Pope calls for repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

There can be no meaningful “reform” of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, which are inherently abusive of the rights to free speech and freedom of conscience, and there is no “right” way to implement them. Therefore, anything short of repealing them is a half-hearted measure, leaving intact the notion that the government has a right to intervene and hand down punishments for “insults” to Islam and Muhammad, real or imagined.

Reaction from Pakistan to the Pope’s comments will be interesting, to say the least. The response to Muslims who have dared to criticize the laws has been ferocious, with at least two death fatwas and an assassination so far. Then, the opinion of an uppity infidel, let alone the Pope himself (against whom they still harbor a grudge for quoting Michael Paleologus’ criticism of Islam), potentially sets the stage for another round of stellar displays of anger management.

“Pope urges Pakistan to repeal blasphemy law,” from BBC News, January 10:

Pope Benedict XVI has called on Pakistan to repeal its blasphemy laws, which can carry a death sentence for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

He said the laws served as a pretext for acts of injustice and violence against religious minorities.

The Pope referred to Pakistani governor Salman Taseer, whose assassination last week was blamed on his support for changes to the blasphemy laws. […]

The Pope made his remarks in a new year address to diplomats accredited to the Vatican.

“I once more encourage the leaders of that country [Pakistan] to take the necessary steps to abrogate that law,” he said.

“The tragic murder of the governor of Punjab shows the urgent need to make progress in this direction,” he added.

The Pope also condemned anti-Christian attacks in Egypt and Iraq, saying they showed “the urgent need for governments of the region to adopt… effective measures for the protection of religious minorities”.

The BBC’s David Willey in Rome says it was one of the Pope’s most robust defences yet of religious freedom.

Meanwhile, even the assassin’s own brother is unwilling or afraid to pass judgment on the murder:

On Monday, Qadri’s brother told the BBC that his family had nothing to do with the murder.

“He never told us what he planned to do,” Dilpazeer Awan said.

“It was his personal act, so I cannot comment on whether he did right or wrong.”

Pakistan: Islamic supremacist groups to hold rallies protesting Pope's call to scrap blasphemy law
Islamic sermons motivated killer of politician who opposed Pakistani blasphemy law
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    The ummah’s reaction oughta be good.

    The best that could be expected from the soon-to-come Muslim vitriol is that the aggression and lunacy of Islam will be (once more time!) on full display which in turn might, just maybe, turn a light bulb on inside the heads of those who are ignorant of or ambivalent towards Islam.

    A teaching moment as it were.

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    Islam’s path of reformation is to become more barbaric and less civilised like Iran. Looking at the herd of Muslims screaming in the streets of Pakistan, the thirst for non-Muslim persecution seems to be what’s on the menu.

    It is good that the Pope spoke out on this, however, I will wager the Muslim response will be an upshoot of more aggressive persecution of Christians. His flock must become aware of this and recognize the face of evil.

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    Pope calls for repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

    Meanwhile, *50,000* march in Karachi against any amending of the blasphemy laws.

    “‘This huge rally today has categorically signalled that nobody could dare to amend the blasphemy law,’ said Fazlur Rehman, the key speaker at yesterday’s demonstration and head of the Taliban-linked conservative religious party Jamiat Ulema Islam.

    ‘If the rulers are out to defend Taseer, so we also have the right to legally defend Mumtaz Qadri,’ he told the crowd.

    He said Mr Taseer ‘was responsible for his own murder’ because he had criticized the law.

    Many marchers waved the flags of conservative and radical Islamist parties and chanted: ‘Courage and bravery, Qadri, Qadri.’

    In addition most wore head and arm bands inscribed: ‘We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the sanctity of the prophet.'”

    Of course, what they mean is they are willing to sacrifice Salman Taseer and Asia Bibi to the “sanctity” of their bloodthirsty “prophet”.

    More here, along with some disturbing pictures of the mob:


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    ‘…Islamic ‘Blasphemy Laws’ against insulting the long-dead Mohammed are so vicious and repressive because the truth about this megalomaniac charlatan has the power to DESTROY Islam, and the Muslims know it.

    Islam’s one and only foundation is the credibility and resultant authority of Mohammed. If you can undermine that credibility, then you have destroyed Islam.

    ALL of Islam derives from Mohammed and nowhere else. Even aspects of Islam that appear to derive from Christianity and Judaism are actually corrupted versions of those religions which have been twisted and perverted to suit Mohammed’s psychopathic agenda… http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/harbitude-harbis-with-attitude.html

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    You truly are deluded GerbilTea.

    Comparing Muhammad’s behaviour to prophets in the Old Testament does not make his crimes any better. Not to mention that Christians are not supposed to take their actions as an example, while Muslims are supposed to follow Muhammad.

    Muhammad murdered innocents who criticised him, raped women, captured and sold people into slavery, terrorised innocent civlians. How can you call yourself a human being and still follow this monster?
    How can you hide yourself behind the invisible fig leaf of calling a hudud “barbarism” only because is not carried by caliphs and prophets, without realising that they are barbarism by themselves?

    Manking does not need barbarians like you.

  6. says

    leaving intact the notion that the government has a right to intervene and hand down punishments for “insults” to Islam and Muhammad, real or imagined.

