A Zeisen Pesach to you and yours

Wishing a sweet Passover to all Jihad Watch readers tonight.

Yes, as always, I mean all of you, and this year more than ever. With Israel on the front lines of the global jihad and more isolated and vilified than ever, it is more necessary than ever for all free people to stand with Israel on those front lines. Stand with Israel for freedom! Stand with Israel for humane values! Stand with Israel and all Jews worldwide!

Chag Pesach sameach! Am Yisroel chai!

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    Hussein O is no longer at liberty to undermine relations with Israel. He wasn’t much help during the last gaza-flotilla aggression. The political order has changed since then.

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    “All Jews worldwide” do not endorse the policies of Israel. Perhaps it would be best not to conflate all Jewish people with the nation by making such overarching claims . I am a Jew who has a nuanced position towards Israel and do not “stand” with the nation on all of its policies–some of which I consider racist. I think it is, in your words, “more necessary than ever” for Jews to realize that the Zionist project is leading, as many prominent Israelis have already claimed, towards an institutionalized government policy of separation and racial discrimination against Palestinian people through the deprivation of food, medicine, clean water, food and other goods. Just my opinion. Thanks for such an interesting blog.

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    “Stand with Israel for freedom! Stand with Israel for humane values! Stand with Israel and all Jews worldwide!”

    Hear, hear, Robert! …Happy Passover, All!

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    Pesach Tov!

    And a blessed Holy Week to all who follow the Roman liturgical calendar–even if I, as a Calvinist, celebrate the resurrection of Christ every Sunday.

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    It can be difficult to help you neighbors when they keep lobbing rockets at you, developing “sudden Jihad syndrome” and running over your people with bulldozers, or sending youths over late at night to slaughter your babies, or slowly strangling all your historic heritage right out from under you…

    Stand tall Israel….Chag Pesach sameach! Am Yisroel chai!

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    Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends! True Hindus stand with Jews AND Israel against our common enemy (islam). Israel and India face an existential threat from islam and together we will defeat this murderous cult.

    Long live Israel! Long live Hindu-Jewish solidarity!!

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    Thanks, Robert! Great sentiments. I love how you acknowledge that there are many other traditions which should stand shoulder-to-shoulder against the Jihad for freedom and justice. In any case, recently, when you wished the Hindus Happy Dawali I logged off and ate Indian buffet that day and wished the owner Happy Dawali – not that I know anything about it. She was very impressed!

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    I also wish well to those who celebrate religious holidays. (I correspond with a Jewish man and try to greet him at the appropriate times.)

    However, just as it’s nuts to expect American Indians to enjoy Columbus Day celebrations, why do Christians and Jews not see how others’ might feel about their religious stories? Do you really expect Egyptians to think Passover is a wonderful story?

    I heard a retired history professor, then the president of a conservative synagogue, give a talk on whether or not the Tanakh is actually a history of the Jewish people. He concluded that it is not, and gave three important reasons: 1) the Egyptians kept detailed records, but there was no mention of the Israelites, 2) if that many people spent that long in the desert, there should be some sign they had been there, but none has been found, and 3) archeological records show some of the cities weren’t even there at the time of the stories.

    To expect the Arabs in Palestine to accept the nationalistic Zionists’ stealing the land their families had occupied for centuries is nuts too. Just because the Jews wrote that their god gave them the land, doesn’t mean anybody else should believe it. Let’s see, supposedly a couple thousand years ago they had a kingdom on part of that land and it lasted about 70 years. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the UN reapportioned all the land on earth using similar unreason?

    All the great religions have some form of the Golden Rule (because that’s what works best in civilizations). Why do the religious make excuses for not using it? The myths and laws of all of them also include absurd and hateful stuff. Apparently you aren’t aware of the horrendous parts of the bible. Ever read Genesis 19?


    Steve Wells also critiques the Quran and Book of Mormon; just click in the upper-left corner. Check out his work at http://dwindlinginunbelief.blogspot.com/ too.

    To really understand, read “Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know About Them)” by Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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    Look people. This is not about the modern state of Israel being Zion or not – though if you believe it is, that’s fine & that’s your religion and I shall die defending your right to your religion, even though I throughly disagree with it.

    It is simple matter of:

    1) Israel is a free country that doesn’t try to kill it’s own people because of their sexuality, religion, political outlook or gender erc.

    2) Every other country around it can’t wait to repeat the Holocaust upon the Jews.

    3) Too many people are inadvertantly supporting number 2) in their ridiculous attempts to make the state of Israel pay for every blemish & crime she comitted, minor as they are compared to the world’s own.

    So pick your sides; you’re either supporting the genocide-wannabes by standing idly by & doing nothing to support the country holding back Islamists from taking over Europe more directly

    Or you’re for a free & secular state.

    And as for all the Orthodox Jews suscipicious of this secular state, take some advice from my own Orthodox Jewish friends & separate the love for you countrymen, who need a country to maintain their language & laws outside of Orthodoxy, from your religious aspirations.

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    Happy Passover all, and yes, with the assault on Israel from all friends and foes alike, I for one stand as its unwavering ally.

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    I’m not an American, nor a Jew!
    I find that Ephraim and Menashe are the model for the unconditional love essential for Jewish unity!!
    It is that causeless hatred for one another that haunts
    the Jewish people throughout history !!

