New York Times can’t figure out Fort Hood jihadist’s motive

It’s not enough for them that he shouted “Allahu akbar!” before he started shooting. After all, they know that Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢ and that jihad is an interior spiritual struggle. “At Hearing on Fort Hood Attack, Few Clues,” by James C. McKinley, Jr., for the New York Times, October 15 (thanks to Sayid):

FORT HOOD, Tex. — Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, with a blanket draped over his shoulders and a watch cap pulled low over his dark eyes, listened impassively in recent days as several survivors of his murderous rampage a year ago rose and pointed to him as the gunman who had shot them.

No emotion or hint of the defendant’s thoughts flickered across his pale features, as more than two dozen other soldiers and civilians spoke under oath about their struggle to survive in the terrifying minutes after he yelled “Allahu akbar!” — “God is great” in Arabic — and started shooting. He sank low in his wheelchair — he is paralyzed from the waist down after the police shot him to end his shooting attack on Nov. 5 — and stared intensely at the witnesses. At times he made small, precise notes on a legal pad, but he said nothing to his lawyers….

Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma. And there were few clues about what sort of defense Major Hasan, a 40-year-old Army psychiatrist, would mount in the face of such overwhelming evidence….

The lead defense attorney, John Galligan, has left open the possibility he might mount an insanity defense, yet he blocked a mental evaluation of his client a week before the hearing, saying that Major Hasan was not given enough notice….

Start acting crazy, Nidal!

Over three days, more than two dozen witnesses at the hearing described how Major Hasan shouted “Allahu akbar!” and then opened fire with a laser-guided handgun at a crowd of soldiers as they waited to see medical staff members before deployment. He gunned down one man who tried to hit him with a chair and chased another soldier out of the building to shoot him, witnesses said….

New York Times reporter can't find Fort Hood jihadist's motive or basic civility
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  1. says

    Well, the NYT has overlooked the obvious reasons behind the Ft. Hood mass murder spree:

    -He was upset that his crappy little inexpensive apartment was in foreclosure.


    -Obamacare had him apoplectic because he would be required to write scrips now for Tylenol for infidels.


    -A fellow serviceman upset him by asking if he inherited that huge head and extensive bald spot from the “Prophet” Mohmammad?

    (that last one is the real reason, I’m certain)

  2. says

    Religion of Peaceâ„¢

    9/11 jihad terror attack & Fort Hood was Koran 9:111

    …for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain …that is the achievement supreme.
    Verse 9:111 means what it means. A Muslim who is killed or who kills fulfilling teachings 9:5, 9:29 and all the other teachings of murder, rape, terror, torture in the Quran ARE GUARANTEED ACCESSION TO AN EVIL PARADISE FILLED WITH FULL BREASTED, LUSTROUS EYED VIRGINS WHO REGENERATE AS VIRGINS AFTER EACH SEX ACT AND WHOM THESE KILLERS AND MURDERERS OF ISLAM CAN SEXUALLY MOLEST FOR ALL ETERNITY….

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    Even the Army isn’t sure why he did it, if you listen to idiot generals like Patreus and others at his level, I doubt they even know what Jihad is, let alone read anything about Islam. In many ways they remind me of the jurors on the OJ Simpson trial in LA – totally clueless.

    In regards to Hasan, the Army ignored his anti-American, pro-terrorist views even when he turned them into a power point presentation. When he started talking to Al-Qeada and showing signs of becoming a hard core Muslim who hated the West, the Army thought that was ok.

    Of course it helped he was a double minority – Arabic and a Muslim which ensured that no one could touch him without ending their career.

    One could say that the Army(DoD) policies and serial incompetence made Hasan’s murder spree inevitable.

  4. says

    “Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma.”

    What a staggering statement for even a libtard to make!
    The old proverb “For there are none so blind as those who will not see” is cetainly on display here. This writers’ ideological blinkers blinds him to reality, much like another ideology that is the subject of this website.

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    “At Hearing on Fort Hood Attack, Few Clues”

    “Few clues” for the willfully clueless, I suppose. I cannot believe journalist James C. McKinley, Jr. is *really* this ignorant, but I suppose he assumes his readership is.


