1. Malaysia’s mainstream media, being entirely government owned, often encodes ‘sensitive’ matters like ‘race’ and ‘racism’ (in actuality religious apartheid and Islamic supremacism) in a curious kind of double-talk, language that seeks to obfuscate reality rather than clarify it.

    Except for the ownership part, this describes what’s happening today in the United States.

    *** 33:21 ***

    Did you know that, in the flush of his post-electoral and all the emergency bells ringing and warning lights flashing at the time, Prez Barack Hussein Obama actually proposed to bail out newspapers with federal tax dollars to preserve journalism jobs?

    That was a signal moment. I sure hope the professional journalists working the word processors over in Malay are doing ok socio-economically.

  2. Hello Guys,

    As I stated before,I dislike intensely how Reza Aslan insults Robert and Pamela and even others,he belittles Ayan Hirsi Ali,Irshad Manji

    That’s why I decided to show why he is no scholar,based on what is written in his 2 popular books “No god but God” and “How to Win a Cosmic War”.What scholarly dishonesty.If you have university friends,intellectual friends who think he is a “great expert”,then show them these articles

    PART 3:

    How he actually claims the Koran does not denigrate other religions,the book itself,and Koranic citations that prove it is false,suras 5:14 and 5:64

    In fact the NT continues to say the Jews are the Chosen People,the Koran never

    PART 4:

    It shows how he intentionally does not define the word “concubine” to give the Koran a good impression”

  3. Malaysian Prime Minister to non Muslims: Stop resisting Islam

    And why would he say this? Because he, like so many Muslims, wants you to believe that *resistance is futile*.

  4. In Malaysia, it seems that being ethnically Malay gives you special rights. They are considered “bumiputras” and therefore have the birthright to the land. It is also a known fact that you cannot be Malay and non – Muslim in Malaysia. It is considered illegal and if you try to renounce it, the authorities will make it very difficult for the person to do so. Lina Joy is an example.

    This ‘bumi’ status has given the Muslim govt of Malaysia the perfect excuse to mask takiya (monetary taxing of the unbelievers)into the issue of claims to birthright lands to which the non Malay – Muslim has no right to…even though they were born in Malaysia!

    It is also a known fact that once you become a convert to Islam in Malaysia, you take on an Arabic name and you are subject to Syariah law. Even more alarming, you lose your sense of cultural identity as they expect you to ‘masuk Melayu’ (embrace the Malay culture) when you become a Muslim. By doing so, a convert completely and utterly renounces their cultural background and religious past.

    These are chilling words from the PM and serves as a clear and dire warning that the non Muslim citizens of Malaysia need to take heed of.

  5. To all muslims reading this; As a Christian we are to resist all things evil(including Mohammed’s evil rantings known as the koran and hadiths). We must not and will not submit to Islam now nor in the future. Christ will return and put an end to all evil in this world and we must be faithful until that time.

  6. The ‘offer’ is step one. If declined, step two is force – for having the cheek to decline the ‘offer’. So, of course, it’s all the fault of the non-Muslim for having been impertinent in the first place and causing offense.

    Islam, the Malaysian malaise.

    The Malaysian PM is a clown!

  7. If read without the history of the PM and Malay in general, it would seem that it is a broad statement for all peoples – muslim, christian, et al. I believe that this commentary reads entirely too much into the statements in that there are deeper holes to dig than this article can shovel.

    Believe me, you’ve said what I’ve thought in this article, but it is rather ho-hum slow news day fodder.

  8. *** Breaking on FoxNews rat now ***

    Pvt. Nasser Jason Abdo, an AWOL soldier from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was arrested by the Killeen Police Department near Fort Hood and remains in custody there. Authorities, however, will not say if Abdo is the one who raised security concerns.

    Say, ain’t Nasser one a them there Moslem names?

  9. A Ft. Hood spokesman told Fox that Abdo was also being investigated for having child pornography on his government computer.

    Must be a Moslem, although it’d be a distortion to say that his alleged sex hunger for little children was inspired by the Holy Prophet Mohammed.

  10. ‘United’? Unfortunately, some Muslim immigrants to Norway have been forcing their union onto Norwegian women.

