The TSA protects you from another wheelchair-bound nonagenarian

Here we go again. The TSA protected us recently from a 95-year-old, wheelchair-bound leukemia patient, and now this. It is a good thing that there were agents available to do this, and that they were not too busy patting down former Secretaries of Defense and six-year-olds.

Extra scrutiny for young Arab and Pakistani males, despite the fact that they’ve been responsible for the lion’s share of jihad terror plots in the U.S. over the last few years? That would be racist! Who are you to assume that a 94-year-old wheelchair-bound grandmother is less likely to commit an act of terror than a young man from Saudi Arabia who loves Allah, Muhammad, and jihad?

“94-year-old upset by TSA pat down,” by Shae Crisson for WTVD, July 14:

RALEIGH (WTVD) — A 94-year-old wheelchair-bound Florida woman says a search she went through at Raleigh/Durham International Airport went too far.

Marian Peterson said it happened July 6 as she went through a TSA security checkpoint before boarding a flight home.

Peterson said she was selected for extra screening. First, security officers lifted her out of her wheelchair and helped her stand in a full body scanner. Then, she was given a physical pat down.

“They took me to one side and they patted me down, and they made me stand for, with my arms out, for over 10 minutes,” she said. “I was beginning to feel that I wasn’t going to be able to continue to stand, I was going to fall down or something.”

“I asked, I said why are you doing this, and the woman was very polite and said ‘I don’t know, maybe the scanner detected something or maybe she moved,'” recalled Peterson’s daughter Marian Malone.

Peterson’s family said it’s not just the length of the search they object to, it’s the way it was done.

“She said it would be in-depth. She started the putdown [sic], and at that point, she asked mom to spread her legs. She stood there with her legs spread and she checked every place thoroughly,” said Malone.

“They groped her. All of her body. Her crotch, her breasts. And everything else,” said son Joe Peterson.

The Petersons said the search seemed unnecessary given Marian’s obvious age.

“I didn’t think I was much of a threat to anybody,” said Marian Peterson.

“My sister had even asked them, you know, what did she do? Why are we doing this? What’s going on here,” said Joe Peterson….

Political correctness, that’s what.

TSA is expected to begin a pilot program this fall that will try more “risk based” screening. It will start with just Delta and American at four U.S. airports. Raleigh is not included.

And when the TSA introduces this “risk based” screening, those Christian extremists better watch their step.

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    Oh boy, just imagine if she had worn a burqa… Rather than be humiliated like this, she would have been asked “Would you like to pat yourself down, or would you like to skip that on your way to the plane?”

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    Yep that makes sense. She looked mighty suspicious. Can one really trust these 95 year old American women?

    Now had it been someone like the Shoe Bomber or the Christmas Bomber, they would not only have waved him on but provided him with an armed escort.

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    In Canada we had 3 Terror-cells or possible Terrorists plots that were almost 100% Pakistani’s. The first 2 groups were Pakistani youths on a Student Visa or just Pakistani’s on expired Visa.But in the first 2 cases it was CAIR-Canada and their Dr.Sheem Khan that cried Racial-Profiling or Islamophobia,but the fact that all were deported as illegals didn’t seem to matter to CAIR’s Ms.Khan.
    Then the 3rd group was the Pakistani-Canadian Terror cell call the Toronto-18 which had 1 Hindu convert that Misunderstood islam and the Quran. These were Muslims born in Canada and wanted to slaughter 1000’s of civilians via Truck-bombs on Toronto and then take over the CBC studio in Toronto to show the beheading of our Prime Minister for Allah’s cause.
    The pathetic and sad display later on was when the Toronto Police held a press meeting at an Islamic centre to assure Candians that THIS HAD NOTING TO DO WITH ISLAM OR MUSLIMS because the 18 people detained came from all backgrounds.
    My gawd, 18 young muslims with ties to the ISNA/MSA/CAIR groups in Mississauga of Pakistani backgroup that all attended the same Radical Mosque….and because 1 of them used to be a Hindu we hear the Police Chief ( from a Islamic centre) tell us that islam had NOTHING to do with the Jihad for allah.
    This Toronto-18 was wittled down to about 12 hard core islamists, all found guilty and some were proud of it and never denied the plot.

    CAIR insisted they were innocent and just victims of RCMP/CSIS zealots that needed to justify their jobs in the post-9/11 Islamophobia.
    Amazing how the CBC and Toronto STAR that used to run to Ms.Khan for the Moderate view of islam and to defend the allaged Jihadists, suddenly have no interest in asking Ms.Khan about here ties to CAIR and Hamas since 2007’s HLF trial by the FBI.

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    This is an outrage. It’s all an outrage.

    “Peterson said she was selected for extra screening”

    “selected” – you know what that word reminds me of?

