Sweden forcibly repatriates five Christians to Iraq, citing “situation of relative peace” in the country

Even the UN called them out on this one. “Five Iraqi Christians seeking asylum returned from Stockholm. UN protest,” from AsiaNews, December 18:

Baghdad (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Harsh criticism of the Swedish government by the United Nations Commission for Refugees after they forcibly returned five Iraqi Christians seeking asylum in Sweden. The five were part of a group of at least 20 people from Iraq. Thousands of Christians have sought a safe haven outside the borders after the massacre of 31 October in the Syrian Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation. According to unofficial sources the authorities justify the refusal by citing a situation of relative peace in the country.

Perhaps those authorities would like to go for a field trip and enjoy the “relative peace” the remaining Christians are living in.

“We have heard many stories of people fleeing their homes after receiving direct threats. Many new arrivals explain that they left Iraq for fear of an attack, after what happened on October 31,” says Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman for the UN body in Geneva.

“Some might take only a few things with him,” adds Fleming. The deportation of the five Iraqi Christians took place a week after a suicide bomber, born in Iraq and resident in Great Britain, blew himself up in central Stockholm.

Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the massacre in Baghdad, and said that Christians are a legitimate target. Killings and other violent incidents have followed, and according to Fleming about a thousand families have fled Baghdad to the Nineveh province in search of relative security in the Kurdish area. The UN officials in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon say that a growing number of Iraqi Christians are coming, and asking for help. In Syria alone about 133 families – 300 people – have sought refugee status in November. In Jordan, the number of asylum applications from Iraq have doubled in a month. The UN says that the return from Sweden comes at a time when officials on the spot report a growing number of cases of attacks on Christians.

Raymond Ibrahim: Why the jihadis are attacking Sweden
Jewish group urges Jews to exercise "extreme caution" when visiting southern Sweden
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    Surely these Iraqi Christians could challenge the Swedish government in court. They could produce mountains of evidence to show that the government decision is preposterous.

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    A similar thing happens in Blighty all the time.

    I have lost count of the amount of ILLEGAL Muslim Immigrants who have KILLED people in the UK but have been allowed to stay due to HUMAN RIGHTS laws.

    But we have had hundreds of cases of NON MUSLIMS (ie Pakistani/Iraqi CHRISTIANS) who are booted out of the country back to persecution. Seems that the whole HUMAN RIGHTS law was designed to aid the MUSLIM TAKE-OVER over of the WEST.

    Look, this whole problem isn’t happening by accident – it’s by design. Somewhere out politicians made the decision to replace us.
    The reason chemicals are added to food and our water supply? Well, is it a coincidence that the Western diet leads to much lower sperm counts in our Men? Is it a coincidence that Western Men have been brainwashed into the MetroSexual, in touch with our feelings, it’s okay to cry mindset? That our Women are being taught to be STRONG, INDEPENDENT?
    No, it’s to create a situation where our Women RESENT the WESTERN MAN for being too girly-girl. So then our ARAB neighbours come calling who are regarded by our women as “REAL MEN” as they haven’t had that brain washing. Higher sperm counts? Easier to breed and replace the deliberately weakened Western specimen.

    It’s all been planned for decades.

    9.11 was the alarm bell that was sounded to commence the part 2 of a 3 part plan.

    Part 3 comes in around 25 years when numbers are high enough.

    It’s called Genocide of the Western Civilization.


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    Please excuse any grammatical errors in the above post. I’ve just woken and can feel the FURY building.

    Call me paranoid if you want.

    That’s okay.

    I’m just using history as a guide to the future.

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    What a bunch of turnips the Swedes are. Yep, lets deport more law-abiding Christians and invite in more violent Jihadis in this latest bout of masochism that passes for common sense in that overdosed-on-PC future seat of the Caliphate. But then again, those who haven’t had to fight for 200 years do forget who is good and who is evil, but their lessons will come thick and fast over the next 50 years, and it won’t be too pleasant. Another notch on the bedpost for Tom Kratman’s novel Caliphate to become 22nd Century reality.

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    As I see it, the Swedish government and the people behind it are happy to toss back Christians in the hope that doing so will please Muslims, thereby giving the Swedes relief from further homicide bombing. Sucking up to a sadist in the hope that he’ll abuse one less is typical. If we recognise these situations as sado-masochistic, then force makes obvious sense as a legitimate response. But force is so “American” and so on. So, we might assume to see more Swedes on their knees sucking in the hope of pleasing the Muslims who might otherwise kill them. I’m waiting for the Swedes to start transportation of local girls to slave markets. Why make Muslims go all the way to Sweden to rape them? Why not send the girls straight to the seraglio or the streets?

    I think it’s a mistake to call this cowardice. I think this kind of masochism is aggressive. I think the Swedes like it.

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    For who has served me more faithfully
    Then you with your coward’s hope?” said he,
    “And where are the others who might have stood
    Side by your side in the common good?”

    “Dead,” I whispered. And amiably
    “Murdered,” the Hangman corrected me:
    “First the foreigner, then the Jew…
    I did no more than you let me do.”

    Beneath the beam that blocked the sky
    None had stood so alone as I.
    The Hangman noosed me, and no voice there
    Cried “Stop!” for me in the empty square.