    That’s the next best thing to a Caliphate…Gerbile says Mahoundians don’t worship Mahound, but he is deluding himself once again…You can insult Allah and it does not offend Mahoundians as much as insulting Mahound…Mahoundians talk about Mahound more than they talk about Allah….Allah does have a partner…it’s Mahound…

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    I am not sure as I have never researched the Catholics, but is this the first time, at least in recent history, a Catholic pope has spoken out against “pure” evil?
    (AKA islam)

    No doubt the muz reaction will be violence, concocted insult and aggression, but is this a flicker of a candle in a stormy night?

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    And just how much headway have you made in destroying us there sean? You seem to have a lot of luck preaching to the choir or convincing already gullible Christians that da Islamz are bad mojo. What’s new there?

    Muhammad (sallahu aleyhi wa sellam) is dead. All of the prophets are, they can not intercede on our behalf and should be highly respected. However, Muslims do not elevate any of them to Godhood, we leave that to the Christians.

    All of Islam is derived from Allah (subhana wa t’ala) who chose prophets who engaged in the exact same behaviors in the Old Testament. I challenge you to find a single attribute of our prophet that is NOT found within the prophets of the Old Testament, still held dear by the Jews.

    As to the Pope’s condemnation, right on! I don’t think his words will move anyone in Pakistan against such barbarism but it’s good to see that he has the stomach to oppose the hudud for blasphemy. As Muslims, we should certainly speak out against blasphemy and its attending rejection of Allah (subhana wa t’ala) but we are unable to fairly oversee trials punishing someone for it.

    Leave the death sentences to rightly guided caliphs (no crazies, I’m not secretly calling for a resurrection of the khalifa) and prophets, common people in the modern age can’t possibly hand down a sentence on blasphemy.

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    Do not use the word “mojo” in reference to Islam. Islam has never had any mojo.

    From Wikipedia –

    Mojo may refer to:
    – Mojo (African American culture), a magical charm bag used in voodoo
    – a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal

    Not even in the same universe as Islam.

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    So you’re saying that Moses (sallahu aleyhi wa sellam) did NOT engage in all of the above? That this prophet, the “Lawgiver”, is not hugely respected by Jews? That as part of their Law, insulting Moses (sallahu aleyhi wa sellam) is technically a crime for which the penalty is… dum dum dum!


    It’s even in the New Testament you silly person, book of Acts, St. Stephen is martyred for … “blaspheming Moses and God”.

    Christians… are largely not the issue here. I am comparing Muslims to Jews as Jews are dependent on the Old Testament with none of this lame “new Covenant” stuff I get with Christians totally disregarding Christ’s comment that he had come to uphold the Law given by Moses (sallahu aleyhi wa sellam).

    How is it that you can sit there and complain that Islam is somehow uniquely barbaric and then ignoring what’s in your own book?

    Oh yeah, there’s a word for that, it’s called hypocrisy.

  12. says

    How precisely is Islam going to be destroyed? We seem to continue to gain adherents at a rate greater than you do. Is it from breeding or from stellar da’wah? Not sure, probably the former but it’s not exactly looking up for you now is it? Sometime, perhaps in our lifetime, Islam will become the world’s largest religion. You’re going to just have to deal with the reality that Islam is here to stay. Since that’s the case, why not try to work with us instead of placing yourself in this insane duality along with the fanatics found in my religion?

    You know the cute thing about all of this is that Muslims widely agree that a Christian can go to Jannah (it’s in the Qur’an, three times actually) but the reverse? Ha! There’s no way you can ever tell me I’m going to heaven.

    As to all your insults to Muhammad (sallahu aleyhi wa sellam) what can I say? He’s not alive and he’s not God. We aren’t the people who are worshiping someone as the Son of God bud, I think you may want to gaze into a mirror for that one. For Christians to accuse another religious group of elevating a prophet to Godhood is just the height of just too muchery.

    we honor and respect the prophets. We have a sense of what is sacred. What do you people consider sacred? Everything about your religion in your own part of the world is under siege continually. No one in your faith ever really stands up for their faith… why?

  13. says


    you are missing the point entirely. Comparing Muhammad to any other prophet, regardless of how much they are respected by the people X or the religion Y will not change a thing.

    Just because some elements of the Old Testament are also barbaric, this does not make Islam and Muhammad any less so.

    As for Islam, I can’t make you hate it. All I can do is show you the truth and answer your questions. It is up to you to follow the truth or reject it. If you care about the truth you will hate falsehood and hence you will hate Islam. But if you are attached to flashood and there is hatred of people in your heart then nothing can make you change your mind. Some people’s hearts and minds are sealed and no amount of truth will change them.

    “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes

    In the past people could not speak against Islam. Those who dared were killed and their books were destroyed. Today we have the Internet at our disposal. Nothing can stop the spread of truth anymore. Muslims can kill me or others who are telling the truth about Islam but they can’t silence us. Our voices are going to be heard in the cyberspace forever until Islam is destroyed.

    Truth will destroy Islam. We need no force and no violence. Those who leave Islam join us and our army of light and love will keep growing. The exodus of the Muslim intellectuals from Islam weakens the foundation of Islam gradually and suddenly this whole edifice of lies will collapse. This will happen and most of us who are alive today will see it.

    Destroying Islam from its foundation is very easy because Islam is not based on solid rock of truth but on soft terrain of lies. If you read the articles in this site and if you have any humanity in you, you’ll not only leave Islam but will join me and together we will work to liberate the rest of the Muslims. If you love them you will not want to let them perish in falsehood.