Stoning in Afghanistan: “Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!”

Jihad Watch reader Myles has sent in the link for the full video from this story. It probably goes without saying that the footage below is disturbing; it shows two people dying a horrible death.

But this is Sharia, and all of its various horrors, abuses, and absurdities must be exposed so they may be resisted.

This is an act Muhammad not only prescribed, but participated in, according to canonical Islamic sources. The fact that it is not in the Qur’an means nothing.

There is a greater level of frenzy over killing the woman, Siddqa. The perverse excitement of the crowd is palpable, and the cries of “Allahu akbar” are more numerous. But in the end, it is an equal-opportunity double murder, with two pulverized bodies to show as testimony to Allah’s greatness. This is Sharia.

Supermarket jihad: Nine dead in suicide attack in Kabul
After South votes to secede, Sudan President promises Sharia
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    There are hundreds of millions of people all around the world who will now know of this barbaric Islamic act. And the message is clear: Either this so-called religion of peace is contained, defused and made harmless, or we will all live in a hell on Earth.

    I = inhumane
    S = savage
    L = lying
    A = anachronistic
    M = malevolent

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    The whole thing was an accident, unintentional in fact. I read somewhere that Muslims utter “Allahu akbar” whenever they hit their thumbs with a hammer or stub their toes. In other words, it’s the equivalent of saying “Oh, shit!”

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    Stoning people to death for adultery has widespread mainstream support among Muslims today. Based on surveys by PEW, large percentages of Muslims favor this horrific and evil practice:

    Country Percentage favor
    Turkey _______ 16
    Egypt ________ 82
    Jordan _______ 70
    Lebanon ______ 23
    Indonesia ____ 42
    Pakistan _____ 82
    Nigeria ______ 56

    The simple average of those scores is 53%.

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    Where is the UNHRC on this primitive tribal law?
    Sharia should be banned worldwide.

    Most people wouldn’t treat animals like this let along human beings.

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    Every one of these barbarians watching the stoning should be brought to justice. I can’t believe any human could believe this is justice – that is unless you were had the mind of a primitive animal.

    I hope like hell the western world comes to its senses and stops the spread of this diseased race of people.

    Where are the drones when you need them?

    Where are the headlines in newspapers around the world denouncing these practices? Where are the peaceful Muslims marching on the streets and showing their support to end this barbarism.

    Sick, sick deluded individuals who should never ever be invited to any negotiating table. How could one discuss peace with these animals?

    I hope Australians get to see this video and prevent the spread and cries of Sharia law for Australia.

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    I’ll bet apologists might bring up Tariq Ramadan’s suggestion that “a mohatohium on zees practees” ought to be adopted (but, as we know, only so long as mahoundians are not in a position to impose it all over the West without risking a backlash against their ongoing demographic jihad) as an example of “moderation.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the same apologists went even further, claiming that stoning has got nothing to do with the fascist cult of the black cube, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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    The Muslim Brotherhood, who has been smart enough to remain stealth in our nation thinks that it is time right now to invoke violence around the entire world to topple any governments in arab nations that they feel are not islamic enough. Obama has promised them America. He is destroying our economy so that they can conquer us that way.
    We need to show him and the islamists that Obama does NOT represent us. He does not have our permission to hand our nation over to Islam. Too many of our politicians have been compromised. For some reason they bought the taqiyya that there could be peace if islam is the only religion. As we have seen in this video, there is no peace even if there is only islam. Islam IS violence and hate, it is evil.
    We need to be ready. Because the violence will start here one day.. These people fight like barbarians.. we need to be ready to defend ourselves, our way of life and our God.
    Islam is of the devil. They want our souls. They cannot have them.

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    If I remember correctly, isn’t man supposed to be buried up to his neck? Or is this some kind of updated 21st century kind of stoning?

    If they are able to wiggle out and get free I think they can avoid the rest of the punishment. However in the mans he is comletely doomed.

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    @ Debrobeaudean

    So are you saying that Obama is the secret manchurian candidate that will impose Islam, stealthily that is, in America by first destroying the economy?

    Just trying to see understand what you wrote.

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    So, our soldiers are dying for a government that allows that to happen, so cretins like that can stone women to death?

    Frankly, I don’t care what they do to each other, as long as they do it in their own countries and leave us out of it.

    Get our troops back and leave them to it.

