Shocking video of Egyptian armored-vehicle “mowing down” Christian civilians

Watch this one-minute video and see an armored-vehicle literally run over a handful of Christians for protesting the constant destruction of their churches in Egypt, at the recent Maspero Massacre. Such vehicles were made possible by U.S. military aid, supposedly for the protection of Egyptian “citizens.” But apparently the military — hailed by the Western media as the “savior” of Egypt for ousting Mubarak — does not see the nation’s Christian minorities as “citizens,” but dhimmis who have no right to protest — unsurprisingly so, considering the military, even in Egypt’s early black-and-white movies, was known as al-Jihadiyya — “the wagerer of jihad.”

Contrary to interviewer's claims, Gilad Shalit was not examined by Red Cross doctors before interview on Egyptian TV
Egypt: Alleged Israeli "spy" released in new prisoner exchange
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    This tank driver make the ones in communist China look humane in comparison.

    *** 87:10 ***

    He who fears will mind.
    – the Holy Prophet Allah

    The dude who stepped in front of the tank and took its full weight to his face shoulda knowed better: there is civilization in the Heavenly Kingdom, such as it is; there is no civilization in Egypt or anywhere else in Dar al-Islam.

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    I recommend downloading and mirroring this video on your own servers. YouTube will likely remove it as soon as they become aware of it. It would be a shame for the truth to be ignored, forgotten or re-written because a group of Muslims decide it offends them, and start a flagging campaign to have it taken down.

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    Islam is a “Religion” of open-ended WAR against the unbelievers (9:5, 9:29 fulfills in 9:111), Amputation (8:12, 5:38), Torture (5:33, 24:2,4)& Pedophiles (65:4)

    In Muslims view … when all kuffars who deny to pay jizyah, are killed, or live as dhimmis (9:29) and Allah dominates the world (Dar al-Islam, 2:193, 8:39, 9:33)

    8:12 + 8:60 “…to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies (i.e. “unbelievers” 8:59), of Allah”

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    Broadcast this again and again. Take it up amnesty international – other organisations. The western media cannot remain silent on this. Shame them into publishing it.

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    My solidarity is with all those humans around the world suffering discrimination and death at the hands of muslims.
    My particular condolences go to these particular Christian Egyptians slaughtered whilst peacefully protesting the unjust and cruel yoke of their muslim oppressors.

    The blood of these true martyrs is on all who either moderately or extremely support the twisted doctrines derived form the evil and sick mohammed, their suitably murderer madman “prophet”.

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    Does anybody in the government look at this stuff, or are they all out to lunch?
    Somewhere I read that Egypt relies on foreign aid for 50% of its food imports, which gives us leverage, in addition to the military aid, so what are we waiting for? I guess that would imply sticks instead of carrots, which this administration of rabbits abhors.

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    There are a lot of readers here who have never posted a comment, and they never will. They aren’t letter writers. Perhaps some of them are more outraged by Islam than their lack of open comment would lead one to believe. I’m sure they know exactly how they feel about Islam and what they think they should do about it if only they had a chance. This might be one man in a thousand, but there are many thousands of readers here daily who will never let us know about them here. If only a handful of such people were to act in other ways, not by writing letters and comments on the Net but by moving from the cloak of indecision, they might join others in one particular place for one time, that being the last time, the showdown against selected Islam. There will be no going home again for men who chose to battle evil in the world today. For those few who read this and understand the nature of our struggle I will once again offer to buy coffee for anyone and everyone who shows up and asks me. Today I am in Lima, Peru. Drop me a note, however brief, and let me know this time that you are happy to engage in this struggle. If you can come to Lima. you have made a step out of the world of the usual and the rest is all glory.

    Dag Walker.

