Goldstone of the anti-Israel “Goldstone Report”: Never mind


“Never mind…”

Good news, albeit after so many years of damage already done by the OIC-initiated report. Muhammad said it himself: “War is deceit.” “Israel urges UN to nullify Goldstone Report on Gaza war,” from BBC News, April 2:

Israel has called on the UN to cancel a report that said it possibly committed war crimes during its 2008-2009 military offensive in Gaza.

The report’s author, South African judge Richard Goldstone, said on Friday that new accounts indicated Israel had not deliberately targeted civilians.

He said that if he had known what he knew now, “the Goldstone Report would have been a different document”.

Israel’s prime minister said the remark meant the report “should be buried”.

Operation Cast Lead was launched in response to repeated rocket attacks on Israeli territory by militants in Gaza. Some 1,400 Palestinians were killed, including hundreds of civilians, as well as 13 Israelis.

Hamas criticised

The Goldstone Report, published in September 2009, concluded that both the Israeli military and militants from the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which controls Gaza, had committed potential war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during the offensive.

The UN-appointed expert panel led by Mr Goldstone accused Israel of using disproportionate force, deliberately targeting civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure, and using people as human shields.

The report also accused Hamas of deliberately targeting civilians and trying to spread terror through by firing rockets at Israeli towns and cities.

Israel refused to co-operate with the investigation, accusing the panel of being biased, and rejected its accusations. It did, however, conduct independent investigations into more than 400 allegations of misconduct.

In an opinion piece in the Washington Post on Friday, Mr Goldstone wrote that his conclusions about Israel appeared to have been wrong.

He said the Israeli investigations, which were recognised by a UN committee, indicated that “civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy”.

“We know a lot more today about what happened in the Gaza war,” he explained. “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement: “Everything we said has been proven to be true.

“Israel does not purposely target civilians and its investigative institutions are competent, while Hamas intentionally fires at innocent civilians and does not investigate anything.

“The fact that Goldstone has backtracked means the report should be buried once and for all.”

Mr Goldstone also noted that Hamas had “done nothing” to examine its rocket attacks, which were “purposefully and indiscriminately aimed at civilian targets”.

There was no immediate response from Hamas.

Goldstone: "If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document"
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    Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu:

    “The fact that Goldstone has backtracked means the report should be buried once and for all.”

    But it will not buried and forgotten: The OIC will see to that. Mark my words.

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    @ Marisol – In the 5th paragraph of the press report, “Operation Cast Lead …” there might be a line missing. If it’s not important, then “Never Mind” from me.

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    I guess this was a case where Israel shot itself in the foot by refusing to cooperate with an investigator who turned out to be fair.

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    “…Mr Goldstone accused Israel of using disproportionate force…” Was Mr. Goldstone privy to international rules of terrorism engagement the IDF wasn’t aware of? Disproportionate force ends a conflict. They’re the guys that don’t have to sue for a temporary truce. I know, it seems unfair that Hudnah would be forced on a people that has such difficulty dealing with humiliation and shame. Might as well add cultural insensitivity to the list.

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    I can only hope and pray that this news is put on the cover page of all the world’s major newspapers and that those people who criticised Israel and supported Hamas are ashamed of themselves. I fought so hard on blogs to defend Israel against maniacs who criticised Israel during Operation Cast Lead. Reading this article has given me a lot of hope in knowing I was correct and in hopefully changing the opinions of those who were incorrect.

    Goldstone is an idiot though – I knew back then that Israel didn’t target civilians on purpose. Anyone who knows Israel, who knows Judaism, who knows the Israeli Defence Force WOULD KNOW that they don’t target civilians on purpose. And, in spite of all this, they still conducted HUNDREDS of investigations into allegations of supposed misconduct. Thus, they still had the decency to conduct these investigations to show the world that they act with morals even during times of war against enemies who have no remorse, no pity and who gladly use their own civilians as shields.

    Hamas, being the evil Islamic terrorists they are, should be destroyed forever. They worship Satan. And how dare Goldstone try to equate Hamas with Israel – I hope he loses a lot of sleep over that one. As Winston Churchill said, a lie will travel twenty times around the world before truth has had a chance to put its pants on. We’ve seen the damage from the lies and moral equivalence of the Goldstone report of September 2009. He now retracts what he wrote in this report in April 2011. The truth always comes out but for Israel’s sake, it’s normally too late and to their detriment.

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    The late Rabbi Meir Kahane:
    “The banding together by the nations of the world against
    Israel is the gurantee that their time of destruction
    is near………….”

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    You can be sure that the dhimmi voice of Jihad, The Guardian (UK), will say nothing about this very important piece of news.

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    Richard Goldstone has proved he has no credibility whatsoever but I don’t think we should be rejoicing. I believe he was “persuaded” to change his mind by certain influential Jews in the US (the Lobby)in order to add weight to Israel’s efforts to block what is going to happen soon when the Pallys are encouraged to proclaim the state of Palestine.

