Useful idiots rally against King hearings

I have written a great deal about how King has shot himself in the foot in allowing himself to be cowed by his opponents, but their fury is nonetheless unabated — which may indicate that they fear the outcome of his hearings despite the success they’ve had in defanging them. “Religious leaders rally for American Muslims,” by Sebastian Smith for AFP, March 6:

NEW YORK “” New York religious leaders and a legendary hip hop figure lead a rally Sunday to defend American Muslims from what they described as Islamophobia in upcoming congressional hearings.

Several hundred people turned out under heavy rain in New York’s Times Square protesting the planned hearings on the danger of radicalization among American Muslims.

“I am a Muslim but I love this country as much as any Christian or Jew loves his country,” Imam Shamsi Ali, head of the New York Islamic Cultural Center, told the crowd from a stage draped in a huge Stars and Stripes.

Participants waved flags and placards decrying what protesters said amounted to a collective attack on Muslims.

“No to Anti-Muslim Bigotry and War!” one placard read.

Although the rally was small, the high-profile site and the diverse list of speakers were intended as a rebuke to Republican Congressman Peter King, who heads the Committee on Homeland Security hosting the hearings, starting Thursday in Washington.

King says his probe is legitimate given that most serious terrorist threats in the country have been linked to Islamic groups, including a growing number involving Muslim US citizens.

The protest began with the singing of the US national anthem by Anam Chaudhry, a 17-year-old opera student and Pakistani immigrant who pointedly wrapped herself in an American flag.

“I’m not some sort of alien. I’m like everyone else,” she told AFP after performing. “It’s a shame some people can’t see that. But we come in peace.”

Does Anam Chaudhry, wrapped up in her flag, really think that Congressional hearings about jihad activity in the U.S. actually threaten her? Why? If there were an armed group of Christian terrorists plotting violence in the U.S. and justifying them by reference to Bible texts, and a Congressmen held hearings about the radicalization of Christians, would non-radical Christians feel threatened? Should they feel threatened? Or might the claim that such hearings did indeed threaten non-radical Christians be an attempt at fearmongering by the radicals, designed to intimidate those holding the hearings into being too afraid of public pressure to accomplish anything useful?

Russell Simmons, a music and fashion entrepreneur who helped pioneer hip-hop, said that blanket suspicion of Muslims in the United States was no different to waves of xenophobia and racism in the past.

“It’s our job to stand up and protect them because if they go, we’re next — blacks, Jews,” Simmons said.

How paradoxical that in saying this, Simmons is running interference for adherents of an ideology that is also held by groups that are doing violence to blacks in Darfur and to Jews in Israel.

Several speakers, who included Christian pastors, imams and rabbis, noted that Times Square was the site of a major bomb scare last year, but that while the would-be bomber was Muslim, so was the citizen who alerted police.

“He was a Muslim from Senegal,” said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, a prominent inter-faith leader who has run into fiery opposition over his idea for an Islamic cultural center near the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York.

“The real battleground is not between America and Islam,” he said. “It’s between extremists in Islam, extremists in America.”

Rauf, you may recall, initially declined to denounce Hamas, and only did so later after an outcry.

Marc Schneier, a well-known rabbi, told the crowd that “American Muslims are as fully American as any other faith community and to hold hearings and not to invite other faith leaders to testify on behalf of the American Muslim community — that is an injustice.”

“The underlying premise of these hearings will stigmatize American Muslims,” he said.

This is a baseless assertion. Like the Big Lie, it is endlessly repeated, so that many people take it for granted, but there is nevertheless no reason why it should be so. That there are jihadists among Muslims in America is a fact. To investigate that fact is in no way to assert that all Muslims in America are jihadists — and to claim this so repeatedly and insistently is to discourage such investigations, which, whether or not this outcome is intended, will have the effect of enabling the jihadists among Muslims in America to continue their work with less law enforcement scrutiny.

King has drawn heavy fire since announcing the hearings.

But he defended himself Sunday on CNN, saying “there is an effort to radicalize efforts within the Muslim community.”

He stressed that Americans inspired by Al-Qaeda pose a unique threat to public safety, more so than right-wing extremists opposed to President Barack Obama or left-wing environmentalists.

“We’re talking about the affiliates of Al-Qaeda who have been radicalizing, and there’s been self-radicalization going on within the Muslim community, within a very small minority, but it’s there,” said King, hinting that violence by those extremists was not equivalent to that of others.

US Attorney General Eric Holder “is not saying he’s staying awake at night because of what’s coming from anti-abortion demonstrators or coming from environmental extremists or from neo-Nazis. It’s the radicalization right now in the Muslim community,” King added.