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    I’m not a Jew nor an American, but I studied both of their histories. In my English language class I once questioned my teacher how come an American has FOUR FATHERS. My teacher questioned me where I got this idea. I told him that from the Gettisberg Address which starts: Four score and seven years ago, our FOUR FATHERS……….” !!
    After all, American history is only 200 or more years long, and I remember clearly that 11 minutes after UN voted for the Jewish State, Harry Truman gave the official recognition.

    A year later, Israeli chief rabbi paid a visit to Truman and said to him:” God put you in your mother’s womb so that you could be the instrument to bringing about the rebirth of Israel after 2000 years”. Truman cried !!!

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    Y`know, you can make the issue of Israel complicated if you like, but it really comes down to one question:

    If you have a choice of supporting and dealing with civilized men (however flawed) or barbarians, which would you choose?

    The answer seems pretty clear. That`s why I support Israel, despite its flaws.

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    May all our Jewish posters and lurkers – whether they dwell in eretz Israel, or in the lands of exile – enjoy a sweet, happy and blessed Passover.

    May the angels of the LORD stand round about them and protect them from all who would do them harm. (I am thinking particularly of our dear ‘Doom and Gloom’ who lives in Israel, within rocket range of Jihad Fortress Gaza, and who has an elderly and infirm mother to take care of and therefore cannot run swiftly to take shelter when the alarm sounds)

    A propos a poster above who asked snidely how ‘the Egyptians’ might feel about Passover…that poster needs to remember that the living descendants of the ancient Egyptians are, ta-daa! – the Copts of Egypt, pretty nearly all of them Christians, who will be reciting the story of the Exodus in the course of their Easter liturgy, since like all Christians they see the acts of divine power which released the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt, as being of a par with the act of divine power which raised the Jew Jesus – Yeshua of Nazareth – from the dead (thus making nonsense of all the panoplied power of imperial Rome and the gods of Rome, just as the deliverance of the Israelites over a millennium before made nonsense of all the power of imperial Egypt and the ‘gods’ of Egypt).

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    Chag kasher v’sameach

    May this festival of freedom and redemption bring peace to our land of Israel and to all of us living here.

    Free Gilad Shalit!

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    I’m perfectly willing to support the existence of Israel, even in its expanded configuration, but I cannot “stand .. with all Jews worldwide.” Far too many of them in America are “liberals” of the most rabid sort, constantly pushing for gun confiscation, alien importation, wealth redistribution, and other forms of inmical “social justice.” Stand with sensible people like David Horowitz or Norman Podhoretz? Absolutely. Stand with oafish fanatics like Eric Yoffe or Charles Schumer? Fuhgedaboudit.

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    Thank you for all Pesach wishes!

    As I followed the Haggada reading by my father, who conducted our Seder, I reflected on the emergence of a people from slavery. It took them forty years to get rid of the taint of slavery and become free.

    I hope it won’
    t take the Jew haters and Islamodrones that long to deslime…

    Chag Sameach to all and a happy week of freedom!
    Indian Tiger – I echo your cheer – HIndu Jewish solidarity shares much, much more than just being oppressed by a bunch of psychopathic Muslims, however.
    The passion for knowledge, family, interesting recipes and assertive women…;)

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    Half my family is Jewish, and the other half Protestant, so if you subtract the proselytizing part, I’m a sort of a natural born Jew for Jesus, or a Christian for the Jews. So my Jewish side thanks all you Christians for the Passover wishes, and my Christian side congratulates all you Jews. I have a lot of sympathy for atheists too, as there have been one or two intelligent ones in my family. I send good wishes to any Muslims of good will, who repudiate texts like these:

    In core Islamic texts, Muhammad says your “lives and property” are not safe from him unless you become a Muslim

    In Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the two most canonical hadith collections:

    Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 25:

    Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

    Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform all that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah.”

    Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 5917:

    …Ali went a bit and then halted and did not look about and then said in a loud voice: Allah’s Messenger, on what issue should I fight with the people? Thereupon he (the Prophet) said: Fight with them until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger, and when they do that then their blood and their riches are inviolable from your hands but what is justified by law and their reckoning is with Allah.

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    A propos ‘Horse’ (and note his use of the standard contemptuous Jew-hating phrase ‘the Zionist state’, which reveals him to be yet another predictably Jew-hating Mohammedan) and his claim that the fact that *some* Muslims serve in the IDF proves that it is OK for non-Muslim states to enlist Muslims in their militaries…RUBBISH.

    It proves nothing of the kind. It merely shows that the Jews of Israel are being just as dangerously foolish or deluded or naive about Islam and Muslims as most other non-Muslim communities currently are. Fort Hood showed us what can and does happen, sooner or later, when Muslims are allowed into the non-Muslim military.

    How can the Infidel recruiting body tell for sure that this or that Muslim proposing to enlist is not harbouring jihadist ambitions, or that – even if *currently* harmless – he will ‘flip’ into Jihad Mode in the future? It can’t. So…better safe than sorry. And that would be my advice to the IDF. Sooner or later, they too will suffer a ‘Fort Hood’ or worse.

    Ali Sina, ex-Muslim, on the subject of ‘moderate Muslims’.


    ‘Exposing the Myth of Moderate Islam’

    And as for Horse’s utterly nonsensical claim that the Arab Muslim (and Persian Muslim, and quite-a-lot-of other-kinds-of-Muslim) war against the Jews of Israel and against the state of Israel has got nothing to do with Islam…once again- RUBBISH.


