about it Rauf?

  56. says

    And the media……..
    They either can’t count or make it up on the spot.

    After the official ceremony, around 2000 activists rallied about five blocks from the site of the 2001 attacks to support the proposed Islamic community centre.
    About 1500 mosque opponents gathered nearby, chanting “USA, USA” and “No mosque here.”

    About 1,500 people first marched in favor of a Muslim organization’s right to build a Muslim community center two blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood until it was destroyed in the 9/11 terror strikes.

    But later about 2,000 people gathered close by for a separate rally against the mosque, which was taking place just hours after the solemn ceremonies to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks

    Hundreds of people in favor and against the building of an Islamic cultural center and mosque near the site of the toppled World Trade Center gathered in New York — hours after ceremonies in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania to mark the 2001 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. The protests were peaceful.

    The march in support of the center was about two blocks long and drew about 2,000 participants, police said. They said the rally in opposition was a bit larger.

    After the ceremony, around 1,000 activists rallied about five blocks from the site of the 2001 attacks to support the proposed Islamic community center. Opponents also planned to rally in the afternoon, with the two groups expected to converge near the mosque site.
    (No numbers for the opposition)

    Just a few blocks away a group of about 1000 people gathered by City Hall and marched towards Ground Zero in support of the building of the Islamic center.
    (No numbers for the opposition)

    Both sides drew large, boisterous crowds with about 3,000 pro-mosque demonstrators marching from City Hall to the Federal Building Saturday and 2,500 anti-mosque protestors rallying near the controversial Park Place site of the proposed Islamic Centre.

    About 2,000 people cheered as speakers told them that the Islamic center was a covert plan by Muslim jihadists to conquer the United States and erect a monument honoring terrorists.
    Shaven-headed members of the far-right British group the English Defense League joined large contingents of current and former US service personnel at the rally, as did Dutch hardline anti-immigrant MP Geert Wilders.
    Just over a block away ” though separated by multiple rows of police – more than 1,000 supporters of the Islamic center project denounced what they called their compatriots’ discrimination and fear-mongering.

    But the familiar morning remembrance was later overtaken by charged atmosphere, as an estimated 5,000 people gathered in duelling demonstrations for and against an Islamic centre proposed for a site two blocks away.

    In lower Manhattan, hundreds of supporters of the mosque project, which organisers say is intended to build bridges between communities, called for religious tolerance and brandished placards saying “Your bigotry and hatred is a national security risk” or “the attack on Islam is racism.
    (No numbers for the opposition)
    Herald -Scotland

  57. says

    My American Brothers and Sisters:
    You must stand firm and never allow this obscenity to come to pass. The entire free world is looking to you to say no.
    No Córdoba in New York. Ever.

  58. says


    Great pie chart to review. It speaks volumes about the archaic world of Islam in the Middle East.

    The same political format would befall the EU Countries and the Americas in this century if we do not stand up to this totalitarian ideology.

    “Know your enemy and know him well if you want to defeat him”

    General Douglas MacArthur after the studying the book “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu

  59. says

    Then I’ll be blunt in response.

    You will be contributing to the problem. You will be committing an act of despair. You will become an enemy of everything that you and I and others value.

    I understand the symbolic meaning behind the support Jones has been getting from most of us. I don’t support him for purely tactical reasons, so I’m on the other side here in this debate. But we cannot allow certain symbols to become reality. We cannot allow a requested, isolated, and voluntary restraint on our freedoms to become an excuse to believe that these freedoms are dying, and to believe we need to convert to help kill them.

  60. says

    Jesse Toler said:…”If the west is going to feebly submit to Islam, then I have no choice but to convert, if for no other reason than to demonstrate my total dismay at our deep cowardice.”
    And here I thought you were going to add….so that I can invade from within, but instead it’s to submit!

    Yes, there are too many cowards out there, and they don’t seem to want to understand the threats but the last thing we need is another muslim.

    Perhaps your energy could be channeled into making a difference for our side instead of being so willing to give in.. Personally I’m not so willing to cave in and I will be one of those who fights to the last breath. What about you?

  61. says

    Jesse, Toler,
    instead of surrenduring, why don’t you grow a pair and fight?

    Ovaries, testicles….it really doesn’t matter! Just grow a pair for God’s sake, instead of trying to blame the rest of us!

