Now you can breathe easy, Infidels: Wheelchair-bound nun searched by TSA

Terror Nun copy.jpg

Jihad Watch reader Jim writes:

Here’s a picture I took on my phone when passing through security in Miami on Wednesday.

The nun was travelling with three others, not unlike the Flying Imams come to think of it. My wife, Laurie, not a nun, said “Look!” and I turned and snapped this shot before the TSA agent put up her hand. It was only after we furtively looked at my phone giddy with the knowledge that we’d actually captured the moment that we saw the nun’s wheelchair.

Fly safe, fly Delta
Hamas-linked CAIR to Muslims: Pat yourselves down in airport security checks
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  1. says

    “The nun was travelling with three others, not unlike the Flying Imams come to think of it. ”

    Au contaire, mon frere. Unless of course the nuns got out of their seats during the flight to pray in Arabic and wield a few seatbelt extenders, that is.

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    “Tis a miracle, Holy Mother o’God. The TSA laid hands on me an’ suddenly I could walk!”

    So, being patted down by the TSA has beneficial effects…..

    But seriously, I’d love to know the reason why the TSA got suspicious of a nun in a wheelchair. Bizarre.

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    “The nun was traveling with three others, not unlike the Flying Imams come to think of it. ” Preposterous to even consider the slightest casual relationship between peaceful Christian Catholic nuns and hateful, Imams all heped up on the supremacist, oriented Quran. No comparison whatsoever. This is what makes the whole TSA scheme such an inane proposition.

  4. says

    …”and snapped this shot before the TSA agent put up her hand.”

    Jim, it appears that the TSA agent didn’t want you taking this photograph, is that correct? Did she speak to you? If so, what did she say?

    Whew! I for one feel soooo much safer now, especially since those spooky Nun’s have such a dangerous track record and are known terrorists / sarc.

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    It’s funny and I’m sorry the nun got frisked! I feel bad for her but I’m sure she was lovingly cooperative. Look, we all know she wasn’t a threat but the TSA is making a show of not singling out any one religion for profiling. And we all know how important that is!

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    Obviously modesty means nothing to the nun or her superior would have insisted that TSA let her pat herself down. (Haven’t Muslima cornered that market?)

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    This is just wrong on so many levels…I’ve been thinking about writing ISLAM SUCKS on my chest so it gets picked up on the body scanner. Anyone know what I could use to write it with so it stands out on the image? Wonder what the reaction will be; I’m almost looking forward to flying again just to find out.

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    and you wonder why we have not been hit yet with another 9-11 with some of these low brow activities by the TSA! the islamists must be laughing their beards off at these pictures!

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    If it was in one of the airports in Israel, upon seeing an elderly nun in a wheelchair the Israeli security people might pull her aside for personal questioning, engage in a discussion with her for a few minutes or more, and decide whether she’s on the up and up based on the knowledge they have of the mentality of Arabs and Muslims. Without the Israeli methodology there’s no way of knowing what this is.

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    Bin Laden instructed the murderous terrorists whoblew up the WTC to shave thier beards and dress up in western style clothing so not to attract attention. these terrorists are no dummies and they will resort to any tactic to blow us up. so this nun being searched is exactly the right thing to do. not sure why she should not have been searched. any ideas?

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    Comic Relief:

    Write it in metal flake paint. Use acrylic. Unlike enamel or other paints, it won’t absorb into your skin, and with a little scrubbing in a shower it will come right off. You can probably by some acrylic paint in an art store or a hobby shop (look for acrylic model paint).


    We could only wish for Israeli-style security questioning, but the problem is that Israel only has two international airports! Training the amount of people with the skills needed for that kind of questioning on an America-level airport system — that is a tall, tall order. Background profiling is the only way and completely feasible and doable starting tomorrow. The only things in the way are lack of integration between government agencies and political correctness.

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    Actually an Islamic terrorist could certainly disguise herself as a nun in a wheelchair, except the age on this one is extremely atypical… But they can use anything, they could be riding an ambulance with explosives, disguised as sick or wounded. There could be a “pregnant” woman with an explosive belt or weapons underneath her dress. I’m not joking at all. Things like that happened in Israel. They could dress like Hassidic Jews. They could also have white skin – they could be local converts, but there are also a lot of white-skinned people in the Middle East. Nuns and Hassidic Jews can also have non-white skin. Of course, the majority of suicide bombers are male, non-white, single and within a certain age range.

