Justice denied for DePaul professor fired for defending Israel to Palestinian students

On September 15, 2004, DePaul professor Thomas Klocek got into a conversation with Palestinian Islamic supremacist students who were distributing jihadist anti-Israel propaganda. “It was very one-sided,” Klocek recalled of their literature, “and I wanted them to think about the bigger reality.” In the course of their discussion, he appears to have said that all terrorists around the world today are Muslims — a statement that is not entirely accurate, but very nearly so, but which nonetheless enraged the Palestinian students.

They demanded that he be fired. And he was. He sued DePaul, lost, and appealed. But now the Illinois Supreme Court has opted not to hear his appeal.

Justice has been denied, and the Islamic supremacist foes of the freedom of speech win another one.

“Justice denied for former DePaul Professor Thomas Klocek,” from Marathon Pundit, December 10:

For over 14 years, Thomas Klocek was a well-liked adjunct professor at DePaul University School of New Learning. One course he taught was “Critical Thinking.” So it’s ironic that he was essentially fired by the Chicago Catholic university after engaging in a spirited discussion about Middle Eastern politics with members of Students for Justice in Palestine and United Muslims Moving Ahead at a new students fair at DePaul’s downtown campus in 2004. The groups were promoting the usual inflammatory tripe peddled by campus extremists such as comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Unaccustomed to critical thinking, the SJP and UMMA members complained to Klocek’s deal–and Klocek became a former DePaul adjunct professor. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) got involved–of course they sided with the Muslim groups. Outside of a mathematics professor and some campus conservatives, no one at DePaul defended Klocek. As for Klocek, a devout Catholic, he learned that standing up for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, can be a career-ending move.

I’ve been covering the Klocek case for five years. He sued DePaul in the summer of 2005 for defamation. But shortly before the start of the trial, the third judge assigned to the case, a DePaul law school graduate, dismissed the suit.

His lawyers appealed, but late last month the Illinois Supreme Court decided not to hear Klocek’s appeal.

Justice has been denied. Klocek is a good man who got a raw deal. I’m glad to have assisted him in getting the word out about the injustice brought upon him–and I will continue to do so….

Marathon Pundit also has a press release from Mauck and Baker, Klocek’s law firm.

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    Of course, the real injustice is by DePaul University. Catholic officials have shown great moral cowardice again & again. I’m surprised the Muslim students didn’t insist that the president & chancellor kiss the Koran like Pope John Paul II. I suspect they would have.

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    One would hope that enough alumni will withhold donations to DePaul.

    BTW, most “Catholic” universities are now so in name only. A few more years and they will be Catholic in the same way Harvard and Yale are Congregational.

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    The war against political dissidents in the west is becoming more blatant. We haven’t really got much moral high ground over China.

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    There is no first amendment right if you insult Islam in America. Depaul is just another enabler of Islamic supremacy in America.

    Father Holtschneider said: “academic freedom is alive and well at DePaul”. Holtshneider could have proved those comments 4 years ago if he had rehired Professor Thomas Klocek,but he did not. Just another phony and hypocritical remark made by a dhimmi.

    I would not send my children to a university that does not have the guts to stand up to Islamic supremacy that rears its ugly and aggressive head on University campuses all over America through the Muslim students associations who can insult and put out antisemitic propaganda with hardly any repercussions.

    The walls of America’s academia are apparently made of cheap paper now days.

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    Thank you for maintaining your post. I have only stopped by occasionally to read without commenting. I am nearly finished with the first presentable edition of my book ‘Muhammad and the Koran – The Twin Towers of Muhammaden Imperialism’. Your books and Web page have provided much of the awarenesses and insights found in it. When the dust settles a little I wish to return to contributing my two cents here a JW.


