Reza Aslan’s traveling “Islamophobia” medicine show


Friday evening I was in Baltimore, Maryland, speaking before a packed house at the Institute On The Constitution — the largest crowd they had had in nine years of featuring weekly speakers. At the beginning of the evening they surprised me with the plaque above, an honor as great as it was unexpected.

And while I do get death threats regularly, the favored device of Islamic supremacists in the West to silence their opponents is not assassination, but character assassination. The clownish Islamic supremacist Reza Aslan was on the road last weekend as well, peddling his “Islamophobia” snake oil to the hapless students at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. And in the course of his talk, he returned, as always, to the chief object of his obsession.

One of the most ridiculous aspects of our silly age is that utter mediocrities and intellectual flotsam and jetsam like Reza Aslan, who aren’t capable of independent thought or of defending their own positions except with lies and scorn, are lauded and lionized by the clueless and compromised elites, solely because they mouth the proper politically correct opinions.

“Hope College speaker says bias against Islam prompted by ignorance, fear,” by Greg Chandler for The Grand Rapids Press, October 8 (thanks to James):

HOLLAND “” Ten years after the Sept. 11 attacks, anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States is at an all-time high.

What’s particularly disconcerting, says Reza Aslan, is that such beliefs have become increasingly part of the American mainstream, showing up in comments by members of Congress and commentators on Fox News.

“It’s become a receptacle in which Americans are throwing their fears and anxieties about the economy, their fears about the changing political landscape, their fears about the changing racial landscape in this country,” said Aslan, a contributing editor at The Daily Beast and author of the bestselling book “No god but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam,” who spoke this week at Hope College’s Critical Issues Symposium.

“Whatever is fearful, whatever is frightening, whatever is uncomfortable, is being tagged as Islam.”…

This is so absurd it beggars belief. if Americans have “fears and anxieties” about Islam, it isn’t because of the economy, or the “changing political landscape” (whatever that means, but Aslan probably doesn’t mean Obama’s imploding approval numbers), or the “changing racial landscape” in this country. Americans are concerned about Islam because of Naser Abdo, the would-be second Fort Hood jihad mass murderer; and Khalid Aldawsari, the would-be jihad mass murderer in Lubbock, Texas; and Muhammad Hussain, the would-be jihad bomber in Baltimore; and Mohamed Mohamud, the would-be jihad bomber in Portland; and Faisal Shahzad, the would-be Times Square jihad mass-murderer; and Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, the Arkansas military recruiting station jihad murderer; and Naveed Haq, the jihad mass murderer at the Jewish Community Center in Seattle; and Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar, the would-be jihad mass murderer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Mamdouh, who hatched a jihad plot to blow up a Manhattan synagogue; and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the would-be Christmas airplane jihad bomber; and many others like them who have plotted and/or committed mass murder in the name of Islam and motivated by its texts and teachings.

But for Aslan, of course, this is all my fault:

Aslan, an associate professor of creative writing at the University of California at Riverside, has been involved in numerous efforts to build bridges between Americans and the Muslim world. A native of Iran whose family escaped to the U.S. during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, he says a well-financed campaign involving such organizations as Jihad Watch, headed by Robert Spencer, has fueled anti-Muslim sentiment.

Aslan was probably here referring to the Center for American Progress “Islamophobia” report, which made much of $40 million donated over a period of nine years to several different organizations. Daniel Pipes notes: “It’s pretty rich that CAP, an organization whose 2009 budget was $38,187,695, focuses on 8 organizations receiving about that sum over a period of 9 years.”

Aslan also debunks efforts in more than 20 states to pass laws that would ban the establishment of courts based on Muslim law, or Sharia. He says such courts, which would deal primarily with family matters such as marriage and divorce, should not be seen as a threat on America.

“It is literally impossible for Sharia, as penal code, to creep its way into America,” Aslan said. “You”re not going to get to stone people in America tomorrow.”

How about the next day? Seriously, Aslan probably didn’t tell his luckless marks at Hope that Sharia has already been used as a determining factor in court cases in 23 states.

The answer to change people’s minds toward Islam is not education, despite Aslan’s role as an educator. He says the answer is building relationships with individual Muslims.

“If you know one Muslim, it cuts in half the negativity rating you have toward Islam,” Aslan said. “If you get to know (a Muslim) as a person, as a human being “¦ it’s hard to maintain that idea of otherness.”

I don’t know. I expect that knowing Reza Aslan personally would double a person’s “negativity rating” toward Islam.

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    I don’t know. I expect that knowing Reza Aslan personally would double a person’s “negativity rating” toward Islam.