    BTW, I have a friend who travels to the US a lot as part of his job. He looks unmistakably Middle Eastern and within that age range, so hearing about all the law suits and complaints about profiling and supposed harassment of “Muslim-looking” people in American airports I asked him if he ever got any kind of special treatment, and he said not once.

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    A sure sign that if someone came into the airport with desert clothing and something ticking in their underpants the TSA would be quaking in their boots. They can bully the people who are the targets but someone with the same profile as Atta and Co, they would be sent on their way.

    Best avoid airports as the security is there to search anyone except those most likely to be terrorists. Travel by road, it may take longer but you don’t have to sit next to an unexploded jihadist.

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    Nuns now…The whole program is stupid beyond belief…They should be doing the searches outside the building, not inside a crowded terminal…They are going to get people killed…It may be safe to fly, but it is very dangerous to enter the terminal…

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    No Muslim woman wearing hijab should be entrusted with a job that impacts the safety of kuffar passengers. If she is a practicing Muslim she cannot harm another Muslim to protect a kafir. Therefore, if she is aware of a danger from jihadists, she must, as a devout believing Muslim, refrain from interrupting them.

    The street vendors in Times Square who smoked out, you should excuse the expression, the would-be bomber there may not have been devout and also may not have known what sort of danger the smoking car represented. A car on fire in the Square is Trouble Waiting to Happen regardless of the reason!

    The bagheads have definitely moved up in the world of kuffar air travel. Several years ago while I was in a waiting area at Boston’s Logan Airport I looked over at the nearby vendor cart and what should I see but a blue-eyed obviously very non-Arab little lady in full hijab.

    the-dude: Yep, life copies art! Too bad that little old nun couldn’t have had a flashback to her teaching days and whacked the TSA thugette over her gloved hand with a nice wooden ruler.

  16. says

    Hi guys,

    I’m Jim. I’m sorry that once again my humour confused a couple of you. OF COURSE this wasn’t like the Flying Imams. Hardly. Do you really think a reader who’d bother to take and send Jihad Watch this picture wouldn’t get that?

    It was surrealistic like a moment in Gulliver’s Travels or maybe something out of Vonnegut. It was funny but you know, it really wasn’t. The TSA agent put up her hand yelling “Stop! No pictures!” just as I raised my iphone so I turned away quickly to preserve the evidence. But Laurie kept watching and says the nun looked just miserable. It’s not hard to imagine how traumatic this could be for a woman who hasn’t been touched all over the place perhaps her whole life long.

    The other thing worth noting is that, for what was supposedly the busiest travel day of the year, the airports and planes were far from crowded. I guess air travel’s taking a real hit as a result of this extra invasiveness.

    Anyways, as good as this picture was the scene I really want to capture will be the woman in a hijab — or better yet burqa — patting herself down as per CAIR’s suggestion which Janet Napolitano’s mulling over.

    Indeed, imagine them side-by-side: the 75 year-old wheelchair-bound nun getting groped while the veiled Muslima standing right next to her feels her own neck and shoulders and reports back finding nothing to worry about. And what if the agent watching is still suspicious? Will they take her into a backroom and say “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we’d like you to REALLY check yourself thoroughly this time. Please feel for anything hard or unfamiliar.”

  17. says

    Why did the TSA agent put up their hand in a gesture that signified that they was ordering Robert not to take the picture?
    What made the TSA agent think that they had the right to order Robert, or anyone for that mater, not to take a picture of them patting down the nun?

  18. says

    Why did the TSA agent put up her hand in a gesture that signified that she was ordering Robert not to take the picture?
    What made the TSA agent think that she had the right to order Robert, or anyone for that mater, not to take a picture of her patting down the nun?

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    Yeah, it’s funny that she did that in light of the fact that the pat-down’s done right there in the screening line so they’re not offering the subject any privacy. I can think of several reasons, some better than others, why she might have tried to stop me but I’d be most interested in knowing if in fact there’s any official TSA policy or this was just the instinctive reaction of the agent.