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    Dear Robert.
    Just one day after I took lessons from Neil Lazarus, I got the whole week on the web sites of fp.dagelijksestandaard.nl/ and http://www.artikel7.nu/ engaged in the unmasking of Arjan El Fassed, a Dutch muslim supremacist and environmentalist member of Parliament. The Dutch MSM however didn’t picked up (yet). After that, I developed two new concepts and 1 (3) conclusion.
    1. Were I advised general Curry (Human Events) in September to ally (read also Paul Weston of the International Free Press Society) Christians with atheists against the islamization I explained that this should be based on respecting that European atheism roots from the atrocities of two World Wars. I also became to understand that American Christians fled centuries ago from European … Christians ! So in putting such life philosophical differences respectfully on the table this then could become the basis for an alliance against islam.
    Then I stumbled upon Gingrich’s exceptionalism and quicky understood that in relation to the predestine character of Jewish religion, Gingrich’s creation of a predestine Christianity being a affirmative, positive discrimination in religious concurrence would and will only cultivate Zionism as being racist or racism which I totally reject. (I don’t believe anymore Zionism is racism because race and racism doesn’t really exist) So to counter Gingrich’s negative Zionism, I developed the concept of me (and 1 billion westerners etc.) playing a sort of atheist Jew and that would enable me (and 1 billion westerners and 1 billion Indians and 1 billion Chinese) to ally with orthodox Jews against islam with no philosophical contradiction whatsoever. But it still doesn’t neutralize Gingrich’s naïef racism.
    2. Behind the coming victory over the green lie of “Global Warming’ (Cancun, Kopenhagen Kyoto) looms the inevitable by Geert Wilders – who successfully unmasked the lie of the entity “Palestine’– and more in general by Paul Weston the unfolding battle against the coming islamization of the western world. Namely that this “Global Warming’ lie has functioned for or better was made instrumental within the politico-military warfare of jihad. The coming islamization (attempt thereto) by islam-oil is linked with peak-oil. For the oil producing islamic world doesn’t want NUCLEAR ENERGY (necessary for a substantial Electric Automobile Industry). So Islam-oil has bribed GreenPeace etc. with hundreds of millions of donations and also manipulated US Coal on her side and let the American chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood manipulate their Kenyan puppet into the White House and Ivo Daalder into NATO.
    3. Maybe you now can understand that – although I am well aware of Washington gridlock – that the underlying argument and motivation by Pamela Geller Human Events, FrontPageMag, American Thinker etc. pointing (for domestic purpose) to the Kenyans Marxism, Leninism, communism etc, etc is to soft, utterly missing the point, antique but moreover Gingrich’s Christian mono causality and thus politically contra productive … for the alliance. For Europeans, the Kenyan is not (necessarily) a M-L commie but foremost a frustrated second generation victim of British colonialism who, for that reason alone, threw with the Bust of Churchill the western view on history out of the window … period !

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    Wow, that school allows anti-semitic literature to be distributed and then fires the only brave soul that stands up to defend Israel. And they call themselves Christians. Well, soon God is coming to judge them, and then they will be very afraid.

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    Until the dhimmi fear the potential consequences of giving in to Islamic supremicists more than they fear the Islamic supremicists themselves, this sort of thing will continue to happen. Currently, there ARE no consequenes for this sort of submission, so for them the logical course of action is clear.

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    I did not graduate from DePaul. DePaul University, however, a Vincentian order institution. From their website:

    ” The principal distinguishing marks of the university are its Catholic, Vincentian, and urban character.”

    One might consider them the flagship. St. John’s University in NYC and Niagara University are two others. I contribute to my Vincentian Alma Mater and had intended to do so again in 2011 with a corporate match. I will not.

    Instead, I will contribute more to Jihad Watch and SIOA, true human rights advocates. I encourage others Vincentian grads to do the same.

    As a Roman Catholic, I regret that the Roman Catholic heirarchy from the Pope on down has largely chosen to cower in the face of Islamic supremacy, turned again a blind eye to the danger to Jews world-wide and has stood silent as Catholics and Christians are murdered in the name of Allah.

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    Welcome to Liberal Republic of Illinois. When it comes to liberal idiocy the state of Illinois is right there with California and New York. I’m not surprised by this at all really. Illinois Appeals Court, 9th Circuit Court, 2 peas in a pod really.

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    It’s like the end of the world is indeed coming – where more and more used-to-be civilized and freedom-loving Westerners are like in trance, bowing like SLAVES to Lucifer and one of his major creations, that include Islam and Mohammed! Despite that the evidence is clear enough for all to see, how evil this religion is, and its ideology is detestable, murderous and savage as Nazism, yet, we have Western and Christian leaders defending Islam with so much deceitful lies, as being a “religion of peace, justice and equality”! And despite that the foundation of Islam was to justify and legitimize the evil predatory rape of children, women & mass murder of the Jews/non-believers, to assert the dominance of a primitive and savage Arabic cult by Mohammed & his army!