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    Once again, the Taliban challenges us to remember the words of BBC presenter Lyse Doucet:

    If this is “humanity”, Doucet has got rocks in her head, too

    A BBC presenter has attacked coverage of Afghanistan’s ongoing war, claiming TV reporters are not covering the “humanity of the Taliban”.

    Lyse Doucet, a presenter and correspondent on BBC World News, was speaking at a discussion of TV reporting of the war in the country…

    Asked what was missing in British coverage, she added: “It may sound odd but the humanity of the Taliban, because the Taliban are a wide, very diverse group of people.”

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    Any comments,Islamic empire or GerbilTea? Even in the law of “Mose”(though it was God’s law) when the law prescibed death by stoning, Moses (or subsequent prophets) went before the Lord and spoke to Him face to face (in the case of Moses) to see if the death penalty was upheld or not. Sometimes it was NOT as in the case of king David. Do your sheiks or imams go before Allah to enquire of him? If they do they are prophets and since Mohammed is your last prophet they themselves would be stoned! Jesus who is ONE with the Father, said “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” meaing NONE of us is pure enough to carry out God’s punishment ourselves! Leave such punishment the in the hands of almighty God!

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    * Muslims to make up quarter of world’s projected population of 8.3billion
    * 72 countries already have one million or more Muslims

    The Muslim population in the UK will almost double to 5.5million within 20 years, it is claimed.
    Worrying stats, from the newspaper the daily Mail, in the UK

    Nearly one in ten Britons will be Muslim by 2030, according to a worldwide study about the spread of Islam.

    And the forecasts mean Britain would have more Muslims than Kuwait and close to the number found in the U.S., even though five times as many people live there.

    In the U.S., the number of Muslims will more than double by 2030 – rising to 6.2million from 2.6million today because of immigration and high birth rates.

    From 1990 to 2010 the number of followers of the Islamic faith globally increased at an average rate of 2.2 per cent annually. Last year there were 1.57billion around the world.
    The rest of the article on our NEW ANTI ISLAM WEBSITE

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    The clerics and imams are great at killing the unarmed and defenseless. I own a couple of good rifles, one with a scope. I only wish I could have been lying a hundred yards away with plenty of ammunition. What a thrill it would have been to pot the fat cleric first then then take out as many of the evil heathen bastards as possible.

    How long will this go on? When will we be able to put paid to this Religion Of Evil once and for all?

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    I love it when apologists, enablers, and dhimmis-in-waiting say stuff like: “Oh, Islam is just where Christianity was 500 years ago. Give it time and it will come around to modernity.”

    As if Christ had never said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    As if historical atrocities committed by Christians actually reflected Christian teaching.

    As if time would turn a turd into a block of gold.

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    Disgusting! And the worst of it is how world leaders and the liberal media will look the other way and not condemn it or not report on it. All the while they will be pointing fingers at Israel- the world’s scapegoat. We all know the Arab chant ‘If Israel didn’t exist, there would be peace everywhere.’

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    I hope she was cursing the bastards as she was dying.
    Wherever islam infiltrates death and misery permeates.
    Islam and human life are incompatible.
    Any ‘race’ exhibiting such barbarism, collective hysteria and lunacy deserves extinction.
    One muslim in the USA dishonours us all.

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    I have seen this evil before, so I will watch it when I am in a bad mood…

    The reason you don’t feel the love is because no love was present…If the Bible is correct that ‘God is love’, then this act and others like them are ‘Godless’…When done by Mahoundians, Allah is officiating…But don’t confuse him with God…They have nothing in common…No self respecting gods would lower themselves to ritual slaughter…When the God of the Bible said, ‘Thou shall have no other gods before me’, he was talking about Allah…

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    Oprah needs to be alerted that such atrocities are still part of the Islamic world and Islam itself.

    I have not been following Oprah and don’t know what this very influential women beliefs are about Islam at present (can anyone tell me?) but a google search has not been encouraging ( ).

    I do recall that Oprah had Queen Noor of Jordan years ago allowing her to spew all kinds of lies about Islam ( ) and I would hope Oprah has been more responsible lately. At least I found this

    followed by a lot of ignorant comments.

    Oprah could do a lot of good on this matter and she can afford to.

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    Time and time again we see barbarity of Muslims all over the world and clearly show they are not part of this human race. Even though they are born as humans but once they start following Mo/allah’s orders they become demons or whatever but humans. I won’t call them beasts or animals because animals have better morality than Muslims!!! Calling Muslims animals is insulting to animals!!!!