  62. says

    I don’t understand you at all. You seem to be a person who knows that Islam is not only a lie, but violent to the core. So why convert? Are you ready to be a Klansman simply because they’re organized and, despite decades of FBI harrassment, can still get out the troops to march around in their wives’ bedsheets and pillowcases and, once in a while, pay for highway cleanup?

    Maybe you’re the kid I knew who, at eighteen, vowed never to go to Sunday School again (he was sick of his devout parents making him go throughout the time he was growing up). He vowed he’d be a “free” man. Now, he’s in his thirties, and believes everything that the radical Left tells him.

    Yes, grow some 外�.

  63. says

    Jesse Toler wrote:

    I’ll be blunt. If Terry Jones backs off, then there is a very good chance that I am going to convert to Islam, take up the most fundamentalist sect I can find and follow the rules of war to the very letter of Islamic law. If the west is going to feebly submit to Islam, then I have no choice but to convert, if for no other reason than to demonstrate my total dismay at our deep cowardice.

    And how shall I demonstrate my total dismay at *your* deep cowardice? Really, I may have to just give up and start wearing a burqa. sarc/off

    Annie Oakley wrote, replying to comment from Jesse Toler:

    Jesse, Toler, instead of surrenduring, why don’t you grow a pair and fight?

    Brava, Annie!

    It took *four centuries* for the Greeks to regain their freedom from Islam. The Spaniards fought Islam for *700 years* before driving it out of the Iberian peninsula.

    Winston Churchill must have been pretty “dismayed” at times himself through the long years when he seemed virtually alone in decrying the dangers of Fascism.

    What if he’d gotten too frustrated sometime in 1938 and just decided to join the National Socialists? That would have shown them! Or maybe not…uh…

    We all get frustrated at times, God knows…if you are just having a bad moment, it is understandable.

    But are you really considering giving up the fight against savage Jihad terrorism and the barbarity of Shari’ah law based on the actions of some guy in Florida with a Weber full of Qur’ans and a pack of safety matches? And not just giving up the fight”bad enough”but actually *joining the enemy*?

    If so, go now”you never would have been much an ally, at any rate.

  64. says

    How can ever compare the GZM to the Jews building homes Jerusalem. You sound like a MoSlum always comparing apples with oranges and expect to get some rational results. Get out of here.

  65. says

    I don’t have a blog where I post all these citations from Islamic texts. I’ve been thinking lately about doing something like that. Not sure it’s ripe yet.

  66. says

    Well said, Tom Davis. Might as well go down fighting to the last. Better dead than Muslim. Besides, I think our side is going to win, not every battle, but the war. I just wish we could all get around to naming the enemy and the enemy is Islam. Not “radical Islam.” Not “Islam perverted.” Not “extremist Islam.” Not anything but just plain old Islam.

  67. says

    An ‘isolated and voluntary restraint on our freedoms’. Yeah, that’s why the White House called Jones. That’s why David Petraeus made a public statement condemning an American pastor exercising his rights. Islamic mobs simply snap their fingers and the west begs for mercy. I am beginning the think that cowardice is the problem.

  68. says

    Oh, I don’t have a problem with “Radical” Islam, just so long as it is our Western values that define radical. Same with “moderate”.

    That’s how we need to counter the MC/PC attacks. “Who says so-and-so is a moderate? MY definition of a moderate is one who….and so-and-so doesn’t fit it. Just because you say he’s a moderate doesn’t mean it’s true”

    And yes, I believe in fighting to the last.

  69. says

    It is all very noble to be on this forum and make statements under the guise of any name you wish to choose, the nobility of yourself comes from converting your intended thoughts into action.

    Islam has a way of entering your very home without you even noticing its presence until it is too late because ignorance dominated your intellect. There is no better way of standing your ground than gathering people together and make your intent known to the Islamic believers that that religion may be practiced within there very own countries of origin and not the USA, further than that is guns and bombs…take no prisoners, the rot must be exterminated completely, never to rise again or pose a threat.

    I thought the USA citizens had “BALLS” on them. Next election if you vote for Obama, then you can’t save yourself.

    Regards from Johannesburg, South Africa

  70. says

    That comment above written by Kinana of Khaybar, is well worth reading over and over again.

    In fact,

    * The Quran is the last book that the CULTIC Muslim followers of “Muhammad the terrible” should read over and over again.

    * The Quran is the first book that non-Muslims should read over and over again if they want to understand why the adherents of this particular religion ARE SO VERY DIFFERENT AND DO WHAT THEY DO.

    It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the theme of the Quran is evil. Islam.

