1. AMERICA needs to be doing her job here. The things in the Whitehouse are preventing the USA from doing her work in the world. DO something to change this, 2011 is a long long way away, many many slaughtered Christian lives away.

  2. Why is the Libyan government more important to attack than the Sudanese government? Isn’t it high time the Sudanese government was utterly destroyed?

  3. I am sure we can count on the leftist “lovers of freedom, democracy, and human rights” to organize flotillas and flights into Khartoum to combat the regime’s evils.


  4. …One report described “door to door executions of completely innocent and defenseless civilians, often by throat cutting.”

    Only following the word of the coward sadist allah:

    8:12 “…I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads (with a knife/sword/axe) and strike off every fingertip of them.”

  5. Sudan has been te victom for many years.

    “The Bishop of Nuba Mountains described the events as genocide: “Once again we are facing the nightmare of genocide of our people in a final attempt to erase our culture and society from the face of the earth.” A well-respected Sudan analyst concurred”.

    The United Nations should be in there helping pervent the genocide of Christians or any others that simply want to live in peace. The United States should be there helping out instead of wasting billions of dollars on an ideology that hates Americans and will always hate Americans….

    Allies can’t be bought. But we can and should be saving lives in the Sudan. Those people are being slaughtered while the U.N. and the U.S.A. keep trying to buy allies in the middle-east.

  6. The MSM hardly even says Bashir is a condemned criminal for crimes against humanity by the International Court.

    Sad.Why do Muslims not care?It is because they have double standards

    If it is Muslim killing Muslims or Muslims killing non-Muslims they do not care.
    But if non-Muslims kill Muslims(Bosnia,by Israel,by Russian,by US)then there is reaction.Read


    Though he has killed some 250,000-300,000 Muslims the OIC(Organization of Islamic Conference)refuses to arrest him

  7. U.S. troops have been weakened and picked off buy the global jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last ten years. As they (global jihad orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood) planned, we are not strong enough to stop all the genocidal jihads they are starting in Africa and around the world. We need to stop letting Western troops be pawns in the Islamic democracy (Islamic Constitution equals Sharia law) movement and ONLY dispatch our troops to fight off conquering jihad of non-Muslims.

  8. I suggest that any media savvy people here contact the right wing press e.g. Sun Media in Canada – and have this reported.

    There is little mention of the religious aspects of southern Sudan’s birthday in the left wing media and if there is, a false moral equivalency is ascribed to it (as if Christians are equally culpable as the muslims in initiating bloodshed).

    What will happen to all these left wingers when/if shariah law comes to them? They will suffer the most. It is as if they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or maybe the funding for these media outlets are Saudi based.

  9. South Sudan will live or die not according to oil revenues or foreign aid or invasion from the north but by its ability to rely on internal social capital. Social capital is what makes Israel thrive with a tiny population in the desert while those all around are living in garbage heaps in the dust. It’s not about the physical conditions one finds oneself in, it is what kind of mind one has in spite of all that.

    South Sudan is not going to become a thriving nation of Modernists just because they aren’t Muslims. It could become Israel if it were populated by Israelis. It will become a manifestation of the Will of the people, a reification of the minds of the masses. As things stand we should not expect much more than a failed state south of north. The people of South Sudan have not had any real chance to develop a culture of high Modernist achievement in the world today. Without that development there is no magic wand to make the desert bloom. It takes people with ideas, not about what to do, but about how to do the smallest, most boring and difficult daily routines that don’t pay off for years and decades. It takes a bourgeois mentality to shave pennies daily and save them till they become pounds. That doesn’t happen in a subsistence culture under attack from jihadis. It comes from decades of training by those who have the understanding already, who are willing and able, and more importantly, who are allowed to live and work as successful examples of the success of the bourgeois mentality. The successful can, and if they are to truly succeed and survive over the long term, which in the Modern world today they are not doing as well as they should, they mustn’t be satisfied with the obvious lesson of success that anyone can see: the successful must take it upon themselves to train others, to teach, to show, to hire and guide and replicate their success in the lives of others. If South Sudan is to survive it must have social capital imported from outside, a resource that the local population can exploit in exchange for a future prosperity. To attract social capital from outside, locals must have the sense to allow social capital to arrive and thrive. Local resentment will kill that idea with the first massacre of foreigners who make more of anything than the locals. But, if the locals can understand a teacher/pupil relationship with the locals in a subordinate if temporary position, then in the future, as is so often the real case, the student will surpass his master. It requires humility. A warrior and familist and xenophobic culture will not survive in South Sudan against a more sophisticated and violent and aggressive Islamic North. There is great hope for the souther people, but all of it depends only on them and their attitude toward the world they live in but do not necessarily understand clearly as of yet.

    Christians around the world living under threat and actual violnce from Muslims could have a sanctuary in South Sudan, bringing only themselves as social capital to create a new Zion in South Sudan. That will depend on the Sudanese themselves. If they reject their co-religionists in favour of tribalism and familism, then they will be destroyed and the world will carry on just fine without them. The alternative is to import Christians in their persecuted millions as minds at work willing to work. Up to Sudanese alone.

  10. “There is little mention in much of the MSM that the formation of the state of South Sudan has to do with attempting to get security from the threat from the Islamic north of Sudan.”

    Can’t have that, can we? Wouldn’t be PC, after all…

    Besides, if they did, they’d actually be reporting the news.

  11. “A well-respected Sudan analyst concurred”.
    It is amazing that he is well-respected. When I tell the truth about the Sudan, which I have been to several times and try to report factually, the respect is nowhere. I am a “bigot.”

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