Spencer versus the Leftist/Islamic alliance, Stuttgart, Germany, June 2

Here is video of my talk before violent Antifa pro-jihad demonstrators in Stuttgart, Germany yesterday. (Video courtesy Mission Europa Netzwerk Karl Martell and Europe News; thanks to ESW.) It gives you a hint of the atmosphere. I will post my photos as soon as I can, which will be next week at the earliest. Here again is the account I posted a few hours ago about the event:

Thursday afternoon I spoke in Stuttgart, Germany at the invitation of the human rights group Pax Europa. The event was well advertised, and so the thuggish Leftist/Islamic supremacist alliance mobilized and was out in full force.

About 1000 Antifa protesters showed up, banging drums, holding signs with the usual accusations of racism and “Islamophobia,” blowing whistles, and menacing people who came out for the Pax Europa event. There were also about 500 German police on hand in riot gear. The Pax Europa organizers told me, “This is all for you” — because they had publicized that I would be there. One young man came up to me as I was standing right in front of a line of German police and said, “You’re lucky there are so many police here today.”

Pax Europa had planned a full program featuring Middle Eastern Christian musicians, a Coptic Christian activist, and others, so as to highlight the hollowness of the Islamic supremacist narrative of Muslim victimhood and anti-jihadist racism. But the police ordered the Pax Europa organizers to drastically reduce the scope of their event. Everyone was restricted to ten minutes only. Several participants opted not to appear, in light of the manifest danger. Antifa people were attacking supporters of Pax Europa. I saw several individuals being chased by rabid Leftist gangs. At least one man went to the hospital.

The police used loudspeakers to call on Antifa twice to disperse, as Pax Europa had lawfully reserved the space for their event. The Antifa people responded only by moving forward, chanting slogans, banging their drums, and holding aloft the usual Leftist kitsch — Che Guevara, the hammer and sickle, the Palestinian flag, signs denouncing Islamophobia, etc. The police moved them back a bit but did not ask them again to disperse, and allowed the Pax Europa event to begin.

It was an incredible din. We had loudspeakers that appeared to be able to reach the considerable crowd behind the protesters, but the Antifa thugs did all they could to drown us out: the drums got louder, the vuvuzelas came out, they were blowing whistles, and of course they were screaming and yelling.

They started throwing things: bottles, eggs, excrement and more. One bottle narrowly missed the Coptic activist’s head and crashed onto the stage — other bottles crashed at our feet. Several speakers were hit with eggs. The manure they threw was all over the stage floor.

I stood right in front (they missed me; I dodged a few projectiles) and watched them as they screamed and gestured and threw things — it was like looking into the pit of hell. Here were young people passionately committed to their cause and believing it to be that of justice and freedom, and they are eager and willing useful idiots for the most radically intolerant ideology on the planet. So when my turn came to speak, I addressed them, and told them just that. I told them they wouldn’t like what happened to them when their friends took power, but by then it would be too late.

And it may be already, for Europe. But I was glad to be there yesterday, and to stand against what was so obviously a force for oppression, hatred, and evil.

UPDATE: You can see photos here. I also have many, but will not be able to post them until next week, so watch this space.

Spencer versus Antifa in Stuttgart -- better video
Coptic bishop warns native Germans about Islam: "You're up next"
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    I don’t comment here often, although I am a regular reader. But I feel compelled to express my admiration for Robert Spencer here. A voice of reason towering above the jeers and whistles of that demented crowd!

    Robert, you are a lion!

    With Reverence,


  2. says

    From the poem The Martyrs
    “Scorn the enemies without and within,
    the existers, whistling in no-man’s-land.”

    We few are standing against a juggernaut–Islam and the useful idiots, and the “unwitting” dhimmis; this is truly an age for romantics who advocate for freedom, love, and the good.

    You have made the grade Robert; see your name on the circle of the virtuous on our back cover.

    Mr Sanity and I have chosen Icarus as our rallying icon which we interpret as the wings of freedom. Of course, we realize we have to repair the broken wings of freedom and this lends urgency to our work and we will be asking for help. With this book and its format, we are trying to reach those of decency and common sense who are busy with their own personal lives and are unaware of what is going on and what is at stake; we call these “unwitting” dhimmis. See Icarus in the lower right corner here.

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    Thank you Robert for your steadfast courage for speaking the truth in the face of persecution. I don’t understand this nefarious alliance between Islam and communism. If any one bothered to look at history, Islam and marxism has always been at each others “throats” whether in Iran, the former Soviet Union, China etc. Don’t these left wing-nuts understand under sharia law they woul be the “first against the wall”?