    Why Islam Will Never Accept the State of Israel

    It has **everything** to do with Islam.

    With every new posting he makes, ‘Horse’ exposes himself more and more to be an utterly typical Mohammedan, lying and denying, ducking and dodging, half-truthing and ‘spinning’ for all he’s worth, in a frantic attempt to try to keep the Infidels from realizing what the Ummah is up to…until it is too late.

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    And as for Ali Sina, he is most likely a fake.

    Can Ali Sina prove that he has a PHD? Can he prove that he is an ex muslim? Can he prove that he knows arabic or even what he is talking about? Why is he so afraid to let out his real identity?

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    Frankly, I think every posting made by ‘Horse’ in this thread ought to be deleted.

    Just as on his first ever appearance at jihadwatch – when he gatecrashed, in a series of insulting postings, the November 11 Remembrance Day thread – he has ‘gatecrashed’ the jihadwatch Passover party and has attempted to hijack and derail the thread in a display of the grossest and ugliest discourtesy.

    To exorcise the nasty taste of his postings, I shall post another glorious piece by Ofra Hazar.

    This time it is a portion of the Song of Songs, the Shir ha Shirim which, let us not forget, is in Jewish and Christian tradition thought of not only as a celebration of human love and marriage, but as a dialogue between the Holy One, YHWH, and Israel his Bride and beloved.

    I remember reading somewhere that certain interpreters see the ‘many waters’ of the second verse cited here, as an allusion to the waters through which Israel – rescued from Egypt by her divine lover – passed to freedom. ‘Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it’. You can follow the text quite easily if you remember that ‘ahava’ is the Hebrew word for ‘love’.



    ҉۬Simeni kachotam al libecha,
simeni kachotam al z’ro’echa,

    Ki aza kamavet ahava,
Ki aza kamavet ahava,
kasha kish’ol kin’ah,
Rishafeha rishpei esh, 

    esh shalhevet Yah.

    Mayim rabim yo yuchlu l’chabot et ha’ahava,
    u’n’harot lo yish’t’fuha,

    Im yiten ish et kawl hon beito b’ahava,
boz yavuzu lo.”

(Shir HaShirim 8:6,7)


Place me as a seal upon your heart, 

    place me as a seal upon your arm,

    For love is strong as death,
For love is strong as death,
Jealousy is difficult as the grave,

    Its flames are flames of fire,
fire of the flame of God.
    Many waters could not extinguish love,
and rivers could not rinse it away.
If a man were to give all the wealth of his house for love,
He would surely be despised. ‘

    (that is: love cannot be bought by money – dda).

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    We in the West and even people beyond the West may owe far more than most of us know, to the House of Israel.

    Some idea of that enormous debt is outlined in Tom Cahill’s useful and inspiring little book “The Gifts of the Jews” –

    discussed by David Gergen and the author, here:


    And a thought-provoking and (I think) very convincing article by one Joshua Berman –


    ‘God’s Alliance with Man’.

    Reading this article, one begins to think that the Sinai covenant should, perhaps, be referred to as the Sinai Revolution.

    From Berman’s introduction:

    “Whereas much scholarly discussion has focused on the idea of the people of Israel as a collective, and the covenant referring to an entire nation as such enjoined in a covenantal bond with God, I will argue in what follows that within the covenantal narratives human kingship is bestowed not only upon the entire Israelite polity, but upon each individual member of that polity as well.

    “God is a king who enters into a treaty not only with the Jewish people as a lesser king, but with each individual Jew, subordinate yet possessing honor and standing in his own right.

    The implications of this claim- that subordinate kingship devolves upon the individual no less than the people-may extend far beyond the scholarly debates.

    “The idea of covenant may in fact be indicative of a profound revolution which biblical thinking represented in the ancient world, a revolution which is with us to this day.”

    And his conclusion –

    “By recasting the encounter between man and God as a covenant modeled on the political treaties of the surrounding world, the Bible articulated a relationship in which honor could be reciprocally bestowed between God and the common man of Israel, enacting thereby a reformulation of social and political thought of great proportion.

    “The common man was transformed, perhaps for the first time in human history, from a mere servant of kings to nothing less than a servant-king, who stood in honor before the Almighty Sovereign.

    “This elevation of the individual in the eyes of God may well represent the most profound political teaching, and most lasting political legacy, of the Hebrew Bible”.

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    ErikH, you make a good point. I don’t agree with everything that the Republicans or Democrats say either. Israel’s record is not unblemished.

    But I believe that Robert’s point is that Israel is under seige by neighbors that are bent on its destruction. It deserves our friendship and support, even as we ask it fix its most egregious mistakes.

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    In some instances perceived “racial discrimination” is necessary and just. Such is the case with the fakestinians.
    However the “deprivation of food, medicine, clean water, food and other goods” from them is a lie, backed by excellent propaganda.

    Pictures of some of the lies coming out of the West Bank & Gaza


    Obesity rates of West Bank & Gaza, 3rd & 8th highest in the world


    Choose to believe the propaganda or the facts. I stand with Israel, always!

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    I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that you’re actually a Jew-hating Muslim who is claiming to be a Jew, hoping we won’t call out BS when we see it. Sorry, it won’t work. Much like the “Jews” who, apparently, work diligently to expose Islamophobia over at Loonwatch, I think you’re a phantom.

