“Islamophobia: Thoughtcrime of the Totalitarian Future” by David Horowitz and Robert Spencer


The far-Left Center for American Progress last week issued “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” the latest in an ever-lengthening string of markedly similar “exposés” claiming that the problem America and the world face is not Islamic jihad, but “Islamophobia.” These reports all claim to show that the anti-jihad movement in America is a sinister cabal of well-funded, dishonest hacks stirring up hate against innocent Muslims in order to profit from it. Like them, it is highly distorted and markedly unfair, twisting the facts and cooking the data in order not to enlighten but to propagandize — and ignoring the reality of Islamic jihad activity altogether.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is in the midst of a full-scale, years-long campaign at the United Nations to compel the West to criminalize any honest discussion of how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to recruit and motivate terrorists; these “Islamophobia” reports serve the OIC”s agenda of ruling discussion of jihad activity off limits and thereby rendering the West mute and defenseless in the face of the advancing jihad. This pamphlet reveals the sinister agenda behind the “Islamophobia” campaign.

In 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeini, the ruler of the Islamic Republic of Iran, issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims worldwide to murder the novelist Salman Rushdie for insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad and Islam. Rushdie’s crime? Blasphemy or Islamophobia. Since then we have seen worldwide violent Muslim protests over cartoons, blasphemy laws in Europe, prosecutions of notable opponents of Islamic terror like Oriana Fallaci and Geert Wilders and the demonization of courageous opponents of Islamic imperialism and terror in the West. And now the inventors of the concept of “Islamophobia” are more intent than ever to destroy the freedom of speech and end all examination of jihadist motives and goals — hoping thereby to end all resistance to jihad.

This vitally important essay by David Horowitz and Robert Spencer describes the origins of the word “Islamophobia” as a coinage of the Muslim Brotherhood, traces the campaign in the U.N. to criminalize the criticism of Islam and exposes its role in the Brotherhood’s campaign to “destroy the American civilization from within.” An absolutely essential primer of the global struggle against religious intolerance and totalitarianism.

Order your copy of Islamophobia: Thoughtcrime of the Totalitarian Future here.

Eli Clifton is his hammer
"It's clear, this all happened because we're Muslim": Muslims claim police used excessive force in Playland Park riot
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    “Islamophobia” and “Hate speech” are political constructs by the left to eliminate its opposition. The policy of hyper-migration, as seen applied in Europe, can then proceed unchallenge.

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    I hate the term as applied from the users of Jihad. Thanks to Thomas Pellow on providing his link (good read) and ever grateful for such as R. Spencer, D. Horiwitz, P. Geller,G. Wilders and so many others that provide the information the free world needs to become educated in the invading forces of Jihad. I’ll get my booket today. The Jihadist are educated and so must we.

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    So CAIR and other Muslims concocted the word “Islamaphobia”? The word doesn’t sound right. Does not help them. Of course I have a legitimate phobia about Islam. I have looked at its historical record of mass slaughter of millions of infidels that was started by a false prophet, Muhammad. I know the biography of Muhammad and it is full of blood. He dictated the Koran after having hallucinations of the Angel Gabriel visiting him in a cave. Islam is most bizarre religion ever dreamt up

    For those who don’t know. CAIR saw the gays having some success using the (made up) word homophobia against opponents against the gay marriage agenda. So CAIR slavishly copied the gays. How dare we infidels be opposed to gay marriage and Islamic expansion in Western nations!

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    and end all examination of jihadist motives and goals — hoping thereby to end all resistance to jihad.

    Are they going to ban the Quran and Hadith in western countries? If you read Spencer and then read Quran, you know Spencer is right…If you read Quran and then read Spencer, you still know Spencer is right…A kuffar of sound mind and of average intelligence at least, will invariably come away with a similar impression…WTF??? ‘God’ wrote that???
    Allah was pretty clear in his book about jihad and why, and who/what it is directed at…When the kuffar discovers that it is himself who is the target, examination is over and resistance begins…All anyone has to do to verify Spencer’s work, is to read the Islamic literature, listen to what the pious say, and then watch what they ‘do’…
    The only real way to end jihad is for the jihadists to stop jihading…They are not going to give it up anytime soon, so resistance is called for, free speech or no free speech…

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    Which Islamic country should we take as an example of why Islam should not be feared or of what Islam has to offer the world?