    Start acting crazy, Nidal!

    Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, with a blanket draped over his shoulders and a watch cap pulled low over his dark eyes..

    Could be he’s getting a head start, here. This is not the usual attire of a defendant in court trying to make a good impression…

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    This is the guy who, in advance, gave a power point presentation of his motives to a medical class in which he was a student, right?

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    “…To get a capital conviction, the prosecution must show that he rationally planned out the killings beforehand, and that his actions were “premeditated and deliberated.”

    “If you can create doubt that this was a planned series of killings, then you have a chance of defeating the level of murder that carries the death penalty,” said Geoffrey Corn, an expert on military law at South Texas College of Law in Houston.” — from the linked NYT article

    There is zero doubt about Hassan’s guilt, and that he rationally planned out the killings before hand, so presumably the prosecution will have no difficulty establishing it was premeditated murder. What we here will be looking for are overt signs of Hassan’s underlying motives that lie in his Muslim identity, whether expressions of religious motives will be allowed in his testimony as opposed to perhaps being stricken from the record as being irrelevant, and the degree to which the MSM will truthfully report these matters.

    If Hassan is a good Muslim he will follow the example of the Times Square bomber and truthfully proclaim his motives. He should lecture the court about how it lacks jurisdiction in the matter, since it is not based on Shariah and God’s law. He can carefully explain that since the dead soldiers were infidel dogs there should be no penalty for his killing them. If he is thorough he will make use of legal precedents from Islam, complete with citations from the Qur’an and Hadith.

    Observers should take careful note of the actions of both the officiating officers and those assigned to defend Hassan. They will presumably be acting according to whatever PC rules are currently in effect in the military justice system, but nevertheless a public record needs to made of their actions for that inevitable future day of reckoning when they will be held accountable for them.

  8. says

    Here’s the conclusion of Mark Durie’s explanation of Hasan’s powerpoint presentation:

    It is essential to grasp that the views which Major Hasan describes in his seminar are not obscure, extreme or marginal. They are integral to Islamic tradition and the Koran’s teachings on warfare and justice. These views can also be corroborated from the great Koranic commentaries of the past 14 centuries. The presentation is also informed and judicious in its use of sources: Major Hasan cites all the right verses for the points he makes. Moreover his presentation is transparent and truthful.

    All in all these powerpoint slides suggest a heart-felt plea, in which Major Hasan requests, with clarity and consistency, that a Muslim in the military not be asked to serve in a context where her or she will have to fight against ‘fellow Muslims’, particularly if the war is regarded by Muslims as an unjust one. To do this is to force them to choose between hell and mutiny.

    This is not the voice of someone consumed by hatred or malice. It does however speak of someone who has become trapped by their worldview, and is, with terrifying conviction and clarity of mind, contemplating what it would mean to take the lives of his fellow soldiers, driven on by the inescapable logic of deeply held religious beliefs.

    It is high time that the US Military paid adequate attention to such beliefs, resisting the temptation to ignore them in the name of political correctness.

    No doubt Qaseem Ali Uqdah, a director of a US Muslim veterans’ association, was quite right when he asserted that many Muslims serve in the US armed forces ‘very honorably’. However even if one’s only goal is to include and value loyal Muslims in the military, it is necessary to have a frank and open acknowledgment of the ideas which Major Hasan presented, as well as their power to captivate some Muslims, and their basis in Islamic tradition. We should listen to and understand this man’s ideas, even if we find them utterly repugnant. Any thing else is folly, and dishonors those who lost their lives in this atrocity. Denial and continued obfuscation can only lead to further needless loss of life and demoralization for the US military.

  9. says

    Robert, your quote “After all, they know that Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢ ”
    Who owns the Trademark for “Islam is a religion of peace?” Why else would you put Trade Mark after “Islam is a religion of peace?” Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.


  10. says

    Do the NYT really mean this, are they serious? LOL.
    Can they not imagine how it is to be a believing Muslim, or even a half-ways believing Muslim, and thrown among Infidels to do battle against Muslims? It is of course dishonesty that made the good doctor stay in the Army and all alarms bells had warned long before he broke, but are they in all seriousness trying to cast doubts on his motives? Is it unimaginable that he has loyalties elsewhere and only reflects the general Muslim attitudes towards the Infidel and his ways?