    My suspicion is nearly confirmed just by this

    an institutionalized government policy of separation and racial discrimination against Palestinian people through the deprivation of food, medicine, clean water, food and other goods.

    Now, I don’t know exactly how many billion tons of aid have passed through Israel into Gaza, but I’ll just say it was enough to make the people of Gaza into some of the most obese, overweight people in the world. That’s quite a feat to pull off if Israel is denying aid to these people, as you seem to believe.

    No, the only one who is guilty of withholding aid from the people of Gaza was Hamas, who cut off supply routes shortly after the jihad flotilla incident. Now, mostly everyone on this site saw this event as a bunch of jihadists who attacked Israeli soldiers and got killed for it. There is quite a bit of video proof to support our point of view. I would guess that you saw this event as an unprovoked act of Israeli aggression upon innocent Muslims trying to deliver aid. No proof for that view, but that won’t stop people like you from vilifying Jews and victimizing Muslims every chance you get. It’s nothing new, at all.

  26. says

    I can not believe that a jew would fall for the left’s BS.Tell me.If you had to go live in the middle east where would you want to live?Israel is not perfect but you name me a country that is with out fault.God says :I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse Isarel.I chose to bless Israel.God bless you Israel and a blessed Passover.

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    the worst of Israel is the “self-hating Jew”, how sad that these people are so fooled, so full of self loathing that they need to put their country and culture down. does this man even know the koran and how it states it needs to kill all non-Muslims for all time, that is most of us here!

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    “…towards an institutionalized government policy of separation and racial discrimination against Palestinian people through the deprivation of food, medicine, clean water, food and other goods.”

    You’re a Muslim. What do you think, we’re stupid or something? Obviously you’re a Muslim. Begone, troll.

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    You stated:

    “I think it is, in your words, ‘more necessary than ever’ for Jews to realize that the Zionist project is leading, as many prominent Israelis have already claimed, towards an institutionalized government policy of separation and racial discrimination against Palestinian people through the deprivation of food, medicine, clean water, food and other goods.”

    This is profoundly untrue. Please avail yourself to some facts over this conflict before making such false assertions …

    Fact #7: Arab leaders have been abusing the Palestinians for political gain since the beginning of the conflict:

    Certainly the most tragic example of Palestinian leaders abusing their own people is their explicit policy of maximizing their own civilian casualties in order to generate worldwide condemnation against Israel. Both Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon intentionally put their own civilians in harm’s way by firing rockets from civilian areas, including hospitals, mosques, schools, UN posts, residential areas, and foreign press buildings. Hamas fighters have grabbed children off the streets to use as human shields, made their war headquarters under the largest hospital in Gaza, and booby trapped schools, zoos, civilian buildings, and even their own homes to maximize the carnage. They have prevented civilians from fleeing, broadcast messages on public television and radio calling on women and children to shield their fighters, and killed Palestinians who tried to resist being abused in this way. Civilians who were injured by Israeli attacks in both Gaza and Lebanon have blamed the terrorists for intentionally drawing fire to their homes. Several Arab leaders have also blamed Hamas and Hizbullah for dragging the region into conflict, including representatives of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority, among others.

    Palestinian terrorists also make it extremely difficult for Israeli forces to differentiate between civilians and combatants by abusing humanitarian symbols, including a long history of hijacking ambulances and TV vehicles to transport fighters, explosives and suicide bombers. Both Hamas and Hizbullah have fought behind white flags; their combatants fight in civilian clothes; they have also used the Red Crescent symbol to disguise combatants. In the 2009 Gaza conflict, Hamas increased rocket attacks during the ceasefires, and repeatedly stole humanitarian aid (then tried to sell it back to the people), to the extent that at one point the UN suspended delivery of aid. Hamas has attacked aid trucks and border crossings; stolen fuel; refused aid; converted medicine bottles into grenades; and barred the injured from receiving medical treatment. When issuing requests for international aid, Hamas asks for weapons and fighters, instead of basic commodities for its people. In 2007, a Gaza resident who had been receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital used her medical permit to try to blow herself up in that same hospital.

    Palestinians and their supporters also generate blame towards Israel by exaggerating and fabricating civilian suffering for the international media, which routinely proceeds to propagate these claims unquestioningly. “Pallywood” tactics include staging injuries, funerals and power blackouts, doctoring and misrepresenting photos and videos for the press, and wildly exaggerating casualty figures. Several foreign and Palestinian journalists have been threatened and attacked for reporting stories not in keeping with the desired Palestinian image.

    The mass abuse of Palestinians at the hands of Arab leaders began with the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem in the War of 1948. Before launching the war, leaders of the invading Arab armies ordered Palestinian Arabs to leave their homes so they could “obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in”. From then until today, Palestinians refugees have been denied basic rights in almost every Arab country where they have sought shelter, including Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq. Libya expelled 30,000 of its Palestinian refugees; Kuwait expelled over 400,000. Yasser Arafat himself said that “What Kuwait did to the Palestinian people is worse than what has been done by Israel to Palestinians in the occupied territories.”

    According to the Arab League, the explicit policy of denying Palestinians citizenship in other Arab countries and keeping them in “very bad conditions” is in order “to preserve their Palestinian identity”. An Egyptian foreign minister also openly stated that the intention in demanding the right of Palestinian refugees to return “is the extermination of Israel”.

    Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza fare no better. Though they are the largest per-capita recipients of aid in the world, their leaders have to a large extent refused to use those funds to improve the conditions of ordinary Palestinians. Instead, several billion dollars in aid were diverted to Yasser Arafat’s personal accounts, while other aid was used to fund terrorism against Israel. The wealthy Arab states, for their part, have remained true to their policy of neglecting the Palestinians by giving only five percent of total aid, much less than they had publicly pledged.

    “For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land. The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine. It is as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: ‘We desire death like you desire life.'”

    – Hamas MP Fathi Hammad, 2008 [translation by MEMRI]


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    ErikH wrote:

    I am a Jew who has a nuanced position towards Israel and do not “stand” with the nation

    Are you “nuanced” on the issue of the missiles Hamas is lobbing into Israeli school buses? Are you “nuanced” on Iran’s vow to “wipe Israel off the map”? Are you “nuanced” on the savage massacre of the Fogel family?

    Are you “nuanced” on the question of the survival of the Middle East’s only democracy?

    Just curious.

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    erik–no country is perfect but Israel is a civilization in the midst of barbarianism. with a population of 6 million and over 100 countries represented there, the highest per capita college graduate population than most nations anywhere, and a country that has taken in refugees from the Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Vietnam,Liberia, the Congo, and even the Bosnian muslims, where the Arab nations have refused to give Palestinian refugees citizenship, I am happy to wish them a happy Passover. Oh, and I`m an atheist.

  32. says

    Its NOT ROMAN.

    We Eastern Christians of Mesopotamia have celebrated a very similar calendar since the times of St Thomas the Twin.

    The Chaldean, Syriac, Greek, Coptic & Ethiopian rites all place heavy emphasis on this coming Sunday to celebrate the ressurection.

    So it’s not Roman.

    You’re not swiss, and I as an Aramaic-speaking Christian from Mesopotamia aren’t Roman! I am allied to Rome, yes.

  33. says

    When pigs…

    I believe in facts most of all. So, I appreciate your posting very much. I had no idea of those aspects of Gaza.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they could channel some energy into productivity, rather than their endless and pointless jihad?

  34. says

    Ruth Walker,

    No, there is nothing nuts about expecting a native American to celebrate Columbus Day. What you are ignoring is that some ideas are better than others. European modern thinking was better than native American stone-age nomadism of the time. Today, intelligent native Americans should be grateful that European modern thinking arrived.

    And regarding this:

    “All the great religions have some form of the Golden Rule”

    Can you give an example of Islam’s? No, you can’t. Because it doesn’t exist.

  35. says

    1. Islam does not have the Golden Rule in any form.

    2. The Fakestinians are squatters on ancient Jewish lands. They need to go back to Jordan and Syria. Egypt, too. The bullies won’t be satisfied until Israel belongs to the Muslims.

    3. As for “Egyptians not thinking Passover to be wonderful” (paraphrase) – are you serious? Who the hell cares? Couldn’t care less what the Mohammedans think as they’re nuts.

    4. You must be a Muslim, too, or if not then a certified Liberal MoonBat Apologist for the Muslims.

  36. says

    Hi Ruth Walker,
    Islamic core texts here and there expound a sort of Golden Rule, but it generally applies only among Muslims.

    For example, Islamic law treats non-Muslims very differently from how Muslims wish to be treated.

    Reliance of the Traveller, a standard Islamic legal reference certified by Al-Azhar, the chief center of Islamic and Arabic learning in the world, supports extreme discrimination against non-Muslims and women:

    From page 590 of The Reliance of the Traveller/Umdat Al-Salik:

    The indemnity [compensation for damages] for the death or injury of a woman is one-half the indemnity paid for a man.

    The indemnity for a Jew or a Christian is one-third the indemnity paid for a Muslim.

    The indemnity for a Zoroastrian [the Persian pre-Islamic religion, to which some Iranians still adhere] is one-fifteenth of that of a Muslim.

    From the back cover of Reliance of the Traveller:

    “There is no doubt that this translation is a valuable and important work, whether as a textbook for teaching Islamic jurisprudence to English speakers, or as a legal reference for use by scholars, educated laymen, and students in this language.”
    Dr. Taha Jabir al-Alwani, president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought

    The back cover also says the book

    …is the first translation of a standard Islamic legal reference in a European language to be certified by Al-Azhar, the Muslim world’s oldest institution of higher learning. It presents an explanative interpretation of Umdat al-Salik, a classic Sunni manual of Sacred law…


  37. says

    Hello Ruth,

    I’m a bit uncertain as to how to categorize your letter. You seem to take the perspective of the universal atheist, who critiques all religions. Most non-communist atheists are more-or-less individualistic, but you seem to give a lot of sympathy to the nationalistic viewpoint of the Arabs, which is one of the most collectivist philosophies in the world.

    Up until 1948, the land acquisition of the Jewish settlers in Palestine was pretty legal: they bought the land they used. There are claims that some of the families living on the lands had de facto claims on the land, and they were moved off without their permission. Any sane person would eventually take their lumps and move on to a productive life. The Palestinians, for whatever reason, choose to put their productive lives and their collective support into a mechanism of destruction aimed at the only real democracy in the Middle East.