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    once again i cannot commend you enough..precise, succinct
    & so so correct
    This leftist violent rabble, im afaid in Germany i don t know their name, in the UK these are called the UAF,(which laughingly is supposed to denote unite against facism)…

    Although theyve been found out for the violent thugs & subversives they are, almost always causing far more violence/damage, than those they, are “supposed” to oppose.

    The name which has caught on for them, which i have heard a few times now is the UNION OF ARROGANT FACISTS…how very fitting, your term of “useful idiots” a perfect moniker.. although when it suits them, a surprising number of muslim
    youths attend their erm rallies/riots.

    you know in the UK, it would be hard to guarantee, any speakers safety at such an event, such is the apathy attributed to our police force,(in stark contrast, to the “over” protection of hatred/terrorist inciting groups,
    at those war dead parades, remembrance gatherings etc).

    & again you are so correct…shame, SHAME on them all.

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    I know how you feel, Robert. I was at the ADL demo in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. I saw those young kids screaming for their own oppression via Islam. If I started to talk to any of the kids, one of their thug-masters came and stood in beteewn us menacingly. The only thing these thugs said to me was “F…off!”
    I watched those thugs. Not a smile all day. Just savage demonising of us as “racists” and whenever I started to talk to their young minions, they prevented me.
    It was a real eye-opener.

  6. says

    An advanced society organizes itself.

    The hallmark of an open, progressing society is that it enforces the ability of dissenting opinions to be heard.

    The real tragedy is not that the UAF or ADL exists, or that they enforce group-think among their followers. The Communist Party and its offshoots have been doing that in the US for a century. The tragedy is that Germany, and Stuttgart in particular, is unable or unwilling to enforce the right of speakers at a lawful event to carry out their program as planned.

    A society which gives up the ability to enforce the right to lawful behavior opens the way for the most thuggish and unscrupulous groups to succeed. Once the totalitarians do away with the right to lawful dissent, the way is open for them to do what they wish.

    The US, fortunately, has so far completely rejected this model of behavior. As long as we have it, Communists, fascists, and Islamists can make very little headway, persuasion-wise.

  7. says

    they screamed and gestured and threw things — it was like looking into the pit of hell.

    Happens to me all the time…

    Seriously, if it takes 500 police to protect you, you are a little too close to manifest evil for safety…Those people feed off each others energy and are capable of anything…

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    I have been involved with left wing protests and have read textbooks on the subject. So believe me when I say:

    The leftists are just as cynical as the radical right wing islamists they are cozying up to. The ONLY reason extreme leftists are involved is that it’s a hot topic. Their agitators say all sorts of solidarilicious nonsense to their naive foot soldiers- but really ALL they want out of this is publicity and more members.

    They don’t care that their new friends hate women, homosexuals or people based upon their religion. They also don’t really care if they are victims of potential racism.

    They care that it’s a “sexy” issue and will get them college student recruits who’s membership will provide the illusion that they’re not a bunch of lemon sucking, affect stunted old farts. Think I’m being cruel? Watch
    “Democracy” Now for 5 minutes (if you can). The hostess has all the emotional range of a Dalek on valium.

    A second thought: are these real and established left wing groups or are they astroturfers like those who organized the Pro mosque rally (and all it’s Nixonian dirty tricks) this past september or the bogus United “against” Facism type groups that appeared from out of nowhere.

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    “You are fighting for your own slavery…. Your own enslavement.”

    Great speech, Robert, pointed at the slaves. But, unfortunately, they are already ‘brain dead’ slaves, so it probably had no effect on them. The applause from those free men and women who were there, not brain dead, overpowered the stupid imbecilic noises of the slaves. Once freedom is lost, it is very hard to get it back. But the slaves don’t know that, don’t care, and have sold their progeny into the same enslavement they themselves have fallen into. Stupid disingenuous people. Sad day when, and if, the ‘slaves’ (of Allah) rule the world, the dead ruling the dead. I’ll go with the “if”, not “when”, and pray such a sad day will never come.

    Bravo Robert, for standing up to the noisy slaves! Indeed, “Shame!” on them.

  10. says

    When talking to a libral about islamic propoganda I will always mention some dirty trick or propoganda technique that was used by republicans or PR companies working to help industrial polluters discredit environmentalist groups that is similar to something the Islamists are doing.