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    “If they are able to wiggle out and get free I think they can avoid the rest of the punishment.

    There is no truth to that …Women being stoned to death have been known to escape the pit only to be machine gunned down while fleeing….

    Islam is committed to death…with Islam…there is no escape..

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    Having seen these videos I HATE ISLAM! Muslims are SCUMBAGS. If it comes to it, I will fight Islam to the death in the us. ISLAM SUCKS. MOHAMMED SUCKS. MOHAMMED WAS A PEDOFILE. MUSLIMS ARE MURDEROUS SCUM.

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    Disgusting sick as their pedophile founder and vile cult islam. This video has to go viral and will open more eyes to the savage religion.

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    I remember reading a magazine article in 1976. The author said to forget about communism, the next world threat was going to be the islamic jihad. I turned to my husband and said, “What on earth is an islamic jihad?” Apparently this man had a true grasp on the future. Ok, so these people were adulterers, and the rest of the people there were murderers. Do they stone murderers, too? I would say they are animals, but I don’t want to insult God’s beautiful animals. So there are no words to describe them.

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    Kyrie eleison
    Kyrie eleison
    Kyrie eleison

    May God grant eternal peace to these two souls.

    And in the US, we assign prison terms to those convicted of terrorism. Posh by comparison.

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    Oh yeah, these are real tough “men.” How macho of them to murder a man and woman, both bound and blindfolded to prevent escape. These are the same scumbags who would put up the white flag of truce when they know their goose is cooked. Take away their AKs and stones and they’re nothing more than skin-suits covering a pile of shit. This is the sort of video that needs to go viral on the Internet to wake up the dhimmis/apologists around the world. What on earth is taking us so long to reveal the truth????????


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    ” The fact that it is not in the Qur’an means nothing.”

    The fact that stoning is not in the Qur’an means that if the quran-only movement wins eventually, there will be no more stonings.The quranists are supported by queen Rania of Jordan.

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    This video is so ugly in what it represents that everyone should see it.

    Our western media and leaders have let us down completely as Pat Condell has so eloquently stated.

    Where are all the western feminists? If Islamic norms required their women to be dressed in bikinis and high heels, I guess they would have something to say about that.

    How about now. Where is the feminist outrage?

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    In a decent society, punishment must always stem from the concept of justified retribution. In Islamic societies, you can ordinarily forget about justified retribution. In such societies barbarous revenge is often the order of the day. There is a difference, a huge one.

    God, Islam makes me sick. It’s a religion for miscreants, confused human beings and barbarians. I have no respect for it. Nor for Mohammed, the founder of this particularly invidious religion which is also a totalitarian ideology and which can never be compatible with true democracy.

    And thanks to “sean” in his 5:28 A.M. post above for a link to yet another Pat Condell video. The West needs leaders who think as Condell does about Islam. Haven’t got ’em yet, though the present Pope has done his share to date to bring to the attention of the world the need for a far more critical examination of Islam. And then there’s Geert Wilders, heroic individual that he is. But the West needs such public figures in the political arena in bunches and kinda’ soon.

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    Perhaps I’m out of line but I don’t understand why nothing was done to stop this. We have how many American troops there? How come no one stepped in? Someone please explain. If we learned nothing else from the Holocaust it was that inaction is wrong. The entire world turned their backs on the plight of European Jewry and now we are doing the same to victims of Islam. We all know what is going on, we hear the hate they preach, we see the videos, why are we not acting?

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    Religion of Peace.

    Coming to, or in a town near you.

    Happy days.

    These disgusting brutes are in our midst carefully camoflaged but here.

    What we gonna do about it ?

    Dust off the firearms if you have any.

    Don’t frequent muslim shops.

    Don’t eat Muslim food.

    Don’t talk to Muslims; ignore them, treat them like shit.

    Don’t buy Muslim goods of any kind.

    Don’t let them build Mosques

    And if you are British join the BNP or any organisation that opposes these barbarians.

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    Your question hits the nail on the head. Why are American and other allied troops allowing this to happen? Is this what we have sent our men and women to die for? Is this the “democracy” and nation building that we are spending our tax dollars to create?

    Or are our allied forces too weak or too full of trepidation to even contemplate opposing such an eggregious evil as this? Every person who has seen this video should be on the phone to his/her Member of Congress or Member of Parliament demanding that this issue be addressed.