    And speaking of policy, I’d like to know if TSA’s specifically turned their mind to garments like this nun’s habit or devices like wheelchairs. In which case, what IS their current protocol for dealing with hijabs?

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    Muslims are dominating our world and severely influencing the way we go about our business. From air travel to buying food, it’s Islam all the way. Life used to so simple before Muslims started coming to the West with their prejudices, hate filled religion and bombs.

  21. says

    So far there has no complaints from C.A.I.R about nude scans and sexual molestations of muslimahs. I take it then that Janet Incompetano is complying with C.A.I.R instructions on how to screen muslim ragheads.

  22. says

    So, nuns can be searched but women in Muslim tents are not touched? Isn’t that unequal enforcement of the law? Who will sue and demand an injunction against such discrimination?

  23. says

    After all, back in the 1970s we didn’t assume that West Indian blacks were as likely to be members of the IRA as the Irish, did we? We profiled on Irish accents. This picture shows how political correctness is taken to extremes. You can bet a 25 year old Muslim Arab male would have walked straight through. In the past, civilizations lasted until someone stronger came along, but nowadays it is obvious that this sort of political correctness, an unwillingness to destroy our enemies when it was doable, letting in the hostile and sheer-boneheadedness will destroy Western civilization, perhaps within the next 100 or 150 years, with the writing on the wall within the next 50 years, if it isn’t already on the wall.

  24. says

    Comic Relief,
    Nice idea but I believe the response from TSA would be immediate and the punishment swift and sure at this hostile affront. In effect: you would be standing in the way of not only the TSA but the U.S. State Department, Dept. of Justice, and the Executive Branch’s active promotion of Islam.

  25. says

    “Anyone know what I could use to write it with so it stands out on the image?”

    Pigs blood might work. It certainly is a fitting medium …

  26. says

    No, miriam, it is not the right thing to do.

    The right thing to do is to profile using the information available on travelers using their passports and taking them aside and going through this procedure.

    All that’s needed is the political will to do this properly with a cooperation between all government agencies, or the will of the people to vote in people who will do this properly.

  27. says

    But you can’t hide an olive skin nor obviously Arabic sounding names. And nothing seemed to twig when an obvious clue came along, that when they took flying lessons they wanted to learn how to fly, but not to land. Islam and Muslims are the problem, not elderly Catholic nuns.

  28. says

    The thing is if you’re not going to search everyone, which isn’t very practical, then you should focus more on people who have some or all of the most common characteristics – you go on statistical probability, not certainty. Searching a nun might be OK, but a person this age belongs to one of the population groups that is the least likely to commit a terrorist act even if it was a Quran-carrying bearded male from Saudi Arabia. The fact she’s also a woman, and a white one, make her one of the least likely individuals to commit a terrorist act in that airport that day.

  29. says

    miriam rove, I think you’re right.

    We should sometimes check unlikely people such as wheelchair-bound nuns. We should also profile. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    Use of profiling probably would not eliminate the need for the kind of random searching we already do. Profiling would just make it more likely we could catch terrorists than if we use the random method alone. If we rely solely on profiling, then the terrorists could simply impersonate types outside the profile, and they’d get through.

    Profiling won’t replace random searches. It will be an addition.

  30. says

    doom and gloom: you are wxactly correct. no chances should be taken sipmly because there is a nun or a priest etc. look like I said before I was born and raised in Iran and I travel overseas and domestically a lot for business. as as they see my passort(american) and in it it says country of birth Iran, I am being scrutenize and guess what I am perfectly fine with it as I do not want my ass blowing up 40000 feet in the air. while we know it is muslims who need to prfiled but we can not take a chance. these terroists are well trained, well financed and they will go to extreme to blow us up including dressing up as a nun.

  31. says

    They are NOT suspicious, merely following orders. That, in itself, is not a bad thing. We all have met many people almost devoid of common sense. They have normal IQ’s, can follow instructions, but, acting on their own, usually produce WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! events. The screener in the photo seems to have some sense. Note how she tries to block the camera. She KNOWS searching this nun is ridiculous, but she’d be fired if she didn’t.