Free speech and truth win! Prosecutors say Wilders should be found not guilty on all counts

This is very good news. It’s not over — the judge may overrule the prosecutors. But this is a crucial step toward sanity in the Netherlands.

Let’s hope that Wilders will emerge fully acquitted, and that this will be the end of these efforts to curtail the freedom of speech. But I suspect we will be seeing much more of these kinds of trials in the future. Let’s hope they all have a happy ending such as what looks more possible for Wilders with this news. “Wilders not guilty on all counts – Update,” from Dutch News, October 15 (thanks to all who sent this in):

The public prosecution department on Friday afternoon stated that Geert Wilders is not guilty of discriminating against Muslims. Earlier on Friday it announced he should also be found not guilty of inciting hatred.

Prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman reached their conclusions after a careful reading of interviews with and articles by the anti-Islam politician and a viewing of his anti-Koran film Fitna.

They said comments about banning the Koran can be discriminatory, but because Wilders wants to pursue a ban on democratic lines, there is no question of incitement to discrimination ‘as laid down in law’.

On the comparison of the Koran with Mein Kampf, the prosecutors said the comparison was ‘crude but that did not make it punishable’.

Dealing earlier on Friday with incitement to hatred, Van Roessel and Velleman said some comments could incite hatred against Muslims if taken out of context, but if the complete text is considered, it can be seen that Wilders is against the growing influence of Islam and not against Muslims per sé.

On Tuesday, the prosecutors said the MP should not be found guilty of group insult….

UPDATE: I’ve revised this headline and post to reflect more clearly the fact that the judge has yet to rule.

Jihad against free speech continues: another truth-teller in a show trial in Europe
Danish FM kowtows to Muslims on Motoons: "I would just like to make it clear that this was something we found very regrettable and didn't wish to see it repeated"
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    He is found not guilty, and yet the writer of this article refers to Wilders as “the anti-Islam politician.” Journalistic malpractice.

    Nevertheless, I gave a fist pump when I saw this headline. Way to go, Geert!

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    Yeeeeee Haaaaaa !!!

    Git-r-done !

    Best news I’ve heard today !…… Best news I’ve heard in weeks !

    Next time Mr. Wilders is in the states, I’m buyin’ a round of drinks for him, Robert and Pamela.

    Mr. Spencer, y’all hold me to that….. Ya heah ? You’ve got my e-mail address.

    Cheers !

    Kenny Solomon
    South Florida

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    “and yet the writer of this article refers to Wilders as “the anti-Islam politician.” Journalistic malpractice.”

    Soon enough as the world awakes it will have the same meaning as, anti-Nazism, anti-fascism , anti-totalitarianism, etc.

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    Great news for Freedom of Speech, guess those Muslims who feel hurt can move back to their failed islamic states, leave behind the check in the mail for their welfare etc!!!

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    Congratulations, Geert Wilders!

    This is wonderful news – both for Wilders and for citizens everywhere concerned about the erosion of the principles of free speech this ridiculous case involved. An important legal precedent was set by this ruling. I hope that other European (and American) politicians and legal scholars take note.

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    Sorry to bust anyones bubble, but was he actually acquitted yet or was this just a pronouncement by the prosecutors to ‘recommend’ acquittal. I thought I read another article that mentioned that the judges still need to apply their ruling next week. It’s a bit absurd, either way, that the prosecutors went forth with the case if they knew it was bogus to begin with. Good news though, GO GEERT!

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    I think Ekmeleddin Insane-glu-glu must be barking “someone get me the phone of them judges, or of the nearest mahoundian jurist that can issue fatwas on Wilders’s acquittal.”

    Too bad this didn’t come out before the Friday headbanging-madness sessions. Insane-glu-glu would sure have hit his forehead real hard on the ground over this, hahaha.

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    Wait a minute.

    According to Gates of Vienna, the judges [in theory] could still rule against the prosecutors’ recommendation. Remember, the prosecutors originally refused to bring the case, so the judiciary overruled them and forced them to do so. We have no surety this will not happen again. This may not be over yet.