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    This is it. As of now I am not going to buy anything Swedish. They are either totally ignorant of what is happening to the Christians of Egypt, Iraq or Pakistan or they are being deliberately maliciously. I am convinced it is the latter.

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    This is line with the UK laws which appear to stipulate that

    “Only honest and hard-working non-Muslims may be deported.”

    Doom and gloom – I think you are on the wrong trail when going after internationalists and utopians. No doubt in the Swiss cantons back in the 1500s it was considered utopian and dangerously idealist to talk in terms of a Swiss Confederation that would banish war from the land.

    There is nothing wrong with dreaming of a world confederation of largely self-governing states living in peace and harmony.

    You should be looking to make allies of internationalists, human rights activits, leftists, atheists, secularists etc since the reality is that Shariah is their deadly enemy.

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    You should be looking to make allies of internationalists, human rights activits, leftists, atheists, secularists etc since the reality is that Shariah is their deadly enemy.

    They’re the very people who refuse to believe that Shariah is their deadly enemy, and are the first to spout racism and bigotry slurs at anyone who tries to tell them that this is the case.

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    If the Swedes think that appeasing people WHO WANT TO KILL YOU or enslave you will make them WANT TO KILL YOU any less, they are in for a rude awakening. Nowhere in history has any place which bowed to islamic supremacism come to a good end.

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    Some of the Swedes l have spoken with understand the evil of the koran and islam. these people in Europe are cowed by their leftist governments and when they try to vote more conservative they are called racists, etc. the time is coming when the real people will vote and elect governments that will work for their own people.

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    Relative peace…What’s that?

    Relative peace does not exist and has never existed…It is like being somewhat pregnant…You either have peace or you do not…Relative peace is actually truce…Truce where everyone remains armed to the teeth waiting for someone to slip up…That may be better than conflict, but it is not peace…Sweden want’s a truce with Islam, by disarming themselves by appeasement…Deporting Christians to a dangerous situation is a relative peace gesture to scary Muslims…In some ways it is a human sacrifice to Allah…The worst kind of dhimmitude…

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    People, I just heard on the news (Today show) that an American hiker was murdered – bound and stabbed – by two “Arab-speaking men” in Israel. Her tour guide was also bound and stabbed, but got away.

    Anyone else hear this?

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    Since they’re Christians, can they be taken in by another country, such as Greece, Russia, Belgium, etc.? Surely if they make a plea to either the Pope, or someone in any event, some church with a kind heart will open up and see if they can find a place to shelter these people. Iraqi Christians have suffered so much, they deserve some help in time of need.

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    Swedwen is guilty of contributing to GENOCIDE OF THE CHALDEAN CHRISTIANS! Compare this with the Canadian govt which is allowing 10000 Chaldean Christains into the country as soon as sponsers can be arranged. The other western countries should do the same.

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    Just last week an Iraqi Islamist (Al-Abdaly) blew himself up in a failed Jihad attack against Swedes, yet its Iraqi Christians who are being deported.

    Absurdity & dhimmitude gone bananas!!

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    It would be great if the Swedish Democrat Party would fight this. They get a bum rap for their anti-immigration policy under the false critique of lack of compassions. Here some real compassion can be shown.

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    Slightly OT, but there is a Europe of Freedom & Democracy group in the Euro Parliament that is fighting the continued decline of the Continent into a kind of neo-sovietization:


    This bloc is led by the UK Independence Party:


    Here is a video of the UKIP spokesman Nigel Farage being interviewed by a leader of Geert Wilder’s party:


    Here are more videos of Farage hectoring the Eurocrats – they are an inspiration and a hoot:

    The Euro Game is up! Just who the hell do you think you are?

    No Taxation without Representation

    True state of the Union

    Iceland decides

    Divided Belgium is the EU prototype

    Member states must break free

    Who’s who in the EU Commission

    Who are you Mr President? A pinup boy for Euroskeptics.

    An Economic Iron Fist has come down on Europe

    Give us EU Emperor Tony Blair

    Don’t turn EU into another Soviet Union

    Czech Mate
    July 2009

    Gordon Brown
    June 2009

    A lesson in democracy

    EU Centralism

    Euro meltdown

    In Defense of Czech President Klaus

    Creeping EU Totalitarianism

    Free Europe
    December 2007

    Deceit and Contempt

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    Doom-and-Gloom, Vampire Jack, Spirit of 1683 and others:

    Thanks for the interesting conversation.

    However, I’d like to point out that the USA encouraged European integration. Why? In the postwar era, it seemed that getting the Europeans to cooperate would guarantee that we’d no longer have to send our soldiers “over there” to clean up another European mess. Well, we weren’t paying much attention to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa…

    1683, you’re absolutely right about the secularists, leftists, etc. They are indeed willfully blind. Part of the problem is that they resolutely refuse to take anyone’s theology seriously, or accept any account of a theology other than the criticisms voiced by the tradition’s malcontents. Being Westerners, the target of their ire is Christianity in its various forms, and, to a lesser extent, Judaism. Hence, if someone from the Islamic world comes from stock that has resisted Islamicization for 1400 years or is an apostate from Islam, they just won’t listen.

