Did “Son of Hamas” Mosab Hassan Yousef dupe the counter-jihad movement?

On June 30, 2010, I wrote this about Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of Son of Hamas: “It sounds as if Mosab Hassan Yousef hasn’t modified his old Hamas views all that much…I am surprised that the Jewish groups that are so earnestly championing his cause don’t seem to have read his book very closely.”

And it turns out my suspicions were correct. “The Mosab Yousef Saga: Did Hamas “˜Defector” Dupe All of Us?,” by Walid Shoebat in Pajamas Media, May 5 (thanks to Tim):

While a prisoner of Israel in 1996, Mosab Hassan Yousef — the son of Sheik Hassan Yousef, a founding member of Hamas — was approached by Shin Bet agents who looked to recruit him to spy within Hamas. He agreed. Mosab’s information soon had Shin Bet calling him “the most reliable source in the Hamas leadership,” and Israeli lives were undoubtedly saved as a result of Mosab’s collaboration.

Despite this success, Yousef has since revealed himself to be more double agent than turncoat.

During the initial contact within Israel’s Maskubia (Jerusalem’s central prison), Mosab agreed to collaborate in exchange for Israel not targeting his father. After years of providing valuable intelligence, in 2007 Mosab declared his conversion to Christianity, moved to California, and went public with his story. His tale was a sensation, drawing attention and praise from U.S. pro-Israel organizations. But his tale has since been revealed to be a “long con,” the evidence coming from when he speaks publicly in Arabic.

Mosab did not convert to what the West would recognize as Christianity, but to a fiery, Palestinian brand of the faith that is vehemently anti-Israel. According to Mosab, his main goal in coming to the U.S. is to infiltrate the main source of international support for Israel: the American church. From an interview with Al-Arabiya:

During my tours in universities and even churches, [I found] the real support for Israel stems from the church in the West. “¦ We need to understand the difference between “revenge” and “resistance” and once the Palestinians do, we will have our victory against Israel.

Activists like Mosab know very well that Western media rarely translate their doublespeak. He continues:

Israel is the problem and as an occupation it needs to end. “¦ There are many ways to do this besides the coward explosive operations.

Mosab’s formula? Infiltrate the West with his book:

This will be the first time in history that a Palestinian book will find success so that the Western reader can see for himself the reality of what goes on over there. People in the West do not know what happens over there.

Read it all.

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  1. says

    Robert wrote: I am surprised that the Jewish groups that are so earnestly championing his cause don’t seem to have read his book very closely.

    Walid Shoebat wrote: His tale was a sensation, drawing attention and praise from U.S. pro-Israel organizations.

    There is, unfortunately, a mindset common among liberal middle-class westeners, particularly non-orthodox Jews sadly, to always look for the ‘good’ and minimize the dodgy in people. They are so desparate to find affirmation that their trusting “make nice, and don’t ruffle feather” lifestyle will pay dividends that they just connot believe anyone would actually try to deceive them – pure naivity.

    It was this same trust in face value and the ignoring of evil intent that paralysed the Jews of Europe from saving themselves and ultimately let them be herded to the cattle trucks.

  2. says

    A fraud is trying to call out someone else as being a fraud? How ironic…

    It seems that Yousef is truly stepping on toes and the establishment.

  3. says

    Mosab Hassan Yousef is passionately against Islam but still identifying strongly as a Palestinian. I saw this almost immediately and I got this impression from what he has been saying IN ENGLISH. He’s not hiding it and this fact has been pointed out here and elsewhere. It’s not news.

    I don’t know how much of his story is true and how much is fabrication. However, I do believe that his digust with Islam is sincere. He clearly isn’t a born-again, Christian Zionist though. I think he’s confused more than anything else. His co-author probably isn’t helping things either.

    As for Walid Shoebat I will say this…

    He lost some credibility with me when he appeared on stage with that obvious fraud “Kamal Saleem” (“Blood of the Lambs”). Maybe that’s unfair, but that is how I feel.

  4. says

    If someone meddles with holy things – if someone has pretended to belong to Christ when he doesn’t – then that person will answer to Christ himself, someday.

    The alternative possibility is that one who pretends, may be confronted with the flaming reality of the One to whom he has pretended to belong…and then will face the choice of rejecting that reality, or embracing it. I will pray that if he has ‘faked it’, then he will find himself challenged to ‘make it’.

    “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God”.

    I would say to this man, if he is indeed a deceiver: you may deceive Christians, who are fallible human beings (and who tend to err on the side of charity, and trust, and are only too happy to see someone apparently coming out of darkness into the light) but the Holy One himself will neither be mocked nor deceived.

  5. says

    Walid Shoeabt is NOT a fraud!

    Walid Shoebat went to Daniel Pipes and showed him the evidence that he is for real:

    Daniel Pipes replies:

    May 18, 2006 response: Walid Shoebat took the time to visit me in my office today and to show me proofs that his life story is a true one. I accept that it is.

    here is the link:


    Now! You should apolgize, or bring some REAL evidence that discredits Dr. Daniel Pipes as well as a fraud and while you at it, maybe Robert too. After all, it is a huge conspiracy.
    BTW, I am also not real, nobody is, accept those who share your opinions!

    Shame on you Ccoppen!

  6. says

    U said that Kamal Saleem is a fraud. What makes you say that?
    I am not saying you are wrong, I really would love to see some evidence that he is a fraud, just to say so, does not make it true.