    No one who makes the accusation of Islamophobia ever seems to be able to answer this to any degree of satisfaction.

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    We must also outlaw NAZIPHOBIA

    We demand…

    – An end to Naziphobia in the media, especially war films showing the Nazis in a bad light.

    – Tax exemption for all places of worship including airfields, munitions factories, extermination camps etc.

    – Destruction of all blasphemous cartoons of Adolf Hitler(pbuh) produced in the Second World War.

    – An apology from the British government for the campaign of Naziphobia waged by Winston Churchill, and the hurt feelings inflicted on the Afrika Korps at El Alamein by the Naziphobic bigot Montgomery.

    – An apology from the American government for the insensitivity by the raging Naziphobe Eisenhower in failing to forewarn Nazi community leaders of the D-Day landings, which caused much distress among the peaceloving Nazis holidaying in Northern France.

    – Burning ‘Mein Kampf’ must become a hate crime punishable by hanging with piano wire.

    – Application of our parallel legal system known as ‘The Gestapo’ must be enforced in so-called ‘democratic’ countries.

    More at http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2011/03/church-of-adolf-hitler.html

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    I just ordered mine!

    As I posted recently HERE, “islomophobia” is a misnomer as a phobia is an irrational fear and there is nothing irrational about legitimate concerns over jihad and islamization! The real islamophobics are the ones who are afraid to talk honestly about islam, jihad and sharia for fear of offending perpetually offended muslims.

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    Fear of Islam and Muslims is not irrational, imaginary, unfounded which all “phobias” are based on. Therefore, the word Islamophobia is totally baseless and meaningless. Yet the PC/MC leftist leaders and MSM continue to promote it and as is their tradition they are lying through their teeth.

    Just look at the record of Muslims since its “invention” by Mo/allah. It has done nothing but brutalized, murdered, killed, raped, looted, non-Muslims and also promoted incest, slavery, misogyny, pedophilia, etc. This cult has spread and survived only under the threat of sword and nothing else.

    The cult has no redeeming value and is always at war with human beings. Wouldn’t this prove that the fear of the followers of this cult is real and genuine?? But not to brain dead liberal leftists who are dominating in all non-Muslim countries. These brain deads have an alliance with Muslims and promote their religion without realizing that once Muslims come in power they will have no need for these retards and they will be the first in line for their head to be chopped off by their new masters – Muslims!!

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    to understand about the leftist mindset a book to read written by Johah Goldberg “Liberal Facism”, there you will be able to connect the dots of why so called “liberals leftist side with islamists” both are facists. you will also connect the dots with nazis, Mussolini “The Father of Facism” etc.
    This book will educate even those who have doubts about why the left connect with islamists.

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    Okay, now swallow this.


    How do you feel?


    Good. Now repeat after me: Islam is a religion of peace. I said REPEAT IT!!

    Islam…is…a religion…of peace…

    All cultures are the same.

    All…cultures are…the same…

    You are making progress, now keep going: Muslims are victims of Western imperialism…

    –leftist reeducation center for Islamophobes

    I’m ordering my copy today.

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    Now that the manufactured man made Global Warming Crisis has been largely discredited, and the left can no longer use it effectively as a worse menace than Global Jihad, the Center for American Progress and other left wing groups are replacing Global Warming with Islamophobia as the new menace to civilization and world peace.

