Iranian students demonstrate in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street Leftists: “Down with the United States,” “Death to Israel,” “Down with Capitalism”


“The people of the United States have become fed up with moral corruption of the country”s officials, they added.” That is certainly true.

Leftist/Islamic Supremacist Alliance Update: “Tehran students hold demo in solidarity with Occupy Wall St,” from the Tehran Times, October 22:

TEHRAN –A number of students from universities across Tehran held a demonstration outside the Swiss Embassy on Saturday to express their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Iran and the United States do not have diplomatic relations, and the Swiss Embassy in Tehran hosts the U.S. Interests Section in Iran.

The demonstrators chanted slogans in support of the protesters and denounced the crackdown on the protests.

The students also set the flags of the United States and the Zionist regime on fire and chanted “Down with the United States,” “Death to Israel,” “Down with Capitalism,” and other slogans.

A number of students also delivered speeches at the event, in which they said that true democracy could only be established under the banner of religion.

They also said that the Occupy Wall Street movement has been inspired by the tide of popular uprisings rolling across the Middle East and North Africa region.

The people of the United States have become fed up with moral corruption of the country”s officials, they added.

Analysts say demonstrations in Western countries which followed the Occupy Wall Street movement mark the start of a new uprising against the greed of the capitalism.

Ramin Shamsaii, a student who was present at the demonstration, said liberal democracy is intended to “deceive” people. Shamsaii said “real democracy is only realized under the umbrella of religious democracy.”

He added so long as religious democracy is not established “the world will remain in darkness.”…

“Religious democracy” = Sharia = Islamic supremacism.

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    I’m not at all surprised. Mohammed Mossadegh, the hero to the Iranian revolutionaries, was bold as a lion about British oil concessions in Iran, but a timid, crippled mouse over Soviet holdings, even though the Soviets had tried to detach souther Azerbaijan and Kordestan after WWII.

    Then again, if Jews and Christians are told that they must eat their bread in the sweat of their faces [i.e., by labor], Muslims are told that their looting is blessed. That’s why they love the people who are leaving fe%es and pi$$ all over Zuccotti Park–private ground which sympathetic owners agreed to let OWS use.

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    Hmmm. Notice the two signs being held are exactly alike. They have been printed, and the “protest” was obviously organized. Last I heard, Iran was not very healthy for organized protests, unless sponsored by a government organization.

    My guess is that most Iranian students consider this a joke, and assume people in other, freer countries will understand that the real target of their demonstrations, the Iranian theocracy, is simply too vicious to name openly.

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    While I do believe this is state sponsored, I don’t believe the students see this as a joke.

    On the other hand “the Occupy Wall Street movement” is most likely promoted by our idiot leader, Obama, he is a socialist as well as a muslim.

    By the way, what are all these muslimas doing out without a male escort? And what are they doing “thinking and or having an opinion,” thats the right of men. After all mohammed said “hell” was mostly populated with women, so he admonished them because of their short cominhgs to fast, pray and give alms to the poor. They should all be home tending to children, home and their husband.

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    Once again this shows that the leftist have no clue who their allies in the middle east are, and it appears those in the middle east have no clue who their allies in the west are.

    The group protesting on Wall Street are hardly protesting the immoral society of the USA, and they damn sure don’t want a theocracy put in place.

    Rather this is a group of lefties who want to bring down capitalism, legalize pot, and looking to hook up with each other. I bet if these ladies in the Hefty Sacks took a little trip to the real protests, they’d probably keel over from the culture shock.

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    Ramin Shamsaii, a student who was present at the demonstration, said liberal democracy is intended to “deceive” people. Shamsaii said “real democracy is only realized under the umbrella of religious democracy.

    You have to be kidding a liberal democracy is intended to “deceive people”.

    What about a totalitarian theocracy telling the people what to do and think and dress? At least in a democracy people are allowed to voice their opinions. If we are to be deceived then we are allowed to demonstrate and voice our discontent without being put in prison indefinatly or executed. Damn!

    BTW the photo of the bag ladies looks so staged.

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    Okay, what is it that many people even here were saying again about the Iranian students during the so called ‘Green Revolution’ a while back? That they are pro-American, blah blah blah? If they were, we’d have seen Occupy Natanz, Occupy Bushehr and Occupy ____ (other cities @ the heart of Iran’s nuke program)

    Either these Iranian students are your typical rent-a-mob activists, or they are supporters of their regime, or they are Leftists of the same type as in OWS. Whatever the case, they’re not our friends, as many dupes, not just on the Left but on the Right as well, would like to believe!

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    I can hardly believe this is a real pic, providing it is, they should all be arrested for inciting murder and burning the American Flag. Perhaps the losers protesting free enterprise should start thinking about the alliances they are forming.Absolutely discussing, our Universities have to Hell in a handbasket. All is sad!!!!

