Convert to Islam arrested with bomb-making guides and al-Qaeda propaganda; Spiegel says his “motivations remain a mystery”

Everyone knows that Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢ and that only greasy Islamophobes pause from raking in the bucks long enough to suggest otherwise, so Abdul Hakiim’s conversion to Islam couldn’t have anything to do with his sudden interest in setting off bombs. This one is, a Pamela Geller says, “a real headscratcher”! “The Path of a Young German Salafist,” by Julia Jüttner in Spiegel, August 30 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Robert B. wore long robes, dreamed of paradise and called himself Abdul Hakiim. He and his friend were arrested in July for trying to enter Britain with bomb-making guides and al-Qaida propaganda. They now sit in a London high-security prison. But Robert’s motivations remain a mystery.

A mother can’t be fooled, and a mother notices when her child goes astray, says Marlies B. That’s why she called the state authorities in October 2010 and asked if she needed to be worried about her son.

Her son Robert had changed. He’d converted to Islam, forsaken pork and alcohol, and now he wore a knit wool cap and wandered the city of Solingen, northeast of Cologne, in floor-length garments. Marlies B. says she’d never seen him this way. People asked her about it, and it was embarrassing. It frightened her. […]

He’d taken the ferry to Dover with Christian E., another convert from Solingen, who had a criminal record. At the border they told authorities they had planned to fly from Brussels to Egypt, but the tickets were too expensive. So they’d settled on Great Britain instead.

Officials searched their bags and found handbooks for jihadists, a bomb-making pamphlet called, “How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom,” and an essay on “39 Ways to Support Jihad,” written by the radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki — all propaganda material for al-Qaida. Both Germans were sent to Belmarsh, a high-security prison in south London, and isolated in solitary confinement. […]

Even as a child, Robert was an outsider and was bullied and chased across the school yard. He dropped out of school in the 9th grade. When he was 17 he joined the military, with his mother’s approval, and volunteered to go to Afghanistan. He dreamed of riding in a tank. But he wound up on desk duty. When this duty grew boring, he started spreading right-wing propaganda on the Internet. He hung a Hitler portrait over his bunk. He was forced to leave the army. […]

In January 2009, Robert converted to Islam. He told his mother this in passing at lunch one day. She says she doesn’t know who encouraged him to do it. Robert kept his curly hair cut short and didn’t grow a beard. “He did not seem so extreme to me,” she says.

She dismissed Robert’s comments that she should re-orient her religion, and wear a headscarf or a burka at home, as idle chatter. She had no idea he already called himself Abdul Hakiim.

In October, he and other Muslims travelled to Egypt. “I want to learn Arabic, in order to practice my beliefs,” he told his mother. She alerted German authorities, and some officials paid Robert a visit. To this day, he does not know that his mother was behind it, she says. Officials placated her by saying they had him under their radar.

Because of the unrest in Egypt, Robert took a special flight home to Germany on February 1, 2011. He checked in with his mother by phone. She cooked spaghetti with ground beef that had been slaughtered according to Islamic ritual by a special butcher in Solingen. He spent two nights in her apartment. Then he moved out, and started to live on state assistance. […]

She now knows that before his trip to Britain he visited mosques in Cologne and Bonn. She knows he flew to Hamburg to see a presentation by Pierre Vogel, also known as Abu Hamza — a radical German Islamic preacher and former professional boxer who had become a hero for Robert….

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  1. says

    “Then he moved out, and started to live on state assistance. […]”

    Hey, I think his conversion is genuine. Look, he’s living like a real Muslim: off the backs of productive (if stupid) Westerns.

    And he himself is pretty stupid in his own right. The dank of England is, for him, a decent alternative to the sunny climes of Egypt.

    Nice touch though in asking (which would soon enough turn into demanding) Mom that she wear a burka in her own home.

  2. says

    Islam is a parasitic religion. It takes hold by becoming entrenched in western democracies where its adherents take advantage of social benefits like welfare (for the polygamist families too large for any one man to provide for). Islam also uses the democratic principles of tolerance of its host country to to multiply by high birth rate and then demand more welfare and a special protected category for its new emrging social mores. Eventually it becomes strong enough to push its and take over. See what’s happening in the U.K. Germany ….

  3. says

    It seems, now it’s the dhimmis who are brain dead if they say this guys’s “motivations remain a mystery”.

    Morons, don’t want to confront the truth lest it should offend Muslims. Dhimmis are digging their grave with their own hands!!

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    The Hitler poster may have been a slight clue something wasn’t quite right.
    At least she called the authorities.

    The media loons can stop dramatizing the so called Mr.Spencer and Breivik connection.

    The Religion of Peace crushed the competition again
    this Ramadan.Final numbers are still pending, but so far, devout Muslims have killed at least ten times as many people during their holiest month than were murdered by Norway’s Anders Breivik in July.

  5. says

    This is truly perplexing. He is obviously a well balanced kid, because his mother says so; it’s absurd to believe anyone might wish to bite the hand that feeds them, and we know it can’t be the religion of peace that tipped him over the edge. I give up.

    Perhaps we should turn to the NYT for a fascinating insight into what caused him to flip.