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    Despite the bad weather, it’s a beautiful day here in Holland.

    The suicidal dhimmi socialists have been disposed off. World leaders have congratulated the newly formed government’s Mark Rutte as prime minister today.

    Did I mention Wilders has been acquited of all charges?

    I’m proud to be Dutch today. Something I haven’t been able to say since Theo’s and Pim’s assassinations.

    Long live the Dutch Republic.

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    I hope this is the final outcome, and yes, it may inspire a “response.”

    Also, (OT) what’s going on…AP is reporting that Obama’s 52 year old Kenyan half-brother is marrying a teenaged girl, his third wife.

    AP also reports that a soldier who recorded the Ft. Hood massacre on his cell phone was ORDERED to erase it.

    These are usually the stories that AP hides.

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    BBC say that the judges are not obliged to follow the opinion of the prosecutors but can be expected to…so it’s not over quite yet.

    One thing – this case has brought the Dutch judicial process – and hence its whole system of governance – into complete and utter disrepute.

    I hope he sues the authorities – this has been a case of legal harrassment. How on earth can it be that the prosecutors have only just realised that Wilders was not seeking to rouse hatred against Muslims as people? Had they not read the papers beforehand? It is a complete judicial shambles.

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    After submitting my comment above, I wandered over to Huffington Post to bask in schadenfreude as I read the expressions of anguish from the Left upon learning this news. The HuffPo editors appear to be in denial and having difficulty framing this piece of what for them and their primary audience will be considered bad news. As of this moment the story has not yet appeared on HuffPo, but there is a handful of regular posters who engage Muslim apologists there who are ready with high fives when (or if) it does.

    I wonder how long it will take CAIR to issue a press release condemning this rare display of sanity?

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    Now would be a perfect time for the Dutch to revisit their hate-speech codes and throw them down the oubliette.
    Is there any chance of that Robin?

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    Judges are already powerful enough here in America, but it appears that they are even more powerful, too powerful it seems, in The Netherlands where it is apparently sanctioned in law that judges can dismiss a proposal by prosecutors to dismiss a case. Perhaps the Dutch might want to rethink things and lessen the power of the judiciary in Holland, which I take it the Dutch legislature could do if it so chose. Just sayin’.

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    This moment reminds me of Winston Churchill standing tall against tyranny.

    Three quotes from that other great man may be in order:

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

    “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others. ”

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

    From across the Atlantic, I thank Mr. Wilders for his courage and sacrifice to do what he does.

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    Holding my breath until that judge gives his decision, but what a wonderful surprise! This is an unfamiliar legal process so I’m still a bit confused about who brought the complaint in the first place if the prosecutors refuse to back it up.


    GO GO GEERT — our hero!

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    If by stating the undisputed truth you end up fighting for your freedom a court of law you are not living in a free and democratic country.

    Irrespective of the result, even if Geert is found not guilty and walks free, the legal process and freedom of speech has been damaged in the Netherlands.

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    Its a real bad case when even the prosecutor says the guy is innocent.

    This would be like a director giving two thumbs down to his own movie.

    Or a chef writing a bad review for his own restaurant.

    Or a ice skater giving herself a 1 at the Olympics.

    Or an artitect saying his building is unsafe and it will fall.

    Like I said above, the irony is that the only hatred Geert Wilders inspired was in Muslims to attack non-Muslims, most of all, Mr. Wilders!

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    Great News for a long while. Great work by Robert / Pamela and the likes.

    I am confident the Judges, even in the Netherlands, are not crazy to put this guy in the slammer. If they did that, his party will win outright and haunt all those who stood in the Freedom’s way.

    Are you listening MoSlums – the democracy has started to prevail. This is the beginning of things to come.

    Wilders Hu Akabar!

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    Watched the news about this as much as I could. I enjoyed what the prosecutors were arguing.