  11. says

    “Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma.”

    Incredible, isn’t it? I guess Fascism and Nazism are also “enigmas” to this clueless NYT reporter.

    The NYT is now like “Highlights for Children” magazine that you find in the dentist’s office.

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    The lead defense attorney, John Galligan, has left open the possibility he might mount an insanity defense, yet he blocked a mental evaluation of his client…

    Well, at least he’s not gonna mount the age old Moderate Moslem defense, not with the OJ-sized mountain of incriminating evidence facing him.

    *** 33:61 ***

    Wherever Infidels are found they shall be seized and murdered, a horrible murdering.

    These court proceedings bring to mind an image of an insane Moslem riding into Jannah atop his proud Unicorn steed, brandishing his laser guided pistol towards the promised land filled with tall piles of 11-yr old virgins and a perpetual erection for his pedophile pleasurings. And maybe throw in a few dozen young boys like hidden pearls for good measure.

    Who sez the Ko-Ran ain’t a great piece of literature? When I read a horrible murdering I myself am inspired.

    Allahu Akbar! is perhaps best translated to mean Our God is better than your God, and you’re gonna pay for that horrible fact!

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    Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma.”

    Maybe Geraldo was right…Hasan was suffering from a toothache…Makes sense, lots of people suffering from a toothache act like that…Poor guy just needed a good dentist…

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    When I see mainstream media in US behaving like this, I certainly don’t like it. But I also feel a sense of relief – we Indians are not the only ones acting like ostriches. It seems to be happening all over the free world.

    The free world appears to be in a state of intellectual lethargy at the moment. The days when people saw the reality accurately and acted accordingly, even if it meant hardship, are behind us and we probably just have to wait for things to change such that the leaders of the free world will show more nobility than they do now.

    In India, we saw a bit of positive news wherein the judges delivered a verdict in a dispute involving Muslims, that was in line with modern day constitutional values. They weren’t carried away by any kind of “liberal” bias. Just been reading the detailed verdict and felt somewhat better about my country.

    But still wait for the things to change drastically towards realism, and away from woolly headed, fashionable “liberalism” that easily absolves murderous ideologies like Islam.


  15. says

    I think the people in NY Times surely know the Jihad-motives of Nidal Hassan
    in this act of a Muslim’s betrayal to USA.The reason they are clueless about this case, is that they just try to ignore the facts as they have already suffed their ears with petro-dollars coming from their Muslim masters.NY times and almost all of MSM is just accelerating the slow death of America as a free nation in the face of this Islamic onslaught against free society.Instead of representing true journalistic representation of true facts,they are just covering up the ugly image of hateful Islam toward non-Muslim infidels by their journalistic tricks of deception.THE MORE WE ALL ARE CLUELESS,THE MORE WE WILL ACCELERATE OUR SLOW DEATH AS FREE PEOPLE AND WILL FACE EVENTUAL SUBJUGATION UNDER ISLAM.

  16. says

    9 years after 9-11 and it all still remains an “INIGMA”.

    Yep, it is down right scary to see the incredible ignorance reflected by the lame street media. Researching the whys,and the how comes is apparently not taught in the Universities of higher learning when it comes to journalism anymore.

    And to think there are people who get their news from this paper among many others who either remain clueless or continue to stick their collective heads in the sand.

    The answers are in the Quran and they are easily accessible with a little homework if you are going to write about the subject.

    There are approximately 164 jihadist versus’ among the 114 surahs in the Quran. They are quite clear and concise in how they map out the predictable behavior of Major Nidal Hassan as to how he was encouraged to follow the path of the dar al harb. And yes the hadiths reflect even more violence against the infidels, and the sira even twice more then that.

    Overall the Islamic experts who have studied the violence of jihadism in the Islamic trilogy say it averages to just over 30 percent of the Islamic trilogy teachings of which the sira that is Mohamed’s Bio reflects over 65 percent of this Islamic violence.

    The New Testament of Jesus Christ reflect 0 violence.