    The Book TOXIC SLUDGE IS GOOD FOR YOU (John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton) is an invaluable resource when talking about this sort of thing with people who think of themselves as libral. I always bring up what I learned in it when discussing the dirty tricks the astroturf pro mosque group pulled against the anti mosque group this past september. When they hear that polluters et al have done the exact same things at demonstrations you can see the doubt/revelation as it happens.

    Also by bringing up those examples they realize I am coming from a left wing/libral/progressive POV and their attitude about what I’m saying does a 180 (pathetic but true).

  11. says

    I don’t think the alliance between the leftists and Islam is hard to understand at all. At their core, they’re both anti-Western hate ideologies. They share a contempt and hatred for the religious, economic, philosophical, ethnic, scientific, and military history of the West, and they both want to see it destroyed so that their version of something “better” can come along. They’re willing to put aside their differences on what the future should look like in order to fight a common enemy in the present—namely, us.

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    Question? How many people in the crowd were for you? I wonder what the police thought? I was a flight attendent for 27 years and flew with a good friend who was married to a Palisinian professor (christian). She became a professor of middle-eastern studies. Unfortunatly we reconnected on facebook and she googled me and called me a racist. The world is becoming so divided. Alas!!

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    Two observations: Robert Spencer is a very brave man and it cannot be denied by any sensible, knowledgeable person (unfortunately this will exclude a lot of people) that there is a distinct totalitarian element to modern liberalism (contra old fashion liberalism in the Truman and Attlee mode—a liberalism which is largely history now).

  14. says

    I’m afraid those words were pearls before swine, Mr Spencer. I doubt anyone of those protesters had their brain engaged. Unless they actually listen to what you say, consider the message and think about it, it’s most likely futile. Plus, they’re Germans, I don’t know how well the English is of the average German but the message would be much more understood in German.

  15. says

    Mr. Spencer

    To go to the country where the Nazis once threatened the world and to me I liken it to ‘blowing the trumpet in Zion’ or Nehemiah and his friends re-building the walls of Jerusalem – one group built while the other group watched on guard.

    My prayers to you and other many watchmen like yourself.

    I am not a physical Jew sir, but a spiritual Jew – just like the book of Romans says about those of us who have not been circumcised in the flesh, but in the heart and that by the Spirit of God.

    To the Church – to Israel….God Bless.

  16. says

    Excellent speech Robert, you totally nailed it. Too bad those leftist assholes refuse to hear you.

    Reminds me of my liberal friend-she’s a wonderful person, her heart is in the right place, but she marinates her brain in far-left, pro-Islamic videos, articles and blogs.

    So of course she thinks I’m a right-wing fascist, hatemonger because I oppose Islam. I’ve presented some of my best arguments-tons of facts and evidence with videos but she ignores it all and we stopped being friends.

    I feel really sorry for her-because once war takes place, people like her won’t know what’s going on and if they get involved in the war-they’ll be on the wrong side.

    More and more it is becoming very obvious that a show-down between the West and Islam, between muslims and non-muslims is imminent and unavoidable. I think things will get really ugly for a while before they get better.

    Looks like we’ll be fighting not just muslims but their leftist sympathizers as well. My personal hope is that our elites will wake up in time, deport the muslims and this way we avoid a confrontation or a civil war.

  17. says

    Antifa people were attacking supporters of Pax Europa. I saw several individuals being chased by rabid Leftist gangs. At least one man went to the hospital…

    They started throwing things: bottles, eggs, excrement and more. One bottle narrowly missed the Coptic activist’s head and crashed onto the stage — other bottles crashed at our feet. Several speakers were hit with eggs. The manure they threw was all over the stage floor.

    I stood right in front (they missed me; I dodged a few projectiles) and watched them as they screamed and gestured and threw things — it was like looking into the pit of hell. Here were young people passionately committed to their cause and believing it to be that of justice and freedom, and they are eager and willing useful idiots for the most radically intolerant ideology on the planet.

    “Antifa” is short for “anti-fascist””but you would never know it from the behaviour of most of these barbarians.

    Mr. Spencer, you are an amazingly brave man. And addressing the idiot protesters themselves was both bold and compassionate.

    None would react there, of course”and most of them are too boorishly clueless and wedded to their ugly ideology, in any case.

    But one or two of them might go home that evening with the disturbing feeling that their fellow protesters were a bit more violently bellicose than they felt comfortable with.