    We shouldn’t make the mistake of forgetting what this man is really like, and the game he played for many years to enable the neo-conservatist ideal. This man now pretends to be pro-liberal and anti-discrimination, but when he was in SA how many black South Africans did he hang, when he was a judge? Look at the role he played in the Balkan conflict, too, to demonise the Serbians who were allies of the Americans during WWII, in favour of the Muslims, who now, incidentally, are enabling the rise of the Salafist fanatics in the Balkans. This new found friendship for Israel is a ploy to save his skin, in this age when everybody is turning on the neo-cons. If ever people behind this mass movement to globalise and ruin other nations are brought to justice – he should be the first.

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    One thing that separates America from the rest of the world is our legal system. In America one is innocent until proven guilty. In the vast majority of the rest of the world one is guilty until proven innocent. Well.. as we see in the Goldstone smear so what if the truth is revealed after the verdict is rendered. The damage is done. The desired outcome of the Goldstone report has been achieved. The Anti-Semites of the world got what they wanted despite the truth “Israel is guilty of war crimes. The Goldstone report proved it.” Sad, so sad and very infuriating.

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    Goldstone wants to wash his own sins off his own back. This is selfishness akin to the deathbed confession of a Nazi.

    The Nazi wants to cleanse his conscience so HE can die in peace. He cannot bring back the lives of those who died due to his past actions. It’s all about his own internal peace – not about honesty. If he had a soul, he could NEVER have internal peace.

    Goldstone, a Jew, is a TRAITOR to Jews. How many Jews in Israel have died because Goldstone emboldened HAMAS as he libelled Israel?

    Maybe Goldstone has a soul, but he is guilty of the crimes of libel and treason and more than deserving of whatever punishment befalls him.

    Goldstone, you make me want to throw up.

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    Doom and Gloom – yes I am a British Jew, and I support Israel.

    Now we’ve got that out of the way – what about yourself? What are you – do you have neo-con sympathies? Yes, I am saying that neo-conservatism is a mass movement that helps to ruin other nations. You say that neo-conservatism is a leftist movement that reivented itself and moved to the right. You’re right about that, but what you seem to have missed is that its leftist tendencies still remain, in the guise of neo-liberalism which in fact is plain old-fashioned Stalinist style fascism. Whether interventionalism is an American tradition or not, the fact still remains that it is something America forces upon others, and more and more countries are waking up to the fact that they want to run their own affairs. Nothing wrong with that, I believe. Thanks to neo-conservatism and the greed of reformed leftists, the Americans and the British are embroiled in hopeless wars against enemies they have no understanding of. Think of where neo-conservatism has tried to “convert” others – as I mentioned before, the Balkans is a prime example. In Afghanistan, after (how many years is it?) – is their “democratic” way of life in any way adopted by the Middle East?

    Many people believe that the “Jewish neocon” influence in the push for the wars in Iraq and then Afghanistan is over much, and the leftist academics and thugs see this as yet another gateway to civil unrest and the undermining of governments whilst blaming it on Jews.

    Israel HAS been treated exceptionally by the US, no two ways about it. It is an unbroadcasted fact that thanks to the financial clout of the Lobby, and in some cases its far from open agenda – those Americans who would rather America looked after its own – and have the temerity to say so – are intimidated by being called anti-Semites and in some cases their careers and lives are ruined. That’s hardly likely to endear us to the wider community, is it?

    Let me make one thing clear, Doomandgloom – I’m not a self-hater. I’m proud to be Jewish and I know exactly what goes on in Israel, too – I lived there for a long time. I still support Israel’s right to exist in peace and security. What I do not support is the fact that so many Jews believe the Lobby and neoconservatism are working for the good of Israel. By its various forms of blackmail all it’s doing is making Israel, and Jews all over the world, mistrusted and reviled.

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    Israel should call on the UN to cancel ITSELF. And Israel should call on itself to cancel membership in the UN.

    In the wikipedia biography of Richard Goldstone: He is, and his parents are, non-religious Jews living in South Africa. He and his parents devoted their lives to combatting the South African Apartheid system. Knowing this about him, Richard Goldstone is probably the quintessential practitioner of the religion of Political Correctness. And that “religion” of his explains everything he has done during his adult life. He sees everything in the world as simply some version of South African Apartheid. Therefore he knows everything without having to investigate. He knows that Muslims always can be relied on to tell the truth, whether in Kosovo or in Gaza, and perforce in the halls of the UN.

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    Maybe Richard Goldstone has experienced a religious conversion recently and he no longer believes Muslims are trustworthy witnesses, and he feels personally ashamed of himself for his past PC behavior. Who knows? Is it a devious plot hatched by his PC coreligionists to confuse everyone? The damage was already done.

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    With Jews like Goldstone who needs Hamas. He’s a bit late with his retraction, and why is he not apologising to the state of Israel, the big clown.Still, better late than ever I suppose.

    Hamas fire rockets indiscriminately at civilians. You don’t say….

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    The problem in these situations is that it matters not what is said two years later or even a week later. The news sensationalizes what happens at the time and construes it to fit their idealogical agenda, which is to make Israel look bad and look as the enemy. For them, mission accomplished.