    I second that !!

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    i have met azzclown in person and even bought his stupid book and had him sign it. It did increase my negativity rating towards islam.

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    “It is literally impossible for Sharia, as penal code, to creep its way into America,” Aslan said. “You’re not going to get to stone people in America tomorrow.”

    At least he implicitly acknowledges that Sharia is barbaric. Maybe he himself has gone Islamophobe.

  4. says

    … are lauded and lionized by the clueless and compromised elites, solely because they mouth the proper politically correct opinions.

    Of course, politically correct ain’t correct at all. In fact, since the globo-socialist takeover in 2008 reality has taken a back seat to what the consensus anoints to be acceptable thought. Except they’re not thinking; they’re only proscribing speech cuz to tell the truth now borders on a hate crime.

    But who sets this consensus? That is the central question in all this globo-socialist chaos; pious self-delusion is especially dangerous when it comes to dealing with Moslems.

    *** 33:21 ***

    Spencer should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his work, his risk, his sacrifice. But that would not be acceptable under the current regime of sensibilities that enslaves our public discourse.

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    “A native of Iran whose family escaped to the U.S. during the 1979 Islamic Revolution…”

    And where are his kids or grandkids going to escape to after he and his peaceful Muslim mates inflict an Islamic revolution in the US?

    Go back to Iran, stooge!

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    Congratulations, Robert! Among other great things, you deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    As for Aslan: I hope that, one day, he and his ilk drown in their lies.

    Islam: where freedom ends and slavery begins.

  7. says

  8. says

    Further, Americans are concerned about Islam since many of us have the ability to analyze the topic on our own before consulting any web site at all. I was jolted into critically questioning Islam through riding a bus in Seattle down the street of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South for an entire summer, a largely Muslim area. I saw that Muslims practice gender apartheid in a free country, they generally do not know how to assimilate, or won’t or can’t, and that my attempts to converse with Muslims in all kinds of situations were not met with success. And, by the way, my negativity rating toward Islam and its’ followers increased thereby, so much so that I quit my volunteer job in that area.

    Then, after that, I found Jihad Watch. …and happily today I discovered what Mr. Aslan thinks of Americans by how he speaks to them. Who would be in the audience to listen to this clueless crap, I have to ask myself.

    As far Mr. Aslans’ sophomoric “solution”, the Muslim way of life and thought is being questioned, not their human beingness. And, Mr. Aslan, if you are reading our comments, you must know that Islam is not merely a “concern” to many of us here in the US of A, it is a serious threat. Otherwise, like the whispers of Sauron, you would not be lulling us to follow you into its web of evil savagery by making Sharia such a small, benign thing, certainly nothing for us to concern ourselves with.

  9. says

    This is most telling about Aslan:

    “If you know one Muslim, it cuts in half the negativity rating you have toward Islam,” Aslan said. “If you get to know (a Muslim) as a person, as a human being … it’s hard to maintain that idea of otherness.”

    He understands that, despite the inherently evil intentions of Islam, an effective false front will divert the outsider’s focus from the truth: put up a facade and play the “American Game,” as Mohammed would have done.

    The Anthony Weiners and Grover Norquists are just another part of that game. Married to Muslim women, pigs will fly before they speak the truth about Islam. I’m being polite when I call them “a disgrace.”

    Non-Muslims need to wake up. Islam is a one-way ticket to death.

    Islam: where freedom ends and slavery begins.

  10. says

    The quranimals are getting active with their road shows. There is another one called Islam Program at the Tom Rivers branch of Ocean County Library.
    An excerpt of the blurb about the programme “From the way we heal the sick to the numerals we use for counting, from the coffee we drink to the first hospital ever built, cultures across the globe have been shaped by the Islamic civilization. Join presenter Mimi Al-Torey on Wednesday, October 12th, at 7pm in the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library for a journey to explore the true nature of Islam during National Diversity Month”.

    The link to the program is here: (

    The Muslims didn’t practice any healing for they too busy killing the rest of humanity through jihad.The numeral system was stolen from the Hindus, the coffee from the Ethiopians and the first hospital was built by the Indians.(See

  11. says

    UC Riverside? I never realized that Azclown was just down the road from me.

    UC Riverside has a few creeps on its faculty, such as one who advocates the creation of an “Hispanic Homeland” in most of the territory formerly under nominative Mexican control 170 years ago.