    Can anyone doubt that if the Palestinian groups pursued their claims in a reasonable and civilized manner, they could accomplish almost any compensation package they wished, short of flooding Israel with hostile and unassimilable elements? Instead, the Palestinians chose to support psychopathic murderers like Yassir Arafat.

    It is not necessary to have religious beliefs to support Israel. It is sufficient to realize Israel stands in the front lines of the frontiers of civilization. The elimination of Israel would not lessen the animosity of Muslim jihadists towards the west. It would, to the contrary, clear a major hurdle for the next phase of their war.

  38. says

    Oh please …

    Any Christian worth his/her salt KNOWS that Bart Ehrman is an apostate, and the book you mentioned is a Christian skeptic’s dream come true – as long as one does not check the facts written therein too closely. And I don’t care how many credentials you list on this guy, he is out to destroy Christianity – and by all appearances so are you. Hey I am happy to report that Christ’s true believers can NEVER be destroyed, so good riddance to both of you.

  39. says

    Rabbi Ken Spiro:
    “One of the great Achelles heels of the Jewish people is
    sinat chinam–the causeless hatred of one Jew for another. This hatred is one of the driving forces behind the disunity in the Jewish world.”

  40. says

    Exactly. Let’s keep it simple to that.

    As Robert has put it, we all have our differences – Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Janisits, Jews, Mandeans, Sikhs and so forth. We can debate later. Let’s stay alive first.

  41. says

    That’s possible, but as Debbie Sclussel routinely points out, don’t forget the many Jews – both Left AND Right – who tend to be pro-Muslim as well as anti-Israel. Almost all of this is modern PCMC ideology, but it has the same effect as Muslims smuggling a Trojan Horse into Jewish populations everywhere and letting them loose.

  42. says

    DDA, you suggested that all non muslim countries should kick muslims out of their military.

    The Zionist state would be the first country to reject that absurd idea since they rely heavily on muslim circaassians and muslim Arab bedouin in their army-



    picture of muslim Arab bedouin in Zionist army with a zionist flag



    Incidently, Christian arabs aren’t drafted in the Israeli army, since only Bedouin muslim arabs are recruited, non bedouin arabs (both christian and some muslim arabs are not bedouin) are not drafted. Therefore, they don’t normally get any benefits that normal military recruits get.

    But Arab Christians serve in top ranks in the Syrian military.


    “Over the past century, Christians became famous in all walks of life. Among the long list of politicians are men like ex-ministers Mikhael Ilyan and Tawfiq Shamiyya, officers like Wadih al-Muqabari (commander of the air force), Yusuf Shakkur (Chief of Staff during the October War of 1973), and current Chief of Staff Daoud Rajha.”

    Muslims, not only non arab circassian, but bedouin ARAB muslims serve in the Israel Defence Forces

    So stop the nonsense that this is about Islam vs Judaism.

  43. says

    The architect of Beslan and other terrorist attacks, was the Chechen Shamil Basayev, who was linked to the Russian FSB, when he, effectively allied with Russia, fought for Abkhazia against Georgia. He slipped through Russian FSB checkpoints strangely without being detained several times. Many of the “chechen mujahideen”, fought for Russia in abkhazia during the war against Georgia in the early 90’s.

    unknown998 himself admitted this-


    Russia used Chechens to murder orthodox christian Georgians, and Russia still backs Muslim Abkhkazia against Georgia, and even deployed Chechen units belonging to Kadyrov against the Georgians in the 2008 Ossetia war.

    The “Vostok”, and “Zapad” Chechen special forces were sent to battle against Georgians during the war-



    Both of them are extremely brutal in combat, especially Zapad commnaded by Said-Magomed Kakiyev, a chechen whose received numerous military decorations from the Russians

    By the way, Russian children weren’t killed in Beslan. Those children were ethnic Ossetians, not Russians.

    As noted in the “peaceinthecaucasus” link i provided, Russia has a nasty habit of playing up ethnic tensions between different ethnic groups in the caucasus, playing ossetians against ingush, ossetians and abkhaz against georgia, sending Chechen special forces against the Georgians”.

    As i said, Shamil Basayev was linked to the Russian government FSB, and he was the one responsible for Beslan. the FSB never admitted to cutting ties with him. Whose to say that the Russians would not care if a couple hundred non russia ossetian children died at Beslan?

    Sulim Yamadayev, also a well known Chechen terrorist and a separatist, served in the Russian army’s GRU special forces, and was sent by Russia to battle against the orthodox CHRISTIAN georgians during the war.

    Khozh-Ahmed Noukhayev, a Chechen separatist, and also the founder of the Chechen Mafia, is linked to several Russian “Eurasianist”, and anti american Russian organizations, even though a separatist, he is still pro Russia.

    You non Russians/ Non chechens, can’t even grasp the complexity of the situation in the caucasus. the Russians and chechens allied numerous times to fight against orthodox CHRISTIAN georgians.
    What comes around goes around. russia tried to use muslims to mess with other people and they got bit back in the butt HARD.

    The Orthodox Christian Georgians don’t agree with you, dumbledoresarmy. Having been the victims of Chechen “mujahideen” forces sent by Russia against them, they would love to see a Crescent flying over the Kremlin.

    this is what one person from the caucasus said on the conflict-

    “To send “Chechen’ special forces into South Ossetia, I believe, was wrong. The Georgians, Ossetians, along with many other peoples of the Caucasus, are brother nations. People of the Caucasus shouldn’t take sides in such conflicts. We ought use all our means so as to not allow bloodshed, to reconcile the conflicting parties, and to in no way help one kill the other. After all, the Caucasus – it’s our common home.”