    Still these so-called Jounalists won’t take the time to do a little research. Just make a deadline and throw it on the editors desk and hope it sticks, but where is the pride of doing the important research on the subject? Or is it better to portatry yourself as ignorant when it comes to Islamic teachings.

    Yes we still have way to many Mayor Bloombergs’, Joy Behars’,and Whoopi Goldbergs’ out there that can’t see the forest threw the trees if it fell on them.

  17. says

    “Multicultural Attack on Truth – Soldier Ordered to Delete Ft. Hood Video”


    “The testimony is completely line with the military’s ongoing effort to strip any connection between Islam and Hasan’s [or any perp’s] actions.

    “For example the official investigation was chaired by two retired Clinton appointees whose dedication to enforcing extreme multicultural policies and hiring quotas suggested a fix from the get go.”

  18. says

    They can come up with a thousand farcical reasons why he did what he did, while ignoring the REAL motivating cause behind the slaughter.

  19. says

    Muslims don’t pray enough.. prayer beads, blankets, caps, rugs, sheets, mumbling old men – all a wasted effort. 5/day is for beginners.

  20. says

    The lead defense attorney, John Galligan, has left open the possibility he might mount an insanity defense, yet he blocked a mental evaluation of his client a week before the hearing, saying that Major Hasan was not given enough notice

    How is it that the Army has done no mental evaluation in all this time? Why did it take ten months to even try?

  21. says

    Personally, I think he was pissed off because of all the mockery aimed at islam these days. Everywhere you look, people are laughing their asses off at muslims and their foolish antics. Spraying water on the ceiling whilst making wudu in a sink, sniffing each other’s butts like dogs when they pray–you’d be pretty defensive as well, I’d bet, if you had your nose up some other muzzie’s butt while you were trying to pray to satan. Also, I think I recognized one of his comments on the following videos when they initially aired, before the powers that be deleted the comment:

    It was something about Tariq Ramadan being a homosexual, wish I had done a screen grab before it was deleted.

  22. says

    I can hear the defence argument now ….
    Islam is the religion of peace. Everyone knows that. The court will of course logically accept that as axiomatic.
    He was a devout muslim, handing out Korans etc. before the incident. Devout is always good, whatever the religion. He must therefore have been a gentleman, a man of peace.
    Received PTSD blew his mind. …so he was craaaazy.
    Insanity plea QED.

  23. says


    Just heard on BBC News that
    Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany
    proclaimed that multiculturalism isn’t working.

    Maybe a sign of hope? Nooo, couldn’t be,
    could it?

  24. says

    They’re just afraid the population at large will realise what islam is really all about. Or perhaps they are afraid the muslims among the general population will find out that what Hasan did was completely according to islam, and that they too should follow his example to earn their way to muslim heaven.

    In other news, at the trial against Geert Wilders the prosecution has recommended the court to acquits Wilders on all charges. A silver lining on this cloud!

  25. says

    Maybe they need to watch this video of an Egyptian Muslim in canada being honest to tell Michael Coren that every Israeli over 18 is a valid target for murder by Hamas of others.
    Note how this University prof. does NOT say all israeli’s ONLY inside of israel,he failed to qualify his stance to exclude trying the murder Israeli’s in Canada and the USA.

    Elmasry is still free to walk our streets as CAIR-Canada defends him and yet CAIR still spews the Islamophobe rants from all those non-Proven hate-crimes that have “0” arrests.

    It’s fine for “Moderates” to SAY they are oposed to the Jihadist doctine of mass murder, but what do they do when the actually see violence or terrorism plots in the USA?, do they hide behind CAIR’S “Know your rights” guide to keep mute about it to protect your Muslim brothers fighting for Allah’s cause?, or do they speak-up and risk death as an apostate to join us 5’500’000’000 infidels already under a Death-Threat from Muhammed’s ranting 1400 years ago?

    It can’t be both , BUT…as for CAIR’S Konw your rights guide to coach people to refuse to expose terror plot by Mulims, I wonder if Hooper and Awad realize that if I understand their stance correctly it means I too can keep quiet for any plot to Bomb a Moques or fly a Plane into the Mega-Mosque Victory tribute to the glorious-19 Muslims on 9/11.
    Maybe non-Muslims should hijack CAIR’s press releases and refuse to call the Police or FBI when they know the popele in a Quran burning video or a Mosque vandalism( if a real one ever happens one day).