    As far as I understand, they underwrite, as they already did in 2008, this distinction between Geert talking against the religion Islam and not against all Muslims. This gives me much joy and I think we ought to use their arguments from now on.

    It reminded me of the fierce debates we had here on Jihad Watch about being against Islam, but not against the Muslims or all Muslims. It was like “Hate the sin, not the sinner”.

    I remember Hesperado and some others were for being against all Muslims as they were the choosers for or carriers of Islam. But that Geert Wilders and Robert who are against Islam, but not against all Muslims, were defended well by Wellington and Cornelius and many others, I think the majority.

    I also often have dealings with Muslims for my work and it comforts me that I can treat them cordially and jovial, despite the many objections I have against Islam. Without feeling hypocritical. But anyway, always the first half chance I get I broach this subject, which is very much debated everywhere now in Holland, as far as I can tell, and I always openly admit voting PVV. And that used to be a taboo, something horrible, but nowadays, I get much more understanding and respect. I experience a shift in opinion around me.

    And in these discussions and watching TV, reading Dutch newspapers, seeing our new government installed too, I have the great feeling that “our side” is winning!!!

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    This is great news ! If the judges now turn round and say he is guilty I should think and hope there will be a tremendous demo in Mr. Wilder’s favour. It looks like there is beginning to be a dawn of sanity in Europe – please God it spreads to the UK.

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    What the prosecutors have effectively stated is that Muslims cannot be identified without reference to their Islamic ideology. And, that there is nothing illegal about commenting on that ideology.

    Islam has lost this battle in its war for special priveleges. Now, in the Netherlands it is just like every other ideology – open to ridicule.

    Ridicule away my good Dutch friends. Ridicule away.

    Thank you Geert Wilders, you are a hero.

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    You go Geert!

    I’m still holding my breath too. It made me nervous when Queen Beatrix finally conceded. Now I hear that the judge can go against the recommendations & acquittal of the prosecutors. If they want to jail Wilders & topple his party at the same time, this is the way to do it. And maybe that was the intent all along. I hope not.

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    There should never have bee a trial in the first place!! When is ‘common sense’ against the law?! Now that this farce is over the next step is implementing plans to prevent any more Muslims immigrants in Europe and other liberal free Nations. Let them stay in and destroy their own countries…

  25. says

    Wilhelmus van Nassouwe,
    Ben eck van duytschen bloet.
    Den Vaderland getrouwe…

    A question for Robin, Sumdum, and any other Netherlanders out there: does the Netherlands constitution serparate the powers of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches? Also, does it have any provisions for the impeachment of sitting legislators, executives, or judges?

  26. says


    There seems to be a problem posting. Attempts to post are stalled and won’t post and then after several tries all of them post.

    Sorry for the multiple posts.

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    While I love Geert Wilders, who I believe is not only incredibly strong but also humanitarian, I don’t think he has been COMPLETELY honest with his accusers ! I mean, sorry Geert, but you only dislike Islam, the religion, and not Muslims themselves ? Why is that so hard for me to believe ? It’s pretty obvious that you think the Muslim population of your country, whether they be “moderate” or extreme are a downright pain in the glass. If you want to complain about them polluting the whole Dutch atmosphere with their imposition and aggressive behavior thats okay with me. They cast a dark shadow that threatens our free culture. They are a part of stealth jihad, actually–so go ahead and dislike them. Too bad you felt you had to say you’ve got nothing against them . I have something against them : I resent their influence for one thing . Anyhow–bless you- you are a rare and courageous man.

