New York: Moderate Muslim who beheaded his wife humiliated her by flaunting another relationship

Now, in a grotesque mirror image of how Islamic supremacists always disclaim and displace responsibility for their own misdeeds onto others, including their victims, he is claiming his wife abused him. “The other woman in Mo Hassan’s life,” by Sandra Tan for the Buffalo News, January 16 (thanks to Mark):

Muzzammil Hassan had another woman in his life, and he wanted his wife to know.

Whether the relationship was intimate is unknown, but he went out of his way to humiliate his wife with the possibility, Aasiya Zubair Hassan’s sister said. For months, he forced his wife to listen in on his friendly and flirtatious phone banter with the woman, said Asma Firfirey, Aasiya’s sister.

Two days before her death, Aasiya, 37, finally e-mailed that other woman — an investor in the Bridges TV network the couple founded — telling her how she suffered while the two of them shared “fun and laughter” at her expense.

That e-mail, which The Buffalo News read, included some snippets of her husband’s cruel and demeaning writings to her, along with a picture of her beaten face and destroyed belongings. She ended her note by referring to her recent divorce filing.

Firfirey rebuked her sister for sending the e-mail, saying it only would put her in greater danger. “I said, ‘You must go and hide somewhere because something is going to happen you,'” Firfirey said. […]

Nearly two years have passed since Feb. 12, 2009, when Muzzammil Hassan, known as “Mo,” walked into Orchard Park Police Headquarters, told a lieutenant he had killed his wife and handed over the keys to the Bridges cable studio, where her stabbed and decapitated body was found.

Since then, the case has received national attention and attracted talk of an “honor killing.”

Hassan, 46, has maintained that he — not his wife — had been the victim of years of psychological torture and physical abuse.

Now, a jury finally will determine whether Hassan, a once-respected cable executive, is a victim or a villain….

He wasn’t just a cable executive. He was the founder of Bridges TV, a station designed to present a positive image of Muslims in the U.S. He beheaded Aasiya in the studio.

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    I wish that the victim had listened to her sister. She might be still alive today.

    Wow! Hassan, you really took your mandate seriously” to present a positive image of Muslims in the US” What a looser!

    Now, you are going to face the American Justice!

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    He had an option, a way out…Talaq-talaq-talaq…He chose to stay and torment, and finally kill…If his ‘honor’ was besmirched, he did it to himself…Many men and women have been or are married to the spouse from hades, some of them indulge themselves in abuse and sometimes murder, but they don’t behead, and they don’t shout Allahu Akbar while doing it…
    I don’t know that Hassan shouted that, only his dead wife would know, but I wouldn’t doubt it…He’s typically Mahoundian, when you get caught and charged with a crime, cry foul, and play victim…I don’t think this will save him anything, he is guilty, he will be found guilty, and he will go to the slammer for a long time…It’s a good thing, for him, he is a moderate, an extremist would get additional time…

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    It would be more helpful and to the point if we could stop using the term ‘honor killing’ and use the word murder, instead, according to our laws. In Muslim countries, men who murder their women chattel almost never face serious prosecution. We must remind people that in Western civilization there is no honor for Muslim women who live here, only the heavy burden of being the scape goat.

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    I clicked on the link and read the rest of the article.

    First, here is what Asiya said of her husband.

    “She said her husband suffered from

    **narcissistic personality disorder, which involves an inflated sense of self-importance, inability to empathize with others, sensitivity to criticism and a predisposition for envy, arrogance, rage and manipulation**.”

    ‘Inflated sense of self-importance.

    ‘Inability to empathise with others.

    ‘Sensitivity to criticism.

    ‘A predisposition for envy, arrogance, rage and manipulation.

    Gee: sounds just like Mohammed. Sounds just like the personality of any number of Mohammedan Males, especially those who most devoutly (as they are taught) imitate the conduct of Mohammed; and – given the hysterical displays of Pope Rage, and Mohammed Teddy Bear Rage, and Cartoon Rage, and Blasphemy Rage, and so on, and so on – like the behaviour as a whole of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, considered as a sort of human gestalt.

    SEcond observation, also based on an excerpt from the article.

    Here is a statement from the murdered woman’s brother Zubair (at least they do seem not to be blaming *her* for ‘provoking’ the murder, at least when talking to non-Muslims):

    ‘Zubair, 42, said the controversy over whether some may consider Hassan’s actions, as those of a Muslim man, to be an “honor killing” is outrageous.

    {See the impulse to protect Islam at all costs!! – dda}.

    ‘Domestic violence is not limited to a single faith or culture, nor is it acceptable in Islam, Zubair and others said.

    {Pull the other leg, mate, it’s got bells on. Ya think we don’t know about Quran 4: 34? Or any of the other texts, and law books, and sermons? Domestic violence – severe and continuous violence against women and children – is rife in all Mohammedan countries, and in Mohammedan colonies within Western countries, as well. A British study on family violence, undertaken in the early 1990s, found that women married to Muslim husbands were **eight times more likely** to be killed by their spouses, than any other women in Britain – this information is recorded in the final chapter of Geraldine Brooks’ book ‘Nine Parts of Desire’, on Islam and women, though unfortunately she doesn’t give the title of the study nor tell us who did it – dda}.

    “That monster,” Zubair said. “I don’t even consider him a Muslim. He’s an atheist. Our religion is not like that.”