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    randy the one-trick pony above – who is much more likely to be a Mohammedan dementor in a mask, pretending to be a native american in order to play the tiresome old tu quoque game – forgets the awkward little fact that the Coptic Christians represent the last remnant of the native indigenous aboriginal people and culture of Egypt, who were invaded, COLONISED, enslaved, robbed, raped, mass-murdered by FOREIGN ARAB MUSLIM IMPERIALISTS. The Copts were forced to cease speaking their native language (Arab Muslims on one memorable occasion even **cut out the tongues** of Coptic women so they couldn’t teach their ancient indigenous language to their children) .

    If ‘randy’ were a *real* Native American he would weep for the Copts and identify with them.

    (And furthermore, if he were a *real* Native American he would rejoice over the resurrection of Israel, and cheer for the Jews, not for the Arab Muslim imperialists who are full of rage because the Jews whom they had conquered and dispossessed and either driven out or reduced to serfdom, rose up – assisted by their kin returned form exile all over the world – and liberated Traditional Jewish Land).

    I don’t think he’s native american. I think he’s a Muslim. And if he’s a native american who’s converted to Islam out of spite, he’s a blithering idiot…and his ancestors are cursing him for it.

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    Reading about these atrocities is enough, but to see it is beyond any words I can imagine to use.

    Why has Islam been let out of its cage and placed on the laps of the nations?
    I no longer what to hear a moderate Muslim tell me I am wrong about Islam. History and this current video along with all jihad does, has shut my mind to Islam. It cannot be reformed, but only contained.

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    *My God*. The driver didn’t even slow down.

    “Mowing down” does not, in my opinion, need quotes at all”it is a very apt description.

    And whether these are tanks, or technically some other sort of military vehicle, hardly matters”nor does it much matter whether they were directly sent by the US, or manufactured right in Egypt. In any case, Egypt’s having them was likely made possible by US military aid.

    It is too much to say that this blood is on our hands”but any further military aid to this fast Islamizing state, and that is *exactly* what it will be.

    Cut aid to Egypt, and the rest of Dar-al-Islam now”unless they promise to start treating religious minorities there like human beings”or at least refrain from murdering them outright.

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    Utterly disgusted,and I know 100% that the mainstream press will be utterly indiferent.If this had happened to Palestinians there would worldwide protests in the West and elsewhere.It shows the hypocrisy of the press and mainstream intellectuals.That is the bitter reality and it makes you think that warning the mainstream Westerners (who are indifferent)is not worth it,that they are not worth saving and when the darkness comes they deserve it for their callousness regarding the fate of non-Muslims in Muslim countries.

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    This disgusting video (although there are an infinite amount for evidence) should be the seminal piece to be shown around the world what Islam is all about.

    The daily be-headings, rapes, stonings, suicide bombing, terrorist attacks are not getting through to the dim wits. While the occupiers are playing hacky sack the Muslims are committing genocide. Honour killings here in Canada are being ignored by the media while Islamic prayers are being permitted in our public school system. I could go on and on. What are we concerned tax paying citizens going to do? Is it too late? IMHO the republican party is in shambles – does this mean another term for that pathetic appeaser?

    God help us and our children.

  13. says


    Ignoring Randy and his kind doesn’t make them go away like they’re just creepy boys being shunned by the prom queen. They need to have their arrogant stupidity thrown back in their cringing faces, shoved down their quivering throats, until they either grow up and learn to discern truth from lies or until they’re humiliated into shutting their cake-holes forever.

    One opinion is not equally as valuable as any other. Truth is the standard.

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    Hello all,

    It’s long past time to ban Randy. He brings nothing of value to the thread and doesn’t pay attention. He probably was sent here to be disruptive. I’ll bet his alter ego is Ibrahim Hooper.

    If we are talking about eating out at a favorite restaurant it adds nothing to the conversation to keep getting mad because some sharks eat people. It isn’t even apples and oranges. It’s about dumb getting dumber.

    As Juan the Bell Maker said in Romancing the Stone:

    “Okay, les loose him!”