  28. says

    Demsci :

    Ever since I became interested in Islam and it’s conflict with the West and Europe, I have heard that now cliche “hate Islam , not it’s followers ” etc. As much as I have tried to believe anti-Islam adherents can be just against the religion and okay with Muslims in general, I always go back to believing it can’t really be that way. Not entirely .
    The Muslims who participate in the push to advance Islam ( and thus Sharia) are not just ” radicals”. As I see it , it is the movement of Muslims as a whole that impose themselves in so many ways in the host country. Everything from things like praying right out on the sidewalks , to youths rioting and attacking non- Muslims in some neighborhoods, to trying to incorporate their religious rules , like halal meat etc, and ideas into children’s books in school , and scorning or abusing gays etc. are done by regular Muslims, not just extremists. Even Geert Wilders himself made it obvious , in some of his speeches, that he was bothered by just the presence of such a quanity of Muslims on the streets of his native land . I’m afraid I would feel the same way . That , however, does not make me a least bit hostile towards Muslim individuals as long as they are friendly and show respect for my country. That may make me sound like a hypocrite , but I am willing to give each individual the benifit of the doubt . Still, I am just like Wilders in that I want to put the brakes on Muslim immigrants . They are different than other immigrants . It is time to be honest about that. Lets face it: we are all afraid of being called names like “bigot ” etc. so we are silent, no matter how we feel. Maybe it is hard to draw the line between “prejudice” and “dislike ” . None of us are innocent there. The only person who has never been prejudiced at some time is still in a baby carriage.

  29. says

    Who said anything about letting up the fight Sean?

    It IS however very important to acknowledge this victory and voice our contentment, and perhaps thank Geert, Robert, Pamela, Ayaan, Wafa and many others for doing the dirty work for us, while we readers actually did very little to nothing to support the cause. Talk is cheap.

    So thank you to these brave men and women.

  30. says


    HuffPo has become almost completely intolerable. I haven’t been there in a while but come Nov. 3, I expect their site to crash.

  31. says

    I must say this is realy good news, and I’ll remain cautiously optimistic for the moment, but I’ll wait to celebrate when he’s through ALL the hurdles and ALL of the proceedings are finished.

    Judges Messrs. “Friesler” really give me the creeps, and I don’t trust them at all.

  32. says

    Careful, everyone. As Comic Relief and Tom Davis have pointed out, so far this is only the prosecution saying Wilders should be acquitted. In the U.S. that would be the end of the story. But in the Netherlands, the system is evidently a bit different, and the court can still find him guilty, whether the prosecution recommends it or not. If I remember correctly, the prosecution earlier decided not to bring a case against Wilders, but was ordered to do so by the court.
    Something else to be considered is that the prosecutors may have decided that the political winds have shifted — i.e. Wilders’ party is already the 3rd largest in the country, and after another election cycle could be the largest — and so they’re ingratiating themselves with a likely future prime minister (and their boss).

  33. says

    “I also often have dealings with Muslims for my work and it comforts me that I can treat them cordially and jovial, despite the many objections I have against Islam.”

    I try to judge each person on their own merit despite everything else, but would never ever trust anyone who is a follower or believer in islam.

  34. says

    Hi demsci,

    Yes, I remember them too, those debates about “logical fallacies”, Wilders being “inconsequential” and even succumbing to political correctness. I was and still am squarely on the side of those who say that we must fight the disease (islam) and not each and every patient.

    On several occasions I’ve tried to point out to Hesperado that he may be right in sort of a semi-detached academic way, but that Islam is at war with us and Wilders is not winning all them votes in academic discussions about logical fallacies.

    The suggestion in particular, that Wilders’ “illogical” distinction between the death-cult of Islam and muslims somehow proved that he was giving in to MC-PC, i.m.o. was ill informed and actually quite distasteful.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

  35. says


    I personally have some warm feelings toward a few of the Muslims I know in my workplace, but my trust in them is perhaps to some extent undermined by my knowledge of their religion. And two of them seem not very religious. One is a Sufi American young man who did not choose the religion but was born in a Sufi Muslim American family. For all I know, he doesn’t even consider himself Muslim. Another is I think from Pakistan or India, a middle aged woman. She actually goes upstairs and prays sometimes. The third one is from Iran, a young woman from whom I’ve never seen any sign of religion, though I think I might have heard her say she is Shia to a customer who asked.