  6. says

    It seems like Islam is taking everybody on a magical mystery tour:

    “The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away,
    Coming to take you away.
    The magical mystery tour is dying to take you away,
    Dying to take you away, take you today.”


    “One dead in Copenhagen mosque shooting

    (Updated: 02:26, Wednesday August 31, 2011).

    A man has been killed and two others are injured after a shooting outside a Copenhagen mosque following prayers to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan on Tuesday.

    Police spokesman Lau Thygesen said the shooting took place outside the Muslim Culture Institute, located in the Danish capital’s western Vesterbro district, and that the roads surrounding the mosque and a nearby car park have been cordoned off.

    ‘After the prayer, there apparently was some kind of quarrel between two groups. I don’t know if both (groups) had been inside the mosque,’ Thygesen said. ‘The quarrel turned into a scuffle which was followed by the shooting.’

    A 50-year-old man and a third person, who was rushed away in private car, were injured.

    The third person’s whereabouts and his condition were not known, Thygesen said.

    No arrests have been made but police were on the lookout for ‘several perpetrators,’ he said.

    A spokesman for the Muslim institute, who declined to give his name, told The Associated Press that the incident took place on a parking lot next to the mosque as hundreds of people were leaving the 9 am prayer service.

    Kuran Qureshi, who attended the prayers, told Danish broadcaster TV2 in a live interview that he had witnessed two groups of ‘younger men having some kind of argument’ on the parking lot just before the shooting started.

    Qureshi said he had heard ’15, maybe 20 shots,’ as he drove away from the area with his 10-year-old son.

    ‘I saw people, women, children ducking and hiding behind cars. It was really unpleasant,’ he said.

    The Muslim Cultural Institute was founded in the late 1970s by Pakistani immigrants. It includes a mosque as well as facilities where Islam is being taught to boys and girls in Danish.”

    A Danish islamophobe claimed that murder had never happened in or around a Danish Church. Of course he was wrong. A Danish King was actually killed in a church in 1086, as I pointed out. So have no fear, Muslims will propably get civilized in about a millennium. 😉

  7. says

    I read the whole article.

    I’d peg him as a ‘lost soul’ – psychically marginal. This case is sad as well as ugly.

    I wouldn’t blame the mother.

    He appears to have been 18 or over when he chose Islam – in other words, legally an adult . In the end he, not his mother, is finally responsible for his choices.

    After all: in the West we have freedom of religion.

    What should the mother have done once he told her he’d converted to Islam?

    Unlike the members of the Ummah we are not authorised to execute our nearest and dearest out of hand if they choose a belief system different from our own.

    She seems to have done what many parents do when their young adult offspring announce that they (the offspring) have joined a somewhat suspect cult, and begin behaving strangely: worry, try to maintain contact in hopes the offspring will come to his or her senses, and call the police if something the offspring is doing causes them (the parent) alarm.

    Lilred bird – are you reading this?

    You’ve worked with cult deprogramming.

    What could or should this man’s mother have done, otherwise than what she did?

    If only Islam were seen as a cult similar to Scientology or the Moonies, people would be more clued-up about it, and it might be easier to keep vulnerable young people away from it.

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    Der Spiegel is an instrument of leftist propaganda whose bias its publishers and editors do nothing to hide. Among other things, this paper labels as “far-right populists” anyone opposed to islam and the EU; and, recently, they published an opinion piece that tried to get Germans to believe that “their ‘obsession’ with islam” was the only wrong thing in Germany as far as relations between them and the mahoundians living in that country are concerned.

    No surprise that they’d try to say that the motivations of a jihadist come not from Mein Qurampf and that other muslim hero known as Hitler, but that they remain a mystery.

  9. says

    “Show me the books you read and I will tell you where you are headed”

    The criminal and drop-out background of these two young German converts, depict Islam as a dumping ground for those who detest hard work.

  10. says

    “Even as a child, Robert was an outsider and was bullied and chased across the school yard.

    Later in life he discovered that as a Muslim you get to be the bully…

  11. says

    “Then he moved out, and started to live on state assistance. […]”
    Went from paramilitary to parasite.
    See? His Islam has been sucessful. His family, his community and his country has submitted to supporting him.

    Look at every instance where this ‘element’ has gained eitehr welfare (government charity), housing, subsidies to extended – and inteernationally extensive – families; the costly altering of books from education to propaganda to municipal ordinances.
    In each case, their sordid egoes rise in pride. The Host’s Submit – Islam.
    You want to indulge in his oddity? Then add up the receipts for your payments. There is a time when the bizarre is an excess to general society. This clown’s, and his apologists, “Isl..Macht Frei” and “Jiladi make points – uncomfortable as they sound”.
    The gore and blood-shed we face is nothing the scariest of horror shows can compare.
    And, Kiddies, you won’t get to change the channel.

  12. says

    She deserves it, for allowing it to happen. Nothing good comes from Islam. Everyone knows this. It’s not a mystery. Allow Islam to become a part of your life; expect to suffer the consequences that result from its engagement.

    She should have taken the matter very seriously the moment she heard “Islam.”

    Cancer is less pernicious, because it doesn’t exist under false pretenses. It is what it is. Islam is a social evil. It has no place in the civilized world.