  26. says

    The West at large is quickly tiring of Islam, which has had a window of opportunity to strut its nonsense for a while before ordinary, real folks caught on to just how wretched Islam really is. Seems even Chancellor Merkel has grasped the great enabler of Islam in the modern world, i.e., multiculturalism (and its idiotic companion, political correctness).

    When even the elites, ironically ordinarily the densest of any given Western population, are finally figuring it out, this can only be interpreted as a positive. Of course, some will remain completely clueless into the indefinite future, the rubes at The New York Times, those at the BBC, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar being a few of the dolts who come to mind. But tide’s a turnin’. Islam is, with not just each passing year but each passing month, being put on notice that its puerile antics will not be tolerated for much longer by free people. So fitting since Islam knows nothing about freedom.

  27. says

    “Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma.”
    Such willful blindness is culpable and deserves punishment. I wonder what would be appropriate in this case? “What would Mo do?” Stoning? Amputate a hand or foot? Beheading perhaps – after all he clearly doesn’t need his head judging from this article, so it won’t be missed much. Public flogging? I think I would go for the flogging. It’s the least drastic of Mo’s alternatives and I think it just might wake this idiot up!
    I wouldn’t hold my breath though. He would probably consider his punishment an enigma.

  28. says

    According to NYTimes, Nidal Hasan must have been angry with health care insurance, global warming, Arizona’s racial profiling, “Don’t ask – don’t tell”, the Tea Party, the Chamber of Commerce, and Conservative Talk Radio.

    I’m glad the NYTimes is “watching our back” and keeping us safe.

  29. says

    In your comments section the very 1st comment by Thomas says it all. I honestly believe the NYT”s is trying to figure out a way to say he is not guilty. To hell with the NYT’s.

  30. says

    In your comments section the very 1st comment by Thomas says it all. I honestly believe the NYT”s is trying to figure out a way to say he is not guilty. To hell with the NYT’s.

  31. says

    Living in fear of the religion of peace…The Movie…Chapter 9:111…The ‘Mahoundian Stream Media’ and ‘Masters At Deceit’, MAD, defend Hasan…

    There must be a way to show that Hasan is a victim…We are supposed to feel sorry for him, that he was tricked by Allah, or had some sort of mental problems, or life was just getting him down…Sure he’s a Mahoundian, and was shouting Allahu Akbar, Mahound’s battle cry, but what has that got to do with anything…his religion is peaceful and does not indulge in that sort of thing, so we can safely leave Islam out of it and concentrate on his deteriorating mental condition…Not guilty by reason of insanity, diagnosed as ‘inability to cope with adult life’, complicated by a severe toothache, sounds good…
    Yes he did it, but he couldn’t help it…He needs help not punishment…Don’t you think he has been punished enough?
    If you say anything different, you are a racist and an Islamophobe…

  32. says

    McKinley couldn’t point out the nose on his face with two hands free and a sign with the word “NOSE” printed on it pointing at it. He’s been chasing a Pulitzer since the NYT was stupid enough to hire his sorry butt, and has failed again and again. He probably thinks his coverage of the Hasan trial is the ticket this time. It is obvious why Hasan did what he did: he was a coddled “minority” who attended medical school on the public dime, volunteered for the army, then revealed his true colors, which was to kill as many kuffar as possible. He did it premeditatedly and cold-bloodedly, and figured his defense attorneys would get him off with an insanity defense. He just may be right. He has all the advantages of the legal system working in his favor (you know, all that history of jurisprudence which the Islamo-totalitarians plan to destroy once they’ve seized the reins of power). What scum. And McKinley and the NYT are the scum-parasites that feed off scum, lower than the lowest of the low.

  33. says

    Islam has used the epithet “The Great Satan” to demonize the USA. My epithet for Islam is “The Great Vampire”. It feeds on blood and cannot stand the light (critical examination).