  12. says


    Congratulations on your above award. At first, on seeing the headline, I thought Reza Aslan presented it to you – as a sarcastic token of ‘appreciation’ 😀

  13. says

    I have a muslim brother in law. I have listened to him run down the USA for 30 years. I also have muslim coworkers. None of them understand that free speech includes possible insults and that dignity is not a human right. In my view, getting to know a muslim, intimately, guarantees you will dislike them, if you are an freedom loving American.

  14. says

    “You’re not going to get to stone people in America tomorrow.”

    Catch the inference? We’re not going to get to stone people in America right away.

    No, he lets slip, such fun will continue to be denied until the shari’a ultimately does become a part–or all–of the American penal code.

    Sure, Reza, we’re all just salivating over the hoped for opportunity to stone a fellow human being.

    When Muslims in America ask why they’re not liked here, the answer is simple:

    because the things you believe have no place here.

    And who in their right mind thinks that knowing the Muslims listed in the article, for starters, would do anything to cut the negativity rating Americans have toward Islam?

    C’mon, Reza, knowing people like you or Ibrahim Hooper would do nothing of the sort.

  15. says

    I work in retail. We have many muslim customers. I have never seen anyone who works in this store treat our muslim customers (those who are outwardly identifiable as muslim by dress, etc.) poorly or disrespectfully. And your average retail establishment is chock-full of the kind of people (economically disadvantaged, under-educated, etc.) who purportedly would display animosity towards “fereigners.” I don’t see it. In fact, it is such a non-issue I truly don’t understand what the media and organizations such as CAIR are saying when they talk about islamophobia. I believe it is a myth. But as I have said before, muslims need hysteria, even if it means creating it themselves, to advance the muslim agenda in the US. Without hysteria, no one would even notice the muslims among us.

  16. says

    I have little to no respect for anyone who tries to put a happy face on Islam. Anyone who does so is effectively an apologist for spiritual fascism. For instance, Reza Aslan. Fortunately, more and more in the West are seeing with their own eyes that Islam is just awful and that demonizing people who criticize Islam for its many inherent pathologies is one of the major big lies of our time.

  17. says

    What do you expect from the guy? He is teaching CREATIVE WRITING and thus is creatively interpreting reality out of his fantasy ;-)! The Muslims have been good in rewriting the ancient and current history in a most “creative” way, far from facts and reality.

    Recently, I attended a 101 Islam seminar in Mid West where two very nice young women were selling us Islam as a “peaceful religion” and explaining Muslim beliefs. Apparently this Muslim fantasy of “islamophobia” in America is promoted by “moderate” Muslims in order to blind US to the real dangers of the Radical Islam. The performance of Keith Elliot, the only Muslim US Congressman testifying at Peter King’s hearing on Islam in America was a charade worthy of Mufti of Jerusalem who was able to dupe Sir Herbert Samuel to let him out of prison with his skillful lies.

    Later on this Mufti (Amin al Husseyni) is instrumental in riling Arab masses into frenzied Jew-hatred in Palestine and then spent WWII in Berlin egging Hitler on to exterminate Jewish children and organizing Muslims SS divisions for the Nazis. He was the only high ranking Nazi criminal allowed to “escape” into Egypt in 1946 where he continued his agitation of Muslim mobs against Jews in Palestine and transferred Nazi ideology of Jew-hate and truth-hate into Arab world.

    Muslims must reform Islam to make it compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which it is not. Koran and Hadit are filled with diatribes against Jews, Christians and “other” and sharia is medieval cruel misogynists “justice” that oppresses people, particularly women. Concern about Islam is necessary and REAL and whitewashing it with claims of “islamophobia” needs to be prevented. If one was concerned about Nazi rise to power in 1933 Germany, would that be “Naziphobia” or real threat to democracy?

  18. says

    Robert, congratulations. The award is well-deserved.


    Why did aslan’s family run away from the ‘glorious’ islamic revolution in iran?
    Did they not appreciate ‘pure’ islam?
    If islam is so glorious according to aslan, he and his family should go back to iran to enjoy this cult.


    More and more people are realising today that islamophobia is being trotted out each time someone tells the truth about islam.
    Islamophobia is non-existent or almost non-existent.
    But all-non-muslim-religions-phobia is very much present in all islamic countries.
    Would reza aslan like to discuss that on one of his speaking engagements?

  19. says

    Ah, Robert the Bruce! Congratulations on this well deserved award.