    Also the reports like these are used to recruit more jihadists, normal everyday people who wouldn’t have been inflamed to do something if the news report was fair and balanced as it should have been in the beginning. The leftists news in the US and the Leftists news in BBC and elsewhere are all anti-Israel. They jump at the chance to make Israel look bad.

    So the point is, a week later or two years later no matter what a report says, it won’t take back all the damage that has already been done by these news agencies and groups like Hamas that use the news to recruit.

    The question is how will Israel ever defend itself in these situation. Why haven’t they taken the lead to destroy the credibility of Hamas in both the UN and on the worldwide audience? Why do they seem so complacent to just accept what Hamas dishes out at them at will? When will they do something about it?

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    I’ve no doubt you’re absolutely right about the Guardian. But I’m amazed that the Biased Broadcasting Corporation actually reported this, given their previous track record of shilling for Hamas.

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    No. Israel should not cooperate with the OIC-dominated UN initiatives, with bodies that call themselves “human right committee” while having members such as Sudan and Lybia, and with other similar Muslim and far leftist farces. Such kangaroo courts are bound to be biased since the only purpose for which they exist in the first place is to serve the propaganda and diplomacy war against Israel. By cooperating with them Israel implicitly grants legitimacy to them and their conclusions, and also relinquishes important elements of its own sovereignty by agreeing to stand some sort of international trial for every action Israel takes in self defense.

    Of course, there’s a debate about this issue in Israel and a real dilemma since some think that if Israel cooperates the conclusions might be less deceitful, but then we will establish a precedence that the “international community” in general, and the OIC-dominated UN in particular, will be the ultimate judge regarding the legitimacy of every Israeli action. Too bad so many people don’t get it, but that’s how things are.

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    Are you supposed to be a British Jew or am I confusing you with somebody else?

    One of the more cynical Israeli journalists immediately said “now they’ll say it’s because he’s Jewish”. Which is ironic because he was hired in the first place because he’s Jewish, which supposedly gives him more credibility in hanging Israel. Supposedly a Jewish judge can’t possibly be biased against Israel (and nevermind all the extreme anti-Israel Jews in the academia and the media, and rich crazies like George Soros), so if even a Jew says Israel targetted civilians it must be true. But if he says Israel didn’t target civilians it must be because he’s a Jew.

    And are you saying neo-conservativism is a “mass movement to globalise and ruin other nations”? Or where you talking about such mass movement in general? I don’t think there’s a mass movement to destroy *other* nations (except Israel – there’s a mass Muslim-far-leftist movement to destroy Israel), but there is a movement for globalization and there is a far leftist movement, gradually becoming mainstream, to destroy the nation state (not *other* nations, but all nations) in favor of borderless one world state or federation. Neo conservatives are leftists who moved to the right, but still retain some of their liberal attitudes, though I don’t think most of them are “one-worlders”. However, interventionism is a long American tradition encompassing both liberal and conservative administrations at least since the 40s and 50s.

    It’s just that today, after the far left took over the academia, we are too ignorant about the world. People are not allowed to say there might be some problems with Islam or with this or that non-Western culture, and if they do they are marginalized, ridiculed and demonized as “racists”, and then most people don’t take them seriously. The result is that too many politicians and policy makers in all the institutions misread reality and believe it to be something else than what it is, and base their policies on these misconceptions. So they believe all that needs to be done for democracy to florish in the Middle East is to topple the dictators. Or that the civil war in the Balkans was a one-sided attack based solely on ethnicity with no Islamist components.

  19. says

    You’re certainly not a self-hater, you’re something else all together. I don’t define your kind as self-haters.

    Some facts and thoughts for people capable of rational thinking:

    Israeli PM Arik Sharon privately tried to talk Bush out of the Iraq democracy war because he thought the democracy project will fail and warned Bush that Iraq might disintegrate. And if Israel had indeed such far-reaching influence on American foreign policy and was the one sending American troops to wars due to the all-encompassing clout of the all-powerful AIPAC it would have chosen Iran, which is considered in Israel the number 1 existential threat and also the number 1 terror exporter and funder (most close to home – both Hamas and Hizballah) for a long time now, not Iraq and Afghanistan.

    And if AIPAC is indeed that powerful how do you explain the fact Israel failed to talk the US out of mega arms deals with Saudi Arabia?

    We ended up with our number 1 mortal enemy, Iran, uncontained by Saddam, pulling the majority Shiite Iraq into its orbit, and continuing its race to nuclear weapons, and our other enemy, Saudi Arabia, armed to the teeth with sophisticated American weapons to defend themselves from Iran. So if Israel through AIPAC indeed controls America, the only conclusion is that we’re incredibly stupid and unbelievably naive about the Middle East. And if we’re so stupid and naive how did we manage to not only survive in this region, but also take over America?

    People love to concentrate on AIPAC, but there are many lobbies in Washington. Do you honestly believe the Saudi lobby is weak and unifluential? How about the European lobby, known also as “the real Arab lobby”?

    I would answer to your accustions about the neo-cons (read Jews in this type of rhetoric), but I just have to run now (some life outside the Internet still demand attention).