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    Still – the Swedes have some way to go before they catch up with the UK. In case anyone missed it the link is to the case of a failed Iraqi “asylum seeker”. This guy enriched us by committing a string of criminal offences, finishing by running down a 12 year old girl and leaving her to die. Our “judges” and “lawyers” say he cannot be deported because having got a couple of children during his illegal stay to deport him would deny his “uaman rite” to family life.


    To be fair to the b+++++++ he just happens to be a muslim. They would have made the same ruling if he had been a Borneo headhunter.

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    Yesterday, during the whole day was in Paris a meeting denouncing islamization with about 20 speakers among which Tom Trento, Andy Gravers, Elena Tchoudinova, Elisabeth Wolff, René Stadkewitz, Anne-Marie Delcambre and Oscar Freysinger. Hopefully this will be repeated and you Robert can participate. No one can better blast islam than you. You can see all the speakers there:


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    Technically this is the case to be met by refugee claimants:

    The Geneva Convention provides the definition of a refugee.

    “A refugee is a person who is outside one’s country of origin (or habitual residence in the case of stateless persons) and who, owing to a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is unable or unwilling to avail oneself of the protection to which one is entitled.”

    There are 135 signatories to the Convention. All western countries are included.

    For many years I worked at Canada Immigration presenting cases (in a effort to rid us of the bogus ones).

    Unfortunately Adjudicators here are mostly Liberal political appointees, or who cow to the prevailing mentality. Largely they tend to give wide berth to multitudinous bogus claims.

    Sadly, I suspect the same selection criteria for Sweden.

    It is up to claimants to make and prove their cases.

    A sincere Merry Christmas and God’s Blessings those of you inclined to accept my tidings.


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    This is what happens to Christians when Islam takes over


    Breaking news quickly passes into “archive”; but days, weeks, and sometimes years may be required, to reconstruct what actually happened. Sometimes there are no survivors of a crime or catastrophe, and no testimony to work with, beyond what forensic specialists can provide. But humans are not that easy to kill, and there are usually a few accusers left about.

    On Sunday, Oct. 31, during Mass, Islamist terrorists attacked the main Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad — the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. While there have been persistent and increasing attacks on Christians, as well as on other religious minorities, all over the Muslim world, this one was especially notable, and deserved far more sustained press coverage. Many details are only now emerging, from the wounded who were flown out of Iraq to Rome, and other European cities, for medical treatment.

    The attack was sustained over five hours. Iraqi military authorities had the church surrounded for most of this time; American-made helicopters buzzed overhead. But, rather than risk the lives of soldiers, the authorities were content to simply contain the massacre.

    It had begun with a diversionary strike against the Baghdad stock exchange, across the street: two of its guards were killed. Those inside the church could hear the automatic rifle fire, which began towards the end of the homily. Congregants were at first relieved that the attack did not seem to be directed at the church. Its entrances were blocked, the main wooden door barricaded.

    A jeep parked outside the church then exploded, and a brigade of jihadis, in Iraqi army uniforms, burst through the main entrance commando-style. First one priest — a Father Wasim, among those trying to hold the door — shouted, “Leave them alone, take me!” He was immediately shot. A Father Thair then shouted from the altar, likewise, “Leave them alone, take me!” and was likewise annihilated.

    While this was happening, a Father Raphael succeeded in herding about 70 of the faithful into the sacristy, and blocking its door. In due course the jihadis found it had a small high window, and tossed grenades through that; others amused themselves by firing bullets through the door.

    Read more


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    Does anyone know if any of the refuge-seekers on the boat that wrecked a few days at Christmas Island, killing 30 or more, were Christians? The reports I saw said that some of those on the boat were from Iraq.

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    I don’t generally curse people, but in the case of the Swedish government I think it’s time for an old Yiddish curse that is very potent: May the Swedish immigration officials be buried up-side-down in the ground and may their feet grow up like a turnip.

    There, I’ve said it. The only way this curse will be removed is if the Swedes stop acting like vegetables.

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    What came immediately to mind is the ship St. Louis sailing for Cuba from Germany in 1939, only to be refused dockage and be returned forcibly to its port of origin.

  27. says

    so ironic how history is repeating itself…

    kind of reminds me of the plight of the jewish refugees from nazi germany as british navy boats were hunting them down, returning them back to the very same place they have escaped from (the exodus) or just plain sank and killed (almost) everybody aboard (struma)…

    and of course…diplomatic bullshit kept on being blabbered as they were munching on hors d’oeuvres…and wiping the corners of their mouth.. as per etiquette…

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    Sweden takes in gazillions of Muslims, but Christians under almost-Holocaust in Iraq get sent back.

    What is wrong with these people?

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    If theres relitive peace in Iraqi then lets send all muslim refugees back and denie all future applications from Iraqi muslims, infact from all muslims, they,re so fond of telling us how superiour their religion is I can,t understand why they would want to leave their paradise of a country. Funny how the christians who think its a S***h*** are the ones sent back there. More evidence of Islamic supremercy. When it comes to Islam our courts turn into the three monkeys.

