Afghanistan: Convert from Islam to Christianity arrested, tortured, faces trial for apostasy

But wait! I thought all the learned analysts had assured us that there is no death penalty for apostasy in Islam! Isn’t that right, Dr. Bassiouni? Mr. Kruse? Ms. Heagney?

Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed government has done this before. Remember Abdul Rahman?

“Mossa’s day in court,” by Mindy Belz in World Magazine, November 13 (thanks to all who sent this in):

For more than a decade, the second Sunday in November has been commemorated in churches worldwide as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. This year it is also the day that Sayed Mossa, an Afghan convert from Islam to Christianity, has been scheduled to stand trial.

Afghan government officials announced earlier this week that they have scheduled that court date for Mossa’s case–which WORLD has been covering (see “Fugitives,” Aug. 28, 2010, and “Deeds done in darkness,” Nov. 20, 2010)–even though the charges and his legal representation remain in doubt.

According to Westerners closely following his case in Kabul, Mossa is likely to be charged with espionage and with conversion to Christianity, or apostasy–crimes that may be punishable by death under Islamic law. The court session may be televised, officials have said, and it is likely that Mossa will be asked to renounce his faith.

Mossa was arrested in late May as part of a crackdown against Afghan converts to Christianity that followed a television broadcast of several baptisms. He has been held in a prison in Kabul under worsening conditions and has been subjected to daily beatings, torture, and sexual abuse. Court-appointed legal counsel, all Muslims, have refused to take his case because he is considered an apostate. Officials from the International Committee on the Red Cross, where Mossa worked for 15 years, visited him twice, and he has received other Western visitors, including representatives from the U.S. embassy. They confirmed that Mossa had been tortured and successfully pressured the Afghan government to move him to another prison, away from other prisoners. That took place Oct. 29….

UPDATE (Nov. 15, 2010):Court officers on Sunday postponed the trial of Afghan convert Sayed Mossa due to the Muslim holiday of Eid. They say trial will be held next Sunday, Nov. 21. Meanwhile, according to Westerners close to the case, Afghan officials have not formally stated the charges against Mossa (though they are likely to be conversion from Islam and espionage), they have not allowed him legal representation, and they have refused requests from family members to see his court file.

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    And our mission in Afghanistan is teach these barbarians some civility!!! That will never happen as long as they follow Islam!!! Leave Afghanistan and stop wasting our precious resources and lives of young men and women. And if they attack us again,just nuke them!!1

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    …and this corrupt Sharia based ‘democracy’ is what Western troops are dying to preserve? Against the Taliban? What would the difference be if the Taliban were in control? The world is going to hell in a hand basket!

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    Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you the devil will put some of you in prison to test you and you will suffer persecution . . . . be faithful even to the point of death and I will give you the crown of life. . . .He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death (death with no hope of resurrection)

    Revelation 2: 10,11

    I will pray for this brave man

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    Makes me so angry. As I’ve said before: Unless there is a plan to eradicate Islam there is no plan.

    How much longer will America’s sons and daughters lose their lives for this land?

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    This has practically always been the case: recall that Bush got on a bullhorn days after Sept. 11, 2001 to announce that the U.S. would go after the people who “took down these buildings…”

    Once in the war theaters, the mission became winning hearts and minds. Of course there are few of either in sharia states, and coupled with the notion that you can allow taquiyya brigades to operate as a police force or let them fight beside our troops, you have indeed a man-caused disaster.

    The press from the git-go hates any war, and recall that they were imbedded with our troops. So the war became a giant meals on wheels effort, reaching out to the unreachable. Now we have helped to install the caliphate with our own blood.

    My nephew graduated first in his class from a top U.S. military academy. He speaks Russian, Farsi, and Arabic; the boy is brilliant and it rips my heart apart to see him “serving” in Afghanistan. Our military of Christian men and women are the modern day janisseries. I’m sorry but I cannot see this any other way.

  6. says

    And of course, the PC crowd won’t say anything about how Muslims torture THEIR prisoners; all that matters to them is Gitmo.

    Don’t insult Muslims? I’d sooner kiss a Murloc. (I think I’ll make this my new tagline.)

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    This is the government and people we are expending blood and treasure on? Don’t look for Obama or any of the liberal establishment or MSM to say anything about this. They remain prisoners of their multicultural, all-religions-are-alike, fantasies, and this is not going to change. Time to cut our losses and bring the boys home.

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    I first saw this on but it upsets and like Michael Savage I ask what are we doing in Afganistan? I was told we are fighting for their freedom- right! We must pull out if have no intention of really winning the war. If they are not much different than the enemy than I say let them fight it out themselves.

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    After all the great Sacrifices the civilized Western World has and is making for Afghanistan this story truly makes me go Ballistic!! These morons running that awful crap hole land had better wise up…I say OUT of Afghanistan NOW (if not sooner) as not a drop of blood from Americas finest is worth that cesspool!!

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    Has anyone in our Government or military noticed that this is the Afghanistan that American troops are valiantly but hopelessly fighting and dying for? An Afghanistan that no matter how long we put our troops in harms way will immediately revert back to pre September 11, 2001 status when and if we eventually recognize that the noble quest is unachievable in a country and culture so diametrically opposed to the solution sought. America cannot force Judeo Christian morals and values on a nation of Muslims and no one hopes to be proven dead wrong more than I.

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    The men of the Western Forces in Afghanistan are being killed and wounded because politicians and military leaders will not admit the war is unwinable. Too many Afghans prefer the Taliban to the disgusting unbelieving infidels. The country is awash with corruption, warlords, poppy growers and drug barons.

    Western forces should be withdrawn and the expenditure saved used to counter terrorism and the Islamization of their own countries.

    If Muhammad were to return to the Earth today he would praise Al-Qaeda and the Taliban as being the real followers of Allah and His Messenger.

    It is the poor women of Afghanistan I feel sorry for.

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    It seems only a short time ago that opposing the iraq and afghanistan fiascos would cause one to be branded as a leftie and/or traitor. I think that the general populations of our democratic countries are starting to see the light at last. If we stay another week or another century in these camel dung sheikdoms, if we squander the lives of a thousand or a million of our young people in the process, at the end of the day we’ll be withdrawing from countries of moslems, all of whom hate us, our tolerant way of life, democracy and sexual equality, and whose only purpose in life is to impose the world caliphate.
    Despite the treacherous and incomprehensible media and campus biases, the truth is becoming increasingly obvious to one and all; moslems are an awful, backward, mean-spirited, humorless and misogynist people. When it comes to reasoned debate and moral persuasion, one has a greater chance for a successful outcome with a donkey than with a moslem.
    It is the duty of every citizen of our (so far) democratic countries to ensure that we will elect politicians who will put an immediate halt to all islamic immigration, repatriate the moslems we have so naïvely permitted to infest our nations, and most importantly to crush at the outset all efforts by moslems to develop nuclear and biological weapons.

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    I also viewed the piece at and it is quite disturbing. Mossa has been physically and sexually abused by prisoners and guards alike. His handwritten letter appears on the website wherein he begs for help.

    The mightiest nation on the face of God’s earth is a stone’s throw from this man and cannot help him…the obstacle being Islam, dhimmitude, and cowardice.

    I am preparing a letter, with a copy of brother Mossa’s letter, and tomorrow I will deliver it to the office of my congressman, Todd Akin. All others who can do so, please do so.