Kenya: Al-Shabaab receiving airdrops of weapons

Suspicion has fallen on Eritrea. It would not be the first time Eritrea has been accused of supporting the Somali jihadists, even provoking U.N. sanctions. “Kenya claims Somali rebels receive third weapons airdrop,” from Agence France-Presse, November 2:

Kenya said Wednesday that Somali Islamist rebels had received a third planeload of armaments, as its forces prepare to push forward against the Al-Qaeda-linked militants in the war-torn nation.

Kenyan soldiers and tanks pushed into Shebab-controlled southern Somalia some two weeks ago to fight the insurgents and curtail their ability to launch cross-border attacks.

“We’ve had a positive confirmation that there was another landing of another aircraft with weapons,” army spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir said. The reports could not be independently verified.

Two aircraft landed Tuesday delivering ammunition and weapons to the extremist Shebab, Chirchir said, adding he would not comment on where the weapons were coming from.

“We are concentrating on how to disarm the enemy,” he said.

Eritrea has been accused of supplying arms by air and sea to the Shebab rebels, but Asmara has repeatedly denied all claims.

“These claims are pure fabrications … Eritrea has not sent any arms to Somalia,” the Eritrean foreign ministry said in a statement Wednesday.

“Eritrea’s sole interest in Somalia is to see peace and stability return.”

Al-Shabaab warns Kenya of "endless war"
Al-Shabaab bars Somalis from fleeing Kenyan strikes, orders them "to stay and die at the hands of Christian Kenya, to dwell in paradise"
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  1. says

    Jihad raises donkey-prizes: You can follow the Kenyan Army spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir on twitter. This is his today’s take on Al Shabab-donkeys (yes, the four-legged-ones):

    Currently, Somalia is receiving heavy rainfall making the roads impassable #operationlindanchi
    Major E. Chirchir

    #operationlindanchi Information reaching us confirms that Al Shabaab has resorted to using donkeys to transport their weapons
    Major E. Chirchir

    #operationlindanchi The locals use donkeys to fetch water for domestic use however, due to the heavy rains water fetching is not feasible
    Major E. Chirchir

    #operationlindanchi Thus, any large concentration and movement of loaded donkeys will be considered as Al Shabaab activity
    Major E. Chirchir

    #operationlindanchi In addition we are also reliably informed that the cost of donkeys has risen from $150 to $200 for a donkey
    Major E. Chirchir

    #operationlindanchi Kenyans dealing in donkey trade along the Kenya-Somali border are advised not to sell their animals to Al Shabaab
    Major E. Chirchir

    #operationlindanchi selling Donkeys to Al Shabaab will undermine our efforts in Somalia.
    Major E. Chirchir!/MajorEChirchir