  30. says

    This is very bad, the Christians in Iraq have been persecuted for a long time there now.
    Apart from the church massacres, the jihadists have broken into Christian homes and murdered them.
    The most recent thing was they were warned they had only 24 hours to leave otherwise they would be shot!
    They do not want any Christians in the country at all!
    As the Rev. Andrew White said recently, there are no countries left in the Middle East which are safe for Christians except Israel!
    He is the Pastor of St.Georges Church in Baghdad and has lost a good proportion of his congregation through muslim jihadists and in recent times even young children of Christian families are being murdered!
    Islam is a repulsive religion/ideology and is straight from the pit of hell!

  31. says

    “As I see it, the Swedish government and the people behind it are happy to toss back Christians in the hope that doing so will please Muslims, thereby giving the Swedes relief from further homicide bombing. ”

    Throwing christians to the lions? Something from 1st 2nd and 3rd century Rome. The slaughter of christians was a crowd-pleaser.

  32. says

    Those who are blaming women who take the pill for polluting ‘the water’ in western countries (only in western countries?) with emasculating hormones, should think again.

    Google ‘hormone disruptors’.

    Google ‘persistent organic pollutants’/ POPs.

    Ever since organochlorine pesticides and all kinds of other compounds – too many to list – began to be used wholesale in industry and agriculture, without anybody doing any real research into what might happen down through the decades after they entered ecosystems, they have been bioaccumulating merrily ALL OVER THE PLANET. The Arctic is one place where they are found in dangerous amounts – so it’s Inuit women and men who are soaking up – every time they eat a fish or a seal – a whole lotta poisons that started life being sprayed onto plants in farms in the temperate zone, or dumped out of factory pipes.

    There is no way Muslims could escape ingesting these poisons along with the rest of us, since after some sixty years of being churned out and dumped on all sides this stuff is sloshing about all over the planet.

    *Everyone* is affected; the only thing that means you’re affected more, is if you live in an area where these compounds have been used more widely for longer, or if you live in an area where weather patterns and water flows mean that the pollutants happen to concentrate there (a result that is not due to human malevolent plotting, it just *happens*), or if you eat a lot of foods from the top of the food chain (to see what I’m getting at, there are a lot of fish that pregnant women are told not to eat because mercury has bio-accumulated sufficiently that these fish contain dangerous amounts of mercury; and Japanese eating whale meat are idiots, because most whale meat if tested for pesticide residues and mercury would be ruled unfit for human consumption).

    This is a planet-wide problem, because Earth is a water-world where once you put something into air or water that doesn’t break down, or that breaks down into dangerous substances, it drifts and swirls all over the place, and – entering the food chain at the bottom, with microorganisms – steadily bioaccumulates as it moves upward.

    I seriously doubt that there is any grand overarching conspiracy involved; because even the wealthiest conspirator cannot insulate him or herself from the poisoned ‘common pool’ that has been created; that ‘pool’ now includes pretty much every drop of water and every grain of soil on earth. There is *nowhere* that scientists have not found these persistent poisons.

  33. says

    Many commenters have ably taken issue with VampireJack’s allegations above, but I have to throw in my own two cents.

    The emergence of strong, independent women was not caused by a reaction to weak men. What you have is 50% of the population suddenly free to go after their full potential as human beings, and we have taken it and run with it. My being literate, educated, and independent does not take away from a man’s right to the same qualities. There is no finite little pie of freedom where my slice takes away from yours.

    Nor does it make me mannish. I just checked again — still no chest hair.

    I take particular issue with the characterization of men from Middle Eastern cultures as “manlier” than those in the West. Quite to the contrary: the frequent sense of male entitlement — which can almost never be felt to be completely fulfilled, because it is not a desire with defined limits — and the whole “machismo” culture (or its Mideast equivalent) seems to cultivate tendencies in men toward impulsiveness, pettiness, vanity, and a deep insecurity that I would describe, for lack of a better term, as effeminate.

    At the same time, it breeds a pompous aggressiveness, and tendencies toward pride, wrath (including domestic violence), and envy that are in no way “manly”: they’re just awful.

    No, my ideal of a “real man” has nothing to do with the qualities I see at work in the Mideast, in the ideals set forth by the Qur’an and the example of Muhammad, and never has.

    On the subject of chemicals and male infertility, I would add my strictly inexpert observations on one other item: plastics (one article, and another). There have been many reports over the years on plastics and their manufacture as a source of environmental estrogens, doing funny things to lower life forms like fish. Then there is the proliferation of plastic cookware, used over and over again in microwaves. While the research is ongoing, that seems like a much more plausible area of concern than any conspiracy.

  34. says

    CHAPTER I – How Religion May Be An Embodiment of Reason – Experience has repeatedly confirmed that well-known maxim of Bacon’s, that “a little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.” In every age the most comprehensive thinkers have found in the religion of their time and country something they could accept, interpreting and illustrating that religion so as to give it depth and universal application. Even the heretics and atheists, if they have had profundity, turn out after awhile to be forerunners of some new orthodoxy. What they rebel against is a religion alien to their own nature…. a convention which inwardly offends them, but they yearn mightily in their own souls after the religious acceptance of a world interpreted in their own fashion. So it appears in the end that their atheism and loud protestation were in fact the hastier part of their thought, since what emboldened them to deny the poor world’s faith was they were too impatient to understand it. Indeed, the enlightenment common to young wits and worm-eaten old satirists, who plume themselves on detecting the scientific ineptitude of religion — something which even the blindest half see — is not nearly enlightened enough. …
    [from George Santayana; “Reason in Religion”, Vol. Three of “The Life of Reason; or the Phases of Human Progress” (1905)]

  35. says

    Sweden needs immigrants but the government idiots have it all wrong – they should be importing Christians into a historically Christian based society and forcibly repatriates Muslims (with whom they have little in common) to wherever they came from.

