Pakistan has more nukes than Britain

It’s not that this could become America’s problem. It already is, as Washington spends money hand over fist trying desperately to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of jihadists even with Pakistan’s current regime in place, let alone taking into account the possibility of its collapse. Islamabad has been living on borrowed time for years, trying to appease jihadist movements and leverage their bloodlust toward India at the expense of its sovereignty over its own territory. And amid all that instability, they have been bolstering their nuclear arsenal. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

“Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile worries US,” by Harun ur Rashid for the Daily Star, February 9 (thanks to Twostellas):

India and Pakistan, both neighbours with nuclear arms, have different perceptions of security, which complicates the security situation in South Asia. While India defines its security position in light of China’s military strength, Pakistan assesses its security concerns against India’s position. This has resulted in nuclear arms and missiles race in South Asia.

The original Washington Post report can be found here.

It has been reported by US intelligence that Pakistan has become the world’s fifth largest nuclear weapons power, overtaking Britain. The deployed weapons now number more than 110, according to recent estimates of US intelligence. Pakistan says that it is a credible, minimum nuclear deterrent, and people should not get unduly concerned about the stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Observers say that Pakistan has been infuriated by the nuclear deal between Washington and New Delhi, arguing that it has freed India’s homemade fuel to produce new weapons. As a result, Pakistan argues that it has no choice but to bolster its own production.

It is reported that the US has spent $100 million helping Pakistan to build fences, install sensor systems and train personnel to handle the weapons. But the US is deeply concerned that weapons-usable fuel, which is kept in laboratories and storage centres, is more vulnerable and could be diverted by insiders in Pakistan’s vast nuclear complex.

Another concern is not the weapons but the increase in production of material, especially plutonium. Pakisan is completing work on a large plutonium production reactor, which will greatly increase its ability to produce a new generation of weapons.

The biggest concern for the US is theft from the plants that produce plutonium. It is reported that Al Queda has been attempting to procure nuclear material and recruit scientists in order to build a “dirty bomb.”

Western security chiefs told a Nato meeting in 2009 that Al-Queda was planning a programme of “dirty radioactive improved explosive devices” which could be used against soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. Furthermore, Al Queda papers found in 2007 convinced security officials that greater advances had been made in bio-terrorism than previously feared….

Recently revealed Wikileaks cables support all of the above.

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  1. says

    Who actually guards these weapons in Pakistan? What if someone from the staff who guards these weapons is captured by a jihadist or an islamist?

    We know for sure that this is highly improbable because Pakistan do not host these kind of radical -like jihadism or islamism-ideas so this is absurd.

    But what would happen…?

  2. says

    All those 2 Billion dollars a year aid to Pakistan to produce nukes!!! Is anybody in big O administration awake – for that the previous administration of Dubya was also asleep at the switch!!

    Any chance we will cut off this “aid” to Pakistan soon??

  3. says

    When Baradei was the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN nuclear watchdog – Pakistan was able to accumulate more nuclear weapons and Iran is suspected to have one now! That’s why this guy is a joke, a suspected Iran/Muslim terrorist stooge – and thus is why the ‘peace’ Nobel price is another big joke! If Egypt fell under him and the Muslim Brotherhood, we can guess what will happen! Oh, I forgot, naother big joke – the UN; it has become an evil tool of the Arab kings to ENSLAVE the world under Islam!

  4. says

    Jaladhi – Any chance we will cut off this “aid” to Pakistan soon??

    The chances of this happening is nil. In the same way that the US funds despots to keep them in power (to supress the people) in the ME, the US feels it has no choice but to fund Pakistan to prevent free and fair election in Pakistan – lest muslisms take over power – rather ironic considering that it is a muslim country anyway.

    The muslims that are in power ofcourse are very happy with the arrangement – dumb kaffirs filling our coffers helping us to keep the head of the hindu in a servile bowed position – better than sex; not that the hindu will say much – they always complain in writing but that’s the end of it – the US can live with that.

    I personally blame the British – upon partition the muslims being the rulers for 800 years should have got the lion’s share of the land – it is the hindus that should have migrated and moved.

    Sweetness – Baklava

  5. says

    Baklava: “I personally blame the British – upon partition the muslims being the rulers for 800 years should have got the lion’s share of the land – it is the hindus that should have migrated and moved.”

    Right,the invaders should have stayed as the owners of the land – only in your Muslim mind and reasoning!! That is how you claim any invaded land by Muslims as Muslim land. Pretty soon you will ask the Brits to move out of UK and make it another Pakistan. You will have your revenge for this unpardonable of the Brits.

  6. says

    While the stockpile of nuclear weapons in Pakistan may be larger than the UK, Pakistan is not equipped to deliver most of those warheads on targets in India or the West. The biggest threat of course is the possibility of rogue nukes, warheads getting into the hands of terrorist groups who would deliver them on target as devices via conventional transportation modes or even piecemeal to be assembled in the target cities for detonation.

  7. says

    While Obama and Russia work for a “nuclear-free America”, err… “nuclear-free world” (administration ads paid for by our tax dollars), other actors are coming onto the stage that increase our need for higher nuclear weapons stocks.

    Hasn’t there already been an earlier recent announcement about terrorists acquiring enough nuclear material for dirty bombs from Russian stocks?

  8. says

    Westerners , in general , and Americans , in particular , seem to have a “love-hate” relationship with Islamic Pakistan and in coming years humanity will have to pay dearly for the “love” between Pakistan & USA as with the help of Pakistan’s nuclear scientist Dr.A.Q.Khan and North Korea’s clandestine supply of nukes to Pakistan “Islamic Bomb” has been created and deployed for use against “enemies of Islam” to which USA & UK belong ! From where did Iran get its nuclear know-how ? It was Dr.A.Q.Khan of Pakistan who secretely worked for Iran in Pakistan. CIA’s “knowledge” about this whole affair is like its mess-up of 9/11 tragedy in USA ! Who funded this birth of an “Islamic Bomb” ? The needle of suspicion goes directly to Libya and indirectly to saudi Arabia and UAE ! Dod save the Queen , “Stars & Stripes” and the whole world from the next nuclear world war III starting from Iran ( because of Pak nuke knowhow )! As the famous 5th Century forecaster Nostradamus says ” the missile attack on the New World (read USA) will be at the behest of a 21st century tyrant from the land of Mohammedans who wears a blue ( read as green ) turban” ! Long Live USA for its useless efforts in converting the bloody Muslims to “Democrcy” !

  9. says

    Very true. It makes one wonder, why produce warheads that you can’t deliver beyond a nominal stockpile? Either Pakistan’s leadership is planning to acquire more delivery systems, has institutional inertia [which is doubtful, given their industrial expansion efforts], or they see hand-offs of the weapons to terrorist groups as a viable option.