Illegal immigration: “We can no longer hold Europe’s southeast flank”

Ceuta.jpgGuarding the infidels: The border fence between Morocco and Ceuta (a Spanish city located inside Morocco)

Illegal immigration: “We can no longer hold Europe’s southeast flank”
by Nicolai Sennels

The “Arab Spring” has unleashed an unprecedented wave of illegal immigrants heading for Europe. The fall or weakening of several dictators has resulted in loosened security, which allows people to flee the Islamic societies. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have already entered the EU, and hundreds of thousands more are on their way.

In 2008, 80,000 illegal immigrants entered Greece. The Greek authorities cried out for help, saying that “the country can no longer handle the task of guarding the European Union’s southeast flank.” As a result, immigrant gangs have ravaged the historic center of Athens, “wielding swords, axes and machetes.” A new report published by Reuters tells us that illegal immigration is setting new records, as “Illegal immigration to Europe is now on track to surpass the peak hit in 2008. The IMO says about 42,000 migrants have already crossed into Italy and Malta alone, surpassing the 40,000 total for the two countries in all of 2008.”

The EU’s foremost job is to protect its citizens

The most important task above all others for the EU — now and for the coming years — will be to build and maintain an effective and well-guarded border fence at relevant stretches of the Union’s outer border. At the same time, the EU countries must work together at building and running refugee camps in areas outside Europe. In those cases where illegal immigrants cannot be sent back to their country of origin, they will receive shelter, food and medical care there.

According to the UNHCR, the cost of having one person in a refugee camp somewhere in Africa, for example, is 50 dollars / 33 euros per year. The price for having a refugee in a country like Denmark is 50,000 dollars / 33,000 euros. In other words, for every single refugee who is allowed to stay in Denmark, we can protect and feed one thousand refugees in a camp in an area where they understand the language and feel home in the culture.

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and author who writes from Denmark.

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    Those thousands of “refugees” are bringing the same Islamic baggage that they claim to be fleeing from.
    A recipe for disaster. There should be a ban on Muslim immigration.

  2. says

    Sennels has been doing yeoman’s work for a few years now, at great risk to his career and safety.

    The “refugees” will not come to in-country camps. They are coming to the EU for jihad: jihad of population and impoverishment of host.

    There should have been an immediate naval blockade in the Mediterranean, and I would have implemented it immediately. But Obama would never think of it, let alone believe in it. He is responsible for the despair of the EU hoi polloi. He is saving the wrong people.

    And just like Egypt’s treasures and the Buddha statues, Europe will lose Earth’s cultural treasures at the hands of the most devout of Islam…faithfully following the commandments to eradicate these offensive things.

    A wall, yes. And weapons. And mines if necessary. Let’s drop them off in Cuba. Viva La Revolucion!!

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    We have to stop all immigration into europe. we are on the edge as well. All i see coming into our country is fit healthy males. An ARMY of them. Its looking more like an invasion as each week passes.
    Our leaders are pathetic. They will be the death of us.

  4. says

    Of course Europe’s flanks can be held.

    It just requires more determination that Europeans are willing to expend.

    BTW, the only reason Europeans are singled out by this post is due to the title. Europeans are not unique in this matter.

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    Sometimes I’m so grateful that I won’t live long enough to see the inevitable conclusion of this muslim invasion.

    I pity my children, though, and devoutly wish we were leaving them a better world than the one they stand to inherit.

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    Illegal immigration: “We can no longer hold Europe’s southeast flank”

    Terrifying. And it’s true about the “Arab Spring” (a misnomer if ever there was one”if the “Spring” were a true renaissance, people would be heading there, not *fleeing*).

    Gaddhafi specifically pledged to hold back Libyans headed for Europe”and since the NATO bombings, has threatened to flood his population into Europe.

    Now it’s happening”and from all over the Mahgreb, the Levant, and Turkey.

    Of course, it’s not just what is going on in the Middle East”but what is going on in Europe, as well. If they hadn’t allowed increasing numbers of immigrants”especially Muslims”to flood unchecked into Europe, this would not be happening now.

    The insane “Deux-Rivistes” concept”that treats the two “banks” of the Mediterranean as equal”does not help. As though civilized Christian (or post-Christian) Europe was just the same as the impoverished, barbaric, and violent Muslim lands of North Africa.

    Hugh Fitzgerald, who contributed here at Jihad Watch for many years, has an excellent articles on the subject:

    “Fitzgerald: Voila, deux-rivistes of the world”

    “Fitzgerald: The errors of the deux-rivistes”

    “Fitzgerald: The Article of Faith of the Deux-Rivistes”

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    Unfortunately, I suspect the Left/Islamic-controlled or infiltrated EU will not agree to Mr. Sennels’s brilliant plan here! Even for the sake of national security, especially Europe under siege from Islamic Nazis! Europe, is under conquest from the increasingly Nazi Arabic/Turkish Muslim-controlled/infiltrated Western Left; through the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood agents. They even controlled the Green Party, like in Germany here – which is now more concerned about bringing in more Arabic-Turkish Muslim refugees including from the scary exodus of over 30,000 of mostly Tunisian-Libyan Muslim refugees invading Italy than being concerned about the environment (to increase their voting power through Muslim migrants)! Walking through Ludwigshafen and Mannheim in Germany is like walking through Arabic/Turkish-ruled streets! See –

    Politicians bicker over Tunisian refugees
    Published: 15 Feb 11 08:56 CET

    …..Meanwhile Green party co-leader Cem Özdemir told daily Rheinische Post that the EU must distribute the number of refugees fairly across member states. “The north can’t leave the south alone on this,” he said.
    Centre-left Social Democratic interior policy expert Sebastian Edathy told daily Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that the EU desperately needs a quota rule to spread the burden of the refugees across the continent…….