    Or have people now become so lost and completely incapable of rational thought and cowardly all of a sudden?

    Here is a direct link to the evils of the Quran.

    If you want to see the real face Islam at play in the real world, simply criticize this sick religion of Islam while in the presence of a Muslim believer.

    What other religious followers kill for their religion on a constant daily basis?

    I am an ex-Muslim.

  71. says

    Shnellmann: It made me so angry watching that. What would I have done if I had been in the vicinity? I would have barged into their little circle and told them all to get out of Britain.

    But then what would have happened? If they cut my throat on the spot, I would have been seen by the British press – and much of the public – as a fool who deserved what I got, presumably, and the killer would have gone to jail, where he would demand best-quality halal food and converted criminals to Islam.

    What dreadful fantasies I have these days…

  72. says


    At 3 p.m., several hundred protestors had gathered into two city blocks near the proposed Park 51 Islamic Center, waving American flags and chanting “U.S.A. U.S.A.” and “No Mosque.” ….
    Around the same time, a crowd of about 300 supporters of the project marched to the building, about two blocks away from the former World Trade Center site. Chanting “Unity Now,” …

    It appears there were more protesters than supporters, but WaPo is not clear in their reporting, probably intentionally to keep the American readers in the dark of the truth.

  73. says

    I tried to get people interested in a rally here (Australia) and everyone said no, they were not interested.
    Maybe I could have done something on my own, but that would hardly have made an impact. People still haven’t woken up in any kind of decent numbers.

  74. says

    Kepha, I appreciate as well as any that most of us work for a living and can’t be full-time, perhaps not even occasional activists, and thus can’t be out and about protesting all the time and making a splash each and every day over all events. We are mostly committed to private lives, and rightly so. But, given that that is the nature of our own, let us see that for what it is: Inadequate to our needs.

    If we lose this battle for freedom and even the battle for our republics, then regardless of how moral we are as private beings committed to the good of our nations, we have failed in our priorities. If we don’t act to save our publicity, our privacies are essentially meaningless.

    I know that most people will never do more than write a comment expressing an opinion. That’s the nature of things. I don’t disparage those who write comments as their part of this effort to combat jihad and dhimmitude and who do nothing else in our favour. Those few, whether it be a few hundred as posted in Canadian news media, or 40,000 as Geller claims, it hardly matters. The needed effort is not a few thousand people marching, it is a few hundred acting– in the same professional fashion as Leftist act.

    This situation is not one of a difference of opinion. As we know, and have known for years, our enemies on the Left as well as the jihadis kill people, the Left indirectly by giving aid and support to the jihad. Talk, as much as I enjoy the indulgence, is not sufficient to win this struggle. And, as you know, this struggle is not limited to America or areas of European cities. It is world-wide, and requires a world-wide coalition to defeat jihad. That means we must unite small groups of professional activists to combat directly the jihad. Crowds, small, middling, relatively large, it makes no difference. History is action.

    On a side note, I’ll mention again that I am considering a move to Laos, and I would like your opinion of the place if you have such.

    Regards, Dag.

  75. says

    I went to your site and can’t stop reading! Thank you.

    I have only just started to research Islam and the impact it has on a society. I have known since 9-11-2001 that something just wasn’t right about what I had been told, I can’t really explain why it has taken this long for me to find out exactly what it was.

    I do know this , this GZ Mosque woke me up, made me ask questions( like, why do we have to be sensitive and Muslims don’t) and I know that it is doing the same for countless others, so although it is causing many of us pain, the threat of it may actually be a blessing.

    ( I say it may be a blessing because I don’t believe it will be built)

  76. says

    SonofWalker, if you like a Theravada Buddhist, Kradai-speaking culture with colorful tribals uphill, northern Thailand is a better bet. The Lao authorities (good commies that they are) will probably look on you as a spy, surround you with informants, and bug your lodgings. I understand that even now, there are a few Hmong guerrillas holding out against the government who occasionally dry gulch an occasional patrol or foreign hiker. Further, there’s a large, off-the-books economy in Laos based on–[drum roll]–white poppies. That means there’s a lot of gang activity that doesn’t get reported because (a) the Western MSM has forgotten about Laos and (b) everyone knows that gangs and poppy cultivation happen only under decadent imperialism and capitalism.

    Also, if you’ve learned the Lao language, only about 3 millions of its 17-20 million speakers live in Laos. The rest live in Northeast Thailand.