    My favorite line on it is “Presented this 7th of October in THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2011″. Most will probably miss the significance of that day. It is the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary instituted by Pope St. Pius V in recognition of protection from the Blessed Mother in the defeat of the Muslim navy during the Battle of Lepanto. The Christians were outnumbered but they prevailed and destroyed the Muslim navy and won the battle, effectively preventing the Muslims from overrunning Europe, again. On the day the battle was won, the Pope was in a meeting and he suddenly stood up and went to the window and exclaimed, “It is not time to talk about business; our great task at present is to thank God for the victory He has just given the Catholic Armada.”

    St. Peter Canisius wrote of the battle:

    “On Sunday, October 7th, God was pleased to bring low the pride of our foes. They came on merrily with a great shout, all their sails and oars in action, absolutely certain of victory. Our men, having first reconciled themselves to God by confession and penance… put their trust in the living God. ” At a certain signal, a crucifix was raised aloft in every ship in the fleet. Don John of Austria, clad in complete armour and standing in a conspicuous place in the prow of the ship, now knelt down to implore God’s blessing. Every man followed his example. The soldier, with his firelock at the ready, knelt at his post by the bulwark. The gunner knelt with his lighted match beside his gun. The decks gleamed with kneeling men in mail. ” A stiff, sirocco wind began to blow, causing the battle smoke to drift towards the enemies’ships, so that they could not see our position. It was the work of God that 180 Galleys were captured or sent to the bottom, that the Christians held captive on the Turkish ships turned their arms against their captors, and that the Catholic fleet should gain in the space of four hours a triumph without its like in Church history. The Turkish chiefs, without exception and 30,000 Turkish soldiers were killed or captured.”

    It is no coincidence that Robert was given this award on October 7th in the year of Our Lord, 2011. Rock on, you awesome Catholic Crusader.

  20. says

    Let’s make a distinction. U.S. citizens have every right to be anti-Islam and to hate the principles of Islam and to point out that Islamic principles are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, our legal foundation of equality of the sexes and freedom of speech and consciences. U.S. citizens do not have the legal right to commit crimes – as defined by U.S. law – against Muslims.

    Under Sharia law, any criticism of Islam or Mohammad or to dishonor a Muslim is punishable by death. Sharia law is required to be enforced by all Muslims when there are enough Muslims/Muslims in power to enforce it (Mohammed’s taysir doctrine). Sharia law guarantees Muslim privilege and grants them the “legal” right to abuse, plunder, rape, makes slaves of, and murder non-Muslims with impunity. Mohammad declared his Allah principles, enforced by Sharia law, to be “divine” and to trump any other law.

    There is a difference here.

  21. says

    “It is literally impossible for Sharia, as penal code, to creep its way into America,” Aslan said. “You’re not going to get to stone people in America tomorrow.”

    This statement is slanderous to all kuffars.

    There is a serious jihad in progress throughout the world. Simply defind it is Islam and its sharia law, against all non-Muslims world wide. Muslims don’t want to be good neighbors to non-Muslims. Islam is trying to dominate the world one country at a time. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

    We are over ten years after the attack on America. And yet we don’t know the enemy much better after ten years of conflicked. The Muslim jihadists are well orginized, financed, supported, committed, motivated, and schooled.

    Haven’t you ever heard of the jihad against all non-Muslims? Having their own state will not help at all because this isn’t a fight over land. This is a fight over differing ideologys brought on by Islam and Sharia Law.

    The ideology of Islam is very clear, “Conqure the entire world by any means neccessary and all left dstanding must either be Muslim or dhimmis (slaves of Muslims).

    Here in the U.S.A. we have our own country but Islam is moving in quickly and are multiplying faster and faster. They are trying very hard to change our laws to sharia law.

    I think it is that way every where because Muslims can have several wives. So to have 40 children per family is normal for Muslims. Within 30 years they will out number all Americans in America. Which means Muslims will have the majority vote and will make the laws according to Sharia Law.

    This most certainly is not about land it more about control and domination according to Sharia Law, the Koran, and the Hadith. Islam is the agresser in all of the world not the kuffars.

    Make no mistake every non-Muslim in being hunted prey and the preditor is Islam. When the time is less dangerous the preditor will attack for the kill. But first Islam most gain the trust of the kuffars. And then the preditor will behead all whom will not submit to Islam.

    Being kind to the preditor will not save you from being prey.

  22. says

    Your question is a good one!!
    Azlan, you must be reading this page, why don’t you answer???

    Azlan, no body is dupe about your intentions!!!

  23. says

    Thanks for your letter, Vlasta.

    It highlights the very real fact that there are Muslims who are very nice, and simultaneously, Islam itself is horrific. The immigration of additional Muslims presents a dire, perhaps fatal, threat to our society and our concepts of individual rights and freedoms.