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    Iranian students demonstrate in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street Leftists: “Down with the United States,” “Death to Israel,” “Down with Capitalism”

    The tools of “Occupy Wall Street” are proving to be particularly useful ‘useful idiots’.

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    Reminds me of All Saints Eve, except no smiles ’cause everyone looks either vapid, scared or confused. Clutching their bags tightly closed, so the boogeymen, mo, al, and their modern day reincarnates won’t get ’em, no doubt! Good God, what a bunch of losers. Sad how low the human mind can go!

    Not too much different than the flea bit losers of American occupyers, that look like they’re lining up early for trick or treat, huh?

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    I remember, back in 1979, when the Shah was overthrown, all the female Iranian students cheering in the streets – wearing mini skirts or jeans. What happened ?????

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    Two groups both wanting to destroy capitalism from within and coming together in the good old jihad way, by turning their hate of Israel, the Iranians easily slid that to kill level.
    As much as I hate to, I must say that the Iranians did well. at this move for them. They couldn’t get a better breeding ground for spreading their racist, hateful and murderous side of pure Islam into, by stealth, this group of protesters who are already mixed up and simple minded people, with the racism, anti-Capitalist, anger already present.

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    He added so long as religious democracy is not established “the world will remain in darkness.”…
    The only darkness we see here is coming from these muslimahs.. islam is the cult of death.

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    If those woman in black robes and hoods came to my door seeking candy and shouting ‘treat or trick’, I would slam the door shut and lock it, then hide in then basement until the police came…That’s one scary looking group…

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    WOW….these supremist “Super-race” Islamofascists sure don’t mind pouring into canada as “refugees” to go right onto Welfare whit is funded by the hard work of those evil Christian and jewish tax payers.

    Muslim females in canada have the highest unemployment rates and lowest income no matter what CAIr canada spews about how ignorant and violent the non-muslims are to be on welfare and filling up the jails and federal prisons.
    The scam in canada by the Shariah law supremists is that Welfare is granted to those that can’t be employed, ergo…the Muslim lawyers and Immigration Industry scammers coach the men to force the females to dress in those beeKeeper uotfits or follow Shariah Law so strictly that nobody could afford to hire them or want to employ them in high paying job that are Unionized and demand stressful work with the hands or around machines.
    NO…it’s too easy for CAIR to bash white/non-muslims as oppressers and islamophobes that use racism to NOT hire muslim females and cause the abject poverty for muslims. But listen to CAIR’s rants very closely because they play both sides of the Victim and Super-race veneers.
    One minute CAIR exalts Muslims as higher educated and higher income citizens compared to canadian born non-muslims, then they talk aboutthe islamic ghetto areas of Toronto with blocks of Welfare cases in Muslim only apartment Units like the Kipling&Dixon Somali no-go znoes for jews of non-muslim females at night time for fear of rapes .

    The gutless MSM’s in all of N.American had aided and abetted the Honour Killings since the 1990’s and still WILL NOT link the Quran or islam to the overt islamic justified murders of muslim girls because they are brown or Black and this is why the feminists stay mute as well .
    I wonder how the MSM would handle honour killing if muslims were only executing their homosexual children???
    Would Rosie and Anderson Cooper still support Hamas or support the 19 hijackers on 9/11 as victims of a Inside job by that Moron president from Texas?, Would Oprah stay mute on the mass-slaughter of Black-African muslim in the Arab Muslim African nations or would NOW finally speak up about the public hangings in iran of females and gays???

    These females claim to CHOOSE to wear those tents, but it’s hardly a choice if not wearing it means you get the Shi’iat beat out of you in public of flogged if in Saudi Arabia by those misogynistic/homophobic/pedophlie embracers that worship a Rock and still behead over 40 people a year .

    If I wanted to live in an islamic hell-hole with automoton baby-machines pumping out future jihadist wanting to murder me and every jew and homosexual, I’d move to one of of them… lets stop importing villages and Enclaves of 7th century village-idiots the allow little gorls to be raled by sex starved pigs in their 50’s or murder their daughters via Honour-killing and then DENY islam had anything to do with it.

    Tell Hilary, “it’s the Quran stupid”, and that “it Takes a village idiot to raise a child to embrace islam”.

  15. says

    Now Robert! I am surprised at you! You know very well that this was an astro-turfed protest!
    Those are not even close to being typical Iranian students in Tehran!

    THESE are a better example of students in Tehran!
    This is the country with the highest known level of schizophrenia regarding the West, with the Government run by those “students'” handlers wishing to nuke Israel and Washington and the people more Western in dress and manner than any other Middle Eastern nation except Israel.