    They might begin to wonder who the real fascists are here, and recall your words…

  18. says

    mr spencer,

    words escape me to describe my utmost admiration for you sir, the incredible treasure that you are for all freedom loving people and your courage to stand and calmly deliver your speech.

    in september 2002 i was standing in line to listen to benjamin netanyahu give a speech at concordia university in montreal…
    there was a cordon of riot police buffering us from the muslimes and their cohorts who were on a violent path of destruction, with raw hatered in their eyes, not unlike what you have experienced in stuttgart, and finally ‘for security reasons’ the event was called off…

    may god always protect you, and yours.

  19. says

    Next time, every speaker at the anti-Islamisation rally should wear a white rose in their lapel.

    Because it’s *they* who are the true heirs of the White Rose Society, doing very similar work.

    Indeed, one of the last surviving members of the White Rose, 89-year-old Susanna Zeller-Hirzel, is a member of Pax Europa; she joined after reading the books of ex-Muslim Mark Gabriel, such as ‘Islam and Terrorism’, and realizing that Europe was, once more, in grave danger from an oppressive totalitarian enemy.


    Wednesday, 30 September 2009
    ‘The White Rose: An Interview with Mrs. Susanne Zeller- Hirzel’

    As for the so-called ‘anti fascists’, busy standing up to protect the Muslims.’

    They are standing up for a system – Islam – that is totalitarian and fascist to its bootstraps.

    Ibn Warraq, apostate from Islam, has argued very cogently that Islam exhibits at least twelve of those characteristics that Umberto Eco identified as elements of ‘ur-fascism’.



    And here is Ibn Warraq writing on ‘Apologists of Totalitarianism: From Communism to Islam’, part one, “Islam as Totalitarianism”.


    I don’t know whether either of these essays has been made available in German.

    Or in French.

    If not, they ought to be.

    And then circulated as widely as possible, both on paper and in electronic form.

  20. says

    Is there an artist in the house?

    I have a picture in my head.

    Here’s the picture. It’s a work-up – a political cartoon, done in the style of Hogarth or Durer – of some of the scenes from this video.

    And it’s titled, “The Exorcists”.

    The exorcists being Spencer and the rest of the panel of speakers at that rally in Stuttgart.

    As for the Possessed…well, they did everything *except* vomit, rotate their heads, and roll about on the ground in fits…

    One could use the same title – ‘The Exorcists’ – for a group portrait of Spencer, Bat Yeor and David Littman (what else is David Littman when he speaks the truth in the UN council rooms? ), Geert Wilders, Wafa Sultan (remember her confrontation with the sheikh on Al Jazeera?), Nonie Darwish, Brigitte Gabriel, Patrick Sookhdeo, Nicolai Sennels, Fr Zakaria Botros…

    If you want to get a sense of why I’m using this term, read the chapter ‘Of possession and exorcism’ in M Scott Peck’s useful book on human evil, “People of the Lie”. Because he sees the primary role of the exorcist as being, in fact, to patiently and stubbornly persist in pursuit of truth: to dispel confusions and deceptions, to strip off the multiple masks behind which evil, whether human or spiritual, hides itself. To identify the lie, to break its hold over people (or, for that matter, over an entire society), takes a very special kind of person, who can keep a steadfast hold on truth and fact and distinguish it from falsehood. I see Mr Spencer – and many others on the forefront of the resistance to Islamisation – as very much doing that job – and it’s dangerous, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

    The reaction of these antifa people, not just to Mr Spencer but also to people such as the Copt speaker, tells us that Spencer and the Copt and the others are touching a very raw nerve. In one sense, this rally worked: because the evil came roaring out from behind its masks.

  21. says

    Trust me, all it will take is time for the mass of ordinary people to see through the thuggishness of these “useful” leftist idiots and begin to react accordingly.

    Don’t stop speaking, Robert. We here you. We here you loudly and clearly.

  22. says

    Oh I completely missed the information that Robert pays a visit to Stuttgart, live just about 30min away and actually quite near the place where all those riot police have their base… :( That sucks hard, but I had to go to work that day anyway.

  23. says

    More evidence that the Immoderate Left is, at heart, nihilistic. Further, should the unthinkable happen and Yuroppe fall to the jihadi, I will become a loud advocate for extremely careful screening of any refugees who come knocking on America’s doors.

    Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, all hailed the “independent Marxists” who voted with their feet to get away from Walter Ulbricht’s little red paradise. Yet once in the West, those same people nurtured a New Left that ultimately gave rise to groups like the Bader-Meinhof Gang. Their mindset still rules academia.