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    Cameraman and his cronies should be made to watch this, together, and in the presence of Warsi who called us all bigots and islamophobes
    These 7th century scum are among us now in Europe, in Britain, in America – gradually establishing their sharia so-called law. They are already murdering, maiming and raping our children and stoning will be next in Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds and on it goes – yet, remarkably, our politicians do nothing – worse, in fact, they actually promote islam against ethnic heritage British and have puppets like Phillips of EHRC spending tax payers’ money promoting such as muslims and islam, gaining advantages for them and attacking the rights of ethnic heritage British.
    Is this what you stand for Cameron, is this what you plan for us Warsi? Even this week there have been vicious street fights in Kent between rival illegal immigrant Afghan groups.
    If rejecting bombing, murder, rape of children, subjugation of women, eradicating jews and Israel, torture of animals and a host of other barbaric practices is bigotry – then yes, Warsi, we are bigots and islamaphobes and proud of it. If you want sharia, islam and all that goes with it – then LEAVE – we don’t want you, or your kind, here – just imagine what would happen if we tried your tricks where you call home – so why expect us to tolerate it? Shut up, or ship out!

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    What kind of people would willingly and seemingly enthusiastically participating in the execution? This couple here were lured back by the false promise that no harm would come to them.

    Deeply, deeply disturbing. But thank you for posting the link to the full coverage as I believe we have the obligation to face reality in order to confront the evil.

  35. says

    Most Muslims do not realize the evil in their religion of birth, until they are caught under its grip, like this couple who naively believed the lie that no harm would come to them by returning home.

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    Don’t place too much blame on our soldiers. Afghanistan is a very big country and U.S. troops are tied down fighting the Taliban the chief promoter of this savagery. The U.S.A. should put more pressure on the Afghanistan government to stop this evil.

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    This poor couple. They tasted love, the beautiful love that can exist between a man and a woman. The love they felt for each other made them forget, fatally, that their fellow Muslims remained in tune with the message of Mohammed, that only he, Mohammed, aka Allah, was entitled to be loved, and that his supremacy must never be threatened by the soft, sweet delight of real human love.
    This love is just one of the things that Muslims want to drive out of our world.

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    This is the religion of peace? Give me a frikken break! More like a mental aberation or disorder for all who believe that this was justice….a real piece of turd!

    To all those citizens of the UK,USA,Canada….this is Sharia Law! If you keep quiet about this atrocity then expect this to become the norm in your country!

    BTW….the poor girl did not die from the stoning. They noticed that she still lived and some Islamentian shot her 3 times!

    Takes a real man to carry out justice like that! Yeah…you betcha’Mo Baby! Stick your Sharia where the sun don’t shine!

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    These two people could have been executed because they converted from Islam, or they criticized or questioned Islam or Mohammad, or they insulted a Muslim’s “honor,” or any number of petty, ridiculous infractions of Sharia law. The woman could have been executed for merely being accused of a crime involving sex or arousal of a man regardless of her actions and/or intentions and she would not have been even allowed to speak on her own behalf.

    Look at how many men came out to watch and excitedly yell and through stones and act festive about it. Inadequate, insecure abusers of women/those who cannot defend themselves would feel empowered and manly at such a stoning. That is what Islam, through Sharia, accomplishes.

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    We should pull our regular army troops out of the Middle East and deploy our special forces units, secretly, wherever the jihadists are active. Let them creep up and pick them off — one by one. Let the killing of these demons begin, so they can go back to Hell where they belong with their Allah.

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    anytime a drone in the sky sees a gethering like this i believe it is legitimate to drop a 500 pound bomb on all of them, they are clearly murderous criminals, not to mention it would save the victim from needless torture and agony. 70 evil bastards wiped out in one go.

  42. says

    I am so ill.

    Here is the only truly affecting thing I have read in all the Islamic texts:

    Volume 4, Book 56, Number 829:
    Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar:

    The Jews came to Allah’s Apostle and told him that a man and a woman from amongst them had committed illegal sexual intercourse. Allah’s Apostle said to them, “What do you find in the Torah (old Testament) about the legal punishment of Ar-Rajm (stoning)?” They replied, (But) we announce their crime and lash them.” Abdullah bin Salam said, “You are telling a lie; Torah contains the order of Rajm.” They brought and opened the Torah and one of them solaced his hand on the Verse of Rajm and read the verses preceding and following it. Abdullah bin Salam said to him, “Lift your hand.” When he lifted his hand, the Verse of Rajm was written there. They said, “Muhammad has told the truth; the Torah has the Verse of Rajm. The Prophet then gave the order that both of them should be stoned to death.