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    It’s all a useless exercise anyway, just Kabuki for public consumption.

    *** Tabari 9:69 ***

    Killing Infidels is a small matter to us.
    — A comment made by Tim Russert’s “Holy Prophet Mohammed”

    Keep in mind who’s cleaning the airliner you’re about to board.

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    Why is it so hard that they can’t learn from and be taught by the Israeli, true experts at airport security? No doubt more anti realism, anti Semitism from administration of blindness and darkness, the one that thinks they could win votes by mythically eliminating terrorists by getting UBL, naively or sneakely thinking that.

    We all know here that was like taking down Billy the Kid, or Earps taking down the Clantons, in the wild west. The Western World of Liberty is still again the wild and wooly West, and in danger of the renewed mass of evil predator roadmen called islam, (just like in the founding of America, along the Barbary Coast). Just like in the old days of the Crusades for pilgrim’s protection, et al.

    You know, the administration’s concept of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, just buddy up with “evil”, offer out an extended hand of freindship to “evil”, because there really is no evil in the world, so look dumb, be dumb, act dumb to the worst evil in the world. sarc/off

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    I was very lucky when I accompanied my then 86-year-old mother, who is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s, through the Oakland and Portland airports a few years ago that she wasn’t singled out for extra scrutiny. For one thing, I don’t believe she would have been able to stand for ten minutes unassisted.

    I was concerned enough about negotiating through security with a wheelchair and a passenger who was newly anxious in crowds.

    And all of this would be even less plausible if you didn’t have Muslims wiring bombs up to children and the disabled, and Muslims like Al-Qaradawi saying things like this:

    “The only thing that I hope for is that as my life approaches its end, Allah will give me an opportunity to go to the land of Jihad and resistance, even if in a wheelchair. I will shoot Allah’s enemies, the Jews, and they will throw a bomb at me, and thus, I will seal my life with martyrdom. Praise be to Allah.”

    Have I mentioned how much I hate Islam?

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    Did Mr Rumsfeld complain about this? Did he say “Do I LOOK like a muslim Jihad suicide bomber?” If not, why not?

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    “They groped her. All of her body. Her crotch, her breasts. And everything else,” said son Joe Peterson.

    I feel sick reading this. My 89 yr old mother died just a few weeks ago.

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    Isn’t part of Islam’s credo to humiliate non-Muslims? My understanding is that the TSA is trained and controlled by a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

    Boys, how long are you going to let these fucking Muslims humiliate your women in this country, especially your moms?

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    Everything alasux said is true. How many potential terrorists have these “trained” security monkeys caught with these ridiculous tactics? The answer is NOT ONE FREAKIN ONE! The terrorist plots thwarted to date have been solely to the credit of observant passengers! All the money and effort towards these so called preventative measures by “security” have netted ZERO RESULTS except to inconvenience and humiliate innocent people! ! But as long as the gubmint is seen to have have made some kind of effort , no matter how weak or ineffective, is all that matters, at least to them it seems. Reason and common sense be damned. It makes one want to scream.

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    The people of America must say now enough is enough. The Muslims are the cause of all this humiliating and degrading intrusive naked body scans and sexual molestation of innocent Americans by the TSA agents of pervert Pistole. Why is pervert Pistole giving the Muslims a pass? A writer at American Thinker eloquently summed up situation and it is worth a read.
    “On June 18th in an airport in Florida, Transportation Security Administration agents required a 95-year-old woman with leukemia to remove her adult diaper if she wanted to pass their inspection and travel.
    So as to be sensitive and not profile young Islamic men — the demographic group most likely to be terrorists — our policy is ending up dishonoring and humiliating American citizens, be they grammas or little girls, who in no way pose a threat.
    When a society asks its citizens to accept their own debasement and forgo their right to modesty and propriety — and all that constitutes first-class citizenship — so as to accommodate Muslim demands, those citizens have now taken a backseat; they have become second-class.  Second-class citizenship for non-Muslims so as not to offend Muslims is called dhimmitude, a core Islamic belief, the a priori subtext of the Islamization process.  In effect, it elevates the Muslim over the non-Muslim and holds in higher regard how he is to be treated relative to how the Christian or Jew is to be treated.  This is the ideal practiced throughout the Islamic world.

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    like everyone here I’m not a fan of the bloated TSA but every time I hear of one of these nightmares I’m reminded that the muslims out of the U.K. a couple of years ago (the ones that had some kind of liquid explosive) were using their infant children to hide the explosives and now we’re confronted with possibly surgically implanted explosives. Are we to rely on the “good judgement” or “common sense” of TSA employees? “Profiling” is obviously the way to go but are we to rely on the TSA employees I’ve seen to do the profiling? These TSA employees, whom apparently wanted to be unionized, are people off the street who needed a job. That’s their qualifications. If anyone is looking for perfection in this system they will be disappointed.