    Muslims are in general NOT assimilating into Sweden society – like oil and water. But for a miracle plenty of innocent Swedes were not murdered by a Muslim man in Stockholm recently but there will be other attempts though. Sweden has only some fools within government to blame for allowing so many Muslims in – most Swedes DO NOT want them here I assure you!!

  36. says

    Maybe Sweden deserves to be taken over by these disgusting people. It’s national pride seems to have totally crumbled before the great unwashed from the camel states.
    Take heed, all ye democratic countries – this is the reward which awaits the politically correct.

  37. says

    Christian churches should be speaking out about this obscenity en masse. The present situation in Iraq indicates that Christians are being targeted and forced to flee for their lifes.

    Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Aid, has called for immediate international intervention to help Iraq’s Christians, and for prayer on their behalf:

    This Christmas the Christians in Iraq face an unfolding tragedy. The past seven years of war have seen their community devastated. Now they face a wave of attacks that has reduced many of them not just to abject poverty, but also to terrible fear.

    A senior Iraqi Christian leader recently asked if the time has now come to evacuate the entire Christian community from Iraq. Others have suggested that its only future lies in an independent homeland.

    What is crystal clear is that the international community cannot wash its hands of this beleaguered minority. Intervention must happen urgently. Intervention should be now.


  38. says

    More from same forwarded letter:
    “BTW, Austria has one of the worst population-decline problems in Europe, if not the world. It used to be a Catholic country. It was the Austrians who saved civilization last time when the armies of Mehmed IV, the Turkish Sultan, were smashed at the gates (with the help of Jan Sobieski & the polish knights, at the second Siege of Vienna 1683). The decisive date, when the Turkish onslaught was finally thrown back, was September 11th 1683.”
    re: Trojan Horse of immigration..
    Muslims are simply moving in.. Europe has brought this problem on itself.

  39. says

    “As I see it, the Swedish government and the people behind it are happy to toss back Christians in the hope that doing so will please Muslims, thereby giving the Swedes relief from further homicide bombing.”

    You’ve nailed it, Son. They didn’t color the Swedish flag that way for no reason.

    A blue funk and a yellow streak.

  40. says

    I hope that our readers here understand that I find my observation to be disgusting and shameful. There’s nothing happy about it. It’s a terrible thing to see other people in such a way; and worse, I think it’s accurate.

  41. says

    The UK has also refused for ages to grant visas to Jews in Yemen. In the end they got involved, but only after being pressured for years. Note that there are only a few hundred Jews left in Yemen who are under existential threat, that there is a Yemeni Jewish community in Britain that is indeed small, but could facilitate their integration (they are the ones who asked for visas for those in Yemen and were denied), and that if Britain isn’t interested in keeping them Israel will be more than delighted to take them. I guess that the UK and other western countries didn’t want to embarrass the Yemeni regime since the king insisted they should stay and he will protect them. I guess they don’t want to embarrass the Iraqis now…

    And as for your conspiracy theory, I disagree that woman lib etc. is part of a conspiracy or that it’s a plan for “genocide”…

    But I have a better conspiracy theory for you. The Euros, after the US “inherited” the UK as the major western global power following WWII and after losing their empires, understood that each Euro country alone can’t compete with the US as a global power. Therefor they decided to create the EU and to create some sort of union or federation or other special relationship with the Muslim world and particularly with the Arabs and with their former colonies in the near east. Now, that would make Europe and particularly the G3 (Britain, Germany, France) a power that can compete and even surpass the US as a global power, they thought. The price: giving Israel to the Arabs, and Muslim mass immigration to Europe.

    This is, of course, just part of the elites. There are also the real “leftists” who were everyone’s usefull idiots – The Soviets, Hitler (the pacifists who decribed him as a nice fellow to prevent war and castigated Churchill as a war monger), Mao and now the Islamists and the new European empire (if the US will succeed in forcing them to accept Turkey into the EU they can rename it the Ottoroman empire). And there are business men who supported mass immigration for financial reasons.

    I’ve given it a lot of thought. In the beginning I thought: the poor Euros, they feel so bad about imperialism-colonialism and the holocaust that they became almost suicidal. But there are too many things that just don’t fit. At some point I stopped buying into the Euro righteousness BS. Of course, I’m not talking about the people. The people are sold all kinds of morality tales about multi-culturalism and that not taking tens of millions of immigrants within only a few decades is being racists and xenophobes, and how the European Union is necessary to avoid another European great war. But righteousness isn’t a strong enough motivation to ignore everything that’s going on, including the will of the people, and just continue against any common sense. A more likely motivation is a lust for power, money and resources, which were the reasons for the former European empires.

    For an empire to succeed it usually needs to suppress national identities. Look at all the former empires. It’s usually done by conquering a country, sometimes expelling the elites or exchanging subjugated populations between different colonies, imposing the culture and identity of the conquering empire – its language, religion, laws, customs.