    Thus, there is yet more reason to mourn in Oslo, for the following short video news report from the city is horrific: all rapes over the past year in Oslo have been carried out by non-Western (often Muslim) immigrants, as have almost all recorded rapes in the Norwegian capital over the last five years:

  11. You’re such a joke Anti-Jihadist! When you criticize Islam, you fundamentally target the ruling Malay Muslim UMNO despite that the ruling Malaysian BN party comprises also of (non-Communist) Chinese-dominated MCA and Indian-dominated MIC to form the majority ruling BN – thus BN is not a Muslim Govt. Whereas you never seemed to condemn the most evil and dangerous alliance of the Malaysian Opposition that consists of the Chinese-dominated Communist/Maoist-loving party DAP, and the Islamic Nazis of the murderous Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood/Qardawi-loving Anwar Ibrahim of PKR party and the thuggish Iranian-Mullah like Muslim extremist party, PAS. You think you can fool the naive ones here, to support your deceit so that Malaysia can become like savage Egypt, Libya or Tunisia, where the Opposition is much worst evil, comprising of Muslim terrorists, especially under the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Nazis.
    Why don’t you publish this Jew-hating article below, criticizing your hated PM Najib using pro-Israel American blogger, by Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the Opposition PKR, where he censored my reply: At –

    26 Jul 11
    Najib guna blogger Amerika pro Israel (translation: Najib (PM) uses pro-Israel American blogger)
    By Anwar Ibrahim
    Keadilan Daily

    This is my censored reply to this article in this Anwar’s blog: Show your true murderous Jew-hating Islamic Nazi Muslim Brotherhood colour don’t you Anwar! Yesterday, you pretend to support the Jews by blaming the ruling UMNO, now, you’re claiming how evil the Jews are for their freedom of speech in criticizing Islam and its creator, the Arabic Pedophile Rapist Mohammed; and now condemning UMNO for supporting such Jews! Are you censoring this article of mine again like you did yesterday at – shows how much you hate freedom of speech; you’re really are a Muslim Brotherhood fascist agent!

  12. And by the way, what an evil lie Anti-jihadist! You claimed above that Najib, the PM, wants to convert all non-Muslims to be Muslims – where’s the evidence? You’re spreading your evil biased PROPAGANDA on behalf of the evil and most dangerous Malaysian Opposition here, with such lies, instead of facts! So, I’m going to go on exposing your deceit -you’re not against Islam but really against UMNO!

  13. Western Civilization should be the immovable force against the irresistible object. It can’t be with the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime families leading the country with the most nukes.

  14. In Australia, we have had a sombre “conversation”, as they say, about immigration and Muslims since before the Norway killings.
    The outcome? Well, it was a breif conversation, obviously. We were told last night that the problem that has come to light since a survey showed a widespread antipathy to Muslims is that many Australians are “not accepting of diversity.”
    Just get more “accepting”, you Aussies. There is no way out of this one.
    That is the message.

  15. This PM is bloody good at manipulating the peoples’ thoughts. We have been fed the ridiculous line of 1Malaysia for awhile now but what EXACTLY is 1Malaysia?

    Just imagine the Australian or Dutch govt rolling out a campaign of unity titled 1Australia or 1Netherlands…it is absolutely preposterous! There are far too many racial, cultural and religious differences to simplify and equate to ‘ONE’ That is what Malaysia is trying to do. At best it is cultural imperialism, at worst forcible and utter subjugation of freedom.

    If you ask the average Malaysian on the street, they will say that their understanding of 1Malaysia is that we are all EQUAL and TOLERANT of one another. The key word being EQUAL and TOLERANT

    Now, the PM is asking us to move towards ACCEPTANCE…not tolerance. Acceptance of Islam! (over my dead body) For the sake of ‘peace and harmony’ in this country.

    Also, as we all know that non Muslims can NEVER be EQUAL to that of Muslims, how than can the non-Muslim population of Malaysia be considered ‘ONE’ with the Muslim majority? This paradox would be so laughable if it wasn’t also dangerous.

  16. Kath, Anti jihad may have deviated lil bit but the cream of the coffee cup – he is right about Islam, which is gruesome, so to say.

  17. Islam has had a long commitment to religious pluralism.

    *** 8:59 ***

    The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weapons you can muster so that you may terrorize them.

  18. Well, even if a Malaysian WANTED to visit Israel, he or she is barred from doing so as Malaysia does not recognize Israel as a state and therefore does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Malaysian passports clearly states that the bearer is allowed entry anywhere in the world EXCEPT Israel.

  19. “He, like so many Muslims, wants you to believe that resistance is futile.”

    They have no idea of the terror they will experience on that day.

    “Wail, for the day of the LORD is near; it will come like destruction from the Almighty. Because of this, all hands will go limp, every man’s heart will melt. Terror will seize them, pain and anguish will grip them; they will writhe like a woman in labor. They will look aghast at each other, their faces aflame…”
    Isaiah 13

  20. Malaysian passports clearly states that the bearer is allowed entry anywhere in the world EXCEPT Israel.

    Well, Martha, if the Malay Moslem ruling elite really cares about its Infidels, and they claim they do, then they should revise this procedural rule and let them enter Israel.

    The bonus is that, if there are any Malay Jews, they’d enjoy the legal benefit of the Right of Return.