    I recall attending a school where there was a Muslim student from Egypt, and I did not feel I could trust him. He was perhaps in his thirties, quite strong, had some adeptness at martial arts, and sometimes was into playing paintball. What I didn’t trust was the feeling he gave off of being a little bit of a traditional Arab — or maybe it was just that he was an Egyptian Muslim, with some of the assumptions that Egyptian Muslims carry.

    What really gave me the heeby-jeebies recently was seeing two large men — both of them must have been 6’3 or 6’4″ and of medium or even somewhat chunky build — dressed in some kind of traditional Muslim garb and come to look around and consider buying something where I work. I feel sure the two men were from Saudi Arabia or another very traditional Arab nation. They had a just off the boat feel about them. I did not like their manner, their traditional Islamic clothes, the way one of them stood with a certain arrogance surveying the store and the people in it like a king surveying his domain. I saw them as representatives of pure Islam.

  36. says

    Hey, Sagunto, thanks for that well spoken reply, I am from Rotterdam. Kind greetings from there.

    Although you may like Ajax and I Feijenoord, on this issue we are very much in agreement!

  37. says

    And it seems to me that it is very important to let us evolve into giving Muslims a doable way out by giving them a clear choice.

    With a broad questionnaire of choices, between the one or the other legal and governing system. Not just loyalty to our system, without comparing it with the Islamic system and a clear choice between the 2. And afterwards appropriate monitoring and reprisals for non-compliance.

    This clear choice I hope will be offered to them, otherwise all these detractors of Wilders and Critical Islam Experts seem to me largely right in their protests.

    Because then the only way out for Muslims would be apostasy from Islam. And that may be what in the end it will all boil down to. But in my opinion not before we have tried everything else that is reasonable to resolve the big Islam-Democracy-controversy. Especially for the benefit of the PCMC-people and independent onlooking crowd in Democratic countries.

  38. says

    “What the prosecutors have effectively stated is that Muslims cannot be identified without reference to their Islamic ideology. And, that there is nothing illegal about commenting on that ideology.”

    Thank you Moray for that insight. Your words made me understand what the prosecutors said that much better.

    Hesperado’s position is shared by sooooo many PCMC-inclined or independent people in Holland, who in effect say this distinction is spurious, nonsense.

    But with this distinction we can proceed by saying to Muslims: We only have an issue with the religion you CHOSE, not with the rest of your personality or even characteristics of your whole community.

    And only with the societal part of the teaching of that religion, not the personal part. And then only because we now know all about Islam’s most important guiding texts. And about declarations and actions of Islamic leaders worldwide, from all time. And about attitudes and actions of your co-religionists worldwide, from all time. These are now indeed known and understood even better by Critical Islam Experts than most Muslims know and understand them. But ignorance is never an excuse.

    And these texts, declarations and acts of Islam and Muslims are in part in contradiction with the whole set of our democratic laws and values. And we want to offer you a way out by declaring your utmost loyalty to these laws and values. But if you refuse and keep your highest loyalty to these Islamic laws and values that so contradict ours, then we can hold you accountable for that choice. And you must take the consequences which we will carefully consider.

  39. says

    Oh, I forgot, the other way out for Muslims would of course be to migrate to Islamic countries, but that’s another very stark choice.

  40. says


    I cannot speak for Geert Wilders, but where I live, in Holland, I meet and interact with plenty of Muslims, both at work and where I live.

    And I am very, very glad with the distinction between being against Islam, disliking Islam fiercely, but not the Muslims. Yes, they choose Islam, they spread and support Islam. But my natural impulse is to judge their whole character and overall behavior, which are so much more than only religious.

    And their characters are often very nice, I have met so many nice Muslims. So although people may argue it’s illogical and inconsequent to hate Islam but not all Muslims, that’s my way to go.

    Banking on long-term change for the better in the world if we people, loyal to Democratic laws and values just inform ourselves, talk well and persevere.