Iran unveils underground silos for missiles that can hit Israel, U.S. regional bases

Only Zionist conspirators would see any alarming connection between a nuclear program wrapped in secrecy and subterfuge and a long-range missile program proceeding alongside it. “Iran unveils underground missile silos,” by Ali Akbar Dareini for the Associated Press, June 28 (thanks to JCB):

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran on Monday unveiled underground silos that can carry missiles capable of hitting Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf as it kicked off 10 days of war games, the country’s latest show of military force amid a standoff with the West over its disputed nuclear program.

State TV broadcast footage of deep underground silos, claiming that medium- and long-range missiles stored in them are ready to launch in case of an attack on Iran. The silos are widely viewed as a strategic asset for Iran in the event of a U.S. or Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities.

Col. Asghar Qelichkhani, a spokesman for the war games, said the silos “function as a swift-reaction unit.”

“Missiles, which are permanently in the vertical position, are ready to hit the pre-determined targets,” he was quoted as saying by state TV.

An officer in Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard, which is in charge of the missile program, said Tehran has constructed “numerous” underground missile silos which satellites can’t detect. He did not elaborate.

The state television report broadcast footage of underground launching pads for the Shahab-3 missile, which have a range of more than 1,240 miles (2,000 kilometers)_ putting Israel, U.S. bases in the Gulf region and parts of southeastern and eastern Europe within reach.

The report also showed pictures of missiles being fired from one silo after a large metal roof opened to allow the missile to launch. The TV report said the missile silos are linked to a missile control center.

The commander of the Guard’s Aerospace Force, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, touted the silos as a crucial asset in its standoff with the West, saying that with “these facilities we are certain that we can confront unequal enemies and defend the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Another unidentified Guards officer told state TV that “only few countries in the world possess the technology to construct underground missile silos. The technology required for that is no less complicated than building the missile itself.”

Dear Leader lends a hand:

Israel, which views Iran’s as an existential threat, has accused Tehran of receiving assistance from North Korea in building underground missile sites.

But Col. Qelichkhani said the silos are based on local technology developed by Iranian experts.

Of course they are. It would be embarrassing to need help on the Shi’ite Bomb and delivery system from an ally so knee-deep in shirk as the Kim-worshiping DPRK.

The Iranian war games, which began Monday, are dubbed “The Great Prophet Six” and include tests of long-range missiles such as the Sajjil, which boasts a range similar to that of the Shahab-3 missile….

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    Iran unveils underground silos for missiles that can hit Israel, U.S. regional bases

    I’m sure they’re *peaceful* missiles, with a civilian energy purpose…right? sarc/off

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    As someone who formally worked for companies where “rocket scientist” jokes are common, I will make the following observations.

    Iran and North Korea are trading in weapons. North Korea most likely sold Iran the missiles. Google on “iran north korea missiles” for lots of stories.

    China allows North Korea to transport weapons through its territory for sale to buyers, yet we still buy around 30 billion dollars worth of shoddy trinkets from China every month.

    “Tehran has constructed ‘numerous’ underground missile silos which satellites can’t detect.” Satellites may not be able to detect silos per se, but the congregation of trucks and other vehicles parked near the construction site was noticed by American spy satellites.

    “only few countries in the world possess the technology to construct underground missile silos. The technology required for that is no less complicated than building the missile itself.” Silos are merely large industrial devices, albeit complicated and incorporating uncommon functions like rocket engine blast deflection. Missiles operate in terms of milliseconds while silos operate in normal time just like a factory. The reason few countries have missile silos is a) they are expensive and b) few countries actually intend to fire missiles at other countries.

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    It’s likely that, just like Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Iranians will put residential buildings atop their silos. Hopefully they will be “dummy” structures (designed to be shoved aside easily) and so, unlike in Lebanon, families will not be in them.

    If these sites are truly hidden, we are in deep trouble, especially if their construction went unobserved. Nothing short of total destruction of Iran would be able to stop them from executing their evil designs.

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    The US military can wipe out iranian nukes sites in a nano second, but with obama white house whore it will not happen. that is why 2012 election is soooo important!

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    Just wanted to alert everyone:


    Judge Rules Nonprofit Can Sue Ex-Intern Accused of Document Theft

    – The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations Action Network can move ahead with a lawsuit against a former intern accused of stealing more than 12,000 internal documents, a Washington federal court judge ruled on Friday.

    The group is suing the former intern, Chris Gaubatz, and his father, author and self-described counterterrorism researcher Paul Gaubatz. The Washington-based Muslim advocacy nonprofit claims Chris Gaubtz posed as a Muslim college student as a ruse to secure an internship, and then stole the documents and e-mails for his father.

    That Chris Gaubatz obtained the internal documents and gave them to his father is undisputed; in Paul Gaubatz’s 2009 book, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” he describes the plan at-length. The two sides dispute whether the documents were taken unlawfully and also whether the publication of the documents constitutes protected speech.

    You might want to get your copy of Muslim Mafia now, in case the judge decides to ban it forever.

    You might want also to get a copy to give to the Police Chief of your nearest police station.