  34. says

    Maybe Saudi Arabia should consider buying the NYT–unless they already have. I think we’ve reached a point where political correctness should be renamed “suicide by stupidity”

  35. says

    “He sank low in his wheelchair — he is paralyzed from the waist down after the police shot him”

    The quintessential sympathy card in the aftermath of “police brutality”…….. Should I shed a tear?

    “Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma.” Sorry folks! This is a serious matter but this statement is outright hilarious. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan remains an enigma because these liberal so called “Journalists” after years of careful indoctrination by the most evil menace the world has ever been threatened with cannot bring themselves to confront the truth.

    How is it even remotely possible that this man, a Muslim, faithful to the teachings of Islam as set down in the Koran, the most “peaceful, tolerant religion” ever to grace planet earth could, even in the most convoluted fashion, be motivated by it to do this unspeakable violence? Not even worthy of a smidgen of intelligent thought as proven by the ignorant, racist, fascist, right wing, extremist fanatics intent on making that connection. Besides, his boss will get mad at him and maybe fire his ass.

  36. says

    I cannot believe any longer that our leaders are clueless to the truth of Islam, but rather traitors to our nation and people. There is enough to prove that even the FBI is insane. Nothing makes sense anymore. Shame on them all as the blood of millions will be on their heads.

  37. says

    Here’s an interesting blast from the past. While pulling up about seven layers of linolium from an old tenement floor, my neighbor and I found newspapers from 1933. In one NY Times article it said that the Red Cross had investigated a concentration camp for Jews in Germany and found that the Jews were being re-educated and were being treated humanely. That was the “truth” according to the NY Times in 1933. It seems that the NY Times is at it again–a lie is the truth and the truth is a lie.

  38. says

    Major Hasan, a 40-year-old Army psychiatrist, will mount in the face of such overwhelming evidence, very little in the way of defense: After all, God gave Mohammad a perfect wife so that we here on earth would understand what a perfect wife would look and act like – and, of course, Mohammad is to serve as an example of a perfect husband. So, we know what Major Hasan will say to us about his roll in the cold blooded murders of absolutely innocent people. He, thinking lustfully of those 72 nine year olds waiting to be made to bleed and cry over, and over again for an infinity of Hasan orgasms (whatever they look like!)will just try to use the trial as a platform to frighten non Muslims into a state where they are too frightened to dare to publicly protest against the creeping Muslim take-over of the USA. Of course he will succeed because fear always conquers an infidel because we are all cowards. He will do this with much energy because he believes that God will give him extra-specially intense orgasms while he is making all those perpetual nine year olds bleed. How do I know this? Well, use your head: Everyone knows that Mohammad’s nine year old wife was the most perfect of all. Now, if we will be obedient, we can all have one. You can bet a nine year old can bleed and cry a lot – Wow! Sex every night and day with crying, tears, and blood! I ask you, “What could be better?” Try looking at it from Hasans point of view. They get ready for the violence he is going to cause by his words spoken at the Great Trial.

  39. says

    Interesting report from Mark Drurie.

    Back in the 18th century, the Evangelical wing of the Kirk of Scotland (the same folks who sent New Jersey the Reverend Doctor John Witherspoon) called for making some sort of deal with the 13 colonies on the ground that pursuing a war with them would have Calvinists shooting at Calvinists.

    Yet, is it not clearly the case that Muslims fight Muslims all the time? We saw the Iraq-Kuwait war; struggles between Kurds and Turks and Kurds and Arabs; savage infighting among Afghan mujahed groups; and in Sudan, a civil war between Muslim Arabs and Muslim Fur. I’m old enough to remember the very bloody conflict between the two wings of Pakistan that created an independent Bangladesh. When I was a small kid, Sukarno of Indonesia vowed to crush Malaysia.

    And I’m sure there will be a lot of intra-Muslim fighting once it becomes clear that neither the USA, Russia, China, not any non-Muslim power is likely to intervene to stop it.