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    It’s often pointed out by commenters here that Islam is what Islam does. Well, what we see in that video is what Islam does. At least, remorselessly slaughtering innocent civilians–who aren’t regarded as innocent in Islam of course–is part of what Islam does. The other important part is image management: Islam apologists will no doubt try to claim that this wanton mass murder has nothing to do with true Islam, that it violates the letter of Islamic law (though it doesn’t, since even dhimmis proper weren’t allowed to protest), and so forth. Yet I don’t see too many apologists talking about this incident.

    The U.S. must stop funding Egypt’s military. When budgets are tight you look for any excuse to make cutbacks. This is not merely an excuse but a perfect opportunity to justify the complete halt to any monetary aid whatsoever to Egypt. The exception of course is that we should do what we can to help the Copts and other non-Muslims in Egypt, who are so vastly outnumbered by Muslims. The same should be the policy for all Muslim-majority Islamic countries, given that they all persecute and discriminate against non-Muslims. Cut off their funding, while redirecting, and indeed investing, in the non-Muslim minorities in these countries.

    Islamic Egypt, as we have come to see over the past several months, is basically just a Pakistan with a bit of pretension added. (I call it Islamic Egypt out of respect for the fact that Egypt is really an Islamically-occupied Egypt. Egypt does not rightfully belong to Muslims). It is not yet a Somalia, but it looks like it’s on its way there.

    The mass rape of Lara Logan by Egyptian Muslims who chanted “Jew! Jew!” gives us a pretty good indicator of what Islamic Egypt is mostly about. The problem is not merely that they were under a a mildly autocratic and corrupt dictator. The problem is, as PEW and other polls show us, that the average Egyptian Muslim thinks this is 7th century Arabia and that they should have full harsh sharia complete with execution of apostates, stoning of adulterers, and immediate slaughter of any non-Muslim who dares to “oppose Islam” by merely existing in public, merely having Christian or other non-Muslim houses of worship. In Egypt, atheism per se is illegal. On top of all this, these Muslims believe it is okay to sexually harass and even rape non-Muslim women who don’t conform to Islamic dress codes. (And of course they rape Muslim and non-Muslim women who do conform to those dress codes, those less openly and frequently).

    Islamic Egypt is basically just Pakistan with better image management and more positive Western media coverage.

    When I see atrocities like this one, this massacre of innocent civilians in so-called liberated democratic Egypt, and then the protect-Islam media spin afterward, I consider how much worse things must have been for the Copts, and indeed for all non-Muslim minorities, living under Islamic rule historically. Imagine how much worse the atrocities were, as compared to how they were written about by Muslims determined to present Islam in a positive light and dhimmis threatened for failing to do so.

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    Compare and contrast: Remember the Danish Muhammad cartoon crisis? Now where’s the world-wide outrage of so-called moderate Muslims over this latest pogrom in Egypt? Where are their calls for changes in laws and policies in response to this?

    It’s all a question of values and priorities.

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    Apologists recently are citing a poll by an Islam-sympathetic organization showing that high percentages of American Muslims oppose the killing of innocent civilians. These polls of course don’t define innocent civilian.

    In reality, it seems that Muslims don’t care all that much about the death of innocent civilians as they do about who is doing the killing and who is being killed. Killing of cartoonists and Islam critics, killing of “uppity” Christian minorities who protest peacefully against terrible conditions–these things evidently do not rub most Muslims the wrong way.

  18. says

    I thank you all for the kind words, and I look forward to toasting our eventual victory with friends when I manage to wash up on the shores of England again. England, even for a displaced Islander such as myself, is home in a significant way, the land of my family and people, and I cannot stand by idly while we are overwhelmed by foreign invaders committing violence on us. But I’m not “British” any longer, and not even American in any real sense. I don’t have a home any more. Nor do I have a religion. But for all the years of wandering and being surprised by normal in strange places I am rooted, even in permanent exile, to who I was as a boy and man, a Christian from Britain. That makes me, whether I like it and pursue it or ignore it and pretend I’m past all that, a man deeply involved in life as I know it fully, rather than as a wanderer looking in from outside. I will never be other than the Christian I was raised as, nothing other than the half wild Berserker/Highlander my self is made as from birth. No matter where I go or what I do I am me and cannot shake it, nor would I want to try. My people, as far down as I go, are Christians. It matters not to me if they are Pakistanis or Sudanese or bums in the park in Manhattan. I have to fight for them because we are kin by belief, whether I believe or not.