  24. says


    re Lepanto.

    You didn’t know?

    Haven’t you ever heard of G K Chesterton’s wonderful poem “the Battle of Lepanto”?

    You’ll find the text here:

    If you google, you’ll see there are a couple of youtube clips in which people are reading it out.

    It’s strong stuff, very dramatic.

    The best bit is here. ‘Mahound’ is complaining to the djinn.

    “..that which was our trouble comes again out of the west.
    We have set the seal of Solomon on all things under sun,
    Of knowledge and of sorrow and endurance of things done.

    “But a noise is in the mountains, in the mountains, and I know
    The voice that shook our palaces”four hundred years ago:

    “It is he that saith not ‘Kismet'; it is he that knows not Fate;
    It is Richard, it is Raymond, it is Godfrey at the gate! 65
    It is he whose loss is laughter when he counts the wager worth,
    Put down your feet upon him, that our peace be on the earth.”

    For he heard drums groaning and he heard guns jar,
    (Don John of Austria is going to the war.)”.


    “…Don John of Austria has fired upon the Turk.
    Don John’s hunting, and his hounds have bayed”
    Booms away past Italy the rumour of his raid.
    Gun upon gun, ha! ha!
    Gun upon gun, hurrah! 105
    Don John of Austria
    Has loosed the cannonade.

    The Pope was in his chapel before day or battle broke,
    (Don John of Austria is hidden in the smoke.)
    The hidden room in man’s house where God sits all the year, 110
    The secret window whence the world looks small and very dear.

    “He sees as in a mirror on the monstrous twilight sea
    The crescent of his cruel ships whose name is mystery;
    They fling great shadows foe-wards, making Cross and Castle dark,
    They veil the plumèd lions on the galleys of St. Mark; 115
    And above the ships are palaces of brown, black-bearded chiefs,
    And below the ships are prisons, where with multitudinous griefs,
    Christian captives sick and sunless, all a labouring race repines
    Like a race in sunken cities, like a nation in the mines.
    They are lost like slaves that sweat, and in the skies of morning hung 120
    The stair-ways of the tallest gods when tyranny was young.
    They are countless, voiceless, hopeless as those fallen or fleeing on
    Before the high Kings’ horses in the granite of Babylon.
    And many a one grows witless in his quiet room in hell
    Where a yellow face looks inward through the lattice of his cell, 125
    And he finds his God forgotten, and he seeks no more a sign”

    “(But Don John of Austria has burst the battle-line!)
    Don John pounding from the slaughter-painted poop,
    Purpling all the ocean like a bloody pirate’s sloop,
    Scarlet running over on the silvers and the golds, 130
    Breaking of the hatches up and bursting of the holds,
    Thronging of the thousands up that labour under sea
    White for bliss and blind for sun and stunned for liberty.

    Vivat Hispania!
    Domino Gloria! 135
    Don John of Austria
    Has set his people free!

    Cervantes on his galley sets the sword back in the sheath
    (Don John of Austria rides homeward with a wreath.)
    And he sees across a weary land a straggling road in Spain, 140
    Up which a lean and foolish knight for ever rides in vain,
    And he smiles, but not as Sultans smile, and settles back the blade….
    (But Don John of Austria rides home from the Crusade.”

    Post scriptum: are you aware that in 1915 – **in 1915** – G K Chesterton wrote a book called “The Flying Inn”, set in…an Islamified England?

    Read it, if you haven’t yet.

  25. says

    The Battle wasnot than desive victory by Christian over Islam, the Ottoman Empire regain control of the Med sea 50 year later after the christian navy fell apart due to maintrain cost and lack of freeman to man they gallies.

  26. says

    I don’t think so Defender. Do provide us with information and sources please because I can’t find any. Maybe you meant the battle at the Gates of Vienna which was 66 years later. But then, that was a decisive Christian victory, yet again.

    Perhaps your holy men have lied to you.

  27. says

    It was than margin victory by christian at best. Than good part of the muslim fleet make than otrderly withdraw from battle. The christian suffer heavy lost in ship also so they decide to withdraw also. In the 1970’s china invade veitman with 25 disions 16 day later they declare victory and pull out of vietman. The chinese where utter defeated by the vietman old man military reserve make up of 60 to 70 year old man.That naval battle isnot look upton as being that decide of than battle by modern historian.

  28. says

    DOI, your revisionist islamic history is quite entertaining and I’m sure it makes you feel ’empowered’ but alas, it is pure fiction like everything else related to islam, including islamic doctrine. The filthy muslim savages got their asses kicked. Deal with it.