U.S. ambassador to Pakistan: “There is evidence linking the Haqqani Network to the Pakistan government. This is something that must stop.”

The Pakistanis were not happy when the Secretary of Defense criticized their failure to take on the Haqqani network. They really won’t like this, an exceptionally frank allegation from the ambassador.

“U.S. links Pakistan to group it blames for Kabul attack,” by Qasim Nauman for Reuters, September 17:

Islamabad (Reuters) – The United States accused Pakistan on Saturday of having links to a militant group Washington blames for an attack on the U.S. embassy and other targets in Kabul and said the government in Islamabad must cut those ties.
“The attack that took place in Kabul a few days ago, that was the work of the Haqqani network,” the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, told Radio Pakistan in comments aired on Saturday.

“There is evidence linking the Haqqani Network to the Pakistan government. This is something that must stop.”

The Haqqani Network. Reach out and bomb someone.

The Haqqani network is one of three, and perhaps the most feared, of the Taliban allied insurgent factions fighting U.S.-led NATO and Afghan troops in Afghanistan.

Insurgents in a bomb-laden truck occupied a building in Kabul on Tuesday, raining rockets and gunfire on the U.S. embassy and other targets in the diplomatic quarter of the Afghan capital, and battled police during a 20 hour siege.

Five Afghan police and 11 civilians were killed.

Washington has long blamed militants sheltering in Pakistan for violence in Afghanistan. Islamabad says its forces are taking high casualties fighting insurgents, and bristles at any suggestion it provides support for fighters.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned Pakistan on Wednesday the United States would “do everything we can” to defend U.S. forces from Pakistan-based militants staging attacks in Afghanistan.

Munter suggested ties with Pakistan, which relies heavily on billions of dollars of U.S. aid, were still heavily strained, despite recent comments from both sides on strong counter-terrorism cooperation.

“These relations today need a lot of work,” he said.

The Haqqani network is perhaps the most divisive issue between the two allies, whose ties have been badly damaged by the unilateral American raid that killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani town in May.

Pakistani officials were not immediately available for reaction on Munter’s comments.

“The key here is that this is going to take a real effort to work together, to agree who the enemy is, to make sure that we identify those people who will attack Pakistanis, Afghans, and Americans, that we do not give them any space anywhere,” Munter told Radio Pakistan.

“These people have to be pursued everywhere. We will work with our Pakistani friends to make that happen but we cannot put up with this kind of fight. We have to make sure that in our talks with your leadership, we figure out the best way to put these attacks to an end.”

The United States has repeatedly pressed Pakistan to go after the network, which it believes is one of the most lethal organizations in Afghanistan and enjoys sanctuaries in North Waziristan, a global hub for militants near the Afghan border.

Pakistan’s powerful Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has long been suspected of maintaining ties to the Haqqani network, cultivated during the 1980s when its founder Jalaluddin Haqqani was a feared battlefield commander against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Asked if the Haqqani network was behind the Kabul assault, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the group’s leader, told Reuters in a telephone interview on Saturday from an undisclosed location:

“For some reasons, I would not like to claim that fighters of our group had carried out the recent attack on U.S. embassy and NATO headquarters. Our central leadership, particularly senior members of the shura, suggested I should keep quiet in future if the US and its allies suffer in future.”

The Haqqanis are thought to have introduced suicide bombing to Afghanistan, and are believed to have been behind high-profile attacks there, including a raid on Kabul’s top hotel and an assassination attempt on the president….

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    How many times the US would go back n forth on this with Pakistan and YET pay it billions?
    Stopping Pakistan from commiting terror is akin to advising pack of lions to go vegetarion…..

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    “Munter suggested ties with Pakistan, which relies heavily on billions of dollars of U.S. aid, were still heavily strained, despite recent comments from both sides on strong counter-terrorism cooperation.
    “These relations today need a lot of work,” he said”.

    No surprize here. The U.S. has been sending money to people that don’t neccessarily like us and are not our friends for decades.

    The problem is our legislators don’t know the first thing about the ideology of any of these people. So it doesn’t help our positive effort at all. In fact it hurts it. Imagine sending money to Hiters SS during world war two with the idea that the SS would become our friends against Hitler.

    The ideology of Islam is clear to everyone except our legislators, courts, and Department of Defense. All you have to do is pick up any news paper and read it for yourself. The radical Muslims have been telling us for 5 decades exactly what they intend to do. And yet we continue sending them billions of dollars to try to appease them. There is a word for that its called treason.

    The leaders of this nation must stop appeasing the enemy of this nation. Anything less is one step forward and two steps backwards regarding homeland security.

    Hello…. there are radical Muslims working in high places in this country. Of course they didn’t announce that they are the enemy. They want to win are trust and move us away from the truth. Used car dealers have been hidding the truth for 100 years now. In Islams case its called taqiyya and they use it as a key to open thousands of doors throughout the world for their cause.

    The truth is not found in Islam take that to heart. Islam has not kept so much as one agreemment or promise yet. “Beware of gift burying and kind talking strangers”. The heart and soul of Islam is to conqure the world by “any means” neccessary because Allah has told them to.

    Would someone please inform our legislators so they will be removed from ignorance. Because as things stand today most legislators are commiting treason by helping and appeasing the enemies of the United States. Ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse at this late date.