    One of the last defenders of Constantinople was a Scotsman named Grant. The man had to try very hard to die there. For me it’s easy. For us it’s simple. But life day by day has its details, and few are so estranged from our days as to live as I do. There might be one or two somewhere who can walk away and live like this, but I wouldn’t go so far as to claim they would be good men. Good men have jobs and provide for families and make in their small ways this beautiful Modernity I see blossoming even here in Peru. I’m willing to fight for more of that, for freedom, for plenty, for hope and love and faith, even if I am a stranger to it all.

    But I am not stranger to drinking with my mates! I look forward to the day.

  19. says

    “eminent Islamic theologian”

    You need to realize what you are saying. Abu Hamza is just a man. The “eminent” Muslims would be the earliest Muslims like Abu Hanifah, Ash-Shafii etc. For example quoting Ibn Kathir quoting Muhammad… (see above) Abu Hamza doesn’t really hold much weight, most Muslims don’t even know who he is. He’s in prison now anyway.

  20. says

    “In Muslims view … when all kuffars who deny to pay jizyah, are killed, or live as dhimmis (9:29) and Allah dominates the world (Dar al-Islam, 2:193, 8:39, 9:33)

    I am not disputing your evidences but the “In Muslims view”. Muslims are pretty pointless in the realm of Islam. Muslims believe that Islam REALLY IS and MEANS PEACE. They don’t know WHY they think that, they just do. So Muslims don’t believe in that, (most of them) although the Islamic texts clearly teach that.

    And also realize when I mean “Muslim” I mean someone who calls themselves that, not someone who takes the Shahada “la ilaha ill allah” and carries it out.

    The rest of it, including your quotes are indesputible.

  21. says

    islam-free Americas by providence. If you see any of mo’s followers just a little reminder of the local veneration of Santiago Matamoros may awaken some astuteness in them, if possible.

  22. says

    That suffering pales to the murder and abuse that the native americans endured at the hands of christians and catholics.

  23. says

    Randy; you really are an idiot when it comes to knowing anything about history, the way it really happened.

    Wow. Do you have a girlfriend or a wife? Send her to me, I’ll take care of her because you’re such a bent-over, take-it-in-the-shorts bozo that she can’t seriously love or respect you.

  24. says

    randy “That suffering pales to the murder and abuse that the native americans endured at the hands of christians and catholics.”

    randy you do not seem to be very intelligent and that is the understatement of the century.

    How is one murder better or worse than any other?

    Would you console the victims, or the victims relatives, by saying hey its ok you are being crushed under tanks because the native Americans, who are unconnected with you in geography and time, and whom you may never have heard of and certainly never had any dealings with, suffered abuse in the past?

    These native Americans of the past didnt suffer abuse at your hands but because they did its ok to crush you under tanks when you peacefully protest.

    This also justifies the abuse you have suffered over the centuries long before America was discovered by the Europeans though you never had any dealings with the native Americans anyway. But what I have said justifies your being crushed under tanks for peacefully protesting.

    As I said my observation about your intelligence is a supreme understatement.