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    This man may have gotten fired but he will be greatly blessed – Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you………”

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    We are a Catholic family, living in Chicago, whose children are in or have graduated from Catholic high schools. When they investigate colleges, you would think DePaul, being both Catholic and in the city, would be a logical consideration.

    It is not. My kids have come to the conclusion, on their own–based on what they’ve heard about DePaul from their friends and from news stories featuring pro-Islamist DePaul professors–that DePaul is far too muslimcentric for their taste.

    One of DePaul’s chief Muslim apologists is Prof. Aminah McCloud–she regularly contributes islamofriendly quotes to the major papers here. Her “expertise” is sought after. Google her and read some of what she says–that’s who is shaping their Islamic curriculum. Also, Muslim student groups are given way too much leeway on that campus.

    DePaul has gone from being a highly-regarded university to a thought-ghetto of narrow-minded, superficial and poorly informed propagandists. Too bad.

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    Georgetown’s PC police are very aggressive. My posts do not get past their Brown Shirt censors.

    UC/Irvine is also vert strict (unless you’re a Muslim apologist).

    Univ/MN can be tough at times.

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    With regard to DePaul I am reminded to Hillaire Belloc’s comment “It is a nice question whether ignorance of stupidity play the greater part in human affairs.”

    Hillaire Belloc also stated “islam is the enemy of the free, as it is the enemy of all patient and continuous human effort.”

    George Orwell stated “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    G.K. Chesterton quotes:

    “I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.”

    “There are an infinite number of ways to fall, but there is only one way to stand.”

    “Be careful not to be so open-minded that your brains fall out.”

    They probably removed him because he critically thought about things and expressed himself. Why are so many people offended by the truth?

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    you said – “Which universities tolerate free speech about Islam and Muhammad?

    We need a list of the best in that regard…”.

    Excellent idea.

    And not only the best in the USA.

    Do we have scholars in the house, who can report back to us? Parents of persons currently engaged in study, or working as faculty members?

    We’ve just had the dhimmi/ anti-dhimmi awards decided, focusing on individuals.

    But it would be interesting to look at schools, colleges and universities and see which ones are still upholding something that approximates to free speech / freedom of academic inquiry, and which are not.

    One simple preliminary test to determine whether a college or university merits further investigation as a possible non-dhimmi institution might be this: is it possible to hold an openly *pro-Israel* event on its campus? Do Jewish students and faculty members – if identifiable at sight as Jews by, for example, a Star of David pendant or a kippah – feel able to walk safely on campus at times when and in places where non-Jewish students also feel able to walk safely?

    Another test: have there been any occasions when the administration of said college or school has *not* accommodated Muslim demands for extra-special treatment?

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    You are so very right! They are more Mary-anity than Christianity. Catholicism seems to be further and further away from Biblical teaching. Too bad they don’t read where Scripture says, “I will bless those that bless thee (Israel) and curse those that curse you.” For them to continue to expound on tolerance for Muslims and work against Jews is evidence of their ignorance of Truth.

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    Catholic commentators on JPii koran-kissing episode have said he did not know what was in it. They may be right. Although he was necessarily very aware of Nazism and Communism I don’t think Islam was much on his radar. Today’s pope Benict seems to be a bit more aware of the true nature of Islam but has to tread very carefully. One critical word at Regenberg cost the lives of catholics and some churches were burned.

  19. says

    “The Illinios Supreme Court is afraid.”
    You are right of course. But what they should really be afraid of is an Islamic takeover. And that will happen if we do nothing. The “authorities” still haven’t understood that appeasement is surrender. Surrender to this enemy is death or enslavement.
    Cowardice does not save you. It just defers to even worse things down the line.
    Really we have no choice in the matter. If we want a free life Islam MUST be resisted.
    The authorities haven’t understood this yet just as they did not understand the threat from Hitler and Nazism. (apart from a few).
    They did not understand because they were cowards.
    So what is the way out?
    I think it will come when as I have said the authorities realise they have no choice. Islam must be resisted.