  21. Let’s see how our esteemed MSM and their insta-pundits spin this story – viz., how the right wing and home grown terrorists influenced this Muslim to plan an attack on Ft. Hood!! Of course it is not terrorism – only an holy act!!(sarc.)

  22. Thanks for the link to your blog. All of this is suppressed by the mainstream media. The law enforcement official in the video says toward the end, “We have to understand the motive.” Here is how one former Muslim terrorist describes that purely evil motive:

    “We will seed your women, educate and convert your children, and have this nation! By the grace of Allah, we have nothing but time!” (page 87)

    “The Blood of Lambs” by Kamal Saleem (a pseudonym) – 2009

  23. Now lemme get this straight, Duro:

    1) In 100% of the rape cases in Oslo over the last five years where the rapist could be identified, the rapist was a Moslem.

    2) 100% of these cases, the rape victims were “ethnic Norwegian” females, which seems to mean white women, probably blonde white women.

    3) One Moslem rapist explained to his victim before the dirty deed that “he had the right to do exactly what he wanted to a woman because that is how it was in his religion.”

    4) Oslo police observe that “many of the perpetrators who commit these rapes are on the edge of society, often unemployed arriving from traumatized countries. In the past 5 years it has often been asylum seekers.”

    *** 33:51 ***

    You may have whomever you desire; there is no blame.
    — Allah talking sexual liberation, for Moslem Men at least

    5) Maybe it was this kinda stuff, and not Spencer and other Islamophobia Industry spokespersons, that drove Anders Breivik over the edge.

  24. What is your basis for your loyalty to UMNO?
    I LOATHE UMNO AND PAS, and yes Anwar Ibrahim is a despicable man for his links to those thuggish groups.
    That however, does not explain your constant vendetta against Anti Jihadist. His views on this article is neutral and does not slander Najib/UMNO in anyway. Najib/UMNO is quite capable of doing that himself!

  25. So, you hate my freedom of speech and I should bow like a SLAVE to liars like Anti-Jihadist here – who’s spreading PROPAGANDA for the much worst evil Malaysian Opposition here? If you had cared to read my words intelligently and not be brainwashed by propaganda lies like by Anti-Jihadist here, it’s not about my loyalty to UMNO, because I’ve said over and over again that UMNO is evil but the (non-Communist) Chinese-dominated MCA and Indian-dominated MIC can still reform the half-moderate Malay-Muslim UMNO (although PAS infiltrators are hijacking UMNO, turning it to be more fanatical – imagine if MCA and MIC are not in the alliance with UMNO to form the majority ruling Govt of BN; how dangerous it would be for Malaysia and non-Muslims). By the way, it was mostly due to Anwar being Deputy PM to Mahathir, when he infiltrated UMNO as an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood – he managed to turn Muslim-Malays and UMNO to be more fanatical!

    But you pathetically seem to regard as if the Opposition that consists of the Muslim Brotherhood agent Anwar of PKR, Iranian Mullah PAS and the Chinese-dominated Communist/Maoist-loving party DAP is just a joke – and you, like Anti-Jihadist here, prefer stupid Western countries who’re slaves to Caliph Hussein Obama such as Sarkozy and Cameron, to support the Muslim Brotherhood organized Opposition revolution such as in savage Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

    This is why Anti-Jihadist are lying like crazy; even to the evil point in this article about the PM wanting to convert all non-Muslims to become Muslims – how ridicilous is that? Because Anti-Jihadist hopes to create PROPAGANDA lies on behalf of the evil Malaysian Opposition, so that the same Dhimmi slaves of Caliph Hussein Obama such as Sarkozy and Cameron there, will invade Malaysia on behalf of the evil Opposition!

  26. I do not hate freedom of speech. I hate:

    1. Religious extremism

    2. Perversion of truth

    You are so proud of your right to freedom of speech so shouldn’t that apply to Anti Jihadist and myself? After all, if you are free to say that the Opposition is an evil alliance, aren’t we also free to say that UMNO is JUST AS BAD?
    MCA and MIC are nothing but puppets in the UMNO led BN coalition. You think they represent the rights of the Malaysian Chinese and Indians? Think again. They are merely crooks who are riding on the UMNO/BN gravy train.

    Having said that, you are right about Anwar. Just don’t posit the BN government as being moderate when they are anything but.

  27. Katharina, I understand that you fear that things in Malaysia can become *even worse*. This fear is certainly justified.

    But the Anti-Jihadist has made it clear that he is against Jihad, Shari’ah, and all forms of Muslim supremacy in Malaysia, whether from the current administration, individuals, *or* elements of the opposition.

    I have great respect for you, but I don’t believe that your attacks on the Anti-Jihadist are either warranted or in any way helpful.

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