Libya: Rape victims face honor killings

A cautionary tale for those who expect respect for human rights to spring forth alongside democracy in Libya if we can just get that pesky weirdo of a dictator out of the way. A democracy is only as good as the values that inform its participants, and Tripoli, we have a problem. “Libya rape victims face ‘honour killings’,” by Pascale Harter for BBC News, June 14:

Libyan women and girls who become pregnant through rape risk being murdered by their own families in so-called “honour killings”, according to aid workers.

Rape is a sensitive topic worldwide, but in this country it is even more of a taboo.

“In Libya when rape occurs, it seems to be a whole village or town which is seen to be dishonoured,” says Arafat Jamal of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

Libyan charities say they are getting reports that in the west of the country, which is particularly conservative, Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces have tended to rape women and girls in front of their fathers and brothers.

“To be seen naked and violated is worse than death for them,” says Hana Elgadi. “This is a region where women will not go out of the house without covering their face with a veil.”

Ms Elgadi is in a group of Libyan volunteers offering medical help and HIV tests. The organisation is also offering to pay for abortions for women who have been raped in the war.

‘Killing with love’

“Time is against us,” says Nader Elhamessi from the Libyan aid agency, World for Libya.

“For the moment pregnancies can be disguised, but not for much longer. Many fathers will kill their own daughters if they find out they have been raped.”

“It is killing done with love,” says Ms Elgadi. “They believe they are saving the girl.” […]

Mr Jamal, the UNHCR’s emergency co-ordinator for Libya, says it has not so far uncovered evidence that rape has been used as a weapon of war, although it has seen evidence of individual instances of rape throughout the country.

“We have also seen evidence that would seem to suggest that rape has been carried out by both sides, but we cannot say on what scale,” he says….

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    “It is killing done with love”—-“They believe they are saving the girl”. This shows the huge difference from the Christian west. The one who is described as Love Himself (Jesus) was killed for her AND her dad AND the rapists also!

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    “It is killing done with love,” says Ms Elgadi. “They believe they are saving the girl.”

    Well, thank you Ms Elgadi for clearing that up. It puts an entirely different perspective on the whole thing…and makes it ALMOST acceptable.

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    In most of the world, fathers express their love by protecting their daughters and going after the men who hurt them.

    But this is Islam, and it is backwards from the rest of the world. Instead of you-touch-my-daughter-and-I’ll-kill-you, in Islam we get you-touch-my-daughter-and-I’ll-kill-HER.

    Ah, the loving arms of an Islamic dad.

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    In the situation in Libya, as in the other countries with revolutions in the “Arab Spring”, one can only hope that both sides lose.

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    Hey, Mr. Jamal (a fine Baptist name, if there ever was one), “We have also seen evidence that would seem to suggest that rape has been carried out by both sides, but we cannot say on what scale,” he says….

    Both sides????!! Both sides?! What in holy Hannah “side” is there other than Islam’s? You are trying to parse Islamic supporters of the government and Islamic supporters of people other than the current government? Are you kidding me?

    We have political differences. We even have had war here trying to solve them. But the only “side” of honor killings is Islam’s “side.” No moral system has that “side.”

    Only Islam kills its own to save them. Only Islam kills its own to save them. Only Islam kills its own to save them.

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    this is arab culture which spread along with islam, honor killing is not part of islam itself. It only succeeded in reaching areas like the kurds, caucasus, and pakistan.

    just like western culture like western style music, which has little to do with christianity, spreads along with christianity when its proselytized

    you are free to disagree with islam, but not when its not about islam

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    Cin, above, who seems to be our latest Mohammedan would-be troll, trots out the tired claim that ‘honor’ murders are merely ‘cultural’ and have nothing to do with Islam as such.

    Oddly enough, however, these very distinctive kinds of murders are overwhelmingly carried out by **Muslims**, and Muslim countries are oddly reluctant to hand out any sort of real punishment to the murderers.

    Two articles by Phyllis Chesler on the subject of ‘honor’ murders.

    Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?
    by Phyllis Chesler
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2009, pp. 61-69


    Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings
    by Phyllis Chesler
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2010

    And then there are some pertinent observation, from ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish, whose teenage maid, back when she was a young girl growing up in Egypt, was murdered for ‘honor’ (after having been raped and impregnated by an employer).

    Nonie writes “I have never heard a Muslim leader firmly and unequivocally preach against vigilante justice or condemn such things as throwing acid on girls who do not cover up, or teach that honor killing is un-Islamic and should be harshly punished. But I often see imams from the pulpits of mosques inspire men to believe *they* are the victims and show them what kind of stick they can use to beat their wives…

    “Many Muslims insist that honor killing is a cultural thing and has nothing to do with Islamic Sharia.”But how can we look at the …law that exempts certain types of murder [such as killing someone for ‘adultery’ – dda] and say that honor killing of a wife for adultery is not Islamic?

    “Why does the phenomenon of honor killing exist only in Muslim countries?
    ‘We cannot divorce Islamic Sharia fro this tragedy so prevalent in Muslim society, because there are indirect laws that promote this phenomenon.

    ‘Another such law is qesas law, which exempts a killer from punishment of death if the family of the victim pardons him. In honor killing cases when both the murdered and murdrer are within the same family, the family who had just lost a daughter or mother killed by a father or brother often does not want to lose more family members and opts to prdon the killer. Under qesas Sharia law, even the state cannot punish the killer by death if he is forgiven by his family, and that is known to men who often rely on that law for protection. **Since the introduction of qesas law in Pakistan, honor killing has greatly increased.** {my emphasis – dda}.

    “Cases of honor killing in Egypt have always been ignored by the religious community and Sharia experts..

    “Decades ago, when I lived in Egypt, we were all aware of the hush-hush topic of honor killing. The religious community were silent about it, and we always presumed that it was supported by religion, since no religious leaders ever condemned it” – pp. 69-70.

    And from p 72 – 73

    “They say Islam has nothing to do with honor killing, but I have never heard a Friday sermon prohibiting it and quoting scriptures that condemn it. Men who commit that crime are rarely punished, and even then the punishment is very light.

    “Preachers may not say in their mosques that honor killing is against Islam, but they surely tell that to the West when an embarrassing story of honor killing occurs in France, Germany or London. Muslim sensitivity to shame before the West is behind the strong denial of any link of honor killing to Islam.

    “Why do Muslim leaders who tell the press that honor killings are un-Islamic never cry from the pulpits of mosques saying, “No, not in the name of Islam?” Isn’t religion supposed to fix bad cultural habits? Why cannot the all-powerful authoritarian Islamic Sharia end this supposedly evil cultural habit in Muslim society?

    “Why is it that draconian Sharia, which controls every aspect of Muslims’ life and more, has failed to notice that women and girls are being killed by their own male family members? Why is it that not one man has been stoned to death for killing his daughter to protect his honor, while women are stoned for having sex that is actually rape they are unable to prove?

    “The bottom line is that leaders of the ‘religion of peace’ do not mind honor killing and have never harshly punished its perpetrators.

    “Islamic Sharia becomes all the more powerful when yet another layer of fear is imposed on women, the main objects of victimization under Sharia. Relying on the justice system and the corrupt police cannot be totally effective in breaking the will of women and preventing them from rebelling. Thus, encouraging male family members to become the police, judge and jury over women becomes the solution to achieve total female submission..

    “If honor killing was truly a crime unacceptable to Islam, Sharia Law could have certainly frightened men away from committing it. But honor killing falls into perfect harmony with the Muslim views of women and their sexual oppression. From the least to the most educated, from the least to the most religious, the reaction is the same: no-one makes a public stand, and no-one reports it, not even the religious leaders”.

    Ms Darwish grew up in Egypt. She did not leave dar al Islam until she was 30.