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    “Homophobia” and “Islamophobia”.
    Finding homosexuality rather repugnant is not a matter of “fear”.
    Finding Islam repugnant likewise is not about “fear”, unless for some strange reason a person is fearful that Muslims might behave according to their “holy book” and join forces to kill or enslave one, something no-one thinks a homosexual might do. Disliking Islam can hardly be called a phobia.(Though I do admit to a queasy feeling sometimes when seeing in the street young girls, trussed-up in pretty hijabs, and thinking that they actually believe that the awful, child-molesting Mohammed was a prophet and perfect man…)
    Now, “claustrophobia”, that is a word which uses the appellation correctly; it is a psychological condition rather than a point of view.

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    Here’s a link to an instance of “thoughtcrime” I’ll bet no one else thought to think. It’s a fictive account of the proper, moral and rational response to 9/11/2001, in the form of a retrospective, looking back over ten years at what might have been. It recounts, among other things, what would NOT have been: the DHS, The TSA, Barack Obama, ObamaCare, lengthy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, billions spent on “bringing democracy” to Middle East countries, thousands of American casualties, “boots on the ground,” London, Madrid, and Bali bombings, and a resurgent Islam capitalizing on the weak and pragmatic policies of the West. None of that occurs. No faddle about Islam being a “religion of peace,” no Ground Zero Mosque, no stealth jihad, no threats to the Constitution, no Muslim judges on the bench and certainly not in the White House, either as president or advisor (Did or did not Obama claim in Cairo that he was a Muslim?). And so on. And the World Trade Center is rebuilt, taller than the original twin towers.
    This short retrospective is premised on Aristotle’s statement that fiction (or “poetry”) is more important than history, because while history shows men what was, fiction (ideally) shows them what might and ought to have been.


    Read this and curse the time you ever heard that Islam is a “religion of peace” and every leftist and multiculturalist who has allied himself with Islam.

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    All we have to do to refute the retards who bleat about islamaphobia is to ask them what would happen to people like Pamela Geller, Robert S., Wafa Sultan, Brigitte Gabriel, Geert Wilders in ANY Islamic state. A Pakistani Christian minister was disappeared from police custody for merely being ACCUSED of committing blasphemy. An Egyptian journalist was disappeared for supporting Israel in Egypt.

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    It is not phobia when one is facing a REAL threat of an ideology of hate and intolerance promoted in Koran and Hadith, where a murder is incited by the “holly men of jihad” in the name of their Allah! 20% of all Muslims subscribe to this radical Jihad, which means that there are 300 MILLIONS of delusional Jew- and Christian haters (kefirs) who are ready to die for their dastardly delusions in which other people are disrespected. Unfortunately because of violence promoted by Radical Islam, the remaining 1200 millions of “moderate” Muslims do not want and do not dare to speak up. Koran is filled with hatred of the Jews, Christians and others and Sharia is incompatible with either Universal Declaration of Human Rights or US Constitution, and particularly first Amendment. If the European left continues their policy of head in the sand about facts on the ground, they may be creating another Holocaust, which Arabs would like to commit in Israel.

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    Wildjew: I went to that link, and here’s the reply I tried to post, in case it wasn’t accepted:

    This is a shameful piece. Daniel Pipes is no voice of hate, nor is he a demagogue. He has long said much in praise of “moderate Islam”. And, how many non-Muslim scholars are there who have Pipes’ grasp of Islamic sources?

    As for a climate of Islamophobia, while I deplore it (I write as one who has lived outside the USA and received kind treatment at Muslim hands–although I am no Muslim), I would beg the Islamic world to start asking itself some of the hard questions the West started asking itself three centuries ago. Before we talk of 9/11, I would urge my Muslim neighbors to consider that there are people in America who remember grandparents and parents speaking vividly of the Armenian and Assyrian massacres that they survived. As we discuss this, there is all but an open season on Christian girls in Pakistan and Egypt–abduction, rape, conversion to Islam, and marriage to the abductor. People who develop doubts about Islam and enter another faith are often murdered–and, as we’ve seen not too long in Afghanistan and Iran, they can be sentenced to death in courts of law. And, before we blame the import of Western nationalism for making such crimes possible, the history of the Islamic world when it was still ahead of the West has plenty of ugly moments, such as Babur Shah’s boast of killing millions in his conquest of Hindostan; the Almoravids and Almohades in Spain, the persecution of which Maimonides’ correspondents in Yemen asked his advice.