    Thus, I suspect that future socialist Yuroppeans fleeing the Islamicists will probably be the same sort of ejjikated fools who never miss an opportunity to fail to learn, and will only weaken rather than strengthen the American resolve to survive.

  24. says

    Robert Spencer! I am sooooo proud of you and I feel privileged to be able to post here, on your blog!

    I also was impressed (and relieved, being German born) by the speech of the two German men. Perhaps the tide is turning, even at this late hour and at last the euphemisms with which the Muslims, and assorted usefull idiots like the “Linksfaschisten” (Left Faschists) disguise the murderous brutality of Islam are being done away with, or at least they were not heard on this gathering.

  25. says

    Good for you, Robert Spencer! You are a very courageous man, and it’s a great thing you took these cretins by the scruff of their necks and shook them like that. I do likewise on my blog, FB and elsewhere, and more people need to do it as well. SHAME ON THEM!!

    “…you are the most evil, foolish, people on Earth. We are standing for the human rights of all people. Of the oppressed Christians in Indonesia, in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Sudan you just heard about, We are standing for the oppressed people who are fighting the Islamic Jihad. Everywhere around the world, in Israel, everywhere around the world. And so, in closing, I have to say: Shame on you!”

    Acharya S

  26. says

    Those who use fascist methods to pretend to be “anti-fascists” are transparent thugs for tyranny.

    They really want power to establish their own despotism of “idealism”.

    Where all must bow to the “truth” that they insist on.

    Or be attacked, befouled and silenced.

    For doubting the sacrosanct “truth” of the “anti-fascists”.

    Islam and such thugs are perfect together.

    Matching tyrants.

  27. says

    Mr. Spencer,

    My deepest respect and admiration for your courage and moral clarity. I understand what you felt when you say it was “like looking into the pit of hell.” I’ve been there. And thanks for telling them who they were, for they need to be told. As I listened to your now familiar voice, I was focused on people standing behind the mob intent on your message, and applauding you. So your message was definitely not lost but had effects and I believe it will continue to create ripple effects.

  28. says

    You are a brave man, Robert Spencer. You are our Geert! It seems European leadership is at the point of no return – either they meet force with force and eradicate this evil by deportation or become complacent and march to their doom. Kudos to you – Keep it up!

  29. says

    Thank you Robert. I do so appreciate everything you do to bring enlightenment to the world. It is not an easy task and you have my total respect!

  30. says

    Well said, Mr. Spenser! They have been rebuked, and if they listened they may turn from evil and be saved. As the original (not rewritten by Muhammad 600 years after Jesus) Bible say, “Rebuke your brother when he sins . . .” Luke 17:3, and “A wink of the eye brings trouble, a bold rebuke brings peace.” Proverbs 10:10. It also says, “If someone hears the sound of the horn but pays no attention and the sword overtakes him and destroys him, he will have been responsible for his own death.” Ezekiel 33:4. You are sounding the horn.

  31. says

    That is fascinating that the thugs manipulating the kids tried to prevent people from talking to them. I’ve not heard of that before. Very sinister.

    I hope the kids they tried to prevent you talking to figured out what they were doing and developed second thoughts about them.

    I very strongly believe that outreach should be made to the sort of people these faux left wing groups try to influence and manipulate. I talk to people about these issues all the time and a of people have just accepted the radical islamic sourced propoganda as truth without using critical thought because it was intentionally crafted for western libral consumption.

  32. says

    The US, fortunately, has so far completely rejected this model of behavior.

    Wait just a minute, Roland. What about when the city cops in Dearbornistan dispersed the Infidels handing out fliers at the entrance gate to a city property holding a Moslem Festival? As I recall that was about 3 months ago.

    To me that police action embraced Moslem supremacism cuz it silenced dissent, quiet dissent at that, and violated the First Amendment (not that the Constitution matters anymore).

  33. says

    Oh don’t worry, it is coming here. We already have the beginnings with things like the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Leonard Zeskind who is the US correspondent for the British Searchlight which works closely with UAF.

    The degree to which Muslims have co-opted the Labor movement is amazing. Don’t worry – it is coming here. With the blessings of the “Left”.

  34. says

    When talking to a libral about islamic propoganda I will always mention some dirty trick or propoganda technique…

    Libral, I like that spelling, Truth. Funny.