    {Nonsense, Zubair. Lie and deny all you like, your murderous wife-abusing wife-murdering brother-in-law identified himself proudly and publicly as a Muslim all his life, and founded Bridges TV to promote the public image of Islam, so as far as I’m concerned, **he’s a Muslim**. If he were an atheist, by the way, you would be duty bound to execute him as an apostate. I don’t see anyone threatening to execute him for apostasy. And Islam **is** ‘ like that’. See Quran 4: 34, not to mention the hadith that says a man shall not be asked why he beat his wife.}

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    A hadith on wife-beating:

    Abu Dawud Book 11, Number 2142: Narrated Umar ibn al-Khattab: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife. ”

    Here are a few articles on the abuse of women in Muslim communities and Muslim countries. One may note, too, that violent attacks on *pregnant* women appear to be a common theme.

    Domestic abuse rampant in modern, moderate Turkey

    “…according to a 2009 Turkish government report, 42 percent of women surveyed said they had been the victims of either physical or sexual abuse by their husband or partner. The report concluded that one in four married Turkish women had been injured by partner violence. Meanwhile, one in 10 Turkish women were injured by such violence while pregnant.”


    Pakistan: 1 million pregnant women abused annually

    And in Algeria, in March last year:

    “The proposal to introduce prison terms for men who beat their wives goes against the Koran and the teachings of the prophet Mohamed, according to the head of Algeriàs Superior Islamic Council.”

    And among the local Arab Muslims, in and around Israel:

    And among Muslims in the UK:

    “Fatima Husain, a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology, has told how she sees Muslim women coming for treatment with strangle marks around their necks and bruises on their pregnant bumps.”…

    ‘She said: “I’ve seen injuries on some of my patients that I wouldn’t dream would happen to pregnant women.
    “I’ve seen strangle marks, finger marks on their necks and bruises on their pregnant abdomens.
    “Domestic violence is supposedly equally divided amongst the various groups but I get the impression it is more common in Muslims.

    “Some Muslim men think they have a God-given right to be physically violent to their spouses. I see the result of all this when they are admitted as my patients.”

    (This Muslim lady doctor is not quite as deep in denial as Zubair, but she’s still ducking the issue).

  6. says

    Islam seems to want to turn human males into something like the ‘killer roosters’ of a notorious animal experiment.

    Mohammedan males regularly murder their own daughters and sisters and nieces and cousins (often after having incestuously raped those same daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, not once, but over a period of months or years). They murder their own mothers and aunts. They murder – on the flimsiest of pretexts – a non-kin woman; or pressure that woman’s male kin into killing her. They abuse and murder their wives; they attack their wives, murderously, even while the wife is pregnant (which is somewhat counterproductive, one would surely think that any society that makes a regular practice of mistreating and murdering pregnant women is killing its own future).

    Their cult texts teach them to fear, suspect and despise women, and at the same time, their cult permits every man and boy to act as judge, jury and executioner toward every female he encounters.

    As Wafa Sultan, apostate, put it in her book, ‘A God Who Hates’: ‘Allah hates women’. (As a medical doctor practising in Syria, she had seen plenty of grim first-hand evidence of the widespread psychotic violence against women that Islam produces).

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    He could have taken that other woman as his 2nd wife – just go w/ her to Pakistan, marry her there & return w/ her. While polygamy is illegal here, Muslims who come w/ multiple wives they already have have all their marriages recognized. (Solution: don’t admit Muslims in @ all)

    So the beheaded woman’s bro wants to protect the image of Islam? Maybe while his bro-in-law rots in jail, he could become the new head of Bridges TV!

  8. says

    Incidentally, how is Bridges TV doing right now, btw? Please tell me it’s gone under, like so many better enterprises in the US? Or has an unending supply of Islamic oil money kept it afloat – on oil?

  9. says

    Dumbledore, thanks for providing all of that insight.

    I had not heard of this guy, nor his crime, until reading it here today. This guy absolutely deserves the death penalty. However, I hope he does not get it for a while. I hope that he gets repeatedly raped in prison, then, when he can’t take it any longer, then he should get the death penalty. The only bad news is that he will get it via a lethal injection, which is a lot less painful than what he put his wife through.

    I agree with whoever said we should stop calling them “honor killings”. Or at least refer to them as “so called honor killings”.

    I think it hugely ironic that this guy ran a TV station designed to put islam (written with a small “i” on purpose) in a good light. Instead, he showed the true nature of islam.

  10. says

    Yes mo the calculating -cruel- disgusting wife beheading evil rep. of the cult of islam-muslim -deserves the death penality – but will the liberal left give it to him. He is a disgrace to those AMERICANS who treasure LIFE,LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF BEING HAPPY AND AT PEACE. Those held captive by islam certainly are not happy. There is no trust for such – I was never this way until they started pushing their culture in the USA. There is NO FREEDOM IN islam. MLK would speak out against this eternal wrong. We need to not only speak out and act against the agression of the muslims but follow the lead of AUSTRALIA.

  11. says

    its the whole society in a nutshell. this bloke and his actions and reactions.. always reminds me of evil, spoilt children. he’ll be dragged away quoting passages from the book.

  12. says

    Infidel Pride wrote:

    Incidentally, how is Bridges TV doing right now, btw?

    Well, it’s still around, Infidel Pride. I’m not sure how it’s doing. The station’s motto? I kid you not:

    “Bridges TV – Connecting People Through Understanding”

    There’s got to be some sick joke in there regarding him having separated his wife’s head from her body, but I’m too sick at heart to look for it.

  13. says

    “The Middle East’s Lady MacBeth Complex.”

    I’ve read that some of the most popular television shows in Iran are ridiculous thrillers where the ultimate “bad guy” inevitably turns out to a woman with a gun.

    One writer said some of these scenes were just hilarious, with the woman having to handle the firearm awkwardly because she had to keep her chador held tightly closed all the time, so she didn’t have a free hand. Bizarre.