    Worse, apart from a few isolated people like Judhi Zasser, we do not hear organized Muslim voices calling for respect for the non-Muslim minorities. Are there any elements of the Iraqi ‘Ulema, for example, that are publicly calling for an apology to the millennia-old Jewish community of that country that was driven out with only the clothes on its backs?
    Are there members of the Egyptian ‘Ulema who call for a halt to publishing _The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion_, condemning it as a forgery? Who in the ‘Ulema calls on Muslim communities to respect the fact that the women of Malmo, Sweden, have different standards that are not an invitation to rape?

    Sure, Islam has a grievance over the Crusades. Youth With a Mission went on a pilgrimage across the Middle East once to apologize for them. But, where are the Muslim groups that cross the Balkans, telling the Christian peoples there, “Look, we treated you badly under Ottomans, but are sorry, and would like to reassure you of our peaceful intentions?” Where are the Muslim groups who approach the children of the Maghrabi and Mesopotamian Jewish communities (that were there long before Islam) to apologize for uprooting them? Apart from Pervez Musharaf (born in Delhi), I don’t see Muslim pilgrimages into India to work on reconciliation with the offspring Hindu, Sikh, and Christian refugees from the Partition troubles; but I do see terrorists attacking Mumbai.

    And, seeing the Church of John the Baptist in Damascus turned into a mosque and the Hagia Sophia, mother church of Christendom, still closed to Christian prayer (but no for Muslim), are not some just a teensy bit justified in seeing the Ground Zero Mosque as another example of an insensitive and triumphalist Islam at work?

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    From the first paragraph of the piece you linked to:

    “The protesters who led Egypt’s revolt last January were young, liberal, and linked-in. They were the bloggers who first proposed the demonstrations against Hosni Mubarak on Twitter; the Facebook-based activists who invited their “friends” to protest; and Wael Ghonim, the 30-year-old Google executive who, after Egypt’s state security agency detained him for 12 days, rallied the crowds to hold Tahrir Square. Far from emulating Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, they channeled Thomas Paine, calling for civil liberties, religious equality, and an end to Mubarak’s dictatorship. Their determination, punctuated by the speed of their triumph, fueled optimism that the long-awaited Arab Spring had finally sprung — that the Middle East would no longer be an autocratic exception in an increasingly democratic world…..”

    Useful idiots?

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    beautifully put.

    And in Pakistan it’s ‘open season’ on Hindu and Sikh girls as well as on Christian girls.

    I wonder what would happen if Christian, Sikh and Hindu women – mothers of daughters – went and sat down, dressed in black, en masse, outside the Egyptian and Pakistani embassies in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the non-Muslim world, holding up many, many placards, each bearing the photo and full name, and age at date of seizure by Muslims (many of these girls are very much ‘under age’) and date-of-kidnapping/rape/ ‘conversion’, of a Coptic Christian (in the case of Egypt) or Christian [any tradition] or Hindu or Sikh girl (in the case of Pakistan) who has been seized and raped and forcibly ‘converted’ to Islam, and held incommunicado, separated from her parents, and often ‘disappeared’ altogether’, with the open connivance of the government and the police and judiciary in both Egypt and Pakistan, who in effect sneer and spit in the faces of the frantic parents.

    And sat there, day after day, chanting ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’ “let our daughters go!’ every time the Mohammedan Egyptians or Pakistanis went in or out.

    And at the same time, a delegation of these women *also* went to the seat of government in the countries in which they were holding the protest, and presented that same long, long and ever-lengthening list of abused, raped, kidnapped and either terrorised or brainwashed girls, to their head of state and their elected representatives, demanding that STRONG pressure be placed upon both Egypt and Pakistan, and that there should be CONSEQUENCES imposed for those countries’ condoning or even active promotion of such gross abuses of human rights.