    *** 33:21 ***

    But I prefer to call them Geezers myself. Geezers = GSERS = Globo-Socialist Environmentalist Racist Sexist, in other words the five overlapping belief systems that are about halfway through the process of destroying Western Civilization.

  35. says

    Indeed, one of the last surviving members of the White Rose, 89-year-old Susanna Zeller-Hirzel, is a member of Pax Europa.

    You are right, dda. And Zeller-Hirzel lives in Stuttgart. From what I gathered from the Pax Europa programm of this weekend, she is attending the event and is one of the speakers (in closed session, not in public). So Robert will meet her and exchange views.

    Today (saturday) Zeller-Hirzel will read memories from her past: 10.30-12.00: Susanne Zeller-Hirzel: From Yes to No: A suebian youth 1933 to 1945.

    Some more background on the event:

    1. After the riots Robert described, Pax Europa lost the rooms it rented long ago for speeches and seminars this weekend – due to pressure from Mohammedans, leftists, the green party (it just came to power in Baden-Württemberg) and various clueless do-gooders from the hopelessly lost evangelical church.

    And who helped them out? The (catholic) Society of the Pius Brothers! They gave them shelter, rooms and made sure the event could continue.

    2. The rioting Antifa discoverd the adress of the company that built the stage Robert spoke from (a sign stuck on the equipment). Later that night (around 3 a.m.) they went to the home of the sleeping company owner and torched his car.

    3. The “Solidary for Israel March” on sunday is cancelled “due to security reasons”.

    Yes – the enemies of freedom are on a roll. They are – and always were – united (from the left to Islam) in desire and tactic (terror, intimidation) to destroy the existing society and replace it with whatever kind of totalitarian rule. The details they´ll fight out among each other, once they have destroyed Democracy.

  36. says

    I agree DD the white rose should be a symbol of the anti islamofascist movement.

    If someone is not aware of the White rose Society, here is a brief explanation. The white rose society was a group of German students during WW2 in Germany. From about 1942-1943. These students and a professor engaged in an anti Nazi leaflet campaign. They were aware of the many atrocities that were being committed by the Nazis. They hoped that the many brainwashed young student s will rise up to stop the Nazi war machine and save Germany from collapse. However most of them were eventually caught and sentenced to death. Their bravery against oppression and the whole Nazi state is an inspiration for all the free people.
    Islamofascisists are the new Nazis. We few are the new white rose society trying to convince the many brainwashed people of the evils of this ideology.

  37. says

    Yes Kepha.

    Those still free Germans tell it as a bitter running joke: Good bye UdSSR and East Germany, hello Muslo-Socialist-reunified Germany.

    The divided cold war front country against the communists with their totalitarian brothers in arms (the Mohammedans) has been heavily infiltrated with leftist-green-mohammadan ideology since 1967. They put their infrastructure in the West in place – and today, voila, it works. Even and especially after the GDR vanished. Doesn`t need a Warsaw Pact; trojans are enough. With East German Merkel facilitating their work.

    Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Fascism, International Solidarity and Pan Arabism (Pan-Muslimism = All Commies and Muslims unite): those communist buzzwords work till today and have become part of mainstream Germany – especially during the last five years. Communism and Islam may appear as two sides of the same coin, the minute one of them wins it starts fighting the other to death.

    Watch the new and at the same time old suicidal German environmental, eco-facist pro Muslim Sonderweg: No nuclear energy, no coal, no gas (“Man made global warning!”). US – oh spit! But at the same time Germany is willingly paying and weasling out its way – if not just paying for all of Europes bankrupt states … Stratfor has some illuminating analysis. So far Germany is paying and backing up any bankrupt country in Europe: Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy.

    German tax-financed budget per annum: 315. Billion Euros. EU-Backup and safty package: 165 Billion Euros. National Debt: 2022 Billion Euros.

    My poor country!

    Germany will one day become Bartertown! And then smugly state: “Yeah great!”

    In Bartertown, electricity, vehicles, functioning technology are made possible by a crude methane refinery, fueled by pigs’ feces.



    Worst thing: “conservative” parties here (in Germany) betray their voters by overtaking the left on the left. As an investor you do not have any long range political security and stability anymore. In two years, anything can turn and ruin you.

  38. says

    Hello Pig Farmer,

    This is where the US courts disallowed the Dearborn actions and invalidated the police decision to disallow free expression:


    I didn’t say there weren’t people in the US who didn’t want to squelch the freedom of expression. I said the US as a society and as a legal system has rejected that approach, and therein is our best chance of continuing freedom.