  44. says

    I believe “Horse” hopes that if he continues to throw up enough obscure and unimportant details that he will confuse readers here sufficiently that we will fail to notice the consistent threat of Jihad”whether against Israeli families, against British commuters, against Thai rubber plantation workers, against Dutch filmmakers, against Danish cartoonists, against Nigerian church-goers, against Russian schoolchildren, or against any other Infidels.

    Really, I don’t believe many Jihad Watch readers are addled enough to fall for “Horse’s” crap, no matter how copious it might be.

  45. says

    You failed to read the information I provided.

    The schoolchildren at beslan who died were ethnic ossetians, not slavic russians. They are a caucasian (kavkaz) ethnic group from the caucasus like the georgians, chechens, ingush, and dagestanis.

    If you consider them to be russians, then chechens, tatars, and other groups are equally as russian…… the ossetians have their own language.

    Shamil Basayev, who ordered the Beslan attack, was a known agent of the Russian government’s FSB.

  46. says

    Oh, Horse,

    Ali Sina himself says that it is all about his arguments, him showing the verifiable facts, about Islam’s holy texts, holy men, and about the behavior and motivation of so many Muslims, all over the world, with mountains and mounting evidence.

    And here you go again, deploring the message but Muslims being unable to either forbid it or refute it, you go for discrediting the messenger, discrediting him because Muslims can’t kill, imprison or silence him. Showing your anger because of the powerlessness of Muslims.

    Ali Sina has a mission and is very dedicated, enough to risk his life. That alone makes a man good in what he does, and highly probably honest.

    And you as a Muslim asking why he is so afraid to let out his real identity is the height of hypocrisy. You can at the very least acknowledge that there are many bloodthirsty Muslims around, anxious to kill him, telling him in many messages, which he can PROVE to even your satisfaction. You should be reading all the death-threats, from Muslims, he receives all the time.

  47. says

    “Horse” wrote:

    You failed to read the information I provided.

    The schoolchildren at beslan who died were ethnic ossetians, not slavic russians…

    Of course I read it. In fact, this information is not new to me. While not as vast and varied as the old Soviet Union, the Russian Federation is still a huge polity, consisting of many ethnicities beyond “Slavic Russians”. The reason I did not allude to this is that this fact has no real relevance here.


    If you consider them to be russians, then chechens, tatars, and other groups are equally as russian…… the ossetians have their own language.

    It makes no difference whether *I* consider them Russian or not”the Jihad attackers did. The Beslan seige was carried out to dissuade Russia from continuing to defend against Jihad in Chechnya.

    They attacked Beslan not because it mattered whether the victims were ethnic Ossetians or ethnic Slavs, but because Beslan was located in a part of Russia closer and easier to attack than would be a similar school in Murmansk, St. Petersburg, or Vladivostok.


    Shamil Basayev, who ordered the Beslan attack, was a known agent of the Russian government’s FSB.

    Well, I suppose that’s possible”although his family had been involved in Jihad for some generations.

    By the time he ordered the Beslan School Massacre and the Moscow theatre hostage crisis, though, Shamil Basayev was calling himself “Emir Abdallah Shamil Abu-Idris”, and was a full-fledged warlord and Jihad terrorist.

    He was killed by an explosion in 2006. The Russians claim he was eliminated in a targeted killing by the FSB, rival Jihad groups claim they killed him, and Chechens themselves say he blew himself up in a “work accident”, which seems to an occupational hazzard for Jihadists.

    Ultimately, though, this is typical of “Horse”. The Beslan Massacre was a particularly vicious Jihad attack, which led to the deaths of at least 334 hostages”including 186 children”and the wounding of hundreds more. It was aimed directly at *children and their unarmed, non-combatant teachers*.

    Rather than express any horror at the utter savagery of his barbaric coreligionists, “Horse” would rather cavil over the completely irrelevant issue of the ethnic makeup of the victims.

    In the end, they were regarded as nothing but “filthy Kaffirs” by their heartless Jihad murderers.

  48. says


    when “Horse” made this claim – “Shamil Basayev, who ordered the Beslan attack, was a known agent of the Russian government’s FSB”- it reminded me very much of all those Muslim spin-doctors who loudly proclaim that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ or ‘false flag’ operation.

    Horse’s claim about Basayev was a revoltingly typical piece of Muslim projection and blame-the-victim / blame-the-Infidel blame-shifting.

    And did you notice the attack upon Ali Sina? (nicely riposted by Demsci). He **hates** apostates. For all that he pretends Hui Muslims are civilised and nicey-nice, I think he’d cheerfully slit Ali Sina’s throat if he got a chance, just like any other barbaric sharia-pusher.