    (‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar said, “I saw the man leaning over the woman to shelter her from the stones.”

    Clearly, the entire point of this Hadith is to condemn the Jews for having become too civilized to practice stoning.

    But it is this final line”even though written by the barbaric Umar””I saw the man leaning over the woman to shelter her from the stones””that touches my heart.

    The only truly brave, chivalrous, humane, and loving passage in Islamic texts”and it is about the *victims of Islam*.

  43. says

    Unlike the Quran, which Mohammad rewrote as literal first from the Bible and then to rationalize conquest, the Bible is often written parabolically, making a point via illustration. For example, Jesus made the point that it was better to cut off your hand and go around hand-less in this life than to end up in hell. He was not telling his followers to cut off their hands. Muhammad, however, rewrote that part to say literally cut off the hands that steal.

    The law of the Torah also had stark prohibitions and consequences for sin, but also, as a whole, showed the balance of justice and mercy. There were serious sins which called for the death penalty, but there were also cities of refuge where those accused of crimes could go live out their days in repentance. Seducing young women was a serious crime with serious consequences (stoning), but the sin could be atoned for by marrying her and honoring her and never divorcing her (in fact such a man could not under the law divorce her).

    To compare the Quran to the Bible as equal is to show total ignorance of both the Quran and the Bible.

  44. says

    I have not watched the entire thing but really.The parts I saw look like a puppeteer in the hole below the puppet.A couple of sticks propping the fully shrouded human figure up.And there are more clues that …yes this is a fake.Yes stoning does occur and it is deplorable,sick and everything else said on this post.No One can take that many shots to the skull and continue to raise up.I did not see any blood either.I say it is a fake. I could be wrong…

  45. says


    As hard as this was to watch again, I think it’s real for several reasons:

    1. One of the reasons that stoning is such a horrible death is that not every stone is going to be lethal in force or accuracy. Many of the blows around 1:00 are landing on her body.

    2. She could be stunned, bewildered, barely conscious, and still trying to get away out of sheer instinct. She may not even know where she is or what she’s doing at that point.

    3. The lethal blow doesn’t come until 1:24.

    4. At 1:34, the camera has zoomed in, and the top of her burqa is wet with blood.

    To me, all indications are this was Allah’s “compassion and mercy” on display with genuine suffering as a result.

  46. says

    Religions have been the cause and reason for many thousands of years. Tle Old Testamnet and the Koran are pretty much the same book (do not say that to a Jew or Muslim unless you have good Health Insurance!!!) But, the Muslims/Islam is wholely unholy in so many ways! The are TERRORISTS using God as a “pawn” of their horrible activity! Obama, well, never mind on that topic…………

  47. says

    You should all be embarrassed of yourselves. Without knowledge you all are fools, and no better than these killers. Islam is not about killing innocent people and if you had the information and knowledge of real Islam you would not be sitting and abusing it. And the funny thing is that you all are trying to find the wrong things in different society and labeling them. Lets see if this makes sense
    1. America goes to other peoples country and tries to save them by killing the civilians, how great. Is it a war against terrorism or oil? Who do you think is stupid? The whole world?

    2. The whole western country politicians making deals with corrupt politicians and trying to gain as much as possible. Who do you think it hurts? the fat Americans or Europeans? Noooooo the poor workers in poor countries.

    3. Before any fool decides to post a comment, first try to research on a topic before commenting on it. What do you think you are Mr.Stipek, Miss Paolo and the rest of you. Find unbiased source, read about Islam and you will all find out that this act is condemned.

    Did you all know that, the Prophet Muhammad did not conduct any stoning? did you guys also know that in the last 1400 years they has been only 14 cases of real stoning? Do you also know that in order for such event to take place, there has to be 4 respected male member of the community who have witnessed the intercourse? Did you know that, if someone said they were innocent nothing would happen to them?

    Do not start abusing a religion you do not know, just because some stupid people interpreted it to suit them. One thing to be clear about is that, people in many muslim countries do not only practice Islam, but include their cultural practices as well in Islam, which in the end is not true Islam.

    I thought, the people who would make such comments are the primitive uneducated people. But coming from westerners with the opportunity for education is a shame.