  40. says

    . . .”that a Muslim in the military not be asked to serve in a context where he(r) or she will have to fight against ‘fellow Muslims’, ”
    That is a very clear reason why muslims should not be allowed in any of our armed forces, including Police. Their loyalties are divided. In fact their primary loyalty is to the umma and not to the country they are living in. Were Nazis allowed in our forces at the time of WWll?…

  41. says

    ‘There are none so deaf as will not listen’

    Jeremiah 6:10
    To whom can I speak and give warning? Who will listen to me? Their ears are closed so they cannot hear.

  42. says

    What caught my eye most, Cornelius, in the article you provided a link to, was the “capitalism’s creative destruction” comment. Only an outright socialist or a closet socialist could write such a line. Moreover, I would contend that Japan has not done well over the past two decades or so precisely because real capitalism, as opposed to crony capitalism and unnecessary state intervention, has not been allowed to flourish. Of course, what so many miss (you don’t) is that capitalism, like democracy, cannot function at its most efficient level when it is not accompanied by a proper moral order and the rule of law, in addition, of course, to the minimalization of stupidity, such as the excessive state intervention I already mentioned. About all this our current occupant of the Oval Office knows very little. Indeed, he seems determined to do the exactly wrong things time and time again without ever learning.

    Hey, waitin’ for November, as I gather you are too. Take care, my friend.

  43. says

    Very interesting story about Japan, Cornelius. The bubble in Japan burst when overinflated real estate values used as collateral for investment collapsed. It’s not dissimilar to what happened with our own real estate market, although the details of the collapse are different.

    I think there may be something similar building in China, with frantic economic development creating a very large bubble of a different sort. It is not based on overinflated real estate values, but rather on unsustainable hypergrowth. One is led to ponder what the fallout will be when the Chinese bubble collapses, as it inevitably will. It is likely to be much more severe for the U.S. than was the case when the Japanese bubble burst, on account of the strong tie-in of our economy with China’s by way of outsourcing and borrowing. Whatever the effects on us will be, and these could be substantial (what happens to all the manufacturing outsourcing that supplies WalMart or J.C. Penney? what happens when China refuses to purchase any more Treasury Bills to finance our massive debt?) the effects on us may well be minor in comparison with the effects within China, which could witness massive civil unrest.

    The relevance to this thread? The economic geniuses who are the architects of globalism trying to re-engineer the economic system of the world appear to be fumbling the ball in much the same way as the social geniuses who are trying to re-engineer the social systems of the world, and who consistently dismiss or underestimate the power, and value, of culture, which integrally includes religion.

  44. says


    So nice to hear from you.

    I’m inebriated tonight…rum and ginger ale. Due to a growing beer gut, I’ve been moving away from lager as of late, but I return faithfully on weekend nights when Mexican or Italian is in the offing (as a matter of course, I remain sober during the week so as to alleviate the nagging from my better half…and to be honest, because relegating myself to weekend drinking precludes problems I don’t need).

    1) I don’t share your disdain for the term ‘creative destruction’. I think it’s a capitalist-friendly term, implying the benefits of eliminating unprofitable businesses via the attrition of the market place.

    2) Yes, November has become almost obsessional for me….even though October is my favorite month of the year; the cool weather, the color transformation of the trees…are so appealing to easterners like us, to the great detriment of those in the West who gaze at ever-green year-round. I love taking walks with the litle woman this time of year.

    But meanwhile, the political business at hand is sooooo crucial. I check the polls daily…and watch with eager anticipation as Republicans rise and fall depending upon the day, race, and the polling outfit. I’m more interested in the Senate races than anything else. The House is ours for certain (barring an “October surprise”), and the governorships are important but less so (except for Ohio, which has profound implications for the 2012 presidential election).

    As far as the Senate is concerned, I just don’t think we’ll win it. We’ll probably pick up 7 seats. I’m particularly enthusiastic about seeing that putz, Harry “the war is lost” Read get his ass handed to him in Nevada.

    3) The NFL is so frigg’n gratifying so far this year. Parity being what it is, every week is a crap-shoot. Your Steelers are looking quite good…don’t take them for granted amigo. You’re getting Ben back this week…should be interesting.

    I love the game itself. It’s so interesting for me to walk into a sports bar, talk to all these macho types who think they know the game…and ask a question like “who throws the lead block on the strong-side linebacker during a power-Off Tackle run”. It’s amazing to anticipate and then hear them get it wrong and then witness the equivocating and denial…(another favorite is “which member of the secondary becomes the 4th linebacker in a traditional 8-man-front; it’s shocking how many miss such a basic question like that).

