Uh, Ramadan ended September 9


This little exercise in moral equivalence, multiculturalism and celebration of the World’s Three Great Abrahamic Religions manifests a certain ignorance about one of the three — a genuine ignorance, not the kind that Islamic apologists routinely charge of those who speak too honestly about the jihad and Islamic supremacism — on the part of the good folks of Wellesley, Massachusetts. The Islamic calendar is a lunar one with a year of 355 days, so its dates are not fixed: a few years ago Ramadan fell around Christmas time, but in 2010 it started on August 11 and ended on September 9. In 2011 it starts August 1 and ends August 30.

So why is a huge crescent on the lawn of the Wellesley Town Hall along with a Christmas tree and a menorah? Why, because the local multiculturalists needed to show that they considered Islam, Christianity, and Judaism essentially equivalent, and to signal that they were just as “welcoming” of Muslims as of everyone else — if not more so. And they wouldn’t think of challenging the local Muslim community to be proactive and honest in teaching against the belief-system that motivates Islamic supremacists and jihadists to make war against the Infidel. That would be “Islamophobic.”

This crescent on the Wellesley Town Hall lawn, and its mistaken commemoration of the Muslim month of fasting that ended three months ago, is a fitting monument to that town’s willful ignorance and complacency in the face of the jihad threat in all its forms. And of course, there are so very many other towns like Wellesley, all over the country.

“5 Things You Need to Know Today: Dec. 3: Town Hall’s front lawn is decorated with holiday spirit,” from Wellesley Patch, December 3 (thanks to Phil):

[…] 5. In front of Wellesley Town Hall there sites a menorah, Christmas Tree and crescent moon to represent Hanukkah, Christmas, and Ramadan respectively.

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    It should be noted that the Islamic “lunar year” is not intentionally short 10 days of an actual year. A year is by definition the time it takes the Earth to revolve around the Sun. It is used to track events and changes of season over time. The Islamic year is simply a crude approximation of a year, and losses its purpose over time.
    If the early Muslims had even talked with their close neighbors, they would have known a year is 365 days, but they were too scientifically illiterate and closed-minded to do so. Hence, like so much in Islam, even a year is rendered a poor facsimile of surrounding knowledge at the time Islam developed, leading to all sorts of inconsistencies and poor outcomes.

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    In 2007, Al-Arabiya noted that

    The month of Ramadan has witnessed some of the most important Muslim victories since the advent of the Islamic era over 14 centuries ago. The first Muslim victory was against the infidels of Quraish in the battle of Badr in 624 (Ramadan 17). Every year Muslims celebrate Badr in Ramadan 17. The conquest of Mecca happened in Ramadan 630. Other Ramadan victories are the famous battle of Hittin, when Muslims led by the great leader Saladin Al-Ayubi crushed the crusaders and regained Jerusalem and the battle of Ain Jalut against Tatars in 1260. Finally, Muslims, especially Egyptians and Arabs, celebrate the 1973 victory against Israel which fell on Ramadan 6.

    In view of this martial tradition, perhaps Wellesley should have erected a big AK-47 magazine instead of a crescent moon.

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    “Dhimmitude” in the extreme.

    PS I was unfamiliar with the term “Dhimmitude” and Dhimmi. I am sure there will be many others who are also.

    From what I could gather I would define a Dhimmi as a non-muslim, boot-licking, sycophant-apologist of Islam. A person who though ignorant of the teachings of Islam defends it blindly to the extent of comparing his own beliefs unfavourably with Islam.

    One who particularly rushes to defend Islam after every atrocity committed by Muslims. Muslims who have been brainwashed by the ideology and claimed to have committed the atrocity by acting on its beliefs.

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    Uh, Ramadan ended September 9

    Actually, Hanukkah ended December 9th, as well. But since Judaism has nothing similar to Jihad or Islamic supremacism, I have no issues one way or the other with Wellesley, Massachusetts continuing to display a menorah.

    That crescent is rather a different matter…

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    You know, Muslims really shouldn’t flaunt the crescent as a symbol of Islam, or else they should find a less suggestive one. I’m old enough to remember out-houses. The first time I ever saw an Islamic crescent, an out-house was the first thing I thought of. Our family had two of them in our Pennsylvania summer retreat.

    Before indoor toilets became affordable, out-houses were fairly ubiquitous in rural regions. Ours were separate his and hers “necessaries,” complete with crescents to distinguish them from nearby tool and coal sheds. The crescent was the universal symbol for outhouses for centuries. But, then again, the crescent is an appropriate symbol for a fecal creed. It does, after all, treat men as things on which dump the waste of its dogma.

    Of course, the out-house crescent is lunar in origin. Doubtless it had something to do with “mooning” what one has contempt for, and this is also a centuries-old practice (read Shakespeare, for example). And now, every time I see Muslims bowing East in prayer, I naturally think that they’re mooning the West.

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    the crescent, of course, is the symbol for the Arab moongod Sin. Muhammad (or somebody) shortened the arab phrase “the god” to “allah,” i.e. “god.” and then replaced the personalized name of “Sin” with the more flexible “allah” which was actually good marketing on somebody’s part. The crescent symbol for the moongod may be traced back through virtually all cultures from the arabs of the 7th Century all the way back 5000+ years to the Sumarians. “Allah” has nothing to do with Abraham and everything to do with the pagan moongod.
    Merry Christmas to all Jihad Watchers!