    How do you do something like that without people noticing? To create a United States of Europe without the people’s consent you have to unite it gradually. You create some kind of common projects and zones and tell the people it’s just for economic cooperation, you gradually take power from the sovereign states and transfer it to the common parliament and other common organs, you open the borders within Europe to create the population exchange, if people resist you accuse them of xenophobia. Then you also have mass immigration from the former colonies with which you plan to have some kind of federation or a common zone or whatever – in short, get your colonies back without actually turning them into colonies. With all this population exchange, bashing the local national and cultural identities, denying they ever existed, these identities are suppressed and the people get more open to accpet some kind of superstate instead.

    Of course, if the people don’t get with the program you need to gradually diminish their ability to vote against each necessary step, but without actually abolishing democracy. So you create all kinds of commitees and bureaucratic bodies, like in the Soviet Union.

    How do you get the real leftists to support it? Not by telling them your plan, but with ideology, like in the Soviet Union. You get the idealist type of leftists to support the destruction of national identities with Utopian ideas about socialism, multi-culturalism, solidarity, peace, no borders, all people living together as one and so on. You know, like John Lennon:

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace

    You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Of course, after you get what you wanted the idealists and intellectuals see it’s not exactly what you promised and become a nuisance, so you kill them or imprison them, like the Soviets did.

    While you’re doing all this, of course you’re criticizing the US for being too unilateral, too arrogant, too imperialistic, evil and so on – like the Soviets did – because you’re really want to compete with the US.

    Don’t things in the EU get more and more Soviet by the minute?

  42. says


    Please give Western women a little more credit!

    No self respecting woman would let a muslim man into her life. Arabs are “REAL MEN”? No f**king way.

  43. says

    Sweden forcibly repatriates five Christians to Iraq, citing “situation of relative peace” in the country

    Sweden lets in Muslim rapists and homicide bombers, but sends Christians back to the “relative peace” of Iraq, with its savage attacks like the one on October 31.

    Suicidal, and worse than suicidal.

    Vampire Jack wrote:

    That our Women are being taught to be STRONG, INDEPENDENT?

    Vampire Jack, I usually look forward to your posts. But Western women are not *your women*”we belong to ourselves.

    And even if you cared for nothing else, don’t you think we need strong, independent *men and women* in the fight against Jihad? This is not a fight that’s going to be won by the weak-minded of either gender.


    No, it’s to create a situation where our Women RESENT the WESTERN MAN for being too girly-girl. So then our ARAB neighbours come calling who are regarded by our women as “REAL MEN” as they haven’t had that brain washing. Higher sperm counts? Easier to breed and replace the deliberately weakened Western specimen.

    Typically, Western women attracted to Muslim men fall into three categories”the first involves generally healthy women fooled by “moderate” Muslims who on their best behavior *before* the marriage. They have no idea what monsters they have married until too late. Betty Mahmoodi, who wrote “Not Without My Daughter” falls into this category. It wasn’t until she was married and stranded in Iran that she realized what she had gotten herself and her daughter into, and she fought hard for freedom. I imagine there are somewhat fewer women in this category these days”there is simply more information out there than there used to be.

    The second type is the brainless multiculturalist, who believes it is ‘broadminded’ to get involved with a Muslim man. She may wise up later, or she may wind up a total victim.

    The third group, exemplified by Jihad Jane and her ilk, are already sick, sick people. They tend to be weak and dysfunctional, and just looking for a vicious figure to attach themselves to. If they weren’t hooking up with Jihadists, they would probably get together with violent felons.

    So”these are *not* “strong, independent” women. They are ignorant, weak, or vicious themselves.

    You’ll find some of the most stalwart anti-Jihadists are women. I can’t imagine anyone stronger or more independent than the outspoken Pamela Geller, who is just about the most passionate anti-Jihadist I can think of.

    I think you will find many strong, independent women standing with you, Vampire Jack”whether you like it or not!

  44. says

    “lower sperm counts”
    The fall in birthrate has been caused by contraception and abortion. These in turn were caused by secularism and feminism. If there’s something in the water that could account for a reduced sperm count you might consider female contraceptive hormones…

  45. says

    The ‘ruling class’ in Europe seem to me to be fulfilling the prophesy of the Baha’i Faith…

    Agenda 21 and more recently the ‘Earth Charter initiative’ are Baha’i compliant frameworks that favor muslims over Christians… The eventual goal being the ‘New World Order’… You see, Baha’i are completely universal, except when the Bible contradicts the qur’an…

    “Interfaith dialogue” is the trojan Baha’i horse…

    As far as the ‘ruling class’ are concerned, they would like it very much if muslims and Christians annihilated each other.. Sustainable population levels will be the positive result…

  46. says

    You are right, Doomgloom, that the insanity of Muslim immigration etc. is part of a larger conspiracy in the works for a good number of decades. It’s not easy, as you note, to figure it out with any certainty, but it’s real. I believe the excuse they give us that Europe needs to be able to compete with the U.S., or that intra-European wars must be prevented, therefore a Eurabia federation is needed — that is an excuse which hides the real purposes. If you’re in Europe or G.B. you’re not supposed to notice that in America there’s a similar conspiracy to join together Mexico, the U.S. and Canada in a North American Regional federation — plus a de facto open borders immigration policy. Similarly, we here in America aren’t supposed to know about the similar push for Eurabia and open borders in Europe. If we knew we might put two and two together, just for starters. We are told the North America Union idea is so we can get stronger economically, and we shouldn’t care about anything except economics. It’s the same persons in high places telling you Europeans the same self-interest falsehood. Once we put aside the false self-interest, and look around, we can see our societies being degraded, our nations crumbling, our cultures being poisoned and deracinated, on both sides of the Ocean. What’s happening is what’s intended to happen.