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    Don’t forget to let DePaul know why you no longer support them.
    On Catholic Church…
    Benedict has recently said that whoever does violence in the name of God is worshipping a false god. (middle East Synod)
    After Regensberg and the subsequent killings of catholics and burning of churches, the pope has to tread very carefully. Pius xii had the same problem.
    Benedict has made many statements counter to Islamic teaching eg the need for reason as well as faith and the defence of the freedom of the individual in matters of religion.
    We know what would be the consequences of denouncing Islam by name…

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    Exactly. Like you, I am disgusted, not by Catholic dogma, which I will never reject, but rather by the toadying, side-stepping and enabling conduct of our hierarchy. What on earth has gone wrong during the last five decades? When I was a child, we were scrupulously instructed with regard to right and wrong. Chastity was good. Freemasonry was bad. There was no middle ground. Where on earth would our tolerant, accepting and democratic
    society be today without Charles Martel and his ilk?
    When I was a university student during the Eisenhower era, arguably one of the most politically conservative and restrictive periods in our recent history, I was free to say whatever I wished on campus. My classmates included communists, fascists, socialists, liberals, conservatives, anarchists, monarchists, republicans, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, humanists, atheists and agnostics, all of whom enjoyed the unchallenged freedom to argue their beliefs. In those heady, rough and tumble days, they were well advised to have sound evidence with which to defend their propositions, lest they be eaten alive by more telling evidence presented by a colleague with contrary views. It was a perhaps savage, but nevertheless just world.
    O tempora! O mores!

  22. says

    Robert Spencer is a catholic.
    I am a catholic.
    Many of the supporters of Jihadwatch are catholic.
    There are very many pro-Israel members of the catholic clergy and people.
    God bless Israel.

  23. says


    As Gerard pointed out, Robert is Catholic. I am also Catholic.

    However, this is a non-sectarian site, and our only agenda is concerned with the global jihad in all its forms and building common cause against it: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, agnostic and all others — all are welcome.

    As such, we expect reciprocal respect among commenters in the interest of that common cause. If you value our work, kindly leave the “Mary-anity” business at the door. It is off-topic.

  24. says

    This is an excellent idea. Please don’t let it fade. We need people like you, with ideas worth implementing to “keep the faith, brother” and get the job done. I doubt if I could be much help as I never finished college, but there are some highly educated readers of Jihad Watch whom are well equipped to undertake the task. Don’t let this die. And thank you in advance for putting in the work. If I can help, please feel free to enlist me.

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    “How can they decide not to hear an appeal ? Is that normal ? I don’t know how the justice system works.”

    Yes, that’s normal. Supreme courts, state and federal, turn away many more appeals than not. They simply do not have the time, and moreover they exist only to clarify the law. Did the trial court apply the law properly, whether statutory, precedent, or procedural? If it failed to do so then the verdict may be voided and in some cases sent back to the trial court for retrial. Supreme courts also have a tendency to take only cases that are deemed legally important or “interesting”.

    So, no appellate or supreme court will EVER retry the facts of a trial. If the trial court found in DePaul’s favor on the “facts”, and the state supreme court review saw no substantive legal defect in the ruling of the appellate court, then they would be likely to reject a second appeal.

    From our viewpoint there are two issues:

    First, most people are not aware of stealth jihad, including judges. The legal issues in this case that are so obvious to us were probably not very “interesting” to the appellate and supreme courts. We need to continue to work to change this perception.

    Second, we really don’t know what happened in the trial court. It may be possible that Mr. Klocek made the mistake of debating the SJP and UMMA students without securing friendly witnesses or a recording device, they defamed him to the DePaul administration, and therefore he had no means to document an adequate defense when the administration came gunning for him, and later in the court trial. It may be that the trial court did properly decide the case on the available facts, and what was available was not what was really true. This sounds like blaming the victim, but in this world this is how victims are made every day.

    This whole episode is disgusting. One hopes Mr. Klocek is able to secure another position, and continues to pursue his love of the truth.

  26. says

    “Is there a way to contact him and express our indignation and support?”

    See the original article ‘John Mauck of Mauck & Baker, attorneys for Thomas Klocek, had this statement: “On behalf of Professor Klocek and Mauck & Baker, we express sincere appreciation for the hundreds of e-mails of support, prayers, and financial contributions.’

    This looks like their home page: http://mauckbaker.com/

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    Thank you Marisol. I am also Catholic, and this anti-Catholic crap gets on my nerves. I am a CONVERT, not a cradle Catholic. I was raised Southern Baptist, and they are VERY anti-Catholic. And I am glad you put RDT in his/her place.


  28. says

    Nice one, ‘Arafat’.

    I hadn’t remembered *your* little project – posting (or attempting to post) comments in support of Israel and/ or criticising Islam, in the comments sections of campus newspapers.

    It sounds like an excellent way of testing the ‘atmospherics’ on any given campus.