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    “These relations today need a lot of work,” he said.

    Or a lot more money…Don’t send your worthless paper money, send silver and gold instead…

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    Dexter Filkins in this past week’s NY’er (I know, I know, run by Walter Lippmann-type hate-Israel Jews, but still has some good reporting, and I’ve been a subscriber since I was 22) on the ISI, the Pak. Army, and their dirty links to the most evil people in the world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: at the present time, Pakistan is my top candidate for the most evil nation on earth.


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    (((((((The Pakistani Muslims of Luton control the drug trade and are pumping heroin and crack cocaine into the community and surrounding areas at an alarming rate. The Muslim controlled drugs trade in heroin is destroying our youth and breaking down living areas. Drugs are on sale 24 hours a day and the gangs enlist the help of local taxi drivers in which to drive there drugs around in safety for them. These Pakistani Muslims also buy up all the local fast food shops and taxi firms to “wash” their illegal drug money through because they are “cash businesses’, so can legitimize there criminal proceeds. The Muslims have taken over Luton which is the reason why the Islamic leaders allowed the bombers to tell the world that they supported the 7/7 bombers and their actions by letting them set off on their fateful journey from central Luton. The Pakistani Muslims of Luton have taken over and are spreading further a field to expand there power base. They are using heroin and crack cocaine as one weapon in their Jihad to do this with. They cannot lose. Why is this Islamic induced civil disorder that is aimed at the destruction of my country not being tackled by the British Security Services who are supposed to be there to protect and defend our National Security.)))))))


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    I remember as a yong boy being at my sister’s house watching her in a nernous wreck because she just knew that her huband (a known active alcoholic) was out drinking after so many hours after he was due home from work. Soon she would get a phonecall and a COMMENT from him he is not drinking but is at a friend’s house. As she hung up the phone I asked her what was wrong since he did comment to her. She sais, he was at the bar because I heard all the people, the pool table balls being hit and the music.

    The ending to this tale…
    Pakistan can comment all they want, but are liars. As I commented on another post, the Taliban was videotaped in Pakistan over the border and they were walking as if they lived there all along right after Bin Laden escaped. We indeed have to know who our enemies are and take swift immediate action. Anything else is seen by the terrorist as weak and emboldens them to more terror acts. Israel’s swift retaliation, to terrorist attacks on sites are often criticized and demonized, but you have to come from the Middle East to know what is effective to a certain group.

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    The ambassador should dust off his embassy or the CIA’s old files: the Haqqani network has been intimately involved with the Pakistani government since the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

    Then again, the CIA just gave ISI weapons and funds without paying any attention to whom ISI was delivering them (let alone making any attempt to influence that). ISI favored groups very hostile to U.S. interests; e.g., Haqqani. But then, the CIA has a history of being short-sighted, stupid, and creating problems that bite the U.S. in the ass later on. Maybe, the embassy has no files to dust off.

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    Looks like the Pakistani government has been Haqqed! No doubt that Trojan, Islam, (particularly virulent)is to blame. If not cleaned from the government system, the Pakistani govt. will become a bot.

    Or has that already happened?

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    Also, “kindly and gently” take the former CIA & US military chief Robert Gates by the collar, put him front-and-center, and ask him why did he go above and beyond any restraint arming and training the Haqqanis and the thug Gulbeddin Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e-Islami, as well as al-Qaida, in the ’80s. They were all absolutely openly anti-Western even then. And they are the ones killing the most American soldiers now, using Gates’ & CIA’s training and weapons. Ask him why had he consistently failed to act aganst Iran, who is providing more weapons, explosives and training to them now.
    And, most of all, ask Gates why did he, the cowardly U.S. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, the cowardly U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, the cowardly CIA, and the cowardly US State Dept. went Satanic restraining Israel from bombing Iran. Why did they save Iran, a serial mass-murderer of Americans, from Israel.

    Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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    Thanks for expressing contemporary reality so well and effectively.

    We Americans are being played for fools by people who’ve had centuries of experience in taqiyya, double-think and double-triple-speak. Smiles, with vipers in one hand behind their backs.

    We Americans, in turn, expect that massive troop involvement, massive firepower, miracles in logistics worked on a daily basis halfway around our planet, accompanied by a lack of local knowledge of the language/dialects/culture supporting our in fact very talented intelligence agencies…..will lead to nation building and and a rational end.

    We apparently are not applying the bloody lessons of Southeast Asia during the 1960’s.

    We think we’ve been applying these…..but something’s simply not working in Central/South Asia. That something is “alien-ness”, ours and “theirs”….. talking over each others’ shoulders.

    Our withdrawal from Asia and subsequent containment of malignant Islam, as successfully applied against the Soviet Empire, is apparently the only method remaining, as we have finite resources. Defending the English Speaking Union should be our strategy, and the tactics should be that of leaving those medieval butchers to fight intramurally among themselves.

    Forget this “Hearts and Minds” futility. Leave Islam to devour itself, within itself.

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    …absolutely not. We should cut off the bales of cash-money; send absolutely no gold, nor silver. Only that will get Islam’s attention…the Pakistani variety, the Iraqi variety, and the Afghani variety, nothing else has worked.

    Iran and North Africa must be kept at arm’s length. We don’t know who these “revolutionaries” are…really.