  25. says

    Aardvark, I too was half way around the world from Lima till I got here, but here I am and still waiting for adventurers who can’t sit still while people are murdered, in this case for the sake of Islam and petty chauvinism. It’s me, I guess, and I can’t sit still even to live a normal life. This is a good thing, if not in my case in particular then for other restless adventurers younger than I who must move and must go and do these things that need be done. Somebody has to fight for the good, in this case for Christians who will not survive without help from others outside. It means men from around the world, unbeholden to the world as we know it, not committed to a stable life of middle class Modernity, but men who must range the range and do right. Some one has to fight for these Christians, or they are either all going to flee their homelands and live as refugees and immigrants forever lost to their homelands and likely to lose their ties, or they will be absorbed into the ummah or, more likely, they will just be murdered. I’ve seen too much of it, and I can’t sit still for it and do nothing. Neither can I live without an income. Thus, I propose that anyone who would care to join me consider that all things are a matter of living, and part of that is making a living. Ask Muslims to pay your way here and ask them further to pay you to stay a while and then to pay while you move forever onward to confront jihad in some out of the way place later. Yes, they will pay if you put it to them properly. And when you arrive, I’m buying the coffee.

    I went to a crypt this afternoon and saw a few thousand bones stacked nicely, folks like us who’ve had their day and done it. We’ll join them too in some way and time, and when we do I hope we can say we did right. They all faced judgement, Catholics in a church vault, and no doubt they were concerned about themselves. No church for me, but I too am concerned about my judgement. I’m going to face it all alone, and I will be the judge. I can be harsh. I hope I can live up to myself. I leave the rest to others.

    If I make it to London again in this lifetime, yes, it’s rounds on me for London Jim and all the lads and lasses who care to join us. I think a year from now I’m off in the opposite direction, though, to see about what I can do for these Christians, if anything. Maybe I can’t do anything for them all, but I will try my best for those still living. Meanwhile, I’ll be in South America. For those who can, come join me. The future is dusty bones, but if we try we can make something of our lives before the dust settles on us.

  26. says

    Walking West, I see the Moorish influence in Churches all over Latin America, especially in the tile work, some of which is lovely; but as lovely as it is, I am nearly sick over it, the sight telling me deeply about the catastrophe of the invasion by Muslims. We can’t scrape it away and start over. Islam will be with us for at least another five hundred years, it having permeated our lives to the point we think of much of it as our own culture and thought.

    The Inquisition, what little I know of it, was meant to scrub the land of Islam and to purify the nations of heresy. I can appreciate that given the state of Modernity today with the saturation of the bastard brother revolution of the Modernist Revolutions, i.e. the German Revolution. We too will have to scrub and scrape and root out the rot and the filth that has come to seep into our culture, the Romantic state, the neo-feudalism of Prussia and Bismarck and others. But I at least am not keen on tackling Islam, the proxy of the Left, on our homeground. We have elections for that, and a military to protect us abroad. But there are gaps where our laws and our ways are not respected and where we, within prudent action, are not liable to our own for acting as we will. We might scrape and scour in remote lands and begin a long process of cleansing the world of a sickness that spreads otherwise. Little by little I suspect it will encourage others to take up the same task, by voting in our lands for men and women who can’t join others in the field abroad but who will act within the bounds of our laws. If we can do much, they can do little; but if we do nothing, others will work against us.

    Yes, matamoros is a matter of keen consciousness here. That’s why there are few Muslims around. But that is not the case everywhere in South America. They come, they stay, they penetrate and cause grief. There is much to be done. We can do some of it ourselves and leave the rest to history.

  27. says

    There can,t be a god in canada with the abuse the native kids suffered in the residential schools at the hands of the churches running the schools. If your god was okay with that, then he or she must b a piece of crap.

  28. says

    “God help us” is a figure of speech.

    I know very well of Canadian history and the injustices and in some cases the atrocities committed by the government of Canada for which WE as in all Canadians are reminded of daily.

    The current issues are complex: some reserves are successful while many are held hostage by corrupt band chiefs. It’s becoming more transparent and as a result evident that the politics of native affairs and the negative impact is largely due to the corruptness of the leaders.

    However, this discussion concerns the current issue of Islam. Randy, please keep on topic.

  29. says

    I don’t give a fucking damn. They are not equal, Death is death. If they died then they died that was in the past hundreds of years ago. We mourn and remember. But this is happening NOW. There is mourning and remembering of them, is there? No.