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    Let’s just say that the USA will never again be getting any tourist money from me if this is how you treat old people.

    I’m 67, clearly white, and English. Shall be visiting friends in NZ next year. This time though I shall return travelling west rather than East – thereby missing s stop-off in the US. Shame. OR perhaps I might take in South, instead of North, America. There’s an idea. No US for me though.

    Fact is that if anyone started groping me I would unfortunately be unable to stop myself lashing out violently and so get myself arrested.

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    My wife took a couple of long distance flights during the last week. Her observations were interesting.

    Going outbound, some guy tried to go through TSA security with half of a drivers license! The photo was missing, and he insisted it was his! While TSA was dealing with him they were waiving everyone else through without a check. My wife thought, what a great way to create a diversion. BTW, this guy did not fit any ethnic profile for Islamic terrorism.

    Coming inbound, TSA seemed more slack at the checkpoint than at the outbound airport. But, before the boarding two TSA personnel went aboard the plan with wands and evidently checked for planted weapons. They were gone awhile.

    This flight was a redeye, but she didn’t get any sleep. After they landed, the pilot asked everyone to stay in their seats because the police would be boarding the aircraft. Five local police and TSA personnel went to the back of the plan and removed a Middle Eastern appearing man in handcuffs. He was complaining in what sounded like Arabic, but not too loudly. My wife never heard any commotion behind her on the entire flight, so she never knew what the reason was for the arrest. It never made the local news outlets.

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    I hope a hell of a lot of us feel that pain and humiliation, that that wonderful, obviously, innocent, woman felt, at least privately, inside her mind, having lived into another far meaner, far courser age, beyond the experience of her age, for the inexcusable failure of kindergarten level tsa, to violate her decency!

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    Gerard wrote:

    I feel sick reading this. My 89 yr old mother died just a few weeks ago.

    Gerard, I’m very sorry to hear about your mother.

    And I agree with the rest of your post. How many people’s mothers”and children”will have to suffer these indignities because of the scourge of Islam and our largely foolish response to it?

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    “our largely foolish response to it”
    This really is the problem. Don’t let anyone tell me that USA couldn’t kick Islam right back to Mecca if it wanted to. There lies the problem. The lack of will. The namby pamby dalliance with evil that is costing us so much in every way that you might measure “cost”: dollars, lives, dignity, freedom, self-respect, respect abroad…you name it.

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    “Fact is that if anyone started groping me I would unfortunately be unable to stop myself lashing out violently and so get myself arrested.”

    When people protest about aggressive Islamic parades in UK it is always the white english who are arrested. The “protected” Islamists are being allowed to turn us against each other.

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    Hi alasux

    I thought the following link might be of interest regarding the Toronto 18. The article contains a table of all those charged including the charges themselves as well as the outcome of each defendant’s trial. The readers should note that some of the defendants are not listed by name as they were under the age of 18 and they would have had protection under the “Youth Criminal Justice Act”.

    This article isn’t quite up to date. The first defendant on the list, Shariff Abdelhaleem, is listed as sentence not yet handed down but he was given a life sentence. The article on his conviction sometime this year is found at:

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    Why the politicians and media are so bent on destroying Canadian identity and history and custom are way beyond me, I can only think that what happened in England with Labour is exactly what is going on here.

    That is a really good question and I don’t think anyone in Canada has the least idea how to answer it.

    The destruction is inconsistent too. You may remember under the Mulroney Government with the Meech Lake accords, the political parties were propounding the Two Nations Policy which was more or less a credo that only the English and the French Canadian cultures had any validity.

    That didn’t stop them from dismantling those cultures at the same time. It was bizarre.

    Well, I hope the leftists love the population-reducing race wars that are to come, I hope they like to witness the genocide of the white race,

    I have read and heard at various sites that the left is engaged in just what you are concerned with, population reduction.

    I haven’t really followed up on this stuff as it is kinda spooky so I’m going by memory which may be misleading in this case.

    The claims are, some of the left are convinced that the planet can’t sustain itself with the current levels of human population. The Environment will eventually collapse and when it does it will take all life with it.

    Sooo, some in the left are trying to arrange things so the population will go down drastically. Those who believe in this stuff claim the goal is to get the human population planet-wide down to well under 1 billion people. Strangely, I have read about similar plans coming from the right.

    No clear-cut way of bringing the population down below 1 billion has ever been described but man-made pandemics and fertility reducing agents have been suggested. I guess, engineering a large scale war would fit the bill as well.

    Conspiracy Theory yes, but we may find out it is Conspiracy Fact before we know it if your concerns turn into reality.