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    Unfortunately most of the west’s corrupt cowardly politicians have thrown in with Soros and his open border, one world order BS. That’s why we have this world wide illegal immigration problem. If a country wanted to really prevent illegals from crossing their border they would call out both their navy and armed ground forces, put them on the borders and turn any illegal right back where they came from. They would also eliminate any and all social welfare programs for all non citizens of their country. If a country can not control its own border is it really a country anymore?

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    They should give Eric Holder a ring. He knows what to do with illegal immigrants.

    *** 33:21 ***

    Inter-governmental sharing can be a great thing. For example, we in America could learn a lot from Canada and many Western European countries.

  10. says

    Soon you will see the Greeks assigning Muslim families to Greek families who will be responsible for taking care of them.

    “They should give Eric Holder a ring. He knows what to do with illegal immigrants


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    This situation does bring ‘Camp of the Saints’ to mind, an eerily prescient depiction of today’s world. National borders seem to be meaningless in this era of refugees, asylum seekers, illegal aliens, and superfluous populations from the over-breeding, poverty-stricken third world which continues to stew in corruption, graft, and misery despite the billions the West has donated to enrich greedy despots and tyrants. The UN thugs have decreed that the West is responsible for these pathetic masses; we must not only absorb them, we must feed them, provide them with medical care, tolerate their obscene breeding habits, sloth, filth, and incompatible, savage culture/religion, all in the name of human rights and multiculturalism. Nobody even mentions their obligation and responsibility to improve their own lot any more—-they have become the West’s burden through massive migration and massive foreign aid, which is snatched up and hidden in Swiss bank accounts by a privileged few, with no accountability whatsoever.

    Is it any wonder that the entire Western world is on the verge of financial collapse? We have been led to the slaughter by our generous globalist leaders, so eager to give away our money while making sure theirs will be safe when it’s time to escape. Greece is in no shape to take in refugees from anywhere. Angry Greeks are tearing the country apart in protest of the curtailment of unsustainable
    welfare handouts. I wonder if they will direct some of their rage toward the refugees, who are competitors for the state’s largesse without contributing a penny. Probably not, because communists don’t seem to understand economics very well.

  12. says

    2 words. Sink them. – and by that I mean their boats, a long way off from the shores of the civilized countries they wish to infect.

  13. says

    You are quite right. The men are going to Europe as “refugees”. The weapons will come later, courtesy of the Ummah.

  14. says

    “yes. open a camp in Africa. or better there is a camp already open and ready to go in Asia. it is called Pakistan.”


    Brilliant. You win the laugh of the day thumbs up!

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    Yes, the weapons will come later but for now they will engage in stealth jihad.
    They will take full advantage of all the freebies the Euros can offer. They will than be able to bring their wife(wives) to start procreating their brood. If they can’t bring a wife they can always marry the local infidel girl and convert her to islam. Then will come the mosques and sharia compliance in their exclusive muslim neighborhoods.
    How dearly the muslim would just love to turn Europe into another Egypt with a small persecuted Christian minority.

  16. says

    Soon you will see the Greeks assigning Muslim families to Greek families who will be responsible for taking care of them

    Isn’t that what happened to Lebanon, where the local population offered shelter to ‘Palestinian’ refugees? Well, it’s now Europe’s turn. And we know what happened to Lebanon… The “Paris of the Mediterranean” is torn by wars and unfit to live in, gratis Islam.

    I call it here first: Europe is undergoing ‘Lebanization’ by accepting all these Muslim refugees. Tough love, bad recipe, but they will pay dearly in the end: War and more war.

  17. says

    You noted that ‘the Europeans are not unique in this matter’.


    India has a huuuuge problem with illegal Muslims from Bangladesh crossing its borders into West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam. Those Muslims, once in, proceed to drive non-Muslims away from the areas where they (the Muslims) have established themselves.

    And in West Africa, much of the trouble in Ivory Coast and Liberia and Sierra Leone has been caused by a rapid increase in the Muslim percentage of their populations, due to mass immigration – that is, invasion – of Muslims into those countries from the wholly-Muslim countries to their north. Same deal in central Africa – Chad and Central African Republic. Muslims mess their own nests and then up sticks and move next door to steal and rob – and ruin – someone else’s nest.

    And in East Africa Somali Muslims are moving across the border into majority non-Muslim Kenya, en masse. I’d hazard the guess that Tanzania and Uganda have similar problems.