Representative Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, disagreed with the premise of the Republican’s move and called for an “alternative view.”

“I challenge the basic premise of the hearings,” he added.

Ellison welcomed a congressional investigation into radicalization, but said that looking only at Islam is like looking into organized crime and talking only about the Russian community or focusing on Irish gangs alone.

“I just think it doesn’t make sense to narrow in on a discrete insular group that has already been the target of a certain amount of discrimination,” he said.

“Discrimination”? Really? Where? Call the EEOC! Where is the documentation for Ellison’s claim? Are Muslims being refused jobs? Denied promotions? He would probably say yes, but this is largely a self-provoked phenomenon: Muslims make demands on companies to change their policies, they decline, and Muslims sue for discrimination. See, for example, the cases of Disney and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Meanwhile, hate crimes against Muslims are so rare (see here, here and here) that Hamas-linked CAIR has to trump them up to maintain the media myth of Muslims as victims.

Zogby: "Islamophobia and those who promote it are a greater threat to the United States of America than Anwar al-Awlaqi and his ragtag team of terrorists"
Jimmy Carter says that group dedicated to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within" is "not anything to be afraid of"
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  1. says

    “King hearings” are tried and sentenced without a jury by a genuinely ‘Islamophobic’ popular press and media, and dhimmi religious community, to appease Islamic Jihad (to impose a seditious and unconstitutional Sharia) in America. Sick!!!

    “No to Anti-Muslim Bigotry and War!” one placard read.

    “No to Sharia!” is the real response.

    “The real battleground is not between America and Islam,” he said. “It’s between extremists in Islam, extremists in America.” – Imam Rauf

    What rot. The battleground is between 7th century “Islamism’s Sharia” and our natural, 21st century, freedoms protected by our democratic constitutional laws and government. “Extremistm” is merely an odious sideshow, where the main circus is Sharia law.

    I hope the King hearings have some real meat to them. It’s time to expose Islamism in America, and all the “Islamophobia” at the media, academia, and bureaucratic levels. No to Sharia. Yes to Liberty!

  2. says

    “I’m not some sort of alien. I’m like everyone else,” [Anam Chaudhry] told AFP after performing.

    Islam disagrees, my dear, as you well know, according to Hadith Tabari IX:69, “Arabs are the most noble people in lineage, the most prominent, and the best in deeds.” But then, as a Pakistani, you are genetically Indian not Arab, so I guess you are like us infidels but not like those superior Arabs. Either way, you are not like everyone.

  3. says

    This is something, especially those living in Israel, have observed. The more concessions Israel makes to her enemies, the more demanding and bellicose her enemies become; not just her many Muslim enemies but also her enemies in the West including American leaders who are on the side of Islam. Time and time again Israel concedes land and security only to be subject to further immoral demands. I will never forget former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – after Israel forcibly uprooted thousands of law-abiding Jews from Gush Katif, Gaza and northern Samaria – she derided Israel warning the Jewish state that this was only the beginning!

    Such is the case with Congressman King. He caved; he bowed to immoral pressure from his enemies – to not invite certain experts on Islam and the jihad, both global and domestic. His enemies have taken King’s measure. King’s enemies have acquired a sense of the law-maker. They sense weakness. They smell blood. Thus the demands and the condemnation increase.

  4. says

    I tell people that it is the exact same people who spawn the terrorist groups who are inspiring these anti king protests because they want to prevent investigation into their subversion.

  5. says

    Even though Rep. King has apparently watered down his hearing, I don’t feel right on being to critical of his noble effort. Let us see how it plays out starting this Thursday, and not pre-judge it to much.

    In regards to the so-called Interfaith rally at Times Square yesterday between 2 and 5pm, I had a friend tell me it was a complete bust—anybody know different?

  6. says

    “But we come in peace”.

    This is ALWAYS the claim.

    By we, do ‘they’ mean Islam?

    Muslims may come in peace, individually. Islamic law and nationalism is at war against us.