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    you write -” I have never been a big fan of Islam, but i have met a muslim girl who wants to get married.What do people think?”

    Well, supposing you are being truthful with us: are. you. aware that under Sharia, a Muslim female is not permitted to take as a lover, or to marry, a non-Muslim man who has not first converted to Islam?

    In dar al Islam such liaisons if detected usually end with the girl’s family, or other Muslims, killing the man and/ or the girl. And this does not just happen in dar al Islam, either; there are plenty of cases of it happening in parts of dar al Harb where there are expanding Mohammedan colonies.

    Recently, in Pakistan, a Muslim girl fell in love with and married a Christian guy. They were deluged with death threats by Muslims and have had to flee into hiding; the young man’s family and his entire community are now also under threat from the Muslim Mob.

    In Italy, Muslim girls who took Italian lovers, view marriage, have been murdered by their daddies.

    In Switzerland, a Muslim girl who took a Swiss Christian boyfriend, was murdered by her daddy.

    In Iraq, a Muslim girl was murdered by her father because he merely *suspected* her to have been making eyes at a nice young British soldier whom she had briefly met when the soldier was helping hand out humanitarian aid.

    In India, if a Muslim girl dares to form a serious relationship with a Hindu boy – they both tend to wind up dead, murdered by allah’s enforcers.

    In the USA , a Muslim man murdered his two daughters because – at high school – they had formed friendships with non-Muslim boys.

    In the UK, a Muslim girl, an actress who played a minor role in the Harry Potter epic, was beaten severely by her father and brothers, when they discovered she had a Hindu boyfriend.

    Also in the UK, a couple – white Anglo non-Muslim man, Muslim woman – who formed a relationship, had to flee and live in hiding, constantly moving, with hit-men being sent after them by the girl’s family and the wider Mohammedan Mob.

    Has your pretty Muslimah mentioned this trifling little detail? – that Sharia forbids a Muslimah to marry a non-Muslim who remains non-Muslim?

    Has she even hinted at the possibility that a ‘hit’ may be ordered upon you and her, to punish the breach of sharia that she is contemplating committing? Do her family know of your relationship, and if they do, what is their attitude toward you?

    Are you being encouraged – subtly or unsubtly – to convert to Islam? In a sharia state, it would be the *only* way you would have any likelihood of being permitted to marry her.

    Or, has your lady evinced an interest in apostasising from Islam? – an interest in atheism/ secular humanism, or perhaps Christianity, or some other system, such as Buddhism or, if she is of South Asian ethnicity, an interest in exploring Hindu beliefs? And if so: supposing she apostasises, joining whatever is *your* belief system,

    (If you’re in a Muslim country, fuggedaboutit unless you both plan to scarper to dar al Harb without leaving a forwarding address; and there’s a further issue – if you’re in a Muslim country, can you be sure you’re not being used by your lady – Turkish, Pakistani, Indonesian, whatever she is – as a mere means for the obtaining of a ‘green card’ or equivalent?).

    f you are in a non-Muslim country – the UK? the USA? somewhere in continental Europe? – I would still advise you to think very, very carefully about this relationship. (If you were female, I would tell you flatly NOT to marry a non-apostasising Muslim, no matter what).

    If the girl is seriously interested in getting married, and is NOT pressing you to convert to Islam, and perhaps even expressing an apparently genuine interest in apostasising, you had better have a damn good plan for getting both you and her into a suitable Secure Undisclosed Location ASAP; and I’d advise you both to sign up for heavy-duty martial arts classes (and, if in America, to acquire firearms and learn how to use them) so you can defend yourselves as and when it becomes necessary…which it probably will.

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    An omission in the posting above.

    The sentence reading “And if so: supposing she apostasises, joining whatever is *your* belief system” was left incomplete.

    It should read “And if so: supposing she apostasises, joining whatever is *your* belief system, are you fully aware that the Sharia of Islam requires the death penalty for those who leave Islam, and that this may be imposed by any Muslim who cares to appoint him or herself judge, jury and executioner?”