    I actually visited Viengchan back in 1991. Its international airport’s parking lot turned into glutinous, ankle-deep goo after a rain. My supervisor and I actually got a bit dirty helping a Russian diplomat push his car out of the mud. Also, the airport was no bigger than a local one in the American Midwest. Viengchan itself had a kind of charm, with a hybrid South-China-meets-Provence domestic architecture gracefully going to seed (Communists just don’t seem to get maintenance). Maybe things have gotten better in the past 19 years, though.

    But, one other thing: the Lao officials I met had an aid-junkie mentality a mile wide. In countries like that, things generally tend to malfunction, and it’s possible that an occasional expat lands in jail just to squeeze a few dollars out of a foreign government. My guess is that if Viet Nam goes belly up and the Chakkri dynasty remains in Thailand, we might see Laos go back to being Thailand’s Greater Northeast before too long.

  77. says

    Thanks, Kepha, that is…. I don’t know what that is! I’m laughing as I type. I live in such places, as a rule, and have so far, obviously, survived, though I look like I’ve lived through it all. One reason I survive is knowing enough to ask travellers about local conditions. Thank you very much.

  78. says

    “An ‘isolated and voluntary restraint on our freedoms’. Yeah, that’s why the White House called Jones. That’s why David Petraeus made a public statement condemning an American pastor exercising his rights. Islamic mobs simply snap their fingers and the west begs for mercy. I am beginning the think that cowardice is the problem.”

    Mr. Toler:

    Again, I understand what you are saying. I mentioned on this blog a few days ago that the government’s appeals to Jones should have been done privately and quietly. This would, to me, be the proper response when a U.S. citizen has become the focus of attacks from foreign enemies.

    I really don’t think it is cowardice. General Patraeus is not a fool concerning military operations of this type, as the surge outcome in Iraq shows. I find that I have to defer to his judgment here. The fact that his mission is restricted by a myopic vision in Washington is not his fault.

    Wellington put it very well when he implied that there are more battles to come, and I’d add that we should pick and choose them while we can. This is one we can put off until next month or next year – unlike, say, destroying Iranian nukes.

    As far as our freedoms are concerned, all I can answer is that there are many legal things I would be right to say or do, but I don’t because I judge them to be less than productive. Tell me I should or shouldn’t, and I’ll consider the other side. Tell me I can’t, or pass a law to tell me I can’t, and I will get very very angry. This is the difference I see in perceptions of this episode.

  79. says

    T2M wrote:

    No way would there have been readings from anything other than the King James version of the Bible!

    I had no idea things had changed this much.

    T2M, this moronic reverend believes he is being very enlightened and “inclusive” with this reading from Islamic scripture on 9/11. I doubt very much he has any real understanding of what is in the Qur’an.

  80. says

    Hey Sonofwalker, Great to hear from you and that you are doing well.

    How’s life treatin’ you these days in the big smoke of Vancity?

    Is Hastings Steet still as f***ed up as ever?

    Sorry for speaking harshly to you awhile back my man, drop me aline at saleemsmith333@gmail.com if you have the time. Cheers

  81. says

    That’s a really awful story.

    I’m glad he wasn’t killed.

    I can only suggest that David face his fear and, as soon as he’s physically recovered, sign up for full-on dead-serious martial arts training – say, wing chun kung fu, karate, or something like that. Unarmed combat. This because I don’t know what the story is in Sweden about firearms.

    I’d also suggest he visit the website that regular jihadwatch poster ‘Undaunted’ maintains.

    And maybe take lessons in axe-swinging and ‘how to set a booby-trap’ from Lars Vilks.

  82. says

    congqian, wo zhuzai meili de taiwan. 从�,我�在美丽的�湾。

    Yes, I think official China and those who truly trust their government hate American deeply. It’s another case where official America fools itself about how the rest of the world sees it. That’s why I’m not too rough on the Uyghur.

  83. says

    PJG, visit my blog at unclecephas.blogspot.com. We can talk about the Chinese language there.

    There are many views of America among the Chinese people, and some who know us actually like us. But that’s not many. Still, official China really and truly sees America as an enemy–again, for what we are (Bourgeois democracy, multiracial, and so lacking in self-respect that we elected a black man as president [official China’s pseudo-antiracist stance, not mine]) as much as for waht we’ve done (supported Taiwan in the past).

  84. says

    That’s dhimmi thinking. The Koran is no more sacred to me than a stack of Harlequin romances. And I doubt anyone would get upset over the flaming disposal of Harlequin romances.