  47. says

    Thanks a lot for the link. The debate is fascinating.

    A propos Sweden rejecting christian refugees from Iraq: Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do!

  48. says

    “We weren’t paying much attention to Asia, the Middle East & Africa.”

    I am afraid you were. In the spirit of republican democracy you were actively working to dismember the Colonial empires of Britain, France and the Netherlands. Three examples,

    Roosevelt “Churchill is a great war leader but I am not prepared to allow the British Empire to exist after the war” You appointed a da facto US ambassador to India in about 1943. However as the British Empire was “A useless rag-bag of territory and a strategic, political and economic liability” Britain was well rid of it. But pulling out too fast has caused a lot of the Wests present troubles.

    Churchill on Palestine “Is there any reason for us to stay in this troublesome place? If the Americans are so concerned they should take it over”. American influence there started after Ben Gurion visited New York in about 1943.

    In Vietnam you imprisoned the French Colonial officials in Hanoi and initially worked with Ho Chi Minh. The USAF provided a fly past for his parade declaring a republic. Initially Roosevelt asked Chiang Kai-Shek if he wanted to take it over as it had been Chinese for 800 years before the French took it. His answer might have been a warning, it was “Under no circumstances”.

    True Churchill was all for European union but his successors have gone over the top by bring in muslim North Africa.

    To be fair at the time your administration was riddled with communists. A recent BBC programme (even they cannot be wrong every time) said that the Russians had so many people working for them in the US treasury (for one) Moscow ordered their agents not to recruit any more. Ironically the liberals hate figure Joe McCarty was right. He just hit the wrong people.

  49. says

    Listen up Robert Spencer, a marxist french philosopher, Jacques Philarchein, talks about the islamic war on our civilization! “Workers of all nations secularize yourself!” (laicisez vous) He means, liberate yourself from islamic oppression.

  50. says

    Spirit Of 1683 : They’re [internationalists, human rights activists, leftists, atheists, secularists] the very people who refuse to believe that Shariah is their deadly enemy, and are the first to spout racism and bigotry slurs at anyone who tries to tell them that this is the case.

    Spirit, you’re either setting up a straw-man or you’re misinformed. I don’t know of any atheists (and I know hundreds in the U.S. and U.K.) that are a friend to moslems. How would that make sense?

    Personally, and I’ve made no secret of this on JW over the years, I despise all religions equally but still see islam as the greatest danger to humanity.

    It’s like lumping all maladies in together but understanding that the common cold (christianity)is preferable by far to ebola (islam).

  51. says

    Not I, and I’m an atheist/secularist. I believe islam is the greatest threat to this world since nazism. And far more tricky, cause they infiltrate and change our society in secret. I think only the leftists and probably internationalists on that list qualify as collaborators of sharia.

  52. says

    Excellent link and an important post. Infants shot at point blank, elederly, women, and unarmed clergy…annihilated.

    Maybe when jihadists enter American churches and massacre the faithful, we’ll understand. They can begin with my pastor, Fr. Dhimmi “Islam Means Peace” Fool.

    Christians everywhere need to remember this: The most powerful military in the world was not the one outside that church; it is the Church Militant–the Communion of Saints in heaven and on earth. We need to pray in unison. Depending on earthly solutions alone for spiritual warfare will not work.

  53. says

    Those atheists you know might not be friends of Muslims but they’re also not friends of followers of other religions. They are often moral equivalentists who continually put Christianity and Judaism in the same bracket as Islam and see them as being as evil as Islam – we see that here and on other forums all too often from atheist posters. And yes, those I quoted are the worst self-haters who believe that Western civilization has sinned over the centuries and therefore should be extinguished, but the extinguishing of Western civilization means a return to barbarism. In their mindset, living with a crocodile is no different from living with a cat, and they probably think that stroking a crocodile is just like stroking a cat. The fact that a cat will probably purr when being stroked whilst a crocodile will tear their arm or leg off in an instant means little to them. And it is true that far too many internationalists, human rights activists, leftists, atheists, secularists, and those like them, are leaving us vulnerable to going the same way as the Byzantines and so many other civilizations that have been erased by the advance of Islam and Sharia over the last 14 centuries.

  54. says

    Infants shot at point blank, elderly, women, and unarmed clergy…annihilated.

    It was the same in Beslan, but this time the number involved was less, as this was a church and not a school.

  55. says

    Ephesians 6:12 “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”

    A point of interest: The victory at Lepanto is attributed in the Catholic Church to the recitation of the Rosary prayer. Also on the flagship was an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In this image Mary treads on the cresent moon. Many have seen in this image the victory over Islam.