  49. says

    DDA clearly has not read or comprehending any of the posts i made in the past, since i pointed that that Pai Hsien-yung, the son of Bai Chongxi, Chairman of the Chinese Muslim Association, is no longer muslim and is currently a homosexual. He received no death threats from the association (the Bai family and the association are based in Taiwan), for either homosexuality or apostasy. There is a group of families in Fujian province of china and taiwan, who are descended from muslims but they are no longer muslims, they have received no death threats at all-

    DDA, so you are suggesting unknown 998 is a liar

    He ADMITTED that Russian FSB used chechen mujahideen, including shamil basayev, against Georgia during the 1993 war in abkhazia.

    russia was backing abkhazia against georgia, by the way, a large amount of abkhaz are MUSLIMS



    as you can see on this wikipedia article, Shamil Basayev fought side by side with the Russians against the orthodox CHRISTIAN georgians

    “Russian border guards allowed the Chechen fighters led by Shamil Basayev to cross into Abkhazia or at least did nothing to prevent them from arriving in the conflict zone.”


    cited from “The wolves of Islam: Russia and the faces of Chechen terror By Paul J. Murphy”

    “Ironically, for most of the next year Basayev would fight alongisde Russians sent by President Yeltsin to support Abkhazia against Georgia. Russian military intelligence turned a blind eye to the 1991 terrorist arrest warrant against Basayev to train him and his detachment in Abkhazia, and the Russians even helped direct Basayev’s combat operations. Long after the war, Basayev praised the professionalism and courage of his Russian trainers in Abkhazia ” praise that led some of his enemies in Grozny, even President Maskhadov, to later call him a “longtime GRU agent”


    “This, however, was not the worst atrocity attributed to Basayev and his men. One hundred Georgian soldiers were herded into the central stadium in Gagra where they were beheaded and their heads used as footballs in a soccer match”

    200,000 Georgians were cleansed from abkhazia, by Shamil Basayev’s Russian supported checehn forces. He executed any Georgian they found

    A gruesome form of execution was used on the Georgians by the Chechens and abkhaz called the “chechen tongue”. Trust me, you don’t want to know why its called that.


  50. says

    Dumbledore’s Army wrote:


    when “Horse” made this claim – “Shamil Basayev, who ordered the Beslan attack, was a known agent of the Russian government’s FSB”- it reminded me very much of all those Muslim spin-doctors who loudly proclaim that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ or ‘false flag’ operation.

    Believe me, DDA, I was hardly taking “Horse’s” word for *anything*”I just meant that his claim would make little difference here even if true. Basayev””Emir Abdallah Shamil Abu-Idris””was above all a savage Jihadist, as is abundantly clear from his actions.


    And did you notice the attack upon Ali Sina? (nicely riposted by Demsci). He **hates** apostates.

    Yes”the masks slips with many supposed “moderate” Muslims when the subject of being allowed to leave Islam comes up.

    And how much more is this the case when apostates such as Ali Sina, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali not only leave Islam, but then have the temerity to tell Infidels the truth about that terrible creed?

    This is supposed to be a thread about wishing Jihad Watch’s Jewish readers a Happy Passover, and instead we have “Horse” lovingly citing barbaric Islamic torture techniques.

    So thanks for posting the Passover song by Ofra Hazar, DDA. Delightful.

  51. says

    I provided links proving that Basayev was working for and even trained by the Russians in combat against Christian Georgians

    Basayev spent most of his time playing video games and sleeping during the day, he was expelled from school, he was basically just some bum lazing around in his youth.



    Yet during the war, he somehow mgaically acquired super brutal fighting skills against the Georgians and defeats them numerous times. Magic?

    Nope- he was all trained in combat and gruesome execution methods by the Russian GRU and FSB, where do you think he got the sick idea to behead those Georgian troops for a soccer game and execute them by drilling a hole in their throats and looping it into their tongues?



  52. says

    And DDA continues to keep his fingers in his ears, and pretends that the Russians weren’t financing Basayev’s gang of savage mujahideen who were beheading orthodox christian georgians….

  53. says

    And if you, ‘Horse’, O Mohammedan dementor, post one more ugly offtopic comment that has *nothing* whatsoever to do with the subject of this thread – the Jewish Passover feast – I will email Marisol and request that everything you have posted in this thread should be removed.

    This particular thread is about extending friendly passover greetings to Jews and to the Jewish state of Israel, and thus about promoting solidarity amongst all non-Muslims who face the onslaught of the Global Jihad …which, despite all your attempts to obscure it, is real, and very nasty.

    The fact that a non-Muslim entity (let’s just call it entity ‘A’) may have used or tried to to use a bunch of Mohammedans to harm A’s non-Muslim perceived or actual enemy or rival ‘B’, does not make A the cause of the Jihad, which takes place irrespective of what the non-Muslims do or do not do. A is not ultimately responsible for Mohammedan barbarities…for the Mohammedans commit and have committed identical barbarities wherever they go, irrespective of whether they have backing from, or a temporary alliance with, a non-Muslim entity.

    Every case where a non-Muslim entity tries to use a Mohammedan entity to harm another non-Muslim entity, usually ends up harming **both** non-Muslim parties and weakening them vis a vis the Jihad.

    If non-Muslim Russia used Mohammedans to attack non-Muslim Georgia, then more fool Russia – all they were doing thereby was playing into the hands of the jihad gang bosses, and weakening the broader Camp of the Free (i.e the Non-Muslims); but I am not going to write Russia off permanently as a potential ally in the struggle against the Jihad, because of that piece of criminal stupidity (any more than I am writing off India, or the USA, or the countries of Western Europe). Any non-Muslim entity has the option of engaging in self-examination and self-correction – which, I might add, is something that Mohammedans do not do well, or indeed, at all.