    So listen here, there is a time and place for everything but ridiculing the deaths of people. Maybe you are right, and you probably are, but that doesn’t mean that one death is any different. Death is death period. If you are still content on your malicious scheme on attacking Christians and Christianity while they are being run over in tanks, kidnapped, raped, murdered and yes, ridiculed. Then go to HELL.

    If you get a nuclear weapon you’d use it the same way the Muslims used the tanks in Egypt, I would bet my life on that.

  30. says

    “Our God” is not okay with anything regarding that. “Our God” is okay with nothing REGARDING this WORLD for that matter. Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world, if my kingdom were of this world my followers would fight.” (John 18:36)

    Also, “I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

    If this is the case then the plight of PEOPLE has nothing to do with the reality of Jesus.

    Any examples you give are therefore NULLIFIED. Go to Hell, Randy. Go to Hell.

  31. says

    Also if your so-called ancestors behaved in any way close to the manner of behavior you’re showing in your comments, I am sure they are in hell, and if you wish to take your falsified rhetoric up a notch, then you’ll be too.

  32. says

    “One opinion is not equally as valuable as any other. Truth is the standard.”

    Actually all opinions ARE equally valuable, it’s the Truth that has more value over opinion. Randy is projecting his hatred of Christians instead of realizing that we don’t give a DAMN if he believes Christianity is false OR if Christians are the anti-Christ (which would be quite ironic) what we DO CARE ABOUT is how he IGNORES the murder of these people and doesn’t seem to have any feeling when they die. That’s almost the same as saying you’d kill them yourself.

  33. says

    Even if he doesn’t go away, why “feed” him with replies and dignify his existence at this site? He’s a troll. That was my point.

    It’s troubling to see that he’s managed to rile some of us.


    Islam: where freedom ends and slavery begins.

  34. says

    As a matter of historical record, the chief target of the Iberian inquisitions was rooting out crypto-Jews, with Moriscos being only a secondary target.

    It’s also worth noting that despite all the brouhaha about Islamic “tolerance”, much of the modus operandus of Tomas de Torquemada and his heirs aped the behavior of the Almohads and Almoravids, whose behavior prompted Maimonides, then resident in Egypt, to remind that persecuted Jews of Yemen that no nation was harsher to the Jews than “the sons of Ishmael”.

    And, since you mention it, I had an uncle (alov hasholom) who wanted to join the Abraham Lincoln brigade back in the late 1930’s. I did some reading up, I found that in 400 years of operation, the Spanish Inquisition executed at most 3000 persons in Spain itself (albeit some of us descend in part from people it expelled); whereas that number was roughly a year’s take in the internecine struggles of the Spanish Left during the 1930’s, a cause I was raised to regard as “progressive”.

    And, since you raise the German revolutions–and I suppose you include the one of 1848 one in this–note the words of Heinrich Heine:

    “If some day the taming talisman, the cross, should crumble, the savagery of the old warriors will again burst out, the insensate berserk rage, about which the Nordic poets say so much. That talisman is rotting, and some day it will lamentably crumble. The old stone gods will rise from the ancient ruins and rub the dust of a millennium from their eyes. Thor with his giant hammer will spring aloft and smash the Gothic Cathedrals. When you hear that stomping and clanging, take care, you neighbor children, you Frenchmen.”

    I believe that Heine spoke quite prophetically of the future course of the German revolutions–even when they were exported beyond Europe’s shores.

    For the benefit of all here, the global jihad has prompted me to pray Psalm 68 (Protestant numbering, in case it differs from the RC and Eastern). You see, Sonofwalker, I haven’t given up on the Messiah Jesus, for I know he hasn’t given up on me.

  35. says

    Psalm 68, eh, Kepha?

    Good one, that.

    Re the church and Those Awful Middle Ages, one of the best mythbusting books that I possess is David Bentley Hart’s “Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies”.

    He simply *demolishes* some of the most commonly accepted modern myths about Christianity in general and the medieval or pre-modern church in particular.