Misunderstander of Islam arrested in Hawaii on charges he tried to join U.S. military, desert and wage jihad against U.S. troops

War Is Deceit, after all. “NYC-born man arrested in Hawaii in terror case,” from AP, October 26 (thanks to D. C. Watson):

HONOLULU — A New York City-born man was ordered to return from Hawaii where he was arrested on charges he tried to join the U.S. military at a Times Square recruiting station so he could he could be deployed to Iraq, desert and fight with anti-American insurgency forces.

Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, 21, was charged with making false statements in the midst of a New York-based terrorism investigation, authorities said Monday….

The complaint said under questioning, he admitted that one of his Web sites was “designed to mirror and reformat the teachings of radical U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki” and “that in the past, he agreed with and sympathized with al-Qaida’s violent jihad against the West.”

The complaint also alleged Shehadeh attempted to recruit another person to join him to train in Pakistan immediately after the two discussed a sermon by al-Awlaki.

The complaint said Shedaheh insisted he tried to go to Pakistan for religious, not military, training. But witnesses who knew him told investigators that he instructed them that it was the duty of Muslims to fight jihad – and that signing up in Times Square was the best way to achieve his goal.

Shehadeh “informed (one witness) that he hoped to be deployed to Iraq,” the complaint said. “At the time he was applying to join the military, Shehadeh told (the witness), when he arrived in Iraq, he intended to commit ‘treason’ and fight United States soldiers. (He) explained that joining the military was an easier way to join jihad because the military would provide him with training, transportation and a weapon.”

The complaint said Shehadeh traveled to Hawaii in April 2009. There, he bought an airline ticket to Dubai in June, but was intercepted by FBI agents who told him he was on a “no fly” list.

In subsequent interviews, he allegedly admitted he had hoped to join the Taliban and receive “guerrilla warfare” and “bomb-making” training, the complaint said.

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    ‘…………..receive “guerrilla warfare” and “bomb-making” training,’

    The final aim of all devout adherents of the ‘religion of peace’.

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    “… he intended to commit ‘treason’ and fight United States soldiers.”

    An Islamic plan of action that has already been carried out several times….

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    I hope they try him for treason, send him to jail for a really long time then revoke his citizenship. He doesn’t deserve to be able to live in this country. If he wants to go to Iraq that bad, buy him a one way ticket when he gets out of jail.

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    This sort of behavior most certainly needs to be addressed by the mainstream media–although it won’t be. It will be either ignored or dressed up in western clothes so as to deny the link between this “radical” character and “moderate” islam. I think the only ground left for some of us is in the realm of “speculative fiction” if we wish to expose Islam for what it is:


    Hopefully people will eventually wake up.

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    in the past, he agreed with and sympathized with al-Qaida’s violent jihad against the West.”

    How old was he?15?13?He’s only 21 now.

    He was 11 and probably living in NY on 9/11.

    What are the odds his co-religionists told him jihad was A.O.K.?
    That we desevred what we got and then some?

    Pretty good,I reckon.

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    This can go as a comment under any article where, as it applies to any situation that springs up:

    “America the doped!
    We may have found why Americans sit on their rear-ends while Iceland, France, Greece, etc. etc. etc., are standing up to the abuses of their government and the bankers. We’re pumped full of mind control chemicals, courtesy of the medical establishment which has profited so handsomely from the same US Government that needs us to be kept sedated!
    Aldous Huxley, in his book “Brave New World” conceived of the lower classes kept permanently in a state of drug-induced stupor, to keep them controlled. The drug pressed on the public by the state was called “Soma.”

    And here is something else to consider. Just because you are not on a prescription tranquilizer doesn’t mean you are not taking them. Any medications not 100$ metabolized by the patients on these drugs winds up going down the toilet into the sewers, then to the water treatment plant. The reality is that while the water treatment plant can remove the solid wastes and bacteria to make the water drinkable again, those water treatment plants are unable to remove medical chemicals. Which means what you are making your coffee with this morning is that your neighbor took as a pill a few days ago! Tests in 25 major US cities found detectable levels of prescription medications, including tranquilizers!”


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    I can’t believe I’m posting to say this stuff is happening right in my backyard AGAIN but alas, ’tis so.

    From a commentor on one of the articles in the local paper, the Staten Island Advance (seems Shehadah lived on SI for a time): ‘I went to school with this kid he wasn’t even the really religious type which is what shocks me he smoked pot and liked porn like your average ny teen…


    Isn’t it ever thus?

    And kudos to the security folk who’ve been following this guy. Gives me a wee bit ‘o hope, anyway.