    **She knows**.

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    that physcology doesn’t work on me. I’m not a stalin, mao, or manson fan, and even then, I could name even worse things their opponents did, just to irriate you (may stalin and mao go to hell)

    Stalin- the Czar he fought against was an anti semite and murdered Jews- which was something shared by Stalin.

    Mao- Chiang Kai-shek, the President of china and later Taiwan, whom Mao fought against, once tried to rape a thirteen year old girl when he was 32. Her name was Chen Jieru (Jennie Chen), later he married her at 15, and gave her gonorrhea after sleeping with prostitutes. He then dumped her later to marry Soong Mei-ling.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=e46d6e042275ab09&biw=1007&bih=671,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=e46d6e042275ab09&biw=1007&bih=671

    Something Mao and Chiang shared in common was this tendency for young virigin girls, with the exception that Mao was not stupid enought to sleep with prostitutes with STDs but Chiang was.

    If you are getting information about Mao from Jung Chang and Halliday, read this article concerning more than a few errors in their book,

    Chang and Halliday wrote an earlier biography titled “Mme Sun Yat-sen: Soong Ching-ling”, in which they heaped lavish praise upon the communists, and the details of this book also contradicts almost the entire later book on Mao.

    a person writing a book praising Nazis, then later writing a book on the horrors of the Holocaust would make as little sense as Chang and Halliday’s two books.

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    It is really something that our society and most others consider the worst crimes to be murder and rape. As prison ministers we see these offenders in the closest custody and highest security in our nations jails and prisons. This so-called “religious” system that endorses these crimes boggle the mind and make us wonder HOW it has ever become a “religion”.

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    “Only Islam kills its own to save them.”
    You’re probably referring to honor killings. But in the case of killing of one’s own through abortion…sadly, tragically, heart-renderingly, this isn’t true. How many abortions have occurred legally in America alone since 1973? (surgically, more than 53 million! but we’ll never know the actual numbers, especially when taking into consideration the unknown abortions from the Pill, the Morning After Pill, etc.) Is taking a life through honor killing WORSE than taking a life through abortion? They are equally evil. BOTH of these “legal” forms of murder need to be stopped.

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    Excellent winoceros! You truly understand their logic! It’s as always. They will kill each other, until some outsider shows up. Let them exterminate themselves. But still somehow, when the dust settles, it will all be the fault of the West!

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    Ms Chesler does not deny that there are some honor killings among Sikhs and Hindus – who are, perhaps not coincidentally, populations who endured Muslim oppression for centuries and may have absorbed bad habits from them in the process.

    She does however point out that far and away the *vast majority* of such killings world-wide are carried out by MUSLIMS.

    You can’t fudge that fact. And you can’t obscure the fact that Muslim countries do nothing meaningful to prevent or punish those killings and that, as Nonie Darwish has pointed out, the Muslim religious leaders have also, within their own countries, been remarkably reluctant to condemn them.

    I know who you are. You are ‘Horse’ – previously banned at this site, and back again under a new mask.

    Don’t think we don’t know who and what you are.

    You’re here to defend Islam – which is perhaps the most evil ‘religion’ that human beings have ever invented: a cult of war, murder, theft and rape, that holds up for its role model a man who lied, deceived, raped, murdered, and ordered assassinations of anyone who ‘dissed’ him. Whether he existed or not, the fact that he’s held up as the ideal man – that the Muslim ideal man is a hideous blend of Charles Manson, Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin and Blackbeard the Pirate, with a touch of Mafioso don thrown in – tells me all I need to know about Islam.

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    “It is killing done with love,” says Ms Elgadi. “They believe they are saving the girl.”

    Of course, this is crap. They are only doing it to “cleanse” their own “honor”. The idea that this is done”on *any* level”to ‘save the girl’ is wishful thinking at best, and Taqiyya at worst.

    Dumbledore’s Army wrote, replying to “Cin”:

    I know who you are. You are ‘Horse’ – previously banned at this site, and back again under a new mask.

    I believe you are correct, DDA. He’s shown up here with at least two other usernames since being banned as “Horse”.

    It’s like playing “whack-a-mole”…