  56. says

    I’ve known Bahais. They’re often outwardly decent folk, but the fact of the matter is that their Shi’ite Muslim roots show at every turn–a little like Christianity’s Jewish roots show at every turn.

  57. says

    “You should be looking to make allies of internationalists, human rights activits, leftists, atheists, secularists etc since the reality is that Shariah is their deadly enemy.”

    But the Left is utterly blind to this. They are in bed with Islam.
    Islam and the Left:
    1. hate the West, especially USA.
    2, hate judaeochristian culture/ethics.
    3. hate democracy.

  58. says

    The reason I have included feminists in this short list of Islamic bedfellows is because they have done nothing to help the cause of women suffering under Shariah. Just as they did nothing to help the women who suffer forced abortions in China. The feminists seem to be only interested in helping feminists not women.

  59. says

    gerard : “What is wrong with these people?”

    Godless leftist feminist secularism.

    Welcome, Gerard!

    How would you describe yourself? I’m guessing you’re a big fan of Glen Beck?

  60. says

    Not altogether sure about Glenn Beck.
    My heroes would include very familiar names:
    Robert Spencer Pamela Geller Geert Wilders Lt Col Allen West Fr Guy Pages (youtube abbepages) Bat Ye’or Lord Malcom Pearson Nonie Darwish Wafa Sultan Walid Shoebat Mark Steyn and many more too many to list (thanks be to God!)

  61. says

    An admirable list, to be sure, but hardly broad in scope.

    Churchill is one of mine, as is Groucho Marx, Richard Dawkins Stephen Hawking, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, the cast of Monty Python and Socrates.

    That’s the short list anyway.

    Again, how would you describe yourself? Purely from the point of fairness, you’ve used a broad brush to paint a lot of people and I’d like to know why.

  62. says

    From your list I would accept Churchill (of course) and Socrates: (“There’s perhaps one thing I know better than most. I know I don’t know anything.”)
    Other than his great one-liners (eg I wouldn’t join a club that would have me as a member), I don’t know to much about Graucho.
    Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawkings..for science, yes. For Philosophy, no.
    Hitchens..clever but..See him in debate with William Lane Craig. He sidesteps a lot. (imo)
    Monty Python..”What’s it like?” Good for a laugh.
    Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett ..not familiar with these (sadly I don’t read enough).

  63. says

    The cast of Monty Python will only deserve hero status when they make a movie of “The Life of Achmed”. A camel trading, sex crazed bandit who lives in Mecca at the same time as Mohammed and keeps being mistaken for him.

    Now that would be heroic.

  64. says

    Pollution is a real issue even if eg global warming is still being debated. These two topic are often confused.
    On conspiracy theory…It is in fact muslims who are most engaged in this. They accuse the Israelis of poisoning their water in order to reduce arab births.
    A joke when you compare the statistics.
    (Apart from the fact that Israelis don’t do this kind of thing)

  65. says

    Here’s a quote from Sam Harris on Islam:

    “Islam, more than any other religion human beings have devised, has all the makings of a thoroughgoing cult of death.

    “As a matter of doctrine, the Muslim conception of tolerance is one in which non-Muslims have been politically and economically subdued, converted, or put to the sword.

    “The penalty for apostasy is death. We would do well to linger over this fact for a moment, because it is the black pearl of intolerance that no liberal exegesis will ever fully digest.

    “There are other ideologies with which to expunge the last vapours of reasonableness from a society’s discourse, but Islam is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve got.

    “The truth that we must finally confront is that Islam contains specific notions of martyrdom and jihad that fully explain the character of Muslim violence.”

  66. says

    From a letter forwarded to me:

    “However, in more recent times, Carl Djerassi, who invented the pill, was is an Austrian. He’s in his eighties now. I heard him interviewed on ‘Ave Maria Radio’ about a year ago. Apparently, he had gone back to his homeland for the fiftieth anniversary of his invention. ‘The Pill’ was invented by Djerassi in 1960 while he was at Mexico University. His lab was just a stone’s throw from the Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Again, not a co-incidence, I think.

    Anyway, Dejerassi gave a bunch of interviews when he was back in his homeland of Austria for the Pill’s fiftieth ‘birthday’. It was fascinating to hear the old man bewailing the effects of his invention on his own beloved country. He said, over-and-over-again, how shocked he was by Austria’s shortage of people! The population problem it faces appalled him! He said that Austria was clearly on the road to extinction, if something was not done, and done quickly!! He said he feared Austrians would be extinct in the near future. He spent a lot of time during these interviews encouraging his fellow countrymen (and women!) to have babies. He finished by saying that he wished he had never invented ‘The Pill’, now that he was saw its effects on his beloved homeland!!!! One is tempted to ask; ‘What the hell did you expect?’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  67. says


    you observed that ‘The cast of Monty Python will only deserve hero status when they make a movie of “The Life of Achmed”. A camel trading, sex crazed bandit who lives in Mecca at the same time as Mohammed and keeps being mistaken for him.’

    That would be priceless!

    Maybe a bunch of indie film-makers among the counter-Islam movement will take up the idea and do it as an underground/ samizdat production to be surreptitiously circulated via the internet.