  7. says

    Guys like Keith Ellison are so full of crap! Ellison is a baptised Catholic. He will have to reconcile his “conversion” to mohammedism on his deathbed. Nonetheless, he speaks of Irish gangs? I cannot speak for any other ethnic group, but I know that the Irish police themselves. I remember people from Noraid attempting to collect money from parishioners outside of church one Sunday. The money was to go for blankets and food for families whos men were dead or in prison because of their affiliatation with the IRA. The Noraids were told in no uncertain terms to beat it, else something far worse would happen to them. The IRA was not very popular among Irish-Americans and the Irish living in the United States, despite what the media would have you believe. The bombings around Belfast and in London were particularly heinous and outraged us. The IRA was told to knock it off because if they murdered innocents, they would have no American benefactors. The bombings in London ceased. So don’t use the Irish in your diatribes, Congressman Ellison. Speak only for your brethren that you have chosen to affiliate yourself with. Congressman, what have you to say about the US Airmen that were murdered and wounded last week in Germany in your gods name? You and the rest of your ilk are remarkably silent there, yet you open your mouth about perceived discrimination against your chosen “faith”. You can always come home, Congressman, and reclaim your soul that you have sold to beelzebub.

  8. says

    We can only pray that Rep. King be a “King” and not a court jester or concubine. I believe he IS a brave man and yes, we will wait until the hearings play out. I can only imagine the enormous pressure about to be dumped on him by the M.S.M. and the substantial demonic minions dispatched towards him by this cult’s behind the scenes horned puppeteer.

  9. says

    It was sickening to watch the regrettable Geraldo Rivera glad handing Imam Rauf yesterday at the demonstration.

    *** 33:21 ***

    Ellison welcomed a congressional investigation into radicalization, but said that looking only at Islam is like looking into organized crime and talking only about the Russian community or focusing on Irish gangs alone.

    Hey Keith, get back to us on Russki and Mick terrorism and how they’re doing with their programs.

    The Irish Republican Army you say? Well, show me where in the Bible that Yaweh commands, “I shall terrorize the non-JudeoChristians. And could you also point out where Jesus said, “I have been made victorious by terror?”

  10. says

    So, Russell Simmons fancies himself to be a ” Civil Rights ” leader these days, eh ?

    ” It’s our job to stand up and protect them because if they go, were next – blacks, Jews “.

    Where are they going to ” go “, Simmons, you idiot ?

    Did America suddenly become Nazi Germany overnight, you fool ?

    This jerk should stick to writing bad rhymes. And maybe he’ll even be able to design a pair of pants that stays up..

  11. says

    “I’m not some sort of alien. I’m like everyone else,” she told AFP after performing. “It’s a shame some people can’t see that. But we come in peace.”

    That’s why American is part of the Dar es Harb (House of War). After enough Muslims invade a country, it becomes a part of Dar es Islam (House of Submission). Then it is at peace.

  12. says

    Will Anam Chauddhry’s family and extended family in Pakistan stand up openly for the basic right to life and freedom of Christians, Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan?

    Will they protest in public to change the rancid blasphemy laws that their community has used to punish innocent Christians and others?

  13. says

    “I am a Muslim but I love this country as much as any Christian or Jew loves his country,” Imam Shamsi Ali…

    Imam Ali started out as a violent thug in the villages of South Sulawesi in Indonesia. He learned to channel all of his aggression into Islam after his father sent him to a Madrassa.

    He is currently deputy Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, the largest mosque in New York. The New York Police Department has foolishly named him a “clergy liaison””he works with NYPD “outreach” to the Muslim community, and he lectures them on the glories of Islam. He also runs the notorious Muslim Day Parade, held every September on Madison Avenue in New York City.

    Here’s a disturbing picture of Muslims taking over the streets for their prayers as part of the “festivities”:

    Here’s more from the parade from a couple of years ago:

    “Home of the Free Shari’a Movement”

    Ugly stuff.

    Foolish Kaffirs let this creep”along with two other Imams”recite *Muslim prayers* at the memorial service for the September 11th victims at Yankee stadium in the Bronx on September 23rd, 2001. How grotesque. This public exposure cemented Ali’s role as an “Islamic leader”.

    “September 11th, contributed a lot to my popularity among Muslims and non-Muslims alike,” Ali said.

    *What gall*.

    He’s big on “interfaith outreach”

    In 2001, Ali began teaching a class at the Islamic Center for non-Muslims. In his lectures he discusses the basic principles of Islam and encourages an “open dialogue” between non-Muslims and Muslims.

    “I create a neutral space where people can interact with each other and further their knowledge,” Ali said. I believe that educating people about Islam is the only way forward.”

    I wonder if Americans’ being “more educated” about Islam would have prevented 9/11? sarc/off

    He claims that since 9/11 the number of people converting in the Islamic Center has increased from an average of 60 to 100 each year. Da’wa.

    Sheikh Namus of the Islamic center said this:

    “He is effective, because the way he explains things is neutral. He is very, very moderate. Some say too much so.”

    How disturbing is this last line?

    “I never thought that I would be in the States one day playing such an important role for Islam, Ali said.

    He says he owes it all to “Allah”.