    Dude, I hope all is well with you and yours. You’re a good man, Wellington. I think the world of you.

  45. says

    .”..prayer beads, blankets, caps, rugs,”
    I don’t think that jihadis pray at all. They perform rituals and recite verses. It’s interesting to listen to those who have escaped from Islam. One common feature is that they have actually started to pray to God in their own words. They are beginning to connect. I don’t believe that someone who really prays would cut his daughter’s head off. Islam is very ritualistic. It has only the appearance of religion.

  46. says

    Kepha, you said,

    …And I’m sure there will be a lot of intra-Muslim fighting once it becomes clear that neither the USA, Russia, China, not any non-Muslim power is likely to intervene to stop it.

    No doubt.

    From Sahih Bukhari, a canonical hadith collection:
    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 73:
    Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Abi Aufa:
    Allah’s Apostle [Muhammad] said, “Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords.”

    From Sahih Muslim, a canonical hadith collection:
    Book 020, Number 4681:
    The tradition has been narrated on the authority of ‘Abdullah b. Qais. He heard it from his father who, while facing the enemy, reported that the Messenger of Allah [Muhammad] (may peace be upon him) said: Surely, the gates of Paradise are under the shadows of the swords. A man in a shabby condition got up and said; Abu Musa, did you hear the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say this? He said: Yes. (The narrator said): He returned to his friends and said: I greet you (a farewell greeting). Then he broke the sheath of his sword, threw it away, advanced with his (naked) sword towards the enemy and fought (them) with it until he was slain.

    Matthew 26:52
    Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place [the sheath]: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

  47. says

    Hello traeh,

    I sincerely hope that you are not trying to “relate” to the youth by preaching and attempting to sell yourself as “a fan of musician Trent Reznor of NIN fame” and longing to redeem yourself and others in the name of “Jesus”.

    If so, your game may not work so well in the long run my Man.

    I highly respect you otherwise nothing personal of course wishing you nothing but the best

    Cheers, Saleem Smith.

  48. says

    Traeh, thanks for pointing out again the inseparable gulf that separates Islam from Christianity, and why all the moral equivalence arguments of those who are wise only in their own conceits fall flat.

  49. says

    Loved your whole dentist/highlights for children thing. I laughed out loud and snorted.

    As I understand it, we laugh when two seemingly unrelated matters are presented or juxtaposed in a manner which we had not previously considered.

    Imagine the howls of laughter that will emanate from the NYT when the other shoe drops and the “enigma” of the murderous muslim major is finally deciphered.

  50. says

    The New York Times is nothing better than Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg with a press pass.

    The NYT is not concerned with journalistic integrity. It is just concerned with poltical correctness.

    To them, the thought of publishing the truth has become outlandish.

  51. says

    Thanks for your kind regards, Cornelius. Love autumn too as does my wife. Love beer also of course. And love musing over what’s almost certainly going to happen come November 2nd. I’m inclined to agree with Dennis Prager who has called these upcoming elections the most important in our lifetime. Yep, time to take back America and then watch another favorite spectator sport of mine—liberals in hysterics. As always, my best to you and yours. Go Steelers.

  52. says

    Merkel’s statements that multiculturalism has failed in Germany represent a view that has been building for some time within Europe. It is good to see it finally expressed openly, and it is hoped that it will be followed by more and more frequent public statements of a similar sort by other politicians. Of course, we can now expect a counter-reaction from the Left as they scramble to repair the damage and a flurry of activity by politicians to marginalize and dismiss Merkel. It will be the proverbial one step backward, but it is to be hoped that this will be followed by two more strong steps forward. It would appear that European citizens are becoming as disgusted with their politicians as are Americans with ours.

  53. says

    I would just add, Eastview, that Cornelius looking upon the phrase, “capitalism’s creative destruction,” in that article he provided a link to, as a positive assessment of capitalism represents a better view than the one I expressed about it. Reconsidering things, Cornelius was right and I was wrong.