  48. says

    Couldn’t agree more with you. See my post above. Animals are God’s beautiful creation and have better morality than Muslims who are actually creation of Mo/allah, the worst criminal in the history of mankind. Muslims can’t see they proudly follow and emulate this evil monster, it shows how brain dead they become following orders of M/allah!!!

    Calling Muslims animals is an insult to animals!!!

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    Julieann wrote: “the next world threat was going to be the islamic jihad”

    And the reason for this is now clear. Muslims can only exist in one of two forms of government: sharia/caliphate or dictatorship. The USSR had lots of Muslims, but the leadership wasn’t shy about using machine guns to eliminate opposition. Once the USSR became unwilling to kill its people in large numbers, the fall was only a matter of time (Reagan had little to do with it, by the way).

    The same is true in countries now threatened by Tunisian-style revolts. Islam is being kept in check by the dictators of the Islamic world, e.g. in Syria. In Turkey, Islam was kept in check by the army’s threat to remove a president attempting to install pure Islam; Erdogan made an end-run around this threat by removing non-servile generals. This is why both Obama and Bush II deserve the dolt of the century award for thinking that democracy can ever exist in an Islamic state.

  50. says

    Our Taquiyya crew seems to have been taking the last couple of weeks off. It must be exhausting work and maybe they need time to recover.

  51. says

    Hi Ima–I think it isn’t that they need to be awakened. It’s that they need to believe they’re next. I keep quoting Churchill here and it’s so true–“An appeaser is a person who feeds the alligator, hoping it will eat him last.”

  52. says

    The BBC do not listen to their own broadcasts.

    Every night at 11.30pm BBC Radio 4 there is a half hour programme “Today in Parliament”. Last night Thursday 27th January, quite by chance there were recordings of discussions about the support for veterans of Afghanistan & Iraq who had been traumatised in service. One member said it was not always battle or the death of friends that caused the trauma and cited the following case from Afghanistan.

    Leaving a village on patrol a soldier had given or thrown the sweets (US=candy) from his rations to a 5 year old girl. When the patrol returned hours later she was in a ditch by the road with her throat cut. A warning to the village children not to be friendly to soldiers. He blamed himself for the childs death.

    These are the people getting support from “Our Asian citizens”.

    Screw the BBC – or as we say alBbcera.

    I wish it could be accessed because if anything is worth a thread of its own that is.

  53. says

    “I hope like hell the western world comes to its senses and stops the spread of this diseased race of people.”

    What race is Islam? Remember, Alxander’s army marched thru AFG long before the jihadists got there.

    “Where are the drones when you need them?”

    I was thinking the same thing. Lay waste.

    I’m for deporting all Muslims out of the USA and into Arabia. Are you?

  54. says


    You wrote: “The fact that stoning is not in the Qur’an means that if the quran-only movement wins eventually, there will be no more stonings.The quranists are supported by queen Rania of Jordan.”

    1. The Quran has (a) the death penalty for “those in whose hearts is a disease” (33:59-62)–which in that case is interpreted to mean those who desire adultery and illegal sexual intercourse; (b) Quran 24:2 states that those guilty of illegal sexual intercourse (zina) must be flogged with 100 stripes–a punishment which can result in death; (c) “spreading mischief” (5:32-33) is a large category that includes promotion of various sin-crimes including illegal sexual intercourse, and which is punished harshly including with death; (d) the Quran repeatedly states that it confirms the Torah, which has the death penalty for adultery; (e) verses 25:68, 6:151, 17:33, 5:32, and others like them forbid killing except for a just cause, and given the above it would seem the author(s) of the Quran deemed that the crime of adultery was justification for killing; and (f) nowhere does the Quran say that adulterers should not be punished or that they should be punished in such a way that ensures that they survive the punishment.

    Anyways, the most moderate interpretation you’re going to get out of all of that is that adulterers should be flogged with 100 stripes.

    2. The Quran-only movement is not likely to win. The vast majority of Muslim scholars have long realized that the Quran itself cannot be understood without the context for the verses. The context is found in the Hadith and Sira.

    3. If the Queen of Jordan opposes the death penalty for adultery, then she is not supported by Jordanians, 70% of whom want stoning to death for adultery (see PEW link)

  55. says

    O.K. But for one the camera angle is just to convenient as well as the audio.The sound picks up the crowd but no screams from the puppet.The rock throwing stops long enough for the puppeteer to readjust the puppet.How do you know this a women?With all due respect this is a fake.Danny Pearls demise at the hands of these misfits on the other hand was not.I could be wrong…